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Report on Philanthropy


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President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Measuring Success . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Volunteers Made It Happen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Leadership Donor Clubs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Planned Giving at Regis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Scholarships at Regis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Honor Roll of Trustees, Faculty, Staff, Friends, Parents and Other Donors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Matching Gift Companies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Corporations, Foundations and Trusts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Government Agencies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Financial Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

Giving Levels are determined by the total contributed during a fiscal year, including matching gifts, to the following categories: annual fund, project fundraising, endowment, and scholarships. In this 2008 Report on Giving, total giving is listed by gift club level and by class year or constituency group. As a staff, we work diligently and with painstaking attention to detail to assure that all giving is accurately reported. If you believe your giving has not been recorded accurately we hope you will bring it to our attention. You may reach us at 781-768-7220. Please know that if your gift arrived in our office after June 30, 2008, it will be listed in the 2009 Report on Giving.

Dear Friends of Regis College,
I am pleased to report to you on the growth we have achieved in the past year as well as the challenges we have confronted. Our transition to a co-educational institution has been quite successful, but there are many other developments worthy of note: • Various campus groups began work on our emerging new Strategic Plan, 2008–2013 and the development of a draft vision statement: As an educational institution, Regis College will be the preferred choice for those who desire to be part of a small, diverse community actively engaged in empowering all who learn, teach, and work within this intergenerational community to realize their potential. We will be effective leaders of social change advancing the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston: diversity, peaceful resolution of conflict, local and global service, social justice, care for the earth, and compassion. • In senior personnel, last year Donald Bowman as a consultant analyzed our development efforts, and this August he came on board as Vice President, Institutional Advancement. In July, Dr. Russ Pottle became the first Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. He joins Dean Toni Hays, RN, PhD., of the School of Nursing and Health Professions. • The faculty have been moving forward with development of an integrated Core Curriculum that is distinct and speaks to the mission of Regis College and unifies the academic and co-curricular student experience. The faculty have also adopted a newly designed First-Year Seminar and been reviewing the faculty governance structure to fit the College’s new two-school structure. • The School of Nursing and Health Professions is one of only six schools nationally named a 2008– 2011 Center of Excellence in Nursing Education by the National League of Nursing. • We are finalizing plans to transform the Regis College Library into a state-of-the art information commons with the help of Catherine Norton ’62, Director, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Library. The current main entrance of the library will be turned around so that it faces diagonally toward the quad formed by College Hall, St. Joseph’s Hall, and Maria Hall. The high tech interior behind a beautiful glass façade will allow students to pursue learning with books and computers, group engagement and solitary study, and will house a coffee kiosk with tables to gather around. • Sixty young men arrived on campus in September, 2007, and, as expected, another sixty this September. I was very pleased to receive a letter from one of the rising sophomores early this summer recounting his year of personal growth as he met intellectual challenges and learned how to live with others of different cultural backgrounds. This coming year the College will augment its playing fields. Regis, which boasts an excellent women’s athletic program offering basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, softball, tennis, and track, recently added men’s tennis and volleyball. These sports will compete at the club level this year and move immediately to varsity status for the 2009–10 season. Regis already fields varsity men’s competition in basketball, swimming and diving, and soccer. • The student loan credit crisis this spring resulted in an uncertain summer for colleges throughout the country, including Regis. Just as we were about to emerge into the black after seven hard years of fighting deficits and striving to grow our enrollment, we experienced an agonizingly slow pace in building our freshman class for this coming year. But the class did come in, we have registered 798 undergraduates, and for the first time in years we have a positive cash flow. • Special thanks this year go to Claire Watson Hubbard ’45 for her interest in the legacy of science at Regis; to John and Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57, for sustaining faculty development and student scholarships; to Bonnie Coogan Moran ’58, also now a Regis trustee, for her confidence in the Regis turn-around; and to donor Kathryn Erat for her interest in helping the odyssey generation know its spiritual foundations. • Through their unmitigated support for students, our “Sharing Opportunities” leaders—Ruth “Spud” Kingsbury ’57, Lorraine Tegan ’63 (also a Regis trustee), and Carole McCarthy, ’65—also show us the way to go forward. Regis College is committed to advancing at a steady pace, and I personally express my gratitude to you for your generosity, your insight and your commitment to our progress. Sincerely yours,

Mary Jane England, ’59, M.D., President

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 1

Dear Regis Alumni and Friends,
In the fall of 2007, Regis College launched an exciting growth strategy, which included admitting men to the undergraduate college, expanding graduate programs, and establishing a two-school model—a School of Arts and Sciences and a School of Nursing and Health Professions. Thanks to an outpouring of generous support from trustees, alumni, faculty, staff and friends during the past year, this strategic vision is being implemented. You, whose names are listed in this report, can be proud of the role your philanthropy has played in this growth. Your gifts have enabled Regis to remain true to the vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph that permeates our mission. We are grateful! And yet, there are external obstacles to our continued progress that are outside our control. The troubled economy and the credit crisis especially impact middle class and low income families whose children we educate and who are struggling to finance a college education. (If I were an incoming freshman today, my family would be among them!) We need your support now more than ever to provide scholarships and financial aid so that academically talented young men and women can climb “high on this hilltop.” As you read through this report, I hope you are inspired by the stories of transformation—how the encouragement of a faculty member led to the pursuit of a rewarding career, how the memories of a beloved teacher prompted a lost alum to find her way back to Regis, how scholarship support made Regis affordable for an inner city student and launched a deep friendship spanning generations. Through the transformation now underway at Regis, today’s students can unleash their potential without limit. Your continued generosity makes you a partner in this noble cause. Thank you. Sincerely,

Christina Kennedy McCann ’60, Chair, Trustee Institutional Advancement Committee

Total Voluntary Support
FY 08 $ Final $3,198,522.47 Individuals Alumni Parents Others Corporations Foundations Government Outright Planned Bequests Life Income Product and Property Current Operations Unrestricted Restricted Capital Purposes Endowment Facilities Designation pending Alumni Donors Participation % $1,103,364.83 $8,082.00 $748,719.83 $130,430.26 $115,830.00 $1,092,095.55 $2,808,123.03 — $336,770.44 — $53,629.00 SOURCE FY 07 $ Final $3,512,161.58 $2,358,694.72 $7,295.00 $216,418.46 $56,826.69 $204,054.00 $668,872.71 $2,050,365.97 — $518,434.61 $943,361.00 FY 06 $ Final $2,614,133.56 $905,808.70 $8,105.00 $466,402.81 $81,363.12 $507,710.00 $644,743.93 $2,445,471.96 — $163,478.01 — $5,183.59


$1,114,252.14 $1,927,250.89 $142,019.44 $15,000.00 — 1,932 21.79%

$1,436,027.87 $1,100,197.71 $17,575.00 $15,000.00 $943,361.00 1,872 21.18%

$896,149.75 $1,400,696.50 $315,637.11 $1,650.20 — 2,123 23.88%


NOTE: The figures reported above were generated from data in the College’s advancement system and may differ from the College’s accounting system and the audited financial statements due to a variety of factors, e.g., accounting transfers in the endowment, differences in the CASE and FASB guidelines for the classification of unrestricted and restricted gifts, etc.

Dear Alumni and Friends,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who played such an important role in the success of the 2007–2008 Regis College Annual Fund. Faithful alumni, friends, trustees and parents continue to be the backbone of the College. Now more than ever, your gifts are vital to building a successful future for Regis College. We are truly thankful for our donors who uphold Regis’ strong values and who assist in achieving a standard of excellence. As you read about the alumni and students featured in this issue, remember you had a true impact on their success. In the upcoming year, Regis will be launching major gift initiatives to improve both the library and the athletic facility. As Co-Chairs of the Annual Fund Executive Committee, we are committed to enabling Regis to carry out its mission year after year as dedicated people work to improve every aspect of the College. This upcoming year, we hope to build a stronger relationship with all alumni by inspiring a passion for annual giving. Every new donor who gives to the Annual Fund allows Regis College to take one more step toward an exciting future. All gifts are gratefully received by Regis. For those able to do so, giving at the level of President’s Associates is most welcome. Please contact us if you have any questions about gifts at this level. Thank you again for your dedication to our beloved alma mater. Because of your generosity, loyalty and achievements we are proud to represent you as Co-Chairs of the Annual Fund Executive Committee.

Marguerite Flavin ’55 Carole G. McCarthy ’65 Co-Chairs—Annual Fund Executive Committee

Highlights of the 2008 Regis College Fund
• Top three classes—total amount raised: 1945 ________________________________________________ $162,553.41 1958 ________________________________________________ $151,910.00 1957 ________________________________________________ $123,635.00 • Top three classes—highest class participation rate: 1958 ________________________________________________ 75% 1949 ________________________________________________ 74% 1947 ________________________________________________ 69% • 100% participation by the Board of Trustees • Four classes had a class participation rate of 70% or higher • Twelve classes had a class participation rate of 60% or higher • Twenty one classes had a class participation rate of 40% or higher • Over a million dollars received through government grants, an increase of 63% over last year • For the second consecutive year Regis raised a total of over $3 million • Gifts totaling $173,909.57 were received under the 2006 Charitable IRA Pension Protection Act* • There were 354 first time donors this year, an increase of 9% over last year
*For individuals who are over 70½ this provided an opportunity to make tax-free gifts directly to qualified charities. Donors chose to make charitable distributions from their IRA in any amount up to $100,000. **Please note that The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 will allow those who are at least 70½ to continue making tax-free charitable gifts from IRA funds in 2008 and 2009.

Volunteers Made It Happen. Annual Fund Executive Committee
Carole G. McCarthy ’65 Marguerite Flavin ’55

Gertrude B. Alfredson ’47 Alicia D’Oyley ’99 Judith M. Lauch ’68 Dr. Jane Tedder ’66 Paula Antonevich ’89 Laura Bertonazzi ’03 Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ’57 Annette Pendergast ’45 Georgeann Abatzis ’83

Mary Ellen Moran Siudut ’71
Past President, Alumni Association

Christina McCann ’60, Trustee

“Regis has a very important mission and without our support, the College cannot fulfi ll it.”
It would be difficult to find a more enthusiastic Regis booster than Mary Ellen Siudut, so it is surprising to learn that she resisted Regis as a senior at Marian High School in Framingham, MA. “I didn’t come here willingly,” says Mary Ellen, who wanted to enroll at Wellesley College. Her father, however, insisted on a Catholic education. Today, she has a deep sense of gratitude toward her alma mater. “I received an excellent education that launched me into my career.” Mary Ellen is a software developer at The MathWorks, Inc., a company based in Natick, MA which specializes in technical computer software and where she has worked for 12 years. A math major at Regis, she was encouraged and supported to develop to the fullest her analytical mind and aptitude for mathematics. Mary Ellen came to Regis in 1967, experiencing the heady idealism and turbulent change of the Sixties. “It was a wonderful time to go to college,” she says. “The Sisters of St. Joseph were incredibly inspiring role models, who taught us to take a stand on social justice issues.” Even as a “day hop,” a student who commuted to school, she became a campus activist, joining a carload of Regis women to march in Washington, D.C. In keeping with the tenor of the times, she turned down a full scholarship to an MBA program at the University of Notre Dame for marriage and the Peace Corps. She and her husband, a Holy Cross graduate, found themselves running a YMCA in the Venezuelan desert. (Mary Ellen was not the only member of her family to become an activist. In Virginia, her brother Jim is a U.S. Congressman and her brother Brian is a gubernatorial candidate.) She never forgot Regis. On her return from the Peace Corps, she became a fund agent. She also served as Class President, helping to organize the Class of ’71’s 25th and 30th Reunions. She recently completed 10 years on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, serving her last year as President. “I do think women are very busy,” says the mother of four. Not that she thinks that is an excuse to avoid involvement. Almost all of the Board’s current members are working, professional women. “The social aspect is wonderful. I have never met a Regis woman I would not have a cup of tea or a glass of wine with. They are all interesting and interested.” She touts the wine tasting events held on campus, which offer the chance to mingle with faculty and students. And, “they are fun and free.” “I think the school is very well-run,” Mary Ellen says of Regis. “You are giving to a cause where the money is well spent. Dr. England is a phenomenal leader, and we are very fortunate to have her.” She supported the decision to admit men as undergraduates last year. “I was very pleased,” she relates. “I want the college to continue.”

Fund Agents
THANKS TO ALL OF OUR CLASS FUND AGENTS FOR THEIR WORK DURING THE 2007–2008 ANNUAL FUND Julie Bertolino ’02 Catherine Blondel-Libard ’04 Jesse Hoffman Bouranis ’02 Paula Buckley ’58 Paula Burton ’52 Mary Rose Campbell ’56 Catherine Northway Carnivale ’95 Jaime Hansen Caruso ’98 Suzanne Casey ’89 Geraldine Chase ’59 Krista Barnes Condon ’91 Lianne Cronin ’61 Claudia Pelosi Cuddy ’79 Mary Daly Curtin ’56 Carolyn Dandurand ’03 Rebecca McManus D’Entremont ’96 Anne Finigan Doane ’70 Margaret Donnelly ’53 Maura Donovan ’93 Alicia D’Oyley ’99 Deanna Farrah ’06 Elaine O’Connell Fitzpatrick ’58 Margaret Fermoyle Flagg ’64 Mary Flaherty ’87 Mary McLaughlin Girouard ’51 Mary Louise Howe Gleason ‘65 Kristine Gomes ’89 Lynne Smolen Grossman ’98 Elizabeth Powers Hehir ’42 Jeanne Hennebery ’46 Eileen Fay Hickey ’44 Therese Higgins ’47, CSJ Colleen Hill ’06 Alison Hrubes ’96 Kathleen McAdams Hughes ’62 Anne Dubzinski Jasinski ’75 Mary Pat Ryan Joy ’69 Barbara Kelley Kelley ’55 Corinne Pierce Kiluk ’47 Lillian Snell King ’34 Priscilla King ’04 Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury ’57 Beth Healey Kossuth ’66 Ann Harrington Lagasse ’79 Janine Lapan ’99 Judith Murphy Lauch ’68 Mary Ellen Lavenberg ’65 Mary Kerr Lynch ’40 Ellen Gejda Maley ’97 Angelina Mancini ’04 Julia Mastronardi ’00 Kathryn Tomasini McCall ’96 Carole Groncki McCarthy ’65 Donna Cadigan McCoy ’93 Ruth Barry McCoy ’47 Catherine Gagnon McCrorey ’86 Patricia Molloy McDermott ’49 Patricia McDonald ’71 Monica Barsotti McGillicuddy ’96 Katherine Moynihan McGovern ’65 Jane McGrath ’48 Joanne McHugh ’92 Florence Kelly McKenna ’51 Lisa McPhail ’97 Nancy McSweeney ’90 Carole Meehan ’03 Judith Mariano Moynihan ’80 Kathleen Sheehan O’Brien ’91 Louise Patten O’Neil ’46 Annette Pendergast ’45 Dorothy Fraser Pesek ’54 Erin Murphy Pigott ’89 Yokathelin Pimentel ’04 Billie Jean Potter ’83 Cherilyn Richard ’87 Susan Donnelly Riley ’62 Mary Anne Woelflein Sarbanis ’71 Miriam Finn Sherman ’98 Chris Morris Siebert ’96 Marie Fleming Sisk ’52 Mary Ellen Moran Siudut ’71 Laurie Barrett Spencer ’93 Mary Beth Stanton-Cotter ’69 Barbara Sullivan ’48 Barbara Doran Sullivan ’65 Anne McIsaac Sullivan ’60 Jennifer Sun ’96 Patricia Laliberte Symes ’84 Mary Regan Thakur ’89 Marcia Carey Walsh ’68 Judith King Weber ’61 Mary Downing Welch ’35 Catherine Wilson ’83 Bonnie Woolfrey ’05 Doreen M. Zankowski ’81


Executive Committee and Fund Agents

KEY: † deceased ❦ trustee of Regis College ♦ former trustee of Regis College

Leadership Donor Clubs
DONORS OF GIFTS OF $25,000 OR MORE ARE MEMBERS OF THE REGIS CIRCLE Diane Walden Brierley ’75 ♦ and Harold M. Brierley Kathryn Erat Estate of Carroll F. Miles Estate of Vera Laska Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Linda L. Glenn Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. Harvard University Claire Watson Hubbard ’45 Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 ♦ and John A. Kaneb Regina M. Koch ’48 Mass. Dept. of Public Health Gregory Moraetis Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving The National Collegiate Athletic Association The EDCO Collaborative for Greater Boston, Inc. Tufts Health Plan U.S. Deptartment of Education U.S. Deptartment of Health and Human Services William E. and Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust Judith T. Winston and Robert Winston Yawkey Foundation Sheila and Richard W. Young ♦ Marilyn McGoldrick ’65, CSJ ❦ Mary L. Murphy CSJ ❦ Ellen M. O’Connor ’67 ❦ Susan S. Priem ’97 ♦ and Windle Priem Carole Bocasky Remick ’54 Philip Shannon Mary Reid Shields ’64 Mary Carr Simeone ’45 and Salvatore B. Simeone ❦ Patricia Hogan Sullivan ’55 Jane Cronin Tedder ’66 and Richard J. Tedder Lorraine Destefano Tegan ’63 ❦ William H. Vogel Doreen M. Zankowski ’81 ♦

DONORS OF GIFTS OF $2,500–$4,999 ARE MEMBERS OF THE CRIMSON CIRCLE Anonymous Bank of America Nancy Rodhouse Bossidy ’58 Anne-Marie Cahill Casey ’51 Louise Kelley Collins ’49 Mary Daly Curtin ’56 Deutsche Bank Americas Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, Inc. Mary Murray Early ’68 Mary Dowd Eberle ’63 Betty Ann Hynes Elliott ’49 Margaret M. Ferrara ’96 Elizabeth Kelly Flynn ’39 Mary A. Hefron ’55 George K. Hertz ❦ IBM Corporation Knights of Columbus Beth Healey Kossuth ’66 Tracy Shannon Levey ’88 Patricia Wainwright Lewers ’82 Mary Ann Walsh Lewis ’74 Eleanor Mullane McAllister ’55 Leona McCaughey-Oreszak ’65 Catherine M. Meade ’54 Mary F. Norton ’53 Yolande Cavedon O’Donnell ’45 Mary Rice Osborn ’45 Peter J. Meade Trust Elinor C. Ryan ’39 Joan Shea ❦ Patricia Limerick Skelly ’56 Nancy F. Smith ’73 ♦ Mildred Burns Sullivan ’45 Marie Barbano Tassinari ’51 The Early Family Foundation,Inc. Western New England College Anna Marie White ’42 Clotilde Zannetos

