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           The Power Of Aim
             Life Power Pocketbook 7

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        Success Disclaimer

Life Power is intended primarily for the
personal development of life insurance
sales entrepreneurs, though agents from
all realms of insurance may benefit. This
book is of an empowering nature to
stimulate the creation of ideas and
motivate the readers to greater levels of
accomplishment within their specific
insurance business opportunities.

Please note that the principles expressed
herein are of the author’s design. The
intent of James Lee Valentine is to offer
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positive life transformation. In the event
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Power, the author assumes no liability
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directed positively, could lead to a life
of awesome achievement and success.


          Clarification of
        Life Insurance Sales
         Within Life Power

Many life insurance companies now us
the network marketing business model
for selling their products and services.
As such, this book is written in a style
which reflects the entrepreneurial nature
of today’s independent insurance agents.

However, no matter if you personally are
working with a traditional or networking
life insurance company, in terms of its
marketing and compensation plans, you
may still benefit hugely from the
empowering words this book contains.

Though there are discernible differences
between traditional and networking life
insurance companies, for all intents
within Life Power they are referred to in
an entrepreneurial business manner.


    Life Power
Pocketbook Seven

The Power Of


  T H E     P O W E R             O F
              A I M

 Great, inspired, magnificent
GOALS! This is the rallying cry
 you will hear from the most successful
                      AIM straight
 insurance agents. They
for the heart with their belief that
everyone is a winner in this business.
 Be an empowered leader.
   It all begins with the setting of
    magnificent GOALS!

                       LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

                                   A I M

         reat, inspired, magnificent goals . . . you’ve gotta have them!
         This is the rallying cry you will hear from the foremost leaders
         in life insurance. The most successful sales agents aim straight
for the heart with their declaration that everyone can be a winner in this
industry if they will just have BIG GOALS that can set the world on fire.

    This is what ‘aim’ is all about . . . having visible targets that are vivid
enough to inspire, excite and induce action. Aim is the compass that
guides people along the journey of life and shows what is attainable.
Aim is a series of dreams that have come alive through the application of
enthusiastic action. It is by taking aim that the direction of a person’s life
and the meaning behind their existence becomes crystal clear.

     This Section Seven intends to focus your aim through the power of
setting dynamic objectives for your life and establishing compelling goals
for your life insurance business. These targets are stepping stones toward
the ultimate realization of your grand vision . . . they are the building
blocks that will help you to construct a spectacular life.

    Inspiring targets will help you soar to great heights of achievement.
No person can predict what lofty summit you will reach within the life
insurance profession, not even you will know until you establish some
dazzling sales goals to add zest to your endeavors.

     The most successful life insurance agents are achievers . . . and achievers
are goal-setters. They write their goals, regularly review them, establish
detailed Action-Plans, take specific Action-Steps and focus their energies
to accomplish them on a timely basis. It is known that achievers are on
fire because their goals inspire. Empower yourself now by setting goals
that are compelling enough to spur you into taking enthusiastic action
toward their attainment . . . every day.


   T H E         M A G I C
  O F        S E T T I N G
  M O M E N T O U S
          G O A L S

“When we are motivated by goals that
 have deep meaning, by dreams that
 need completion, by love that needs
 expressing, then we truly live life.”
           Greg Anderson

                       LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

                 T H I N K I N G                    B I G

        ll the aspirations in the world will amount to nothing unless
        ACTION is taken in the achievement process. Action is the critical
        element. However, goals that fuel inspiration, and an extraordinary
desire to accomplish these goals, will greatly increase a person’s motivation
for taking the first Action-Steps necessary in pursuit of a successful result.
Life insurance agents can overcome procrastination and come alive to the
possibilities of achievement, if they will first set spectacular sales goals
that ignite their inner fires into an inferno of red-hot desire . . . yes, sales
goals that absolutely blast them into dynamic action.

    Compelling objectives can help life insurance agents accomplish
extraordinary aims. The order of life commands that all specific, clearly
defined intentions backed by absolute commitment will come to fruition.
Basically a specific, clearly defined intention is a written goal. Why not
ensure your goals are specific and clearly defined by writing them now?

