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MLM Power Series 10 - Riches


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        The Power Of Riches
           MLM Power Pocketbook 10

                     Copyright ©
                  James Lee Valentine
                  All Rights Reserved

      All parts of the MLM Power Pocketbook Series
        were conceived & developed exclusively
                  by James Lee Valentine

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           to the members of your network for
       training and leadership and empowerment

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         Success Disclaimer

MLM Power is intended for the personal
development of network marketing and
direct sales entrepreneurs. This book is of
an empowering nature to stimulate the
creation of ideas and motivate the readers
to greater levels of achievement within
their specific MLM, network marketing
or direct sales business opportunities.

It should be noted that the principles
expressed herein are of the author’s design.
The intention of James Lee Valentine is
to offer inspiration of a general nature to
help all entrepreneurs in their quest for
positive life transformation. In the event
of you using any of the material in MLM
Power, the author and publisher assume
no liability for your actions . . . as your
actions, focused positively, could lead to
a life of phenomenal achievement.


      Clarification of
 MLM & Network Marketing &
        Direct Sales

Throughout this book I frequently refer to
the businesses of MLM, network marketing
and direct sales using any of these terms:

    MLM or multi-level marketing
    Networking or network marketing
    Direct selling or direct sales

These – and all derivatives thereof – follow
a similar system by which a parent company
distributes its products or services through
a NETWORK of independent business
people throughout the free world.

Though there are discernible differences
between MLM, network marketing and
direct sales companies, for all intents and
purposes within MLM Power they are
described as one and the same.


  MLM Power
 Pocketbook Ten

The Power Of


    T H E     P O W E R            O F
           R I C H E S

 Network marketing is a way for people
 to attain their most glorious aspirations:
  financially, emotionally, spiritually.
 MLM offers an opportunity to tap into
     the   abundance that is the
  unlimited prosperity of the universe.

You are the body, MLM the breath,
       God the SOUL!

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

                            R I C H E S

        iches, as defined within MLM Power, represent all of the
       incredible rewards the business of network marketing has to
       offer, including the luxury of time freedom, prosperity, applause,
recognition, wisdom, exotic travel, residual income, friendship, success
and financial independence. All of these assets are wealth to a network
marketer and are considered as part of the richness of MLM.

   If you desire to attract an avalanche of abundance into your personal
world, you must become mentally wealthy by developing a ‘prosperity
consciousness’. This means to be aware of the unlimited affluence that
continually surrounds you, both inside the realm of network marketing
and outside MLM encompassing all facets of your life.

    Within this Section Ten, you will learn how to develop an
enlightened awareness of riches. You will realize the importance of having
supreme faith in your wealth-creating abilities. Your present level of
riches, or lack thereof, results from your thinking.

     What you program into your mental powerhouse is what you will
get. Your mind and your dominant beliefs are what create your current
reality. Your mind will keep you rich or poor depending on how well
you fine-tune it for attracting abundance.

    Your thoughts are energy . . . they are powerful forces. Therefore,
what you think, speak and believe is what materializes throughout all
aspects of your networking business . . . both positive and negative.

     Believe that every financial desire can be attained and you will create
a consciousness of prosperity in your mind. Think poor and stay poor
or think rich and become rich. THINK RICH! It is through applying
this power that you will manifest the conditions of wealth and abundance
you desire through your networking endeavors.


           D E V E L O P                  A
              S U P R E M E
         P R O S P E R I T Y
  C O N S C I O U S N E S S

   “Prosperity is not just having things. It is the
consciousness that attracts the things. Prosperity is a
 way of living and thinking, and not just having
  money or things. Poverty is a way of living and
thinking, and not just a lack of money or things.”
                 Eric Butterworth

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

                P R O S P E R I T Y
             C O N S C I O U S N E S S

         aving a ‘prosperity consciousness’ means many things. It means
         being mentally rich. It means creating thoughts of generosity,
         abundance and affluence. It means becoming aware of the
absolute bounty of the universe that is a river of wealth running daily
through our lives. It means developing the discipline of being rich and
outgoing to all people. It means offering the gift of oneself by
contributing as much pleasure to others as possible. It means embracing
all mankind in a compassionate hug, and it means being open-armed
to the world in its abundant totality.

