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									Fall 2006

Improving the Quality of Living

Camp Evergreen
Kids conquering grief

Walk for Hospice
Walkers raise nearly $100,000

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The Beacon is published three times a year by The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. Please send comments to Editor, 111 Sunnybrook Court, South Bend, IN 46637-3437. The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. is a premier not-for-profit, community-based agency improving the quality of living through hospice, home health, grief counseling and community education. Services are offered without regard to age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, diagnosis or ability to pay for services.

Letter from the President

When Quality of Living Matters, Here’s How You Can Help CHAPC the Most
People often ask, “What can I do to help The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care (CHAPC)?” Probably one of the most helpful acts anyone can do is to assist us with spreading the word. Help us by making your family, friends, neighbors, congregations, and physicians know that hospices are not all alike. There are choices when it comes to hospice care. Everyone should make an informed decision before selecting a hospice agency. Within the eight counties CHAPC serves, there are now at least 22 hospice programs claiming to operate in the same areas. We know from a services standpoint that all hospices are not alike. But clearly from a quality standpoint -- as indicated by the results of state inspections -- there are significant differences too.

Mark M Murray
President and CEO

In September of this year, we experienced another unannounced inspection, or “survey” as they are called, by the Indiana State Department of Health. Survey results allow us to maintain our license as a hospice provider in Indiana. Following three full days of home visits, interviews, and extensive medical record reviews, we once again received a “perfect score” or no deficiencies. In fact, going back as far as 1992, we have received “no deficiencies” for our hospice care services during all of the inspections over nearly 15 years. Few hospice programs in our service area can make this claim. Mostly because they didn’t exist back then, while others cannot make this assertion due to deficiencies found during their relatively recent past. This public information is now more public and more accessible than ever before. We believe consumers should take advantage of it. To help Hoosiers make informed decisions on choosing a hospice agency, the Indiana State Department of Health has instituted a “Consumer Reports” concerning hospice providers. Organized by program name you will learn the results of any hospice agency’s last three surveys, including when those surveys took place and the details of exactly what was deficient. A map of the State of Indiana is presented with each of the 92 counties outlined. Simply click on any county and a directory of all agencies providing hospice services within that county pops up. Click on the name of a hospice program listed, and you’ll see the results of their last three surveys. Some of the data for several hospice programs is fairly shocking both in the sheer number of deficiencies and in what was found deficient. For a state that now has more than 90 operating hospice programs (a 30% increase in just the last few years), it is also alarming the state average number of deficiencies per agency has climbed to five from just one a few years ago. It would appear that quality hospice care in Indiana is unfortunately on the downward spiral. I’m pleased that the Indiana Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, where I am proud to serve on its Board of Directors, is developing an Indiana Best Practices for hospice. Several members of our CHAPC team are volunteering their time in constructing many of the modules. If quality of life matters, then quality of care must be of vital importance. Everyone considering a hospice agency should visit prior to selecting an individual program. You can also help us by reminding people that if they want services from CHAPC, they should specifically ask for the Center for Hospice by name and not merely say, “hospice.” Think about this. Do hospitals receive letters from satisfied consumers that say, “We couldn’t have done it without hospital?” When asked if they have a facility preference, do accident victims tell ambulance drivers, “Yes, my insurance says I have to go to a network facility, so please take me to hospital?” Would a friend tell a friend, “I had my heart surgery done at hospital and they were wonderful, so if I were you I’d choose hospital for my procedure?” Hardly, yet “hospice” is frequently described in these generic approaches. “We had hospice come in.” “We couldn’t have done it without hospice.” “It’s time to think about hospice.” Which hospice? Nationwide, after more than three decades, there is commonly no connection between the “what” and the “which” when it comes to hospice care. And with 500 new hospices opening in the U.S. in the last 18 months, knowing who you’re asking for is just as important as knowing what you’re asking for. Again, it’s as if all hospices across the nation are alike. We know they are not. Some hospices won’t take children (we will). Some won’t pay for radiation therapy designed to relieve pain (we will). Some still require a Do Not Resuscitate order for admission (we don’t). Some operate their own hospice inpatient units, while most don’t (we do). Some have bereavement programs that are virtually non-existent while some programs like ours have entire facilities dedicated to grief intervention services for the entire community. Hospice care in America is anything