DONORS OF GIFTS OF $5,000–$9,999 ARE MEMBERS OF THE GOLD CIRCLE Aramark Jeanne Devereaux Arsenault ’54 Ayco Charitable Foundation Biogen Idec, Inc. Susan M. Boudrot ’84 Mary E. Chamberland ’74 Dorothy Hook Connor ’44 Constance McInnis Corcoran ’85 Robert J. Cronin ♦ Jeanne McGovern Curtis ’50 and Gerald Curtis Carol Dailey Clare Hailer Dennis ’48 Duniry Foundation Jacalyn C. Egan ’96 ♦ General Electric Company Grover J. Cronin Memorial Foundation Donna Nealon Hoffman ’66 Joanne Massey Howes ’65 Kristyn C. Jamieson ’97 Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury ’57 and Robert Kingsbury Judith Murphy Lauch ’68 ❦ Theresa Audette Lavine ’53 Yen-Chi Nguyen Le ’59 Doris T. Lynch ’45 Brenda Coogan Moran ’58 ❦ Eileen Kelly Moynihan ’57 Joyce Sullivan Mucci ’77 Kathleen O’Hare ’69 ❦ Oppenheimer Brothers Foundation Sharon Plumeri ’99 Anne Downey Saunders ’54 Jane McCarthy Smith ’66 Kathleen Davis Sparrough ’65 Margaret Loughlin Splaine ’42 Ruth Launie Stevens ’46 Barbara A. Sullivan ’48 Mary Malone Sullivan ’41 The John Chany Trust Page M. Vandewater, MS, RN Irene Thomas du Breuil ’41

DONORS OF GIFTS OF $10,000–$24,999 ARE MEMBERS OF THE PLATINUM CIRCLE Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 ❦ and Edward J. Barrett Helen Callahan ’61, CSJ ❦ Laetitia Albiani Carney ’58 ♦ and George Carney, Jr. Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph John Connors Mary Anne Doyle ’67, CSJ ♦ Mary Shea Doyle ’59 and Robert Doyle Mary Jane Regan England ’59, MD ❦ Estate of Mary C. Bryan ’44 Estate of Richard T. Hall Allison Hirsch and Andrew Hirsch Karen Hokanson ❦ Mary Reynolds Kennedy ’58 Patricia Lynch ’63, CSJ ❦ Joananne Argus Marshall ’56 Mass. Department of Higher Education McCall Family Charitable Foundation Jean Ryan McCall ’55 Dorothy Carr McCarthy ’66 and Edward J. McCarthy

DONORS OF GIFTS OF $1,000–$2,499 ARE MEMBERS OF THE PRESIDENT’S ASSOCIATES Mary B. Adams ’66 Advanced Results Marketing Alexander Aronson Finning and Company Gertrude Breen Alfredson ’47 American Express Company American Insurance Administrators, Inc. Barbara Lipcan Bagley ’70 Ann LaBrecque Baird ’67 Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Katherine Finnegan Barrett ’59 Ruthann Iovanni Bates ’69 Marie Halligan Bellissimo ’43 Adrian Blake Mary Sullivan Brady ’64 Peter F. Brady ♦

Mary T. Breslin ’49 Catherine Smith Burns ’45 Rev. Dennis J. Burns Mary Rose Campbell ’56 ♦ Phyllis Gallinelli Campbell ’47 Marion E. Carr ’47 † Alison Cass Cattan ’54 Joanne Benedict Caulfield ’64 Century Bank Amy M. Chin Guen ’50 Doreen O’Leary Christopher ’59 Lillian Catignani Cirafice ’48 Patricia Coleman Cleary ’52 Coe Truman Technologies, Inc. Alice Scanlon Cogliano ’57 Peter and Philippa Condakes Ann Haggerty Cook ’64 Charlotte Malone Corcoran ’49 Susan C. Courtemanche ’77 Audrey Bowen Criado ’59 Lianne M. Cronin ’61 Fran and Joe D’Ambrisi Louise Moll Dallas ’49 Christine A. DesmaraisGordon ’86 Catherine Rosicky Devlin ’58 Lisa M. Doherty ’83 Mary Jane Doherty ’67 Maureen Shea Dolan ’64 Nancie Turner Donelan ’48 Anne Tenneson Doyle ’64 Mary Flanagan Dunbrack ’69 E. Garrett and Patricia C. Cleary Foundation Estate of Loyola C. Holihan Dorothy Benson Farrell ’93 Nancy Natoli Fay ’49 Fidelity Investments Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ’57 ♦ Elaine O’Connell Fitzpatrick ’58 Margaret Fermoyle Flagg ’64 Marguerite T. Flavin ’55 Florida Council for Community Mental Health Rosemarie Foley ’86 Nancy Gallinger Mary Louise Carr Gannon ’54 Paul W. Garber and Philip Garber Paul Garrity ❦ General Dynamics C4 Systems Joan P Goldhammer-O’Neil ’91 . Jean Jianos Gray ’79 Vivian D. Greenblatt ’80 Sheila Joyce Greenlaw ’54 Carol McDermott Guebert ’55 Angeles Oledan Guevara ’57 M. Duggan Hall ’58 Mary P. Hamilton ’36 Virginia C. Hannigan ’54 Jeanette Duffy Hartigan ’59 Dorothy Hogan Hennessy ’58 Clarita Herrera-Argyros Catherine Foley Hines ’49 Walter E. Holmes Jr. Janet Patterson Huie ’55 Dorothea Flynn Hurley ’47 Ann Brown Janes ’51 Ellen C. Kearns ’67 ❦

Patricia L. Kelly ’61 Maryanne Donoghue Kenary ’54 James M. Kendrick and Sarah F. Kendrick Mary Ann Cushing Kidder ’61 Nancy R. Kissel Rosalie E. L’Ecuyer ’55 Ann Harrington Lagasse ’79 Kenneth Lang Eileen McCormick Langenus ’78 Mary Ellen Lavenberg ’65 Ann Maloney Leahy ’58 Catherine O’Hare Lind ’43 Rosamond Dunn Lockwood ’76 Catherine M. Lynch ’97 Madeline McCarthy Lynch ’55 Susan M. MacDonald ’72 Bonnie H. MacLeod ’69 Marie Clogher Malaro ’54 Frances Heron March ’56 Doris Good Marr ’58 Carole Page Martin ’61 Linda A. Martin ’71 Barbara Earley Mason ’48 Massachusetts State Science Fair Adrienne Dillon Mattaliano ’56 Christina Kennedy McCann ’60 ❦ Dorothy DelBianco McCarson ’45 Barbara Phair McCarthy ’51 Carole Groncki McCarthy ’65 and Kenneth J. McCarthy Sallyanne M. McColgan ’71 Patricia Molloy McDermott ’49 Janet Hailer McGrath ’41 Barbara A. McNamara ’63 Joan Hartley Meagher ’52 Robert Meenan, MD ❦ Ann Cormier Mickells ’71 Karen Driscoll Montague ’77 Mary Morrissey Sullivan ’69 Phyllis-Mae Carberry Mueller ’67 Florence Seaver Mulkern ’51 Barbara A. Murphy ’68 Grace M. Murphy ’74 Philomene Winchester Murphy ’45 Rosemary Denmark Murphy ’54 Judith Keating Murray ’62 Robert J. Murray ♦ Carol Lacy Nagle ’50 Deirdre C. Neilen ’72 Marilyn Lombardi Nicholas ’59 Nancy Burke Norbedo ’58 Donna Norris, MD ❦ Jean Volante O’Connor ’57 Katharine Johnson O’Hare ’46 Marie T. O’Malley ’80 Katherine Collins O’Neil ’61 Ann N. O’Sullivan ’64 Catherine G. Pattavina ’47 Julianne Pemberton Annette P. Pendergast ’45 Mary Landers Plunkett ’51 Mary Lou Rawson ’56

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 5

Leadership Donor Clubs
Regis College Class of 1998 Phyllis Brosnahan Richardson ’47 Stephanie H. Rippe Christine Roessel ’61 Seth A. Roman Patricia Cauley Ross ’49 Brian G. Rothwell ♦ John J. Ryan ♦ Mary Lou Demaria Schwinn ’60 Barbara A. Scully ’90 Rita M. Sherman ’38 Mary Ellen Moran Siudut ’71 Ann O’Hare Smith ’48 Irene P. Smith ’56 Judith Guillette Smith ’61 Shelagh Kiley Smith ’73 Mary Beth Stanton-Cotter ’69 Susan Stott-Dixon Barbara Doran Sullivan ’65 Marcia Gaudet Sullivan ’69 Catherine Crosby Thompson ’58 June Randall Thornton ’55 Ann M. Tiernan ’59 Anne Downey Tierney ’51 Janet Ostafin Tierney ’65 Anne Smith Tobin ’58 Jean L. Toomey ’55 Mary Murphy Turner ’38 Meg G. Umlas United Healthcare Student Resources Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Velia Viano Ann Farrell Wade ’63 Stephanie Goonan Wall ’59 Pamela Walton ’76 Mary Ellen Reardon Wissman ’69 Donna Coffey Young ’58 Marilyn Leary Zander ’63 Carole Vannicola Clark ’58 Mary J. Clark Kristen Coe Felice Spugnardo Coffey ’53 Ernest J. Collamati Agnes Connell Colpoys ’43 Kathleen Croak Cooper ’71 Margaret F. Corr ’42 † Gertrude M. Cronin ’44 Joanne Crowley ’74 Joan M. Danner Nathalie Boland Dauphine ’36 Carol Conroy Doherty ’55 Patricia Connell Dolph ’48 Ethel M. Donahue ’69 Molly Ducey Downey ’47 Brenda Murphy Dugan ’57 and William P. Dugan Louise Fay Dyer ’52 Lisa Ewanouski and Robert Ewanouski Domenic Ferrante Sandra Krulicki Fitzpatrick ’74 Nancy Brine Fredrickson ’68 Anthony Gagliardi John P. Galgon MD Barbara Mullins Garrity ’45 Michaela Cleary Geary ’59 Thelma Gibbs Cynthia A. Glacken ’65 Rebecca Gold Maura McCarthy Grace ’58 Paul H. Grady Marion Mulrennan Graham ’48 Elizabeth Burns Griffin ’66 Rita Noonan Griffin ’59 H.B. Fuller Company Nancy Kern Haley ’71 Marie Driscoll Hanlon ’74 Paula A. Harbecke Jeanne M. Hennebery ’46 Priscilla L. Hook ’70 Rosemary Catalucci Hughes ’59 Carol Jewell Hunt ’65 Maureen Noonan Iaricci ’97 Theresa Giurleo Jones ’42 Suzanne Buteau Kelleher ’60 Elizabeth Devlin Kenney ’53 Joan Meleski Kenney ’58 James Kent Gail M. Kenyon ’81 Jack Kerrigan Patrick Kerry M. Margaret King Cathleen I. Kowalski ’72 Joan E. Kozon ’63 Carol Mercer Lahan ’69 Marybeth Lamb Barbara M. Lee ’51 Nick Leschly Susan Crawford Leverone ’75 Pamela A. Lipsett ’79 Lockheed Martin Corp. Christopher W. Lynch and Joan Lynch Phyllis Wilde MacNeil ’49 Paula Kirby Macione ’58 Denyse Dunbar Maddaleni ’55 Wiera Malozemoff ’95 Linda Richards Martin ’71 Maria Anzivino Masnato ’84 Agnes Herbert McCarty ’36 Teresa M. McGonagle ’81 ❦

Benjamin Perry ’11
Presidential Scholarship Recipient

“Here you can get anything done if you apply yourself. I like to push myself. If I’m not challenged, I don’t try.”
When Ben Perry was admitted to Regis last year, he made history. Not only was he one of 60 young men in the College’s first “fresh-man” class, but he was the first undergraduate male to place a deposit. Now in his second year, Perry is nonchalant about his pioneering role. Regis, after all, “had swimming, it was co-ed, and the communications program was pretty good. I said, ‘sweet deal. Why not?’” He also acknowledges the $12,000 he was awarded as a Presidential Scholar. “Any money you can give is really helpful,” he says. For Ben, being a member of a gender minority was not an issue either. At his public high school in Chicopee, MA, Ben says he had taken courses where he was the only guy. “I was used to classes with all women, so I said, “whatever.” Influencing his decision to come to Regis was his familiarity with the campus from visiting the Art Institute when it was located here. “It’s very peaceful and homey, with the woods.” Not that he has had much time to commune with nature. In his first year at Regis, Ben was a member of the men’s swimming team, the production manager at WRGS, the College radio station, where he played an instrumental role in its revitalization, and volunteered with the Regis chapter of the anti-genocide coalition STAND, Students Taking Action Now for Darfur, which raised money and awareness by setting up a mock refugee camp on campus. “It just opened up my eyes to service learning,” he says of his volunteer work, required in First Year Seminar. Ben was one of three on the Regis men’s swim team that won an inter-collegiate competition last spring against a team of four (the team is hoping to expand to eight members this year). The men’s and women’s swim teams at Regis practice together and attend the same meets; they just compete separately. Ben started swimming when he was 12 because he wanted to participate in a sport but “hated baseball.” Competitive swimming, he says, “is just really fun. It’s team-oriented but also individual.” And, he adds, “it’s a great way to meet people.” A music aficionado, Ben is the host of his own show on the Regis radio station and writes online reviews. He plans to major in Communications and minor in English to prepare for a career in radio or publishing. “I really liked all my communications classes,” he says. They prepared him for public speaking—he made presentations to incoming freshmen at orientation. Other favorites were a science fiction film writing course (“it was writing intensive, analytical, very cool”) and Greek literature. The classics, he explains, “are what I dabble in for fun.”

DONORS OF GIFTS OF $500–$999 ARE MEMBER OF THE LEADERSHIP CLUB Marci K. Abbrecht Susan McDonough Abelleira ’82 Patricia L. Allard ’01 American Endowment Foundation Paula Kelliher Antonevich ’89 A. Grace Avery ’50 Joan Cannon Bagley ’53 Myron L. Belfer, MD Patricia M. Bench ’61 Robert M. Berry Barbara Derito Bessette ’69 Leslie A. Bishop Margaret Carroll Bowles ’60 A and K Boyle Tara M. Bradley ’87 Nancy McCallum Brenerman ’70 Anne Billingham Brophy ’63 Robert Buonato Sharon L. Burchfield ’05 Judith Burling Charles Burr Mary Boland Cahill ’48 Marjorie Leary Canniff ’55 Geraldine McDonough Canning ’57 Anne McIntyre Carnicelli ’34 Margaret Linney Carroll ’51 William E. Caulfield and Audrey Caulfield


Leadership Donor Clubs

KEY: † deceased ❦ trustee of Regis College ♦ former trustee of Regis College

Leadership Donor Clubs
Katherine Moynihan McGovern ’65 Florence Kelly McKenna ’51 Lolita DeLeon McKenna ’61 Anne Gruszka McKenzie ’83 Mary Heron McLaughlin ’60 Catherine F. McNamara ’53 Marie Fitzgerald McSweeney ’48 Margaret Mosher Melanson ’58 Merck Company Foundation Paula Jordan Morgan ’82 Ellen Fitzgerald Morrison ’71 Margaret Harney Morrissey ’59 Karen Lewis Moynihan ’88 Edward J. Mulholland Barbara Bye Murdock ’64 Evelyn F. Murphy ❦ Kelley Murphy Patricia Greelish Murphy ’57 Christine Cote O’Brien ’81 Elizabeth McCarthy O’Conor ’57 Ann Hafey O’Neil ’72 Janet Scully O’Shea ’58 Francine Bailey Osenton ’66 Frances Kellaher Perron ’57 Jacqueline Choquette Picard ’50 Thomas G. Pistorino Alissa Pool Janice McBride Power ’51 Sheila G. Prichard John Quigley Regina L. Quinlan ’65 ♦ Mary Downing Richard ’58 Joanne M. Richardi ’68 Simone Le Blanc Rogan ’71 Mary E. Rowe ’63 Ian Schmidek Mary Sampson Schmidt ’40 Marianne Sanderson Shay ’54 Shirley Finn Sheehan ’51 Dami Marcil Shepard ’97 Mary Smalarz Marie Madden Smith ’49 Jean McDonald Snyder ’48 Deirdre D. Stultz-Tully ’85 Kimberly J. Sullivan ’98 Mary McKenna Sullivan ’49 Roberta Cormier Sullivan ’73 Judith Machaj Susanin ’64 Patricia Burke Tarpey ’58 Anne Boyle Tatum ’66 Annmarie Scherer Tepper ’76 The America Press Thomas H. Lee Management Company, LLC Norbert Unger Jr. Elizabeth Hughes VanderAarde ’84 Paula Downes Vogel ’72 Katharine Hourihan Walker ’57 Mary O’Toole Walker ’38 Ann Flaherty Walsh ’56 Mary Curnane Wernig ’44 Lucille Berube Williams ’58 Betsy Williamson Catherine E. Wilson ’83

Tara J. Agen ’85 Mary K. Ames ’78 Carole Marinelli Auth ’66 Jane Ayoub Luciann Colletta Baker ’53 George R. Baldwin ♦ Catina Hayden Barbieri ’71 Sarah Barrett ’63 Ernest Bartell C.S.C. ❦ Christine Fregosi Beagan ’71 William H. Beardsley Judith Guilfoyle Beatrice ’66 Catherine Ross Bettencourt ’61 Mary Alvord Biette ’54 Sandra J. Bishop Wayne A. Bishop Mary Pegnam Blanchard ’66 Sheila Dugan Block ’58 Joyce Kennerly Bohan ’60 Boston Latin Academy Jane Boynton Mary Gannon Brady ’57 Patricia Brown Bras ’73 Martha A. Brine ’70 M Glennon Brown ’48 Donna Eager Buckley ’59 Anne Hickey Burns ’63 Maryanne Skeiber Burtman ’68 Jane M. Bushey ’58 Kathryn E. Cade Jacqueline Moylan Callahan ’52 Dorothy Madden Cannon ’58 Deirdre A. Casey ’65 Mary Doane Cassidy ’61 Patricia M. Ciarleglio ’00 Mary Jo Pescatore Cicchetti ’63 Marion Quinn Clancy ’40 Patricia Wittick Coburn ’56 Catherine Bickley Coleman ’42 Ann Griffin Collins ’63 Jean Devincent Connelly ’62 Jean Forgit Cooper ’59 Grace Hayes Corbett ’37 Corcoran and Havlin Insurance Group Elizabeth Cronin Crane ’45 Patricia Shaw Croke ’49 Marie F. Cronin ’59 Claudia Pelosi Cuddy ’79 Elizabeth M. Cullen ’51 Mary Rowan Curtin ’55 Paul T. Dacier ♦ Kimberly Crane Daly ’87 Frances O’Connor Davis ’48 Gary Davis Mary Lally Delaney ’79 Selena Dellarocco Joan C. DesRoches ’51 Mary Finn Deschenes ’50 Elinor Ryan Devlin ’70 Linda M. DiGiandomenico ’78 Lea Toto Dmytryck ’58 Brenda Meade Doherty ’59 Joan Donovan ’54 Kathleen Philbin Donovan ’59 Dow Jones and Co., Inc.

