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Life Power Series 09 - Faith


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         The Power Of Faith
             Life Power Pocketbook 9

                     Copyright ©
                  James Lee Valentine
                  All Rights Reserved

       All parts of the Life Power Pocketbook Series
        were conceived & developed exclusively
                  by James Lee Valentine

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        Success Disclaimer

Life Power is intended primarily for the
personal development of life insurance
sales entrepreneurs, though agents from
all realms of insurance may benefit. This
book is of an empowering nature to
stimulate the creation of ideas and
motivate the readers to greater levels of
accomplishment within their specific
insurance business opportunities.

Please note that the principles expressed
herein are of the author’s design. The
intent of James Lee Valentine is to offer
inspiration of a general nature to help
sales entrepreneurs in their quest for
positive life transformation. In the event
of you using any of the material in Life
Power, the author assumes no liability
for your actions . . . as your actions,
directed positively, could lead to a life
of awesome achievement and success.


          Clarification of
        Life Insurance Sales
         Within Life Power

Many life insurance companies now us
the network marketing business model
for selling their products and services.
As such, this book is written in a style
which reflects the entrepreneurial nature
of today’s independent insurance agents.

However, no matter if you personally are
working with a traditional or networking
life insurance company, in terms of its
marketing and compensation plans, you
may still benefit hugely from the
empowering words this book contains.

Though there are discernible differences
between traditional and networking life
insurance companies, for all intents
within Life Power they are referred to in
an entrepreneurial business manner.


   Life Power
Pocketbook Nine

The Power Of


    T H E       P O W E R              O F
              F A I T H

        Leaders in life insurance
      effectiveness through the
  power of their own convictions.
A belief that becomes an empowered
 conviction is a massively potent tool
for the person manifesting a grand vision.

  Fuel your    beliefs with FAITH
  and   YOU will attain success!

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

                              F A I T H

     aith is inextinguishable hope . . . an invincible belief in the grandest
     outcome. The power of faith is a force to attain our greatest desires.
     The foundations of faith are prayer and affirmation. Through
empowering prayer ⎯ the affirming of our needs to God ⎯ faith
manifests higher levels of confidence.

    This spirit of confidence unfolds in wondrous ways, resulting in
the accomplishment of our desires. It is said that affirmations are the
closest link to prayers. But with affirmations, instead of praying directly
to God, you affirm your intentions straight to your inner-self,
manifesting your desires on a conscious and subconscious level.

    Through this Section Nine, we will illustrate that affirmations of
faith are not feeble wishes . . . they are powerful, unyielding convictions.
The prayers of a life insurance entrepreneur, if expressed in earnest, will
instill high levels of self-confidence and allow a greater degree of focused
determination. Prayers that are stated with intense belief will result in
an existence wherein the most exalted desires are fulfilled.

    Faith empowers. Life insurance professionals of unconquerable faith
shine brightest when they encounter difficulties. Certainly it is best not
to have any obstacles at all, but setbacks and challenges can serve us.
When overcoming difficult situations, if the sales professional will exert
his or her most ardent efforts, one’s character will grow stronger.

     Weak individuals, those without a personal development foundation,
who over long periods grow accustomed to being challenged, may acquire
the tendency to give up and quit. But with enough instilled faith, none
of us need ever resign ourselves to defeat. The key is to state solid
affirmations and take enthusiastic action until the desired results are
produced or the situation turns around. Faith has the awe-inspiring power
to positively transform our lives.


     E M P O W E R I N G
   A F F I R M A T I O N S
      W I L L          I M P A C T
         Y O U R            L I F E

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative,
and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put
  forth a clear enough request and everything
      your heart desires must come to you.”
                 Shakti Gawain

                    LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

                A F F I R M A T I O N S

        hroughout this section we will make reference to FAITH by
        way of the immense power of affirmations. These are dynamic
        statements repeated over and over to oneself that a desired future
condition is already true. Through repetition, affirmations are one of
the easiest techniques known for powerfully influencing a person’s mind.

    These words and phrases, reiterated daily, are concise methods of
convincing the intellect. Any thought that is passed through the mind
often enough and forcefully enough is finally accepted . . . it becomes
the dominant thought pattern. Constant repetition of affirmations leads
to instilled belief.

