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         The Power Of Being
            MLM Power Pocketbook 4

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      Clarification of
 MLM & Network Marketing &
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Throughout this book I frequently refer to
the businesses of MLM, network marketing
and direct sales using any of these terms:

    MLM or multi-level marketing
    Networking or network marketing
    Direct selling or direct sales

These – and all derivatives thereof – follow
a similar system by which a parent company
distributes its products or services through
a NETWORK of independent business
people throughout the free world.

Though there are discernible differences
between MLM, network marketing and
direct sales companies, for all intents and
purposes within MLM Power they are
described as one and the same.


   MLM Power
 Pocketbook Four

The Power Of


   T H E     P O W E R            O F
           B E I N G

 Success as a network marketer is a
 result of adopting the right STATE    OF
  BEING . . . the correct ATTITUDE.
Having a positive mindset is all about a
commitment to personal excellence
 in all actions toward your major desires.

BE the master of your BEING and
 reap the rewards of success!

                     MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

                               B E I N G

         ne of the essential factors for success as a network marketer is
         adopting the right state of being. For the top leaders in MLM,
         this state of being is the proper mindset, the correct demeanor,
strong poise, a high value of integrity, the posture and behavior of a
champion, an ability to mentor one’s associates to success, and a dynamic,
self-empowered attitude.

    Changing one’s state of being is more important to the long-term
prosperity of a networker’s personal organization than learning any
specific skills or knowledge. Once the mindset is ‘tuned-in’ to the
wavelength of success, one can learn the key principles for a thriving
MLM business at any time with astonishing speed.

    Successful network marketing leaders, due to definite learned
unconquerable characteristics, have the winner’s edge. Within this
Section Four — The Power of Being — we will give close study to several
of the character traits that will help all networkers become more
complete, fully rounded individuals.

     This examination includes taking a look at the mental attitudes
which can empower a person to achieve amazing success, learning why
a healthy self-image is so important, knowing how to develop an
awesome activity-boosting Winning Philosophy, and understanding why
it is vital to choose the path of self-improvement leading to personal

     It is my sincere belief that the greatest discovery you will make by
following the dynamic principles as outlined in this section, is: You can
positively transform your life and impact the lives of others, often dramatically,
by developing a new self-empowered state of being.


      C R E A T E               A N
    E M P O W E R E D
        S T A T E            O F
             B E I N G

  “Life is no brief candle for me. It is a
 splendid torch which I have got hold of
for a moment, and I want to make it burn
   as brightly as possible before handing
       it on to future generations.”
          George Bernard Shaw

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

        R E A C T               O R          R E S P O N D

       ou are a human ‘being’ and, as such, it is your inherent nature
       to ‘be’ particular emotions . . . such as a confident, determined, or
       enthusiastic entrepreneur. If you want to feel a definite way, you
just have to ‘be’ that state . . . instantaneously.

   Don’t wish for certain feelings or emotions to occur in a distant
moment, just make an empowered decision to be whatever state of being
you desire . . . then be that state now.

   Being is a simultaneous, three-fold process: just THINK it, ACT it,
and BE it:

        Think . . . act . . . be . . . confident!
        Think . . . act . . . be . . . determined!
        Think . . . act . . . be . . . enthusiastic!

    Being is an instantaneous process, meaning that the three steps of
thinking, acting and being occur simultaneously. As an example, let’s
take your level of confidence: Once you have made the firm decision to
be self-assured in your presentation of a networking opportunity, then
you must instantly think confident thoughts whilst acting confidently
and your state of being will instantly be charged with extra confidence.

           There are a large number of people who have the
         potential to be celebrated MLM champions, but they
          display the wrong state of being. Instead of exuding
       characteristics of strength, they allow their weaknesses to
          shine through in their thoughts, actions and being.

    As another example, let’s say that you want your network to be
extremely successful and your desire is to have people joining your

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

organization from all over the globe: Your success starts with the level of
magnetism you display to attract the right caliber of individuals to join
your group. This level of magnetic attraction is a by-product of your
state of being. The greater the energy force that pervades your physical
body, the stronger the mental strength you display, the more powerful
your spiritual roots — all geared toward you being a successful
networking entrepreneur — then the greater, stronger and more powerful
your state of being . . . and the more successful the consequences
manifested through your entrepreneurial endeavors.