    Within the arena of network marketing, become empowered by
displaying the characteristics of a businessman or woman who gives more
than receives. Be generous with the time you spend mentoring
networkers. Be generous with your endeavors toward building a large
networking enterprise that can positively transform many lives.

    Be generous in the quality of effort you put into your quest toward
mastery of MLM. Be generous in the respect you show for all areas of
your particular network marketing opportunity. You can afford to be
generous, for an endless source of wealth and riches is forever accessible
to you when you choose the path that leads to a prosperity consciousness.

                     The Ocean Of MLM
     The Ocean of MLM is an analogy for the richness of the entire
spectrum of network marketing. For this ocean contains in abundance
all that you could ever desire to attain through your most ardent
networking efforts: all the trappings of success, all the time freedom, all
the accumulated wisdom of the ages, all the financial independence,
all the recognition and applause, and all the riches of life.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

    Some networkers venture to the Ocean of MLM and merely take a
cupful of the lavishness it holds, whilst others take almost nothing. You
can choose to drive a turbo-pump right into the depths of this ocean so
that you can obtain every drop of success desired. No matter how much
you take from the Ocean of MLM, and even though millions of
networkers worldwide are continuously taking on a daily basis, there is
no way it will ever run dry. This is not possible, because the Ocean of
MLM is infinitely full.

    The container that is used to take from the Ocean of MLM is your
consciousness . . . your thoughts. It is not important what has previously
happened in your life, what matters is where you are now heading.
With network marketing, you have a vehicle upon which you can hitch
your star. What will determine your level of networking success is what
you now think and believe about prosperity. It is your ability to make
decisions, and your capacity to accept this wealth into your life, that
will attract infinite riches to you.

                Develop An Awareness Of
                 The Abundance Of MLM
    Develop an awareness of the marvelous abundance of your
networking opportunity and feed your mind positive thoughts of all
that it entails. It will be the consequence of your choices as to whether
you experience prosperity and develop a flourishing MLM organization,
or whether you encounter lack and scarcity.

    This instant, now, why not evaluate your awareness of prosperity in
these areas:

    Income: Does your MLM venture produce a large stream of residual
    income, or none at all? Do you have thousands of eager networkers
    in your group who are toiling on your behalf each hour of every
    day, or do you have only a few half-hearted individuals who don’t


even care about their own success, let alone yours? Think about it,
how much money do you need to begin in most network marketing
businesses . . . how much money to build a networking enterprise
that can literally span the globe and produce untold abundance?
The answer is an infinitesimal sum to purchase a rudimentary starter-
pack in most present day network marketing companies. It’s not
the amount of money that’s the critical issue in determining MLM
success, it’s a combination of two factors: personal effort and mindset.
In terms of personal effort, the key principle is this: the more effort
you give, the more reward you will receive. Regarding your mindset,
learn to display generosity in your attitude to enjoying money,
because what you think ⎯ empowering or disempowering ⎯ will
determine how much income you are blessed with. When your
mindset changes from insufficiency to abundance, you will positively
transform your consciousness. This will greatly influence your
income and you will grow richer.

Time: Do you have plenty of time with which to build a thriving
networking organization, or do you always feel time-pressured to
the limit, thereby accomplishing objectives of little value? Again,
what you think and believe is what will be produced in your reality.
If you feel you have all the time in the world in which to manifest
your grandest MLM vision, you will intuitively experience an
abundance of it. Remember that every networker has the same
twenty-four hours available in each day for building his or her own
network and for developing leaders within their group. It is your
thoughts and beliefs concerning time and how you schedule it that
makes the greatest difference to your overall success.

Enthusiasm: Do you display great passion for your specific network
marketing business, or do you constantly experience weariness?
If you are literally ‘on-fire’ for the possibilities inherent in your
particular opportunity, then you are wealthy in terms of enthusiasm
and you will possess vibrant zest in large measure. You command
the choice . . . you can arise each morning feeling healthy, strong

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

    and full of energy ready to give your all for another magnificent day
    of tremendous accomplishment. Whether you exude boundless
    enthusiasm for network marketing or you convey boredom,
    remember this is always your choice.

