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MLM Power Series 08 - Focus


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         The Power Of Focus
            MLM Power Pocketbook 8

                     Copyright ©
                  James Lee Valentine
                  All Rights Reserved

      All parts of the MLM Power Pocketbook Series
        were conceived & developed exclusively
                  by James Lee Valentine

            Feel free to disseminate this e-book
           to the members of your network for
       training and leadership and empowerment

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         Success Disclaimer

MLM Power is intended for the personal
development of network marketing and
direct sales entrepreneurs. This book is of
an empowering nature to stimulate the
creation of ideas and motivate the readers
to greater levels of achievement within
their specific MLM, network marketing
or direct sales business opportunities.

It should be noted that the principles
expressed herein are of the author’s design.
The intention of James Lee Valentine is
to offer inspiration of a general nature to
help all entrepreneurs in their quest for
positive life transformation. In the event
of you using any of the material in MLM
Power, the author and publisher assume
no liability for your actions . . . as your
actions, focused positively, could lead to
a life of phenomenal achievement.


      Clarification of
 MLM & Network Marketing &
        Direct Sales

Throughout this book I frequently refer to
the businesses of MLM, network marketing
and direct sales using any of these terms:

    MLM or multi-level marketing
    Networking or network marketing
    Direct selling or direct sales

These – and all derivatives thereof – follow
a similar system by which a parent company
distributes its products or services through
a NETWORK of independent business
people throughout the free world.

Though there are discernible differences
between MLM, network marketing and
direct sales companies, for all intents and
purposes within MLM Power they are
described as one and the same.


  MLM Power
Pocketbook Eight

The Power Of


  T H E    P O W E R           O F
          F O C U S

 Successful network marketers focus
their achievement-oriented faculties
on positive outcomes. Focus utilizes
the POWER of   ACTION . . . not just
plain action, but immediate and
massive enthusiastic       action,
with the empowering kick-starter being


                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

                             F O C U S

        o focus is to devote all of one’s attention in ONE spot. It is a
        proven fact that it is almost impossible to produce effective results
        when trying to do two or more unrelated activities at the same
time. Successful networkers know this and relentlessly concentrate all
of their achievement-oriented faculties toward the accomplishment of
their singular grandest network marketing mission.

    Applied focus enhances and concentrates the power of action.
However, we are not talking about feeble steps of action here, rather we
are alluding to the phenomenal power that is inherent in massive,
enthusiastic Action-Steps . . . with the kick-starter being: Action TNT!

    This means: Action today not tomorrow!

    The major aim of this Section Eight is to provide increased focus to
the networker who has a burning desire to achieve astounding success
in his or her entrepreneurial endeavors but is uncertain as to what precise
Action-Steps to take. Each chapter of this section in turn will discuss in
detail the five key ingredients of applied focus, being:

        Focused determination
        Enthusiastic action
        Unwavering persistence
        Passionate fires of inspiration
        Unyielding commitment to personal excellence

     The best way to enduring networking success is by displaying focus.
If your desire is to earn a vast residual income through your networking
efforts, you must make the success of your venture the focal point of
your actions. You can attain greatness as an empowered networker and
reach the top levels of MLM achievement, but merely thinking of success
won’t yield it . . . you must demonstrate the power of applied focus.


 F O C U S               I S      T H E
M A G I C                K E Y        T O
   A S T O U N D I N G
         S U C C E S S

 “To focus is to select a goal, determine a
course of action that will bring one to that
goal, and then hold to that action until the
 goal is reached. The magic key is focus.”
             Michael Hanson

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

                   A C T I O N              T N T !

        he most comprehensive way for an entrepreneur to attain massive
        success within the sphere of any network marketing opportunity is
        by taking enthusiastic action toward his or her central aims with
focused determination. It takes focused effort, and plenty of it, to turn a
vision into a successful reality.

     Most unsuccessful networkers lack the focus to generate feelings of
enthusiasm, which can immobilize inertia, so they wait in anticipation
of their lives magically improving. In most cases, little happens and
these individuals waste precious time waiting for their networks to catch
fire. Focused determination, which reinforces clear thinking and leads
to enthusiastic action, is the best approach for networkers to ignite
explosive growth in their groups and is the magic key to lasting success.