              How You React Or Respond
             Determines Your State Of Being
    The human mind can do one of only two things at any precise
moment: either react to circumstances or respond to the situations that
develop. To react is negative and destructive, but to respond is positive
and constructive. To respond is also highly creative. You are the cause of
everything that happens to you, because you choose — in your inner
mental world — whether to react or respond to all things occurring in
your life and in your MLM enterprise at any time:

    Those who ‘react’ are reactionary and inflexible. They have little or
    no control over themselves or their circumstances. They are not
    able to create with their lives . . . the best they can do is go-with-
    the-flow on their journeys through life.

    Individuals who ‘respond’ are the responsible ones. They are flexible
    and completely able to respond to all events occurring around them.
    Subsequently, they create with their lives . . . they are in control of
    their own networking destiny.

    Now, what kind of networker do you choose to be . . . reactionary
or responsible? Your choice will determine your state of being and
ultimately govern the success of your business. If you constantly react,

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

you never have the chance to wield your true power. Who and what you
are manifests your reality. Your thoughts and energy force — your
personal vibration — cause things to happen to you. As you learn to
respond, not react, your thoughts will alter to a more positive frequency.
At this time, your state of being — which is constantly changing —
will alter to match your new success-creating empowering vibration.

          It is not what happens in your network marketing
           venture that determines your level of success and
             achievement, so much as the way you REACT
                    or RESPOND to what happens.

    Let us look at two examples of ways in which networkers can either
react or respond to an event:

    Upon hearing that the local stock market has crashed, devaluing
    the national currency, one networker may ‘react’ by getting angry
    with the world in general. He may blame outside circumstances on
    his failure to build a strong business, and stop going to presentations
    because he thinks all efforts to build in this recessive climate are
    futile. However, the networker who ‘responds’ to these same factors
    may do the following: Firstly, he won’t rush into any false judgments
    of the situation and he will analyze the scenario carefully before
    making any major decisions. Secondly, he will try new avenues of
    attack. If people are suddenly less receptive to his business
    proposition, he may decide to double his efforts for several weeks.
    He may talk with twice as many prospects, go to twice as many
    presentations and mentor twice as many downline members.

    One networker ‘reacts’ upon getting a negative answer from her
    prospect by thinking ridiculous thoughts about how difficult this
    business really is and how under-qualified she is to even contemplate
    building a MLM organization in the first place. What the heck is
    she doing here, she wonders? Another, more empowered networker,

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

   ‘responds’ to the same negative answer from her prospect by knowing
   that she is not being rejected personally. The prospect is saying no
   to the opportunity for whatever reason, that’s it. This winner will
   analyze her presentation skills to see how she can improve. Then,
   with sky-high confidence and her state of being projecting a positive
   aura, she will present her opportunity to other prospects.

    The characteristics you exhibit this moment — the winning qualities
you demonstrate, the determined attitude you display as an empowered
leader, your ability to communicate to your downline effectively, and a
myriad other winning personality traits — you have attracted to yourself
by ‘being’ the person you are.

    If you will change in a positive manner, not only what goes into
your mind but also the way you respond to it, then all things will
definitely transform for you. You don’t have to change what is outside
in the material world . . . all you need is to concentrate on positively
changing what is inside, within your inner world.

          Do not wish your life can be easier; know that you
           can be better. Do not wish for fewer problems;
            learn to develop more skills. Do not wish for
             fewer challenges; seek more wisdom. All the
               while, empowering your state of being.

    Start developing an empowered state of being and begin sowing
seeds for the success of your MLM organization. You can do this through
an improved, more determined mindset; through a higher level of self-
esteem; through creating a Winning Philosophy; through committing
yourself to personal excellence; and through being the outstanding
professional networking entrepreneur you are destined to be.

   Then your world will dramatically improve . . . guaranteed!