    Success: How do you feel about achievement in your networking
    endeavors? Are you experiencing successful circumstances, or not?
    It is all controlled from within you . . . by your mindset. If you
    think of yourself as being successful, whatever success ultimately
    means to you, then this is great and you are prosperous in success.
    Understand that it is your choice as to whether you develop an
    awareness of all the possibilities and opportunities that surround
    you within the MLM profession, or whether you do not. It is your
    awareness of this extravagance of potentiality that will manifest good
    fortune in your life.

    To create a powerful prosperity consciousness, your mind must be
tuned to the wavelength of riches and abundance . . . synchronized
with the frequency of success. You must amplify a state of mind that
absolutely accepts there is enough of everything for everyone. You must
develop a mental powerhouse that looks at all entrepreneurial business
opportunities as wondrous adventures full of rewarding experiences and
enormous personal fulfillment.

     As an empowered network marketer, you possess a wealth of
entrepreneurial skills that are just waiting for the Action-Steps to put
them into forward motion. So . . . act today and choose to attract the
affluence you desire by creating a vivid prosperity consciousness. Decide
now to magnetize the power of riches in your life through this
empowering mindset.


       Y O U          H A V E
     U N L I M I T E D
   T O        P R O S P E R

“If you view all the things that happen to
you, both good and bad, as opportunities,
  then you operate out of a higher level
            of consciousness.”
               Les Brown

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

                  O P P O R T U N I T Y

        nother step toward magnetizing the power of riches and
        developing a strong prosperity consciousness is to understand
        there are an unlimited number of extraordinary opportunities
for increasing abundance that can be found throughout all aspects of a
network marketing enterprise:

        Extraordinary opportunities for escalating wealth to outrageous
        financial levels.

        Extraordinary opportunities for developing an empowered
        entrepreneurial spirit.

        Extraordinary opportunities for creating a worldclass standard
        of living.

    An attitude tuned to the frequency of prosperity and abundance
will be your guide toward an unlimited number of life-transforming
possibilities within MLM. Where are they you ask? Everywhere . . . all
around us at all times. Focus your mind on positive outcomes and
develop an attitude of “I can see extraordinary opportunities everywhere”
and definitely you will soon see them.

      Acknowledge The Incredible Abundance
            Within Network Marketing
    Learn to honor the phenomenal exuberance of wealth that exists
within the MLM opportunity. Allow yourself to become aware of the
incredible potential for abundance that exists in your specific company.
Look for and acknowledge the tremendous affluence and the vast
storehouse of riches that surround you every day in the network
marketing business . . . it is in the smallest things as well as the greatest:

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

       It is in the global business opportunity
       It is in the encouragement of the mentors
       It is in the dedication of your upline leaders
       It is in the diverse training programs offered
       It is in the high income-producing possibilities
       It is in the friendship of your fellow networkers
       It is in the determination of striving entrepreneurs

    For this abundance, be appreciative and show gratitude. Develop
the habit of saying thank you to the universe on a regular basis for
bringing these fabulous opportunities to you. Learn to appreciate
everything in your life. There is no lack or limitation in this world.
The only lack is in your own mind, caused by poverty thinking. As the
Bible states: “The power that has created us has put everything here for
us, and it is up to us to deserve and accept.”

    Look for and behold the enormous wealth that is all around us in
the MLM industry. Not just in the colossal earnings of successful
networkers, but in everything. Do not wait for things to come to you.
Take action to make it happen and search for things in MLM right now
that you can feel prosperous about. Express appreciation for the top
earners in your particular company who are blessed with having massive
incomes. This is the best way to set your mind into the acceptance-
mode ready for a flood of riches to materialize for you. Recognition of
the prosperity that surrounds you will definitely help to ease you along
the journey to attaining fulfillment with non-material wealth. As Oscar
Wilde declared: “Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In
your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”

        The Abundant Opportunities In MLM
                 Are Everywhere
    Network marketing, in its kaleidoscopic splendor, is here for us to
celebrate its many wondrous facets. In this business, there are an

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

extraordinary number of opportunities to experience, but at times we see
only lack and limitation. We must learn how to gaze deeper into the true
essence of MLM . . . recognizing that the possibilities surrounding us are
infinite. This will positively affect our prosperity consciousness so that
we can attract more wealth through our entrepreneurial activities.