    Once a belief becomes a deep certainty, powerful forces arise. Life
insurance agents can use the awesome power of affirmations to attain
their most exciting sales objectives through replacing disempowering,
destructive doctrines with empowering, constructive belief systems.

     Silently or aloud, affirmations can be repeated at any time
    and place. Self-talk of an optimistic nature can be practiced
    upon waking first thing in the morning, standing in line at a
    store, working out at the gym, sitting in an office waiting for
    a prospect, or even lying in bed before you go to sleep at night.
     You decide when and where you are most comfortable doing
     them. The vital point is that you do repeat affirmations on
     a consistent basis if dramatic change is desired in your life.

    The repeating of positive affirmations is one of the most powerful
success disciplines. As the Bible says: “Thou shall decree a thing and it
shall be established unto thee.” Wise words indeed. Today, state some
new empowering affirmations to begin the process of manifesting the
successful life insurance entrepreneur’s life of splendor that you desire.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

              Start Your Day With Enthusiastic,
                 Inspiring, Upbeat Self-talk
     Top life insurance sales professionals are inspired . . . they are on-fire.
They possess an inner drive for action, an urge for accomplishment and a
motive for winning that keeps them competing for success. The most
effective motivation is that which is self-generated. Motivation is largely
a matter of one’s attitude. Since attitudes are habits of thought, it follows
that self-motivation is a learned skill. Therefore, any person who can
develop a new habit of thought can become self-motivated. The technique
with the greatest effect for self-motivation is enthusiastic, positive, upbeat
self-talk . . . this is one’s stating of empowering affirmations.

    The course of your day ⎯ and how effective you can perform as an
empowered life insurance agent ⎯ is determined from the instant you
regain waking consciousness. Why not have a series of positive affirmations
that you can repeat to yourself as you arise from sleep? Display them
prominently so that you can read them easily after waking. Develop this
daily winning discipline to see how energized, electrified and exhilarated
you can feel . . . every day. Examples are:

        Today I feel fabulous!
        Yes . . . today is a magnificent day!
        My energy and vitality are boundless!
        This is a wonderful day of opportunity!
        Something wonderful happens to me every day!
        My life insurance entrepreneurial possibilities are awesome!

    A series of powerful affirmations can literally turn your world around
with their massive positive impact. They will influence not only your life
insurance endeavors, but they will transform the lives of other sales agents
within your enterprise as these people notice and respond to the positive
energy you continuously radiate.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

                 Eight-Step Success Formula
    These are the all-important Action-Steps required for creating effective
results-achieving affirmations:

1. Personalize Your Affirmations
     Start your affirmations with “I . . .” or “My . . .” making them personal
to you. These are suggestions to improve your life, so ensure that you
are the focal point. Personalize your affirmations by having their meaning
relevant to how you want the events of your life to be at this instant:
        My life insurance business is thriving and is hugely profitable!

2. State Your Affirmations in the Positive
    Always state your affirmations in the most upbeat way possible.
Affirm the conditions you do want, not what you don’t want. You should
aim to describe that which you desire to create or achieve. “I am . . .” or
“I have . . .” are excellent beginning points:
        I am a leading member of the Million Dollar Round Table!

3. State Your Affirmations in the Present Tense
     Affirm in the present tense as opposed to the past or future tenses.
It is vital to create desires as if they already exist . . . this speeds their
realization. Instead of saying “I will be inspired!” say “I am inspired!”
End affirmations with “now” to keep their impact level high:
        I feel endless enthusiasm for the life insurance profession . . . now!

4. Keep Your Affirmations Short
      The shorter and more dynamic the affirmation, the more effective
it is. Your affirmations must be concise statements that convey a positive
feeling. The greater dynamism carried by the affirmation, the longer-
lasting its impression on your mind:
        I am a highly empowered financial coach!