             The Importance Of Thinking Big
     Goal-setting is an action. It is quite possibly the most essential action
in pursuit of success within any life insurance enterprise. In fact, goal-
setting is the most important positive action that a life insurance agent
can take toward the creation of a thriving, profitable sales organization.
When setting goals, what you are doing is designing a structure for your
life and business . . . one that can be as remarkable as you plan for it to be.
Goals will provide you with the force to tap vast reserves of power, which
can be used to shape your future.

    Success, as it relates to life insurance, is the progressive attainment of
sales goals. But . . . Action-Plans must first be detailed before any goals
can be realized. Goal-setting is an integral part of this planning. It is the
key to all reward and fulfillment. Goal-setting instills within leaders
burning desire, profound self-confidence and a firm commitment to

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

follow through with persistence toward the realization of their life
insurance objectives. A goal that is crystallized focuses aim and helps set
lives flowing in a positive direction. Goals that are crystallized seem to
attract everything necessary for their achievement. Whether it is the
cooperation of people needed, extra income or more inspired ideas, all
the ingredients for a fortuitous result always seem to align themselves
on the exact timetable to hit the target dates.

    The way to achieve BIG success is by being BIG-MINDED.
Entrepreneurs cannot expect to attain great rewards by thinking small.
Thinking big means keeping matters of greatest importance ⎯ such as
your lifetime goals ⎯ foremost in your mind at all times. Do not waste
time on unimportant tasks. Have massive goals to inspire you and stretch
yourself to attain them. Think big and associate with fellow sales agents
who have empowering goals for their organizations too. These are the
winners who can help you develop a focused strategy, thereby igniting
explosive growth in your business. Success is not found in having goals as
such, it is found in the quality of life you experience along the road to
achieving them. Big inspiring goals can enable you to experience the
prize of a worldclass lifestyle and build a worldclass life insurance business.

    The setting of big goals is a powerful attribute to nurture and one
that will bring dramatic results to all areas of your life. To set big goals is
stimulating, challenging and empowering. Big goals will stretch you to
the extreme . . . but your limits are boundless and will continue to
expand as long as you always advance toward the accomplishment of
your most awe-inspiring long-range goals.

    A well-planned series of major objectives gives order to your
endeavors. Unsuccessful sales agents get trapped in performing tasks that
have little importance instead of designing their life insurance business
for maximum success. They become so immersed in these aimless labors
that they lose sight altogether of the grand vision they once enjoyed for a
glorious future. Their tasks become false ends in themselves, rather than
spokes in the wheel of long-term success. With diligent focus on the

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

attainment of your goals, you will perform to the best of your abilities.
There will come to you an ease with which tasks can be accomplished.
You will complete your objectives with elevated levels of skill and stamina.
A higher quality of effort will result in a greater quantity of performance,
which will culminate in a more successful life insurance organization.

    All achievement begins with successfully completing mini-goals or
Action-Steps. These objectives can be daily, weekly or monthly targets.
They are the steps necessary to realize your larger one-year goals, five-
year goals and even your ultimate lifetime goals.

   An example of Action-Steps for an empowered life insurance agent’s
one-year aim could be as follows:

    One-Year Sales Goal:

    Develop twelve keys leaders or ‘Financial Coaches’ in my organization,
one per month, for the next twelve months.


1. Make a meticulous list of fifty prospects who have the potential to
   become top life insurance professionals.

2. Rank these prospects into first, second and third level categories
   dependent upon their potential for leadership, previous life insurance
   experience and desire for an extra income.

3. Begin contacting these prospects, one-by-one, for a business
   opportunity interview, beginning with the highest-level category.

4. Once a prospect becomes a sales agent, help them to set specific goals
   for their own life insurance business.

                       LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

5. Ensure new sales agents attend vital training sessions and have all
   required business-building materials.

6. Mentor each new sales agent for at least one month in all aspects of
   the life insurance profession.

7. One-by-one, keep contacting more of the fifty prospects for business
   opportunity interviews.

8. Continue mentoring, training and developing new sales agents for at
   least one month each.

9. As one or more of the sales agents develops into a ‘key leader’ offer
   empowering assistance through regular daily or weekly contact.