      P O S I T I V E
        M E N T A L
     A T T I T U D E S
 A R E         T H E         K E Y

“What in your opinion is the brightest
moment in a man’s life? The moment he
really sees that by changing his mental
   attitudes he can change his life.”
           Vernon Howard

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

                        A T T I T U D E

         ne of the greatest factors determining the success or failure of
         your organization is the ATTITUDE you demonstrate
         toward all aspects of this business. Your attitude is the key that
unlocks colossal achievement within networking. Attitude is the little
thing that makes the biggest distinction in how your MLM fortunes
ebb and flow. Positive attitudes bring effective results to your life and
negative attitudes, of course, breed futility.

    Your attitude controls your life. Attitudes are a secret power working
twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance
that you know how to harness and command this great power. There
are two major forces at work in your life: external and internal. You
have little control over forces of the outer external world such as
typhoons, floods, earthquakes and natural disasters. What matters is
the internal force, which is your mental attitude. How do I respond to
the disasters? Over this inner choice you have absolute control.

      Your world will become what you choose for it to be. It is a
      perfect reflection of your attitude, which mirrors your state
     of being. You can soar to great heights of achievement or you
       can manifest a mediocre life devoid of glory. The choice is
       yours. To change your world, you must change it from the
     inside out through first projecting a positive mental attitude.

    Built over time, your MLM enterprise will become an expression
and a reflection of your fabulous mind. Yes, you are the creator and
shaper of your venture. As an empowered networker, you are free to will
any state you desire through the use of your thoughts, words and actions.
Every day you wake up with unlimited power at your command . . . the
ability to choose empowering thoughts, make courageous decisions, take
enthusiastic action and create a positive mental attitude.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

    Your entrepreneurial career can be smooth or rough, long or short,
wealth-creating or energy-depleting . . . this is always your decision.
The quality of your endeavors comes from the quality of your thinking.
Thoughts produce actions. Take the time to study your thoughts and
see if you can find genuine connections between unfavorable
circumstances materializing in your network — such as few leaders, no
momentum, slow growth, lack of morale — and negative thoughts such
as envy, greed, doubt, fear and resentment.

     Then think of all the positive emotions that cause a leading
networking entrepreneur’s venture to prosper . . . such as passion,
diligence, faith, generosity, self-confidence and consideration. Don’t these
positive emotions bring greater rewards to the MLM enterprise? The
key point to understand is that it is your attitude — as the leader of
your own organization — that makes the greatest difference in the
ultimate success of your network.

          Your MLM Organization Thrives On
               A Positive Mental Attitude
    It is absolutely true that the quality of your thoughts determines
the quality of your MLM endeavors. Well, the number one factor in
determining the quality of your thoughts is your attitude. No surprise.
Your attitude very definitely influences how well you build your business
and whether you are able to get the maximum from it or not. Of vital
importance to a thriving network marketing organization is the
development and permanent use of a positive mental attitude:

    Being positive in networking means looking for better alternatives
    when challenges arise . . . and focusing on SOLUTIONS, not

    Being positive in networking means developing understanding
    attitudes . . . electing to be friendly and outgoing to all networkers.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

    Being positive in networking means choosing to be optimistic and
    forward looking . . . deciding to look on the brighter side of life, not
    having a pessimistic outlook.

    Being positive in networking means saying what you want . . . and
    striving for the accomplishment of your burning desires.

    Being positive in networking means doing what you love and loving
    what you do . . . you must love this business.

    Being positive in networking means having a vibrant, healthy self-
    image . . . liking YOU, respecting all people, and taking a real interest
    in making the world a better place in which to live.

     A positive mental attitude is of greater value and is more important
than intelligence and knowledge in achieving success. An “I can do it”
attitude will help you to attain your MLM objectives quicker and more
effectively than just having the mental ability and power of learning to
reach them.

   A positive mental attitude comes from having positive emotions.
     Emotions are the most potent and powerful forces inside us.
    Empowered by emotions, human beings can perform the most
      heroic acts. Examples of positive emotions are enthusiasm,
            confidence, generosity, passion, desire and love.