Gabriella Zarotschenzeff Doyle ’57 Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 ♦ Geraldine Dowd Driscoll ’56 M. Patricia T. Driscoll ’67 Leigh Alogna Duff ’69 Emerson Electric Co. Katharine Lilly Engel ’68 Margaret Stewart Enwright ’51 Mary Carroll Epperlein ’64 Lisa V. Evans ’79 Marion J. Fahey ’46 M. Patricia Fallon ’55 Eleanor Consentino Feuer ’47 Mary Jane Fietze ’83 Ellen Harrison Finn ’78 Mary Vanni Fiori ’50 Marian Mahaney Fisher ’60 Joanne Moloney Fiske ’56 Dorothy Waldron Fitzgerald ’49 Jane Erickson Flanagan ’45 Ellen Donahue Foley ’61 Marie Monafo Forcucci ’49 Carol Canty Furlong ’64 Joan Iverson Gallivan ’63 Mary Driscoll Gardetto ’54 Patricia McDonald Gavel ’62 Genzyme Corporation Edward Glaeser Riese Goldman William Goldman, MD Mary Kay Moynihan Golob ’55 Brenda Kulisich Gomez ’61 Ann M. Grady ’63, CSJ Mary Rita Grady ’64, CSJ Susan N. Grady ’81 Anne Daly Graham ’59 Gloria Ricker Gramaglia ’57 Jane McCone Guthrie ’66 Sandra Hale Cheryl Martello Hall ’69 Joan F. Hallisey ’71 Arline Rainey Hamel ’49 Elizabeth Carr Hamlin ’70 Marianna Doyle Hannigan ’59 Dorothy Harney Harlow ’64 Harper’s Data Service, Inc Catherine Doppman Hartman ’47 Eileen O’Leary Hathaway Krell ’69 Anne Herron Healy ’65 Mildred M. Hehir ’41 Alice V. Herlihy ’40 Clare Dunn Hern ’45 Margaret Beahan Hoelscher ’52 Gail McCoy Holloway ’69 Carol M. Howard ’58 Patricia Cronin Huie ’54 Dana Hyland Mary O’Sullivan Hynes ’58 Vivian Robinson Iglehart ’58 June Foley Igo ’46 Nancy Wilson Irwin ’68 Jane Hennessy Jaeger ’52 Milda F. Jasins ’57 Marcia McGuff Jenkins ’64 Helen Cruchley Jones ’52

Janice Y. Kao ’79 Nancy Doherty Kaplan ’73 Marcia Mcpherson Keiley ’53 Mary Ann Gore Kelley ’61 Patricia Tiernan Kelley ’49 Patricia Turner Kelley ’56 Noreen A. Kelliher ’91 Kathleen McFarland Kelly ’68 Mary Duggan Kenney ’60 Maryjane Bittman Kenney ’63 Mary Jane Kinne ’54 Patricia Ford Kinsman ’49 Patricia Koch ’75 Laurie J. LaChapelle ’83 Grace Foley LaDue ’56 LandAmerica Foundation Donna Gilooly Leahey ’62 Mary Jane O’Connor Lee ’53 Marci G. Loeber Nancy Swendeman Loud ’57 Marjorie Lucy Lynch ’44 Patricia Courtney Lyons ’54 Pattyanne Lyons ’91 MFS Investments Raymond J. MacPherson Mary McRell Macedo ’60 Gertrude Galvin Madrulli ’51 Joan Doherty Mahoney ’48 Rosemary Weidner Mahoney ’57 Mary Rogers Maloney ’31 † Mary Lou Maloney ’68 Jo Ellen Bush Mannix ’71 Elizabeth Kearney Mantis ’73 Leonard F. Mariotti Anne Marshall ’58 Gloria K. Mawhinney ’47 Judith Bresnahan Mawn ’59 Rosemary M. McAuliffe ’49 Joseph J. McCarthy ❦ Ruth Barry McCoy ’47 Jennifer E. McGann ’94 Irene Shea McGee ’68 Jean McGinn Jane K. McGrath ’48 Catherine Gately McGunigle ’47 Eileen M. McHugh ’87 Dorothy Mahoney McKenna ’47 Barbara Keenan McLarney ’53 Kathryn Penney McNally ’48 Catherine Keane Memory ’60 Elaine M. Mercier ’75 Carol V. Messina ’87 Margaret Finn Morich ’59 Virginia Lopez Morrissey ’73 Marie Keane Murphy ’46 Phyllis Budrick Murphy ’55 Louise Brennan Murray ’64 Marilyn Santacroce Murray ’48 Mary McFarlin Murray ’57 My Sports Dreams, LLC NYT Capital, Inc. Mary Ann Sammartino Nagle ’65 Robert J. Naughton ’03 Alice Fleming O’Brien ’61 Elizabeth Brugman O’Brien ’46 Ilda Xhaxhka O’Brien ’94 Margaret C. O’Brien ’51

Marjorie M. O’Brien ’49 Susan Carter O’Brien ’66 Mary Kelly O’Connell ’43 Ruth Carell O’Connell ’48 Joan M. O’Connor ’77 Mary Melanson O’Connor ’38 Nancy Quinn O’Keefe ’52 Phyllis Kearney O’Toole ’63 Carolyn Sarosick Peacock ’58 Dorothy Fraser Pesek ’54 Patricia McCarron Pettersen ’57 Anne M. Powers Patricia Powers ’64 Barbara A. Prackneck ’58 Frances G. Pratt and Harold I. Pratt Mary A. Quigley ’04 William Quigley ❦ Consuelo Morgan Quinn ’54 M. Beatrice Cunniff Quinn ’40 Douglas S. Raymond ’83 Marie Ash Reed ’49 Mary Neilan Regan ’56 Regis College Class of 1948 Regis College Class of 1965 Mary McInnis Reissfelder ’87 Audrey Kendrick Rickard ’53 Elizabeth Stone Ross ’49 Joan McDermott Roy ’55 Mary Ann Cashen Ruma ’64 Carolyn Vernaglia Rupolo ’64 Louise McInerney Ryder ’47 Margaret Rogers Savage ’54 Joanne Lynch Schamberg ’81 Alice Schmitt Viola Schutter Judith Lawson Selsor ’57 Mary Ann Serra ’64 Joseph Shaughnessy Patricia E. Sheridan ’70 Nicole Baril Sica ’61 Marie Fleming Sisk ’52 Patricia Sullivan Smith ’67 Bradford Spencer Tanya Spishak Lois Morrison Steffensen ’49 Anne McIsaac Sullivan ’60 Dorothy Burns Sullivan ’47 Joan Desmond Sullivan ’81 Kathleen M. Sullivan ’81 Nancy J. Sullivan ’76 Eileen Maloney Tamposi ’58 † Christine Langley Tierney ’73 Jean C. Tierney ’50 Robert L. Tripp Sharon Carey Tushin ’71 June Higgins Twinam ’60 University of Notre Dame Nancy M. Valentine ❦ Anna M. Wagner Marcia Carey Walsh ’68 Dorothy A. Welch ’51, CSJ Alice Hosty West ’69 Natalia Willi Jane DeMarco Wittreich ’63 Mary Prasinos Wyshak ’49 Carol A. Young ’61 Eleanor Shiel Zito ’48

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 7

Planned Giving Founders Society
The Founders Society was established in 1990 to recognize all alumni and friends who make charitable planned gifts to the College. Each of these planned gifts is a vital and significant investment in the future of Regis College, and we are pleased to acknowledge and celebrate the following individuals who are current members of the Founders Society. Paula Kelliher Antonevich ’89 Joan M. Archer ’70 Barbara Lipcan Bagley ’70 Christine Fregosi Beagan ’71 Marie Halligan Bellissimo ’43 Mary Alvord Biette ’54 Dorothy Gaquin Borkowski ’46 Mary T. Breslin ’49 Maura Murphy Burke ’69 and William Burke Catherine Smith Burns ’45 Regina Seales Caines ’54 ♦ Joseph A. Callero Eve Casey Carey ’45 M. Patricia Carey ’41 Loretta Chabot ’59 Barbara Agbay Cherubini ’61 Amy M. Chin Guen ’50 Therese Foley Christie ’44 Margaret L. Collins ’65 Helen J. Connolly ’40 Audrey Bowen Criado ’59 Gertrude M. Cronin ’44 Barbara Flynn Defino ’59 Bernice Fouhey Donahue ’58 John E. Donahue Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 ♦ Patricia D. Elliott Mary Jane Regan England ’59 ❦ Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ’57 ♦ Marie Scanlon Flaherty ’40 Carroll Beegan Follas ’61 Barbara Mullins Garrity ’45 Harry Hanlon Marie Driscoll Hanlon ’74 Mary Begley Hannon ’45 Jeanne M. Hennebery ’46 Clare Dunn Hern ’45 David A. Hern Eric Hoertdoerfer Jennifer Halpin Hoertdoerfer ’85 Gail McCoy Holloway ’69 Ronald P. Holloway Marilyn Geoghegan Holzschuh ’65 Edwina A. Hughes Catherine O’Connor Johnson ’59 Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 ♦ Mary Jane Kinne ’54 Golsima Kamali Knox ’76 Grace Foley LaDue ’56 Joan Osgood Lawrence ’63 Catherine Powers Leddy ’53 Doris T. Lynch ’45 Helen Anne Murphy Maichle ’54 Joananne Argus Marshall ’56 Agnes Herbert McCarty ’36 Ruth Neelon McCormack ’33 Patricia Molloy McDermott ’49 Teresa M. McGonagle ’81 ❦ Ann B. McGrath ’72 Jane K. McGrath ’48 Joan Hartley Meagher ’52 Joan M. Moynagh ’47 Kathleen Murray ’74 Marilyn Lombardi Nicholas ’59 Yolande Cavedon O’Donnell ’45 George O’Sullivan Daralyn Kilcoyne Perry ’87 Mary-Jane Donovan Power ’48 Dorothy L. Pratt ’36 Sheila Caldbeck Prior ’45 Consuelo Morgan Quinn ’54 Carole Bocasky Remick ’54 Angela G. Ricker ’54 Christine Roessel ’61 Henry D. Rohrer Jr. Carole Settana Scollins ’56 Barbara A. Scully ’90 Nancy F. Smith ’73 ♦ Margaret Loughlin Splaine ’42 Ruth Launie Stevens ’46 Anne D. Sullivan ’50 Barbara A. Sullivan ’48 Barbara Doran Sullivan ’65 Helen E. Sullivan ’54 Marie Barbano Tassinari ’51 Jane Cronin Tedder ’66 Edward F. Welch Jr. Colette Higgins Woelfel ’50 Eleanor Shiel Zito ’48

Audrey Bowen Criado ’59
Chairwoman, Class of 1959 Endowment Fund

“When I went out into the business world, I was amazed women were not allowed above a certain level. Regis taught me not to be bound by convention and I was able to put a big crack in the glass ceiling.”
The lessons Audrey Bowen Criado learned as a student at Regis in the late 1950s helped her to launch a successful professional career in marketing research. Today Audrey is applying what she learned in the corporate world to aid her alma mater. In business, she explains, mere goals are not enough. To satisfy the corporate boss you need to aim high and reach “stretch goals.” That is the message Audrey is conveying to her Regis ’59 classmates: stretch the fundraising goal. And so far, they are succeeding. At their 40th reunion, the class agreed to raise $50,000 and exceeded expectations by collecting nearly $100,000. Audrey heads up the Class of 1959 Endowment Fund, and is challenging her classmates to raise an additional $100,000 for the Annual Appeal in time for their 50th reunion this spring. “It would be a wonderful gift,” she says, to present to the College and to classmate and President Mary Jane England, ’59. “Regis invested in us for four years. We need to invest in Regis.” Criado grew up in Fitchburg, MA and selected Regis because it was a small, liberal arts college close to home but far enough away to live on campus. Audrey, who majored in English Literature, values the friendships and fun-loving camaraderie of her college days and credits Regis with instilling in her confidence and determination. “I learned never to accept ‘no,’” she recalls. “There are no such words as ‘you can’t.’” Her first job was with Procter and Gamble where she conducted consumer research surveys across the country. “It sounded glamorous to travel and see the U.S. and get paid for it,” she notes. She relocated to the New York City area to work for General Foods Corp., as Manager of Project Operations in the marketing research department. She later founded her own consulting firm with her husband, John. Audrey is past president of the International Marketing Research Association. She served on the boards of directors for the American Marketing Association and the American Cancer Society in Florida. Audrey, whose father, husband and daughter-in-law died of cancer, works as a volunteer for the American Cancer Society, raising money for research and driving patients to their treatments. “It’s such a rewarding experience,” she says. “You become part of their family.” She received the Hope Award from the Cancer Society in 2008 for her volunteer work in south Florida, where she now lives. Regis is a part of her family, too. She supported the decision to go co-ed. “Regis provides such a wonderful education and opportunity. I’m all for encouraging growth and that’s why I’m encouraging my class to be so generous. Regis needs us.”

Estate Estate Estate Estate Estate of of of of of Mary C. Bryan ’44 Richard T. Hall Loyola C. Holihan Vera Laska Carrol F. Miles

8 Founders Society and Alumni Donors by Class

KEY: † deceased ❦ trustee of Regis College ♦ former trustee of Regis College

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Helen Barry Cahill Nathalie Boland Dauphine Mary P. Hamilton Lillian Dowling Kennedy Agnes Herbert McCarty Participation: 41.67% All giving: $2,125.00

Marion Quinn Clancy Helen J. Connolly Margaret Madden Foley Mary McDevitt Hadley Alice V. Herlihy Mary Kerr Lynch M. Beatrice Cunniff Quinn Rita McNeil Schissel Barbara Norton Schlitzer Mary Sampson Schmidt Ruth Ferraro Tobin Participation: 45.83% All giving: $2,335.00

Katherine O’Brien Connolly Grace Hayes Corbett Alice M. McConville Margaret Shaughnessy Sharkey Participation: 66.67% All giving: $450.00

Mary Hurley Good Elizabeth Powers Hehir Theresa Giurleo Jones Evelyn Sarris King † Claire Deveney Meehan Alice Sullivan Sheehan Margaret Loughlin Splaine Anna Marie White Participation: 35.00% All giving: $10,975.00

Marie Halligan Bellissimo Ann Lyons Burke Agnes Connell Colpoys Patricia Small Cusick Patricia Burns Devlin Mary Hickey Dolan † Kathleen A. Foley Elizabeth Henley Glancy Helen Rogers Grant Elizabeth McNamara Hughes Catherine O’Hare Lind Catherine Coppinger Monahan Mary Kelly O’Connell Alice Bronzo O’Donoghue Edith Lamarca Tarricone Olivia Montenegro Velletri Participation: 33.33% All giving: $3,770.00

Gertrude M. Cronin Margaret M. Eagar Lily Penez Ethier Sheila McGillicuddy Galligan Marjorie Lucy Lynch Alice M. McGillicuddy Gertrude Gorman Ripper Sally Crimmins Stansfield Alice McHugh Vigneau Mary Curnane Wernig Virginia M. White Margaret Kelly Young Participation: 38.64% All giving: $27,275.00

Mary Hyland Boswell Mary Mullen Burke Mary Joyce Donahue Mary O’Sullivan Finucane Mildred M. Hehir Mary Costello Hogan Marjorie Goodwin Kenney Janet Hailer McGrath Mary Malone Sullivan Irene Thomas du Breuil Participation: 37.04% All giving: $11,700.00

Gilda Sateriale Aufiero Mary Jacobs Brown Catherine Smith Burns Eve Casey Carey Elizabeth Cronin Crane Jacqueline Penez Criscenti Irene Shea Dalton Marie Daley Earley Elizabeth McNally Finigan Jane Erickson Flanagan Barbara Mullins Garrity Marguerite Carell Grimes Clare Dunn Hern Bernadette Early Hickey Ann Blais Hoye Claire Watson Hubbard Barbara McCarthy Kerigan Anne Steffens Linnehan Rita Manion Ludlum Doris T. Lynch

Kathleen Cournoyer Dillon † Elena Perini Guarino † Mary Melanson O’Connor Marion Mulhern Renz Rita M. Sherman Mary Murphy Turner Mary O’Toole Walker Participation: 30.43% All giving: $3,050.00

Rosemary Lyons Martin Marion Terrasi May Dorothy DelBianco McCarson Irene Pendolari McCarthy Mary Daly McKeon Kathleen O’Connell Miett Eleanor Monahan Moschella Philomene Winchester Murphy Mary Sullivan O’Brien Ruth Murphy O’Brien Yolande Cavedon O’Donnell Mary Rice Osborn Annette P. Pendergast Christine Shea Sheehy Mary Carr Simeone Doris Burns Sullivan Mildred Burns Sullivan Participation: 64.91% All giving: $162,553.41

Dorothy Gaquin Borkowski Barbara Deveney Ann Cavanaugh Eneguess Marion J. Fahey Kathleen Condon Graham Muriel Choquette Hazebrouck Jeanne M. Hennebery June Foley Igo Helen L. Levesque Marie Keane Murphy Elizabeth Brugman O’Brien Katharine Johnson O’Hare Louise Patten O’Neil Patricia McDavitt Scanlon Grace Murray Sexton

Virginia Fisher Burkard Elizabeth Kelly Flynn Katherine Tracy Kennedy Elinor C. Ryan Participation: 17.39% All giving: $5,300.00

Elizabeth Daley Berry Catherine Bickley Coleman Margaret F. Corr † Claire Ledoux Derringer Mary Small Duffey Margaret Hyder Fragala

C. Virginia Fredette Adams Therese Foley Christie Frances McInnis Clifford Dorothy Hook Connor

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 9

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Ruth Launie Stevens Margaret Leary Walker Phyllis Hourihan Wood Participation: 37.50% All giving: $8,435.00 Louise Sullivan Corcoran Elizabeth O’Rourke Craggy Frances O’Connor Davis Josephine DiMauro Demers Clare Hailer Dennis Patricia Connell Dolph Nancie Turner Donelan Mary Connelly Donovan † Annamae Mulcahy Driscoll Nancy Larrabee Endicott Gloria Faretra Mary McLean Flanagan Jean Coppinger Gaffey Alice Ryan Gallagher Anne Madden Gargan Marion Mulrennan Graham Janet Megan Greehan Theresa Shields Hagerty Regina C. Harrington, CSJ Louise Pothier Haznar Regina M. Koch Frances D. Madigan Joan Doherty Mahoney Mary McGoldrick Malloy Mary Lou Cooney Manning Elsie-Lee McCarthy Marvin Barbara Earley Mason Patricia Landrigan McCarthy Jane K. McGrath Mary Donahoe McLaughlin Kathryn Penney McNally Marie Fitzgerald McSweeney Dorothea Jennings Meehan Marilyn Santacroce Murray Mary Jane Crowley Murray Regina Cooney O’Brien Ruth Carell O’Connell Mary-Jane Donovan Power Ann O’Hare Smith Jean McDonald Snyder Barbara A. Sullivan Marie Kane Vachon Mary Casey Walter Eleanor Shiel Zito Participation: 66.67% All giving: $50,945.00