but generic. The differences are vast and numerous. It’s no different where we live. Couple this with dramatic growth in numbers of hospice programs, and the need for name specificity becomes even more evident. Unfortunately, we now have incidences of family members calling CHAPC in the middle of the night requesting emergency assistance for their loved one and hang up stunned to discover they had actually signed up with a different hospice agency. They weren’t with us. The next time you hear about a family member, friend, neighbor, or anyone considering choosing a hospice, please remind them they do have a choice. Remind them that not all hospices are alike. Invite them to compare. Tell them they have the right to select a hospice program that has a historical track record of measurable quality, and one that’s working to raise the quality bar across Indiana. Tell them they should ask for their chosen hospice program by name. Tell them to be sure they’ve chosen The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care. This is how you can help us the most. S

Leighton Award: We did it!
CHAPC raised the $100,000 needed to meet our challenge grant as the 7th recipient of the Leighton Award for Nonprofit Excellence. CHAPC received this honor in August 2005 from The Community Foundation of St. Joseph County. By raising the $100,000 CHAPC will add $200,000 to its fund at the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County. Interest from this fund is used by CHAPC each year to ensure that we continue to improve the quality of living by providing services to our patients regardless of their ability to pay. Thank you. We could not have achieved this goal without your support.
A Camp Evergreen teen smiles with pride after challenging herself to take the leap on the Bair Lake Bible Camp zip line..

Timothy McBride and his horse, Camp Evergreen volunteers, provide a new and exciting experience to help a youth camper deal with her loss.


Jan Petty, a Camp Evergreen buddy, connects with a teen camper while canoeing on Bair Lake.

2006 Camp Evergreen:
Kids conquering grief
The 13th Annual Camp Evergreen took place August 11-13, with a total of 36 campers in attendance. The camp, which provides grief counseling for kids that have experienced the death of a loved one, is divided into two groups: teens, ages 13 to 17, and youth, ages 6 to 12. Teens stay at the camp overnight, while youth attend a day camp all day on Saturday. The Camp Evergreen Program This year, Camp Evergreen was held at Bair Lake Bible Camp in Jones, Michigan. The event is run by Center for Hospice bereavement counselors and trained Hospice volunteers. Youth campers are each assigned an adult volunteer to join them for the day’s activities, and volunteers in the teen camp each care for two or three children throughout the weekend. The goal is to help the campers realize that they are not alone in dealing with their loss, and that other kids have experienced the death of a loved one. Campers learn about positive coping skills while remembering their loved ones. Teens participate in a challenge course that encourages cooperation, and teaches team-building skills and self-confidence. In addition, small- and large-group sharing circles give teens the chance to talk about their experiences and about the friends and family members they’ve lost. The youth participate in art projects that encourage discussion about their loved ones, and storytellers teach them about the grief process. Of course, they also get to enjoy fun activities with their adult buddies and other campers. There’s time for everything from putt-putt, boating and fishing, to swimming, horseback riding and nature walks. This Year’s Campers Camp Evergreen attendees in 2006 had experienced the deaths of mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, cousins and friends — and these loved ones died from illness, accidents, murder and suicide. Each year, campers say that their adult buddies — all of whom are volunteers from the community — make their camp experience unique and meaningful. Teen campers this year said that their buddies helped them feel safe and loved, and that they appreciated their buddies listening when they were having a difficult time. Likewise, the youth bonded with their buddies in just one day, and several said that these volunteers were their favorite part of the camp experience. The volunteers were equally pleased with their experiences at Camp Evergreen. One stated, “The camp provides a positive and real presentation of grief — and life — to the children, and I wanted to be a part of that, while giving back to Hospice for what they have done for me.” About Camp Evergreen Thanks to our generous volunteers, plus donations made throughout the year, as well as a special endowment, Camp Evergreen is offered free of charge as a community service to children and teens throughout our 8-county service area — regardless of whether or not their loved ones were cared for by Hospice. Free transportation to and from camp is also provided for all campers. Campers are often referred by schools, churches and others. Typically, they attend the camp just once, as those who have not attended before are given priority unless they’ve experienced an additional loss. Volunteers, on the other hand, come back year after year, and often encourage new volunteers to join the Camp Evergreen program. Some also perform other work for Hospice, helping with patient care, Walk for Hospice, and other duties and events. We’d like to thank all of this year’s volunteers for making Camp Evergreen such a great experience for all our participants! S

