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MLM Power Series 02 - Passion by rachellemateo


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        The Power Of Passion
            MLM Power Pocketbook 2

                     Copyright ©
                  James Lee Valentine
                  All Rights Reserved

      All parts of the MLM Power Pocketbook Series
        were conceived & developed exclusively
                  by James Lee Valentine

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         Success Disclaimer

MLM Power is intended for the personal
development of network marketing and
direct sales entrepreneurs. This book is of
an empowering nature to stimulate the
creation of ideas and motivate the readers
to greater levels of achievement within
their specific MLM, network marketing
or direct sales business opportunities.

It should be noted that the principles
expressed herein are of the author’s design.
The intention of James Lee Valentine is
to offer inspiration of a general nature to
help all entrepreneurs in their quest for
positive life transformation. In the event
of you using any of the material in MLM
Power, the author and publisher assume
no liability for your actions . . . as your
actions, focused positively, could lead to
a life of phenomenal achievement.


      Clarification of
 MLM & Network Marketing &
        Direct Sales

Throughout this book I frequently refer to
the businesses of MLM, network marketing
and direct sales using any of these terms:

    MLM or multi-level marketing
    Networking or network marketing
    Direct selling or direct sales

These – and all derivatives thereof – follow
a similar system by which a parent company
distributes its products or services through
a NETWORK of independent business
people throughout the free world.

Though there are discernible differences
between MLM, network marketing and
direct sales companies, for all intents and
purposes within MLM Power they are
described as one and the same.


   MLM Power
 Pocketbook Two

The Power Of


       T H E    P O W E R            O F
          P A S S I O N

People at network marketing events have

   a   PASSION that is tangible;
you can feel it. Attend major MLM functions
  and you will find enthusiastic crowds
 abuzz with the special energy of PASSION
           LOVE this business.
  because they

    Be PASSIONATE about
  your networking venture —      NOW!

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

                          P A S S I O N

       ny time you want to see PASSION . . . pure, deep, intense, radiant
       passion . . . look into the eyes of the most successful network
       marketers . . . their souls are on fire. The turbo-charged winners
of networking possess a passion for life that is contagious.

    One reason that top networkers are universally admired and held in
such high esteem by so many others is because they combine insightful
business training and visionary global concepts with their big-hearted,
open-minded, soul-inspiring, self-help philosophy. For them, this
intimate involvement is just part of the process of empowering you into
attaining personal success, building a worldclass enterprise, healing the
planet, and having fantastic fun.

    The most successful network marketers are passionate about life
and intoxicated with enthusiasm when it comes to the MLM industry.
They know that if you want to attract the right caliber of individuals to
your organization, you first need to display the winning characteristics
required of those people. Along with honesty, integrity, commitment
to excellence, focus, persistence, ambition, tolerance, determination and
a host of other prized qualities, you must have your fires of passion burning
strong, brilliant and true.

    As John Wesley, the famed eighteenth-century evangelist, keenly
observed: “When you set yourself on fire, people love to come and see
you burn.” Field Marshall Ferdinand Foch meant a similar thing when
he perceived: “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul
on fire.”

    This Section Two of MLM Power aims to light within you the fires
of passion that can set your soul ablaze in an empowered inferno and
lead you on to glorious achievement through your own entrepreneurial
business opportunity.


     L I G H T              T H E
       S P A R K             O F
        P A S S I O N
   W I T H I N               Y O U

“The network marketing journey develops
    passion, balance and happiness.
     Create a joyful life filled with
      passion . . . and start today.”
     Paulette Kimura-Shimabukuro

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

            L I G H T           T H E         S P A R K

            inners in the network marketing industry are those
            exceptional individuals whose souls are on fire. They have a
            flaming passion deep within their hearts that is always
burning bright. They have their fires of desire ablaze in a magnificent
inferno of activity and achievement.