Gertrude Breen Alfredson Marie Austin Baldwin Elizabeth Hogan Birmingham Jacqueline Cloutier Brassard Estelle M. Brennan Phyllis Gallinelli Campbell Marion E. Carr † Barbara V. Cholakos Alice Noonan Cote Rita Rizzo Covelle Jeanne MacDonough Cronin Catherine Doyle Curran Jeanne F. Curran Marguerite A. Donovan Molly Ducey Downey Rita Dailey Fahey Eleanor Consentino Feuer Jeanne Landry Gibbons Jean Olivo Glynn Joan Gunning Hansen Catherine Doppman Hartman Catherine Bolger Heintz Therese Higgins, CSJ ♦ Dorothea Flynn Hurley Corinne Pierce Kiluk Marjorie Dimento Magrath Patricia Curtin Mahoney Gloria K. Mawhinney Ruth Barry McCoy Mary Redican McEttrick Catherine Gately McGunigle Dorothy Mahoney McKenna Patricia Ford McLaughlin M. Claire Gallant Morin Patricia Donovan Morton Irene Rykoski O’Brien Alice Dunbar O’Halloran Frances Durkee O’Neill Anne Whalen Owens Catherine G. Pattavina Frances Signorelli Peeler Phyllis Brosnahan Richardson Louise McInerney Ryder Esther Connolly Spellman Mary Jane Connor St. Germain † Dorothy Burns Sullivan Cornelia T. Sylvester † Participation: 69.12% All giving: $11,915.00

Theresa Wood Lavine ’53
“If something comes along, take advantage of it. I was in the right place at the right time.”
When Theresa “Terry” Wood Lavine graduated from Regis, the career choices for women were limited. Terry, however, enjoyed an unconventional career path that took her to Africa and the Middle East, a government spy agency and a meeting with the Emperor of Ethiopia. At Regis, she was Terry Audette from Pawtucket, RI, one of the three “ettes” in her dormitory suite (the others were Claudette Prevost and Fleurette Arpin). After graduation she moved to Washington, D.C. to work for the National Security Agency, which had recruited on campus (in those Cold War days, students at Catholic women’s colleges were considered low security risks by the federal government). Cryptology, she explains, “was like doing puzzles.” Terry attended evening classes and earned a master’s degree from Georgetown University. She was the first graduate in Regis College history to be awarded a prestigious Fulbright scholarship, which provided her a year of teaching and research in Heidelberg, Germany. “It was a fabulous year,” she recalls. “It changed my life.” And it gave her life and career an international focus. “Looking back, it was quite rewarding,” she says. Terry worked for a Washington, D.C. non-profit, arranging programs for young foreign leaders invited to the U.S. by the State Department. She traveled throughout Africa as a recruiter of American legal instructors (Ethiopia is where she shook hands with Emperor Hailie Salassie) and then to the Middle East as Manager of Middle East Training for Mobil Oil. “Being a woman in Saudi Arabia was not always comfortable,” she says, matterof-factly. Fittingly, it was an alumni event held at the United Nations where Terry reconnected with Regis. Terry was one of those socalled “lost alums.” The Alumni Office did not have her current contact information on file and she had not been involved with her alma mater for many years. That would change when she found out from a Regis friend that Professor Mary Bryan died in 2007. “I liked her very much,” she says of Bryan. “She was the best teacher I ever had. She really opened my mind.” Her friend sent her a copy of Regis Today that included a tribute to Bryan. Terry found herself reading the class notes section and reminiscing about her college years and her classmates. Terry contacted her class representative and received an invitation to the UN reception where President Mary Jane England was a speaker. Two months later, as a result, she came back to campus to celebrate her 55th reunion. What she heard about Regis compelled her to make a generous donation to the college. “I am very interested in the kinds of things Regis is doing,” she says, citing the plans for Regis East as one example. “I am,” she adds, “looking forward to future visits.”

Elizabeth McGrath Bowler Mary T. Breslin Ann McLaughlin Brodbine Mary Louise Collins Casey Claire Janson Chytilo † Ritajane Clancy Mary Nelson Cobb Jean M. Collins Louise Kelley Collins Shirley McKenzie Connolly Jean Ryan Connors Charlotte Malone Corcoran Marion Comerford Cowie Katherine Barron Cox Patricia Shaw Croke Mary Leary Crory Norma Maloney Crowley Louise Moll Dallas Barbara Phillips DiChiro Estamarie Shea Duff Marie Fitzgerald Eberle Betty Ann Hynes Elliott Nancy Natoli Fay Dorothy Waldron Fitzgerald

Phyllis Warren Beddia Mary-Louise Queenan Borges Patricia McGillicuddy Bowen Elinor O’Neil Bowers Marion Blue Brennan Jeanne M. Brenner M. Clare Glennon Brown Mary Boland Cahill Mary Harrington Cain Sarah Barry Callahan M. Mercedes Yennaco Casey Lillian Catignani Cirafice Alma Barry Coleman Mary Alice Scanlan Connolly

10 Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class

KEY: † deceased ❦ trustee of Regis College ♦ former trustee of Regis College

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Margaret Sellers Fitzpatrick Marie Monafo Forcucci Alice Foley Granahan Mary Phelan Greeley Arline Rainey Hamel Shirley Hession Hendrickson Catherine Foley Hines Mary Hines Hodgdon Elizabeth Perrault Joyce Arline Fahey Keefe Barbara Snyder Kelley Patricia Tiernan Kelley Eleanor Melville Kilbourn Maryann Boyce Kilcoyne Patricia Ford Kinsman Margaret Moore Latour Eileen Dewire Locke Doris Davoli Luppi Phyllis Wilde MacNeil Ann Bolger Mangum Rosemary M. McAuliffe Marguerite O’Hare McCarthy Pauline M. McCarthy Alice Hanley McDermott Patricia Molloy McDermott Jane Dawson McKearin Sara Ann McElroy Meany Dorothy Costello Merrill Lois McWeeney Moulton Anna Davis Nappa Marjorie M. O’Brien Jean McKenna O’Keefe Mary O’Neill O’Sullivan Joanne Walsh Ochs Barbara Bailey Pfau Mary O’Brien Pratt Marie Ash Reed Helena M. Regan Irene Casey Robertson Paula Power Rogerson Dorothy Lewis Rose Elizabeth Stone Ross Patricia Cauley Ross Claire Eremian Scully Barbara Masterson Smith Marie Madden Smith June Mackey Stagliano Lois Morrison Steffensen Mary McKenna Sullivan Elizabeth Shatos Thompson Mary Prasinos Wyshak Participation: 73.53% All giving: $22,190.00 Miriam Brault Santry M. Corinne Murphy Scannell Alice Boyce Smith Catherine Nolan Sokol Jean C. Tierney Virginia Looney Weamer Participation: 48.57% All giving: $13,645.00 Regina Ford Ryan Barbara Palmer Schlichte Suzanne Gill Schwartz Constance Musante Setian Shirley Finn Sheehan Marie Barbano Tassinari Anne Downey Tierney Alice O’Leary Walch Dorothy A. Welch Participation: 63.64% All giving: $20,067.00 Vilma Padovano Culnane Patricia O’Donnell Deegan-Nawn Elaine Guinee Denning Sheila Post Dickson Margaret A. Donnelly Kathryn Cauley Driscoll Jean Meegan Finfrock Frances B. Florencourt Barbara Lynch Flynn Barbara Dunbury Gillespie Janet White Glancy Patricia Flanagan Goddard Janet Connolly Guinee Mary Driscoll Hermann Marcia McPherson Keiley Christine Lyons Kelley Geraldine Martin Kennedy Elizabeth Devlin Kenney Joan Quinn Kindamo Corinne Mollomo LaRoche Theresa Audette Lavine Catherine Powers Leddy Mary Jane O’Connor Lee Claire O’Connell McAuliffe Joan Carroll McAuliffe Jeanne O’Sullivan McCarthy Lenore Walton McCormack Barbara Keenan McLarney Catherine F. McNamara Claire Russell Megan Georgette Trudelle Mogilnicki Virginia Clifford Mohr Eleanor Hughes Nawn Mary F. Norton Fleurette Arpin O’Toole Mary Malone Pannell Kathryn N. Pfau Audrey Kendrick Rickard Mary-Louise Kenney Roland Ann Campbell Rouleau Elizabeth Knowlton Rourke Shirley Connors Sardella Judith Perault Smith Barbara Ferguson Underwood Marjorie Wood Underwood Barbara Galpin Wade Anne Ward Ward Participation: 60.95% All giving: $21,263.00

A. Grace Avery Rose Gagliardi Bonito Phyllis Moran Burke Marie Dillon Canane Lucille Benjamin Caron Amy M. Chin Guen Cecilia McCarthy Cleary Dorothy Higgins Conroy Mary Louise Mullin Cornes Lila Hadge Cullity Jeanne McGovern Curtis Mary Mathers Daigle Alice O’Leary Daily Eleanor Wadden Davis Eileen Delaney Debany Mary Finn Deschenes Jane Kraemer Dubuc Mary O’Reilly Duclos Mary Vanni Fiori Winifred McLaughlin Flanagan Virginia Donahue Foley Jean Gallagher Shields † Rosalie E. Gardner Etheldreda Kallaher George Claire Turner Giuranna Mary Buckley Glennon Theresa LeBlanc Gray Doris Whelan Harrington Helen Konopacka Jennings Ann Terrio Johnson Helen Harty Keough Jean Blakeney King Jeanne Naughton Lane Helen Doyle MacKinnon Doris Toohey McCue Marie de Montigny Murray Carol Lacy Nagle Claire Natale Nelson Mary Daily Neylon Anne Noonan Nicholson Anne Swiston O’Hara Jacqueline Choquette Picard Marilyn Luke Poppe Pauline Doyle Powell Theresa Hegarty Quinn

Patricia Slager Baker Patricia McAndrew Brainin Jeanne Bourneuf Burke Pearl Lavallee Caouette Margaret Linney Carroll Anne-Marie Cahill Casey Patricia E. Chisholm Barbara Coolen Corrado Elizabeth M. Cullen Dorothy Looney DeRoche Joan C. DesRoches Marie de Sales Dinneen, CSJ Elizabeth Burke Doherty Roberta Cutting Donnelly Margaret Stewart Enwright Mary McLaughlin Girouard Barbara Watson Halpin Ann Brown Janes Ruth Durnan Johnson Ann Comerford Kelly Maureen Barry Kent Eileen Dunleavy Knott Barbara Cooney Kuersteiner Barbara M. Lee Gertrude Galvin Madrulli Barbara McCarthy Mansfield Barbara Phair McCarthy Maureen Walsh McEvoy Florence Kelly McKenna Ann York McNamara Florence Seaver Mulkern Joan F. Murphy Claire Marie Ryan Nead Margaret C. O’Brien Anna Moran Phalon Mary Landers Plunkett Janice McBride Power Mary Mecagni Quinton Elizabeth Dougherty Roque Louise Blais Ross

Marie Brophy Allard Barbara Mahoney Barron Dorothy Barrett Bemis Jacqueline Moylan Callahan Helena Collins Carty Patricia Coleman Cleary Patricia Wentworth Delorey Jeanne Bowen Delory Louise Fay Dyer Pauline Gendron Gamache Elaine Roy Gariepy Loretta Ford Goldrick Margaret Beahan Hoelscher Patricia Hogan Hogan Zay Dunphy Hyde Jane Hennessy Jaeger Nancy Boland Johnson Helen Cruchley Jones Catherine Deveney Kaladin Joan Enos Lynch Ann Purcell MacDonald Patricia Costello Malone Marie McHugh Marino Margaret Hickey McCarty Joan Hartley Meagher Mary Gibbons Murphy Louise Daly Niedzielski Mary Foley Noon Nancy Quinn O’Keefe Marilyn Burke O’Rourke Joan Keefe Reardon Marie T. Rizzo Katherine Turschmann Sacco Lois Brigham Saltalamacchia Marie Fleming Sisk Sally Finnerty Tully Elizabeth Cronin Waldron Mary Gallagher Watts Participation: 46.91% All giving: $6,996.00

Jeanne Devereaux Arsenault Mary Alvord Biette Marie Albiani Buckley Regina Mitchell Cantella Maureen Sullivan Carey Alison Cass Cattan Margaret Begley Cawley Mary Jane Grady Coburn Priscilla Bradford Cronin Patricia Bellini Cruise Mary Leary Cullen Cornelia Murphy Davidson Mary Delicata DiRe Joan Donovan Vivian Lamoureux Duval Charlene Ryan Fitzgerald Ann Cunningham Flaherty Joan Turner Flannery Rita Fichera Fragala Constance Coughlan Ganem

Mary Lou Ahearn Joan Cannon Bagley Luciann Colletta Baker Kate J. Barker Vera Sullivan Beaumont Helen Valle Binell Jeane Ann O’Neil Bowers Elizabeth O’Brien Brennan Rose Terrasi Burnett Mary Cahill Byrne Joan T. Callahan Rita Chamberland Carlos Ann Walker Childs Joan Clark Christie Olive Pirani Chupka Felice Spugnardo Coffey Maureen E. Cremen

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 11

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Mary Louise Carr Gannon Mary Driscoll Gardetto Sheila Joyce Greenlaw Virginia C. Hannigan Alice O’Donoghue Harrington Margaret M. Hassan Patricia Cronin Huie Helena Kenney Kasuba Maryanne Donoghue Kenary Judith Gioiosa Keohan Mary Jane Kinne Jacqueline Guerard Lacoste Helen Mitchell Lennon Marie Dalton Lueders Patricia Courtney Lyons Marie Clogher Malaro Juliette Brassard Marcoux Virginia Dennehy McAllister Jeanne Connelly McClellan Marjorie A. McIntyre Rosemary Denmark Murphy Lillian Dyer Murray Jeanne Kenney Neale Margery Roche O’Keefe Dorothy Fraser Pesek Carol Murdoch Power Consuelo Morgan Quinn Carole Bocasky Remick Ann Graney Riester Adele Dengeleski Rufo Anne McInerney Sanderson Anne Downey Saunders Margaret Rogers Savage Grace Golden Shaw Marianne Sanderson Shay Elizabeth Harney Sullivan Helen E. Sullivan Mary Roche Sullivan Catherine D. Tobin Ann Porter Touhey Mary McGowan Walsh Marie Ward Patricia Hickey Wengert Mary Houston White Constance Lucchini Wilkinson Mary McCarthy Willis Participation: 54.03% All giving: $47,380.00 Mary Kay Moynihan Golob Jacqueline McLaughlin Gouse Priscilla Mahoney Granfield Barbara Thompson Granger Carol McDermott Guebert Mary Neville Hayes Mary A. Hefron Janet Patterson Huie Barbara Kelley Kelley Margaret Vincent Kelley Patricia Thalheimer King Mary Sherry Kuppens Rosalie E. L’Ecuyer Nancy Goggin Lane Jacqueline Cyr Lewis Madeline McCarthy Lynch Patricia Carney MacDonald Denyse Dunbar Maddaleni Agnes Badrena Malaret Eleanor Mullane McAllister Jean Ryan McCall Elizabeth Doyle McGough Eileen Cunningham McLaughlin Estelle Ferraro Misto Eleanor O’Neil Mulhern Phyllis Budrick Murphy Marylin Quinn O’Brien Mary Connolly Redmond Dorothea Moran Reid Joan McDermott Roy Elsie Disandro Sammartino Barbara Gilmore Stitts Patricia Hogan Sullivan Anne O’Brien Temple June Randall Thornton Jean L. Toomey Catherine Dowd Ward Patricia Fay Wilson Participation: 60.00% All giving: $45,361.00

Richard W. Young, Ph.D
Chairman Emeritus Board of Trustees

“I’ve always said Regis is the kind of institution everyone should be anxious to support. It does provide an exceptionally good education to people who are not well off, but are capable of going beyond what they grew up with.”
Richard W. “Dick” Young became a trustee of Regis College four decades ago because of his belief in the importance of small Catholic colleges. At that time, Young was an executive at the Polaroid Corporation. He lived in Wellesley, but did not have a direct relationship with the College. His wife had been educated by the Sisters of St. Joseph in Flushing, NY and he notes with a laugh, “I was nearby.” And he had contacts. “I was very active in the Boston community and I knew a lot of people,” he explains. As is so often the case, he had first been impressed with the intelligence and dedication of a young alumna of Regis. Nancy Boardway (who became a CSJ) worked in the lab at American Cyanamid Co., a chemical manufacturer where Young began his business career in 1950, after earning his Ph.D. in chemistry from Columbia University. “For a small college, Regis had a good science department,” he says. “The Sisters of St. Joseph were forward-thinking. They didn’t rule by fear, they ruled by reason. They gave people the freedom to express themselves.” Amid all the changes that have taken place, Regis, he says, remains a “very nurturing, safe place,” especially for students who are the first in their family to attend college. He is proud of Regis for being an access school. Throughout the decades, one facet of the College has not changed: the need to raise money. “We need a lot more than we have been able to raise. Most of the big money has come from alums, and we appreciate the support, but we must reach a new level,” he emphasizes. “A new culture of philanthropy needs to take root at Regis.” In the first decades of the College, the Sisters of St. Joseph returned their salaries and were major financial supporters. Traditionally, women—even the college graduates—lacked the higher income and financial resources of men. The husband’s school typically held the highest priority. “Today, Regis needs to be higher on the priority list of its alums,” he says. Young wishes Regis had the huge endowments of Wellesley or Smith, who can afford to provide tuition-free scholarships to low-income students. “We would love to have some people willing to reach down and give more than they think they can afford,” he says. Young says of his role on the board: “I always try to give advice and counsel. I enjoyed being on the board. I felt you were doing something for your faith and for a lot of young people who need the kind of opportunity that Regis affords them. That’s kind of a good feeling.”