10. Maintain records of all progress to help keep the motivational fires
    burning strong.

    One of the major benefits of Action-Steps is their ability to instill
massive self-confidence. When goals are broken down into bite-sized
pieces, they appear less daunting to attain. As the singular steps are
accomplished, you will feel personal pride in your achievement and begin
enjoying the rewards of the success process. With increased self-confidence
comes a higher level of empowerment, which in turn boosts your overall
capacity to excel.

     It is critical for lasting, long-range success that all Action-Steps leading
on to your long-term goals are of your personal choice, not those of
someone else. Don’t let other people select your targets . . . this is your
life, not theirs. Take command of it and try to accomplish those things
with greatest worth to you. Success is being true to your personal values
and doing things your way. As Frank Sinatra sings: “I did it my way.”
Now, go out into the world and build your life insurance sales organization
in your own spectacular way.


         W I N N I N G
       Q U A L I T I E S
          D E V E L O P
              S O L I D
  F O U N D A T I O N S

“Every single life only becomes great when
  the individual sets upon a goal or goals
which they really believe in, which they can
  really commit themselves to, which they
 can put their whole heart and soul into.”
                Brian Tracy

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

       W I N N I N G                   Q U A L I T I E S

      uccessful entrepreneurs, in diligently performing their most ardent
      endeavors, demonstrate WINNING QUALITIES. For instance:
      they display tremendous determination in achieving their objectives;
they show focused persistence in getting tasks accomplished; they are
extremely enthusiastic in their efforts; they are highly motivated toward
their aims; they are amazingly tolerant of another’s limitations; they are
hugely optimistic for a more wonderful future; they exhibit incredible
passion for their particular business opportunity.

      Life insurance agents with winning qualities act like the professionals
they are. They are winners in the game of life. They develop a lifestyle
and a personal environment that is both empowering and inspiring to
themselves, and pleasurable to those individuals who are within their
circle of influence. For you to possess that winning style and act with
total professionalism, you need to adopt the posture, attitude and actions
of a self-assured entrepreneur. It all begins, though, with you adopting
the indomitable qualities and empowering character traits of a successful
life insurance sales professional.

            Many insurance agents have ⎯ like an uncut
            diamond ⎯ shining qualities beneath a rough
              exterior. Learn to look for the inner good.

     Winning qualities give an entrepreneur’s life concrete foundations.
It can be said that the achievement of business success is firmly anchored
to empowering qualities. The businessman or woman who seeks an
affluent lifestyle must have a clear vision of what qualities are most
important to him or her. This person must decide to live by these qualities
no matter how smooth or rough the journey through life. Their choice
of which qualities they will live by will direct them on an immutable
course and define the extent of the success they can ultimately achieve.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

                    Winning Sales Qualities
    Qualities as detailed in this chapter are specifically applicable to
your life insurance endeavors, as such we will refer to them as Sales
Qualities. Within Section Six ⎯ The Power of VISION ⎯ we outlined
the ten Areas of Sales.

    Now . . . it is vital for you to choose one or more qualities to represent
each of these areas of a successful sales agent’s business. Following are
examples of winning Sales Qualities for a life insurance professional:

    Commitment           :    Focused               Powerful
                              Tenacious             Determined

    Grand Vision         :    Daring               Inspired
                              Optimistic           Grandiose

    Action-Plans         :    Precise               Creative
                              Accurate              Dedicated

    Knowledge            :    Wise                 Decisive
                              Intelligent          Meticulous

    Prospecting          :    Honest               Resilient
                              Eloquent             Courteous

    Presenting           :    Punctual              Confident
                              Enthusiastic          Responsible

                       LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

    Leadership            :    Helpful               Respectful
                               Teachable             Humorous

    Momentum              :    Assertive             Motivated
                               Persistent            Consistent

    Time                  :    Efficient             Effective
                               Committed             Industrious