    Fires cannot be made with dead embers, nor can spiritless men and
women stir enthusiastic action or passionate performance. Excitement
in your daily life is brought about by a passion for doing what you love
and loving what you do. Passion is the one essential element that lightens
the effort and turns even mundane activities into enjoyable tasks.

    There is no guarantee that you will ever get what you crave from
any MLM opportunity, but unless you passionately want success you
will never be in the winner’s circle. You have everything to gain and
nothing to lose by aiming your success-strategies in the direction of the
proverbial stars, as success is reached by those who take enthusiastic
action and who maintain the most zealous passion.

     The tree on the mountain takes whatever the weather brings.
    If it has any choice at all, it is in putting down roots as deeply
      as possible. In a networking business, so to speak, you may
      have to take whatever the weather brings. Your choice is in
   anchoring your roots to enduring values such as determination,
      perseverance, commitment, tenacity, integrity and passion.

    One day a spark may be lit within you. A spark that will allow you
to concentrate your passion and fighting spirit on this new and exciting
mission . . . the network marketing profession. From that moment forth,
your life will be dramatically transformed . . . an amazing chain reaction
will begin, with you as the catalyst, bringing with it an entire series of

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

fortuitous events. Into your life can come new friendships, stimulating
relationships, fresh learning, added skills, increased wealth, peace of
mind, self-improvement, exotic travel, time freedom, greater vitality,
material riches and enhanced all-round personal fulfillment.

         To Be Passionate . . . Act Passionate
    Winners are determined to win. Successful networkers, in reaching
the greatest heights of entrepreneurial accomplishment, have an all-
conquering belief and powerful self-confidence . . . they believe in the
most auspicious outcomes. These top network marketers know that true
victory is the discipline of overcoming obstacles and moving forward,
persevering again and again. The leaders in all network marketing
companies know the secret to crushing adversity is through first
displaying intense levels of passion.

     Achieving excellence in MLM is the most exceptional kind of
     reward. Making money is great and successfully applying the
     business is good. But the best reward is the inner satisfaction
      that comes with knowing you have reached a state of peak
    performance by your commitment to a higher level of passion.

    Success can be yours if you will ardently grasp this opportunity and
not let go. Being a winner in the MLM profession means operating at
maximum performance. Don’t hold anything back . . . become
motivated, get inspired and take action to attain the highest level of
excellence you personally aspire to. If you absolutely, unquestionably
want to be one of the top network marketers, get your fires of desire
aroused into a burning, flaming passion . . . NOW!

 The MLM business can take you down many roads. The worst case
 scenario is that you will make new friends along the way. The best
  case scenario is that you will make new friends . . . and get rich.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

    The best way to love the networking profession is to love all things
with intense passion. Become a lover of life. If you want to know what
kind of lover of life you really are, then listen to your own self-talk.
How many times during the day do you say: I hate this, I hate that,
I hate those people, I hate that type of food, I hate the traffic, I hate
going to training sessions; rather than saying: I love . . .?

    If you truly are a lover of life, how many times throughout each day
do you say: I love this, I love that, I love people, I love learning, I love
developing my business, I love all things, I love the rain, I love the sky
and the stars and the moon? Huh . . . how many times?

              You can show intense passion for networking.
           It’s just a question of focus, and of asking yourself
             on a daily basis if you are intensely passionate
                    about your own MLM opportunity.

    Just learn to love everything about network marketing: love the
presentations, love the training, love the people, love the company, love
the directors, love the products, love the plan, love the global opportunity,
love the possibilities, love the vision. The more passionately you love
network marketing today, the closer you will come to creating the huge,
flourishing organization of your dreams tomorrow.

            Develop Massive Passion For All
             Facets Of Network Marketing
    Becoming one of the most accomplished networkers demands that,
from deep within your soul, you show an unquenchable passion for all
realms of the MLM profession:

    Be fan number one of your particular networking company . . . its
    members, its directors, its products, its plan, its ideas, and its mission.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

    Exhibit great devotion for the legions of entrepreneurs . . . these are
    the individuals who are orchestrating the fabulous future of MLM,
    network marketing and direct sales worldwide.