         The abundant opportunities inherent in MLM have
       brilliantly revolutionized the way millions and millions
        of people worldwide now conduct business. What was
        once seen as distasteful or inappropriate, for many is
        now a mainstream pathway to success and affluence.

    We must acknowledge that there are immense opportunities
surrounding us in network marketing. But we must also accept the fact
that nothing will transpire until we make a commitment to personal
excellence in our networking endeavors. It is only when we combine
the enormous force of a prosperity consciousness together with personal
excellence that we will reap the rewards of abundant success.

    To illustrate this, three Power Questions will now be asked of you,
each one with a portrayal of how best to take effective action to attain
outstanding results through excellent performance:

    Commitment: Do I possess the fortitude to stick-with-it and build a
    flourishing network? When a couple celebrates their Golden 50th
    Wedding Anniversary, they are applauded for their commitment to
    each other. This magical word ‘commitment’ is the secret of their
    successful marriage. The same is true of networking or any other
    business . . . to be successful one must stay committed to the job at
    hand. Why is it then that many networkers quit working with one
    company as soon as they hit a rocky patch, then ‘jump into bed’
    with another networking venture? These people obviously do not
    know the secret of success, which is to stay firmly committed to
    excellent performance at only one business opportunity.


Grand Vision: Have I defined the breathtaking dreams that can inspire
my organization to enthusiastic action? Most networkers confuse a
grand vision with vague ideas of what they want for their lives.
Whenever asked to describe the most wondrous visualization of their
‘dream’ car or ‘dream’ house or ‘dream’ lifestyle, they reply with
vague descriptions that are fuzzy images. These are not a grand vision
at all, but weak prayers without even the faith to launch them.
It is only the grandest of visions that can empower you with the
dynamism needed to pursue your networking endeavors with
excellent performance . . . every day, not just once in a while. If you
want to attain success within the networking profession, you must
arise with a fire in your gut every morning. A grand vision of your
greatest desires will light this motivational fire.

Action-Plans: How potent are the plans which can trigger explosive
growth within my network? Once a networker has expressed his or
her firm COMMITMENT to excellent performance within one
particular networking enterprise, they must light a blazing fire of
enthusiasm that can’t be extinguished. This flaming passion is ignited
through a GRAND VISION for a future that is so enormously
compelling they are driven to succeed. Next is the development of
written ACTION-PLANS to empower themselves and the members
of their organization with a specific direction in which to aim their
greatest efforts. Once the true course is established, enthusiastic
ACTION-STEPS must be taken. These four components, when
implemented in unison, will almost certainly guarantee the conquest
of any network marketing opportunity worldwide.


              B E I N G
    P R O S P E R O U S
           I S      Y O U R

“Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued;
  it must ensue, and it only does so as the
   unintended side-effect of one’s personal
 dedication to a cause greater than oneself.”
               Viktor Frankl

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

                     P R O S P E R I T Y

        ou have a responsibility to succeed with the building of your
        networking organization on a massive wealth-creating scale that
        positively transforms the lives of the multitude . . . you are
obligated to accomplish your networking desires and become prosperous.
Recognize that the more success you attain, the stronger your position
to help other networkers reach affluence in their lives. Become victorious
by building a global business and you have an opportunity to impact
literally tens of thousands of people worldwide . . . but fail and you will
be helping no one at all. Be a winner by developing a powerful prosperity
consciousness that can propel you forward to awesome achievement.

     Be one of the leaders and create the mindset of a champion in all
networking activities. By being in the winner’s circle of life you are in
the best place from which to positively impact the lives of other people.
Champions breed champions. Be one of the leaders and discover the
extraordinary possibilities that exist within MLM. It is your responsibility
to be successful. When you are a winner it rubs off on others. Enthusiasm
is contagious . . . so is success. By being a member of the winner’s circle,
you can personally decide to assist vast numbers of networkers.