Camp Evergreen 2006 by the numbers:
Teens in Attendance Adult Buddies for Teens Youth in Attendance Adult Buddies for Youth Center for Hospice Staff Activity Volunteers Number of Volunteer Hours Hours of Training for First-Time Volunteers Cost to Campers 13 6 23 23 14 17 1028 6 $0

Volunteer for the Next Camp Evergreen:
The more volunteers we have, the more youth we can accommodate. Your generous donation of time is sure to make Camp Evergreen a meaningful and healing experience for our campers. To join us at camp in 2007, or to volunteer for any other work at The Center for Hospice, please call us at 574-255-1064.

In Memory
The following gifts were made to The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. between 6/1/06 and 9/30/06. We are grateful for these gifts, as they insure the fulfillment of our mission to provide comfort and support to individuals with life-limiting illnesses, their families and anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. Every effort has been made to assure accuracy in this listing. If you wish to report an error or omission, please call our Development office at (574) 243-3100 or (800) 413-9083. Any corrections will be listed in the next publication.
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Kimpel Linda and Ed Langfeldt Lisa and Dan Langfeldt Margaret and Matt Langfeldt Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Larkin, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Larkin, Sr Paula and Alan Limerick Mr. Nick Macri Nancy and James McBride Charlotte and John McCaffery Memorial Hospital of South Bend Ms. Annette Peterson Cecilia and Wayne Pfledderer Nancy and Pete Price Mr. Ralph Richard Linda and Ron Smith Diana, Scott, and Dustin Smith St. Joseph County FSA Ms. Margaret A. Strobl Deborah and Timothy Szalai Mrs. Virginia F. Warner Ms. Ruth Ann Watkins Linda and James Wickizer Bonnie and Fred Wyant Carol and Paul Zehner Roberta and Ben Ziolkowski In Memory of Charlotte E. Anderson Mrs. Jane Horning In Memory of DeVere (Andy) A. Andrews Dorothy and Melvin Tener In Memory of Betty E. Anglin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Culp In Memory of Eddie Arnold Mrs. Mary Ann Spence In Memory of Susan L. Artusi Anonymous Arborwood Living Center Dick Badry Ms. Lynne A. 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In Memory of Charlotte Ann Clay Karen and Roger Hintz In Memory of Dorothy L. Collmer Ann and Ronald Searcy In Memory of David F. Conley Mr. Christopher L. Arnold Ms. Iesha M. Arnold Ms. Tanya Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dwight Conley Mr. Chuck Hughley Tracy and Jay Maycock Julie and Edward Seese Mr. Bruce Younkin In Memory of Joan C. Connon Mr. and Mrs. Ben Pollack In Memory of James H. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Cook In Memory of Robert F. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Milslagle In Memory of Robert Ora Cook Mrs. Shirley A. Cook In Memory of Elizabeth Cooley-Pollard Mrs. Kathleen Raisbeck Hearne In Memory of John L. Coquillard, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Anthony Mrs. Vivian D. Benjamin Angie and Dick Berndt Bowen Engineering Corporation Terry and Robert Bowen Sue, Larry, and Steve Cadieux Jack and Shirley Coquillard Mr. and Mrs. Doug DePoy Ms. Joanne Glon Mrs. Dorothy A. Govaert Nettie and Jed Holt Mrs. Jacqueline Deranek-Kapiszka Mrs. Mary Jane Klaybor Lorraine and Jerry Lekarczyk Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Lies Mrs. Mary Jo Ludwick Ms. Betty J. McKelvey Maxine and Jim Mills Ms. Mary Ann Moon Mrs. Betty M. Nemeth Barbara and Dennis Norkus Ms. Susan L. Nye John and Ruby Patterson Ms. Viola L. Pritzel Ms. Doris L. Stombaugh Patricia and Theodore Strom Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wise, Jr In Memory of Richard F. Cortier Mrs. Norma M. Beitler Debbie and Tom DeLaurelle Mr. and Mrs. Everett L. Dobbins Doris and Blaine Gamble The Hall Family Sparkle and Luther Jeffries Ms. Elsie M. Mitchell Ms. Kathy Nova Ms. Janice Olbur Ms. Vera M. Paul Paula and Floyd Porter Marilyn and Gary Shank Dorothy and Joseph Szucsits Ms. Rose Van Laecke Lucy Whiteman