    Earnings              :    Zestful               Vivacious
                               Ambitious             Empowered

    An understanding of what Sales Qualities you exemplify is essential
in determining your life insurance priorities and establishing meaningful
targets. When determining your qualities, you should display the wisdom
to ask yourself this one vital question:

Q. Do my qualities reflect the intensity of my desire to be successful as a life
   insurance professional?

    Like many sales agents, you have possibly spent little time thinking
about your qualities and perhaps don’t even know what they are. As a
result you are probably spending a large part of your sales endeavors
displaying character traits that do not reflect the intensity of your desire
to succeed in life insurance.

                    Your Sales Qualities List
      Now you must make a stand. Take a pen and paper now and write a
list of all the qualities that have importance to your sales endeavors. Decide

                          LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

immediately what are the greatest qualities that represent what you stand
for and what you desire. Not in your husband’s life, or your wife’s, or
your childrens’, or your boss’s, or your parents’ lives, but the most
important qualities as they relate to you and what you desire. These are
your qualities. This single action will enormously contribute to your
ultimate success, both inside and outside of life insurance.

                 Align Your Sales Goals With
                     Your Sales Qualities
    It is vital for the creation of a successful life insurance venture that
your goals are in alignment with your qualities. For maximum
effectiveness, you must know your qualities then base your endeavors
around them, not vice versa. Lack of harmony within your business will
inevitably occur when your aims are out of alignment with your qualities.

    In other words:

        First         :     Choose your Sales Qualities
        Second        :     Establish your Sales Goals
        Third         :     Exemplify these winning character traits

    Determine not only which qualities have most importance to you
but also which qualities empower you the most, and then design your
enterprise around them, instead of conducting business in a freewheeling
‘go-with-the-flow’ style.

      You are the one who dictates the direction of your venture by
determining your qualities, then acting in a manner that both exemplifies
these winning character traits and illustrates to the associates whom you
work with that you are sincere in your aim for constructing a high-caliber
life insurance organization.


 F O R M U L A                  F O R
      F A N T A S T I C
            G O A L S

  “Goals provide the energy source that
 powers our lives. One of the best ways
we can get the most from the energy we
have is to focus it. That is what goals can
   do for us; concentrate our energy.”
              Denis Waitley

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

                G O A L - S E T T I N G

       uccess is the progressive accomplishment of goals, one following
      another, over a long period of time. The specific level of success
      ultimately realized in your life insurance endeavors is not determined
by the hand of fate. No . . . it is decided by you. The actual number of
opportunities you take advantage of during the course of your business
is directly proportional to your clarity of vision and your willingness to
ethically do what it takes to be successful.

    This is why your lists of goals are so vitally important . . . they help
you to understand your desires. An immediate result of knowing exactly
what you want is increased clarity. This is what it takes to recognize an
opportunity and seize it. The goals you establish are the vital steps toward
the fulfillment of your vision. As opportunity is pounced upon with
enthusiastic action, your sense of awareness is heightened and fortuitous
events begin moving in your direction at rapid-fire speed.

     Once you have clearly identified what you want and what you are
willing to do to get it, you will be in control. You will have, by choice,
set the goals that are most important to you. Why invest your time and
energy in anything less than the achievement of your most fabulous
aims? This is what will lead you through to the most successful life
attainable. Right now, let’s explore the ten-step procedure of how to set
and reach the greatest objectives imaginable.

                 Ten-Step Success Formula
                      For Goal-Setting
     The action of goal-setting is the key step in all major accomplishment.
It is the most crucial part of your personal plan for success and must be
carried out before any goals can be attained. As Zig Ziglar wisely asks:
“How can a man hit a target he does not have?” Yes . . . you must set
goals . . . and BIG ones too.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

    Here is the Ten-Step Formula for Goal-Setting. These are the essential
procedures for manifesting long-term success within your life insurance
business or in any free enterprise endeavor you choose.