    Show massive enthusiasm for your company’s range of products or
    services . . . be a fireball of unbridled excitement when new ones are
    announced and released.

    Display unending energy for your compensation plan . . . let others
    know that it is straightforward, streamlined and absolutely

    Demonstrate great eagerness for the personal development
    possibilities inherent in networking . . . let it be known that one’s
    leadership skills will come shining through.

    Become an advocate of the network marketing industry . . . the
    greatest route in the twenty-first century to financial liberty for
    millions of people.

    You are the architect of your tomorrow, so design a glorious future.
If you truly desire a life-changing, wealth-creating, people-building
organization, yearn to accomplish all of your aspirations, and crave the
experience of enjoying the wonders of this world, you need to live with
a burning fire in your heart that creates an inferno of zest in your soul.

    Develop rousing passion for all aspects of your particular business
opportunity. Use the immense power of your mind to program yourself
to become a self-motivated leader and empowered team player, and use
this inner drive of fire power to boost your levels of enthusiasm for the
networking industry.


      E N T H U S I A S M
                I S        T H E
   S O U L            O F        L I F E

“Enthusiasm is the force that makes your hopes
shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in
 your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of
 your hand, the irresistible surge of will and
         energy to execute your ideas.”
                 Henry Ford

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

                    E N T H U S I A S M

       nthusiasm is the state of being that inspires an individual to put
       vigorous energy into the tasks at hand. It ignites within that person
       a driving force that impels dynamic, top performance action and
is one of the crucial elements of a networking business conducted
successfully. With enthusiasm, the aspirations of an entrepreneur become
burning desires and their goals become flaming beacons lighting the
way to great achievement.

     Enthusiasm is the ultimate emotion. It is a critical force that activates
energetic action. Enthusiasm brings people to life, animating their
existence and producing feelings of unstoppable passion for the
attainment of their most fabulous aspirations. It gives rise to a zest for
life, builds buoyant sensations of self-worth and produces an eager
willingness to experience every day to its full potential.

    Enthusiasm creates feelings of supreme self-confidence for an
individual to be able to express solid convictions to the world. Top
networkers personify enthusiasm through the boundless excitement they
radiate whilst striving to achieve their greatest MLM aspirations.

              To be enthusiastic about networking . . .

     Most people have heard this oft-quoted saying, but very few seem
to apply it: “To be enthusiastic . . . act enthusiastic.” You need to distance
yourself from the majority of passionless failures and join the minority
of successful on-fire networkers who attain the highest levels of success.
Possessing an exuberance of energy for the things you want from life
comes from acting that way. Do you want to feel intense passion for
MLM right now? If so, at this moment just magnify your deepest desires
for this business and act with multiplied exhilaration for the opportunity.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

    Repeated study of each section within MLM Power and a determined
analysis of your most ambitious networking aims will ensure that you
consistently display the enthusiastic feelings that are inside your heart.
Enthusiasm may originate in the heart, but its power is unleashed
through applied action. Nourished by thoughts of attainment, your
enthusiastic actions will radiate in ever-expanding circles to affect the
circumstances of your networking enterprise in ever-greater magnitude.

         Enthusiasm is a vital force of nature with which any
       person can recharge their body to perform incredible acts
        of endurance and accomplish the most amazing feats.

    This book traces its source to the wellspring of genuine enthusiasm,
which is passion, showing how it can be nurtured to attract the necessary
elements that can positively transform your life so dramatically. The
immense power of enthusiasm is even now being released from your
heart and is radiating from your entire being as you focus your thoughts
on the rewards of achieving your most coveted dreams.

      You have your MLM opportunity to get you excited and
       ignite your hot button. Realize that your network is a
     winning lottery ticket. Treat it as such and it can bring you
      every financial and material reward you will ever seek.