    To ignite explosive growth within your network, and dramatically
increase the work-rate of the active networkers within it, a decisive
commitment must be made to faithfully adhere to these three all-
important ‘focus-inducing’ Action-Steps:

        Decide in which areas you will focus your most ardent MLM
        efforts . . . this determines the direction you are aiming.

        Take immediate, unlimited, enthusiastic action toward the
        accomplishment of your objectives.

        Whatever you do, be absolutely determined to stay focused on
        your targets . . . display iron-willed tenacity.

     Use this moment now to ask potent questions, analyze your present
level of focus and understand why your enterprise is perhaps not growing
as fast as it could. Learn from the experience of winners and focus your
effort on the key principles that will have the greatest impact on the
continued expansion and increased profitability of your business.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

                             Action TNT!
    The first key principle to generate explosive growth within your
organization is that of immediacy. This means taking action TODAY.
Immediate action is the primary ingredient of focused determination.
Action today not tomorrow! Don’t think too long about doing something,
practice the winning discipline of doing it today. Action TNT!

     The positive energy released by following this principle is astounding.
Take action today, and every day, and you become empowered, your
adrenaline flows, motivation builds and self-confidence grows.
Immediacy conquers fear, soothes anxiety and gives immense personal
satisfaction to the doer. Be known as an Action Person . . . an empowered
networker who completes tasks, fast!

    Be a leader in networking by taking action today, not tomorrow, on
a consistent daily basis. It is not what action you take once in a while
that shapes your MLM organization, but what diligent effort you commit
to on a continual basis. You reap the reward of whatever you FOCUS
on in life . . . whether your business expands or stagnates is in direct
proportion to the amount of applied focus you attend to it.

        There are a vast number of people who could have been
         networking champions, but they never took ACTION,
         they never made the effort and never joined an MLM
        company. Men and women who were smarter, stronger,
           better educated than the leaders. They could have
             done it, but they never even took the first step.

    Your focus needs to be on the positive. To attain results that count,
you must decide to go after the outcomes for your MLM venture that
are wanted. The more specific you can be, the sharper your focus, then
the greater the power you will command to directly achieve the results
you seek. Keep your energies focused on the desired long-range outcome.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

Know that action in the wrong direction, no matter how enthusiastic,
won’t get you to where you want to go.

        Overcoming Inertia Will Lead The Way
             To An Expanding Network
    Inertia is the restraint that stops you from taking the action that
will move you toward the attainment of your MLM objectives. In
manifesting your aims, it is vitally important that you are able to
overcome inertia and take empowering Action-Steps.

    There is a proverb that states: “The beginning is half the whole.”
Understandably, the first steps in overcoming inertia are the most
challenging of all. Once the ball of achievement is rolling, it is easier to
keep it in motion. An effective key is in having a burning reason for
attaining the goal . . . your desire must be an inferno of fire to inspire.
Another key to overcome inertia is to make an instant start, TODAY,
on whatever it is that needs doing. Once you have created motion, the
momentum will build to keep you progressing in a forward direction.

     Networkers with focused determination develop compelling reasons
to be inspired. Red-hot, flaming desires for specific targets will break
the stalemate of inertia and provide the impetus to take enthusiastic
Action-Steps. Power is essential for the realization of any objective.
Goals are inert and useless without enough momentum to translate
them into being. This force manifests itself in the form of an intense
desire . . . the motive that pushes a networker’s hot-button releasing the
full power of enthusiastic effort.

Q. How can I overcome inertia and get the ball of achievement rolling in a
   favorable direction?

   The answer to this action-inducing Power Question lies within the
application of this powerful five-step formula.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

1. FOCUS on one major MLM objective. Decide on one inspiring aim
   only . . . you cannot effectively chase two unrelated goals at the same

2. WRITE a clear description of this major networking aim on a fresh
   sheet of paper. Be specific.

3. OUTLINE each individual Action-Step required to reach the target
   in the form of an Action-Plan. Write this underneath your MLM
   objective on the same sheet of paper.