         Be Generous And Contribute To The
            Success Of Other Networkers
    In networking, as with most things in life, we get back what we give
out. This is best expressed this way: The more we give, the more we get.
This is why some people earn so much from this business . . . financially
and emotionally. These individuals take advantage of the unlimited
opportunities to contribute good to others. The most successful
networkers have an urge to positively transform the lives of all members
of their networks by giving of themselves. The phrase ‘living is giving’
comes to mind, as does this story of The Two Seas.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

                               The Two Seas
        The Sea of Galilee is fed by many rivers and streams rich in
        minerals, nutrients and oxygen. It receives their contribution
        and passes it on. It receives, it gives and it lives. The Sea of
        Galilee is a living sea! Likewise, the Dead Sea is fed by
        many rivers and streams rich in minerals, nutrients and
        oxygen. But rather than receiving their contribution and
        passing it on, it keeps and stores. The Dead Sea doesn’t give
        and it doesn’t live. It is a dead sea!

    So goes your life: If you give, you live . . . and the more you give, the
more you live. The same applies to your networking organization: the
more you give, the more you get back. Do not decide that when you
get, then you will give. You have to give first . . . then you will receive
what you desire, multiplied too.

                Do You Want To Be Wealthy?
                 Mix With Wealthy People
    The positive energy of successful people is an aura of power, which
you should tap into. For instance: prosperous entrepreneurs think rich
thoughts, make great wealth-creating decisions, develop extreme Action-
Plans and complete successful projects. You can avail of this vibration of
positive ‘affluence’ energy and use it to your tremendous advantage just
by being in the presence of prosperous individuals.

    You meet a multitude of people every day through your networking
endeavors. Choose to associate with only those wealthy or flamboyant
human beings you want to be like in your life. Without too many
exceptions, the kind of person you hang around with is the kind of
individual you are. It is known that if losers hang around with stray
dogs long enough, they will surely catch fleas. Winners choose instead
to soar with the eagles, flying high in the stratosphere of success.

                  MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

   Do you want to be a star networker? Make friends with the leaders
   and model their commitment.
   Do you want to be an empowered mentor? Be mentored yourself
   by the best mentors in network marketing.
   Do you want to be a competent leader? Develop your leadership
   skills and abilities extensively.
   Do you want to be an effective presenter of your MLM opportunity?
   Practice yours every day.
   Do you want to be a gifted orator? Learn speech techniques from
   talented linguists.
   Do you want to attain incredible wealth? Do business with a direct
   sales millionaire and model his or her strategies.
   Do you want to be successful in networking? Mix with a champion
   networker and model his or her winning qualities.

    Join a reputable network marketing company to have an opportunity
to mix with wealthy, resourceful and empowered networkers. Ensure
you go to the places where the kinds of people you want to be like are
gathering. Association works.

             Get Invisible Counseling From
                  Special Role Models
    As well as real-life role models, you need the support of invisible
counselors. Whether you ever had the chance to meet them, this doesn’t
matter. These should be successful people who, during their lives,
accomplished things you respect and admire. Select people whom you
can feel an affinity with. You may have never met your heroes, but let
them inspire you to success nonetheless.

   Examples could include:

       Inventors: Leonardo de Vinci or Thomas Edison
       Explorers: Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

        Philosophers: Aristotle or Socrates
        Authors: Jane Austen or Charles Dickens
        Track Stars: Carl Lewis or Wilma Randolph
        Conquerors: Genghis Khan or Julius Caesar
        Industrialists: Henry Ford or Andrew Carnegie
        Females: Madame Curie or Florence Nightingale
        Ancients: Alexander the Great or Cleopatra of Egypt

    You can receive incredible inspiration from your invisible counselors.
Obtain pictures of your role models and put them into a prosperity file
or hang them on your walls. These people are your ‘mentors for success’
and their virtuous character traits are what you should try to emulate
for your own good fortune.

    Fuel your fires of desire by often acknowledging your role models.
Feel great joy whenever their past success is mentioned. Imagine yourself
attaining the same victories as these people did during their lives. The
triumphs and glories that were theirs can be yours too if you will adjust
your thoughts from lack and scarcity to prosperity and abundance.
Let your heroes be a source of guidance and encouragement along the
journey to success in network marketing.

       There are excellent examples of leadership all around the
       MLM world. Use these successful networkers as mentors.
       The top earners, universally, will share their ideas, their
        methods, their strategies and their techniques with all
      networkers who are eager to learn. The winners don’t hold
      back, they give their all in the belief that everyone benefits.