     This instant now, are you inspired? All people are endowed with
high levels of enthusiasm and could, if stimulated by the right
inducement, show extreme enthusiasm for something at this precise
moment. Such as a person winning the lottery: this individual would
probably demonstrate more enthusiastic passionate energy during the
first five minutes after hearing about it than during the whole of the
previous five years! Many people simply have little to be enthusiastic
about in their lives and they have nothing exciting to ignite their hot
buttons . . . but you have MLM.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

               Show Great Enthusiasm For
               Network Marketing . . . Now!
   The greater your commitment to networking, and the more intense
your desire to experience outstanding success through your actual MLM
venture, the more enthusiastic you will unquestionably become:

    To be more enthusiastic about the earnings potential of your
    organization: look at the size of the income earned by the upline
    leaders and set a goal to surpass that figure.

    To be more enthusiastic about the multitude of training programs:
    aim to become one of the recognized company speakers, regionally
    at first then aim for international recognition.

    To be more enthusiastic about your company’s product range: study
    each specific product and actually use them . . . be a product of the

    To be more enthusiastic about any of your upline leaders: focus
    your attention on their virtues and attributes that you can respect
    the most.

    To be more enthusiastic about the true mission of MLM: set plans
    in motion to make a positive difference in the lives of many people.

    It is easy to be enthusiastic about networking when you are emphatic
in your intentions toward this profession. Make courageous decisions
and know the direction you are heading with your life . . . have definite
chief aims to ignite a burning desire for what you want. This will create
higher levels of enthusiasm within.

   No one can stop you determining in your own mind what your
major MLM objectives will be. Nor can anyone stop you planning

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

dynamic strategies for translating this vision into reality. Above all, no
one can stop you mixing enthusiasm with your plans each and every
day of your life and going on to reap the successful rewards of your
most ardent endeavors.

    The more excitement you show for MLM, the more enthusiasm
     you display, the more you like what you do, the more fun you
      make it, the greater your commitment to it . . . the higher
                 your chances of a successful outcome.

    Determine that from this moment forward you will take action
toward the attainment of your network marketing goals with vast reserves
of enthusiasm. Do this and you will be amazed and delighted at the
good fortune your spirited efforts will generate. You may be lacking in
drive simply because you are just sitting around waiting for something
exciting to happen within your organization. Well, don’t sit around any
longer. Have multiple targets upon which you can aim your ‘weapons
of mass enthusiasm’ and get enthused for the attainment of these
inspiring objectives now.

           The world is dynamic, ever changing and filled
           with spectacular opportunities for those who are
                   courageous enough to seek them.

    It is enthusiasm that adds the spark of magic to any MLM enterprise
and makes it a festive venture. Enthusiasm transforms an uninspired
networker into a powerhouse of motivational energy. Enthusiasm is the
factor that makes the difference between one individual going-with-
the-flow toward a meaningless existence and another facing a bright
future full of hope with all the possibilities in the world right there
before them. Yes, be enthusiastic about your possibilities . . . now!


        B E       O N           F I R E
               W I T H           A
     M A G N I F I C E N T
         O B S E S S I O N

 “When you are inspired by some great purpose,
 all your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind
transcends limitations, your consciousness expands
  in every direction, and you find yourself in a
       new, great and wonderful world.”

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

                      O B S E S S I O N

         utstanding success, financial autonomy, amazing friendships,
         material abundance, personal achievement and indescribable
         happiness. These are some of the tangible rewards awaiting
network marketers who dare to live life to its maximum potential and
who dare to build monumental MLM organizations. In short, those
individuals who dare to become enthusiastic Action People.

    The secret of phenomenal success within MLM, network marketing
and direct sales will be revealed to all those who expend the effort required
to study in depth this empowering book and apply the principles as
outlined within its pages. All network marketers are applauded who
have the GUTS ⎯ genuine urge to succeed ⎯ to go after that which they
truly want and to honestly give their particular business opportunity
their most excellent shot through enthusiastic top performance action.