4. NOTE the deadline for achieving your goal and also the dates you
   intend accomplishing each individual step.

5. TAKE ACTION, no matter how small, toward the achievement of
   each one of the steps.

     Let today and every day have significance toward your ultimate
networking objectives through your focused determination. If you desire
success in your endeavors, let every day be one of progress in your quest
to realize your goals and manifest your grand vision. Strengthen your
self-resolve by being a MLM achiever . . . tear into the newfound
possibilities in your business with increased vigor. Footprints in the
sands of time are not made by sitting still, so make procrastination your
enemy by displaying boundless enthusiasm and getting stuck into the
tasks at hand in an empowering manner.

    Show focused determination and move forward in the direction of
success today by taking Action-Steps toward the fulfillment of your highest
aspirations. Achieve something else today by reading the next chapter
on the power of action and learn how to generate more energized feelings
for the way you act within the networking profession. Feel the energy
surging through your body as you radiate the vibrant pulse of a leading
networker inflamed by the burning fires of desire.


            A C T I O N !
            A C T I O N !
            A C T I O N !
            A C T I O N !

  “Deep within man dwell those slumbering
powers, powers that would astonish him, that he
 never dreamed of possessing, forces that would
      revolutionize his life if aroused and
               put into action.”
            Orison Swett Marden

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

            A C T I O N !                 A C T I O N !

        he surest way to attain your greatest aspirations is by taking
        ACTION. Networking objectives immediately acted upon will
        drive you toward extraordinary success. You may anxiously want
to achieve your ambitions, you may think about them often and you
may tell everyone you meet that you are focused upon them . . . but the
only way you will ever manifest your networking objectives is through
taking action . . . action . . . action . . . action!

     If your MLM organization has yet to expand in the way you were
initially expecting, and if things are not happening as planned, then
you must do things differently or do different things. The results being
experienced are occurring in direct proportion to your focused endeavors.
You must take personal responsibility and realize it is your actions, or
more critically your lack of them, which are causing your business to
prosper or fail. It is not the actions of your upline leaders, or your mentor,
or the company. If the results coming forth from the efforts of your
networking enterprise are not to your liking, you must be the one to
kick your personal efforts to a higher level.

    Ask this penetrating question to see if you control the ultimate focus
of your own endeavors or not:

Q. Where will I be ten years from now?

     If you do not yet have a clear idea of where you will be ten years
from now . . . you are in trouble. Where will you be ten years from now
if you keep on doing what you have always done? Can you notice that
through the MLM vehicle, your efforts can make a real difference?
Through your specific networking opportunity you have a chance to
achieve all the success you desire by changing what you have always
done. If your answer is not yet crystal clear, understand that you must
get focused and take immediate action to change your direction.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

It is true that ten years from this point in time, you will surely arrive at
the destination at which you are currently aiming.

       Presently, if things are not as good as you would like then
      take personal responsibility for this. Realize that YOU are
     the sole cause of everything that happens in the initial stages
      of your organization’s growth. You manifest the effect with
       your action . . . or lack of action. Blame only yourself for
      the events occurring in your business. Don’t blame outside
          factors or ascribe your failure to other networkers.

    Make the absolute most of today and grasp new opportunities as
they arise. Today is a fresh new day and is the best time to begin the
changes you seek. So . . . make a commitment that from today you will
take action to design a new future. Today, start developing the Action-
Plans and begin putting into motion the Action-Steps that will enable
you to become the successful networker you aspire to be. Understand
that you have within your grasp the ability to empower yourself or to
improve any aspect of your networking endeavors:

        You can dramatically enhance your ability to present any MLM
        business opportunity.

        You can empower yourself to be outrageously self-confident
        when communicating with others.

        You can vastly improve your financial situation by building your
        networking organization in a professional manner.

        You can empower the entrepreneurs in your network to become
        visionary leaders and effective mentors.

    You can improve yourself and your networking strategies. If you
will change, everything around you can transform in miraculous ways.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

Don’t try to change what is outside your reach, change what is inside
your mental powerhouse. In future, when adversity is experienced, view
the situation in new ways. Don’t wish the networking profession were
easier. Instead, decide to become better equipped to handle the ups and
downs through personal development. Don’t wish for fewer difficulties.
Instead, decide to develop more synergistic capability, so that you can
better cope with any challenges that come your way.

     By taking action and embracing the changes that your MLM
    organization generates, you will create your own good fortune.
    You are the one who controls your business and your ultimate
     destiny. Nothing will happen until you make it happen . . . it
      is up to you. It is through the power of your thoughts, your
         decisions and your actions that your future is shaped.