1. Decide Exactly What You Want

   Quite simply, all you have to do is decide what it is that you truly
want. Ask yourself these eight questions for clarification of your desires:
    Q.   What would I own?
    Q.   Who would I help?
    Q.   Where would I go?
    Q.   What would I do?
    Q.   What would I be?
    Q.   What would I create?
    Q.   What would I contribute?
    Q.   What would I achieve?

2. Crystallize Your Thinking

    Analyze in great detail the answers you get from the previous eight
powerful questions. Crystallized thoughts focus your direction and define
your aims. Precisely outline your thoughts and become crystal clear on
exactly what you want.

3. Set Specific Inspiring Goals

     No person can hit a target they do not have. So . . . once you decide
exactly what you want to achieve, you should establish these objectives
as specific goals within each area of the life insurance business. When
setting goals, make them exciting so that they inspire you to take action.
Goals that inspire will set your world on fire. Also, make sure your goals
are aligned with your winning qualities. This will ensure your time and
effort is effectively invested in working toward targets that have greatest
importance to the long-range success of your venture.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

4. Establish Deadlines for Your Goals

    Goals are dreams with deadlines. You must place a specific date on
each goal for when you intend reaching it. This act of deciding exactly
when you will achieve certain targets, sets in motion powerful forces to
make the attainment of your goals a reality. The power behind
establishing deadlines is that they focus your achievement-oriented
energy on a specific moment in the future.

5. Decide What You Will Do to Reach Your Goals

    To successfully reach your targets you must determine what decisions
to make, elect to pursue an appropriate course of action, outline obstacles
to hurdle, and fix a definite direction in which to aim your success
strategies. Decide now what you will do.

6. Have Written Action-Plans

   There are three written principles that you must follow to develop
complete Action-Plans:
        Write clear descriptions of your goals.
        Write the dates for attainment of your goals.
        Write what Action-Steps you will take to reach your goals.
    A goal is not a goal until it is written. The most powerful goals also
incorporate written Action-Plans. Written Action-Plans will motivate you
to a greater utilization of your abilities. Your written Action-Plans are
the maps that will guide you to the attainment of your desired goals.

7. Take Enthusiastic Action

     Action-Plans must be followed by immediate, enthusiastic effort
toward their achievement. This power to act is already within you. If
you haven’t been able to summon it, this is merely because you have
failed to set inspiring goals that can ignite your motivational fires.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

8. Picture Your Goals

    You can instantly raise your level of enthusiasm, thereby boosting
yourself into dynamic action-mode, by picturing the end result of your
aspirations. This can be achieved in either of two ways:
    i.    Mental Pictures: Using the amazing power of imagination, mental
          pictures are images projected in your mind’s eye of whatever
          goals you desire fulfilled.
    ii.   Real Pictures: These can be photographs or pictures from
          catalogues, magazines and books that depict or represent your
          ultimate goals.
    By having a picture of an objective, this sparks a force that is like
issuing a command directly to your mind to apply its full power to the
attainment of that aim. By clearly picturing your goals you can focus far
more intensely on that which you are trying to manifest.

9. Keep Taking Your Action-Steps

    One of the main advantages of dividing singular goals into multiple
Action-Steps is that the goals are easier to complete when tackled one
bite at a time. As each individual step is reached, your levels of confidence
will rise and you will be better prepared for attaining subsequent steps.

10. Persist with Conviction

    Persistence is the essential factor in all major long-term success. The
“I will never quit” attitude is the greatest discipline a life insurance agent
can cultivate to improve the success ratio in any endeavor. Resolve to
persist with enthusiastic action toward the attainment of your grandest
goals. Have a conviction that your consistent efforts will bring rewards at
the highest level. Stay true to your aim and be prepared to see outstanding
results as your business blasts to a new strata of possibilities.


        P H E N O M E N A L
      G O A L S                T O       S E T
            Y O U R             L I F E
                 A B L A Z E

“People who say that life is not worthwhile are really
 saying that they themselves have no personal goals
  which are worthwhile. Get yourself a goal worth
   working for. Better still, get yourself a project.
        Always have something ahead of you
                 to look forward to.”
                   Maxwell Maltz

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

                  S A L E S               G O A L S

        o attain major success, insurance agents must have short-range
        and long-range goals at which to aim. The short-term targets
        are Action-Steps as outlined earlier. In this chapter, we will examine
the vital importance of having long-term aims. These long-range goals
can propel you into the orbit of incredible personal accomplishment.
They are what inspire the most enthusiastic action.