   Momentous achievement flourishes with this powerful attribute:
The ability to take enthusiastic top performance action.

The person who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.
 All that a person seeks to accomplish can result through enthusiastic
 action directed toward the attainment of an extraordinary purpose.
Any man or woman who in their heart cherishes the achievement of a
 definite magnificent obsession will some day surely realize this aim.

     Enthusiastic action is of primary importance toward the realization
of an extraordinary purpose ⎯ one’s magnificent obsession ⎯ the single
aim above all others that will inspire a networker to take vigorous action,
then drive this person forward with persistent effort in their quest for
its achievement. Any entrepreneur can attain enormous success . . . all
they need to do is build a red-hot fire of enthusiasm under their ambitions
and develop the strongest determination to attain a specific target.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

      Knowing one’s magnificent obsession is the start of all great
    accomplishment in network marketing and in all facets of life.

    When inspired by powerful, compelling motives and when buoyed
by enthusiastic feelings, you — as an on-fire networker — can succeed
at most things you desire. To experience enormous success within any
MLM venture, you must first conceive a magnificent obsession and set
out to achieve it. You must make this objective the supreme focused
point of your thoughts, establishing it as your chief duty and devoting
yourself totally to its attainment.

               Steps To Develop Your Own
                 Magnificent Obsession
   As an empowered networker who craves personal achievement and
material success, you must ask this powerful question:

Q. What is a magnificent obsession and how can I develop one to
   dramatically change my life?

    A magnificent obsession is a great purpose — a vast mission of your
own design — powerful enough to drive you toward incredible levels of
success within the MLM profession. It is the motivating impetus that
will form the backbone of your exceptional personal growth.

    There are two major principles in developing a magnificent obsession
that can positively transform your life and lead to the dynamic expansion
of your business . . . but only if studied, understood and applied:

1. Your magnificent obsession begins with you asking yourself this
   one stimulating question:

    Q. What excites, inspires and drives me as an empowered entrepreneur?

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

    Ask yourself what is the one thing above all else within the entire
    realm of network marketing that lights your motivational fires? What
    one ambition within this profession is most essential to you? In
    other words, what dominant drive will inspire you toward achieving
    the maximum you can within your particular MLM opportunity?
    Once you have identified the motivational spur that can kick you
    into action, you have ignited the propellant that can boost you into
    the orbit of phenomenal success.

2. Concentrate all of your resources on the attainment of this one
   magnificent obsession. Your extraordinary purpose is the single aim
   above all else which turns you on to success like no other. Therefore,
   you must completely focus your resources and energies on the
   manifestation of this one target.

      This is your greatest opportunity now to find the one special purpose
that not only lights your motivational fire, but quite possibly is your
life’s mission. Ask yourself these two thought-provoking questions to
achieve crystal clarity on your vision:

    Q. Am I absolutely sure that the one ambition I have chosen as my
       magnificent obsession will bring me the greatest personal satisfaction
       within my specific network marketing business opportunity?

    Q. Am I certain that my magnificent obsession contributes to the
       betterment of society, aids in the improvement of the environment,
       does good for those around me, or personally develops and improves
       the lives of people in general?

    YOU are the only one who can answer these two questions . . . and
only after a period of intense self-reflection on what you absolutely
desire to achieve. Your major catalyst for long-term success comes when
your heart is at the center of what you are doing . . . to be successful,
you must do what you love and love what you do.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

      Choose a magnificent obsession that satisfies your needs in
    terms of contributing to the good of mankind. As long as your
       heart is in the right place, do it. Remember this saying:
             If your heart is in it . . . the sky is the limit!

     Having conceived of your magnificent obsession, and having shaped
it around a meaningful purpose, you must mentally design a pathway
direct to its attainment. Your focus should be on the mental strength
needed to accomplish the tasks ahead and your commitment should be
on holding the positive expectancy of a successful outcome in your mind.