Jane Murphy Burger Mary Rose Campbell ♦ Lorraine Talamona Celi Claire Flynn Cisternelli Patricia Wittick Coburn Carol Bonner Connell Mary Daly Curtin Marilyn Curley Daley Marie McLaughlin Dick Carolyn Ambrose Donovan Geraldine Dowd Driscoll Jane Gallogly Dunn Mary McDonald Eagleson Margaret Austin Faneuf Marjorie O’Neill Ferren Joanne Moloney Fiske Mary-Alice Powers Garmer Frances Foley Hassett Mary Keelan Hubbard Mary T. Keenan Patricia Turner Kelley Mary Anne Kent Virginia Clark Kristo Grace Foley LaDue Rosemary Porter Lucas Shirley LeClair Luchini Frances Heron March Joananne Argus Marshall Adrienne Dillon Mattaliano Ann Tracy McCarthy

Patricia Hennessey Berlo Marie A. Bertrand Janet Condrey Beyer Patricia O’Donnell Brady Elizabeth Fahey Cahill Marjorie Leary Canniff Dorothea Murphy Collins Joan Casey Courtemanche Elizabeth Burke Crehan Mary Rowan Curtin Claire Houle Davis Ann Gallagher Deignan Carol Conroy Doherty M. Evelyn DesRoches Doherty Nancy Sullivan Durkin Marguerite O’Meara Egan M. Patricia Fallon Marguerite T. Flavin Carole Clayton Foran Eileen McNamara Francoeur Alma Cauley Fredey Grace Cronin Godefroy


Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class

KEY: † deceased ❦ trustee of Regis College ♦ former trustee of Regis College

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Margaret Ryan Noonan Anne Frotten O’Reilly Mary Lou Rawson Mary Neilan Regan Carole Settana Scollins Mary Queeney Shinney Patricia Limerick Skelly Beatrice Pattavina Sloan Irene P. Smith Anne Greaney Susina Joanne Hines Talbot Anne Henry Thompson Elizabeth Shelbourne Titterton Elizabeth Furze Trask Kathleen O’Rourke Valente Ann Flaherty Walsh Dorothy Harrington Winrow Participation: 53.93% All giving: $25,827.50 Elizabeth McCarthy O’Conor Catherine Alemi Palmerino Constance Fontaine Perron Frances Kellaher Perron Patricia McCarron Pettersen Janet Petty Margaret Larner Rago Marie Nadeau Reck Judith Lawson Selsor Maxine Senechal Tourigny Katharine Hourihan Walker Mary Eagan Whittaker Elizabeth J. Wilbur Miriam Carroll Woods Participation: 61.11% All giving: $123,635.00 Nancy Burke Norbedo Frances Boyle Nugent Jane Leahy O’Brien Janet Scully O’Shea Carolyn Sarosick Peacock Patricia McMenimen Pietropaolo Barbara A. Prackneck Mary Downing Richard Ina Catalanotti Roehr Marilyn Dozois Rohrer Georgian Hurley Ryan Margaret Cahill Scanlon Evelyn Cote Silvia Marie Kelley Sweeney Eileen Maloney Tamposi † Patricia Donnelly Tardif Patricia Burke Tarpey Catherine Crosby Thompson Anne Smith Tobin Madeleine Parsi Varley Margaret Heron Walsh Sandra McIntosh Weathers Lucille Berube Williams Donna Coffey Young Participation: 75.00% All giving: $151,910.00 Edna Soraghan English Michaela Cleary Geary Mary Jane Newton Goudreau Anne Daly Graham Rita Noonan Griffin Marianna Doyle Hannigan Jeanette Duffy Hartigan Mary Holahan Hayes M. Patricia O’Hearn Hilsinger Rosemary Catalucci Hughes Catherine O’Connor Johnson Joan Spinelli Keefe Dorothy Kelley Kelly Yen-Chi Nguyen Le Ann Watson MacDonald Joan Connell MacLeod Judith Bresnahan Mawn Margaret Finn Morich Margaret Harney Morrissey Jane McCarthy Murphy Marilyn Lombardi Nicholas Margaret M. O’Connell Maureen O’Connell Palmer Frances Kopka Parsons Barbara Meyer Pierce Ellen McSwiney Shea Patricia Collins Smith Roberta Smith Sullivan Ann M. Tiernan Barbara Schmidle Voight Stephanie Goonan Wall Participation: 48.11% All giving: $41,035.00 Mary Dowd Keelan Suzanne Buteau Kelleher Mary Duggan Kenney Jo Ann Ferrino Levaggi Eleanor Reichheld Lewis Mary McRell Macedo Mary Murphy Manchuck Christina Kennedy McCann ❦ Lillian D. McCourt Brenda J. McCrann Carol Dubis McDonough Mary Heron McLaughlin Frances Warsawski McMurray Mary Eileen Hurley Mealey Lucille Bruno Melchionda Catherine Keane Memory Catherine M. Moran Carol Murphy Murphy Winifred M. Murphy Patricia Kiley Murray Sheila Mahoney Mutrie Barbara Ponte Norton Linda Moriarty Page Marilyn Swift Pawlak Mary Hoppe Posanka Carol Govoni Profio Deborah Rooney Richardson Mary Lou Demaria Schwinn Helen Casey Stechschulte Anne McIsaac Sullivan Margaret Moriarty Swider June Higgins Twinam Gertrude O’Sullivan Walsh Participation: 39.17% All giving: $8,750.00

Maxine Gauthier Barry Sheila Dugan Block Nancy Rodhouse Bossidy Madeleine Crepeau Bradstreet Elizabeth Jarmulowicz Britt Paula Buckley Buckley Jane M. Bushey Doris Labbe Byrnes Pauline Dumontier Campbell Dorothy Madden Cannon Margaret M. Carlan Laetitia Albiani Carney ♦ Lee Bengert Cassidy Carole Vannicola Clark Gail Oliver Corrigan Catherine Rosicky Devlin Lea Toto Dmytryck Janet Lynch Dougherty Carroll Fitzgibbons Driscoll Mary Anne O’Connor Dwyer Maureen O’Connor Fitzgerald Patricia Demaria Fitzgerald Elaine O’Connell Fitzpatrick Claire Sirois Foley Maura McCarthy Grace M. Janet Duggan Hall Nancy King Hall Dorothy Hogan Hennessy Patricia Salmon Hillmer Carol M. Howard Margo Johnson Hughes Mary O’Sullivan Hynes Vivian Robinson Iglehart Marie Hutchinson Jefferson Maureen Quinn Joyal Patricia Graham Kelley Mary Reynolds Kennedy Virginia Kenney Kennedy Carol Finnell Kenney Joan Meleski Kenney Mary Jo Kilmain Ann Maloney Leahy Paula Kirby Macione H. Janice Mailloux Doris Good Marr Anne Marshall Nan C. McGuire M. Patricia Kelly McNulty Margaret Mosher Melanson Anna Lamoureux Merriman Brenda Coogan Moran ❦ Anne C. Murphy Alice L. Murray Mary Rooney Nichol

Anne O’Brien Ahern Geraldine McCarty Ballotti Barbara Goodhue Beecy Patricia Handricken Bell Mary Gannon Brady Catherine Stanley Buehner Ellen M. Burke Sheila Cruchley Campbell Geraldine McDonough Canning Nancy Hausmann Cody Alice Scanlon Cogliano Martha Ford Collier Nancy Cummings Collins Mary Sullivan Costa Mildred Iantosca Costa Margaret Griffin Dion Linda Aimone Donovan Rita Welch Downey Gabriella Zarotschenzeff Doyle Carol Noonan Driscoll Brenda Murphy Dugan Marion E. Feeney Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ♦ Carol A. Fitzsimmons Gloria Ricker Gramaglia Carol Hurd Green Angeles Oledan Guevara Charlotte Maney Higgins Anne McNeil Hynes Milda F. Jasins Virginia Pyne Kaneb ♦ Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury Ellen Finnegan Lehan Nancy Swendeman Loud Jane Denmark Maher Rosemary Weidner Mahoney Virginia M. McGagh Helen Graham McGonigle Suzanne Treacy McGovern Elaine Govoni McLaughlin Joan Cusick Morrissey Eileen Kelly Moynihan Beverly Ambrose Murphy Claire Russell Murphy Patricia Greelish Murphy Mary McFarlin Murray Cynthia Souza Nakane Mary Hughes Noonan Sally McDermott Nuckles Jean Volante O’Connor

Katherine Finnegan Barrett Elizabeth Russell Bilafer Sherry Furlott Blanchard Yvette Leblanc Boyle Donna Eager Buckley Suzanne Beaudet Campbell Loretta Chabot Geraldine Chase Doreen O’Leary Christopher Dorothy Kiley Coffey Jean Forgit Cooper Christine Tracy Coppola Audrey Bowen Criado Marie F. Cronin Barbara Flynn Defino Brenda Meade Doherty Carol A. Donovan Kathleen Philbin Donovan Mary Shea Doyle Mary Jane Regan England ❦

Joyce Kennerly Bohan Margaret Carroll Bowles Marcelle Lamoureux Connare Adeline Nardone Crovo Anne Cavanaugh Curran Mary Jane Doherty Curran Agnes Houston Donovan Sherill Geary Duggan Marian Mahaney Fisher Denise Merrill Fitzgibbon † Margaret Shea Fitzpatrick Mary S. Gustina Caroline A. Murphy Heffernan Mary Dunleavy Jones

Diane Doherty Anastasia Patricia M. Bench Ann Marie Benson Catherine Ross Bettencourt Mary Doane Cassidy Janet Buckley Chapman Barbara Coghlan Lianne M. Cronin Joanne McCarthy Dermont Ellen Donahue Foley Ellen Lamplough Gillis Brenda Kulisich Gomez

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 13

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Kate Martin Hawke Barbara Hoyle Healy Joan Hunnefeld Kaiser Mary Ann Gore Kelley Patricia L. Kelly Mary Ann Cushing Kidder Nancy Lague Link Elaine Wood Lombardi Carole Page Martin Lolita DeLeon McKenna Mary Loud Meehan Carol Shaw Mullowney Joan Murray Alice Fleming O’Brien Katherine Collins O’Neil Patricia O’Connor Prindle Christine Roessel Jane D’Ercole Roman Nicole Baril Sica Constance O’Brien Skahan ♦ Judith Guillette Smith Agnes Reardon Sughrue Gale McMahon Tirrell Carol A. Young Participation: 30.77% All giving: $24,470.00 Elaine A. DiCicco Mary Dowd Eberle Nancy Collins Edwards Claire Boivin Flynn Ellen Walters Gallahue Joan Iverson Gallivan Mary Arnold Geroch Karolyn Burke Hagearty Maryjane Bittman Kenney Joan E. Kozon Anne Donegan Kraemer Maryellen Lyons Sheila Carr Malley Juliana Peterson McGovern Barbara A. McNamara Maureen Linehan McNulty Eileen Diciaccio Merlino Phyllis Kearney O’Toole Ellen Powers Mary E. Rowe Elizabeth Hutchinson Sheehan Jane Wrobleski Sirois Valerie O’Brien Sweeney Lorraine Destefano Tegan ❦ Ann Murphy Vaughn Mary Conway Vondrak Ann Farrell Wade Patricia Browne Weiler Maryanne Kenan Weston Mary M. White Jane DeMarco Wittreich Marilyn Leary Zander Participation: 32.12% All giving: $50,437.18

Noreen Kelliher ’91
Alumni Association Board of Directors

“I learned at Regis that if you are successful in life, you need to give back in some way.”
Noreen knows from personal experience that “giving back” is not limited to sending a check or authorizing a credit card. “I think it benefits everyone if you are involved,” she says. “Join the Alumni Association Board of Directors. Attend the events. Talk to high school seniors who are thinking of attending Regis.” Noreen, who is First Vice President of the Alumni Board, is an enthusiastic participant at various alumni events, including the Holly Tea, Memorial Liturgy Mass and Regis Night at the Pops. A recipient of the Young Alumna Award, she is also interested in strengthening the connections between alumni and students. One idea in progress, is for the College and the Alumni Board to co-sponsor a career mentoring program matching up alums with current students who would “shadow” them on the job. Regis, she reflects, was a positive influence on her own career. Noreen is a Vice President at Brown Brothers Harriman and Company. Previously she was an Assistant Vice President at State Street Bank and Trust. “The basis of my education related to critical thinking and analyzing, which is the work that I do now,” she says. “It made me focus on trying to figure things out.” Noreen also values her State House internship in the press office of then-Governor Weld during her senior year at Regis. “It was a very vibrant and fast-paced environment,” she recalls. Her own career path is a testament to the importance of on-the-job experience. She changed her mind about law school after she went to work in a law firm. A friend at State Street Bank suggested she look for a job there. Initially focusing on client servicing, she became a project manager at State Street and earned an MBA in International Business from Bentley College. Regis is where Noreen was introduced to philanthropy. “Community service was a big part of Regis,” she says. She tutored disadvantaged Boston middle-school students for whom English was not their first language. “It was difficult. I came from a very different background, a supportive two-parent household where education was valued and everyone spoke English.” The research of economics professor, Sister Mary Oates, CSJ, which included guest speakers from the corporate sector, also had a lasting impact. “What I found interesting is that they felt a social responsibility to use their money to help people who needed it,” she says. Today, Kelliher feels very connected to Regis. She looks forward to return visits and is always thinking of ways to get graduates back to campus. At events, she is struck by the fact that alums from different generations find out they have similar undergraduate experiences. “There is the same sense of community,” she says. “It feels like home when you go back there.”

Patricia Long Anderson Louise Luebbers Bain Ann Kimpton Bertone Kathleen Meelia Borgal Lucille Manoli Bourque Melanie Poitras Buccola Marie Goni Carbone Jean Devincent Connelly Maureen A. Connelly Patricia Re Damian Marie Mannella Flynn Patricia McDonald Gavel Angela C. Giovannangelo Mary Alice Bernet Houghton Ann McManus Joyce Elizabeth Comeau Kadehjian Donna Gilooly Leahey Janet R. Magnani Mary Lord Mahoney Mary Reen Marasi Patricia Cusack Morrison Margaret Sands Murphy Judith Keating Murray Carole Kennedy Nassab Catherine Norris Norton Maureen Mulcahy O’Meara Ann Mahoney Pooch Una Foley Redgate Diane Lear Simpson Patricia Lilly Underberg Millicent Diggs Veal Participation: 27.50% All giving: $4,130.00

Joyce Bartolotta Aldrich Catherine McCarthy Barrett Nancy Broderick Berquist Mary Sullivan Brady Joan Fricker Burritt Barbara Case Carberry Joanne Benedict Caulfield Karen Johnson Celi Ann Casey Collins Barbara Glacken Compton Ann Haggerty Cook Maureen Shea Dolan Judith Higgins Donohue Anne Tenneson Doyle Mary Carroll Epperlein Mary Crane Fahey Joline Laflamme Fitzgerald Ann Batterbury Fitzpatrick Margaret Fermoyle Flagg Mary E. Ford Carol Canty Furlong Ellen M. Gillespie Audrey Dalton Gorman Maureen Burns Gropman Dorothy Harney Harlow Elizabeth Mercuri Henderson Jean E. Heron Julie Marchesseault Holzer Mary Lou Kelleher Homan Irene McRann Horan Barbara Sloan Jenkins Marcia McGuff Jenkins Barbara A. Kelly Anne Richer Kirkpatrick Kathleen M. McKenna Claire Kerrigan McMullin

Barbara Groncki Audino Carole Fiorine Barrett ❦ Sarah Barrett Anne Billingham Brophy Anne Hickey Burns Joan Lally Canterbury Mary Jo Pescatore Cicchetti Ann Griffin Collins Gloria Sardo DeBease


Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class

KEY: † deceased ❦ trustee of Regis College ♦ former trustee of Regis College

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Virginia Slep McNeil Louise Melanson Barbara Bye Murdock Barbara H. Murphy Louise Brennan Murray Eileen Toomasian Nichols Barbara Murphy Noyes Judith Murphy O’Malley Ann N. O’Sullivan Patricia Powers Sheila Dineen Queenan Elizabeth Cuff Roberts Mary Ann Cashen Ruma Carolyn Vernaglia Rupolo Sharon Callnan Rush Linda A. Scollins Mary Ann Serra Mary Reid Shields Judith Machaj Susanin Patricia Swedas Sziklai Mary Ellen Lombardi Toscano Judith Blanchard Trudell Katherine Kelleher Walsh Mary Rose Dittami Wells Marjorie MacLelland Wylde Participation: 45.93% All giving: $37,282.57 Joanne Massey Howes Carol Jewell Hunt Patricia McCarthy Jacquart Patricia Gaumond Kasierski Mary Ellen Lavenberg Maureen Connolly Lovell Ellen Twomey Manning Jean Audisio Mantzaris Carole Groncki McCarthy Leona McCaughey-Oreszak Katherine Moynihan McGovern Mary Ann Sammartino Nagle Carol Wollaston Peecha Anne Clarke Peterson Regina L. Quinlan ♦ Sharon Gibbons Reardon Maryal Curtin Redmond Sheila Stratford Savits Kathleen Davis Sparrough Barbara Doran Sullivan Janet Ostafin Tierney Mary Ann Hewitt Whelan Virginia Flynn Wright Louise Sciubba Young Participation: 32.35% All giving: $33,035.00 Rosemary Eagan Heffernan Kathleen Cass Herman Donna Nealon Hoffman Jo-Anna Rapp Holden Christine Bartley Johnston Joan Dorgan Jordan Susan Airoldi Kalloch Eileen Gaquin Kelley Mary Ann Scannell Kenny Megan Kirby Donna Murphy Klei Beth Healey Kossuth M. Sherrin O’Brien Langeler Diane Valenti Liebmann Mary M. McAuliffe Dorothy Carr McCarthy Margaret Flores Moran Joan Mullaly Monica Phillips Nix Susan Carter O’Brien Gale Pandiani O’Toole Francine Bailey Osenton Jane McCarthy Smith Nancy Mytkowicz Sullivan Anne Boyle Tatum Jane Cronin Tedder Marcia Mawhinney Timilty Rosemarie Sacco Verderico Elaine Falcione Wallace Cynthia Gosselin Wilusz Carol Cardillo Young Participation: 34.46% All giving: $45,320.44 M. Patricia T. Driscoll Pamela McCue Ferguson Miriam Riley Flecca Paula Murphy Fletcher Mary E. Flynn Elizabeth Haskins Genovese Marguerite Jones Gigante Maureen LaFountain Hart Gail McKinnon Heinz Ellen C. Kearns ❦ Marie Coffey Kelly Mary Lou Battory Kirchmeyer Suzanne Barry Leary Anne Hosinski Madden Barbara Hunt Madden Mary Barnett Messerschmidt Carolyn Sammartino Moran Phyllis-Mae Carberry Mueller Marjorie Foster Murray Anna Cavanaugh Newbould Anne-Louise Gibbons O’Brien Ellen M. O’Connor ❦ Patricia Sullivan Smith Martha Donnelly Stay Participation: 27.34% All giving: $31,997.00 Mary Reilly Potter Patricia De Coninck Power Lucy Doyle Previte Kathleen Maltas Read Joanne M. Richardi Kathleen McTernan Rienzi Susanne I. Shaw Christina Keogh Teusch Marcia Carey Walsh Mary Jane Dunn Weber Participation: 32.73% All giving: $19,422.00