    Being prosperous is your responsibility. So take it upon yourself to
drink from all sources . . . anything that empowers you to success as a
networker is invaluable. Learn from the leading role models and continue
the process of personal transformation.


              Y O U            C A N
               A C H I E V E
           F I N A N C I A L
    I N D E P E N D E N C E

“Take your satisfactions from service, constantly seek
to expand and improve it; take no thoughts for the
 money, which is always the ‘result’ of service; and
 you will find yourself involved in an abundance
     that is unshakeable for it comes from the
                  roots of the soul.”
                   U.S. Anderson

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

               I N D E P E N D E N C E

            oney ranks highly in the minds of most networkers because
            it affords the means to supply the greatest desires of mankind.
            Status, recognition, independence, security, even greed, are
all motivating factors for an accumulation of money. For any given
individual, however, it is not easy to say which are the most important
factors for wanting more money. As network marketer Angelo D’Amico
said: “Money is not the key to happiness. But the more money you
have, the easier it is to get the key made.”

    What then is the value of money? Certainly it does not mean the
same thing to all people, with a degree of financial autonomy to one
person seeming almost like poverty to another. The value you place on
money is found in many factors, including what financial independence
actually means to you.

    Financial independence is financial freedom. It is the ability to live
for the remainder of your life without outside help, working if you
choose to do so but only if you truly desire. It means for you to have
enough money or income for the rest of your life to do and have whatever
you want. The extent to which you can become financially independent
is determined by a number of factors, most of which you control:

    Method: The particular financial vehicle that you choose for
    producing an income stream. For instance, this could be your specific
    business opportunity within the network marketing industry.

    Amount: The exact amount of money or income you desire to attain.
    Be specific, both for short-term sums and for long-term residual
    income streams.

    Time-frame: The precise number of months or years allocated to
    reach your objectives.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

    Commitment: The quality and quantity of effort committed to the
    tasks . . . the greater one’s determination, the higher the rewards.

    Desire: The strength of the desires you have. A small fire will produce
    only minimal heat, whereas a large fire can become an inferno.

    Belief: Your level of self-belief and the positive expectancy you display
    toward the attainment of your aims will be a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    Knowledge: What specialized knowledge do you possess within the
    specific area of earnings?

    Perhaps an eighth factor could be classified as luck. However, I do
not subscribe to this loser’s philosophy and you will find that not one of
the most successful network marketers believes it either. We make our
own luck in life by working hard at that which we most like to do. It is
an astounding fact: The harder we work . . . the luckier we get!

              Abundance Affirmation To Attract
                Financial Independence
    An excellent discipline to cultivate is in the creation of a magnetic
attraction to wealth and abundance. This magnetism is formed when
the mindset is tuned-in to the frequency of affluence. This Abundance
Affirmation will begin the process of magnetizing your prosperity
consciousness as you read through it from time to time, especially at
those moments when you are feeling financially impoverished:

             I am blessed with a new awareness of prosperity and
        abundance, and I experience a steady increase in material
        wealth. Wonderful financial opportunities come into my
        life daily and an endless supply of money is attracted to me.
        A golden river of glittering riches flows through my life,
        bringing with it success, happiness and contentment.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

             Everything I touch is successful and every endeavor in
        which I am involved brings forth the maximum rewards,
        for I conduct my life with dignity and integrity. I display
        great generosity, taking advantage of the unlimited
        opportunities to contribute to others. Any good that I can
        do my fellow man I shall do it now, for I may never pass
        this way again. I understand that the more I give, the more
        I will receive. Divine intelligence supports me in all I do,
        and I trust the flow of abundance in my life to produce
        perfect results.

               Your Formula For Attainment
     One indisputable truth is that to attain any sizeable accumulation
of money, or develop a large residual income stream, one must first
have a burning desire to increase their riches. The following seven-step
Formula for Attainment will help you to establish how strong your
financial motivations are. This formula, although primarily intended
for the accumulation of money, can actually be adapted and applied to
any objective within network marketing:

1. Be specific and state the exact amount of money desired through
   your MLM opportunity.
2. Establish a deadline for the accumulation of this money at an exact
   date in the future.
3. State the exact product or service you intend providing to attain
   this sum of money.
4. Develop a detailed Action-Plan, listing the exact Action-Steps required
   to achieve this goal.
5. Write the above four points as a clear concise statement on a fresh
   sheet of paper.
6. Repeat this statement out loud with intense enthusiasm in your
   voice, at least once a day.
7. Take immediate enthusiastic action toward the attainment of this
   amount of money, and keep persisting until you reach the target.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

