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      The Power Of Thought
            MLM Power Pocketbook 3

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      Clarification of
 MLM & Network Marketing &
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Throughout this book I frequently refer to
the businesses of MLM, network marketing
and direct sales using any of these terms:

    MLM or multi-level marketing
    Networking or network marketing
    Direct selling or direct sales

These – and all derivatives thereof – follow
a similar system by which a parent company
distributes its products or services through
a NETWORK of independent business
people throughout the free world.

Though there are discernible differences
between MLM, network marketing and
direct sales companies, for all intents and
purposes within MLM Power they are
described as one and the same.


  MLM Power
Pocketbook Three

The Power Of


   T H E       P O W E R           O F
      T H O U G H T

Successful network marketers use the
  infinite POWER of their THOUGHTS
to aim their lives toward positive triumphs.
 They have unlimited understanding
and seek to be the grandest     version
of the greatest vision of who they are.

 Direct your   THOUGHTS and
be in control of your    ultimate destiny!


                        T H O U G H T

        oday you awoke with awesome power, magnificent power,
        phenomenal power . . . this is the ability you possess to choose
        empowered thoughts. Know that you have the capacity to direct
this power for good or evil through your decisions. Use it wisely.

    Within this power of thought-decision are the positive endowments
that a networker can utilize to maximum advantage in constructing a
successful MLM business: confidence, resourcefulness, imagination,
commitment, determination, integrity, belief and a host of other winning
qualities. These are all controlled and directed by thought processes.

    You are the one in command of your mind with authority over your
thoughts and deeds. Therefore, it is your choice as to what you think
and what actions you perform on a daily basis. The Buddha said that we
are what we think and that with our thoughts we make our world.
Marcus Aurelius wrote that a man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.
And the Greek philosopher Plato spoke of the immense force of our
thoughts when he said that reality is created by the mind and we can
change our reality by changing the thoughts that go through our mind.

     This Section Three states emphatically that, through your power of
thought, you can choose to be an outstanding networker . . . right now.
Today you can be an inspired leader for your network marketing
organization. Today you can discard unconstructive behavior patterns
for an enterprising demeanor. Today you can transform negative thinking
into optimistic thoughts. Today you can swap destructive habits for
winning disciplines.

     This all begins with you choosing to project empowering thoughts
of an awesome vision, choosing to design potent Action-Plans, choosing
to take enthusiastic Action-Steps, and choosing to have a mindset focused
on the attainment of your major aims.


  T H E          A M A Z I N G
         K I N G D O M
          O F        Y O U R
                M I N D

“Man has it in his power to perfect himself,
and in time completely to transform himself.
But this transformation must take place in
   his innermost self, in his though-life.”
              Rudolph Steiner

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

                  M I N D            P O W E R S

        his is the essential principle of empowered thought: If you think
        you can, you can . . . but if you think you cannot, you cannot.
        The truth of this fact as it relates to MLM is best illustrated as:
Whether you ultimately succeed or fail in building a profitable networking
organization, it is entirely up to you. Your success or failure is, first and
foremost, a mental decision created in your own brain.

                        Success comes in cans . . .
                        failure comes in cannots!

    The prominent networking leaders are the ones who recognize and
fully employ the extraordinary powers of their mind. These individuals
know how to realize the full potency of their intellect, maximizing its
immense energy force and directing it toward the accomplishment of
their greatest objectives. These top networkers crystallize their hopes
into powerful beliefs, then into burning desires and eventually into
infernos of faith in their capability to achieve. The outstanding leaders
in MLM focus the clear thoughts emanating from their incredible mental
powerhouses to design for themselves lives of immense mastery and
create networking organizations of phenomenal vision.

     Once you grasp the full impact of the power of your thoughts, this
will change the way you live your life and alter the way you build your
network marketing enterprise. Not only will you be tremendously
inspired and highly motivated as change affects your entire way of living,
but you will be transformed by this power. There is a glorious life of
choice, possibility and remarkable opportunity waiting for you . . . it is
all found within the kingdom of your brilliant mind.