Leslie A. Baldwin Ruthann Iovanni Bates Claire Kelly Bench Denise Sullivan Benson Gail Ryan Benson Barbara Derito Bessette Lucille Boilard-Harkin Christine Curran Brandt Catherine Melanson Brannen Kathryn J. Brown Maura Murphy Burke Anne Christian Burr Kathleen Connolly-Owen Cheryl Cooper Costello Margaret Shay Crisafi Linda Garstka Daigneault Susan Damian Ethel M. Donahue Kathleen Carrellas Donnelly Nancy Wilcox Dowling Leigh Alogna Duff Mary Flanagan Dunbrack Joan Wolohan Earls Dorothy Murphy Egan Kathleen Main Egan Andrea Cuenin Foley Celeste Gacetta-Robinson Carol A. Galluccio Karen Buckley Gelineau Martha Solomita Gentry Jeanne Provancher Goulet Claire Hartwig Gradone Pamela Reddington Gwyn Cheryl Martello Hall Marjorie Foley Hanson Virginia Dolan Harris Eileen O’Leary Hathaway Krell Carole Babinski Hawkes Kathleen Scanlon Henningson Carol Murphy Hicks Elaine Cawley Hill Gail McCoy Holloway Catherine Imbriglio Mary Ann Joyce Mary Ellen Krom Kasey Ruth L. Keady Susan Peterson King Carol Mercer Lahan Joann Benirowski Lampropoulos Elaine Lanza Louise Laughlin Lieb Noreen McKinnon Lloyd Patricia A. Lovell Patricia A. Lucas Bonnie H. MacLeod Maria Cuneo MacLeod Carol McAuliffe Madden

Rosabel Anderson Barroilhet Anne Bartley-White Sally Daily Buckler Gail Hoffman Burke Deirdre A. Casey Judith A. Cusick Maura Turco Dwyer Barbara Milner Elwood Kathleen McCaffrey Ford Maureen McGlynn Franz Cynthia A. Glacken Mary Louise Howe Gleason Linda Burgoyne Griffin Mary Margaret Wolohan Griffin Andrea DeSimone Hallion Anne Marie Fontaine Healey Anne Herron Healy Janet Sline Heimbuch Kathleen Henighan

Mary B. Adams Eleanor Finnegan Aufman Carole Marinelli Auth Kathleen Bailey Anne Ross Baxter Judith Guilfoyle Beatrice Mary Pegnam Blanchard Linda Marinelli Bollettino Eleanor McCarthy Bouvier Elizabeth Lewis Bowen Mary E. Brennan Nancy Johnson Carroll Mary Louise Collins Nancy H. Corcoran, CSJ Eileen M. Dooley Mary Ann Audisio Farrell Elizabeth Burns Griffin Ann Tracy Guerriero Jane McCone Guthrie Lida McMahon Harkins

Ellen Grimes Aamodt Alana Sullivan Anderson Louise Connell Balboni Kathleen Hutchinson Breslin Anne Marie Tucker Brooks Janice Dejesus Brosius Janis Barros Brunell Maryanne Skeiber Burtman Adrienne Buuck Butler Patricia Coughlin Celona Joanne Zandi Clifford Geraldine Chase Coady Marie McDonald Concannon Mary Beth Govoni Cormier Patricia Nelson Cross Kathleen Nagle Davidoff Mary Ann Goddard Davis-King Sheila McManus Denahy Linda Gaioni Dranchak Dawn-Marie Driscoll ♦ Mary Murray Early Joanne McKeough Eldred Katharine Lilly Engel Alice Murray Fay Carol Hogan Ford Nancy Brine Fredrickson Barbara Bouchard Haggerty Nancy Wilson Irwin Jeanne Gianturco Jaroszewski Claire Vogel Keenan Kathleen McFarland Kelly Patricia Grosz Korzendorfer Maryellen Conlin LaBua Rita Famiglietti Lash Judith Murphy Lauch ❦ Mary Lou Maloney Betsy King McAuliffe Irene Shea McGee Grace Previte Meo Martha M. Mooney Barbara A. Murphy Anne Basler Neville Marsan Wilding Patton Jane Pirro Porter

Susan Lang Abbott Sheila O’Brien Arpe Ann LaBrecque Baird Paula Dempsey Beauregard Cheryl Adkins Boss Barbara Bowen Cronin Patricia Murphy Buck Carol Sylvanowicz Cimini Janet Williams Cross Patricia Connearney Deveaux Barbara A. DiRusso Rosemarie Melloni Dittmer Mary Jane Doherty

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 15

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Mary Morrissey Sullivan Catherine D’Arcy Murphy Kathleen Mahoney Norstein Lynn Buchmiller Novicki Mary Ann Stork O’Connor Kathleen O’Hare ❦ Audrey Arnieri Pearlin Constance Cellucci Pisacreta Katherine Riley Reynolds Yolanda M. Rigali Irene Potter Rosevear Judith Griffin Rowell Margaret Lynch Scafati Elizabeth A. Sharawara Rosemary Sheehan Snowling Mary Beth Stanton-Cotter Elizabeth Rossvall Stewart Joan Clarke Struzziero Marcia Gaudet Sullivan Rachel Raymond Sullivan Jeanne Graham Thorsen Gayle Perkins Toomey Lorraine Untz Tower Maureen Scott Trombly Joyce Wrzesien Turrell Margaret Corr Veneziano Pamela Maddalena Weismann Alice Hosty West Mary Ellen Reardon Wissman Participation: 41.55% All giving: $21,815.00 1971 Catina Hayden Barbieri Christine Fregosi Beagan Sandra Moore Bohn Christine McCarter Burbank Marilyn C. Carey Constance McElroy Castelline Cynthia Durol Civitello Nancy Cullotta Collins Ellen O’Halloran Conway Kathleen Croak Cooper Mary Lewis D’Arcangelo Carol Wilson Gallagher Susan Effgen Gately Regina C. Gavin Sharon Fitzpatrick Guilfoil Nancy Kern Haley Joan F. Hallisey Mary Callahan Hines Kathleen A. Huddy Brenda Beasley Kepley Nancy Kiely Kinchla Ann Caputo Kirby Martha Grimes Levine Janet Baran Levesque Cynthia Chmura Magruder Jo Ellen Bush Mannix Linda A. Martin Linda Richards Martin Sallyanne M. McColgan Patricia Donahue McElhiney Deborah V. Medeiros-Stroscio Ann Cormier Mickells Ellen Fitzgerald Morrison Gerry Becker Mulcahy Sheila J. Murphy Mary K. Myers Susan I. Pederzoli Constance Curcio Reder Elizabeth Coan Rezende Carmen Curran Rioux Simone Le Blanc Rogan Mary Ellen Moran Siudut Jo Ann Papagno Sparks Mary Patricia Welch Sullivan Judith Ventres Thompson Sharon Carey Tushin Lynn Habel Weiner Participation: 23.83% All giving: $10,766.04

Claudia Andrade ’08
Kaneb Scholarship Recipient, Moran Scholarship Recipient

“The one thing I want to do one day is to have a scholarship in my name.”
Claudia Andrade, who graduated in May with a degree in political science, has set her sights on law school and then a career in Washington, D.C. A resident of Dorchester, MA, Claudia is already at home in the nation’s capital, thanks to Regis and its affiliation with the Washington Semester program of American University. “Amazing,” is how Claudia describes her semester, which provides juniors and seniors from around the country the opportunity to study government first-hand. Claudia’s 16 week intensive study of the American justice system featured behind-the-scenes visits to the White House, the U.S. Supreme Court, and a meeting with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Washington Semester also included an internship at a non-profit law enforcement foundation, where Claudia “shadowed” police officers, attended conferences, and monitored media outlets for stories related to community-based policing. Her favorite classes at Regis: “anything that was a political science course!” Claudia became interested in politics as a high school intern in the State House office of Representative Gloria Fox of Roxbury, where she answered phone calls from constituents. “I didn’t mind talking to people,” she recalls. “I’m not a shy person.” “It’s a wonderful institution,” Claudia says of Regis. “The campus is beautiful. The faculty are great. They are very understanding. They challenge you.” She already knew about Regis from her sister-in-law, Lucia Barros, who graduated in 2002. Claudia learned more about the College by attending a college fair. She applied to several colleges but Regis offered the most generous financial aid package. Like half of the undergraduate population at Regis, Claudia was the first in her family to earn a baccalaureate degree. The small campus environment was one reason for her success. It helped, she adds, that her sister enrolled at a nearby college at the same time and they were able to share experiences and proffer mutual support. Pivotal, however, were the Kaneb and Moran scholarships. “If it weren’t for grants and scholarships, I doubt I would have finished on time. They made it happen for me.” For Claudia, scholarships are crucial to first-generation students because “it helps not only the students, but also the family.” The frustration is evident in her voice when she talks of her classmates who could not afford the Washington Seminar. Claudia was one of only two Regis students who attended the Seminar in the fall of 2007 and clearly, she feels there should be more. “Every little bit counts,” she says of financial aid. “You should donate,” is her message to all friends and alums of Regis. “I will, too, as soon as I get a good job.”

Susan Dowd Adams Joan M. Archer Barbara Lipcan Bagley Patricia Riley Barry Kathleen Dobbyn Bouchard Nancy McCallum Brenerman Judith M. Brennan Martha A. Brine Susan H. Brosnan Margot P. Cleary Amy Lind Corbett Carol Fulton Danberg Elinor Ryan Devlin Judith A. Doherty Sara Donahue Jakobek Suzanne M. Gautreau Carol A. Giacomo Elizabeth Carr Hamlin Priscilla L. Hook Ouida Williams Johnson Jane Kraska Kerins Mary Dailey Lempart Josephine Torrisi Lennertz Mary F. Lombard Christine Hansen McGill Madlyn Gillespie McPherson Louise Fournier Milasauskis Margaret Burns Morrison Margaret C. O’Brien Dyanne Russett Ridill Patricia E. Sheridan Kathleen Giardi Swanson Patricia Daddabo Watrous Nora Quinlan Waystack Participation: 23.61% All giving: $5,785.00

Mary Clancy Allen Arlene Machnik Baker Mary Fitzsimons Bono Jeanne Marie Regan Brookfield Rita Kennedy Burke Marguerite Cook Campbell Mary Schortman Cannon Catherine Rearick Carrella Kathleen Officer Casavant Maria Thibeault Chaput Anne E. Chisholm Paula Connolly Connolly Fairlie A. Dalton Ann Gargulinski Desmarais Loretta A. Dwyer-McQuade Kathleen D. Edwards Susan Schissel Fogerty Cheryl M. Gacetta Louise McDonald Goeckel


Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class

KEY: † deceased ❦ trustee of Regis College ♦ former trustee of Regis College

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Jo-Ann Giacomuzzi Healy Mary Cosentino Hegarty Mary T. Holleran Margaret A. Kelley Maureen O’Malley Kelly Sharon McDede Kolor Katherine Maras Kovacs Cathleen I. Kowalski Joan Bracken Lanagan Sylvia E. Lenti Susan M. MacDonald Ann B. McGrath Susan R. Meloccaro Barbara Barry Milligan Deirdre C. Neilen Kathleen Ryan Niermeyer Ann Hafey O’Neil Joan Vincola Putney Elizabeth A. Quinn Jennifer Cislaghi Rivas Jacquelyn West Rogers Janice Szczawinski Sacharczyk Kathleen Murphy Sautter Anne Marie Shimkus Anna Ferzoco Tocci Carolyn S. Tracy Paula Downes Vogel Mary Lou Wenthe Mary Ann Sullivan Woods Maria L. Zodda Participation: 28.49% All giving: $7,040.00 Elizabeth A. Fraser Mary Nash Gordon Marie Driscoll Hanlon Elizabeth Kurkjian-Henry Maureen Lane Mary Ann Walsh Lewis Martha Lyons-Holden Deborah L. Mann-MacDonald Cheryl McMahon-Fraser Mary C. McNeil Kathleen Mullins Mogayzel Grace M. Murphy Kathleen Murray Kathleen Mason Podolski Janice McDonald Polin Jo-Ann Messina Stadelmann Elisabeth Driscoll Tuite Mary Jane Heins Vaillancourt Susan Armata Young Participation: 18.07% All giving: $13,050.00 Mary M. Condon Doris Laspina Conway Susan C. Courtemanche Kathleen Cove Curley Joanne Ferraro Davies Susan Gannon Moore Anne Connaughton Hatgelakas Louise Hersum Jane Lenox Leary Julie O’Connor McGinn Cynthia Janski McMahon Susan George McNulty Karen Driscoll Montague Joyce Sullivan Mucci Joan M. O’Connor Marion R. Quinn-Jowett Mary Flynn Shaw Susan Gelmini Tammaro Agnes Wan Maureen Callahan Zander Participation: 19.35% All giving: $9,160.00 Janice McCormack Hargraves Gabriela Suib Marchitelli Carol MacGillivray Masters Stephanie Johnson McGann Janet L. Murphy Marie T. O’Malley Deborah Perna Quattrocchi Patricia Catherwood Reyes Elaine M. de Mers Participation: 11.28% All giving: $3,650.00 Lisa Traveis McCaughey Paula Jordan Morgan Mary Jo Horgan Nurney Sheryl Mann Quesnel Patricia Barrett Rinaldi Elizabeth Carey Stygles Susan Kyriakou Terzakis Tracy E. Webb Barbara Correia Xenophontos Participation: 11.25% All giving: $4,500.00

Renee D. Cocuzzo Susan N. Grady Marianne McMahon Kenney Gail M. Kenyon Elizabeth O’Neil LaRosa Maureen Fallon Leonard Teresa M. McGonagle ❦ Mary De Grandpre Melaugh Frances J. Newcombe Christine Cote O’Brien Ann Hamilton O’Regan Katherine Willwerth Ryan Joanne Lynch Schamberg Margaret Lyons Scheller Patricia Shea Judith Spellman Spang Joan Desmond Sullivan Kathleen M. Sullivan Doreen M. Zankowski ♦ Participation: 13.19% All giving: $15,843.00

Georgeann Abbanat Abatzis Eileen T. Allison Patricia Cole Denyse Lanpher Collins Maureen C. Dalton Carolyn Kepper Deneen Lisa M. Doherty Mary Jane Fietze Anne M. Haggerty Laurie J. LaChapelle Cathryn M. Lombardo Jamie Azzara Malloy Julie Phinney Marotta Anne Gruszka McKenzie Mary Ellen McKenna Miller Maureen O’Connor Remondi Cynthia Antonellis Sheridan Patricia Mooney Smith Catherine E. Wilson Participation: 12.05% All giving: $4,435.00

Eileen Dobbyn Ackles Catherine Brown Bennett Diane Walden Brierley ♦ Mary Lane Brown Joan Campbell-Pyzdrowski Diane Tortola Dideo Judith Ready Doyle Constance Ustach Fielding Mary Ellen Hartnett Fillo Margaret Donoghue Golden Lorraine Covati Hance Patricia Koch Susan Crawford Leverone Christina Mackiewicz McMahon Elaine M. Mercier Deborah Cote Midford Donna Scannell Richards Edith Donovan Tibbetts Constance Albrecht Trowbridge Denise Erwin Webber Participation: 14.29% All giving: $27,175.00

Mary K. Ames Consuelo Aybar Baquero Donna Lafemina Behmer Janet Buckley Bernard Marijane Cunningham Blunk Linda M. DiGiandomenico Linde Simpson Dynneson Ellen Harrison Finn Virginia Teehan Hendry Judith Hofer Hersey Eileen McCormick Langenus Laurie Verrocchi Larocque Shawna Priestman Levine Elizabeth Lichtenberg Maniscalco Patricia A. Potter Judith Murray Regan Gail Connolly Weiss Participation: 12.23% All giving: $2,750.00

Anne Belletete Banghart Susan Banas Bousquet Patricia Brown Bras Kathleen Regan Carroll Rita Cannon Crimmin Mary Fidler Danner Margaret Kenah Holsey Patricia Vaughan Johnson Nancy Doherty Kaplan Judith Eremin Lamp Maureen T. Lyons Elizabeth Kearney Mantis Barbara A. McAuliffe Anne Leo McCarthy Virginia Lopez Morrissey Louise M. Paulin Kathleen M. Rush Nancy F. Smith ♦ Shelagh Kiley Smith Roberta Cormier Sullivan Christine Langley Tierney Patricia Terzano Varon Susan Brodbine Viator Participation: 15.54% All giving: $9,125.50

Susan McDonough Abelleira Janice Cunningham Bartholomae Eleni Kalyvas Condakes Andrea Belluche Curtis Michelle Gaudreau Deschenes Amalie A. George Mary Pat Curran Healy Michele Marjollet Kerry Patricia Wainwright Lewers

Susan M. Boudrot Daria Vigliano James Carmel Connaughton Kitsakos Marie-Elena LeFebvre Maria Anzivino Masnato Nora Letscher McGauley Beth Chapman Van Pelt Elizabeth Hughes VanderAarde Participation: 5.44% All giving: $6,948.33

Marie Louise Arnold Baron Regina B. Butler-Lally Louise M. Clark Claudia Pelosi Cuddy Mary Lally Delaney Lisa V. Evans Joyce M. Flaherty Jean Jianos Gray Maureen Handren Hanson Carolyn Callahan Hough Janice Y. Kao Ann Harrington Lagasse Margaret McHugh Law Pamela A. Lipsett Rosemary E. Noon Celeste Pellerin Shinay Participation: 10.39% All giving: $4,425.00

Barbara Jacobs Anzivino Mary P. Brennan Marianne Del Rosso Crowe Jane Calvo Darveau Maryanne Tarpy Donnelly Mary Ellen Swenson Dunn Kathleen Connell Greenhalgh Denise Morando Gruetzmacher Janice Maroney Kaseta Susan Strug Keshian Rosamond Dunn Lockwood Joan M. Rearick Marie Donegan Spindler Nancy J. Sullivan Annmarie Scherer Tepper Dianne Yearwood Participation: 11.56% All giving: $3,625.00

Debra Reed Blake Patricia A. Bowe Marie Catino Burke Mary E. Chamberland Diane Salvatore Comforti Mary Beth Graham Conry Joanne Crowley Irene S. Dent Linda Dunn Dillon Barbara Falese Fitton Sandra Krulicki Fitzpatrick

Margaret Morin Abells Mary C. Cahill Linda Prue Casey Caroline L. Coscia Vivian D. Greenblatt Mary Beth A. Halpin

