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      The Power Of Decision
             Life Power Pocketbook 5

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        Success Disclaimer

Life Power is intended primarily for the
personal development of life insurance
sales entrepreneurs, though agents from
all realms of insurance may benefit. This
book is of an empowering nature to
stimulate the creation of ideas and
motivate the readers to greater levels of
accomplishment within their specific
insurance business opportunities.

Please note that the principles expressed
herein are of the author’s design. The
intent of James Lee Valentine is to offer
inspiration of a general nature to help
sales entrepreneurs in their quest for
positive life transformation. In the event
of you using any of the material in Life
Power, the author assumes no liability
for your actions . . . as your actions,
directed positively, could lead to a life
of awesome achievement and success.


          Clarification of
        Life Insurance Sales
         Within Life Power

Many life insurance companies now us
the network marketing business model
for selling their products and services.
As such, this book is written in a style
which reflects the entrepreneurial nature
of today’s independent insurance agents.

However, no matter if you personally are
working with a traditional or networking
life insurance company, in terms of its
marketing and compensation plans, you
may still benefit hugely from the
empowering words this book contains.

Though there are discernible differences
between traditional and networking life
insurance companies, for all intents
within Life Power they are referred to in
an entrepreneurial business manner.


   Life Power
 Pocketbook Five

The Power Of


    T H E     P O W E R             O F
     D E C I S I O N

  DECISION is a POWER that all
  successful insurance agents use to
  transform every facet of their LIFE.
Once you master the forces that your
decisions embrace, you can use them
to dramatically revolutionize your life.

 Use the POWER of        DECISION
each day to master your life’s   choices!


                        D E C I S I O N

       ou have a choice. As a free-willed, free-spirited, self-empowered
       life insurance professional, you always have a choice. Every new
       day you awake with awesome power at your command. What is
this unstoppable force? It is your power of DECISION . . . the ability
you possess to choose new empowered thoughts at any moment.

     Section Five emphasizes this fact: What you think is always your choice.
It is up to you to harness the fabulous power of your decision-making
faculties. For you, and only you, are the one who decides what you
think at each and every moment of your entrepreneurial existence.

      At any time, as an empowered life insurance sales agent, you can
decide to take the high road toward success by choosing to radiate massive
enthusiasm for your particular opportunity, or you can take the low road
toward mediocrity by choosing to show the exact opposite characteristics.
It is true that the quality of your decisions determines the quality of your
life insurance endeavors.

    Your ability to be self-empowered comes from this faculty of decision-
making. Utilize the dynamic force of your decision-making capabilities
to feed your mind a constant stream of upbeat, empowering thoughts,
highlighting the remarkable benefits of the life insurance profession.

    Directly you will materialize a super-abundance of all the great things
a successful insurance business can offer: vastly increased wealth, liberty
of personal choice, meaningful relationships, special friendships, material
pleasure, time freedom, personal development, and true independence.

   The power of decision is one of your greatest assets. Use it to unleash
your peak performance and utilize its powers to direct your life insurance
endeavors to the ultimate destination of unlimited success.


        D E C I S I O N S
     D I R E C T             Y O U R
            D E S T I N Y

“The power of decision. Everything that happens
 in your life — both what you’re thrilled with
 and what you’re challenged by — began with
  a decision. It is in your moments of decision
          that your destiny is shaped.”
               Anthony Robbins


       D I R E C T I O N A L                       F O R C E

      very decision begins as a thought. If thinking is your pathway to
      power, then it must be true that your decisions are your surest
      and most rapid super-expressway to success. Decisions are the
strongest and most powerful way for you to positively transform your
circumstances . . . within your business and within your personal life.

    By making decisions, you are taking responsibility for your life to
guide it through the labyrinth of choices available to you. It is the force
of your past and present decisions that will guide your current actions
and bring forth future success. Yes . . . it is in your strength of decision
today that you will direct your actions tomorrow.

     Successful life insurance agents, those with flourishing businesses,
have the habit of making decisions promptly and firmly . . . and they
stick-with-them. Whilst most unsuccessful sales agents, whose endeavors
are not at all prolific, make decisions in vain and implement them slowly.

    One of the empowering aspects to know regarding your decision-
making ability is that you already possess all the inherent talent necessary
to make decisions . . . outrageous and mighty. Your free will — to think,
to act, to take control, to shape your life — can best be harnessed when
you make committed decisions to get what you want. Only then can
your personal life and your career make an effective transformation.

    Right now, know that you can muster the courage and summon the
power to make empowering decisions that will revolutionize your life
forever. Know that it is up to you . . . it is always up to you. Ask yourself
powerful questions to see if they can prompt you into making some
dynamic life-impacting decisions right now:

Q. Will today be the day I decide to take control of my life insurance career
   by wielding and directing my incredible power of decision?


Q. Will today be the day I decide that from this moment forward I
   demonstrate only the winning side of my personality in all business

Q. Will today be the day I decide that who I am and what I stand for will
   be consistent with the quality of my highest aspirations?

Q. Will today be the day I decide to outline specific targets for the success
   my life insurance business and inspire my associates into dynamic effort
   through rigorous adherence to definite written Action-Plans?

Q. Will today be the day I choose a magnificent aim for my life insurance
   organization and decide to make a marvelous difference in the world,
   positively impacting the lives of many people?

    You have unlimited chances to make empowering decisions that
can have a tremendous positive impact on your life. When you make a
committed decision to take a forward Action-Step, within reason you
can do it. Sure, there may be obstacles and challenges along the way.
However, fierce self-belief expressed through firm decisions, and intense
self-confidence shown through enthusiastic endeavor, will be the
stepping stones that carry you over any troublesome times, leading you
on to triumphant victory.

       Strengthen Your Life Insurance Business
            Through Firmness Of Decision
    Making decisions can be likened to exercising muscles: the greater
the intensity of the exercise, the stronger the muscles grow. Likewise,
the firmer your decisions — as an empowered life insurance agent — the
more conviction behind them, the greater the impact they will have on
your business. You have made a firm decision when a commitment is
made to achieve a specific result and thoughts of all other possibilities are
cut off. To reach the upper echelons of success in life insurance sales, such


as reaching the Million Dollar Round Table, you must display true resolve
for your decisions. You must take enthusiastic action and follow through
with eager determination toward the attainment of the desired results.

          Hannibal was one of the world’s greatest soldiers. He
        possessed extraordinary tactical skill, a bold conception of
       strategy and a capacity for leadership that commanded the
     loyalty of his troops amid danger and defeat. “We will either
      find a way, or make one,” said Hannibal as he led an army
         of thirty thousand troops over the Swiss Alps into Italy.
               Yes, that was a firm and courageous decision.

      When you are truly committed to a decision, that is it, final, you
never even consider the possibility of turning back. It is not what has
happened to you in the past that determines your level of success, rather
it is your decisions now, and at each stage in the future, that determine
the subsequent course of your career in life insurance.

    It is your decisions about what you will focus on, what things mean
to you, and what you will do about them, which matter most.
Committed decisions are the powerful forces that sculpt your business
and shape your life. Your decisions play an unquestionable role in
defining your destiny.

                      Commitment :
                  The Ability To Stick-With-It
    By now, you must know that I am a true believer in the astonishing
power of decision-making. I believe wholeheartedly that it is in our
moments of decision that we shape the future course of our lives. It has
nothing to do with our circumstances. We are the ones who are in control
of our long-term future by using the awesome power of our thoughts to
make mind-blowing, earth-shattering, life-changing decisions.

                    LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF DECISION

      The ability to stick with a program of personal growth, the
       ability to stick with a regimen of goal-setting and action-
       planning, the ability to stick with a task until completed,
      these are all talents to be admired in an entrepreneur. So,
       how do you develop this focused ability to stick-with-it?
                       COMMITMENT is the key.

    The competence to stick-with-it is developed through the power of
committing to your decisions. Commitment is when you give
wholehearted, one hundred percent effort to the tasks at hand. If you
‘give it a try’ to see if it works, it won’t. If you ‘wait to see’ what happens,
you will see nothing. This is true for all facets of the life insurance sales
opportunity . . . nothing happens until committed action is taken to
produce a result.

    The sales agent who is committed to success, gets from where he or
she is now to somewhere better by consistently doing tasks that others
will not do. Commitment means sticking to the decision once it has
been made and following through with the necessary drive and reserves
of energy required to attain the desired successful results.

    It is not what ‘happens to you’ during your time involved in the life
insurance industry that matters, it is what you ‘decide to do about it’
that counts. Good and bad things happen to us all, but it is the way we
choose to respond to these things in an empowering manner that makes
the greatest difference in how our business develops.

    All life insurance agents have the capability to positively transform
their professional fortunes. This revolution results from their stunning
power of decision . . . the empowered thoughts they think and the strategic
choices they make are what matter most.


      D E C I D E               O N
      Y O U R             T R U E
     D E F I N I T I O N
    O F        S U C C E S S

“The man who succeeds above his fellows
is the one who early in life, clearly discerns
    his object, and towards that object
      habitually directs his powers.”
          Edward Bulwer-Lytton


                          S U C C E S S

         ow is the time — this instant — for you to make courageous
         decisions for the future success of your life insurance venture.
         Be definite about what you do and do not want for your
business. You must know what you want before you can get it, so decide
exactly what it is that you desire. Make these important decisions
concerning the ultimate success of your personal organization now.
Be definite in your choices. Be specific. Do not be vague. Decide precisely
what you want, then go for the attainment of exactly that.

     It is you who has the first and the last word in determining how
successful your life insurance business is. Your level of performance will
always be consistent with who and what you think you are. Therefore, it
is vital for you to make decisions that will empower you as the head of
your organization and lead to a more powerful team effort. Also, you
must have an abundance of confidence in your abilities if you are to excel
in your endeavors and experience maximum rewards. Take responsibility
for the success of your enterprise and decide how profitable it will be.

                   What Is ‘Success’ To You?
    Success. It means different things to all people. Have you ever asked
yourself: “What does success mean to me? What would it take for me to
consider myself a success?” We all say we want success, but what does
‘success’ really mean to you? As it relates to your sales efforts, what will it
take for you to consider yourself rewarded in this profession?

     For a certain life insurance agent, success may be speaking confidently
in front of a group of prospective clients. For another, it may mean earning
a recurring weekly income. For yet another, with eyes aiming for the top
levels of life insurance, success may be running an agency that attracts
new agents on a fast, continual basis.


   A major step for you, as a life insurance professional aiming for the
apex of attainment, is to clarify your own unique definition of success.
Many define success in strictly financial terms, but that’s not the only
measure. Even more vital, perhaps, is to include some of these
fundamentals when defining exactly what ‘success’ means to you:

   How can I make the other sales agents in my business feel sincere
   appreciation for their efforts?

   What level of avid commitment will I strive to maintain in my life
   insurance endeavors?

   Through my own life insurance sales organization, am I, in any way,
   contributing to improve the world?

   If I had the power to build my business to any size, the lives of how
   many people would be positively impacted in the process?

   What will be my lasting legacy when I die, what will I leave behind
   that will benefit all mankind?

    Once you have answered these questions and defined success in
your own personal terms, you need to decide what you love being
successful at within the life insurance arena. Here are some empowering
decisions you could make for yourself as a life insurance professional:

   I love being successful as a supremely confident presenter of the life
   insurance products and services offered by my particular company.

   I love being successful as the inspired leader of multitudes of eager
   sales agents in my enterprise.

   I love being successful as an inspired speaker who is able to deliver
   highly enthusiastic group presentations.


    I love being successful as a mentor empowering other sales agents to
    reach higher and higher levels of success.

    I love being successful as a philanthropist giving charitable donations
    from my life insurance sales income to improve the lives of less
    fortunate individuals.

    Through the unique nature of your particular opportunity, you can
acquire the character traits of a successful sales agent because you possess
infinite power to direct your thoughts and make empowered decisions.
Make your decisions those of enthusiasm, self-confidence, prosperity,
success and enterprise if these are the states of being you seek.

    Yes, it is up to you . . . it is your decision!

           Building A Life Insurance Business
           Is A Journey . . . Not A Destination
     The process of building a thriving, profitable life insurance business
is an extraordinary journey to be savored each step of the way . . . it is not
just a destination. A big mistake is made if you treat your life insurance
enterprise like a destination way off in the distance. Perhaps you are always
going to do something one day: going to be successful; going to train the
new associates; going to gain leadership skills; going to be a better presenter
of the products and services; going to create a program of effective follow
up techniques; going to start my own insurance investment plan with the
extra income I earn.

    It sounds like you are always going — always traveling — so no
wonder you never have enough time to achieve significant success. The
truth is that going to is a destination you will never reach. From this
moment forward, transform your vocabulary and make a vow to yourself
to never again make the statement that you are going to do anything.

                    LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF DECISION

     As an empowering alternative, learn instead to say: I will do this;
I will be successful; I will train the new associates; I will gain leadership
skills; I will be a better presenter of the products and services; I will create
a program of effective follow up techniques; I will start my own insurance
investment plan with the extra income I earn.

    Once your vocabulary is empowered to add another dimension to
your effectiveness as a sales agent, make it another winning discipline of
yours to always DO IT NOW! Now is always the right time to design
Action-Plans and take forward Action-Steps, so make a decision this instant
to positively transform your life and empower your organization.

   Decide to accept nothing but the best for your insurance venture
   and choose to be an energetic, confident, motivated, audacious,
    vivacious, honest, inspired, enthusiastic, dynamic, thoughtful,
       healthy, vibrant, compassionate, trusting, creative, kind,
       and supremely successful sales agent. Make this decision,
        be highly empowered by it and just . . . DO IT NOW!

     Success is a consequence of attaining one’s greatest desires. The
starting point of all success is desire . . . that which is wanted intensely
by the individual. This is the starting point. Desire is the infinite urge
of life for expression, expansion and attainment. However, surprisingly,
few people actually know what they really want. Few sales agents ever
define, in a concrete way, exactly what they ask of life. What about you?

    You, from this moment forward, as a highly empowered life insurance
professional, through the awesome power of decision, can define your
needs and strive to attain all you ask for. Decision is your key to a glorious
new future whereby your business can literally expand worldwide and
make a positive transformation in the lives of people globally. Make
your decisions wisely and today launch your most compelling of futures
with thoughts, words and actions that are inspiring and empowering.


        Q U A L I T Y
      T H O U G H T S
       C R E A T E                 A
 Q U A L I T Y                L I F E

“We are what our thoughts have made us;
   so take care about what you think.
     Words are secondary. Thoughts
         live; they travel far.”
          Swami Vivekananda


         Q U A L I T Y                T H O U G H T S

       or you to experience the maximum reward from your life insurance
       sales endeavors and create the highest standard of living possible,
       you first have to strengthen your attitude through a commitment
to personal excellence. This is achieved by thinking higher quality thoughts
that manifest a higher quality life.

    For sure, your existing lifestyle is already better than you appreciate it
to be, it’s all a matter of contrasts. No matter how demoralized, depressed
or disheartened you get, if today you are an agent of an insurance company,
have ample food to eat, clothes on your back and shoes on your feet,
then your life is in far better shape than the vast majority of the planet’s
population. Understand that from this position the world is your oyster.

     Once you can grasp the incredible significance of how fortunate
you are to be here at this instant, then take this fundamental truth and
today launch your new thoughts, your new decisions and your new life.
Be thankful for what you already possess, learn a winner’s attitude from
the leading sales agents, then go forth striving for the attainment of many
glorious aspirations. Design powerful objectives that will drive you toward
incredible levels of success within the life insurance profession.

          Your mind is far more powerful than you have ever
          been taught. It is only your own limiting, negative
          and disempowering belief systems that are holding
            you back from accomplishing all that you can.

    Where does it all begin? It begins with decision. Know that you
have the power to change what goes into your mind by empowering
your thought patterns on a continual basis and by following these changes
with enthusiastic action toward meaningful life insurance sales targets.
As you begin to understand the absolute power of your mind, all aspects


of your life will be enhanced. You will be able to influence the conditions
surrounding you, direct your circumstances, change your states of being,
and achieve your desired life insurance aspirations.

            Empower Your Thoughts By
        Changing What Goes Into Your Mind
     If you want to increase your business success, if you want to alter
your circumstances, if you want to garner great power and momentum
from your sales endeavors, then you can . . . just empower your thoughts.
This is done step-by-step on a daily basis by changing what goes into
your mind. The multi-stimuli that continuously bombard your mental
powerhouse influence your thinking and direct the circumstances of your
life. The easiest way to transform your predominant thought patterns is
to feed your mind fresh and invigorating positive thought-provoking
stimuli that can empower your thinking and promote your actions in
the direction you desire for optimum results.

            Luck, it is said, is a matter of being in the right
            place at the right time. However, both location
              and timing are under our personal control.
              Therefore . . . we determine our own luck.

    To empower your thoughts, you need to cultivate the winning
discipline of feeding your mind on a daily basis with good, clean, pure,
powerful and positive stimuli. The most effective ways to do this are:

    By mixing with positive, optimistic people.
    By reading empowering, motivational books.
    By listening to inspiring, enlivening, uplifting, instructive personal
    development audiocassettes.
    By avoiding major sources of negativity . . . such as most television,
    radio, newspapers, gossipers, whiners and complainers.


    You have a choice as to what positive stimuli go into your mind.
Make this choice wisely. It is true that the quality of your thoughts
determines the quality of your life. It is also true that the quality of your
thoughts pertaining to your life insurance endeavors determines the
quality and extent of your business success.

     The Quality Of Your Thoughts Determines
          The Quality Of Your Endeavors
    You will attract to your life insurance venture whatever you consistently
think. If your empowered thoughts are invariably of good-fortune,
success, mastery and attainment, you will ultimately experience the
conditions of a successful business. Likewise, if you steadily project
empowered thoughts of fabulous health, high-energy and super-vitality
then you will attract the very best of health to yourself. As the Greek
philosopher Plato said: “Reality is created by the mind. We can change
our reality by changing our mind.”

         The highest quality thinking is no more than fretting
         over ‘problems’ zero percent of the time, and focusing
            on ‘solutions’ one hundred percent of the time.

     You possess absolute power over your thought mechanisms.
Therefore, once you can grasp that all of your inadequacies, all of your
problems, all of your difficulties and all of your limitations are artificial
realities held to you only by your thoughts, then you can quickly create
for yourself the foundation stones of the magnificent life you desire.

    You will command complete mastery over your life and your
entrepreneurial ventures when you can control how you react or respond
to all thoughts — empowering and disempowering — taking place in
your powerhouse mind at all times. You are the one who commands
total responsibility over your thoughts at each moment. Wield this power!


        Your Thoughts Are The Building Blocks
          Of Your Own Successful Business
     You are the architect and creator of your life insurance enterprise.
It is a personal creation of yours and you can build it to the degree of
your choice. The foundation stones and building blocks for this structure
are your empowered thoughts. Right now, take a moment to decide what
substantial bedrock you want for the imposing and solid sales organization
you will create:

    You can decide to conquer the world with an immensely profitable
    life insurance empire that spans all corners of the globe.

    You can decide to make a positive difference in the lives of the
    multitude by building a business enterprise that becomes your ever-
    lasting legacy.

    You can decide to create a grand vision for your business which is so
    compelling that life insurance agents the world over will applaud
    your aims.

    Everything is possible for you as an empowered life insurance sales
agent . . . for whatever you can conceive and totally believe in your mind,
you can achieve. You possess an incredible ability to decide upon unlimited
possibilities for your life. Anything you can imagine in your mind you
can do when you apply yourself and decide to take enthusiastic action
toward that end result.

    Immediately, this moment, begin focusing the awesome force of
your empowered thoughts toward successful achievement. . . then watch
out for the dramatic and positive transformation that will definitely
take place in your business and in your life.


   C H O I C E                 A N D
      D E C I S I O N :
 T W I N            P I L L A R S
    O F        S U C C E S S

 “There are two primary choices in life:
to accept conditions as they exist, or accept
  the responsibility for changing them.”
               Denis Waitley


                           C H O I C E

           ne of the most potent concepts within this empowering book
           is CHOICE . . . the fact that you can ‘choose’ to make decisions
           to directly impact your destiny. Choice is the twin pillar of
success, together with the power of decision. Try to understand and
grasp the incredible strength that resides within your own mind as it
relates to you having the choice to be anything you can possibly want to
be and to do whatever your heart desires. Today, choose to begin new
empowering thought processes and decide this moment to make a
determined resolution to positively transform your life through your life
insurance endeavors.

    Enduring success or eventual stagnation of your life insurance business
will result from the series of choices you constantly make. Once choices
are made, they stack up, one on top of another, initially molding the
identity of your business and ultimately shaping its size and significance.
The following examples show how your choices affect the very nature of
your being and manifest the ‘chosen’ conditions in your life:

    If you want to be a mega-confident life insurance agent, choose to
    think confidence-inducing thoughts. It really is as simple as developing
    new empowering thought patterns in your mind and throwing away
    your old negatively conditioned ways of thinking. The greater the
    intensity of your ‘confident’ thought seeds, the more empowering
    the feelings of self-assurance that will result.

    If you desire streams of vibrant health or torrents of extreme wealth
    flowing through your life, simply begin by choosing to think thoughts
    of this very nature. To start the process of having vibrant health,
    just think empowered thoughts of super-vitality, high-energy,
    outstanding dynamism, amazing vigor, fantastic spirit and
    exceptional power. Likewise, for more success and wealth in your


    life, think empowered thoughts of extraordinary riches, astounding
    fortune, incredible abundance and unlimited prosperity.

    You may want your life insurance organization to be a global empire,
    positively impacting the lives of individuals across all lands of this
    planet, with many active sales agents and energetic leaders. However,
    you will first need to choose this result for yourself by making a firm
    decision that this is what you want, by believing in it, by visualizing
    it, by planning for it and by taking action on it every day. Only then
    will it have a greater chance of coming true.

    The potential for success within life insurance is almost infinite.
Imagine your business as a great canvas with unlimited possibilities that
can be painted on to it. As the leader of your particular business endeavor,
you are a unique and special artist who holds the brush and colors to
create a life insurance enterprise that is . . . kaleidoscopic.

     Why not choose to paint a vision of your life insurance business that
is a scintillating panorama? Then paint yourself right into the midst of it
all and endow your loved ones with a colorful lifestyle that others can
only dream of. You have the power to design a mosaic of magnificence.
You can do it, but realize it all begins with choice . . . the power of
decision. Take personal responsibility for designing your life insurance
organization as a vibrant masterpiece of excellence or for creating it as a
lackluster portrait of nothingness.

      Building A Stellar Life Insurance Business
                    Is Your Choice
    Abraham Lincoln stated that people are just about as happy as they
make up their minds to be. Fundamentally, he meant that people choose
whether to feel happy or not, determined or not, confident or not,
enthusiastic or not, enterprising or not, or successful or not.


    This essential message represents the ultimate truth of the Power
Philosophy and is one of the realities of life itself. This is: To ‘be’ any
condition, one must first decide to ‘be’ that way.

        Being a successful sales agent comes from choosing the
        accelerated game of life — living life to the maximum
        and building a stellar insurance business — knowing
        that you have done your best in every situation and in
          excelling to the farthest reaches of your God-given
                    ability under all circumstances.

    Where you are in life right now is directly related to what decisions
you have made over a long period of time. However, that is all in the
past. What we are interested in here is your future. What we want to
know now is what empowering decisions will you make from today?
You must decide where you are going with your life insurance business:
one year from now, five years from now, even twenty-five years from
now. Things will only improve in your life if and when you make new
empowering decisions to change them. Within your specific life insurance
sales opportunity you have amazing possibilities to transform your life in
a thousand different dimensions.

              Time invested in improving yourself and in
               developing your sales endeavors cuts time
                  wasted in non-productive pursuits.

     If you are reading this book, it is accepted that you want to improve
the conditions of your life and positively transform your circumstances.
The first step that needs accomplishing is to develop an awareness of
the conditions you seek by thinking thoughts of that precise nature.
You — and only you — need to decide what circumstances you desire
for your life. Then, consistently feed empowering thoughts to your mind
of these stated conditions. The next step is in possessing an almighty


belief in your personal ability to manifest your greatest objectives. This
comes through your reinforced self-assurance that you are indeed an
empowered life insurance professional.

              Choose To Believe In Yourself
             As An Empowered Entrepreneur
     Self-belief is the foundation stone for every forward step made in life
insurance sales. All desires held by you can be manifested if you will just
believe in their eventual outcome. Self-belief is the determination to follow
through on your life insurance goals. The one thing that will guarantee
the triumphant completion of any task is the belief that it can be done.
Self-belief is what empowered entrepreneurs live by . . . a supreme, self-
confident belief that unites faith with enthusiastic action to make the
seemingly impossible become reality.

    Perhaps the hardest part of attaining a high level of success in the life
insurance profession is believing that you can succeed. If you don’t earnestly
believe you can do something, then you won’t give the necessary committed
effort. Self-belief is a catalyst . . . dynamic self-confidence triggers the
mind into figuring ways and means for your most outrageous ambitions
to be achieved.

    One of the greatest forces in existence is the will of a life insurance
sales professional who has self-belief, who dares to aim higher and who
confidently focuses on the desires most cherished. “I can do it” is a
tremendously powerful affirmation. Believe, really believe in your ability
to do something and you will most certainly accomplish it. Provided, of
course, that you follow your intense belief with immediate, enthusiastic
action toward the accomplishment of your greatest ambitions.


           D E C I D E
         T O        T A K E
          A C T I O N

“The world can only be grasped by action,
   not by contemplation. The hand is
      the cutting edge of the mind.”
            Jacob Bronowski


                            A C T I O N

        ction! Action! Action! Do not fall into the trap of thinking too
        much about doing something, instead focus on mastering the
        discipline of taking action on an immediate basis. The winner’s
phrase to repeatedly imprint into your psyche is this . . . DO IT NOW!
All of your dreams, all of your hopes, all of your goals, all of the mightiest
aspirations you hold for your life insurance enterprise are completely
useless without action. Therefore, take action and take it immediately.

    The most powerful way to implement change in your life is to get
yourself to take enthusiastic action. Above all else, enthusiastic action is
the key to achieving every one of your desires. It is not what you do
once in a while that will shape your life insurance business, but what you
do with consistent and persistent effort, with total commitment to your
decisions. Ultimately it is results that count most in the game of life.
Results are what distinguish the successful agents from the shattered ones.

     All the dreams, desires, goals, plans, belief and confidence in
      the world will come to mean nothing unless action is taken
     in the process of sales achievement. Goals that inspire, and
     a burning desire to attain those goals, will certainly help to
       overcome inertia and make that first step toward action
        possible, but it is ultimately only the action itself that
          will materialize the life insurance results you seek.

    DO IT NOW! The positive energy released by adhering to this
principle is astounding. Do it now and your adrenaline flows, you feel
better and work more effectively. Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari
Computer, had this to say about the power of action: “The critical
ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as
that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do
something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today!

                    LIFE POWER - THE POWER OF DECISION

The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” If your intention is to be
an empowered life insurance professional, one critical question to ask
yourself is whether you are a doer or a dreamer?

                     Become Known As An
                        Action Person
    Action conquers fear, releases tension, soothes anxiety and provides
immense personal satisfaction, because it is the catalyst that gets things
done. Why not become known as an Action Person and make each day
one of personal excellence? You will reach success by taking enthusiastic
action toward attaining your goals on a consistent daily basis.

    It is vital for you to take that first Action-Step to overcome inertia.
Inertia is what holds you back from making decisions, creating Action-
Plans and taking the enthusiastic action that will move you toward the
attainment of your life insurance desires. Understandably the first step is
the most difficult of all, so how do you overcome inertia and get the
ball of achievement rolling in a positive direction?

     The answer lies in the process of writing and following these five
all-important principles, with two key points to first remember:

    Always make your goals and all related steps as much fun as possible.
    Always state your goals and all related steps in a positive frame of reference.

1. DECIDE on what your goal is. Get focused on one life insurance
   target that will massively impact your life if it comes true.

2. WRITE a clear description of your aim near the top of a fresh sheet
   of paper. Be specific.

3. OUTLINE each Action-Step required to reach your objective. Write
   these below your life insurance target on the same sheet of paper.


4. NOTE the deadline for achieving your goal and also the dates you
   intend accomplishing each individual step.

5. TAKE ACTION, no matter how small, toward the achievement of
   each one of the steps. Then measure your progress by charting your
   goal. This can be done with a simple tick or mark to show that you
   have actually carried out the steps.

    Keep a written record of the daily, weekly and monthly progress
you make in the direction of your target. If you do take the necessary
individual steps toward your goal and you do chart your progress, then
reward yourself occasionally with a special treat and keep the entire
process of goal-attainment fun. As already stated, it is in your moments
of decision that your destiny is shaped, so decide right now to follow
the preceding five action principles.

    IF IT IS TO BE . . . IT IS UP TO ME! These are the ten most
power-packed and inspiration-laden two-letter words in the English
language when stated together. What these words imply is that we create
our own lives, our own luck and our own destinies.

   If you desire to be a top life insurance sales agent, endowed with the
empowering character traits this entails, then all life-transforming choices
should be made through this dynamic four-step process:

        The making of business-impacting DECISIONS.
        The immediate setting of inspiring OBJECTIVES.
        The development of comprehensive ACTION-PLANS.
        The taking of consistent, enthusiastic ACTION-STEPS.

    The power to be an Action Person is already an inherent part of you.
If you have not been able to summon this power, the reason is merely
because you have failed to set targets for your life insurance enterprise
that get your adrenaline flowing. So . . . be enthusiastic and set stunning
goals to ignite yourself into an inferno of exhilarated activity.


   We must be willing to take the necessary action to put the process
  into motion for achieving our life insurance goals. In other words,
    nothing will happen in our business until we make it happen.
   Learn to look at each opportunity as it arises and say to yourself
   these empowering words: “If it is to be . . . it is up to me!” Then
    take immediate, enthusiastic action and conquer the moment.

    Are you determined to set your life insurance business ablaze and
committed to squeeze from it the entire potential that it holds? Many
sales agents know what they should do on a regular daily basis for the
success of their life insurance career, but they never do it. The reason is
that they are lacking the drive and enthusiastic feelings that only the
most magnificent and compelling vision of the future can provide.

            Through your power of decision, combined with
             your life insurance opportunity, you have an
              unprecedented possibility right now to find
              he desires that will light your motivational
                  fires and keep them burning bright.

     Your life insurance business provides spectacular possibilities for you
to break your mental shackles and perform at the highest level . . . but
only if you will take enthusiastic action. Through this book, you now
have an excellent chance to brainstorm objectives that can propel your
life toward astonishing accomplishments . . . but only if you will apply
the principles. Through the sheer power of your decision to take
enthusiastic action on a consistent basis, and your choice to apply
empowering principles every day toward your ultimate objectives, you
can unleash incredible powers to break through your limitations and
release the full potential of peak performance.


      I have a personal request . . .

Please write and tell me how any aspect of LIFE
POWER has positively affected your life. Why not share
your success stories with me so that I may use them as
inspirational examples to others? What Action-Steps
have you taken to dramatically change the direction
of your life for the better? Please explain what you
have done different as a result of reading this book?
What have you been motivated to achieve? In how
many ways has your life been empowered? How have
you improved as a person?

What secrets have you learned about building your
life insurance business to the maximum? What tips do
you have that I can pass on to future readers? Do you
have a favorite story, quote or insight about life
insurance or sales that you’d like to share with others?
Please send your illustrations to me and soon they may
appear together with your name in a future book for
all to see. I am eager to hear from you. Thank you for
reading my work and for fully participating in the
journey of life.

Please contact me at the following e-mail:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enthusiastically yours,

James Lee Valentine


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