               Motivation . . . The Action Key
                To Ignite Explosive Growth
                    Within Your Network
    Climb into the pilot’s seat of the rocketship called ‘My MLM
Venture’ and start soaring. Through life-transforming positive actions,
you will be the one to set the direction for your business. Sometimes
the journey to ultimate network marketing empowerment may seem a
long and challenging mission, but one well worth taking as a thriving,
profitable organization will radically transform many facets of your life.

     Motivation is the inner urge that induces action or determines choice.
It is the spark that provides a motive to act. The inner urge can be
anything that incites action and can be in the form of a thought, idea,
desire, emotion, feeling or impulse. Motivation can also be inspired by
outside influences, such as the fervor and excitement of an energized
crowd at a network marketing event or the talk of an animated, fired-
up business opportunity presenter.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

    Follow this high-impact three-point formula to motivate yourself
toward remarkable success within the realm of your MLM endeavors
and lead your network toward outstanding excellence. This formula is
analogous to a rocketship blasting free from the earth’s atmosphere and
orbiting successfully in space:

i. Ignition point: First, isolate your motivation. Recognize the many
   major objectives for your enterprise that truly excite you . . . the
   ones that get your passion juices flowing and can ignite and inflame
   your motivational fires. Once these objectives are known, magnify
   your feelings of desire for their attainment until your motivation
   reaches the critical ignition point.

ii. Blast off: Take immediate, unlimited, enthusiastic action toward the
    attainment of these inspired objectives. It is essential that you fully
    utilize the assets at hand ⎯ whatever you presently have to work
    with: skills, training, mentors, materials, catalogues, products,
    technologies ⎯ regardless of how many or how few they may be,
    and blast off into the trajectory of success now.

iii. Cruise control: Navigate your MLM organization to an upper
     stratosphere level and choose to cruise in this ‘success’ orbit. Emulate
     the finest character traits of the chief networkers to keep your passion
     juices potent and your inspirational energies in a sky-high realm.

     Above and beyond what is needed in any other business, within the
network marketing industry you require a vast reserve of motivational
feelings and empowered emotions to achieve any great degree of success.
These are internal powers that will propel you at astronomical speed
toward the attainment of your most magnificent MLM objectives.


  P E R S I S T E N C E :
     T H E         “ I      W I L L
    N E V E R             Q U I T ”
          A T T I T U D E

“To this thought I hold with firm persistence;
  The last result of wisdom stamps it true;
  He only earns his freedom and existence;
      Who daily conquers them anew.”
       Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

                   P E R S I S T E N C E

      ersistence is the essential factor in all major long-term achievement.
      An “I will never quit” attitude is one of the finest qualities that
      network marketers can cultivate for a successful outcome in their
endeavors. If all other advice is ignored in this MLM Power book, any
networker will probably still succeed at most tasks he or she attempts if
they will just apply this one empowering principle: NEVER QUIT!
Achievers never give up, no matter how many disappointments or
setbacks they have. After a fall, they pick themselves up, figure out their
mistakes, apply the lessons they have learned, then . . . try, try, try again.

     As the co-founder of Amway, Richard M. DeVos, ardently stated:
“If I had to select one quality, one personal characteristic that I regard as
being most highly correlated with success, whatever the field, I would
pick the trait of persistence. Determination. The will to endure to the
end, to get knocked down seventy times and get up off the floor saying,
here comes number seventy-one.”

     The common denominator of the most successful network marketers
is in the persistence they display toward overcoming all obstacles and in
keeping on moving ahead toward their most inspiring network marketing
aspirations. It does not matter how fast these entrepreneurial winners
move forward, the vital point is that they are continually advancing:
action first, persistence second, rewards third.

            Action ⎯ Persistence ⎯ Rewards
First: Take Action ⎯ NOW!

    Don’t sit still waiting for an opportunity to raise its pretty head,
it won’t. Take action this instant to capitalize on the greatest opportunity
that is before you now . . . your particular network marketing entity.
Make your efforts today the cause of your success and wealth tomorrow.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

By developing detailed Action-Plans, and by taking immediate Action-
Steps, and by directing them enthusiastically toward your networking
priorities, you will increase the chances of favorable outcomes coming
your way . . . sooner rather than later. With every focused effort made,
you boost the possibility of good fortune in the present, here and now.

