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         The Power Of Vision
            MLM Power Pocketbook 6

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MLM Power is intended for the personal
development of network marketing and
direct sales entrepreneurs. This book is of
an empowering nature to stimulate the
creation of ideas and motivate the readers
to greater levels of achievement within
their specific MLM, network marketing
or direct sales business opportunities.

It should be noted that the principles
expressed herein are of the author’s design.
The intention of James Lee Valentine is
to offer inspiration of a general nature to
help all entrepreneurs in their quest for
positive life transformation. In the event
of you using any of the material in MLM
Power, the author and publisher assume
no liability for your actions . . . as your
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      Clarification of
 MLM & Network Marketing &
        Direct Sales

Throughout this book I frequently refer to
the businesses of MLM, network marketing
and direct sales using any of these terms:

    MLM or multi-level marketing
    Networking or network marketing
    Direct selling or direct sales

These – and all derivatives thereof – follow
a similar system by which a parent company
distributes its products or services through
a NETWORK of independent business
people throughout the free world.

Though there are discernible differences
between MLM, network marketing and
direct sales companies, for all intents and
purposes within MLM Power they are
described as one and the same.


  MLM Power
 Pocketbook Six

The Power Of


   T H E     P O W E R           O F
          V I S I O N

 The most fabulous life imagined,
 the greatest existence dreamed,
the most awesome accomplishments
  visualized can all be yours now!
  Just develop the     vision and
   the   belief that it will be so.
Network marketing is the best way to
attain   your GRAND VISION!

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

                            V I S I O N

       our vision of the future has immense power. Your dreams, your
       aims, your aspirations, contain within them the empowering force
       that directs action and shapes lives. Now is the time for you to
take command of your network marketing enterprise and design a
GRAND VISION for its most auspicious future. Use the power within
you . . . the energy that is created when you have a monumental vision
of the future that ignites your fires of desire.

    Once you unleash this phenomenal personal power, you will be
unstoppable in creating physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and
financial abundance beyond your wildest fantasies. You will be a
powerhouse of unlimited achievement.

    Whether a glorious MLM future materializes instantly, or takes shape
gradually over time, know that the only limits to what you can attain
within any network marketing venture are governed by the magnitude
of your own virtuoso endeavors and by the level of personal commitment
you display toward attaining your grand vision.

     This Section Six provides a blueprint with the power to positively
transform your life. This dramatic transformation comes as the result of
the creation of a long list of dreams. This list will help establish the
direction for your future entrepreneurial activities . . . instilling massive
self-confidence and generating incredible empowerment.

    On this list you must write everything that you ever want to achieve,
have, own, do, create, become and contribute. This action will instill
awesome power in you. It is from your own list of dreams that the focus
of your entire life will flow. Harness the amazing power of your most
glorious aspirations to conceptualize your ultimate destiny. Within your
grand vision is a most prosperous future.


 Y O U R            V I S I O N
  I G N I T E S                T H E
       F I R E S            O F
           D E S I R E

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream,
 so shall you become. Your vision is the
 promise of what you shall one day be;
   your ideal is the prophesy of what
        you shall at last unveil.”
              James Allen

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

            F I R E S            O F         D E S I R E

      uccessful networkers possess a wide range of valuable attributes.
      One with particular significance being the ability to imagine
      that which they absolutely desire, then have it crystallize into an
inspiring vision. It is this vision that drives the leading networkers toward
accomplishing their grandest ideals. It is true that nothing is achieved
in any network marketing enterprise that is not first conceived in the
form of an idea in someone’s mind, as a fabulous vision that compels
enthusiastic action.

     A vision is a conception of the future . . . a dream showing a better
tomorrow. All top achievers within the MLM industry have dreams for
the fabulous life they aspire to . . . with hope, eager anticipation and
self-confidence for a superior future. The dreams of successful networkers
evolve as their vision ignites their fires of desire . . . desire being the
driving force necessary to empower a networker into attaining any dream.
When mixed with intense conviction and ardent enthusiasm, desire
becomes a passionate burning vision that is the launching pad from
which the most outstanding aspirations can all be reached.