    There are four major emotions — the 4 Ds — which can trigger
incredible activity and turn your life around:

    Disgust: One does not usually equate ‘disgust’ with a winning
    attitude. Properly channeled, however, disgust can positively impact
    lives. The networker who feels absolutely disgusted with his or her
    own life has reached a point of no return. They are now ready to
    say: “Enough! I’ve had it! I don’t want to live like this any more!”

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

    Look out! If you can get thoroughly disgusted with yourself, this
    will be the day that your life begins to turn around. And what better
    vehicle than MLM with which to turn it around?

    Decision: Most of us need to be pushed to the wall to make decisions.
    We have reached a fork in the road . . . in our journey of life.
    Whatever you do, don’t camp at the fork in the road. THINK!
    Decide what you want for your life and your networking business.
    ACT! Take action to achieve it. PERSIST! Be persistent until things
    begin to positively transform. Decisions are the pathways to the pure
    power potential that lies within you. Remember: My past does not
    equal my future! The seeds are sown during your future moments
    of decision that that will shape your network marketing enterprise.

    Desire: The best way to build a red-hot, burning fire of desire within
    your soul is to know exactly what you want — have an awe-inspiring
    aim for your MLM entity — and to be energetically pursuing that
    target. Desire is the primary step toward achieving your grandest
    goals. It is the starting point of all human accomplishment.

    Determination: I will! These two words are so potent. When you
    resolve to do or die, nothing can stop you. The mountain climber
    says: “I will climb the mountain. They’ve told me it’s too high, it’s
    too steep or it’s too difficult. But I will climb it. You’ll see me waving
    from the top or you’ll never see me again. Unless I reach the peak,
    I’m not coming back.” It is such iron-willed determination that leads
    to the unleashing of one’s ultimate network marketing empowerment.

    Master these four major empowering emotions and you will trigger
incredible activity that can positively transform your life in a heartbeat,
leading to your outstanding success as a network marketing professional.


       A      P O W E R F U L
       S E L F - I M A G E
                  I S        S O
           I M P O R T A N T

“When the archer misses the mark, he turns and
looks for the fault within himself. Failure to hit
  the bull’s eye is never the fault of the target.
  To improve your aim . . . improve yourself.”
              Gilbert Arlanduote

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

                     S E L F - I M A G E

       our self-image is the mental picture you hold of yourself. This is
      the way you perceive the real you to be. Even though your
      perception can sometimes differ widely from how other people
see you, their view of you is not the major ingredient in your exertions
to create a substantial networking organization. The critical factor is
the image you hold of yourself . . . this is the catalytic force, capable of
driving you toward outstanding success in your MLM endeavors.

    The true image of YOU that you carry in your heart — the one of
you as an enthusiastic winner — once empowered with self-confidence
and self-assurance, is the one that will ignite your powers of attainment,
leading to all you desire. This is the image that will shine forth brilliantly
to others reflecting the new successful, highly empowered you.

    Self-image is sometimes referred to as self-worth or self-esteem, with
a poor self-image known as an inferiority complex. Whether you see
yourself as one of the outstanding leaders — dynamic, energetic,
confident and successful — or as a timid, reserved networker with little
concrete belief in your powers of achievement, this is the self-image you
hold of yourself. The good news is that you can, at any time, change
and strengthen your self-image with a few learned disciplines.

    There are four empowering objectives behind this chapter that will
help you be a more effective networker. These are:

    To help you realize that in all areas of your life you are in much
    better shape — emotionally, physically, mentally, financially,
    spiritually — than you have perhaps ever acknowledged before.

    To help you develop for yourself a healthy self-image, so that you
    can have full belief in yourself as the confident, dynamic, iron-willed,
    empowered winner that you really are.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

    To help you understand that as a networker with a robust self-image,
    you are capable of reaching the upper echelons of success within
    any networking business opportunity.

    To help you manifest the reality of a substantial and ever-expanding
    network through your power of self-belief.

   Your self-image will always remain consistent with who you think
you are. Therefore, for you to best succeed in MLM and gain the
maximum from your networking exploits, it is vitally important that
you display a vibrant, healthy self-image and that you show supreme
confidence in your talents and abilities.

    Right now, you do possess the aptitude to fully empower yourself
into thinking, acting and being a successful networker. As already
mentioned, your self-image is your responsibility. It is, therefore, you
who must decide how much you appreciate yourself and you who must
recognize the innate abilities you possess for inspiring yourself to build
a substantial networking business.

        Typically it is a lack of recognition and a lack of feeling
       appreciated that prompt people to leave an organization.
         Note: Do not wait until someone else recognizes your
         talents or gives you sincere appreciation. You must be
         your own number one supporter and praise yourself.

     The awesome power of your thoughts, together with a positive state
of being, creates a success mechanism that has the capability to direct
your life wherever you choose. You can decide to be who you want to
be, do what you want to do and have what you want to have. You can be
self-assured, confident and courageous. You can be a highly optimistic
person with an empowering self-image, completely in control of your
own life. It is all up to you. The power is within you to shape your life
and establish the vibrant, healthy self-image of your choosing.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

        Network marketing is a story-telling business. The more
         emotion-filled stories you have to share, ones that can
          pique your prospect’s interest in MLM, the stronger
          your self-image will become. And the stronger your
             self-image, the larger your network will grow.

     A healthy self-image for all humanity begins with treating others
with the highest respect. Treat all people as you would want to be treated
is the golden rule. As your experience of the compassionate world of
networking increases, your goals will reflect this caring for others and
will mirror your own empowered self-image.

                       Seven-Steps To A
                      Healthier Self-Image
     Of course, it’s easy to say: “Change your state of being, alter your
attitude and develop a healthy self-image . . . and your life will be greatly
transformed.” But how to do this without knowing where to start?

    Changing one’s self-image doesn’t need to be a challenge and, in
fact, can be quite straightforward. If you will consistently employ several
essential techniques, you will soon experience a vigorous and empowering
view of yourself.

    Here are seven steps to a healthier self-image:

1. SMILE: A big smile spreads joy to everyone you meet and gives this
   message to the world: “Hey, I’m a happy person!” Put a smile on
   your face and you’ll be halfway to a healthier self-image already.

2. THINK: Think of yourself as already being the winner you want to
   be. It’s difficult to be one of the top networkers if you don’t constantly
   think that you are one. Think it . . . then just be it!

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

3. IMPROVE: Immerse yourself in a course of self-improvement.
   Read books that can help you to adopt a new positive mindset.
   Watch inspiring movies, listen to music that empowers you, and
   attend insightful seminars to improve many areas of your life.

4. ACTION: Act in highly empowering ways — cheerfully,
   enthusiastically, passionately — with a fire in your heart for your
   specific business opportunity.

5. CHANGE your environment: Create personal space that makes
   you feel eager to improve. Your environment should reflect the self-
   image you wish to display. Make your surroundings colorful, bright,
   inspiring and stimulating for you.

6. MENTOR: Follow the leaders. Find successful networkers who
   already display the winning self-image you desire. Model the MLM
   professionals. Follow their lead. Learn from their examples.

7. ASSIST: Help others attain success in their networking endeavors.
   One of the most rapid ways to positively change your self-image is
   to take the focus off yourself and assist others. Offer help to the
   networkers in your group. Help them expand in all areas of their
   life, not just with business concerns. Let everyone know what you’re
   doing and enlist their support to help and give ideas. The more you
   all feel like you’re part of a group effort, the more likely you all are
   to be successful, and the healthier the self-images of all involved.

    Remember that your self-image guides your life. It is a great power
working for you twenty-four hours every day, for good or bad. It is of
paramount importance that you be patient and recognize that most
changes occur slowly, over an extended period. If you don’t get instant
results, don’t be surprised . . . and don’t give up. NEVER QUIT!
Keep working . . . positive change will come.