Second: Be Persistent ⎯ EVERY DAY!

    Never let a day pass in which you do not devote eager effort toward
the realization of your networking goals. Always keep yourself ‘hot’ on
the idea that you will attain your grandest objectives soon. Follow your
written Action-Plans with accuracy and be persistent in carrying out the
Action-Steps toward the realization of your greatest aims by taking
immediate, enthusiastic action . . . every day!

Third: Attain Riches and Rewards ⎯ YES!

    Networking success is never guaranteed. But the seeds of your richest
desires will have a far greater chance of coming to fruition if you will
follow, persistently, the many empowering principles as outlined here.

              Thinking And Action Principles
    Whenever ‘persistence’ is mentioned throughout this book, let it be
understood that what is meant is persistent effort in a focused direction.
Blind persistence is only for fools. Success and attainment require focused
persistence. This means integrating an “I will never quit” attitude with
these ten dynamic THINKING and ACTION principles:

Thinking Principles

1. Decision: Become crystal clear on the short-term objectives that must
   be achieved in your quest for long-term networking success. Have
   firmness of decision concerning your future. Know exactly what it
   is that you desire . . . clarity of decision is so vital.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

2. Direction: A target must be chosen, and clearly outlined, before a
   meaningful direction can be identified. Once your objective is
   known, focus in one direction will multiply your personal powers
   enabling you to be more persistent in your daily efforts.

3. Purpose: Be specific in your reasons for wanting to reach your
   objective. Definiteness of purpose is vitally important in setting
   inspiring goals that ‘fire’ you into action. With an empowering
   purpose that sets your soul ablaze, your rewards can be unlimited.

4. Goals: Once you have established exceptional goals to ignite your
   fires of desire, fan the flames by keeping your mind’s eye on the
   ultimate target. Picturing the end-result in your mental powerhouse
   will keep your motivational engine running ‘hot’ as you pursue the
   successful achievement of your most ambitious aims.

5. Calm: Practice tranquility by being at peace with the universe. Don’t
   burn yourself out through too much intense effort. Leave your work
   from time to time and relax completely. Upon your return, your
   judgment will be clearer and your energies will be restored to a
   greater degree than before.

Action Principles

6. Action: Action is undoubtedly the most potent component of
   persistent effort . . . but it must be taken NOW to be most effective.
   Keep moving forward. Keep writing Action-Plans. Keep taking
   Action-Steps. Keep searching for more empowering ways to express
   your efforts. Immediate, enthusiastic action is what’s needed to
   manifest the rewards you seek through your networking enterprise.
   Action is the most powerful success key of all.

7. Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is the fuel that speeds you to your
   destination. There is no equivalent to enthusiasm in the explosion
   of vibrant energy it can bring to your endeavors. Enthusiasm is what

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

    keeps one’s desire for accomplishment blazing. Develop a reserve of
    ‘fired-up’ enthusiasm to impel yourself to perform the persistent
    actions that will literally blast you past the winning post.

8. Excellence: Always deliver maximum effort in the quest to produce
   superior results . . . give your very best effort, expect your very best
   effort and accept only the very best effort from yourself. The size
   and quality of your enterprise will be measured in direct relation to
   your personal commitment to excellence. The stronger the
   dedication shown to precision in reaching your ideals, the greater
   the ultimate reward. Perform to the foremost of your abilities in
   everything you do . . . and outstanding results will materialize.

9. Passion: Your life will literally be a paradise on earth once you display
   an inflamed passion toward all networking activities. Instill a deep
   passion within yourself to always be fired-up for your particular
   MLM opportunity. Perform with the greatest measure of persistent
   passion . . . and the world will be your oyster.

10. Confidence: Develop immense self-confidence in advance of the
    triumphant accomplishment of your network marketing aims. This
    will be a major key enabling you to display the persistent efforts
    necessary for a victorious result. Intense self-belief in your personal
    ability to perform at the highest level is needed, in tandem with
    huge self-assurance, to spur you on to achieving the Action-Steps
    required for a successful outcome.