       Far away there in the sunshine are the highest aspirations
        you hold for your business. You may never reach them,
           but you can look up and see their beauty, believe
             in them, and try to follow where they lead.

     Just for a moment, look into your mind’s eye and picture the fabulous
lifestyle of the top earners in MLM, network marketing and direct sales.
Visualize the grand homes these people own, the luxury cars they drive
and the exotic places they travel to. Imagine the freedom these winners
enjoy to be able to spend gifted moments with their loved-ones and
attain what they most desire with their time and money. Imagine the
greatest accomplishments these successful networkers will dare to achieve.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

    Well . . . let me tell you right here that you can attain all this, and
more, through your MLM venture if you will begin the journey toward
success by following the simple procedure of writing down a list of your
most coveted dreams . . . now!

     From the delightful musical South Pacific comes the following lyric
which nicely sums up the essence of having an inspired vision: “If you
don’t talk happy and you never have a dream, then you’ll never have a
dream come true.” You must have compelling dreams of what you want
in life . . . and they must be written. However, a word of advice: only
write those dreams that you DO want to come vibrantly alive. As the
very act of writing them sets into motion forces that will eventually lead
to their realization.

             Dreams Are Free . . . So Have As
               Many Of Them As You Want
     It is your choice as to whether you experience the amazing satisfaction
you will feel upon realizing your most enticing MLM vision. Once you
decide to perform with maximum personal excellence toward the
attainment of your dreams, the guidance offered within these pages will
prove invaluable. Of foremost importance though, it is vital for you to
first visualize those things you earnestly crave and then to write them
on a list. Thereafter to endeavor with all of your empowered ability to
enthusiastically achieve those dreams.

     The act of striving to fulfill your vision will create an inner strength
and develop a dynamic feeling of awesome power that will carry you
along through the varied trials and tribulations of building a successful
network. One vital thing to remember is that dreams are free . . . so
have as many as you want. I have over two hundred dreams on my own
Dreams List. Personally, I believe that the more dreams you have then
the more you will eventually accomplish and the more rewarding you
life will ultimately be.

                     MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

            Your vision is an opportunity for you to let your
             imagination run free and dream at the highest
               level for all you’ve ever yearned for. It is a
                chance to control and direct your destiny
                 with the power of your visual thoughts.

     Many networkers make the mistake of spending more time planning
their meals than they spend in strategizing for the future success of
their MLM organization. By failing to plan, they are actually planning
to fail. It is true that if networkers don’t plan a strategy for their business,
then circumstances will overrun them and orchestrate their enterprise
in any number of impotent and unproductive directions.

    Today is the day for you to take command and plan where you
want your MLM business to be in five, ten, even twenty-five years from
now. Utilize the inherent strength you possess . . . the power that is
unleashed when you have a vision that empowers you into massive action.
Once you have chosen to release this mighty force within, you will
become an effective powerhouse in creating physical, mental, spiritual,
emotional and financial abundance beyond your greatest desires.
Whether your vision evolves instantly or takes shape gradually over time,
know that the only limit to what you can accomplish through your
entrepreneurial endeavors is governed by the size of your vision and the
intensity of commitment you display.

    In the tale Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, all that Aladdin has to do is
rub the lamp and a genie appears who will grant him three wishes.
Please comprehend that your grand vision has the power of a magic
lamp, but with an unlimited number of wishes. As Anthony Robbins
states: “You possess a lamp that is not limited to a mere three wishes!”
Right now is the time for you to write your Dreams List and summon
the force within your soul to create a magnificent lifestyle and manifest
a compelling future for yourself.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

                  Create Your Vision As A
                  Blockbuster Movie Script
    Imagine a thrilling blockbuster movie with you in the starring role:
The Life & Times of a Highly Empowered & Hugely Successful Networker.
This is how your life can be. Just think of your grand vision as the script
for a movie about your network marketing exploits. In this movie, as
well as being the lead actor, you are the writer, director and producer.

   You have the power to take this movie in any direction you choose.
Use your list of dreams to pack the script with many exciting experiences
and glorious accomplishments. Your imagination is the only limit to
how scintillating this movie of your life can be. The quality of this
movie will be a direct reflection of the quality of your MLM business.