    Harness the full force of your thoughts to make the most glorious
vision for your life come true. This book provides the insights into how


this happens, so that you can apply it to your networking endeavors. All
that you can conceive within the realm of your mind is ready for you to
claim now. The time is right. Are you ready to seize it?

     You will possess total mastery over your life when you control
     how you respond or react to the thoughts, both negative and
           positive, taking place in your mind at all times.

    Understand that everything changes in wondrous ways for those
who constantly develop the powers of their mind. Can you imagine
what great changes will take place in your life when you start utilizing
the inherent forces of your mind combined with building your
networking business in line with ingenious and life-impacting network
marketing principles? It is the grand view of the inspired leader you can
become, and the large organization you can create, which should be
enough to compel you to work diligently at forging a new reality through
these potent mental forces.

              The Science Of Mind Powers
    The powers of the mind are a very great science. They are the science
of self, the science of personal effectiveness and the science of
understanding how to develop great empowerment. With an intense
study of the powers of the mind, this will reveal new and compelling
material. To most of us, the ‘mental’ area is unfamiliar.

     Our parents only shared with us a tiny glimpse of our intellectual
powers, because they didn’t comprehend too much themselves. Our
teachers and schools don’t teach it to us, because they don’t fully
understand it. Our religions and church-elders, generally, don’t teach
it. Only if we are fortunate to find mind-power materials, or specialized
programs that instruct us about the potency of thoughts, are we able to
learn. We can then acquire knowledge about the unique mental powers
and abilities that each of us does possess.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

      It is often thought that control of the mind is a perplexing
      affair; something that requires hard study, knowledge and
         time to accomplish. This is not true. You already have
       within your mind all that is needed, and you possess all
          the time required, to design your intellectual nature,
             your character, and practically your entire life.

     Who you are in life right now, and what you stand for, is an
accumulation of all your thoughts, all your beliefs, all your feelings and
all your emotions about every incident and circumstance that has ever
transpired in your life. It is this amalgamation of all your understanding,
ever since you were a young child, that shapes who you are at this very
moment. It is all your hopes, all your dreams, all your worries and all
your fears — every experience that has ever been processed through your
thoughts — that manifest your living reality on a day-to-day basis.

        A flash of lightning . . . a thought . . . and the industry
        of network marketing was born, unleashing tremendous
            human ingenuity and creating possibilities for a
       standard of living, and for freedom of choice, unequalled
            in the history of personal business opportunities.

     Your thoughts, your attitudes, your beliefs, your questions and
everything about you, create a vibration — an energy force —
manifesting your life. You have your personal vibration — your energy
force. I have my ‘James Lee Valentine’ vibration — my energy force.
All individuals have their own energy force that creates their own reality.
So it is that your own vibration and energy force manifest the particular
experiences happening to you in your life.

    This is such a powerful subject . . . don’t dismiss it lightly. Your
personal vibration and energy force, shaped by your thoughts, are the
source of your ultimate network marketing empowerment.


        Armed with knowledge of mind powers, you can take
       immediate control of your life. You can direct the most
       awesome forces imaginable, unleashing the full potency
         of your positive potential, manifesting the reality of
            a spectacular existence, inside and outside the
                     arena of network marketing.

    You are an accumulation and a combination of all your thoughts,
all your beliefs, all your feelings and all your emotions. It is these
components that produce your personal vibration — your energy force
— that directly interacts with life at all times. As you begin to work
positively on your personal vibration and energy force, and as it gets
stronger, your life will become more highly empowered to match it.

              The powers of your mind will awaken the
               most potent abilities you have within.

    You are in full command of your mental faculties. Therefore, you
control the magnitude and scope of your networking endeavors by way
of your empowered thoughts. You will develop an immense amount of
personal power once you begin consciously strengthening your mind.

    You are the cause of everything . . . you are it! You will possess
ultimate empowerment as you create a grandiose lifestyle and build a
thriving MLM organization through the methods, laws and principles
by which reality unfolds. This is further enabled through an
understanding of the two worlds of existence.