    Develop the skill of using your dynamic capacity for successful
achievement, which you can instantly command when you focus all of
your resources on one major purpose. Controlled focus is like a guided
laser beam, which you can command to cut through any obstacles that
may come between you and the attainment of your magnificent

        It is your own magnificent obsession that will provide
                  the drive for your most dazzling life.

    You now have a tremendous chance within your networking business
to break your mental shackles and dream at the highest level, to
brainstorm a magnificent obsession that will move your life forward on
toward untold accomplishments, to find a purpose large enough and
grand enough to challenge you to push beyond your limits and unleash
your ultimate network marketing empowerment.


      M A R C H              T O
  T H E         T U N E           O F
      Y O U R           O W N
       D R U M B E A T

“The ship of heaven guides itself and will
      not accept a wooden rudder.”
         Ralph Waldo Emerson

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

                I N D E P E N D E N C E

           ake up! You are responsible for how your life is at this moment
           now. You are in control of the vehicle called ‘You’ on its
           journey through life. You are in the captain’s chair with your
hands on the wheel and your foot on the throttle. You decide in which
direction your life goes and how fast you travel. YOU!

    As an independent and free thinking network marketer, you have
wide access to an immense reservoir of personal choice and possibility.
Through this power of choice you can decide to increase your own
levels of passion and enthusiasm . . . more than enough to perform the
dynamic actions and display the persistent effort that will drive you
toward the attainment of your most spectacular aspirations.

      The motivation that will spur you to dig deep into your immense
reserves of choice comes from within the inner world of mental strength,
it is a part of your personal thought power. Just decide that you want to
build a huge MLM organization with thousands of eager network
marketers, then just do it . . . now. Because, as an independent spirit,
you possess the unlimited ability to do anything you choose.

    As an empowered networker, you can make your own decisions,
   choose your own goals, select the lifestyle you desire, develop your
  own relationships, design your own style, march to the tune of your
   own drumbeat and do any one of a million different possibilities.

    Through your ability to make decisions and select empowering states
of mind, you can direct the course of your networking business. Your
positive thoughts, your optimistic attitude and your upbeat perceptions
will open up your organization to many magnificent opportunities.
Instead of ‘reaching for success’ seek to ‘live successfully’ by making this
a habitual part of your thought processes.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

    You can positively influence the course of your networking endeavors
by imprinting into your mind empowering thoughts of the auspicious
conditions you seek. Determine that you will live from the inside out,
from the heart, being the very best that you can be and giving the
maximum performance that you can give.

              As An Empowered Networker
             You Can Build A Global Empire
    One of the primary objectives of MLM Power is to give focused
direction and sharpened skills to the independent entrepreneur who
has an overwhelming desire to be successful within the networking
profession. To give him or her effective strategies, workable techniques
and potent network marketing principles to help create a business that
can impact the lives of the multitudes worldwide.

     A major attribute of being an empowered networker is that
      you get to feel the passion of being closely involved in the
     personal growth of another. You feel the non-monetary gain
      of helping somebody. Nothing is better for your ego than
      being sincerely appreciated as a virtuous individual who
         has made a positive difference in the life of another.

    My aim through this idea-inducing book is not to make you the
single greatest network marketer who ever lived . . . though that wouldn’t
be a bad thing, would it? My intent is to help you to reach your ultimate
potential; to assist you in accomplishing the maximum results from
your MLM endeavors; to show you how to establish significant targets
at which to aim your most ardent efforts; to help you build a solid
personal empowerment foundation, so that you are impelled to reach
your full potential; and to help you realize that through your own inherent
talents and abilities, you already possess all the genuine fire-power needed
to reach the upper echelons of your particular business opportunity.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

            These Three Empowerment Keys
              Hold The Power Of Freedom
    The actions that will help your business flourish and ultimately
change your life, and your subsequent capacity for persistent effort, are
motivated first and foremost by your thoughts. It all begins with your
mental powerhouse. In other words, the ability you have to THINK, to
ACT and to PERSIST are all directly and powerfully interrelated: the
stronger your thoughts, the more dynamic your actions, the greater your
capacity for persistent effort.