    For optimum success, you must set empowering long-range goals
within each sector of your business for the following durations:

        One-Year Sales Goals
        Five-Year Sales Goals

    Now . . . let’s have fun! The following written exercise is designed to
inflame your fires of desire. Its intention is to clarify the most eager
objectives you desire to attain within your life insurance sales venture.
This exercise is to establish goals that will lead you on to outstanding
achievement. During the course of the next few pages you will establish
twenty exciting, powerful and self-motivating one-year and five-year
goals that will set the focus and direction for your immediate future.

          Now is the time to unleash your personal power and
         positive potential to succeed within the life insurance
          industry. This comes from setting specific long-range
           goals that are dynamic, exciting and empowering.

    This exercise is where your ultimate gratification in life will come
from . . . through setting stimulating goals that arouse your desires,
reveling in the chase for their attainment and living with zeal as they are
realized. Also, having a zestful appetite for setting higher and even more
motivating goals to replace those already achieved.

                        LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

                   Empowering Sales Goals
    Following are examples of objectives that can empower a life insurance
sales agent to tremendous feats of achievement:

    Commitment :          Conduct five hundred one-on-one insurance
                          interviews during the next twelve months.
    Grand Vision    :     Earn enough income by March of next year to
                          purchase a new automobile for US$25,000.
    Action-Plans    :     Before the end of this month, have in place
                          strategic plans for my life insurance business that
                          encompass the next five years.
    Knowledge       :     This year, author and publish a book entitled:
                          “Pushing the Life Insurance Sales Hot-Button”
                          to empower the members of my organization.
    Prospecting     :     Aim to get 100 “YES” answers from qualified
                          prospects during the next twelve months.
    Presenting      :     By the end of September, be recognized as the
                          most dynamic stage-speaker for the large-scale
                          group presentations of my particular company.
    Leadership      :     Mentor six sales agents this year as high-earning,
                          capable, action-oriented leaders.
    Momentum        :     My personal organization to be one of the top-
                          ten fastest growing within my specific company
                          during the coming twelve months.
    Time            :     Commit to spend at least forty focused hours
                          each week for the next five years on proficiently
                          building my life insurance business.
    Earnings        :     Aim to earn US$1 million during the next five
                          years, then seek to make this world a better place
                          through my charitable contributions.

                        LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

    Here is your opportunity to face the future head on and show the
world that you are an empowered life insurance professional. Right here,
right now, set twenty empowering objectives to ignite your business.

                    One-Year Sales Goals
     You must be sure that you are willing to exchange the effort required
over the next twelve months for the attainment of the goals you will
write here. You need to establish targets that at least have a value
comparable to one year of your hardest effort. The destination you are
aiming at is where you will arrive one year from today, so you must be
inspired by the goals you set. Write ten One-Year Sales Goals this instant
that absolutely electrify you. How would you feel if you accomplished
all of these goals within the next year . . . just satisfied or euphoric?

    Commitment      :     ....................................
    Grand Vision    :     ....................................
    Action-Plans    :     ....................................
    Knowledge       :     ....................................
    Prospecting     :     ....................................
    Presenting      :     ....................................
    Leadership      :     ....................................
    Momentum        :     ....................................
    Time            :     ....................................
    Earnings        :     ....................................

                    Five-Year Sales Goals
    This five-year projection will provide continual long-range guidance
for your life . . . especially when you update these objectives several
times per year. Be eager at any time throughout the year to revise all of
your targets as the circumstances of your life alter. The important point

                         LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

is to constantly update your aspirations as your life and your business
take on new scope. From this point forward, the quality of your results
will be in direct proportion to your commitment to these aims.