In Memory of Pamela J. Cowen Damaris Story Princess Bowling League In Memory of Pauline R. Cowles Dee and Tom Cowles Fink Roberts & Petrie Inc. Mr. Stephen Hearney Ms. Marie Nicklaus Verna and Junior Oliver The Reiter Club Ms. Melva Sanders Connie and Willie Sauberlich Sally and Ken Warfel The John, Jim, and Joe Werner Families Ms. Lois M. Wilson In Memory of Olen Cox Ms. Shirley M. Cox In Memory of Gloria Kay Craig Ms. A. Jane Parker In Memory of Max Craig Cynthia and John Schuler Al-Anon Wholy Family In Memory of Angela Cressy Patricia, Bob, and David Currey Ms. Margaret Gerstbauer Bonny and Mike Hannigan Dr. and Mrs. George A. Horvath Andy and Duke Jones Greta and Jay Lewis Judith and Michael Miller Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Reising The Children of Mildred Shamo Laurie and Steve Thompson Jim Thornburg and Mary Dunbar Ms. Mary Van Hullis In Memory of William R. Crone Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Bolin Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Ciszczon Mrs. Velma C. Crone Patricia and George Forray Mrs. Frances M. Gilroy Lillian and Steve Gruber Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jank Jinx and Larry Landy Gladys, Chet, and Dallas Los Pat and Tom Murray Julie and Tom Reaves Ms. Agnes Ribarich Gerri and Don Roeder Mr. James H. Underly In Memory of Thomas Oral Csiszar Mrs. Patricia Csiszar In Memory of Frank P. Cukrowicz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Cukrowicz In Memory of Edmund S. Cytacki Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Pietraszewski In Memory of William (Buss) Earl Davis Mrs. Sharon L. Austin In Memory of Karen Lynn Deak SBC Telecom Pioneers In Memory of William Deal Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Delinski In Memory of Leo Dean Frances and Richard Kent

In Memory of Carl L. Deardorff Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Stuppy In Memory of Marjorie A. DeArmond Phyllis and James Bock In Memory of Carl L. DeCraene Shirley and Paul Bauer Pat and Herm Beutel Mr. Eric Bleich Ms. Linda Bleich Michele and Joe Bleich Center for Hospice QA Department Judith and Edward DeCraene Ms. Myra DeCraene Employees of St Joseph Capital Bank Ms. Melanie Galbreath Mrs. Catherine D. Hardy Barbara and Tom Hassan Ro and Phillip Heston Ms. Nancy J. Jedrzejewski Mary and James Keil Joan and Richard Kincaid LL Geans Construction Co. Mrs. Betty J. Mazlo Mr. and Mrs. James E. McCrum Leona and Art McGuire Cindi and Patrick Nash Edie and Ray Nordblad Stefanie and John O’Dell Ms. Jacqueline K. Pflug Mr. and Mrs. Roy D. Shepardson Mr. and Mrs. Hal Shue Donald R. Stoops and Charlotte D. Vinson Janet and Anthony Szabo Ms. Norma M. Thennis Mr. John Wohlford, Jr. Lois Wohlford and Sue Wohlford Hutton Joan and Larry Yazel In Memory of Rosemary M. Delahanty Carol and Jeffrey Buszkiewicz Rosemarie and Leonard Buszkiewicz Ms. Gloria Chelminiak Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Delahanty Susan and Ralph Deranek Mr. and Mrs. John Gaylor Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Hess Mr. Richard A. Kish Kathy and William Kuehne Lowell Wood Homeowners Association Mastercare Inc Mr. Daryle J. McCarthy Ms. Sandra L. Pfeifer Ms. Janet M. Pfeil Ms. Nancy M. Roney Julie and Phillip Schreiber Select Health Network In Memory of Patricia H. DeLaurelle Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Auter The James Sanders Family In Memory of Charles Lee Delph Mrs. Barbara Barnes-Houk Ms. Nancy R. Boyer Erica and Don Crawford David Evans and Associates Inc Mrs. Jo Ellen Dresbach Anita and Mike Foldenauer June and Bill Gerecke Pam and Troy Holt ITW Workholding Mrs. Anna Slomski Mrs. Doris M. Truyaert The Julius YuHouse Family