   By turning to your advantage your status as an independent
networker and by applying these three empowerment keys that are
fundamental to your success — thinking — acting — persisting — you
can transform your dreams into material existence, your desires into
physical reality, and your goals into solid achievement.

    Also . . . you can develop the ability to become fully self-motivated,
forge a powerhouse of inner strength, turn yourself into an Action Person,
attain an abundance of self-confidence, realize your positive potential
to succeed, build a winning self-image and display the determination
needed to reach any height of success that you aspire to.

       Isn’t that how the game of life is . . . when someone takes
        action with infinite enthusiasm, don’t they feel like they
             can accomplish great and extraordinary things?

    Starting right now, today, you can live an exciting, compelling and
immensely rewarding life. This is the first-class lifestyle you have always
desired and the first-class lifestyle you deserve. Make concise Action-
Plans today for the future you crave tomorrow. You must establish
empowering long-term objectives . . . then take immediate, enthusiastic
Action-Steps toward their attainment.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

     Have the guiding force of a magnificent obsession, chase the
     attainment of it with enthusiastic action and you will surely
       achieve astounding success as a network marketer with a
                lifestyle beyond your wildest fantasies.

    Do not be dragged into a state of inaction by lack of initial success
in your MLM venture . . . keep your levels of motivation high, knowing
that better times are just around the corner. Learn what you can from
experiences of failure, but keep your head up and continue to focus on
the positive principles that the leaders endorse so enthusiastically.

    One saying worth repeating again is this: My past does not equal my
future! Meet tomorrow head on with an abundance of self-confidence
and optimism. Always move in a forward direction, not backwards.
Have big dreams for your MLM organization and a magnificent
obsession ahead of you to look forward to. Say goodbye to the past,
nothing can change it. You can study and learn from former events, but
move forward with this knowledge firmly in hand.

     There is no rational reason to have regrets about earlier deeds or
events. The past no longer exists in any way other than memory, so
leave it there as history where it belongs and face your wonderful future
as a empowered networker with the enthusiasm of a triumphant victor.

    If you will choose to celebrate your network marketing business
opportunity and honor your role in it as an inspired leader, everything
can materialize in abundance for you to live your life as passionately as
you have ever dared to dream . . . yes!


  C R E A T I V I T Y
         I S       T H E
 E S S E N C E                 O F
      P A S S I O N

“It is better to create than to learn.
  Creating is the essence of life.”
        Leonardo de Vinci

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

                      C R E A T I V I T Y

        e creative and set the entrepreneurial world on fire. Learn to
       be creative within the parameters of your own network marketing
       opportunity. It is a fact that creative effort is linked to enthusiastic
action and is known to be a substantial factor in the peak performance
rates of the top achievers.

    The more enticing your creative endeavors, the higher the levels of
stimulation, the more excitement created . . . the greater the chances of
a successful result. Many networkers yearn to be more creative, but they
lack the confidence to begin projects and the determination to stick
with them. Until you can hurdle these barriers, you will not reach the
highest echelons of success within network marketing.

     It is assumed that artists, musicians, authors, sculptors, designers
and other artistic types are the only creative people. But this is not so, as
there is a budding artist in each of us waiting to be unleashed. All that
is needed for this creative ability to be put in motion is a source of
empowering ideas, a desire to express oneself creatively, and a powerful
feeling of self-belief.

          Success and creativity rest upon each other. The most
      successful networkers are not only the most creative . . . but
      the most creative networkers are usually the most successful.

    Within the entire spectrum of the networking world, there are a
multitude of ways that you as an enterprising and astute networker can
express yourself creatively:

    Each time a member of your network personally brings in two ‘direct’
    customers, offer them a dinner voucher for two people at a restaurant
    or a couple of tickets to a good theater show.