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

5. State Your Affirmations with Conviction
     If an Army General stood before his troops and asked in a mild
manner for them to “sort of ” or “kind of” or “perhaps” or “maybe”
come to attention, the result would not be impressive. But if he stood
tall before his regiment and commanded in a loud, powerful voice:
“Attention!” then the soldiers, every one, would precisely execute the
command. Now, speak to your mind and do not beg, ask or coax. Lay
your demands upon your mental powerhouse. You are the General and
all the cells of your being are waiting to carry out your every command.
So affirm with total conviction that the desired outcome will result:
        My residual income is sky-rocketing!

6. Your Affirmations Must Be Sincere
    Ensure your affirmations are for the things you truly desire. This
will make them sincere . . . from the heart. Sincere affirmations are free
from pretence and have a greater likelihood of being realized:
        My competence as a professional life insurance agent is amazing!

7. Your Affirmations Must Be Written
    Writing your affirmations as statements keeps you on the right track,
crystallizes your thoughts and inspires you to take immediate,
enthusiastic action:
        I love being a successful, highly empowered entrepreneur!

8. Repeat Your Affirmations Often
    The secret of successful results is in the repetition. State them over
and over again until the desired outcome is attained. The recommended
minimum is twice a day. Stated in the morning and repeated again in
the evening is the ideal situation for the greatest results:
        I think I can . . . I know I can . . . and I will!


          T H E          M A G I C
           P O W E R                O F
            C R E A T I V E
   V I S U A L I Z A T I O N

  “Ordinary people believe only in the possible.
    Extraordinary people visualize not what is
possible or probable, but rather what is impossible.
        And by visualizing the impossible,
          they begin to see it as possible.”
               Cherie Carter-Scott

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

               V I S U A L I Z A T I O N

         reative visualization is truly one of the most remarkable principles
         for an entrepreneur to master in pursuit of success within any
         life insurance company. Creative visualization involves using the
awesome power of IMAGINATION to mentally create the desired
results. Excellence in any endeavor depends foremost on having a clear
mental picture of a specific activity being successfully completed.

    Well directed and focused, the powers of creative visualization and
imagination are two of the most dynamic faculties an individual can
possess. Thoughts are a form of energy and have real power. As such,
any image focused by the mind has a force that will eventually produce
an effect. If focused firmly over a long enough period of time, this effect
will be the manifestation of the visualized objective.

             Three-Step Formula For Effective
                  Creative Visualization
    This is the powerhouse formula that you must develop into a
fundamental part of your daily plan for focused effort if you absolutely
desire to materialize outstanding results for your life insurance venture:

1. THINK: You will require a quiet period of fifteen minutes every day
   for your Creating Period. It is imperative during this time that you
   are undisturbed.

        Be silent, then close your eyes and think: This first step is for you
        to decide exactly what it is you want to have. You need to know
        what major sales objective will be the focus of this particular
        Creating Period. For example, your main aim may be for your
        organization to generate one key associate per month for the next
        one year, with each of these associates mentored by you.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

        Breathe deeply, relaxing your entire body: It is essential for effective
        visualization that you have the most highly receptive state of
        mind. This comes from being totally calm and relaxed.

        Use your imagination: Once thoroughly relaxed, visualize the
        desired objective in your mind exactly the way you want it to
        be. You must create clear imagined pictures of the objective as
        real. Make your mental images as vivid as possible.

        Personalize your visualizations: It is vital that you are the primary
        character, the central theme of your visualizations, if dramatic
        change is to be effected in your life insurance business.

        Visualize in the present: Picture yourself doing or having the
        desired objective right now, not as some future possibility.
        Imagine everything in the present as already existing in your life
        the way you intend it to be.

    This entire first step ⎯ THINK ⎯ is an intense fifteen-minute
    period of concentrated clear thought. It is constructively using your
    mental powerhouse to positively imagine the desired outcome of
    tangible objectives that can lead you on to the attainment of specific,
    clearly defined aspirations.

2. ACT: The creative faculty of imagination can never substitute for
   action. There is a magical power in imagination ⎯ the dynamic
   effect it has on one’s self-belief ⎯ but it is the action taken that
   produces the result. A life insurance professional cannot devote time
   imagining himself as a millionaire, then do nothing about it expecting
   millions of dollars to fall into his lap. If, on the other hand, he will
   visualize himself as a millionaire, develop detailed Action-Plans and
   take consistent and persistent Action-Steps toward that end, then daily
   he will increase his chances of becoming a millionaire. This man’s
   visualizations will become his self-fulfilling prophesy. Not due to

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

    any mysterious magic though, but because of the immediate and
    unlimited enthusiastic action he took toward his desired objectives.
    Now, can you see how critically important action is in pursuit of
    your own life insurance goals?

