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Life Power Series 01 - You


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           The Power Of You
             Life Power Pocketbook 1

                     Copyright ©
                  James Lee Valentine
                  All Rights Reserved

       All parts of the Life Power Pocketbook Series
        were conceived & developed exclusively
                  by James Lee Valentine

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         to people you know in life insurance for
       training and leadership and empowerment

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        Success Disclaimer

Life Power is intended primarily for the
personal development of life insurance
sales entrepreneurs, though agents from
all realms of insurance may benefit. This
book is of an empowering nature to
stimulate the creation of ideas and
motivate the readers to greater levels of
accomplishment within their specific
insurance business opportunities.

Please note that the principles expressed
herein are of the author’s design. The
intent of James Lee Valentine is to offer
inspiration of a general nature to help
sales entrepreneurs in their quest for
positive life transformation. In the event
of you using any of the material in Life
Power, the author assumes no liability
for your actions . . . as your actions,
directed positively, could lead to a life
of awesome achievement and success.


          Clarification of
        Life Insurance Sales
         Within Life Power

Many life insurance companies now us
the network marketing business model
for selling their products and services.
As such, this book is written in a style
which reflects the entrepreneurial nature
of today’s independent insurance agents.

However, no matter if you personally are
working with a traditional or networking
life insurance company, in terms of its
marketing and compensation plans, you
may still benefit hugely from the
empowering words this book contains.

Though there are discernible differences
between traditional and networking life
insurance companies, for all intents
within Life Power they are referred to in
an entrepreneurial business manner.


   Life Power
Pocketbook One

The Power Of


  T H E      P O W E R            O F
              Y O U

 ONE individual can make
a difference. Get enough committed
 individuals on your TEAM — with
their collective winning   spirit — and
  your   life insurance       business
will be absolutely   phenomenal.
YOU         can be an    individual
who makes a     positive difference!

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

                                  Y O U

      ou are an exceptional human being, unique and special among
      all people. The intention of Life Power is to empower YOU
      into knowing that you are unique, that you are special, and that
you — like all empowered life insurance entrepreneurs — have unlimited
possibilities through your specific insurance company to express
individuality, to dramatically improve your lifestyle and to greatly
enhance the lives of other people too.

    The empowering spirit of life insurance sales — with its emphasis on
personal growth and financial security — is precisely what generates its
unrivaled power to positively impact lives, develop entrepreneurs and
create wealth. Before you now, within the life insurance profession, are
unlimited possibilities for you to experience success and manifest your
grandest vision of a wondrous future. . . it’s up to YOU to tap into and
maximize this free enterprise system.

    Today is a new day and today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Today is a celebration of the fact that you can do literally anything with
your life that you choose to do. So, from today, decide that you will
make the most of the possibilities for success that a career within life
insurance sales offers and treat it as the awesome opportunity it truly is
for you to be an outstanding life insurance sales professional.

    Life Power is a reflection of your desire for self-improvement.
This book will greatly empower you. Together with the vocation of life
insurance, it will ignite your fires of desire and help you attain your grandest
objectives. This entrepreneurial profession gives you amazing choices and
makes possible the realization of your truest desires. This book will provide
the juice to speed you to your destination with zest . . . making your life
more enjoyable, more successful, more fulfilling and more empowered.
Yes . . . Life Power will help to make life more incredible for YOU.


    Y O U           A R E
  F O R          Y O U R
           L I F E

   “Responsibility is the price
          of greatness.”
      Winston Churchill

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

              R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y

         ake note: whether you ultimately succeed or fail in life insurance
         sales, it is not due to your company, or your boss, or your mentor,
         or your spouse, or your friends, or the economy, or the government.
It is up to YOU. It is your responsibility, completely.

      Life insurance sales provides you with an opportunity to be
   responsible for who you are. Here individuality reigns, diversity
    rules, and people can mold their work to suit themselves. Life
     insurance provides a breathtaking liberation from the norm.

     Be absolutely responsible for your life, for the entire spectrum of it.
Learn to say to yourself: “If that person can do it, I can too.” Within the
life insurance profession you will see inspiring examples of successful
people who are constantly striving to attain their grandest visions and
create a worldclass standard of living, at the same time positively impacting
the lives of many people. You will observe that these winners are relentlessly
empowered to expand their ambitions and achieve objectives of even
greater worth. They continually take responsibility for their own success.