                  T H E
  T W O            W O R L D S
                   O F
      E X I S T E N C E

“So think as if your every thought were to
be etched in fire upon the sky for all and
 everything to see; for so, in truth, it is.”
             Book of Mirdad

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

                      E X I S T E N C E

        here are several extremely powerful principles that we must
        begin understanding before we can fully utilize the powers of
        our mind, and before we can weave these forces together with
building a flourishing organization. This chapter in its entirety deals
with one such potent principle. It is this: We live simultaneously in two
worlds. These are two states, completely separate and apart from one
another. These two independent conditions are the external world —
outside of ourselves — and the internal world — within our mind.

    The External World: Consisting of our material possessions, the
    environment, circumstances and the multitude of events that happen
    to us in our outer daily lives. Examples are: the house we live in, the
    car we drive, our career, the news on television, network-building
    training sessions, business opportunity meetings, products, people,
    the ocean, lakes, trees, flowers, the economy, government policies,
    global events, and everything out there . . . outside of ourselves.

    The Inner World: Consisting of our everyday thoughts, beliefs,
    emotions, attitudes, feelings and our inner mental experiences.
    Examples are: how confident we feel in speaking before a group of
    people, falling in love, the emotions of laughing or crying, our
    thoughts of success, the excitement felt upon receiving a large
    commission payment, having doubts, fears, expectations, hopes and
    dreams, and everything in here . . . within our mind.

     A major misunderstanding for many people is that they think this
is all one world we live in. However, in reality, it is two: the external
world, outside of us, and an inner mental world that exists within our
mind. Many people think the inner world is just a mirror of the external
world. So this is how those people act, mirroring the external world
with their inner thoughts. However, reflecting the external world is
certainly not the right way to create a self-empowered life.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

     For an individual who doesn’t yet understand the powers of the mind,
when something ‘bad’ happens in the external world it often has a profound
negative influence on his or her inner mental world. For example: a
networker hears that an economic recession is happening in his country.
He has heard this in the external world. But, now, in his inner world, his
mind starts racing and he begins to think absurd and cancerous negative
thoughts about how difficult this business will become. His reaction is
crazy. He doesn’t have to experience this disempowering reaction at all.
This networker can learn how to utilize the immense power of his mind
to respond positively, staying in control, being empowered and directing
his life as he chooses to direct it.

    You live simultaneously in two worlds . . . not one, but two. You
must learn how to respond positively by creating empowering thoughts
in your inner world. You must rule your mind if you wish to have personal
power to influence your direction in life for the better.

            One of the greatest powers of the mind will be
         revealed when you take control of your inner world
        and direct it as a separate entity to the external world.

    These are two independent worlds. The secret of success is for you
to think thoughts that are separate to and beyond what the outer reality
of the external world would suggest to you. As an example: confidence
doesn’t exist in the external world, does it? Nor happiness? Nor a feeling
of excellence? Neither do the negative emotions of fear, doubt, guilt or
inadequacy. These are all inventions of the inner world . . . your inner
world. These are all creations of the mind . . . your mind.

     Everyone wants to be confident. Even the most lethargic person
yearns for more self-confidence. Well, I have news for you . . . it doesn’t
exist outside of you. There is no confidence in the external world. It is
an invention of the inner mental world, created in the minds of people
living in the external world. The point is that you cannot purchase

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

confidence in supermarkets or manufacture some in factories. Confidence
is a product of the mind, beginning as a thought and intensified through
continuous mental reinforcement until it becomes an empowering

            Confidence is an invention of the inner world,
               as is every other empowering emotion.

    Confidence, the same as all emotions both negative and positive, is
created in the mind. Therefore, starting right now, you can direct your
inner mental world to think thoughts that develop only empowering
emotions and produce only empowering responses.

           You Are The Cause Of Everything
                That Happens To You
    Every single thing that happens to you in your life, everything,
whether you like these things or not, is caused by you. Your first reaction
to this news may be to tell me to wait a moment, that I do not even
know you and that you are certainly not causing these things to happen
in your life. My answer to you is: “Oh yes you are, you certainly are.
You are the cause of everything that happens to you in your life.”