    Basically you have two options, the first will empower you, whilst
the second is the disempowering option:

    Plan your networking endeavors around your grand vision and live
    life like the ultimate blockbuster movie it was meant to be, with
    ecstasy, exhilaration and excitement as your rewards.

    Conversely, build your business without a solid vision and you are
    apt to live a mediocre life of dullness, drudgery and never-ending

    You begin actualizing the first empowering option once you take
the time to write a long list of stimulating dreams that can instantly
ignite your fires of desire and advance your enterprise to the next plateau
of network marketing achievement.


       D E F I N I N G
         T H E          T E N
       A R E A S            O F
               M L M

“For the wise man looks into space and he
knows there are no limited dimensions.”

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

                A R E A S             O F        M L M

         he business of network marketing can be divided into ten
         independent, yet interrelated areas. Networkers who aim for the
         top strata of entrepreneurial achievement, should visualize
inspiring dreams and establish empowering objectives within each area
to instill an attitude of focused determination.

    These ten Areas of MLM are:

                 Commitment                    Presenting
                 Grand Vision                  Leadership
                 Action-Plans                  Momentum
                 Knowledge                     Time
                 Prospecting                   Earnings

     Once the importance of each individual area has been acknowledged,
it is imperative that you commit to significant networking endeavors
within all ten sectors. It is the striving for achievement that will fill you
with a sense of enterprising progress, driving you eagerly forward,
advancing to an illustrious future.

  Following are questions with examples of objectives for each Area of
MLM, short-term and long-range:

1. Commitment
    Ask yourself if you possess the fortitude to stick-with-it and build a
flourishing network? What is your level of devotion toward your
networking endeavors?
        Master this business by attending all training sessions
        Attend 100 presentations, two per week, during this year
        Make a written pledge to stay with this particular company for a
        minimum of five years

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

2. Grand Vision
    Have you defined the grand vision and the inspiring dreams that
will empower you and the networkers in your team to dynamic action?
       Purchase my ‘dream’ 7-bedroom oceanside villa
       Attain an income of ten thousand dollars per month
       Accumulate US$1 million in assets by the age of fifty-five

3. Action-Plans
    How enticing are the plans which can ignite the explosive growth
of your network? Have you written these Action-Plans? Will you ever
write them?
       Devise an Action-Plan to build my network in five countries
       Write a series of affirmations to ignite my own fires of desire
       Plan to develop five key leaders, one for each country in which
       I build my organization

4. Knowledge
  Do I possess the level of expertise required to attain success in MLM?
Am I knowledgeable in all facets of my specific business opportunity?
       This year, write a book entitled: “Top-Gun Skills for Empowered
       Network Marketers”
       Gain a knowledge-rating of 100% in all aspects of my company’s
       business and be a qualified expert on our range of products

5. Prospecting
    How skilled am I in seeking out the networking winners of
tomorrow? Are my prospecting strategies up to the level required for
success in this area?
       Master the art of prospecting
       Make a list of 100 prospects, pre-qualified in various criteria
       Aim for 20 “YES” responses from qualified prospects this year

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

6. Presenting
    Do I exude great confidence whilst presenting and do I possess the
professional qualities required to induce winners to join my network?
        Create a new wardrobe of ‘POWER’ clothes
        Be a master in applying the ‘48-hour follow up’ rule
        Become the most enthusiastic stage-speaker in my particular
        company for large business opportunity presentations

7. Leadership
   Am I able to mentor, lead and empower the members of my network?
Do I exhibit outstanding leadership abilities and am I continually
improving my team-player skills?
        Mentor five networkers to success this year as high-earning,
        capable, action-oriented leaders
        Create a library of books on mentoring, leadership, sales skills,
        empowerment . . . and digest one good book per month

8. Momentum
   As a group, do we generate the positive atmosphere needed to create
and maintain rapid growth?
        My organization to be one of the top-ten fastest growing within
        my particular company this year
        Develop a winning attitude, which leads to a positive atmosphere
        for the group, which increases the accomplishments of the people

9. Time
    Will I devote the time to consistently perform the enthusiastic Action-
Steps required to build a successful enterprise?
        Organize my schedule to attend 50 presentations this year
        Commit to spend twenty ‘focused’ hours every week working
        within this business opportunity

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

10. Earnings
    What are the inspiring rewards I seek from this business, both
financial and non-material?
        Earn enough money to purchase my ‘dream’ house and lot
        Create an income of US$100,000 during the next twelve months
        Seek to make this world a better place through my personal
        contributions to humanity

                      The Wheel Of MLM
   It is an excellent analogy for you to think of your personal marketing
endeavors as a wheel ⎯ Wheel of MLM ⎯ with each sector within the
wheel representing one of the ten areas of network marketing efforts.

    The more satisfied you are with your personal sales efforts today in
any one area determines the length of that particular sector. A successful,
well-balanced enterprise will result from a round fully inflated Wheel of
MLM with ten complete sectors. Fully inflated is ten marks out of ten

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

for each specific area within network marketing. On a scale of ten to one,
ten is the highest mark — representing excellence — and one is the lowest
mark — representing total dissatisfaction.

     It has been asked: “What is the ultimate reward in MLM?”
       Well, if you will look closely, you will see that money is at
      the center of the wheel. This signifies material riches being
        the driving force of your network marketing endeavors.
           Love is at the center of the Wheel of Life, whereas
              money is at the center of the Wheel of MLM.

     Why not strive to attain excellence in all ten areas? Don’t just focus
your efforts on improving two or three or four areas of your personal
endeavors, expand your horizons and seek spectacular progress with
your efforts within the sphere of your entire network marketing
enterprise. This moment, right now, if you were to award an imaginary
mark (from ten to one) to each area to determine the level you are
presently at ⎯ relative to your ideal ⎯ what would your current Wheel
of MLM look like? How well would it roll to the ultimate destination of
a first-rate profitable networking enterprise?

    Just as an explorer cannot reach his destination successfully without
the aid of a reliable compass, neither can you reach the attainment of
your grand vision without first knowing in which direction you are
heading. The Wheel of MLM is a compass . . . it lets you know where
you are now and keeps you on track to where you are going. If you
desire success, you must have the sectors of your Wheel of MLM as strong
as possible (ten out of ten) to surmount the challenges that arise on
your journey. It is only when aiming for ultimate success ⎯ the
attainment of your grandest vision ⎯ and heading unswervingly in its
direction that you will build a successful enterprise.


          F O R M U L A
                  F O R
 D E V E L O P I N G                      A
 G R A N D                V I S I O N

“If one advances confidently in the directions
of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life
which he has imagined, he will meet with a
   success unexpected in common hours.”
           Henry David Thoreau

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

                G R A N D                V I S I O N

       ersonal accomplishment starts within the framework of a GRAND
       VISION, the most empowering part of which is a written Dreams
       List. The incredible potency of this list is out of all proportion to
the effort required to visualize the dreams and write them. Five minutes
spent writing and describing your most cherished aspirations ⎯ such
as the stunning house you would love to live in and the luxurious car
you would love to drive ⎯ can ignite five or ten years worth of action-
oriented empowerment for their attainment.

     The vision you hold for your life and your networking enterprise
will take a quantum leap forward with this list. It is from your dreams
that order, control and direction will flow. Much of what you can
accomplish stems from this one action of writing all of your dreams,
followed by detailed Action-Plans and enthusiastic Action-Steps. Certainly
the overriding mission for your life will become better defined.

    Use your most valuable asset ⎯ your imagination ⎯ to brainstorm
for the things you most want to achieve during your lifetime. You can
direct your destiny, right now, through the absolute power of your mind.
You possess the mental strength to take command of your life. So take
control now by writing an expansive list of scintillating dreams today.

         Four-step Formula For An Expansive
                     Dreams List
1. Get a pen and paper: Take a pen and a fresh sheet of writing paper.
   On the top of the paper write your name, the date today, and the
   title: “My Dreams List” . . . then begin writing.