    Following is an example of a specific written Formula for Attainment
for a network marketer:

                       Formula for Attainment

                    My chief financial aim is to have
                    ONE MILLION US DOLLARS
                       as my personal worth on
                            May 31, 2010

        This amount of One Million US Dollars will come to me by
      May 31, 2010 as my personal reward for doing the best with
      every financial opportunity that presents itself to me within the
      realm of my networking business opportunity. This includes
      developing my MLM enterprise to its full global potential.
      I have made a personal commitment to excellence and will
      perform all my tasks with dignity, integrity and passion.

        I have supreme faith that One Million US Dollars will be
      my personal worth by May 31, 2010. My belief is so strong that
      I can clearly see myself in possession of this money on the
      appointed date. I will build my network to the best of my abilities
      and also the groups of the networkers in my organization.
      I will constantly generate inspirational ideas by which to
      accumulate this amount, and I will keep making dynamic plans
      and taking persistent action on these ideas at the most fortuitous
      times for all concerned.

        I know that: If it is to be . . . it is up to me! Therefore, in
      return for this personal worth of One Million US Dollars by
      May 31, 2010, I will give the most efficient service of which
      I am capable, rendering the fullest possible quantity and the
      best possible quality of service to all people at all times. The
      riches I desire will divinely follow.


   S P R E A D              T H E
     W I N G S              O F
    Y O U R            S O U L

“The person who has lived the most is
not the one with the most years, but the
   one with the richest experiences.”
        Jean Jacques Rousseau

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

                   T R U E          R I C H E S

      inancial independence is the situation most networkers dream of
      attaining ⎯ doing what they want to do when they want to do it,
      and having what they want to have when they want to have it ⎯
but many people never reach anywhere near this situation. The most
successful networkers, those who create affluence to outrageous extremes,
are the ones who are in control of their lives, not controlled by their
circumstances or the happenings that surround them every day.

    Be sure that, as you begin your journey to attain the riches desired
through being an on-fire network marketer, you are the one directing
your life by way of your most self-empowering beliefs. Through the
great law of attraction, all things will manifest in your life that you
wholeheartedly believe. Every single circumstance of your life has been
attracted to you by your innermost thoughts and beliefs. You are literally
a product of your own mind.

    Yes . . . you are truly what you think!

               Creative Relaxation Exercise
               For Wealth-Creating Beliefs
    A successful outcome to any task depends primarily on confident
thoughts of excellence being held in mind throughout that particular
endeavor. Thoughts are pulses of energy and have real power. As such,
any positive thought or empowering belief held by the mind has a force
that will eventually manifest a positive result or an empowering effect.

    Following is a Creative Relaxation exercise to be repeated
consistently, which will manifest beliefs of an affluent nature. You should
practice this exercise during your Creating Periods . . . 10-15 minutes
spent quietly in deep thought or mental relaxation.

                      MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

Creative Relaxation Exercise

    Become calm and tranquil . . . be at peace with the world . . . and
relax completely. As you mentally affirm the following, know that your
mind will absorb the full impact of the words and will manifest the
reality of an abundant and limitless life for you . . . now.

    All that I desire for my life is mine through the creative power of my
mind. This is my birthright, part of the incredible gift of life from infinite
intelligence, part of my unlimited personal power and positive potential.
Life-force, which represents love, life, light, health, wealth and happiness, is
mine to share in peace and harmony with everyone.

     I have a deep understanding of my personal power and take full
responsibility for directing my own destiny. As I breathe in life-force, I imagine
a new way of life opening up and energizing me. I feel radiantly alive.
I picture my new life exactly as I want it to be. It is here now and I savor it
all. I let go of the old and live in the new.

     I rule over my personal universe ⎯ my physical body ⎯ with love and
respect for myself. Life-force soothes, heals, repairs and restores. Every nerve,
cell and system in my body responds immediately to the unifying power of
life-force. All functions of my body are in perfect harmony with life-force.
My eating, sleeping and drinking habits are all consistent with my needs for
maintaining vibrant good health and phenomenal creative energy.