In Memory of Helen Lucille DeMaegd-Weeks Mary Jane and Eldon Mark Kathy and Ron Morehouse Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Regina Diana and Frank Smith Mrs. Elsie Wozniak and Larry In Memory of Raymond (Dooley) Derucki Ms. Mary Ellen Derucki In Memory of Francis (Frank) E. DeSimone Mrs. L. Bea DeSimone In Memory of John S. Desits Ms. Barbara A. Hussey In Memory of Daniel F. DeVreese, Jr Mr. Delbert J. Kelver and Daughters Mr. and Mrs. James P. Matthews Mary Ann and Rich Pishnoff Mrs. Betsey Schutz In Memory of Robert A. DeWolf Pat and Mike Mondovics In Memory of Stanley A. Dias Mrs. Thelma L. Dias In Memory of Olive Irene Dickeson Betty and Robert Makielski In Memory of Alice M. DiGirolamo Mrs. Rose B. Bella Mrs. Vivian D. Benjamin Mary and Carmelo Blanda Helen and Larry Bruce Mr. Frank Duddleson and Family Ms. Betty Gavin Mrs. Rebella J. Good Mrs. Evelyn Hock Weddad and Louis Horvath Ms. Lucy Kaplachinski Doris and Louis Koloszar Luella and Bill Moore Mrs. Helen S. Retek Ms. Agnes Ribarich Mr. and Mrs. John Sienicki Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sikorski Sharon and Ray Smith Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Stopczynski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stopczynski Irene and Julius Szalay Elaine and Art Taelman Mr. and Mrs. Jerome H. Tobolski Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wawrzyniak Virginia and Darrell Zellers In Memory of Paul (Mike) Michael Dillon Mr. John S. Gonas, Jr Pat and Ron Szymanski In Memory of June Dimich Melanie and Don DeGroff In Memory of Earl W. Divine Mrs. Elouise K. Flagle Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gastineau Lemler & Sons Backhoe Services Ms. Dorothy M. Morgan The Earl Strang Family Mr. and Mrs. Bernard B. Williams In Memory of Harry B. Dobosiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kwiecinski In Memory of John (Jack) Dochstader Mrs. Carole Anderson Ms. Shelley Marker

Ms. Cathy Prange Marty Saras Ms. Lynda Wilson In Memory of Pauline Docsh Mr. and Mrs. Maurice R. Robinson In Memory of Robert E. Doll Ms. Lillian T. O’Dell In Memory of Michael A. Dominiak Ms. Theresa A. Burger Mrs. Ronda Ernsperger Ms. Kathi Estes Dorothy and Fred Feick Mr. and Mrs. C. Dean Foster Mr. and Mrs. Alvin K. Hageman Ms. Kathryn Herschede Ms. Kim A. Hildred Mr. and Mrs. Lujan and Family Mr. Wayne R. Matthews, Jr The Merck Team Ms. Joy Miller Ms. Gerda E. Noel Mr. Joey C. O’Dell Nicole and Robert Ogburn Ms. Karen A. Padmore Phi Sigma Sigma Inc Phi Sigma Sigma Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter The Randall Family The Rhodes Family Mrs. Dorothy Rider The Schiavone Family The Schrock Family Mr. and Mrs. Brett T. Schrock Mrs. Sandy Schrock Mrs. Patricia B. Shuping In Memory of Michael A. Dominiak Mrs. Jeanne Slater-Trimble Ms. Jacqueline J. Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Thain Lynda and Brent Troyer Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Weaver Penny and Jerry Youngman In Memory of Dorothy V. Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Patterson In Memory of Michael P. Drain Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Boren, Sr Mary and Ralph Brown CTRCTS & Electronics Jane and Fred Kanouse Mrs. Phyllis Laughman Mr. James P. McNulty Darrel and Gail Patzkowsky Sandy and Rick Schpok Sonrise Enterprises South Bend Medical Foundation South Bend Medical Foundation Golf League Mrs. Nancy M. Trimboli Ms. Phyllis E. Wendland In Memory of Kay D. Dreibelbis Jim and Becky Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Burger Ms. Inese I. Daiga and the HI Team Mr. and Mrs. William I. Dreibelbis Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Goss Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Housemeyer Eleanor Moon Kephart and George Kephart Mrs. Roseann Singleton Mrs. Nancy L. Sweitzer

In Memory of Lowell A. