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					Internet2 IPv6 Update

Matt Zekauskas,
APAN IPv6 Task Force
• We have renamed…
• Internet2 network infrastructure
  IPv6 status
• IPv6 activities
We Have Renamed
• As of February 1, 2007

• Is now the
We Have Renamed
• NOC email:
• Internet2 Network URL
• Internet2 Network contact address (new
  peerings, …):
We Have Moved
• We renamed because we have moved the
  routers from a Qwest SONET infrastructure to
  our own infrastructure that runs on Level(3)
  fiber and has new capabilities
• The new network is a “hybrid network” that
  can supply SONET and Ethernet circuits in
  addition to IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity
NOTE: Raleigh, Portland, Seattle switching equip. deferred
Internet2 network infrastructure
• IPv6 continues to perform well on the
  Internet2 Network
• Transition from Abilene layer3 network to new
  Internet2 network infrastructure almost
  complete [done by 30-Sep]
• Using same Juniper T640 routers; still
  running dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6
• The backbone now supports 32 bit ASNs
Internet2 network infrastructure
• R&E peerings remain unchanged
• IPv6 peerings with commercial nets remain at
  PAIX, now served by Los Angeles router
  – Hurricane Electric added Jan 2007, was on
    Heather’s slide from APAN23
• With new commercial peering service, new
  opportunities to peer in Chicago, New York,
  Seattle and Los Angeles
• Monitoring and network test points still
  being updated for the new network
  [Should be finished by end Sept.]
• We will have at every router node
  – Latency (owamp)
  – Throughput (bwctl) [1G, 10G upon request]
  – On-demand testing (NDT)
• All supporting IPv6
• Consider testing to Internet2, at least
  ad-hoc, and possibly low-rate periodic
  – Owamp, and bwctl TCP tests < 30s to 1G
    endpoints, are no longer restricted
  – Please tell us if you set up periodic tests
  – Recent testing of peering points with
    DREN has exposed odd routing,
    configuration errors
• We have firewall filters installed in the
  Juniper routers to capture IPv6
  utilization (and other specific port
  viz/index-bits.html (bits/sec)
• Also not all updated
  – IPv4 connector map is current
  – IPv6 connector map needs to be updated
    (basically v6 peers move to current v4
    locations (for example, Denver connectors
    move to Salt Lake City; PAIX peers remain
    there but now go to Los Angeles router)
  – So I will not show the v6 maps 
Policy: Interconnection with
other networks
• Will continue to peer with IPv6 commercial
  – With new Internet2 network, will also now peer
    with IPv4 commercial networks (but these are a
    separate VRF, no mixing with R&E routes)
• No transit between non-US networks and
  commercial IPv6 network peers
  – Had been providing transit between v6 networks
    (including commercial)
  – Stopped providing transit to commercial v6 peers
    – not their usual policy
IPv6 Activities
• Internet2 IPv6 Working Group
  – Refocused from campus deployment effort to…..
  – Working with middleware and applications working
    groups as resource
• Internet2 IPv6 Hands-on Workshops
  – Lesser in frequency, but still being held by request
     • April 2007: Ann Arbor, MI
     • June 2007: Pittsburgh, PA
     • July 2007: North Kingstown, RI
• IPv6 working group
• Internet2 NOC IPv6 Information
• Presentation and exercises from IPv6 Multicast

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