2. Brainstorm for ideas: Spend time brainstorming for the things you
   most want. These are what you absolutely, positively, implicitly crave.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

    As you visualize a dream, write it immediately. As you think of any
    desire, add it to your list. Number each particular dream and
    continue writing them, one after another. Your destiny can be
    directed here by using the power of the mind to spark your creative
    juices into action-mode.

3. Ask questions: Ask the following eight Power Questions as though
   there were no limitations on your life, money was in great abundance,
   and a successful result was the only outcome:
    Q.   What would I own?
    Q.   Who would I help?
    Q.   Where would I go?
    Q.   What would I do?
    Q.   What would I be?
    Q.   What would I create?
    Q.   What would I contribute?
    Q.   What would I achieve?
    On your list, write all dreams that come to mind and every ambition
    that you aspire toward.

4. Keep dreaming: This is a lifetime dreams list with no deadlines on
   attaining any of the aims. It is also an ever-expanding list . . . so add
   further dreams to it whenever fresh ones spring into your mind.
   As you think of something new or exciting that you would really
   like to do or accomplish one day, then write it on your list. For as
   long as you live and as long as you have new inspiring desires in
   your heart . . . just keep dreaming and just continue writing.

    Once a multitude of dreams are added to the list, your powers of
accomplishment will become focused like a laser beam. Your physical,
mental, spiritual and emotional energies will be able to cut through all
obstacles and empower you to move directly toward the attainment of
your aspirations.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

   Whenever you accomplish any of your dreams, you should
acknowledge the fact in two ways:

i. Record the date: Write the date of attainment on the Dreams List and
   leave it there as a reminder to yourself of your outstanding ability to
   succeed at what you set out to do.

ii. Reward yourself: Each time you attain an objective, reward yourself.
    The reward should be in direct proportion to the size and difficulty
    involved in reaching that ambition. Keep your life fresh by ensuring
    your rewards are fun-tastic!

    Develop the winning discipline of reviewing your Dreams List
regularly. Take it out from time to time, relax into a dreamy mood and
read slowly through it. Visualize yourself doing those things, being at
those places and having ownership of those possessions. This list has
the empowering capability to give you psychological sunshine and a
mental boost. It provides the extra spark you require to take enthusiastic
action to bring the attainment of your dreams one step closer.

               Get Fired-Up By Your Dreams
    For a fast start to your list, brainstorm for a period of time, allowing
yourself at least thirty minutes. Write everything that you have ever
dared to dream. Keep the ideas flowing, keep the pen moving, do not
censor yourself and do let every fantasy out.

         What would you want for your MLM business if you
       could have anything? If success was the guaranteed result
         and money was no object, what would you wish for?

    Remember that the only limits are those of your imagination. Your
dreams are a method of clarifying the things that excite and delight you.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

Get inspired and fired-up by this Dreams List. Imagine how wondrous
your life would be if you accomplished all these things and every one of
your dreams really did come true.

     Imagine today that your organization is growing at a fabulous rate
and generating a weekly income of thousands of dollars. Visualize
unlimited money in your hands today. See the money, feel the money.
Now ask these questions: Where would I celebrate? What exotic countries
would I travel to? What places would I visit? Who would accompany
me? How would I spend my money and my time? What presents would
I buy, and for whom? Where would I choose to make my home? Would
I live in a large villa, a spacious mansion or a huge penthouse apartment?
Would I own a sailing yacht moored in an exclusive harbor? What luxury
automobiles would I drive? Would I wear the finest clothes and buy
diamonds for my loved ones? How would I maximize my life every day
if I had unlimited money?

     Now, realize that nobody will give you a thriving MLM enterprise.
That will have to be built, step-by-step over a period of time, through
your earnest efforts. Try to understand the tremendous power of your
Dreams List . . . it is an empowering force. Follow the procedures as
outlined within these pages and you definitely can achieve all you hunger
for. You can attain everything you desire. However, it all begins with
you deciding exactly what you want for every aspect of your life,
imagining these things, then adding them to your list of dreams.