Elizabeth Mazeiko Abdulla Sheila A. Barry Marianne Carlton Cathleen Walter Combs

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 17

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Tara J. Agen Deborah Mattuchio Amighi Sheila Strachan Bushe Marguerite E. Cain Constance McInnis Corcoran Diana R. Heinsohn Kelly Laverty Higgins Maura Joyce Christine Conway Keating Claire E. McCusker Paula Churchill Morrison Mary Beth Connolly Olbrys Nathalie Kelley Steeves Deirdre D. Stultz-Tully Audrey Covelle Wilsack Christel Woelk-Carini Sarah F. Worton Participation: 10.18% All giving: $7,325.00 Laura Ide Carney Kara Laverty Flynn Tracy Shannon Levey Valerie Brown McGuire Karen Lewis Moynihan Carina Olsson Senter Participation: 6.58% All giving: $3,525.00

Paula Kelliher Antonevich Anne-Marie Kerrigan Caruso Maria Iannuccillo Kristin Dolder Wenger Participation: 2.50% All giving: $785.00

Mary Beth Stanton-Cotter, Esq. ’69
Class President

“Regis is like the mustard seed that can grow, but it needs a lot of water. It needs people to focus on what it means to them.”
Mary Beth has been helping Regis raise money as a class fund agent for a number of years. “It’s a wonderful privilege for me to connect with such terrific and accomplished members of my class,” she says. Mary Beth attributes the fundraising success of her Class to Mary Pat Ryan Joy, who tirelessly called and wrote classmates on behalf of Regis. This year, Mary Beth decided to “step up” the efforts a few notches to increase the Annual Fund participation rate—an important indicator of a college’s success. Mary Beth’s formula was simple: every night during February and March she set aside time to call at least ten classmates from home. She was determined to find so-called “lost alums” by performing online research, calling Directory Assistance and querying classmates. “Perseverance is absolutely the key,” she says. The result: the Class of 1969 increased its Annual Fund participation rate from 24.52 percent in 2007 to 41.55 percent in 2008. Mary Beth acknowledges that some people feel uncomfortable asking others for money, even for a worthy cause. Luckily for Regis, Mary Beth is not one of them. “I was very grateful that when I called people, they responded kindly and were generous,” she adds. An English major at Regis, Mary Beth went on to receive a master’s degree from Villanova University and a law degree from New England School of Law. A mother of three, she has enjoyed several careers. She taught English at a college preparatory school for girls in Hawaii and at a public high school in Waltham. She has worked as a corporate lawyer, law school professor and a fundraising executive. Her Regis education, she maintains, prepared her for all of them. “When you are in grad school, law school, teaching or practicing law, you have to think and you have to write, you have to speak and you have to give presentations,” she says. “What I learned at Regis I used as a springboard. It was a wonderful liberal arts foundation.” She also admires the College’s focus on the individual. “An applicant to Regis is not a test score. It’s who you are and what you make of yourself,” she says. “I hope Regis keeps that core belief in the potential of a person. If you are a hard worker and have the desire to succeed, you have the potential to be a contributing member of society. It is precisely this type of student that Regis should welcome.” Mary Beth lives in South Natick, MA, and says she is heartened by the renewed vigor and life on campus, the refurbished buildings and the abundance of students, which she attributes to the leadership of Mary Jane England. Mary Beth’s own involvement, she says, “is an investment in the future of Regis.”

Kimberly Desorcy Robin Daley Doyle Michelle Lebrasseur King Mary Catherine Jepsen McLaughlin Anne Marie Walsh Salvon Barbara A. Scully Participation: 4.44% All giving: $1,320.00

Margaret A. Barrett Ildi Toth Bergstrom Mary Carroll Christine A. Desmarais-Gordon Suzanne Doucette Maureen Finn Rosemarie Foley Carol Curley Gildea Sandra Dart Gleed Mary Moran Losapio Catherine Gagnon McCrorey Erin Sullivan McQuaid Sara Mulrooney Michelle Cafarella Sogolow Cheryl Canniff Thomas Participation: 12.82% All giving: $3,160.00

Allison M. Denya Joan P. Goldhammer-O’Neil Jill M. Jenkins Noreen A. Kelliher Jacinta Caprio Lang Melissa J. LeRay Pattyanne Lyons Lisa M. White Participation: 4.97% All giving: $1,975.00

Aspasia Alexopoulos Bakolas Tara M. Bradley Lorraine D. Bressler Cathleen Trister Carey Donna Sannella Cargill Laura Mullins Chelton Kimberly Crane Daly Mary L. Gibney Cara Damiani Gould Sharon Barnes Legge Constance R. Lenk Donna McLellan MacLellan Eileen M. McHugh Carol V. Messina Marilyn Yetz Miles Theresa R. Montani Virginia Corey Nelson Lisa J. Nerich Christine Camara Patnaude Christine Hyland Phillips Mary McInnis Reissfelder Sheila Cahalane Sule Sheila McMaster Twomey Participation: 18.70% All giving: $3,070.00

Elizabeth M. Cooke Joanne A. McHugh Maureen Ryan Symon Participation: 1.94% All giving: $105.00

Elizabeth Brouillard Behrle Catherine Harris Curley Nancy L. D’Antonio Dorothy Benson Farrell Jean M. Lorizio Rebecca A. Nigro Sandra V. Podgorski Anathea Boccalini Viscariello Participation: 5.26% All giving: $1,570.00

Deborah E. Brown Sabrina Cazeau-Class Brenda Schubach Kiehnau Jennifer E. McGann Ilda Xhaxhka O’Brien Participation: 3.11% All giving: $865.00

Melissa McCabe Barry Patricia Condon Barton Margaret McKiernan Beiser Ann M. Boudreau


Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class

KEY: † deceased ❦ trustee of Regis College ♦ former trustee of Regis College

Honor Roll of Alumni Donors by Class
Lindsey A. Dewar Kathleen Finnell Hilton Marie A. Jardine Wiera Malozemoff Participation: 3.25% All giving: $650.00 Jessica Nowosielski Flaherty Catherine A. Galenius Lynne Smolen Grossman Christine Nocella Holbrook Dawn R. Kielbania Rebecca A. Kitchell Irene Laurens Christina H. Lawless Nancy T. Mendonca Davis Kathleen A. O’Connor Paula Rheaume Pinkney Verna-Ann Power-Charnitsky Tanya C. Rogers Miriam Finn Sherman Lisa Villemure Spitz Kimberly J. Sullivan Martha A. Swett Sinh B. Trinh Participation: 12.37% All giving: $2,085.00 Kathleen M. Mahoney Brandy E. Poquette Karen M. Proulx Participation: 3.29% All giving: $720.00

Amy L. Cadell Angela Carpinella Maria F. Coughlin Moira E. Finley Jessica A. Homer Priscilla A. King Jaclyn M. Lampman Laurie A. Mantegari Deborah P. O’Brien Paula K. Power Mary A. Quigley Richard H. Ressijac Lorena Sestayo Participation: 11.21% All giving: $760.00

(includes Nursing) Geraldine Atkins A. Grace Avery ’50 Elizabeth K. Avery ’00 Marlene P. Caterino Patricia M. Ciarleglio ’00 Paula Connolly Connolly ’72 Patricia B. Cosentino Doris A. Craig Catherine Doucette Joanne M. Dowling Jessica Nowosielski Flaherty ’98 Barbara Kelley Kelley ’55 Alicia Knoff My N. Le Carol A. Martin ’02 Anne M. McCormack ’02 Ellen Messing Mary-Ellin C. Moore Carolyn Sammartino Moran ’67 Michael Moriarty Judith A. Nagle ’01 Robert J. Naughton ’03 Dicie J. Niggl Luanne Nugent ’05 Richard H. Ressijac ’04 Nancy C. Turner ’05 Page M. Vandewater, MS, RN Pamela Walton ’76 Joan S. Wernick

Patricia L. Allard Ellen C. Freitas Sharyn L. Ghiloni Josephine Limoli Jessica L. Shumaker Katie Sticklor Tommasini Participation: 3.38% All giving: $1,175.00

E. Dianne Arnheim Susan L. Cahill Paige M. Eaton Davis Jacalyn C. Egan ♦ Margaret M. Ferrara Nancy A. Hobson Kathleen L. McHugh Carly Kimball Smith Barbara F. Turnan Participation: 5.73% All giving: $7,775.00

Julie A. Bertolino Andrea L. DePaoli Karyn M. Lessard Amy L. Oldham Georgette Swain Oosting Jessica Surette Scanlon Participation: 3.60% All giving: $370.00

Ellen F. Blaney Sharon L. Burchfield Mary E. Clawson Judith J. Wilber Participation: 3.55% All giving: $835.00

Susan Lelievre Benoit Samantha Dutily Farricker Maureen Noonan Iaricci Kristyn C. Jamieson Semima Vaka Karasch Catherine M. Lynch Susan S. Priem ♦ Dami Marcil Shepard Elaine Jacobs Zakrzewski Participation: 5.08% All giving: $17,450.00

Jennifer Alberti Atwood Jennifer M. Collins Noelle Forney Denny-Brown Rebecca G. Hancock Janine M. Lapan Sharon Plumeri Sandra I. Quinones Melinda P. Riego-Dedios Dawn A. Savadyga Paula L. Schiavitti Kelly M. Thayer Participation: 6.18% All giving: $5,850.00

Laura Phaneuf Bertonazzi Jane W. Buckley Kelly A. Enman Kay Van de Griff Harrington Diana M. Lynch Carole J. Meehan K. C. C. Salter Yulia S. Zubko Participation: 5.88% All giving: $595.12

Danielle M. Doherty Nikki M. Internicola Kimberly A. Luciani Sarah J. Wilkens Participation: 2.56% All giving: $105.00

Jennifer McMaster Beasley Demitria Nelson Comforti Deirdre Gorbey Donovan Bethany Flaherty Dunakin Florence A. Fitzgerald

Kimberly L. Dacier Marrissa R. Gondola Stanley J. Goodman Participation: 1.00% All giving: $350.00

Elizabeth K. Avery Noreen Hayes Bigelow Megan Tierney Connor

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 19

Scholarship Funds
Presidential Scholarship Dean’s Scholarship Leadership Scholarship Alumni Sponsor Scholarship Aurelia M. Kelley ’38 Memorial Scholarship The Corena Ledger Scholarship Louise Breason May ’59 Scholarship Fund Helen M. McCarthy ’42 Scholarship Jane F. McCarthy ’59 Memorial Scholarship Sister Viterbo McCarthy ’42 Scholarship Fund Alice Toomey McLaughlin ’39 Scholarship Mary Frances Glynn McManus ’34 Scholarship Fund Mary C. Hunt McNeil ’44 Scholarship Fund Regis College Generic Master’s Nursing Scholarship Scholarship Fund for Florida and Georgia Students Sharing Opportunities Scholarship Fund Sisters of Mercy Scholarship Sister Elizabeth Miley Scholarship Fund Mary C. Moran Scholarship Arthur and Dorothy Murray Scholarship John and Margaret Roche Scholarship Fund Joyce Viano Ruberti ’69 Scholarship Fund William and Bertha Schrafft Trust Scholarship Sisters of St. Joseph Centenary Scholarship Sisters of St. Joseph Schools’ Scholarships Kristen Elizabeth Shannon Scholarship Sister Macrina Shyne Scholarship Sisters of Mercy of Chicago Scholarship Stacy Stott Memorial Sharing Opportunities Scholarship John and Agnes Sullivan and William and Anne Moynihan Scholarship Fund Catherine Smiddy ’39 Scholarship Sister John Sullivan, CSJ Scholarship established by the Class of 1956 Sister Julia Ford Graduate Scholarship SINE UG Nursing Scholarship Catherine F. Taylor ’32 Scholarship Patricia Teehan Sullivan’55 Scholarship TeachBoston Scholarship The Frances Borger Klempner Graduate Nursing Fund Isabel ’34 and Patrick Tierney Scholarship Fund Yawkey Foundation Nursing Scholarship Margaret Burns Whalen ’31 Scholarship Fund

Boston Latin Academy Scholarship George I. Alden, Endowed Scholarship Sister Alphonsine Scholarship Fund The Alumni Scholarship Fund Dorothy A. Atanasio ’46 Elizabeth Frawley Bagley ’74 Scholarship Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 Scholarship Mary C. Barrett ’34 Scholarship Fund Helen Isabel Borden ’79 Scholarship Fund Hannah C. Bradley Scholarship Fund Mary C. Bryan and Grace A. Hanley Scholarship Catherine M. Burke ’31 Scholarship Fund Joan Louise Burke ’58 Scholarship Elizabeth Byrne Buxton Scholarship Fund City Year Scholarship Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund Community College Achievement Scholarship Jack and Eileen Connors Graduate Nursing Scholarship Christine Murphy Conole ’84 Scholarship Jacqueline Covo Scholarship Fund Jeanne M. ’51 and William F. Craven Jr. Scholarship Fund Genevieve Ryan Denmark and John Frederick Denmark Scholarship Fund Josephine E. DeSimone Scholarship Fund Rev. Pasquale Dimilla Scholarship Fund Anne Moore Dolan ’36 Scholarship Fund Marie Tremblay Donahue ’45 Scholarship Fund Daniel G. Frawley Scholarship Fund Ellen M. Greany Scholarship Fund Roberta Gillespie Greene ’60 Sharing Opportunities Scholarship Warren Gribbons Scholarship Elizabeth Stanton and Roberta Stanton Guthrie ’54 Scholarship Fund Harriett M. Hall Scholarship Fund Margaret C. Hallisey Scholarship Fund Dr. Grace A. Hawley ’31 Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Edmundson Herrick ’49 Scholarship Fund Margaret Lennon Higgins Scholarship Fund HRSA Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship Barbara Hyland Internship Scholarship Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 and John Kaneb Scholarship

Jane Cronin Tedder ’66
“Regis provided me with leadership opportunities that I would not have had at a different institution.”
Jane Tedder was a high school student when she first visited Regis on a gray day in February and met a warm and welcoming government professor—Sister Jeanne d’Arc, who would soon become the next president of the College. Sister Jeanne d’Arc always made a point of talking to Jane when she was a student, a gracious gesture that Jane appreciated and never forgot. The “personal contact,” is part of what makes Regis special, she says. “I felt the small size of Regis was exactly what I needed. It made me realize that places such as Regis are important to exist,” says Jane, who was Class President and Editor of the Yearbook. Jane, who received her doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, is also appreciative of the intellectual rigor demanded of students by Regis professors. “The school had exceedingly high expectations for its students. One could really soar.” Her intellectual mentor was another future College president, Sister Therese Higgins, who encouraged Jane to pursue graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin. “I found out I knew more than most of my colleagues. I was more than prepared. This was a very astounding lesson for me.” A pre-doctoral linguistics major, Jane was selected as a Fulbright lecturer to teach at the University of Valencia in Spain. But first she had to undergo an intensive summer session in the Spanish language. The difficulties of adjusting to a new culture and speaking a new language would have a profound influence on her choice of a career and outlook on life. “I realized how enormous a task it is for an adult to live, survive and thrive in a world different from one’s own,” she says. “I suddenly understood how that felt. It was an emotional earthquake that turned me around—how people use language to survive.” Jane returned home fluent in Spanish. She became a volunteer tutor and taught English as a Second Language and decided to pursue a career in education that focused on the adult learner. She was involved in adult education for many years, serving as chief of the Bureau of Adult Education for the State of Connecticut Department of Adult Education and executive director of Education Connection, a larger educational service center serving 31 communities in western Connecticut. Jane remains active in the Regis community. A member of the Founder’s Society, she was on the Annual Fund Executive Committee for the 2006–2008 term and was presented with the Alumnae Loyalty Award in 2006. “As I grew older, I realize a lot of the friends I had at Regis— and my relationship with Sister Therese—kept me connected,” she reflects. “As I began to give money, I began to feel it was important to support a place that has enabled me to grow.”