3. PERSIST: Do not expect grand, instantaneous results. The present
   and future are not joined by a single link, but by a chain. This chain
   is composed of the goals you have set, the plans you have made to
   achieve them, the affirmations you repeat to instill great confidence,
   your ability to creatively visualize the future you desire, and the
   persistent actions you take toward the target. Reap the remarkable
   benefits of spaced repetition by having your Creating Period once a
   day and indefinitely repeating the procedure. Change takes time,
   so have patience. It took years, even decades, to create the present
   you . . . your new empowered self will also take time to build.

                 The Power Of Imagination
     Many of the greatest thinkers throughout history have recognized
the awesome power of imagination and used it to astonishing effect in
creating lives of outstanding achievement. Consider the assessment of
such eminent minds as Disraeli, Einstein and Shakespeare. Following
are statements that these three masters of extraordinary ability said about
the power of imagination:

                    “Imagination governs the world.”
                            Benjamin Disraeli

            “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
                             Albert Einstein

                “Imagination makes man the paragon of
                            the animals.”
                           William Shakespeare

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

    Through the creative use of imagination, literally all ideas that an
entrepreneur can conceive in his or her own mind can be achieved.
Imagination in its most fertile form is creative visualization. It is a fact
that whatever is visualized wholeheartedly and believed-in with total
conviction will become a self-fulfilling prophesy. The ultimate secret to
effective visualization is in imagining circumstances not as they are right
now, but as they are desired to be in anticipation of a wondrous future.

        The imagination is literally the workshop of the mind.
        Within it are fashioned a life insurance agent’s most
               creative and innovative aspirations.

    Imagination is an immense and powerful force. As George Bernard
Shaw said: “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what
you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you
will.” Why not channel this creative energy by conjuring up imaginative
ideas and inspiring concepts for your business? It is said that ideas are
the fruits of thinking; they are the seeds of progress. Ideas are at the
start of all innovation, change and attainment . . . the more visionary
ideas you can conceive for your life insurance endeavors, the greater your
long-term success. Mark Van Doren stated: “Bring in ideas and entertain
them royally, for one of them may be a king.”

    When you possess strong enough reasons for wanting the things you
desire, then you really can think up a whole host of excellent ideas for
their realization. The necessary ingredient is in having the right motivating
force. This comes from the strength of your fires of desire. The more
heat, the larger the inferno. If you want to be successful within the life
insurance profession, you must possess an inflamed desire to succeed.
This will provide the powerful reasons to spur you into creating the
higher levels of motivation needed for attaining your major objectives.


             B E L I E F S :
        T H E         K E Y         T O
   T R A N S F O R M I N G
          Y O U R            L I F E

“All truly wise thoughts have been thought already
 thousands of times; but to make them truly ours
we must think them over and over again honestly,
 until they take root in our personal experience.”
         Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

              B E L I E F            S Y S T E M S

         he Bible says it best: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”
         Remember the following timeless truth whenever you imprint
         new empowering thoughts into your consciousness: What you
think . . . is what you believe . . . is what you will become.

    Belief Systems are things that you:

        Believe about yourself
        Believe about your surroundings
        Believe about the world in which you live

   Your beliefs about yourself, your beliefs about your surroundings
and your beliefs about the world in which you live, affect your life in
dramatic ways. Your beliefs and the experiences you subsequently
encounter are directly connected to one another. What you believe is
what you get, and what you will eventually become. In other words,
you will direct your ultimate destiny by what you think and believe.

     Once your mind holds a belief, whether imagined or real, it will
continually feed you thoughts to support that belief. For example, let’s
say that you believe it is difficult to earn money within life insurance.
This belief, repeated again and again, is soon imprinted onto the screen
of your mind. Once imprinted it will feed you thoughts such as: “This
business won’t work for me” or “I will never earn much doing this” or
“Income is hard to generate” or “This opportunity may be working for
others but it will never bring me any big reward.” All of these are just
imagined states, but your mind doesn’t know this and mistakes them for
reality, thereby manifesting these exact conditions for you.

