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					       Start your ETRACS Server
             (If not started)
Run ETRACS Server (EtracsServerNew.exe )
 (You will find this in your main ETRACS Server Machine)

Once You started ETRACS main server, now
you can start the other clients (KIOSK, Front
        Office, Advisor and others)
                             Front Office
   Helps personnel at the reception

           To fill the forms at KIOSK and front office computer.

           To search & view the students profile in front office computer.

           To monitor students waiting for counseling and update their
            status at Waiting Lounge if required.

           To allot an advisor.

           To record the manually filled forms in ETRACS.
                    Your First Screen

Enter Your User Name & Password FOR FRONT OFFICE provided by
               Head Office Canam then Click Login
                 Front office Screen

                    Click here to Search Student’s Profile

Waiting Lounge

                 You can add new students profile
                 from here also (Like KIOSK)
You can search student’s profile by entering the student’s
                Email Id or Name & DOB

                                   Fill and Click Search
                                Waiting Lounge

Countries in                             Countries in
Black colour shows – Not counseled yet   Green Colour shows- Counseling is going on.

Red colour shows - Counseling is Over.   Purple Colour shows – Student gone without
Click here to allot an Advisor to a student

                Once you select this Radio button Advisor’s name
                       will appear (Follow the next slide).
To allot an Advisor to a Student

                        Select Advisor’s name fr0m here

                           Once radio button is selected
                           Allot Advisor will appear

           First Select this radio button to allot an Advisor
To View and Edit Students Profile and Current Status (if student left
             without counseling) Click Student’s Name
                To modify Student’s profile

To Modify click modify, edit your profile and then save

       Finally submit. Once submitted you will be back in waiting lounge
          If student Left without counseling

                               Select here student left without counseling

     Write here purpose of visit
                                                           Finally click Submit

Once submitted student’s name will be shown in purple colour in waiting lounge
If Student comes back then click his purple coloured name in
          waiting lounge. This window will appear.

                        Click here and select Student Comes Back

Write here purpose of visit
                                                          Finally Submit

  Once Submitted, Student's name will appear in black colour in waiting lounge.
                 DATA ENTRY in ETRACS
In case of power failure/internet problem students
  information has to be filled manually in a prescribed
  format issued by Head office Canam.

Front Office has to enter manually filled forms (students
  data) in ETRACS record positively. Not even a single
  data should be left without entering in ETRACS.

To add students record you have to click “Add New
  Students Profile” in KIOSK & Front office ETRACS

Important Note: If the student was counseled during power cut/Internet failure, in that
case the manually filled forms will be filled by advisor because remarks will be required.
 In case of any kind of query please
 & call us. You are most welcome for
              any query.

           THANK YOU

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