Hello Kitty Jewelry by willpastons


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									                                          Hello Kitty Jewelry
There is a little piece of jewellery that is so often forgotten in life. It is of course the simple bead. This
may seem an insignificant thing and it can give rise to wonderful thoughts of childhood. Beads are very
often the first ting little girls in particular play with when they first begin to learn about jewellery. There
are lots of presents and gifts and toys which contain these tiny items so that young children can have
fun stringing bits together and making all kinds of fun pieces. These include necklaces, ear rings,
bracelets and all manner of items.

Children just love the feel of these and can let their imagination go to town with any amount of creative
flair. Usually children begin with plastic pieces but often their journey into the world of beads begins
when they see Mum cutting up a melon. Melon seeds can be washed and dried and make truly
wonderful necklaces. Children just love to paint them too and can spend hours doing this and letting
them dry hard in the sun before stringing them together with a simple piece of cotton or thread.

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