    Through the potent disciplines of affirmation and creative
visualization, you must command absolute control over your mind, then
program or imprint new beliefs. Such as: “My business is prospering”

                    LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

or “My income is constantly increasing” or “Money-making opportunities
come easily to me as a highly empowered life insurance entrepreneur” or
“My level of wealth is now sky-rocketing.” Only then will your mind
begin acknowledging these powerful beliefs and start to manifest new
conditions in your life to support them.

             Six Steps To Powerfully Change
                    Your Belief Systems
   Practice these all-important Action-Steps if you are determined to
powerfully impact your life insurance fortunes. This process will change
your existing disempowering belief systems into empowering convictions:

1. What you believe is what you get: Quite simply, if you believe bad,
   negative and destructive things about yourself and your life insurance
   enterprise, then these are the material circumstances and conditions
   you will attract to yourself and your business. Have pure, positive
   and constructive beliefs to attract the most powerful forces for good
   to yourself and your life insurance venture.

2. Write your existing beliefs: If you are currently experiencing any
   undesirable results within any aspect of your life insurance endeavors,
   you need to understand your beliefs about those particular areas.
   This is best done by writing all of the beliefs you currently hold
   about those aspects of your business . . . negative and positive.

3. Be determined to change your existing negative beliefs: Challenge
   yourself to create new positive belief systems ⎯ the exact opposite
   of your existing disempowering ones ⎯ even if initially you do not
   believe them wholeheartedly. It is only by changing that you will be
   able to construct a new highly empowered self.

4. Write your new positive beliefs: Decide what are the specific rewarding
   conditions you desire to appear in your life insurance organization.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

    Write these new empowering beliefs on a fresh sheet of paper and
    carry this with you to affirm to yourself and imprint into your mind
    at any opportune moments.

5. Imprint your new positive beliefs on a regular daily basis: At least twice
   per day visualize your new empowering beliefs to yourself and affirm
   them either silently or aloud, with confidence. Yes, affirmations are
   most powerful when stated in a confident, self-assured manner.

6. Imprint each new area of belief for thirty days: Do this for one whole
   month for each area of your life insurance business in which you
   want to transform your belief systems. Perhaps the first month will
   be for empowering your mental state for more effective prospecting,
   the second month for the financial conditions desired, the third month
   for presenting, the fourth month for mentoring, and so on. Note the
   date today, then begin your first session of imprinting immediately.

                   Imprinting: The Key To
                Transforming Belief Systems
    The technique of imprinting is a powerful mix of affirmations and
creative visualization performed in unison. It is the strongest means
known for changing beliefs. Imprinting is the most effective way to
instill emphatic new beliefs into the conscious mind.

    For any new idea or belief to become an ingrained part of us, it
must be thoroughly imprinted into the mind. There is a necessary period
of germination before the new suggestion will take root and flourish.
Precise imprinting requires at least one month before the new idea is
firmly anchored and its benefits can be fully utilized.

   It should be your intent to create new positive beliefs within the
mind that are often the exact opposite of any present negative doctrines.
Only through a disciplined regimen of daily imprinting for a minimum

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

of thirty days will the new suggestions establish themselves as cohesive
and empowering beliefs. True imprinting requires at least thirty daily
sessions of eight to ten minutes each.

    Can you understand why those people who try to adopt a new belief
by reading it two or three or five or ten times are doomed to failure?
“I’ve really tried to believe it, but I can’t,” they say in vain. Yet how hard
did they truthfully try?

    Imprinting will release a striking force within you for coping with
any condition ever thrown in your face by the life insurance industry.
Whatever your objective, imprinting will empower you to handle all
things with greater proficiently, whether:

        Master depression caused by past career failures
        Speak proficiently in front of large groups of people
        Destroy habits destructive to your business endeavors
        Have more raw passion for the life insurance profession
        Exude supreme self-confidence when conducting interviews

     No matter your desired objective, you are trying to create new
empowering beliefs. Often these new beliefs contradict the existing
disempowering ones. It is just not possible for your mind to incorporate
any new belief unless you mentally imprint it daily for one month or
longer. Why waste your time with futile half-hearted attempts? Each
new belief needs thirty days at least to be solidly imprinted, anything
less will not be successful. To emphasize this:

            Each new belief needs time to be solidly imprinted!
            Each new belief needs time to be solidly imprinted!
            Each new belief needs time to be solidly imprinted!