    For sure, you will possess the attribute of focused persistence when
you combine the preceding ten principles with your own potent “I will
always persist” attitude. However, it is only when you consistently
concentrate your entrepreneurial efforts in a forward direction that you
will unleash the full awesome potential of unwavering focus.


     L E A D S             T O
T H E         L A N D            O F
       M A S T E R Y

“Whether or not you reach your goals
 in life depends entirely on how well
you prepare for them and how badly
  you want them. You are an eagle.
Stretch your wings and fly to the sky.”
           Ronald McNair

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

                   I N S P I R A T I O N

       nthusiasm is an effect of inspiration . . . the greater the ‘inspired’
       feelings displayed toward something, the more euphoric the
       enthusiastic feelings generated. To stimulate more enthusiasm
for your particular business opportunity and to be radically inspired as
an empowered networker, you must instill more excitement for your
enterprise. It is the sheer thrill of working toward invigorating objectives
that will arouse extraordinary feelings of inspiration.

    Review your lists of MLM goals to find major objectives you can
display excitement for now, then take immediate and impassioned
enthusiastic action toward their attainment. Remember this empowering
motto: Take action . . . to be inspired . . . to be on fire! As Thomas Edison,
the great inventor, stated: “Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration.
Begin, and inspiration will find you.”

     You must be the one to ignite the fires of inspiration ⎯ you are the
only person who can set them ablaze ⎯ and the flames must be
continually fanned by you to keep the fires of desire burning hot. The
first flickering embers of inspiration are lit from the simple deed of
taking enthusiastic action toward the achievement of any objective. It is
action that fans the flames and keeps them blazing.

     Steady progress each and every day toward your networking targets
is all you need to keep enthused and inspired. Inspiration is magical
because it is the inspiration itself that will lead you on past obstacles
and challenges, via opportunities and possibilities, into the golden land
of mastery and affluence.

    The network marketer who makes errors along his or her journey
to success is half way to the target already. The very fact this man or
woman is making mistakes means that action is already being taken
toward the objectives. All this individual requires is greater applied focus

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

in setting an empowering course of Action-Plans and Action-Steps, and a
personal commitment to excellence in his or her networking endeavors,
then they will surely reach the designated destination.

         When you make a mistake, large or small, it is vital
          that you get back on track to success immediately.
        An instant boost of inspiration is needed to your system.
           You will get this by taking an immediate burst of
        super-charged, enthusiastic action toward your targets.

    A zest for life is a natural instinct when things are humming along
smoothly. However, it is when things start to get tough or begin taking
a turn for the worst that it is most essential for you to keep your levels of
enthusiasm high and your fires of inspiration burning strong. To achieve
a successful outcome, it may be necessary for you to overcome frequent
times of trouble and conquer many adverse conditions.

    To sustain consistently high levels of enthusiasm, and stay inspired
for the attainment of your most awe-inspiring objectives during bad
times as well as good, is one of the greatest success-traits you can develop.
Study the leading network marketers and you will observe men and
women who display the trait of ‘continuous inspiration’ every time you
see them. They are always up.

   The attainment of success within any networking venture is primarily
controlled by one state of mind only.

    This is: A positive mental attitude.

    What transpires in real life within your network isn’t nearly as
important as what optimistic thoughts you focus on and what
empowered attitude you display to get your business running on the
winning track. Your ability to be inspired comes when you use the power
of focus to direct you along the road to success.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

           An Environment Of Inspiration Will
             Increase The Fun Of Being A
                   Network Marketer
    Many networking companies, especially in the modern hi-tech work
environment, place a high premium on inspiration. Is your particular
networking opportunity an example of this? If you are involved with a
company that doesn’t tolerate inspirational ideas, you are possibly
working with an enterprise that’s eventually going nowhere for you.
Why stay on board a ship that refuses to leave the harbor, is probably
barnacle-encrusted and may even be sinking? Life is too important and
too much fun to spend it with losers.

    It is wise indeed to spend your time with open-minded companies,
ones that encourage inspired uniqueness. Develop inspiration in an
environment that is creative and this will help to spark your networking
efforts into an inferno of inspired ingenuity.

         The famous playwright Noël Coward once said that
           work is much more fun than fun. What he was
          alluding to is the immense fulfillment that comes
          from having a vocation that motivates men and
         women and lights their inspirational fires. Network
              marketing can be such a vocation for you.