     D E V E L O P                A N
      I N V I N C I B L E
         W I N N I N G
    P H I L O S O P H Y

    “The ideas I stand for are not mine.
  I borrowed them from Socrates. I swiped
 them from Chesterfield. I stole them from
Jesus. And I put them in a book. If you don’t
   like their rules, whose would you use?”
               Dale Carnegie

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

                   P H I L O S O P H Y

         he essence of a Winning Philosophy — for you as a networker —
         is being committed to personal excellence toward all that you
         do in pursuit of your greatest MLM objectives. It is the practice
of a few basic winning disciplines every day that will lead you to the
accomplishment of your loftiest network marketing aims. This all begins,
first, with you asking this one powerful question:

Q. What winning disciplines can I follow every day that will dramatically
   impact the scope and direction of my business for the better?

    Adherence to this question starts with forming new attitudes, with
creating a strong self-image and with developing an invincible Winning
Philosophy. Benefits of sincerely applying your answers are that you will
learn the fundamentals of self-improvement. You will understand how
to attract the right caliber of individuals to your group, how to build
these winners into strong leadership role models, how to have an
abundance of energy to perform the multifaceted MLM tasks with ease,
and how to experience greater universal benefit through developing an
expanding network that is a reflection of you as its guiding light.

         Becoming The Right Kind Of Person
             Is Paramount To Success
    Having a Winning Philosophy is a major factor in how successful
you will be. Develop one that is invincible and your world can be magical,
don’t have one and your lifestyle will be mediocre at best. Presently,
how successful you are has little to do with your circumstances. Do not
blame your parents, or the government, or your upline leaders, or the
economy, or the weather. Where you are in life has everything to do
with YOU, not your mentor or your downline members, and is a result
of your current thinking and present state of being. If you have problems,

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

they started in your own mind with a disempowering mental attitude.
You need to be the right kind of person, before you can do the right
kind of things, before you can have what you most desire.

             The greatest value in life is not what you get,
             the greatest value in life is what you become.

    Do not ask what you will get from being involved in a free enterprise
business, or get from networking training sessions, or get from this book.
Ask what you will become by giving more than receiving, or become by
using the empowering strategies as outlined herein. Ask what you can
do for other networkers, not what they can do for you.

                    Develop An Invincible
                     Winning Philosophy
    “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This saying is so well known
that almost everyone knows it by heart. Here is a question for you:
What if this is true, and eating an apple a day does indeed keep the
doctor away? Sounds easy to do, doesn’t it, just eating one apple a day,
so why do most people not follow such simple advice? The quotation
doesn’t mention smoking a packet of cigarettes every day, does it?
You have to be smarter than this as it relates to the habits — now known
as ‘winning disciplines’ — concerning your networking enterprise and
as you begin the process of developing your own Winning Philosophy.
If you make this kind of simple error of judgment every day of your
business-life, then it will accumulate into eventual adversity.

     An excellent definition of failure is: A few simple errors of judgment
repeated each and every day. Perhaps you are healthy now so you do not
bother eating an apple a day because you think it will not make any
difference. Perhaps today it won’t, but over a lifetime of tens of thousands
of ‘todays’ it will. Look at how much effort you are putting into building

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

a solid networking business and see what simple errors of judgment you
are making. Perhaps you don’t attend training sessions regularly, or you
don’t go to many business presentations, or you don’t mentor new
networkers, or you don’t follow up with prospects. What will these errors
in your current philosophy cost you over the greater period of time?
The financial cost? The relationship cost? The cost in terms of success?
Ask yourself if there are any simple errors of judgment taking place in
your networking endeavors that can be likened to an apple versus a
packet of cigarettes a day?

     An excellent definition of winning is: A few winning disciplines
practiced each and every day. If today you decide to eat the apple instead
of smoking the cigarettes, you have begun the process of positively
turning your life around. Keep up this routine of practicing a few winning
disciplines every ‘today’ with your business endeavors and your personal
responsibilities. Attend all training sessions until you know your business
thoroughly, consistently apply what you have learned, develop leadership
skills, become a mentor for new networkers, know how to do thorough
follow up with prospects . . . keep improving on a consistent daily basis.
Eliminate the errors in your life by swapping them for a few winning
disciplines. And begin this process of life-change . . . TODAY!