Have a birthday list of every networker in your personal organization.
Then, on their birthdays, send them not only birthday cards, but
also empowering books, such as this one, to motivate them into
creating an avalanche of activity.

Design a ‘good news’ website that broadcasts only uplifting and
cheerful news exposing the lighter side of the MLM profession to
give people another positive angle of this business.

Write a booklet, sanctioned by your company of course, showing
new networkers what can be done during their first twenty-one
days in this business to get them on the right road to achieving a
specific level of success.

Conceive your own ‘incentive award program’ for the newer
members of your group. An idea could be to recognize them for
earning their first income. Use your imagination to come up with
special ways to reward these new networkers.

Once your MLM income has reached a certain point, open your
own office to support, mentor, encourage, empower and teach your
leaders the necessary skills to take them to the next level.

Offer your services as an ‘ideas person’ so that you are involved in
the process of designing and implementing reward schemes.

Produce a humorous video representing some of the comical exploits
seen within the MLM industry. Use this tool to show prospective
networkers that this business can be great fun.

As recognition and appreciation are two of the key factors in keeping
networkers involved in this profession, especially at the lowest level,
why not take it upon yourself to find inventive ways to reward all
individuals in your organization, not just the top performers.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

    Don’t limit yourself to one creative endeavor at a time. Brainstorm
with the networkers in your group, and talk with your upline leaders to
devise a variety of inspirational schemes to keep the passion juices flowing
and ensure the business remains exciting. The bottom line is that the
more genuine excitement there is in your organization, the more
expansion there will be too.

        A thriving industry such as network marketing, which
         is united through its mission of personal development,
       is a constant reminder of what is most important in life.
        MLM is an empowering, structure that epitomizes the
                highest characteristics of human nature.

    Within your particular MLM venture, choose to express your creative
endeavors in whatever style is most appealing and individualistic to you.
Of course, the most important point is that they must have an excitement
factor for you. As long as you have the enthusiasm to achieve the objects
of your creative efforts and the passion to follow them through to
completion, then you can succeed with them.

         Display Creative Uniqueness In MLM
    Be creative — be different — be unique. In the network marketing
profession, with its multitude of possibilities and opportunities, there
will never be another entrepreneur just like you. You are unique. You
possess great talents and skills, but they need to be nurtured and utilized
before you can reach the level of success you aspire to.

    You can achieve anything you desire if you will just believe in your
own abilities . . . and display them creatively. Don’t necessarily follow
others like sheep in the pasture. Be creative, be different, be unique,
and display your passion for building a huge network marketing
organization in scintillating ways.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF PASSION

    One important success factor in networking is to recognize the big
difference between having and living, and there is a vast contrast. More
material possessions or more money — having — will not necessarily
be the answer to the improvements you seek in your network. But
passionately expressing your true self through an intense enthusiasm
for MLM — living — leads the way to creative fulfillment.

         You are unique and special . . . you are the one and
      only you. As an independent networker, freedom of choice
       is yours to express who you really are. Possess self-belief,
       creativity and passion, then declare your convictions to
             the world, and your future will be glorious.

   Will you make a commitment this instant, today, to display your
uniqueness by being creative in your network marketing endeavors?
Will you grab hold of this opportunity and squeeze from it all the passion,
power and enjoyment that you know can be yours?

     This is your chance starting today to reach for the realization of the
lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Many people know what they want
to do during their lifetimes, but they never seem to discover a suitable
opportunity to fulfill their ambitions. But you have a networking vehicle
directly in front of you . . . now. Will you make the most of this glorious
opportunity? Let’s trust your answer is a resounding YES!

    From this day forth, choose to build your business enterprise with
your fires of desire burning bright. Experience all you can with energy
and passion for every moment. Why not live with enthusiasm in your
soul, love in your heart and an eternal smile on your face? And why not
acquire a wonderful ability to experience the entire multifaceted
spectrum of life to the full? The network marketing opportunity is here
before you now and the choice is yours to build your organization with
passion. Choose wisely.


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James Lee Valentine


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