Scholarship Funds and Other Donors

KEY: † deceased ❦ trustee of Regis College ♦ former trustee of Regis College

Other Donors: Honor Roll of Trustees, Faculty, Staff and Friends
George R. Baldwin ♦ Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 ❦ Ernest Bartell CSC ❦ Peter F. Brady ♦ Diane Walden Brierley ’75 ♦ Helen Callahan ’61, CSJ ❦ Mary Rose Campbell ’56 ♦ Laetitia Albiani Carney ’58 ♦ Robert J. Cronin ♦ John J. Curtin Jr. ♦ Paul T. Dacier ♦ Mary Anne Doyle ’67, CSJ ♦ Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 ♦ Jacalyn C. Egan ’96 ♦ Mary Jane Regan England ’59, MD ❦ Clyde Evans ❦ Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ’57 ♦ Paul Garrity ❦ John Graham ♦ George K. Hertz ❦ Therese Higgins ’47, CSJ ♦ Karen Hokanson ❦ Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 ♦ Ellen C. Kearns ’67 ❦ Anna Mary Kelly ’33, CSJ ♦ Judith Murphy Lauch ’68 ❦ Patricia Lynch ’63, CSJ ❦ Christina Kennedy McCann ’60 ❦ Joseph J. McCarthy ❦ Marilyn McGoldrick ’65, CSJ ❦ Teresa M. McGonagle ’81 ❦ Robert Meenan, MD ❦ Carroll F. Miles, PhD d ♦ Brenda Coogan Moran ’58 ❦ A. Catherine Murphy CSJ ♦ Evelyn F. Murphy ❦ Mary L. Murphy CSJ ❦ Robert J. Murray ♦ Donna Norris, MD ❦ Ellen M. O’Connor ’67 ❦ Kathleen O’Hare ’69 ❦ Susan S. Priem ’97 ♦ William Quigley ❦ Regina L. Quinlan ’65 ♦ Brian G. Rothwell ♦ John J. Ryan ♦ Joan Shea ❦ Salvatore B. Simeone ❦ Constance O’Brien Skahan ’61 ♦ Nancy F. Smith ’73 ♦ James J. Sullivan ♦ Lorraine Destefano Tegan ’63 ❦ Nancy M. Valentine ❦ Richard W. Young, PhD Doreen M. Zankowski ’81 ♦ Alfred Descenza and Son, Inc. Kathryn J. Anastasia Amelia E. Anderson Anonymous Paula Kelliher Antonevich ’89 Nora Anzinger R D. Aplin Jose A. Arbaiza Joan M. Archer ’70 Susan S. Arsht Jennifer Alberti Atwood ’99 Jane Ayoub V A. Bahr Joseph Baker Kathleen Baker Roxann L. Baker Timothy E. Baker Doris Ballantine Joseph Barile Sarah Barrett ’63 John D. Barry William H. Beardsley Jennifer McMaster Beasley ’98 Judith Guilfoyle Beatrice ’66 Mary A. Behrle Myron L. Belfer, MD Belmont Associates Julia Benson Laura Phaneuf Bertonazzi ’03 Merry Beth Karol K. Bibbs Eileen Bingham Leslie A. Bishop John Blair Adrian Blake Francis X. Blouin Jr. John E. Borger Dimas M. Botelho Jane Boynton Loretta Brovelli Vivian Buckles David Budinger Jr. Ellen M. Burke ’57 Judith Burling Barbara Burns Rev. Dennis J. Burns Charles Burr Alda Butterfield Kathryn E. Cade Calendar Club LLC Helen Callahan ’61, CSJ ❦ Paul C. Casey Audrey Caulfield Elizabeth Cawley ’63, CSJ Patti L. Chappell Anne Charette Patricia M. Ciarleglio ’00 Marie Cicchese ’57, CSJ Barbara Clancy Ritajane Clancy ’49 Coe Truman Technologies, Inc. Frances Coe Donald Coen Ernest J. Collamati Roberta Colpitts Peter Condakes Thomas W. Connelly, Jr. Megan Tierney Connor ’00 John Connors Shirley A. Conrad Lawrence Cook Elizabeth M. Cooke ’92 Ralph C. Copeland Corcoran and Havlin Insurance Group Nancy H. Corcoran ’66, CSJ Cathleen Cote O’Dea Coughlin Jane Craycroft Steven A. Crocker David H. Croll Annette Cronin Jane P. Cronin Margaret Cross Nancy Croteau Mary F. Crowley Janet Cunningham Mary Jane Doherty Curran ’60 Katheryn Cusick Fran and Joe D’Ambrisi Adeline D’Amonville Carol Dailey Karen Dale Joan M. Danner Patricia Dardano Gary Davis John A. DeSimone Timothy J. Dee Patricia Deem Elouroles Dejoie Lorraine M. Delucia Deborah Dewitt Ann R. Diamond Marie de Sales Dinneen ’51, CSJ Dolores Dipietro Mary Jane Doherty ’67 Mary H. Donahue Jan Donley Judith Higgins Donohue ’64 Anne Donovan Barbara Dowds Mary Anne Doyle ’67, CSJ ♦ Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 ♦ M. Patricia T. Driscoll ’67 Christina Duggan Marie Dyer Kathleen Eldredge Betty Ann Hynes Elliott ’49 Clare Ellison Rita Ells Barbara B. Elmes Rodica Emanuel Linda Engelson Alexandra England Mary Jane Regan England ’59, MD ❦ Kathryn Erat Agnes Erlandson Robert Ewanouski Catherine Fackos Dorothy Benson Farrell ’93 Margaret M. Ferrara ’96 Lenore A. Fidler Chrisoula Fiers Lorraine Fiset Mary Fitzpatrick Muriel R. Flood Margaret N. Foley William Foley Ann Foran Susan M. Ford Jennifer Fountain Jean M. Fraser Muriel Frye Gina M. Gagliardi John P. Galgon, MD Susan G. Gallagher Nancy Gallinger Dorothy Gannon Paul W. Garber Philip C. Garber Joan P. Garity Barbara Mullins Garrity ’45 Gail P. Garrity Regina C. Gavin ’71 Michaela Cleary Geary ’59 Mary T. Geiger Ellen M. Gemme Thelma Gibbs Robert Giggi Ellen M. Gillespie ’64 Linda L. Glenn Martin Glennon Joan P. GoldhammerO’Neil ’91 Riese Goldman William Goldman, MD Marrissa R. Gondola ’07 Charles Goodman Joyce Gordon Claire Gorman James C. Gorman Ann M. Grady ’63, CSJ Mary Rita Grady ’64, CSJ Paul H. Grady Grace Gruber Sandra Hale Muriel F. Hall Joan F. Hallisey ’71 Karen A. Halloran Barbara Watson Halpin ’51 Janice Hannah Marie R. Hannon Ann Hanstine Paula A. Harbecke Harper’s Data Service, Inc. Kay Van de Griff Harrington ’03 Clarita Herrera-Argyros Therese Higgins ’47, CSJ ♦ Patricia Hill Allison and Andrew Hirsch Loyola C. Holihan † Walter E. Holmes, Jr. Jessica A. Homer ’04 Sandra Horan Geraldine S. Horgan John J. Horgan Marjorie Hunt Mary E. Hurley Maureen Noonan Iaricci ’97 Denise Irmiter Ann Johnedis Gloria Johnson Kathleen M. Joseph Ronald M. Joseph Joyce Landscaping, Inc. Brian Joyce Mary Ann Joyce ’69 Semima Vaka Karasch ’97 Lisa Karpenske Peter Keating Peter Keel Margaret A. Kelley ’72 Anna Mary Kelly ’33, CSJ ♦ Susan Kelly Susan Kelty Sarah Frankson Kendrick and James Kendrick Dorothy Kennedy Marianne McMahon Kenney ’81 Jack Kerrigan Patrick Kerry Ronald Kessel Sat-Mitar K. Khalsa M. Margaret King Anne Kinnell Linda Kipnes Kraus Family Foundation Kathleen J. LaChance-Galang Debrorah Lahey Marybeth Lamb Carl P. Larson, Jr. Virginia Larson Elaine G. LeClair Paul J. Leahy Janice M. Lee Wendy Lement Frances Lerman Karyn M. Lessard ’02 Alexander Liazos Julia Lisella Mary F. Lombard ’70 Barbara Loud ’62, CSJ Dolores J. Ludwick Dianne Lynch Patricia Lynch ’63, CSJ ❦ Pattyanne Lyons ’91 Susan Machado Raymond J. MacPherson Anne F. Magner Evelyn Maher Sean Maher Maureen M. Mahoney Morton Margules Carol A. Martin ’02 Margherite Matteis Eleanor McAdoo Thea M. McCabe ’56, CSJ Jean Ryan McCall ’55 Carole Groncki McCarthy ’65 Leona McCaughey-Oreszak ’65 Mary E. McDonough Virginia McGagh Margaret McGarry ’57, CSJ Jean McGinn Jeanne A. McGinn Jeannette D. McGinn Marilyn McGoldrick ’65, CSJ ❦ Edwin D. McGuire Valerie Brown McGuire ’88 Joan S. McInturff Robert G. McKinley Erin Sullivan McQuaid ’86 Maureen McSweeney Catherine M. Meade ’54 Kathryn Medeiros Michele Mei Delerme Messeroux Carroll F. Miles ♦ Jean Minkel Tracey Moline Lynne Mooney

Georgeann Abbanat Abatzis ’83 Mary B. Adams ’66 Advanced Results Marketing Joseph M. Aglio Alexander Aronson Finning and Company

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 21

Other Donors: Trustees, Faculty, Staff and Friends
Gregory Moraetis Myron Morris Mary Ann Motyka Edward J. Mulholland Robert Mulvaney Rosemary Mulvihill RSM A. Catherine Murphy CSJ ♦ Evelyn F. Murphy ❦ Jean Murphy My Sports Dreams, LLC Robert J. Naughton ’03 Rosemary E. Noon ’79 Charles Noonan Richard Norberg, DMD Luanne Nugent ’05 Phyllis O’Callaghan ’62, CSJ Ann O’Connell Margaret M. O’Neill Christine O’Connor Ann M. Orifice Judith Panzer Joan H. Peery Joan Perrotti Elizabeth Peterson Joanne Peterson Richard Pierce Thomas G. Pistorino Elizabeth Poirier Verna-Ann Power-Charnitsky ’98 Anne M. Powers Charles Pratt Frances G. Pratt Harold I. Pratt Sheila G. Prichard Regina L. Quinlan ’65 ♦ Alexis Rauch Douglas S. Raymond Philip Reilly Christine C. Resendes Catherine B. Rice Stephanie H. Rippe Anthony Rizzuto USAF Mary C. Roach Roberts Insurance Agency, Inc. Constance Robison Jane D’Ercole Roman ’61 Nancy M. Rosata Mary E. Rulison Steven Savas Margaret Lynch Scafati ’69 M A. Schermerhorn Paula L. Schiavitti ’99 Viola Schutter Suzanne Scott James Seymour Estelle Shammash Philip Shannon Joseph Shaughnessy Elizabeth M. Shea Charles J. Sheridan Louise Sheridan Miriam Finn Sherman ’98 and Jeffrey Sherman Sandra C. Simmons Mary Smalarz Elizabeth T. Smith Mary E. Snyder Renee Sokosky Katherine A. Solari Judith Spellman Spang ’81 Doris Sperber Tanya Spishak Maria C. Squeff Jayanthi Srinath Mary C. Stevenson William M. Straus Linda M. Strothers-Lyons Elizabeth Carey Stygles ’82 Joan Desmond Sullivan ’81 Richard J. Sullivan Francis L. Swift Louis Tabaldi Susan Gelmini Tammaro ’77 Linda Tanner Doris S. Teehan The Robert J. Hansman Trust Richard Tisei Kristi Torre Lynn Triplett Robert L. Tripp Richard Tropeano Christine D. Tucker Suzanne Tucker Norbert Unger, Jr. United Healthcare Student Resources Nancy M. Valentine ❦ Chay M. Veeder Rep. Anthony Verga Mary Anne Vetterling William H. Vogel Regina Wagner Lois N. Waldron Wendy Walsh Wayland Travel Jessie Weimer Sally Whelan Kathleen White Lauress Wilkins Garland Wilks Betsy Williamson Kathryn Williamson Steve Winberg Joan Winer Suzanne Winkelman Judith T. Winston J. Yates Jr. Richard W. Young PhD and Sheila Young Clotilde Zannetos Jacqueline Zona

Joanne Massey Howes ’65
“I feel a very strong bond with women from my class. I think we became very close because of the strict rules at the time…. It created an atmosphere of how we can have fun in spite of them. And now we are reconnected after many years, working together on this tribute to Barbara. She would be so happy!”
Politics gripped Joanne Howes at an early age. She remembers listening on the radio to the roll-call vote for John F. Kennedy’s surprise nomination for vice president at the 1956 Democratic National Convention. Not surprisingly, she majored in government at Regis where she was president of the Young Democrats. College President Sister Jeanne d’Arc, then head of the government department, had a profound influence on her career. She sparked her “intellectual curiosity and fostered a passion for making a difference.” Joanne became a well-regarded public policy consultant in Washington, D.C. and an influential supporter of women’s and social issues. One of her dearest friends at Regis was Barbara Kelleher, also a government major, but an active Republican and a “Goldwater Girl.” “She would walk into the room and just be effervescent,” Joanne recalls. Barbara Kelleher Hyland, who would become a Massachusetts state representative, died of cancer in 2007 at age 64. After her funeral, Joanne and a group of her Regis classmates decided to do something in her memory. The result: the Barbara Hyland Internship Scholarship. The Class of ’65 is hoping to raise $50,000 to create an endowed scholarship for a female junior or senior student at Regis to participate in a government or public policy internship. The Class also wants to establish an annual lecture series that would bring a prominent woman political leader to campus. They hope to award the first scholarship next spring. “We want to help other women pursue a career in politics and public policy.” Getting women elected to political office has been a focus for Joanne. She is a founder of EMILY’s List, a national donor network for Democratic women candidates—now the largest political action committee in the country. She was part of Team A, a small group of women that engineered the nomination of Geraldine Ferraro as Vice President, and was a senior staff member for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1980. She was the Legislative Director for then Rep. Barbara Milkulski (D-MD) who became the first female Democrat elected to the U.S. Senate in her own right in 1986. Concerned about the dearth of attention to women’s issues, she created with a partner, BASS and HOWES, a successful public policy and communications consulting firm. Eradicating breast cancer, stopping domestic violence and increasing women’s health research were a few of the causes that they successfully championed on Capitol Hill and beyond.

22 Other Donors

KEY: † deceased ❦ trustee of Regis College ♦ former trustee of Regis College

Other Donors: Honor Roll of Parents, Alumni Classes, Memorials, and Honorariums
Mr. Charles J. Anderson Mr. Gerard A. Baker ’93 Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Barczykowski ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bednarz Jr. ’00 Ms. Mary Berryhill ’95 Mr. Ronald E. Biffinger Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bishop ’95 Ms. Nancy Carabali Ms. Susan E. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. William Caulfield ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cavanaugh ’87 ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Hilaire Charles Mr. and Mrs. James A. Connolly Mr. Robert Courtemanche Ms. Christine Cowden Mr. A. J. DiGregorio Mr. Charles Dobrowolski Mr. Daniel J. Donovan Mr. Donald M. Frye, Sr. ’96 Mr. David Goddu Ms. Nancy J. Greenwood ’97 Mr. Jean-Matthieu Guerrier Mr. Harold Harris, Jr. ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Jardine ’95 Ms. Paige B. Kelly Dr. Kristin T. Kennedy Ms. Mary Koch Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Laverty, Jr. ’85 ’88 ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. LeBlanc ’90 Mr. Richard C. Lombard ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lynch ’00 Mr. John F. Lynch ’03 Ms. Marcia S. Machado Mrs. Mary E.G. Mahoney ’03 Mr. Leonard F. Mariotti Mr. Edward A. Maybury ’89 Mr. and Mrs. William R. McClellan ’03 Mr. Victor A. McInnis ’85 ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKeon ’91 Dr. Edward C. Michaud Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Milner Ms. Maureen Onorato Mr. Paul J. Pino, Jr. Mr. Dennis S. Rock Mrs. Nancy M. Rosata Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ryan Mrs. Frances A. Sanford Alice Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Schramm, Sr. ’94 Mr. and Mrs. John Segadilli Mr. Joseph and Dr. Mary Smalarz ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Stevenson ’95 ’00 Ms. Susan Stott Mr. John R. Sullivan Mr. Eugene F. Tallone ’89 Mr. Paul A. Truesdale Mrs. Arthur A. Viano ’69 Ms. Cheryl Walsh Anne McDonnell Brockington ’50 Marion E. Carr ’47 Irena F. Clark ’86 Rosemary Mulhern Deedy ’48 Mary Hickey Dolan ’43 Andrius Douglas ’31, CSJ Margaret Gardner Farrell ’46 Joyce Kirby Fenton ’52 Anne M. Ford ’56 Catherine Tiernan Galgon ’56 Jean Gallagher Shields ’50 Margaret Brennan Gardiner ’55 Elizabeth Young Gibson ’50 Rosemary Welch Gilligan ’49 Shirley A. Gosselin ’51 Ruth Connors Grady ’49 Teresa Bradbury Hooper ’45 Barbara Kelleher Hyland ’65 M. Thalheimer Kirby ’49 Teresa Launie Kissel ’42 Frances B. Klempner Evelyn Canfield Lambert ’51 Mary O’Leary Lawler ’49 Mary Keefe Locke ’37 Helen L. Lordan ’38 June Buckley MacPherson ’51 Juan Mahan ’39, CSJ Mary Rogers Maloney ’31 Helen Devine McGauley ’49 Marilyn Howard Moran ’52 M. Eileen McDonald Newcomb ’56 Maureen Delehanty O’Brien ’51 Norma O’Brien Margaret B. O’Hare ’42 Doriann Kelley Perrotti ’49 Sandra Moriarty Phillips ’57 Jean Regan Quigley ’44 Edmund T. Rice Joan Shields ’56 Mary Jane Connor St. Germain ’47 Patricia Teehan Sullivan ’55 Raymond T. Temple Gertrude Boyle Vogel ’58

Regis Regis Regis Regis Regis Regis Regis Regis Regis Regis College College College College College College College College College College Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class of of of of of of of of of of 1945 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1955 1965 1998

Audrey Bowen Criado ’59 Mary Jane Doherty ’67 Mary Jane Regan England ’59, MD ❦ Catherine Foley Hines ’49 Doreen M. Zankowski ’81 ♦

Mary Lou Deady Aglio ’59 Ruth Tallent Brady ’52

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 23

Matching Gifts Companies
3M Aetna, Inc. Albany International Corporation American Express Company Aon Corporation Bank of America Foundation Biogen Idec, Inc. Boston Financial ChevronTexaco Corporation Deutsche Bank Americas Dow Jones and Company, Inc. Emerson Electric Company ExxonMobil Fidelity Investments General Dynamics C4 Systems General Electric Company GlaxoSmithKline Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo and Company, LLC H.B. Fuller Company Hasbro, Inc. Houghton Mifflin Company IBM Corporation LandAmerica Foundation Lockheed Martin Corporation MFS Investments Marsh and McLennan Companies MDI Specialties, Inc. Merck Company Foundation Merrill Lynch and Company, Inc. Metlife Foundation Michael Baker Corporation Foundation Millipore Foundation NSTAR Foundation Nationwide Foundation New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. New York Times Company, Foundation Noblis, Inc. Oracle Corporation Pitney Bowes Prudential Insurance Company, Foundation Quaker Chemical Foundation Saint Mary’s Credit Union SallieMae Fund Texas Instruments Foundation Textron, Inc. The May Dept. Stores Company, Inc. The Pfizer Foundation The Reebok Foundation The Stanley Works United Technologies Corporation UnumProvident Corporation Verizon Foundation W.R. Grace and Company Wachovia Corporation Xerox Corporation

Corporations, Foundations, Trusts and Other Organizations
American Insurance Administrators, Inc. Aramark Bank of America Boston Latin Academy Boston University Alumni Club of Southwest Florida Century Bank Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, Inc. Florida Council for Community Mental Health Genzyme Corporation Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. Knights of Columbus Lorman Education Services M. Margaret King Trust 2004 Massachusetts State Science Fair NYT Capital, Inc. Officials for Women’s Collegiate Athletics Oppenheimer Brothers Foundation Park Lodge Corporation Peter J. Meade Trust Pioneer Investments Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving The America Press The John Chany Trust The National Collegiate Athletic Association Thomas H. Lee Management Company, LLC Tufts Health Plan William E. and Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust Yawkey Foundation

Government Agencies
Mass. Department of Higher Education Mass. Department of Public Health U.S. Department of Education U.S. Department of Health and Human Services The EDCO Collaborative for Greater Boston, Inc.

24 Additional Donors

Financial Highlights
Sources of Funds 2007–2008
$627 Net Tuition $1,964 Auxiliary Enterprises $1,776 $1,133 Annual Giving $18,280 Grants $6,174 Institutional Support $4,000 Other Auxiliary Enterprises $5,624 Non Operating Assets Used in Operations Development Student Services $8,047 Academic Support $2,879 $8,834 Instruction

Uses of Funds 2007–2008

Annual Giving 1998–2008
$4,500,000 $4,000,000 $3,500,000 $3,000,000 $2,500,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000 $500,000 $0 FY98 FY99 FY00 FY01 FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08

Unrestricted Giving Total Giving Note: 2007 total giving reflects a $1 million pledge

Regis College Report on Philanthropy 2008 25

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