    Commitment       :     ....................................
    Grand Vision     :     ....................................
    Action-Plans     :     ....................................
    Knowledge        :     ....................................
    Prospecting      :     ....................................
    Presenting       :     ....................................
    Leadership       :     ....................................
    Momentum         :     ....................................
    Time             :     ....................................
    Earnings         :     ....................................

    This is a vital exercise and one that must be done. The destination
you reach in five years from now will be as a direct result of the forward
planning and the inspiring goal-setting you do TODAY. Within these
ten goals, one stands above all the others . . . this is your ultimate Life
Sales Goal. It is the one overriding desire that will transform itself into a
major purpose to spark your life into an inferno of glorious achievement.
This ultimate Life Sales Goal forms the basis for your self-empowering
Pure Power Declaration, as discussed in detail in the next chapter.

    If you seriously desire to positively transform your life and attain
the levels of success you aspire to, then DO IT NOW! Your One-Year
Sales Goals are bridges to your Five-Year Sales Goals, which are a bridge
to your lasting success. It is the achievement of these goals that will
empower you with a dynamic sense of self-confidence . . . powering
you forward to a future that is scintillating. First, there is one missing
link: this is your Pure Power Declaration. This states the way to realizing
your greatest life insurance objective . . . the one ultimate Life Sales Goal
that stands above all others.


                Y O U R
    E M P O W E R I N G
     P U R E           P O W E R
   D E C L A R A T I O N

 “To achieve the maximum from life, have
   contribution as the source of your focus
and direction. Then be absolutely committed
to the accomplishment of one specific written
intention . . . your Pure Power Declaration.”
            James Lee Valentine

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

                   D E C L A R A T I O N

      our Pure Power Declaration is an inspiring, stimulating and self-
      empowering statement, which encapsulates all that you desire to
      achieve in your one ultimate Life Sales Goal. It is the mission
statement of your magnificent obsession. It sets a focused direction for
your life’s purpose and is the essence of your chief aim in life.
Fundamentally it represents the new highly empowered you and sets
into motion the direction in which you will now set sail with your life.

    Within all life insurance agents, you included, there is a spark of genius.
All that is needed to turn this tiny flame into an inferno of action is an
unconquerable desire to succeed at the one thing you absolutely want
to do. Discover your life’s ultimate purpose, express it with passion
through your Pure Power Declaration and produce extraordinary results
within your life insurance sales enterprise that can lead to positive life
transformation. Your life will make an immense difference once you have
monumental aspirations to spur you on.

           What Lights Your Motivational Fire?
   To think as a successful sales agent, all you must do is sit still long
enough to determine one basic fact about yourself . . . what lights your
motivational fire? Begin by asking yourself this insightful question:

Q. What one thing above all else within life insurance lights my motivational
   fire and keeps it burning bright?

    In other words, what dominant urge or interest within life insurance
will drive you toward being the best you can be at one particular thing?
This factor, once determined, will form the foundation of your
magnificent obsession and will create the solid framework around which
your Pure Power Declaration will take shape.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

                Contribution: The Fire-power
               Leading To Triumphant Victory
    Contribution is one of the primary factors leading to success.
Nothing gives us a greater sense of well being and personal satisfaction
than contributing to society or fellow associates . . . giving unselfishly is
the route to a satisfied life. You must ask yourself the following question
to ensure that your focus in life and the direction of your life insurance
endeavors come from the contribution mode:

Q. How does my ultimate Life Sales Goal contribute to the betterment of
   society, the improvement of the environment, do good for those around
   me or personally develop and improve the lives of people in general?

     Right now, it is time for you to create your own magnificent
obsession based around giving to life, instead of taking from it. Project
your grand vision around what it will take for you to manifest a future
that is both rewarding and fulfilling whilst still coming from contribution
mode. A future in which you make a significant difference and a lasting
contribution to the world and vastly improve the quality of your life
and the lives of other people in the process. A future in which you
provide a rich, healthy environment for yourself and others, and literally
make yours and their dreams all come true. A future in which you build
a life insurance organization that exudes positive energy.