     Switch your rational mind off during this exercise and forget about
reality. Concentrate solely on what you desire for your most golden
future. Do not be influenced by your current circumstances. As you
keep adding dreams to your list, do not even think about your present
financial situation or the abilities you may or may not have. Continue
visualizing more dreams and keep adding them to your list. There are
no impossible dreams . . . there are only those that you do add to your
list and those that you do not.


                 C R E A T E
            Y O U R             O W N
       M A G N I F I C E N T
        D R E A M S                 L I S T

“See your goal, your star of desire, see it red hot, feel
it burning. You must be obsessed with it to make it
you true yearning. Be ready my friends for when you
truly believe it, you will certainly achieve it and by
   all of God’s universal laws you will receive it.”
                      Bob Smith

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

                   D R E A M S                L I S T

         Dreams List has great power . . . literally the power to move
         mountains. My personal list, which I have been adding my
         aspirations to for the past twenty years, presently has more than
two hundred dreams on it, with less than one half yet accomplished.
I cannot fully explain the phenomenal strength this list renders, but it is
impossible for me to feel depressed when I read of each of the many
wonderful places I still want to visit, see all of the brilliant things there
are yet for me to do and know exactly what I want to achieve during the
totality of my lifetime . . . both within and outside of MLM.

    Again, burn this empowering motto into your mind. Make it a part
of your winning philosophy so that you are compelled to design a life
that radiates awesome possibilities: My past does not equal my future!

     There are no limitations to the total number of dreams you can add
to your own list. Only the depth of your vision, the intensity of your
desire and the capacity of your imagination limit you. My ultimate
intention is to have two hundred and fifty inspiring dreams on my own
list before my next birthday, and achieve every last one of them before
I die . . . this includes having vibrant health and vigorous fitness at the
grand age of one hundred years old. Oh, gotta run . . . just thought of
another enticing dream to add to my ever-growing, empowering list.

    Of course, just by writing your desires on a list of dreams, it doesn’t
mean you’ve made a commitment to achieving any of them. Rather, the
writing of the dreams is just an extremely powerful method of clarifying
those desires that excite and motivate you the most. The commitment
to achieving any of your dreams comes only when you turn them into
goals. The entire methodology of goal-setting is discussed in thorough
detail within the next section: The Power of AIM. Read it and feel the
tremendous power at your disposal as your wildest dreams are molded
into focused objectives.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

                  Your Personal Dreams List
    Your networking business can instantly turn 180-degrees, facing
the direction of success and attainment, but only once you have actually
created a list of dreams combined with taking full responsibility for your
own actions. This list holds extraordinary power, but you must
understand that you are the one accountable for your enterprise and
what happens within it.

    Remember: If it is to be . . . it is up to me!

    You will take command of your efforts, and your destiny, once you
internalize your dreams and make them an integral part of you. Let
them spur you into action. Let them spur you into thinking up new
ideas and tackling new projects with a passion you haven’t experienced
since childhood. Let them spur you into wondrous change. As success
breeds greater success, you will start to understand that you can do
anything you choose to do. And the truth is . . . you can.

    Following is a diverse and multifaceted list of dreams ⎯ both within
and outside of MLM ⎯ to stimulate your imagination into achievement-
mode. These, or more exciting and meaningful objectives, you may
wish to add to your Dreams List. As the following examples illustrate,
place them under different categories of your choice.


    Mentor 24 leaders during a single year
    Have 10,000 networkers in my group worldwide
    Build an organization that expands into ten countries
    Earn US$25,000 in a single month through my business
    Publish a book to help create empowered networking winners
    Merit the rank of #1 earning networker in my particular networking
    company for an entire year

                 MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION


   Buy my mother & father a house
   Own a Harley Davidson motorcycle
   Be a part-owner of a chain of restaurants
   Purchase a brand-new Jaguar X-Type automobile
   Own a vacation cottage on a secluded tropical island
   Live in my ‘dream’ oceanview villa, with swimming pool, hot-tub,
   large patio terrace and 7 bedrooms


   Go on an African safari
   Walk on the Great Wall of China
   Stand before the Taj Mahal in India
   See the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem
   Ride a camel around the Pyramids of Egypt
   Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
   Travel on a wine-tasting tour through Europe