     I welcome every new day, for each one is inspiring and filled with
extraordinary opportunities for success and achievement. Life is adventure,
life is fun, life is happiness, life is joyful, life is exciting, life is love, life is
great health, life is prosperity, life is abundance, life is empowerment, life is
celebration, life is wisdom, life is passion, life is desire, life is rich, life is
ecstasy and life is magnificent. This is exactly the way I manifest my life. For
every day in every way I choose to live my life to the maximum with dignity,
with integrity and with noble purpose.

                    MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

         Whenever you return from a period of Creative Relaxation, you
will bring back to your physical reality all the power, peace and self-
realization that you were experiencing in that creative center of natural
calm and control. This creative meditation is your lifeline to the infinite
power of the universe.

            Be The Best You Can Be In MLM
    Success is being your best . . . not someone else’s best. It is not what
you get that makes you a winner, but what you consistently do with
what you’ve got. Being successful is no more and no less than doing
your best, giving your best and being your best in everything you do,
every day of your life. As Sir Edmund Hillary, the first conqueror of
Mt. Everest, said: “Aim high . . . there is little virtue in easy victory.”

        It makes no difference what is going on out there in the
       world, what makes the greatest difference is how you look
        at it. Instead of viewing your glass of life as half empty,
          look at it as half full . . . and know that you possess
           the supreme power to fill it all the way to the top.

    Every networker needs a solid philosophy to be the right kind of
individual and build a successful life. The empowering principles taught
throughout this MLM Power book will help people create their own
Power Philosophy. With this mindset, you can become the kind of person
who magnetizes your circumstances and attracts successful results.

    Utilize the inspiring messages and empowering principles within
these pages, study the lessons, master the fundamentals, learn the
quotations, have faith, believe in your abilities, grow in self-confidence,
be enthusiastic, do what you love and love what you do, make plans,
take action, be persistent . . . and reap the rewards of success with a life
of fantastic riches and colossal abundance.

                   MLM POWER - THE POWER OF RICHES

             Spread The Wings Of Your Soul
    We all have wings. Not the wings of an angel or the wings of a dove
or any other wings you have ever seen. These are the wings of the holy
human spirit. Wings that lift the mind and heart to the highest places.
Wings for all the great dreamers in our midst who will see them and go
forward, inspired to try to stretch the infinite frontiers of human

    The wings of your soul are invisible to the eyes; they can only be
seen by the heart and by the imagination. You have to believe in them
and use them to embrace change. To see how they work, you must take
courageous action and face risks in challenging situations. You must
believe in the unlimited abundance of the universe and understand that
extraordinary opportunities exist in all areas of your wondrous life, then
you can fly.

    Now is the time for you to stop drifting in the wind and time to
conquer your limiting beliefs. Now is the time for you to spread the
magnificent and limitless wings of your eternal soul. Be brave and
chivalrous, be courageous and confident, be dynamic and daring, be
passionate and loving, be exciting and inspirational and be the
scintillating new highly empowered you.

    Be an empowered entrepreneurial spirit, spread the wings of your
soul and soar in the heavens to unlimited and almighty heights of love,
wisdom, peace, joy, wealth and happiness. May God bless you on your
journey through life, both as an exceptional network marketer and as a
truly remarkable human being with awesome possibilities before you.


      I have a personal request . . .

Please write and tell me how any aspect of MLM
POWER has positively affected your life. Why not share
your success stories with me so that I may use them as
inspirational examples to others? What Action-Steps
have you taken to dramatically change the direction
of your life for the better? Please explain what you
have done different as a result of reading this book?
What have you been motivated to achieve? In how
many ways has your life been empowered? How have
you improved as a person?

What secrets have you learned about building your
network marketing business to the maximum? What
tips do you have that I can pass on to future readers?
Do you have a favorite story, quote or insight about
networking or direct sales that you’d like to share with
others? Please send your illustrations to me and soon
they may appear together with your name in a future
book for all to see. I am eager to hear from you. Thank
you for reading my work and for fully participating
in the journey of life.

Please contact me at the following e-mail:

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Enthusiastically yours,

James Lee Valentine


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