             Your Personal Vision Statement
    As part of your new Winning Philosophy, you should write a list of
winning qualities you either perceive in yourself this instant or would
like to see in yourself soon as a network marketing professional, then
phrase them in the form of a Personal Vision Statement.

     Carry this with you and read it on a regular basis to strengthen your
powers of determination, build a more solid state of being and raise
your level of self-confidence. Have wholehearted belief in the positive
attributes you have written and they will materialize in your character.
     It’s your choice, but you may want to word your own Personal Vision

                     MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

Statement similar to this power-packed example. Alternatively, write your
name in the spaces provided . . . and every day, emphatically state this
declaration to massively empower yourself.

                    My Personal Vision Statement

      _____________________, I am a self-assured networker who
      is magnificently motivated and exceptionally enthusiastic. I am
      dynamic, exciting and highly empowered. I will forge my mark
      in the MLM world by boldly building my business on the
      foundations of action, passion and integrity.

      _____________________, I am a respected role model and
      an asset to the network marketing profession. I have huge
      ambition, I am a big thinker and I enjoy setting inspiring goals.
      I have a vast amount of ability and do a first-class job in
      everything I attempt. I believe in joy, happiness, excellence,
      ambition, enthusiasm and determination. Therefore:

        I think, speak and act only joy and happiness.
        I think, speak and act only excellence and ambition.
        I think, speak and act only enthusiasm and determination.

      _____________________, I have incredible dedication,
      immense drive and tremendous vitality. I am a winner who is
      going places, fast! I look great, I feel fit and I act sharp! I clearly
      communicate my passion for the MLM opportunity.

      _____________________, I am a great and exceptional
      human being and an outstanding winner in the game of life.
      I enjoy taking action to achieve my networking dreams and
      desires. I go for the maximum and I always . . . do it now!


                C H O O S E
            P E R S O N A L
         E X C E L L E N C E
      F O R         Y O U R S E L F

     “Excellence is an art won by training and
 habituation. We do not act rightly because we have
virtue or excellence, but rather have those because we
 have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do.
    Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

                    E X C E L L E N C E

      ersonal excellence is one of the key factors in cultivating a stronger,
      more assured state of being. Each day marks fresh possibilities for
      the achievers, the winners and for those individuals who aspire to
reach the highest levels of effectiveness within the MLM profession. If
you desire to join the top networkers, use today to its fullest advantage
by applying personal excellence to your business-building strategies.

     If you perform to the best of your abilities in all endeavors — never
settling for second best — you will produce outrageous results in your
quest for an excellent lifestyle. Make every day a masterpiece of personal
excellence . . . then go forth with confidence that you gave it your best
shot. As I’ve heard it said at networking events: “Always aim to better
your best!” In other words, give every effort your very best shot.

    There are three hugely consequential, interrelated parts in displaying
a commitment to personal excellence:

        Always give your very best effort
        Always give more than others expect
        Always give 100% commitment to the tasks at hand

    If you are capable of eating and drinking without a helper, then you
are capable of further increasing your network marketing aptitude and
able to significantly improve yourself. If you are serious about attaining
substantial success in MLM, ask this Power Question:

    Q. How can I significantly improve myself as a networker?

     Ask this question daily and take action on it daily. By doing so,
there is one fact that will emerge with crystal clarity: Through following
a strict program of personal excellence, you will become profoundly enriched,
mentally, spiritually and financially.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

            Personal Development Leads To
                 Personal Excellence
    Whilst most networkers are eager to improve their lives, some are
unwilling to invest the effort needed for self-development. They then
wonder why others race ahead of them in their particular venture and
their mediocre existence remains the same.

     Use the networking opportunity as an aid to precipitate your
      personal excellence and as a means to discover and develop
        your limitless powers and untapped positive potential.

    As the Roman scholar Suetonius said: “Idleness is the stupidity of
the body, and stupidity is the idleness of the mind.” This is a perfect
example of the waste of human potential when an individual lets his or
her mind become idle. The person becomes stupid, not because they
are naturally that way, but because they do not consistently exercise
their mind or positively cultivate a winning attitude every day. You need
to exercise your mind on a disciplined regular basis to stimulate personal
development growth.