    As human beings, we do not often like to accept responsibility for
the things that happen to us — that’s human nature — especially if
they are bad things. It is so much easier when we can believe that it has
nothing to do with us. We can then blame other factors: the government,
or our family, or our upline, or our circumstances in life, or blame just
about anybody and anything . . . any excuse will do.

    Listen carefully to your own self-talk. Do you ever catch yourself
making these same kinds of pathetic excuses to explain your present
position in life?

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

    The reason I have difficulty in communicating the attractions of
    network marketing to others is because I lack self-confidence. It has
    nothing to do with the fact that I haven’t instilled deep self-belief
    within myself by attending powerful trainings, building my business
    professionally and mixing with inspiring leaders.

    The reason I have no money is because there is an economic recession
    going on, maybe even a depression. There are no opportunities for
    me right now. It is the government’s fault for sure.

     Oh yes, we are all really talented at inventing excuses for why our
lives are not working as well as we would like. However, these are not
the real reasons. There is something inside each of us, deep within
our inner mental world, that we can use to take control of our life and
manifest our reality. Quite simply, it is this:


     Know that thoughts manifest action . . . and action manifests success.
All your actions are a by-product of your mind, starting as single thoughts
and amplified into action through continuous mental reinforcement.
Take responsibility for the thoughts that create your life. It may be so
easy to believe that what is happening in the external world has little to
do with you, but this will not lead you to mastery over your
circumstances. Being in control of how your future unfolds gives you
an immense amount of power. This means that as you change, from the
inside out, your whole world will begin to change.

     Understand that it is all created by you. As your thoughts, beliefs,
attitudes, emotions and feelings all change, for good or for bad, your
life will change to match them. Use the unlimited mental power you
possess to feed your mind empowering thoughts on a consistent basis
and watch your life explode into remarkable change.


       Y O U             R E A P
       W H A T            Y O U
     H A V E             S O W N

“The vision that you glorify in your mind,
the ideal that you enthrone in your heart,
     this you will build your life by,
          this you will become.”
         Stanton Kirkham Davis

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

                          R E S U L T S

     uccessful network marketers possess a wealth of valuable attributes.
     One of the greatest is that they recognize the phenomenal power of
     their magnificent minds. As you begin to discover the miraculous
potential of your own mind, every aspect of your existence will be
enhanced. You will be better able to influence your conditions, direct
your circumstances and achieve your most notable MLM objectives.

    Your mind is far more powerful than you have ever been taught. It
is only a lack of belief in your inherent mental capabilities that has held
you back from accomplishing all that you could.

    As alluded to multiple times throughout this life-transforming book:
Every day of your life you possess unlimited power at your command . . . this
power is your ability to choose empowering thoughts. Maximum utilization
of this thought-power enables your life to manifest as the ultimate
expression of your magnificent mind and for you to become the creator
of the most glorious future one can ever imagine.

           Your life is a reflection of you, a perfect reflection.
           If you do not like the reflection, do not blame life.
             Do not blame the situations and events of your
              external world. Have a good look at yourself
                and realize it is all a precise manifestation
                       of your inner mental world.

     You need to radically alter the way you think if you are to affect the
flow of your thoughts from inconsequential to highly empowering. You
will be amazed at the rapid transformation this act affects in the material
conditions of your life. Empowered thoughts of being a self-assured
network marketer will solidify into circumstances of achievement for
your business endeavors.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

    This positive energy will flow down through your organization
impacting the entire group. You cannot directly choose the external
conditions influencing your business, but you can choose your thoughts,
which form your internal attitude and which surely shape your MLM
enterprise. Stated an alternative way: If you will first sow the seeds of an
empowered mind, you will eventually reap a harvest of good fortune.

             Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap,
                      but by the seeds you plant.