          A question that we will emphatically answer here is:
         “Can I really stoke my inner fires until they burn with
       the white-hot intensity required for success in sales at the
           highest echelon?” The answer is a resounding YES!

    With the unlimited opportunities for positive life transformation
that a career in life insurance allows, you can concentrate on your greatest
potential. This is known as focusing on the whole of your possibilities.
A career in life insurance will help you be the architect of your own
future. However, it all starts with you being totally responsible for the
decisions you make, which can from this moment forth categorically
alter your life’s course . . . and positively transform it forever.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

      Life insurance sales is a career that can make your dreams
     come true. The truth is that life insurance sales will attract
     some of the most energetic, colorful characters in the world;
      adventurous souls who love life’s challenges and who dream
     immense dreams. The question for you is: “Will I transform
     myself into one of these exceptional financial professionals?”

    The life insurance profession — at the leading edge of global business
opportunities — will help you grow to meet your new challenges, because
companies within this industry realize that the personal development of
their people is the key to the company’s lasting success. As you grow,
both as a businessperson and as an empowered leader, so too will the
entire industry of life insurance prosper.

               Decide To Make An Emphatic
                 Difference With Your Life
     Do you ever catch yourself thinking that you are living such a small
life? Is your life a crime against humanity because you have not dared to
enthusiastically relish it to the full? Do you have aspirations and
ambitions that are still unrealized? Do you yearn to live the millionaire
lifestyle of the most successful sales agents? If your answer to any of these
questions is yes, ask yourself why you are allowing yourself to live such a
tiny existence when inside of you there is so much . . . so much more
potentiality that you can savor a far more successful life with.

    Know that through your opportunity for a successful career in life
insurance, together with your newfound personal responsibility, you can
begin a great journey from a small life of monotonous drudgery to a
supreme life of self-empowered discovery . . . a life that sparkles with
extraordinary achievement and amazing riches. Dare to build a vast income-
creating life insurance business, and life will surely materialize its most
wondrous treasures for you.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

     As you develop within life insurance, so shall your business.
   It will grow together with your increased ability to help people
   and your expanded capacity to share a grand vision with them
    and have these individuals want to be a part of your dream.

    Don’t look at your life as it is, right now, but as it can be. Use the
unlimited creative power of your mind to imagine what can be in your
most glorious of futures. Then take positive and constructive Action-
Steps for your ‘dream life’ to become a reality.

     You can make a positive difference in the world if you so desire, this
is your decision. Get ready to conquer the world. Have the guts, set the
goals, design the Action-Plans, take the Action-Steps and get your life
aimed in a focused direction, today. This instant, now, is an outstanding
chance for you to make an emphatic difference. With your particular
insurance company as your financial vehicle of choice, all you need is to
take personal responsibility for your life . . . then go for it!

                  Getting Started . . . Now!
    When you begin your journey as a life insurance professional, you
will not have all the answers . . . no one does. However, you need to
know that just getting started now is the most important step of all.
You must learn that forward motion is better than no motion, and that
action in a focused direction will indeed conquer many of the fears and
doubts that hold you back.

           Two great ways to succeed in life insurance sales:
                      Step 1: Start!
                      Step 2: Don’t stop!

    It is the power of your belief in the life insurance opportunity — your
total conviction in the powerful effect it can have on you, your family

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

and your entire lifestyle — that will make you an unstoppable force for
good and lead the way to your mastery of this profession.

     It is your role as a dynamic sales entrepreneur to become as fully
accomplished as you can by having a fabulous vision of what you want
to achieve via life insurance, by forging a life-transforming purpose, by
developing a winner’s identity, by making a commitment to be in the
life insurance business for the big prize, and by having the courage to do
it all. In so doing, you will create an indestructible foundation in the
construction of your life’s structure.

             Two easy ways to fail in life insurance sales:
                      Step 1: Don’t get involved!
                      Step 2: Don’t try!

    Here is an essential question to ponder whilst experiencing your
journey of self-discovery within your chosen vocation of life insurance:

        Why should I keep growing?

    The answer that will make perfect sense to every experienced life
insurance sales professional, is this:

        My personal growth determines who I am. Who I am determines
        who I attract. Who I attract determines the number and value of
        my clientele. The number and value of my clientele determines the
        success of my own business endeavors.

     Now, take this fundamental truth and climb to the upper echelons
of your particular life insurance company as a supremely committed, on-
fire, highly empowered, super-charged life insurance entrepreneur.


            M A K E            A
   C O M M I T M E N T
   T O        L I V E         L I F E
              F U L L Y

“We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant,
   gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually,
         who are YOU not to be?”
           Marianne Williamson

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

                   C O M M I T M E N T

         he greatest gift you possess as a life insurance professional is the
         power of choice. Where choice is, freedom is too . . . and where
         freedom is, hope always follows. Therefore, choose to create a
thriving life insurance business, starting today, to the greatest of your
abilities. Choose also to commit to this choice. This will provide the
hope to fuel your inspiring dreams of reaching the summit of success at
the top of the Million Dollar Round Table.

     As well as being aware of the necessity to take responsibility for
your own personal choices and actions, it is wise to develop an intrinsic
commitment to constantly strive for the pinnacle of achievement. From
this moment forward, make these firm commitments to yourself: promise
to make the most of your life in all areas . . . physical, mental, spiritual;
guarantee that you will pour your heart and soul into the development
of your business; make a vow to become an inspired leader whom others
in your organization will highly respect and look to for advice and
guidance; pledge to begin doing what it takes to put your past behind
you and move on to your new golden future. Burn this in to your mind:
My past does not equal my future . . . where I am going is vastly more
important than where I have been.

    You must take full responsibility for shaping and defining your
      own life. And you must be the one who decides to live it all
        to the maximum through life insurance sales, or not.

     With your newfound personal commitment at hand, decide to
develop an unquenchable passion for living each day as fully as possible.
Absolutely, it is your responsibility to be as accomplished as you can.
Your lifestyle and your personal endeavors can be so scintillating that
they sparkle! So magical that they shine! So vivacious that they radiate
brilliance the world over!

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

             Push yourself to have energy, fervor, drive and
               commitment . . . you’ll love yourself for it!

    The people who live the most vivacious lifestyles and who build the
most powerful life insurance businesses are the ones who embrace their
own life and their own venture like they would embrace a lover . . . they
care for it, they caress it, they cherish it, they have immense passion for it.
They are passionate lovers of life . . . and intense lovers of their own
particular life insurance opportunity.

    These winners display the qualities of being courageous decision-
makers, of being enthusiastic leadership role models, of being persistent
dynamos of action, of being competent mentors, of being committed to
the welfare of the sales agents within their enterprise, and of being in the
special position to make a positive difference not only in their own life
but to greatly impact the world.

             Make An Investment In Building
             Your Sales Career Professionally
    Why not, now, from this moment forward, make the decision that
you will build your life insurance business with an attitude built upon
professionalism? There are so many fantastic things to see, hear, feel
and do in this world . . . and you can experience them all through being
professional within the extraordinary vehicle called life insurance.

    An investment in building your insurance sales career professionally
and designing a fulfilling lifestyle is the forerunner of change. Where you
stand right now results directly from what you have focused on over a
prolonged period of time. You can change where you stand and change
the results you get by changing your focus to one of professionalism. But
change doesn’t have to be fearful or intimidating, change can be a
wonderful, exciting and exhilarating experience.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

   Develop yourself into a sales agent of professionalism with such
    outstanding principles as persistence, self-discipline, applied
     faith, and a positive mental attitude. This can lead you to
   become an immensely uplifting example of vision, enthusiasm,
    energy and belief for the life insurance business opportunity.

    When you face new challenges, not only in your personal life but in
the expansion of your business, you must adapt to the change by keeping
your positive side to the forefront at all times. When you are confronted
with a challenge, large or small — and believe me, in sales you will face a
multitude of challenges — you must continue adjusting to the changes,
which means you will be constantly facing new obstacles and fresh
challenges. This is nothing to fear though. This is part of the joy and
fascination of designing your life for maximum accomplishment.

       Once you are part of the process of becoming more, there
     will be no stopping you on your own fantastic journey along
     the road of life. With life insurance sales as the vehicle and
       enthusiasm as the fuel, celebrate your experience of life.
      What an exciting and totally fulfilling journey it really is.

    When people are afraid of living life fully, they don’t experience
enough of all the wonderment that is available. They don’t see enough,
they don’t feel enough, they don’t risk enough, they don’t taste the glory
of victory enough . . . and therefore they don’t live enough.

      The sales industry gives you an opportunity to be your best.
       Sales gives you an opportunity to go beyond self-imposed
     boundaries and head for the illustrious stars. Sales gives you
     an opportunity to live the magical existence of your dreams.

    We must decide conclusively once and for all what the life insurance
sales industry means to us on a personal basis. Do you personally see this

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

profession as the answer to attaining the fabulous lifestyle of your greatest
vision? If so, you must spend more quality time planning the means and
ways to manifest this ‘dream lifestyle’ reality. If each of us spent only one
half of the time every day planning for success in our life insurance sales
endeavors, and contemplating ways to maximize our efforts, as we do in
planning our meals, then we’d all have flourishing and extremely profitable
global organizations.

     Success within any life insurance business is not only attained through
diligent planning or through finding the right people to help build your
organization, though these are vital components, it is about YOU being
the right kind of person . . . a professional. This is paramount.

               There is a destiny that makes us brothers,
                       no one goes too far alone.
                All that we put into the lives of others,
                   comes back again into our own.

    First, become the embodiment of a professional life insurance sales
agent, one who is worthy of success — a leader, a mentor, a motivator, a
shining role model, an inspiration to others, one who is always committed
to the achievement of all — then you will be on your way to creating a
thriving business that can truly catch ablaze and spread like wildfire,
positively impacting the lives of many people in the process.

     We have all heard the stories of people who’s lives have been shattered
because of an unforeseen death to the breadwinner of the household
wherein they had no life insurance coverage. Many of us have experienced
this devastation first-hand. Know that as a professional ‘Financial Coach’
you can make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands,
of families by bringing to them the benefits and security that only a
comprehensive life insurance portfolio can provide.


           D A R E           T O
        B E C O M E                A
                 R I S K
               T A K E R

 “Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute!
 Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
Only engage, and then the mind grows heated.
Begin, and then the work will be completed.”
                John Anster

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

                   R I S K          T A K I N G

        he primary motive of this book is to build Action People.
        These are the spirited insurance agents who have the courage to
        risk changing their dull and mediocre existence of the past for a
glorious and magnificent life of the future. These are the enthusiastic
people who dare to take a risk, dare to live passionately, dare to actuate
positive change, and dare to design their sales enterprise for maximum
success. Take note, the catalyst that makes this happen is ACTION.

    There must be things in your life that you ache to attain, that you
desperately desire to accomplish and that you genuinely aspire towards.
Well, finally, through your worldclass life insurance company, offering
worldclass products and services, providing you with a worldclass business
opportunity, here is your greatest chance to dare to have these things.

     Be courageous and face the diverse challenges a life of risk brings.
Take Action TNT — action today not tomorrow — and dare to accomplish
the multitude of exciting objectives that are high on your wish list. Do
them before you get too old or before you lose sight of this extraordinary
life insurance sales opportunity that is before you now.

    Why not develop the art of being more perceptive to all kinds of
wealth-creating possibilities that being an active life insurance sales agent
will generate? And why not set in motion a monumental avalanche of
Action-Plans and Action-Steps toward the fulfillment of your aspirations
whilst the life insurance vehicle is in your path?

                        Risk Big To Win Big
    From deep within your soul, manifest the courage to take a big risk.
Gamble with the hand of fate, roll the dice of good fortune, defy the
odds and win big. Taking immediate, enthusiastic action to materialize
the life of your wildest dreams . . . this is risking big.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

    Through the immeasurable possibilities for life enhancement that a
career in life insurance offers, take a chance, make specific detailed choices,
and watch your most ambitious vision come true. To develop a profitable,
thriving business, and to live a life bursting with wondrous achievement,
you must be willing to take big risks . . . carefully calculated big risks,
that is, not whimsical fancies or foolish speculations.

        It is hoped that the experience of being a sales agent will
       fire your ambitions and ignite within you the realization
          that massive ACTION is the major key that can turn
               your dreams into clear, achievable objectives.

     Risk, in many shapes and varieties, is a natural part of business
development and of manifesting a dream lifestyle. Whenever you make
a choice, you risk something. But so what? Personal and business growth
can only truly take place when you are willing to risk reaching the next
plateau of success. Achievement is a risk. But so what? You must learn
to acknowledge the life insurance profession for the immense opportunity
it is . . . and take action toward your goals anyway.

          You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the
           courage to lose sight of the shore. As a sales agent,
               ‘new oceans’ is your grand vision, and the
                  ‘shore’ is your present circumstances.

   You must learn to say “so what?” then be more spontaneous in the
multitude of decisions affecting your business enterprise. As Leo
Buscaglia says: “Risks must be taken, for the greatest risk in life is to risk
nothing at all. The people who risk nothing, are nothing, have nothing,
do nothing and become nothing.”

    Leo continues: “The people who risk nothing with their lives may
avoid suffering and sorrow, but they simply cannot learn and feel, change

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

and grow, and love and live. Chained by their inevitability, they are slaves
having forfeited their freedom. Only the person who risks is truly free.”
So, right now, make a decision to risk building a huge life insurance
organization . . . and feel supremely empowered by this decision.

           Magical and compelling lives that are full of love
           and desire and passion and power . . . this is the
           essence of all life insurance sales opportunities.

    This instant now and the next and the next will all be gone far too
soon. Before long our entire lives will be over. So you must take full
advantage of the life insurance opportunity now. Can you visualize being
able to celebrate every moment of achievement to the fullest? Well, build
your business professionally and it can happen for you.

                     Dare To Live Your
                   Most Ambitious Dreams
     Closely aligned with risk is the attribute of dare. In relation to life
insurance sales, this means possessing the courage to face squarely the
challenges that may arise during the course of building your enterprise
and being courageous enough to tough it out. You have a great chance
here to venture out of the dull closet of mediocrity and step into the
brilliant light of a world in which fun, excitement, invigoration and
attainment are the norm. If you can dare it . . . you can do it!

     What do you work for? What do you strive for? What do you suffer
for? What do you hope for? What do you love for? The answer is to
experience the totality of life. To miss any of it is your greatest loss. But
if you are willing to risk more, to work more, to strive more, to suffer
more, to hope more, to love more, then you will know a successful life
in its grandest, most complete form. This is to really live life as entirely
fulfilling and as wholeheartedly as you are capable.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

            Dare to do the things you want to do before you
         get too old to do them, or before you lose sight of this
        fantastic opportunity called life insurance sales. I dare
        you to develop supreme plans for the future and create
         outrageous goals around your life insurance business.
            I dare you to build a powerhouse organization
                with eager sales agents who radiate the
                 winning qualities of professionalism.

    Be instinctive and show spontaneity whenever opportunities come
your way through the life insurance profession. Display inspired intuition
and be audacious in taking calculated risks. Fundamentally, this is what
daring is all about . . . risking big to win big.

     Through your career in life insurance, I dare you to risk achieving
your most extraordinary ambitions, those magnificent objectives both
inside and outside your sales business that get your passion juices flowing
like no others . . . dream them, attain them, live them:

        Dare to have a clientele of thousands
        Dare to create your own global business
        Dare to establish a charitable foundation
        Dare to build your ultimate fantasy house
        Dare to live a meaningful and accomplished life
        Dare to be seated at the Million Dollar Round Table
        Dare to be someone who is admired and respected by others

    I dare you to live your most ambitious dreams, attain your grandest
aspirations and achieve incredible success. I dare you to make your life
a masterpiece of outstanding accomplishment. I dare you to plan many
challenging experiences to crown the latter years of your life. I dare you
to do everything that your heart truly desires. And, through the wonderful
opportunities inherent within the life insurance industry, I dare you to
do it all . . . starting today.


     A C C E L E R A T E
         T H E          P A C E
          O F         Y O U R
                 L I F E

“We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not
breaths; in feelings, not in figures on a dial.
   We should count time by heart throbs.
       He most lives who thinks most,
       feels the noblest, acts the best.”
                 David Bailey

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

                A C C E L E R A T I O N

       very day, through the tremendous power of your decisions, you
       can make choices to improve all aspects of your life insurance career
       and transform literally every area of your life. You can decide to
build your business with unlimited enthusiasm in your soul and with a
smile in your heart, all the while showing an unquenchable passion for
experiencing the joys of living life to the fullest. This is the ultimate
demonstration of a life and a business that are built in harmony with the
universal laws of balance.

    If there were one supreme command I could bestow, it would be for
you to live your life to the maximum . . . experiencing all you can with
delight, eagerness and zest for every moment. Who sets the pace for
your life, fast or slow? YOU. So set a rapid pace, accelerate your life, and
dance through your fun-filled days with flamboyance and exuberance.

    Build your life insurance sales enterprise in a manner that’s slightly
frenzied, taking the enthusiastic pathway that leads to triumph. Anything
worth doing is worth doing well, and worth doing at full-speed ahead.
Accelerate the pace of your life, as the world is in need of your energy.
So go out and set it ablaze with your boundless reserves of passion and
with your unquenchable enthusiasm for the insurance industry.

            Begin Your New Life Today As An
            Enthusiastic On-Fire Entrepreneur
     Living in the now will expand your awareness of the life insurance
vocation, it will make this business more exciting and more meaningful.
You have the choice, second by second, as to whether you really live the
now moments of your life to their highest potential. You can choose to
devour every sensation of your current situation, no matter where you
are, and allow yourself to be touched by the wonder of it all.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

                     Carpe diem . . . seize the day!
         Within the chain of current moments lies all of your
      power to accomplish, all of your ability to make decisions,
     all of your capacity to be effective and all of your capability
           to exert maximum personal control over your life.
         Therefore, today, seize the day, as your only point of
          real power is in the present moment here and now.

    Today you can start living a new accelerated life, if you choose. The
powerful compensation plans of most life insurance organizations offer
you an unsurpassed chance to literally ‘design your life for maximum
success’ any time you desire to positively transform your circumstances.
This choice is up to YOU.

             The Accelerated Game Of Life
            Leads To Amazing Achievement
    Do you notice an interesting parallel between the success a person
achieves within sales and their own activity rates? It seems that the most
successful life insurance agents are living in a dynamic, zestful state of
continual motion with enormous reserves of energy for their particular
insurance company. These winners are whirlwinds of activity . . . forever
attending training sessions, learning prospecting skills, conducting life
insurance presentations, mastering selling strategies, and offering guidance
to new customers. Whilst the less successful people never really seem to
be active at all . . . except in making excuses for their own failure.

    How would you rate your activity levels in your present company
on a scale of one to ten? One is a lethargic, uninspired individual who
conducts almost no presentations, believes training sessions are a waste of
time, is thinking of quitting, has no real belief in the entrepreneurial
opportunities offered within life insurance, is not committed, has no
clearly defined ambitions, and is unable to fully master any areas of life.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

       The accelerated game of life is intensely inspiring. It will
      rock your mind. The force of it may even hit you in the gut
     and knock your socks off. It will nourish you with fresh ideas
     and possibilities for packing your life with more friendships,
       more adventures, and more wealth-creating opportunities
         than ever before. What is the accelerated game of life?
          It is the professions that encompass sales, of course.
             With life insurance sales being the best choice.

    Ten is the on-fire inspired believer in the wondrous possibilities
provided by the life insurance sales profession. Ten is fully committed to
a major purpose, a human dynamo, one of the top leaders, continually
recruiting new customers, with enormous reserves of energy, busy as a
bee, and always accomplishing great things. Ten is the winner who talks
the talk and walks the walk of amazing sales achievement.

    For some people their life insurance business never really grows. They
go through their entire ‘experience’ with a frown on their face and deep
furrows in their heart. For others their sales enterprise is a continual merry
feast. What is your choice? One out of ten: a feeble and decaying venture
that lacks fundamental empowerment and languishes through the inactive
apathy of its people . . . you, most notably? Or ten out of ten: a robust
and expanding global empire that generates massive residual income,
allowing a worldclass lifestyle of wondrous attainment?

     Everything is a choice, decided upon in your own mind. Focus,
persistence, decisiveness, optimism, enthusiasm, happiness, confidence,
joy, passion, the ability to work hard . . . all result from decisions made
by YOU. Every person has the mental ability at any instant to be focused
or distracted, persistent or a quitter, decisive or uncertain, optimistic or
negative, enthusiastic or timid, happy or miserable, confident or shy,
joyful or antagonistic, passionate or apathetic, hard working or lazy. Realize
the amazing power of these choices and their effect on you. They will
have a dramatic impact on the quality of your life.

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

               The Power Of Positive Energy
    Have you ever noticed that when you feel fantastic, people seem
instinctively drawn to you? This is because states of being are magnetic.
When you are up, the people around you tend to feel the same positive
way, and vice versa. Why not make it a goal of yours to be the catalyst
who brings a spark of enthusiastic and festive spirit into the midst of
other sales agents? This places you in a powerful position and reinforces
your self-confidence . . . this builds personal empowerment.

             Your positive energy will attract the winners
               and team players who can assist you in
                 building an immense organization.

    Positive energy attracts winners, so make it an aim of yours to develop
a greater ability to laugh aloud and have an increased sense of joyfulness.
Choose to have an irresistible sense of fun and make this a fundamental
part of your life. You have the power within to materialize any emotions
that you want to experience. Any state of being you desire, you can
decide to feel it now. Know this to be the truth, then develop and apply
a positive state of being to your own life insurance sales opportunity.

      Every man and woman has the same twenty-four hours in each day.
It’s entirely up to you whether you decide to use your time intelligently
and accomplish something worthwhile today toward your objectives.
Everything is possible as you develop the winning mindset of an
empowered professional Action Person.

    Whatever you can conceive and fully believe in your mind, you can
achieve. You possess incredible power to choose unlimited possibilities
for your life and your life insurance business. Anything you can imagine
in your mind you can do when you apply personal excellence to developing
detailed Action-Plans and decide to take inspired Action-Steps toward the
desired result.


         C R E A T E                A
        L I F E            T H A T
C E L E B R A T E S                     T O P
  P E R F O R M A N C E

 “The thing about performance, even if it’s
 only an illusion, is that it is a celebration
   of the fact that we do contain within
      ourselves infinite possibilities.”
              Daniel Day Lewis

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

                 P E R F O R M A N C E

       or you to attain a high level of success, you must command mastery
        over your daily actions . . . your performance must be excellent.
        If you are to achieve greatness within the life insurance profession,
it is up to YOU. There are only two actions in life: the first is ‘doing it’
which is performance and the second is ‘not doing it’ which is excuses.
From this day forth, you need to decide whether you will now perform
with excellence or whether you will make excuses for your failures.

    Choose to be the new improved you — the empowered winner
who works in top gear — and determine what deeds you are willing to
perform excellently to attain the success you are striving for within sales.
As stated earlier: My past does not equal my future. Today is a new day
and today is the first day of the rest of your life. Therefore, from today,
perform your life insurance endeavors with all the excellence you can.

      You are the best source of security for your life, so decide now to
design the rich lifestyle you desire through your excellent performance.
It is an exhilarating feeling for you to experience fantastic highs in your
life. So why not experience as many triumphs as possible? Dare to celebrate
vast success as a top earner within your life insurance company.

              Decide To Be A Top Performer
    What is perfectly clear is that it is your choice, and your choice
alone, as to whether you experience success or failure. Make the decision
now that you will be successful, that you will be a top performer and
that you will create a magnificent life to be proud of.

     Realize that at each moment of your life it is your choice as to whether
you are successful or not . . . success emanates from your own decisions.
Understand the potency of this concept. True success is the result of
living by an ‘excellence’ code of conduct. Success results from the choices

                    LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

and decisions you establish, which can propel your life to the highest
levels of achievement. YOU need to establish the rules for your own life
based on excellent performance . . . never based on flimsy excuses.

    It is known that success is the result of living a purposeful life.
Excellent performance, which is a major ingredient of success, is the
effect of results-oriented actions and is the culmination of living by
the highest standards. So establish top performance values for your life
and watch the achievements compound into phenomenal success.

        I have heard it said that long before joining the life
         insurance industry, many agents were disillusioned
        with their career or occupation. They felt the trouble
        with the rat race is that even if you win, you are still
        a rat. Life insurance offers an invigorating, unique
             and stimulating alternative to the rat race.