    Treat your MLM venture as significant and feel inspired to be an
integral member of an empowered enterprise. The difference between
performing with unhappy drudgery in your tasks or cheerful uplifting
effort is often no more than personal perspective . . . which is determined
by your positive mental attitude. Treat the company you are associated
with as consequential, and the inspiration that flows will increase in
direct proportion to the tasks becoming more meaningful.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

    Put some magical inspiration into your business. With a new view of
your networking exertions as stimulating and enjoyable, and an attitude
tuned into being creatively inspired, it won’t be too long before your
organization starts building momentum and generating large income . . .
another self-fulfilling prophesy.

    Do not compromise your life by staying too long in a vocation
    that holds no great joy for you. Get your inspirational juices
       flowing by being in control of your professional destiny
           and being part of an empowering organization.

     Being a highly successful and widely respected network marketing
leader ⎯ one of the outstanding winners in MLM ⎯ is this one of
your greatest yearnings? If so, are you obsessed with this aspiration?
Does this vision captivate you and pull your heartstrings? Do you tell
everyone you meet that being an inspired networker is what you are?
Is awesome success in networking one of your major goals? Do you
think of MLM as your life’s calling? Have you written many inspiring
objectives and developed Action-Plans to attain them? If you desire success
as an empowered networker, ask yourself questions such as these to see
if you are serious about success in this calling, in particular:

    Q. Am I acting as an empowered networker anywhere today?

    To achieve your goals, you must be willing to invest the necessary
time and persist at doing what it takes. There is no such thing as an
overnight success. Instant mastery, right now, will not occur. You must
persevere in your aspirations and have faith in a successful long-term
outcome. Develop magical feelings of inspiration by being fired-up about
your MLM enterprise. Well-planned goals and enthusiastic action,
combined with a commitment to excellence, are what will get you to
the pinnacle of success in any networking opportunity, nothing less.


   C O M M I T                 T O
   I N C R E A S I N G
Y O U R        P E R S O N A L
           V A L U E

     “The worth of a person’s life
    is in direct proportion to their
      commitment to increasing
        their personal value.”
         James Lee Valentine

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

            P E R S O N A L                   V A L U E

       our value is determined first and foremost by the intensity of
       your dedication to top performance. The quality of your life
       will always be in direct proportion to your commitment to
personal excellence . . . the stronger your dedication to precision in
reaching your ideals, the greater the ultimate rewards you will reap.

    By performing to your foremost ability in all networking endeavors,
you can produce results of outstanding achievement in your quest for a
fabulous lifestyle. If you never settle for second best in anything, you
will be the one who is favored with a measure of success in everything.
As Henry Ford, the greatest industrialist of the twentieth century, stated:
“Strive for perfection, but settle for excellence.”

    Your personal value will rapidly increase and a decisive commitment
to excellence will be forged when you develop singleness of purpose.
This is excelling to the greatest of your ability within ONE particular
sphere of activity . . . the direct sales industry, for example. Your own
commitment to personal excellence will manifest in the daring decision
to give one hundred percent effort to all tasks leading to the achievement
of your most cherished ambitions.

    You will gain merit through high-octane, all-out, top performance
action. No matter the task you have to accomplish, always give it your
very best shot. Strive for excellence and perform to the upper limits of
your ability. As the leading networkers can confirm, one’s finest efforts
will pay off handsomely in the long run.

    A vital ingredient of developing a commitment to excellence is in
applying integrity to the fulfillment of top performance action. Integrity,
in essence, can be defined as honesty. All enduring success is built upon
the solid foundation of truth, trust and fairness. The straightest and
surest path to the creation of a successful network marketing enterprise

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

is through the application of integrity in everything you do. It is the
supreme factor in the building of character and of developing ultimate
network marketing empowerment.

            Increase Your Personal Value To
            Increase Your Personal Success
    Vast wealth can come to any networker who creates outstanding
personal value . . . the person who places a large worth on their own life.
The individual who makes himself or herself valuable is the one who
more often than not will reap the reward of great providence and achieve
excellence in their endeavors. As the internationally acclaimed motivator,
Jim Rohn, says: “Work hard on your job and you can make a living, but
work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.”