    All achievement within any MLM opportunity is the result of
concise, directed thinking. Your actions and capacity for persistent effort
are motivated, first and foremost, by your thoughts. In other words, the
ability you have to think, to act and to persist are all powerfully linked.
The stronger your thoughts . . . the bolder your actions . . . the greater
your persistent endeavors. Your network will rise or fall, strengthen or
weaken, due to the polarity of your mind . . . positive or negative. Over
a period of time, your enterprise will grow as insignificant as your
controlling negative belief, your worst fear . . . or as consequential as
your dominant empowering thought, your highest aspiration.

            The Law Of Sowing And Reaping
    Think of your mind as a rich, fertile and well-nourished garden,
with yourself as its master gardener. Whatever thought you plant in this
garden that is tended and nourished will grow and bear fruit. Your mental
powerhouse may be intelligently cultivated and developed, or it may be
neglected and left to the weeds.

    An important point to understand is that you must consciously
choose to feed your mind on a regular basis with highly empowering
thoughts that are positive and constructive, otherwise your mind will
continually feed itself negative and destructive thoughts. You must
intelligently cultivate your mental garden if you wish to accomplish

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

great deeds as an entrepreneur. First you sow and cultivate empowering
thoughts . . . then you reap and harvest an empowered life.

    This is stated here in a thought-provoking, mind-stretching way to
help you realize the overwhelming power of your thoughts:

    Sow an empowered thought          . . . reap an empowered attitude
    Sow an empowered attitude         . . . reap a winning discipline
    Sow a winning discipline          . . . reap an immutable character
    Sow an immutable character        . . . reap a supreme destiny

     Whatever you have in your life at this moment is a result of all the
mental sowing you have done until now. On another level, whatever
success you hope to achieve with your organization will depend entirely
on both the quality and the quantity of sowing you do to nourish your
business with wealth-creating seeds. An alternate way to quote the Law
of Sowing and Reaping, which will open up your life to endless
possibilities, is: Whatever you have harvested until now is a direct result of
all you have sown.

    If you have a burning desire to know what is causing your present-
day harvest, ask yourself soul-searching questions. Definitely of more
value to you, though, is to thoroughly study your answers:

Q. Do I fully comprehend that the person who planted my present harvest
   is me?

Q. How many success seeds have I personally sown since beginning in the
   network marketing profession?

Q. Have I read any empowering leadership books lately, the advice of which
   can effectively boost the moral of the networkers in my group?

Q. Have I listened to many personal development audiocassettes recently,
   the stimulating lessons of which can inspire me to ever greater heights of
   achievement within network marketing?

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

Q. Have I established specific short-term and long-term goals for my
   organization and decided upon exact deadlines for their attainment?

Q. Have I established any specific written Action-Plans to point me in the
   direction of success?

Q. Have I taken any Action-Steps today toward the achievement of my
   greatest networking desires?

Q. Do I possess the determination to read MLM Power from cover to cover,
   then apply the principles to enable me to emulate the top networkers?

Q. Will I use the thought-provoking ideas within these pages for the good
   of my life and to positively impact many people?

Q. Am I really living the dream life I would most love to live? If not, can I
   understand that I must change before my life can improve?

    Analyze yourself and come to some honest conclusions. Perhaps
you will need to sow many powerful, positive, constructive and
empowering thoughts, and plant a multitude of success seeds. If your
current harvest is a few skinny morsels you must be unimpressed with
your performance. In future, you will need to sow more seeds, and
plant better quality seeds, if you are to produce the maximum results
from your networking endeavors.

              You must first sow the seeds of an expanding
               network before you can reap the harvest of
                 a thriving, profitable MLM business.

    Your mind is a far greater success-mechanism than you have perhaps
ever contemplated. It is an almighty powerhouse, with unlimited
effectiveness at its command. Utilize its awesome power.


  T H E         S U P R E M E
         L A W S           O F
        T H O U G H T

“The possibilities of thought training are
infinite, its consequences eternal, and yet
few take the pains to direct their thinking
  into channels that will do them good,
     but instead leave all to chance.”
         Orison Swett Marden

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

                S U P R E M E                  L A W S

           e are all part of the wondrous universe and our lives are
           governed by the same laws that control and rule the cosmos.
           To live successfully, we need to stay in harmonious balance
with our environment, as does the whole of nature.