    Can you now understand the immense power of imprinting and
see how it can impact your life insurance endeavors in spectacular ways?


     A C K N O W L E D G E
    Y O U R           W I N N I N G
           Q U A L I T I E S

“You are a child of God; your playing small doesn’t
serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about
 shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure
   around you . . . as we let our own light shine
        we unconsciously give other people
            permission to do the same.”
                 Nelson Mandela

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

             A C K N O W L E D G I N G

        cknowledging is recognizing and verifying the multifaceted range
        of positive qualities you possess. It is also the ability to identify
        areas in which you have experienced a taste of success, large or
small, both in the present and the past. When you acknowledge a thing,
you agree to its truth and validity, you wholeheartedly endorse it.

     You must acknowledge all the many aspects of YOU to create a
feeling of achievement within, as perhaps all too often you focus only
on what you wish to attain in the future, forgetting what you have
already accomplished in the past. Learn to be your number one supporter
and give yourself recognition for all your past success. Acknowledge
every aspect that makes you feel good about yourself and everything
that empowers you as an on-fire life insurance sales professional.

    You should acknowledge the fact that you are unique and special.
Yes . . . you are a wondrous and extraordinary human being. Wouldn’t
you agree that every person on this planet is special, including you?
Each person has a particular mission to come into this world to do
exceptional things. God did not create any failures — he took the time
to create only magnificent beings — you included. But you need to
acknowledge these facts more often.

    Realize how unique and special you are. There never has been and
never will be another person just like you. You are an exceptional human
being, rare and unequalled. You can attain anything within the life
insurance industry if you will just acknowledge that you are indeed unique
and special. Shout it from the rooftops how special you really are. You
are the one and only you. Believe in yourself, and your success can be
awe-inspiring. You have the freedom to be your true self, and nothing
can stand in your way of greatness unless you permit it. This freedom of
choice is your most remarkable power. As Richard Bach declares: “Break
the chains of your thought, and you break the chains of your body.”

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

             Acknowledging Lists Empower
            Sales Professionals To Greatness
     Do not just acknowledge the evident qualities you possess at this
instant. Recognize all of your intangible assets, victories and winning
attributes from the past. Acknowledging creates a feeling of achievement
in the now. The more you acknowledge yourself, the greater your
memory of success, the more empowered your character becomes. Credit
yourself daily for progress in any area of your life. Remember all of your
accomplishments and search for all of your strong points, then write
them on lists. These now become your Acknowledging Lists.

   You can write one list that catalogs every quality and achievement
from your life, or develop multiple lists for specific areas such as these:

        Winning qualities
        Past and present accomplishments
        Skills and abilities

    Make your lists long. The longer, the stronger. Don’t be modest or
reserved. Aim for a minimum of twenty to thirty items on each list. By
acknowledging, you will be able to see in a clear and visual form all the
many reasons you have to feel good about yourself.

1. Winning Qualities

   All positive characteristics should be written on this list. You will
note that these acknowledgements are empowering affirmations:

        I have supreme self-confidence
        I display immense leadership ability
        I am ambitious and set inspiring sales goals
        I am a highly motivated life insurance professional
        I possess a personality well-suited to the life insurance business

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

2. Past And Present Accomplishments

    Choose past and present events or facts from your life and business
that galvanize your memories and restore feelings of high achievement:

        I earned a masters degree in business management
        I issued one hundred insurance policies in a single year
        I received my first life insurance commission the first week
        Our company is a worldclass organization, with worldclass
        products, offering a worldclass business opportunity

3. Skills And Abilities

    The focus here is on specific skills and abilities you possess with
regard to all areas of your life. However, as a life insurance agent, you can
specify in writing the things you perform well within your business:

        My entrepreneurial sales skills are excellent
        I am proficient at mentoring new sales associates
        I express amazing passion for my particular company
        I have ten years experience in the life insurance industry
        I possess a wonderful ability to communicate the life insurance
        benefits to prospective clients

   There is a wise saying that nothing succeeds like success. Your
Acknowledging Lists will show you where you have already succeeded,
and will help to reinforce within you the winning feelings necessary for
masterful achievement and lasting fulfillment.