    During your lifetime, you are paid exactly what you are worth. No
matter your earnings, whether five dollars per hour or five million dollars
per year, this is your personal value . . . and this is determined by YOU.
Is Madonna worth an income of around fifty million dollars per year?
Yes is the answer. Is Oprah Winfrey worth annual earnings of over one
hundred million dollars? Again, the answer is yes.

    Whether you earn a lowly pittance through your network marketing
enterprise, or your income amounts to vast mountainous sums, you are
paid for bringing your value to the marketplace . . . the marketplace
being wherever you or your product or your service is bought or sold or
traded. In the case of Madonna and Oprah Winfrey, the marketplace
for each of them is global in scope.

    Is it possible for any person to become two, three or many times as
valuable as he or she presently is? Is it possible for him or her to earn
two, three or many times their present income in the same amount
of time? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding YES!
The person accomplishes this by increasing his or her personal worth.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

    Jay Abraham, a top financial consultant, says: “Wealth, prosperity
and success come to those people who create great value in themselves.”
One of the fundamental keys in increasing value is to work harder on
you than you work on your job. In relation to creating a successful MLM
business, this means first instilling leadership qualities into you before
attempting to instill them within the individuals of your organization.
Yes . . . personal development is the key to increased personal value.

         Personal Development Will Increase
                Your Personal Value
    To vastly increase your value as a networker, you first need to work
wholeheartedly on the personal development side of yourself. Start by
doing what you love and loving what you do . . . you really must love
being involved with MLM. This is a major secret of success and will
help in keeping your levels of inspiration and enthusiasm sky-high.
Develop your creative talents and abilities around objectives of
consequence, then acquire the skills you will need to be an outstanding
network marketer and one of the respected leaders in this profession.
Change your mindset in an empowering and constructive direction and
your entire life can explode into wondrous change.

      You need to place a tremendous value on your own worth.
     This is not an egotistical statement but an important reality.
       You must increase your personal value for you to achieve
              significant success and lasting gratification.

     Successful networkers promote themselves and are self-confident
fires of passion for the network marketing industry. They are their own
number one fans and let their prospects know in no uncertain terms
that their MLM opportunity is absolutely the best. These winners know
it is they, themselves, who must take top performance action today to
be an excellent role model for others, always leading by example.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF FOCUS

    Distinguish yourself in your networking efforts through a
commitment to personal excellence, then begin harvesting your riches.
By performing to the very best of your abilities, you will have an
incredible opportunity to succeed big-time with your MLM venture.
Within network marketing, the possibilities you have available before
you to succeed almost anywhere in the world are truly staggering.

     Very few of the top networkers today had their early times
     in MLM easy . . . neither should you expect any free rides.
     These leaders hustled with masses of enthusiasm, persevered
        with vast quantities of confidence, and never gave up
          believing in the golden networking opportunity.

     When you perform to the best of your abilities, you will possess
resilience with which you can accomplish tasks. You will be able to
complete your network marketing objectives with raised levels of speed,
skill and stamina. As each task is completed, you will find yourself with
increased will-power and higher levels of self-confidence to enhance
your ability to achieve the next task. A greater quality of effort will
result in a greater quantity of performance. This cycle feeds upon itself:
the greater your energized actions toward this effort, the easier the
attainment of it, and the greater still the next performance.

    Aim to get the highest possible result from every action you expend
in your MLM endeavors from this moment forward. With a positive
winning attitude focused on personal excellence, your worth to your
organization can be exponentially compounded. Once you begin this
shift toward aligning yourself with the awesome power of focused
determination, all aspects of your life and every facet of your business
will transform in the most spectacular ways.


      I have a personal request . . .

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POWER has positively affected your life. Why not share
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inspirational examples to others? What Action-Steps
have you taken to dramatically change the direction
of your life for the better? Please explain what you
have done different as a result of reading this book?
What have you been motivated to achieve? In how
many ways has your life been empowered? How have
you improved as a person?

What secrets have you learned about building your
network marketing business to the maximum? What
tips do you have that I can pass on to future readers?
Do you have a favorite story, quote or insight about
networking or direct sales that you’d like to share with
others? Please send your illustrations to me and soon
they may appear together with your name in a future
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Enthusiastically yours,

James Lee Valentine


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