               Your Pure Power Declaration
                 Will Set Your Life Ablaze
    Study your lists of Sales Goals, focus your thoughts and choose the
one dominant aim above all others that is to become the nucleus for
your magnificent obsession. Follow this unique seven-step formula to
awaken your talent, set your creative juices flowing and design for yourself
an empowering Pure Power Declaration to carry you on to great success.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

    This is the seven-step formula for a powerful Pure Power Declaration:

1. Write your one ultimate Life Sales Goal precisely on a fresh sheet of

2. Ask yourself: Is this truly what I desire for my life above and beyond all
   else? If the answer is no, go back to the start of this book and begin
   reading again from the first page.

3. Ask yourself: Does the focus and direction of my ultimate Life Sales
   Goal come from contribution and will it positively impact the lives of
   others? If not, rework the purpose of your goal. Build on it from
   new angles until you see benefits for others in it and you can
   truthfully say that it does come from contribution.

4. Now, write your ultimate Life Sales Goal again on another fresh sheet
   of paper. This time increase it to a full paragraph or more until it
   embodies all of the qualities and attributes that will, from this moment
   forward, drive you on to success.

5. This is now your Pure Power Declaration. Personalize it by adding
   your name. Take this statement and place it in a prominent position
   from where you will be able to see it daily.

6. Commit to reading your Pure Power Declaration at least once a day,
   out loud if possible, with a high level of emotional intensity in your
   voice, visualizing the new glorious future desired, all the while with
   enthusiasm in your spirit and a smile on your face.

7. Cultivate the winning discipline of daily growth and long-range
   achievement in your life by taking some action today, no matter
   how little, toward the attainment of your Pure Power Declaration.
   This elementary discipline of daily action is the seed from which
   your outstanding success and amazing fortune will grow.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF AIM

    An example of a Pure Power Declaration:

                          James Lee Valentine

         My name is James Lee Valentine. I am an ‘empowering author
      extraordinaire’ and a dynamic & inspiring seminar presenter.
      It is my aim to make a positive difference in the life insurance
      industry through the POWER books & POWER events specially
      developed for life insurance professionals. These books & events
      will have a profound positive impact upon the quality of life
      for those people who put these empowering principles into daily
      practice. The POWER Philosophy built upon the bedrock of
      self-improvement will help to make this world a better place.

        I have an unquenchable passion for life and an incredible
      desire to experience it all fully. My commitment is to design
      and live a life that works so well, all who see it are moved
      toward the attainment of maximum health, wealth, wisdom
      and happiness for their own lives too. It is my motto that I will
      make a positive difference . . . inspirationally!

     It is not necessary for you to be a super-hero to come from
contribution mode and make a positive difference with your own life.
However, there is one quality that you must possess to win . . . and that
is definiteness of purpose, which is the knowledge of what you want and
a burning desire to possess it. Your Pure Power Declaration when read
on a daily basis gives you this definiteness of purpose.

    This is your best opportunity now to release your mental shackles
and plan at the highest level . . . to brainstorm something that will drive
your life toward untold achievements, to find a target big enough and
grand enough to challenge you to push beyond all limits, to discover
your ultimate purpose. This is your chance to design a Pure Power
Declaration that will keep your aim straight as you journey along the
infinite and ever-empowering road of life.


      I have a personal request . . .

Please write and tell me how any aspect of LIFE
POWER has positively affected your life. Why not share
your success stories with me so that I may use them as
inspirational examples to others? What Action-Steps
have you taken to dramatically change the direction
of your life for the better? Please explain what you
have done different as a result of reading this book?
What have you been motivated to achieve? In how
many ways has your life been empowered? How have
you improved as a person?

What secrets have you learned about building your
life insurance business to the maximum? What tips do
you have that I can pass on to future readers? Do you
have a favorite story, quote or insight about life
insurance or sales that you’d like to share with others?
Please send your illustrations to me and soon they may
appear together with your name in a future book for
all to see. I am eager to hear from you. Thank you for
reading my work and for fully participating in the
journey of life.

Please contact me at the following e-mail:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enthusiastically yours,

James Lee Valentine


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