     There are laws and principles of the universe affecting our lives at
all times. We know about the laws of gravity and magnetism, and the
laws that govern the cycle of the tides, the changing of the four seasons
and the orbiting of the planets. There are various invisible laws too,
such as electricity and radiation, which we cannot see but all of which
impact, influence and shape our lives to a certain degree.

      As a unique and exceptional human being, and as an on-fire
networker, you are an inseparable part of the universe . . . as such, your
life is governed by laws just as unquestionably as are the tides, the seasons
and the planets. Some of the laws which govern your life are concerned
with the mind, and in particular your thoughts.

    Here are three such Laws of Thought:

        Your thoughts are energy and have real power
        Your predominant thoughts direct your destiny
        Your mind can create and concentrate thoughts

                  Your Thoughts Are Energy
                    And Have Real Power
    Your thoughts are amazing, they are powerful and they are magical.
Yet because they are so common, you possibly take them for granted
and fail to recognize their true strength. Each individual thought needs
to be tended and nourished and encouraged to blossom to reach its

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

peak potential. Once you can understand the incredible potency of this
law — the fact that each solitary thought is an energy ray — this can
have a terrific positive impact, especially when the thought is multiplied
and concentrated to boost its power.

               Weak and scattered thoughts are weak and
                scattered forces. Strong and concentrated
              thoughts are strong and concentrated forces.

    Single thoughts have minimal strength and are quite ineffective when
perceived only once. However, just repeat the thought and it becomes
concentrated. Through repetition, its force is multiplied many times.
The more times the thought is repeated, the greater its energy and the
more power it generates. Weak and scattered thoughts will not be of
any use to you in your search for success and accomplishment within
any network marketing opportunity. You must develop strong and
concentrated thoughts, which are a creative and vibrant force. Yet,
thoughts only become power-packed, energy-laden forces through
continual repetition and focused concentration.

    To illustrate this, imagine a magnifying glass on a sunny day. If the
rays of the sun are simply allowed to shine through the glass, nothing
will happen. But if the magnifying glass is held at a suitable height and
focused at the correct angle, the same rays of the sun will become
concentrated . . . enough to ignite a fire. So it is with your thoughts.
Learn to focus your mental magnifying glass, concentrating your
thoughts into a beam of energy that ignites the powers of your mind.

               Your Predominant Thoughts
                    Direct Your Destiny
   By thinking with emotional intensity, the condition of your thoughts
change and they become magnetized. They then attract similar thoughts

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

the way that a magnet attracts iron filings. You will attract the conditions
and circumstances that match your predominant thought patterns and,
as such, these will direct your destiny.

    As an example, if you wish to be a confident and empowered
networker, one who exhibits inspiring leadership traits, then you must
make characteristics such as these your predominant thought patterns.
Likewise, if you desire great personal wealth and thriving profitability
for your network, you must saturate your mind with thoughts of
prosperity and business-savvy. What you think is what you get . . . and
the more concentrated your thoughts the more you get.

    Your current circumstances and status in life are a direct result of
the predominant thoughts that have gone into your mind over a long
period of time. You absolutely can change what you are, change where
you are and change who you are by changing your predominant
thoughts. All you need to do is decide what circumstances you want for
your life, then consistently reinforce this desire by feeding your mind
empowering thoughts of these conditions.

                Your Mind Can Create And
                  Concentrate Thoughts
    This is the greatest Law of Thought, for this is where you can create
the thoughts that will bring your reality into existence. You have the
power within your mind at any time to create any thought. This is an
extremely powerful principle. Even if the reality of the thought is not
real or realistic, you can still create it and concentrate it in your mind.
Such as creating thoughts that suggest to your mind that you are a
prosperous and successful networker before the actual conditions of
wealth and success have materialized within your enterprise.