   Visit Disney World
   Travel on the Orient Express train
   Spend an exciting week in Las Vegas
   Voyage on the QE2 luxury ocean-liner
   Attend a Formula One race in Monaco
   See a play on Broadway in New York City
   Attend Mardi Gras in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


   Snow ski in Switzerland
   Ride in a hot-air balloon

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

   Freefall parachute jump
   Scuba dive in the Red Sea
   Sail on an ocean-going yacht
   Hike in the Himalayan Mountains
   Climb to the top of Mt. Fuji in Japan

Personal Achievement

   Learn to play the piano
   Earn a university degree
   Author a best-selling book
   Join a Buddhist monastery
   Score a hole-in-one in golf
   Speak a second language fluently
   Live to be one hundred years old
   Be a godparent to someone’s child
   Read the Bible from cover to cover
   Run a mile in less than six minutes
   Become a qualified college professor
   Earn a black-belt in the martial art of Aikido
   Represent my country in the Olympic Games
   Be named in the Guinness Book of World Records

     To attain any of the dreams on your personal list, you do not need
a vast sum of money, you do not need a special education and you do
not need any high-powered contacts. What you do need is to raise your
self-imposed limits, develop greater confidence in your abilities and
take action — Action-Plans and Action-Steps — starting today, one step
at a time, toward the accomplishment of your highest and most glorious
network marketing objectives.


     T I M E          L E A D S
            T O       T H E
   F U L F I L L M E N T
      O F       D R E A M S

 “I have dreamed in my life, dreams that
have stayed with me ever after, and changed
   my ideas; they have gone through and
   through me, like wine through water,
    and altered the color of my mind.”
               Emily Bronte

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

                      P R I O R I T I E S

        iterally every human being has multiple ambitions they would
        like realized. Network marketers, especially, because of the
        magnificent possibilities for wealth-creation offered in MLM
opportunities, have stirred their fires of desire to believe in the attainment
of sizeable objectives. Networkers have amazing aspirations to aim at
through the real-life examples they witness every day who are walking-
the-walk to the upper echelons of success in their respective companies.
However, despite the importance of a focused vision to a networker,
one of the real secrets of accomplishment is in having an understanding
of the importance of ‘time’ and the role it plays in the development of
an ever-expanding, income-producing networking organization.

    William Shakespeare wrote: “Do you love life? Then waste not time,
for time is the stuff that life is made of.” True words indeed. This is
much like the proverb which states that time, like a snowflake, disappears
while we’re trying to decide what to do with it. To achieve success of
any magnitude within the networking profession, you must become
more adept at prioritizing your time and maximizing your schedules.

       Time, your ‘life’ time, is the asset of greatest value in the
       pursuit of your MLM ambitions and in the development
       of your network marketing organization . . . so make the
                most of your time by investing it wisely.

    Many people believe money to be their most valuable asset, but
they are mistaken. If you waste money you will still have an opportunity
to increase your total, often to an amount greater than you had before.
If you waste time though, it is gone forever. You will have wasted a part
of your life and no amount of money will ever bring it back. So spend
your time wisely. Manage time by prioritizing tasks and aim to maximize
your MLM endeavors to their absolute fullest potential.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

    Success begins with first writing a substantial list of every desire you
will ever hold for your future . . . this is your Dreams List. This must
then be followed by the development of detailed Action-Plans, by the
taking of enthusiastic Action-Steps, and by the unyielding observance of
a method for prioritizing your time, your tasks and your activities.

            Pareto’s Law: The 80/20 Formula
    There is a formula — Pareto’s Law — which states that eighty percent
of results come from just twenty percent of the actions involved. This
can be interpreted into your networking efforts to say that only twenty
percent of the tasks or activities on which you could choose to spend
your time will produce eighty percent of the results you seek.

   Following are several examples of Pareto’s Law as it relates to the
development of your networking business:

    Eighty percent of new networkers joining your organization will be
    introduced by just twenty percent of the members within the group.

    Eighty percent of your time spent doing one-on-one presentations
    will be to prospects of just twenty percent of your group’s members.