   You can discover and implement the principles of self-improvement
and personal excellence through many practical methods, such as:

    READING: Read self-improvement books, read books on all areas
    of specialized interest to you, and read books written by people
    who have overcome adversity or failure and who are winners in the
    areas within which you desire to achieve success.

    LISTENING: A tremendous source from which to learn personal
    development principles is by listening to rousing and knowledge-
    building audiocassette or multimedia programs from worldwide
    MLM champions or listen in person at networking events.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

    COMMUNICATING: You’ll improve by watching, listening to
    and communicating with the proven leaders in your chosen areas of

    TRAINING: Recommended for networkers who crave excellence
    are seminars and workshops that offer the opportunity to improve
    any area of life or to strengthen any facet of human potential.

                    Leaders Are Readers
                  And Readers Are Leaders
    All leaders are readers . . . they read, read, read. They are so curious
to know more that they are driven to read. This is one thing all successful
people have in common: they just have to know more. Reading is mental
exercise of the highest quality. Almost without exception, top networkers
the world over, those with enduring success, are strong readers.

    Strong readers are not born this way . . . they develop the habit by
devoting at least thirty minutes daily to increasing their knowledge
through reading excellent books. Are you a strong reader? Yes? If so,
that’s great. However, just to check, what empowering books are you
reading today . . . on teamwork, on leadership, on sales skills?

        In the networking environment, it is not just you who is
       empowered by changing your language to a more positive
          nature; it is all the other networkers around you too.
          There is a positive alternative to every word, find it.

    Networkers who crave lasting success will greatly enhance their
possibilities through the application of an acutely empowered vocabulary.
Long-term, a person’s careful choice of words will have a tremendous
impact on their quality of lifestyle. Learn that certain words are
constructive and empowering and should be used daily, while others

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF BEING

are negative and destructive and must be permanently discarded from all
MLM communication. Your state of being will change in proportion to
the empowering nature of the vocabulary you consistently employ. Think
positive . . . talk positive . . . be positive!

             Power Questions Enhance Your
                 Mental Powerhouse
    The quality of your life is a reflection of the potency of the questions
you mentally ask yourself. Upon waking, if your habitual thoughts are
regularly along these lines: “What’s for breakfast?” or “I wonder what’s
on television today?” for sure this will produce an uncertain future for
you . . . likely one that’s not very successful.

    Alternatively, if you awaken with thoughts on your mind such as:
“Wow, I feel fabulous, so why not give focused effort toward my major
aims today?” or “What actions can I take today that will help the people
in my organization be even more successful?” then these Power Questions
will produce greater, more extraordinary results in your business. Why
not, from tomorrow morning, study your own early-morning mental
questions to see if they add zip or drag to the start of your day?

    The principles of personal excellence can be put to work this very
day with powerful results. All you need to do is apply fixed purpose to
your thinking and persistence to your disciplines . . . then you will be
on your way to outstanding success in networking. It may take a month
or a year or a decade, but the super-abundance that will eventually
materialize in your life is surely worth the effort required.

    No networker will become an instant millionaire or an overnight
success through the principles of self-improvement. However, any person
who puts a solid program of personal excellence into immediate and
continuing effect will be greatly enriched, financially and mentally, and
their state of being will be greatly empowered.


      I have a personal request . . .

Please write and tell me how any aspect of MLM
POWER has positively affected your life. Why not share
your success stories with me so that I may use them as
inspirational examples to others? What Action-Steps
have you taken to dramatically change the direction
of your life for the better? Please explain what you
have done different as a result of reading this book?
What have you been motivated to achieve? In how
many ways has your life been empowered? How have
you improved as a person?

What secrets have you learned about building your
network marketing business to the maximum? What
tips do you have that I can pass on to future readers?
Do you have a favorite story, quote or insight about
networking or direct sales that you’d like to share with
others? Please send your illustrations to me and soon
they may appear together with your name in a future
book for all to see. I am eager to hear from you. Thank
you for reading my work and for fully participating
in the journey of life.

Please contact me at the following e-mail:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enthusiastically yours,

James Lee Valentine


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