    Learn to create at all times using this law and do not limit yourself
to reality. Every day, through self-talk and visualization, you should

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

create empowering thoughts in your mind on enthusiastic action, on an
expanding network, on your abilities as an exceptional leader and effective
mentor, on successful results, on prosperous business conditions, and on
any other desired circumstances.

         When an object or purpose is clearly held in thought,
        its precipitation in tangible and visible form is merely
          a question of time. The vision always precedes and
           itself actually determines the ultimate realization.

    Make it a winning discipline to analyze the quality of your thoughts.
Notice if the fundamental nature of your thinking is predominantly
positive and constructive, or if it is mainly negative and destructive.
The ideal state you should strive to develop is this: Be conditioned to
always think empowering thoughts . . . instinctively.

    Your mind cannot tell the difference between constructive thoughts
and destructive thoughts. Your mind makes no distinction between
positive and negative . . . to your mental powerhouse they are the same.
It may not matter to your mind what thoughts it thinks, but it absolutely
matters to YOU. Your happiness, success and fulfillment all depend on
your predominant thoughts being of a highly empowering nature.
The negatives must be stopped . . . and it is within your supreme power
to defeat them.

    One vital point to accept is that a negative thought only has power
over you when you react to it. Once you develop the ability to ignore all
aspects of a disempowering thought it then loses its strength, weakens
and dies. You will retain total mastery over your networking endeavors
when you control how you respond or react to the thoughts, both
negative and positive, taking place in your mind at all times.


               W I E L D
                Y O U R
          U L T I M A T E
              P O W E R

“With each returning night we are born again
  and naught of all our former life remain.
 Today, estranged from all past joy and strife
     is radiant with new opening life.”

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

                S E L F - K N O W I N G

           hat is the effect of thinking thoughts? Yes, it is true that we
           think thousands of thoughts daily . . . but this is a cause.
           What we want to know is . . . what is the effect? What results
are manifested by thought-action?

    To have a clearer understanding of this, we need to know there are
but two realities we are absolutely certain of that will happen to us
every day:

        We think thousands of thoughts every day
        Countless circumstances happen to us daily

    Why is it we cannot fully comprehend that these two realities — of
thinking thousands of thoughts every day and of having countless
circumstances happen to us daily — may have something to do with
each other? Could they be connected? Could it be that the reality we
manifest is a delayed reaction of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions
and our personal vibration . . . our energy force? Could there be some
interaction between our inner world of thought and the circumstances
materializing in our external world? Certainly, I believe so.

         If you want to create a successful network or display
          the characteristics of a gifted leader, then these are
           the seeds — in the form of empowering thoughts
           of this nature — that you first have to sow before
               you can harvest those realities in your life.

     You must accept maximum responsibility for what transpires in your
life. You are responsible for what happens to you. One irrefutable fact is
that you are one hundred percent responsible for what occurs in your
inner world . . . within your mind. You must take absolute responsibility

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

for this. You have total control over the inner world. As you begin to
cultivate your mental garden it becomes ripe for seeds to be sown.
Therefore, you never want negative thoughts, disempowering beliefs or
destructive memories occupying your mind at any moment.

     You have absolute control over your mind . . . take full responsibility
for it. This means that any negative thought that persists in your mind
is there because you allow it to be there. Stated once again, with emphasis:
Any negative thought that persists in your mind is there because you allow it
to be there.

    Ask these questions for verification:

Q. What jealousies, what grudges, what inadequacies and what nonsense
   from the past am I presently carrying around in my mind?

Q. What negative garbage is going on inside my head that I should have
   discarded ages ago, and how long will I continue to carry it with me?

    You have the power to either entertain thoughts or dismiss them, as
you are the one with complete control over your inner mental world.
So take full responsibility for what occurs in your mind at all times.

    Yes, every day I insert into my mind — through affirmation or
visualization — thoughts of an empowering nature. This winning
discipline will create my own rewarding and fulfilling life:

    Every day I insert into my mind positive thoughts of tremendous
    energy, massive enthusiasm and great excitement for MLM.