                     Yes! You Are A Genius
     Genius is a result of intense creative ability. For your powers of
creative ability to have the greatest effect, you must maintain clearly
defined objectives ahead of you to work toward. Your Acknowledging
Lists will help to accurately pinpoint where your strengths are.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

    The best way for the mind to function to its maximum potential is
when actively engaged in a stimulating activity, when solving a problem
or when rising to a challenge. The greater the intensity of thought exerted,
the higher probability of the mind reaching a suitable solution. For an
entrepreneur to flourish in the profession of life insurance sales, certain
thought-enhancing rules should be followed:

1. Concentrate mental exertion on one task or activity at a time. The
   mind performs best when focused on a single clear objective.

2. Let the mind work free from worry. Don’t look back in anguish,
   look ahead with confidence.

3. Relax . . . be at peace while creatively thinking.

4. Respond to circumstances on a spontaneous basis as new ideas and
   concepts arise.

5. Sleep on it. If satisfactory answers do not leap into the front of your
   mind after a concentrated period of thinking, then dismiss all
   thoughts of the subject matter until the following day.

    Imagination is a creative ability. Through imagination, and by way
of upbeat self-talk, you can formulate a multitude of action-based ideas
to generate momentum in your life insurance enterprise and develop
meaningful objectives for the benefit of your organization. You can direct
your success mechanism by the use of your ability to creatively visualize
auspicious results, and you can mentally picture the constructive and
positive future in life insurance you yearn for.

    All this is possible by you awakening the genius that is already within
your mind. Affirm for a winning attitude, visualize a strong business,
imprint glorious beliefs, acknowledge your powerful traits, and keep
the faith that your life insurance sales enterprise can have astounding
growth . . . because it will be so if you truly believe it.


                 T H E
        U L T I M A T E
       P O W E R               O F
              F A I T H

   “Let us live with hope . . . eternally.
Our mind of faith instantaneously becomes
   the cause, the effect and the power of
   eternal happiness. It translates into
     great joy and great fulfillment.”
           Nichiren Daishonin

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

              U L T I M A T E                 F A I T H

        he ultimate power of faith as reflected by the affirmations one
        states is not in the potency of the words themselves, but in the
        knowing that every attribute of the condition being sought is
already possessed. For example, if you seek greater confidence, realize
the power to be super-confident already exists inside your soul right
now. Confidence is not a quality one can buy at a supermarket, or
something that people carry around with them in their wallets.
Confidence is something that exists as an inseparable, inherent part of
everyone. All one needs to do is have the faith that this is so, then tap
into the vast reserves of confidence within their soul. The same is true
whether one desires higher levels of enthusiasm, an increased ability to
concentrate or greater powers of focused determination for sales.

   For another example, let’s say you desire to experience the explosive
growth of a thriving life insurance business. You may affirm many times:

    My life insurance enterprise is growing, thriving and prospering!

    It is not until you fully realize that your mind and body are always in
perfect harmony with this thought that you will experience the condition
of a flourishing business. The very action of holding the thought of
prosperity in your life insurance endeavors sets into motion the ultimate
power of faith that will eventually lead to the manifestation of the
condition you seek.

      Your Spirit Will Guide Your Actions As An
      Empowered Life Insurance Professional
    Spirit represents our inner state of being . . . heart and soul. Spirit
determines what we devote our lives to. It is the fundamental core on
which we base our existence. A person’s spirit is invisible, but is evident

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

in his or her character. The spirit controls everything about an individual,
every moment of every day. It is the essential determinant of one’s life.
The spirit is a perfectly skilled artist and, as such, it freely creates
representations of all things. One’s spirit is the artist, the sculptor, the
designer and the architect of his or her state of being.