    Eighty percent of your prospecting success will come from the best
    twenty percent of effective closing techniques you use.

    Eighty percent of your mentoring endeavors will be to the twenty
    percent of members who display the greatest eagerness to learn.

    Eighty percent of your residual income will be generated by the
    efforts of just twenty percent of the people in your downline.

    Eighty percent of your time spent in training situations will be in
    expounding the most potent twenty percent of training materials.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

    Eighty percent of networkers will join a MLM company because
    they want more money, twenty percent will join for other reasons.

    When it comes to accomplishing your networking vision, you will
achieve success faster by identifying your twenty percent of priority
tasks and spending the greater part of your time on them. Focus your
energies every day on identifying and working toward the twenty percent
of priority tasks that will transform your life from one of misdirected
time and misspent energy into one of astronomical personal effectiveness.
The power of Pareto’s Law, once utilized, is that you will attain far more
during your lifetime but with less effort. You will prioritize your time,
increase your self-worth and multiply your personal value, all the while
achieving greater success.

              Networking Is The Spark . . .
            Your Grand Vision Is The Catalyst
    You will always feel an abundance of vibrant enthusiasm for your
particular network marketing opportunity as long as you retain these
two key factors:

    Continual realization that within your hands you hold a phenomenal
    wealth-creating entity in the business of network marketing.

    Continual realization that you have a multitude of exciting, fun and
    empowering things to look forward to . . . all recorded on your
    Dreams List.

     MLM can be the spark that sets your life on fire, whilst your grand
vision is a catalyst that speeds you along life’s exciting road to the ultimate
destination of empowerment and success. Through your power of vision,
you have a remarkable opportunity to ignite the desires that will set
your motivational fires ablaze and keep them burning brilliant and true.

                     MLM POWER - THE POWER OF VISION

    Ask yourself: What are the wildest fantasies and the craziest dreams
that I could ever wish for my life? Then go for it, dream those wild dreams,
take action, make a solid commitment to network marketing, and choose
always to live your life to the maximum.

          No man but himself can decide to choose a thought,
       therefore no man but himself can alter his own conditions
       in life. Whatever a man’s circumstances may presently be,
        he will rise or fall, strengthen or weaken, dependent on
         the power of his mind, the strength of his dreams and
                     the intensity of his grand vision.

     All accomplishment, whether in the business, social, personal or
intellectual world, is the result of focused thinking . . . a solid, substantial
vision is the best way, and perhaps the only way, to direct one’s thoughts.
Once recognition sinks in that you are the one responsible for your life,
the greater the control you will possess for the attainment of your dreams.
You will see accomplishment with greater clarity and, more and more,
you will notice possibilities instead of problems and envision
opportunities in place of obstacles. You can become everything you
have ever admired in others, and you can do, have, be or own anything
that you can possibly imagine. Just see it, know it and believe it . . . then
achieve it.

    With the profession of network marketing as your ally and your
particular MLM company as the wealth-creating vehicle by your side,
determine that from today you will take action to fulfill your vision
with all the enthusiasm you can muster. Do this and you will be delighted
at the good fortune your spirited efforts will generate. The power of a
grand vision is now in position to positively transform your life and
bring to you a worldclass standard of living.


      I have a personal request . . .

Please write and tell me how any aspect of MLM
POWER has positively affected your life. Why not share
your success stories with me so that I may use them as
inspirational examples to others? What Action-Steps
have you taken to dramatically change the direction
of your life for the better? Please explain what you
have done different as a result of reading this book?
What have you been motivated to achieve? In how
many ways has your life been empowered? How have
you improved as a person?

What secrets have you learned about building your
network marketing business to the maximum? What
tips do you have that I can pass on to future readers?
Do you have a favorite story, quote or insight about
networking or direct sales that you’d like to share with
others? Please send your illustrations to me and soon
they may appear together with your name in a future
book for all to see. I am eager to hear from you. Thank
you for reading my work and for fully participating
in the journey of life.

Please contact me at the following e-mail:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enthusiastically yours,

James Lee Valentine



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