Major Battles of the Civil War by dfhdhdhdhjr


									     Warm-up 11/15/11

    Read p. 388 – 389
Answer the questions on the
     bottom of p. 389
family picnic before Battle of Bull Run
southerns call Bull Run battles the Battles of Manassas
battles of bull ru
     Antietam: The War's Bloodiest Day

                 American wartime casualties
                *Gulf War, 1991 - 760 killed and wounded
            *American Revolution - 10,500 killed or wounded
                  *War of 1812 - 6,700 killed or wounded
                 *Mexican War - 6,000 killed or wounded
     *D-Day in June 1944 – about 6,000 Americans killed or wounded

Battle of Antietam      - 11,500 Union & 10,200 Confederates killed or wounded
       -battle began at 6 a.m. and ended around 5 p.m.
       -about 1,972 men suffered wounds or death every hour

After this battle, Lincoln issued a preliminary version of the Emancipation
Proclamation. This changed the war from an effort to stop a rebellion into
an all-out, revolutionary struggle to get rid of slavery and thus change the
entire political, social, and economic system of the South. Almost despite
themselves, some white Americans found themselves fighting and dying
for the freedom of human beings whom they (the whites) openly regarded
as inferior.
                                         -51,000 casualties
Lincoln gave his “Gettysburg Address”    -largest battle of the war
here when the cemetary was dedicated

    -Gettysburg, southern Penn.
-Gen. Lee invaded the North a 2nd time
    Major Battles of the Civil War
1st & 2nd Battles of Bull Run
    *Confederate victories
                                Battle of Shiloh
 Battle of Gettysburg
                             * Confederate victory
     * Union victory

                   Battle of Antietem
          *stalemate but caused Lincoln to issue
              the Emancipation Proclamation

              Battle at Vicksburg
                   *Union victory
 -Grant surrounded Confederate troops & cut them
           off from the Mississippi River
    warm up 11/18/11

•explain the
 advances in
 technology used in
 the Civil War
Turn to pages 9 & 10 in your booklet. It
 should already be labeled North at the
top and South at the bottom. Now add
  a square in the middle to write notes
       about “effects on civilians”
                               looks something
                               like this
        effects on civilians

• Leaders – Pres. Lincoln, Gen. Grant
• Strategies
  1. capture Richmond, the Confederate capital
  2. split the South by controlling Miss. River
  3. blockade the South along the Atlantic Ocean
• Big victories: Gettysburg & Vicksburg
• Resources: railroads, factories, people, $$
                   • BOTH SIDES
– huge loss of life
- women worked in factories, govt offices, served
   as nurses in the army & even fought in disguise
- men were drafted
                      • North
- anti-war protests
                      • South
– severe supply shortages
- inflation caused high prices
- 1000’s deserted
• Leaders – Pres. Jefferson Davis, Gen. Lee
• Strategies/Goals
 1. Capture Washington DC, the Union capital
 2. gain recognition of independent status from
 countries of Europe (GB & France, especially)
• Big victories: Firing on Fort Sumter
                Battles of Bull Run
             summary activity
Review the strategies for the North and South.
 Which side accomplished its goals? How do
 you know? write this in a blank space
 somewhere on this page of your book

Turn in your book to the brown bucket when you
 are finished with the summary activity. The
 Civil War crossword puzzle is due Monday for
Test over the Civil War is Tuesday.
Have a good weekend.
Define the following words

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