     As financial coaches who desire to reach the upper echelons of success
within the life insurance profession, we should paint the impression of
our life insurance enterprise in our heart as spectacular as possible. This
‘painting’ becomes the design for the future of our business. The immense
power of the human spirit enables us to produce a wonderful masterpiece
in accordance with that design. The more detailed and specific the blueprint
we hold in the deepest recess of our heart, the greater the power of faith
to materialize our grandest vision.

    The key is to continue vividly painting the intent you desire and to
advance toward that target with a mindset of absolute faith. Let’s say
that your ultimate sales goal is to have a business of one thousand clients
that spans the globe. With total belief, the reality of this vision will begin
to approach the ‘painting’ that is your inspiration.

    Here are three questions you should ask yourself to be sure that
your spirit is painting a masterpiece that truly represents your grandest
entrepreneurial vision:

Q. What kind of self am I trying to develop?
Q. What glorious future do I envision for myself in life insurance?
Q. What do I desire most to accomplish through my greatest life insurance
   sales efforts?

   The quality of lifestyle we experience through our sales endeavors
depends on what is in our spirit. Heartfelt prayers will definitely be
answered. Once we have determined that something is possible, then
consistent with our minds in thinking so, even things seemingly

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

impossible can become attainable; not easily attainable perhaps, but
still feasible. As Henry Ford said: “If you think you can or you think
you can’t, you are always right.” Likewise, if we have the confidence
that we can definitely do something, we are already one step closer to
achieving it. Firm faith in the power of your spirit is essential to success.

         The power of the universe is in our spirit. Its ability to
      shape our lives is absolute. Faith empowers us to command
           supreme belief and radiate intense hope even amid
       circumstances that appear demoralizing or disheartening.

    For mastery of our life insurance ambitions, we need to develop faith
⎯ which is positive expectancy ⎯ that good things will always happen
in our business. To facilitate such occurrences, we need to be prepared
with inspiring affirmations. One that is worth saying to yourself before
you do any important life insurance tasks is this: “If I was ever sure of
anything, I am sure of this right now . . . the result will be perfect!”

     Pessimistic thoughts and feelings of a negative nature influence your
business by manifesting paltry results. Sales agents with vast streams of
negativity flowing from them, create effects for themselves that perfectly
match their stinking thinking. It is vitally important ⎯ as an empowered
life insurance agent ⎯ to be an optimistic thinker toward all facets of
your opportunity. Develop the discipline of conveying only good news
and positive information whenever you conduct any entrepreneurial
interaction . . . especially with the newest people in your organization.

     Become the positive end of the magnet attracting the things you
most desire. Magnetize your condition by having the self-confidence
that you can attract anything you want. State the following affirmation
for whatever you truly crave within your life insurance sales venture,
whether a substantial residual income, motivated leaders, global expansion,
fired-up sales agents, increased confidence when presenting . . . whatever.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF FAITH

Just add a description of an empowering desire at the beginning of the
affirmation. Hold this vibration of thought, believe you will attain your
aspiration and continually fan it with positive expectation. With this
power of faith, you absolutely will achieve it.

    The best result will come to me, at the best time, in the best way, and
    with benefits for all concerned. I will accept it when it comes and I will
    be empowered by it!

    We need to take absolute control of our life insurance sales endeavors,
directing our business toward its most dazzling future. When we live
with such a magnificent vision, our enterprise will sparkle with jewels of
good fortune and accomplishment. We can then confidently participate
in a wonderful journey through life in which our aspirations one after
another are achieved within a sphere of scintillating brilliance.

    It is my sincere hope that each of you who makes the effort to apply
the Power Philosophy, will steadfastly advance one step at a time toward
a grand and towering ideal. I wish you Godspeed as you sustain your
quest for success, walking forth on roads, traveling over mountains and
crossing seas, as need be, to reach your aim. At the same time, causing a
positive revolution of your character that will make our world, for all
mankind, a better place in which to live.

    Ponder this thought-provoking quotation from one of Japan’s most
revered leaders, Daisaku Ikeda, and have faith that you can positively
impact the world: “A great revolution of character in just a single man
will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation, and, further, will
cause a change in the destiny of all mankind.” Amen!


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What secrets have you learned about building your
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