    Every day I insert into my mind positive thoughts of achievement,
    happiness and fulfillment as an empowered networker.

    Every day I insert into my mind positive thoughts of abundance,
    prosperity and fantastic riches through my networking efforts.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

    Every day I insert into my mind positive thoughts of colossal personal
    power, peak performance and a spectacular commitment to
    excellence within my particular networking opportunity.

    Why do I insert empowering thoughts of this bold nature into my
mind on a regular daily basis? Well, why not? I would be absolutely
crazy not to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. How about
you? Are you feeding your mind with the good, the clean, the pure, the
positive and the empowering on a consistent schedule?

    Is your life where you want it to be yet? If not, I’d highly recommend
you feed your mind with dynamic, empowering thoughts every day.
Such as: “I recognize that I, James Lee Valentine, have the power and
ability to insert any thought of any kind into my mind at any moment.”
Yes, you can be absolutely sure that I take full advantage of this spirit-
boosting, energy-increasing, self-empowering principle.

                           Know Thyself
    Know thyself. This is the inspired message that the Greek philosopher
Aristotle had engraved above his classroom door over two thousand
years ago. Know and understand the power of your mind. Know and
understand your capacity for learning and continued mental growth.
Know and understand that you can create and manifest the things that
happen to you within the networking profession. Know your power!
Use your power! Live your power!

    Your life always perfectly reflects the condition of your inner mental
world. Therefore, if your life is not growing as you would wish; if you
have objectives to be achieved, but are not reaching; if your life is not
unfolding in the exact manner you want it to unfold; if your harvest is
not to your liking . . . what kind of thoughts have you been thinking to
attract this harvest? What kind of personal vibration and energy force
have you been emitting to manifest this reality?

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF THOUGHT

    This is the empowering statement that I repeat to myself to wield
my ultimate personal power: “During my lifetime, I am not interested in
being realistic. I am interested in wielding and directing the most powerful
forces I have at my disposal . . . I am interested in stepping into the world
and creating and manifesting the circumstances I want to see . . . I am
interested in being an empowering force. Yet I know that any thought I
plant into my mind, that I tend and nourish and cultivate, will grow, will
develop and will produce spectacular results in my networking endeavors.”

    Here are two Power Questions to yield personal power:

Q. If I want to radiate supreme self-confidence as a leading networker,
   when will I start thinking confidence-boosting, enthusiasm-producing
   thoughts to induce this condition?

Q. If I want my MLM organization to be fabulously successful on a global
   scale, when will I start feeding my mind on a regular basis with the
   thoughts that will attract success on this massive scale?

    Now is the time to unleash the immense energy of mind-powers.
Control your future via empowering thoughts, display full mental
abilities, utilize networking as a leading wealth-creation vehicle, and
materialize a scintillating life of fulfilled accomplishment.

              When will you begin to unleash the awesome
              power of your thoughts to manifest your own
                spectacular standard of living . . . when?

     Do it now! It is now time to take command of your mind-powers
and fulfill your ultimate destiny. Godspeed on your own journey through
life. May you live each moment with the knowledge that deep within
your mental powerhouse you possess the supreme force to shape, direct
and manifest a brilliant future. This force is the power of your thoughts.


      I have a personal request . . .

Please write and tell me how any aspect of MLM
POWER has positively affected your life. Why not share
your success stories with me so that I may use them as
inspirational examples to others? What Action-Steps
have you taken to dramatically change the direction
of your life for the better? Please explain what you
have done different as a result of reading this book?
What have you been motivated to achieve? In how
many ways has your life been empowered? How have
you improved as a person?

What secrets have you learned about building your
network marketing business to the maximum? What
tips do you have that I can pass on to future readers?
Do you have a favorite story, quote or insight about
networking or direct sales that you’d like to share with
others? Please send your illustrations to me and soon
they may appear together with your name in a future
book for all to see. I am eager to hear from you. Thank
you for reading my work and for fully participating
in the journey of life.

Please contact me at the following e-mail:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enthusiastically yours,

James Lee Valentine


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