   Success is a consequence of focusing on top performance. Ask these
questions to determine if your actions are focused on excellence:

        Do I have a clear vision of the successful lifestyle I desire?
        Do I know in which areas I must perform with excellence?
        Do I know where my actions will lead me ten years from now?
        Am I able to remain focused on attaining one major objective?

   Within these pages, you will find the keys to answer all these
questions in an emphatic and affirmative manner. Yes, you will
understand what it is to be a self-assured Action Person who knows what
you want for your life insurance business and how to achieve it. Whether:

        Substantial financial security
        Recognition and sincere appreciation
        Freedom from worries, fears and insecurities
        Satisfaction in performing endeavors with excellence

                     LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

     Follow the multitude of confidence-building, all-powerful principles
as outlined in this book to create a life that reflects your commitment
to top performance actions. Understand that you are not at the mercy
of forces greater than yourself, indeed you are the supreme force in your
life. This book will show you absolutely how to use the tremendous
force that is YOU to manifest the greatest objectives you hold for your
life insurance career and help to make your grandest vision come true.

           For Outstanding Success In Sales
           Focus On Excellent Performance
    The life insurance industry is for people who want to participate in a
financial tidal wave. Like many brilliant concepts though, it is not all
plain sailing and there may be some rough patches along with the smooth.
Difficult times can make us feel demoralized and weak. It is at these
moments that we need to call upon our storehouse of inner strength to
see us through tough times of adversity or hardship. To facilitate this,
here are two inspiring sayings that need to be repeatedly imprinted into
your psyche so that you can develop exceptional reserves of stamina,
courage and moral fiber to see you through periods of difficulty.

                       When the going gets tough,
                         the tough get going.

                         Tough times never last,
                          but tough people do.

    The law of the universe states that things go in cycles: day after
night, summer after winter, high tide after low tide, and so on. So it is
with our lives. If you experience times when everything seems to be a
challenge, just remember that if you hang in there long enough, tough it
out and apply the invaluable success principle of ‘excellent performance’
then all things will eventually positively transform for you. That’s a fact.

                      LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF YOU

               Maximize The Power Of You
              To Reach The Summit Of Sales
    Appropriately, Section One will close with a rendering from an
anonymous writer of what it takes for an individual to reach the summit.
This applies equally to a person climbing a hill, or to you as a life insurance
agent scaling the mountain of goals you may have to set in order to reach
the worldclass lifestyle you can decide to attain through your particular
insurance opportunity.

    Go forth and build your life insurance business with the full force of
your heart and soul, cherishing this profession just as you would revere a
precious treasure. Be a lover of life insurance, choosing to celebrate it
with your fires of passion burning bright. Be a builder of people, causing
your business to expand and prosper. Be a winner on this wonderful
journey to success, experiencing the full glory of the life insurance sales
profession to the maximum.

          See not the small vexations of each hour of the day.
          See the one purpose to which all are leading. If in
          climbing a mountain you keep your eyes on each stony
          or difficult place, as you ascend, seeing only that, how
          weary and profitless your climb. But if you think of
          each step as leading to the summit of achievement,
          from which glories and beauties will open out before
          you, then your climb will be so different.

     Today, honor your involvement within the life insurance industry by
acting on these principles — energetically, inspirationally, enthusiastically,
professionally — with your flaming fires of desire burning brilliant,
powerful and pure. This is the true power of life insurance sales and this
is the true power of YOU!


      I have a personal request . . .

Please write and tell me how any aspect of LIFE
POWER has positively affected your life. Why not share
your success stories with me so that I may use them as
inspirational examples to others? What Action-Steps
have you taken to dramatically change the direction
of your life for the better? Please explain what you
have done different as a result of reading this book?
What have you been motivated to achieve? In how
many ways has your life been empowered? How have
you improved as a person?

What secrets have you learned about building your
life insurance business to the maximum? What tips do
you have that I can pass on to future readers? Do you
have a favorite story, quote or insight about life
insurance or sales that you’d like to share with others?
Please send your illustrations to me and soon they may
appear together with your name in a future book for
all to see. I am eager to hear from you. Thank you for
reading my work and for fully participating in the
journey of life.

Please contact me at the following e-mail:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enthusiastically yours,

James Lee Valentine


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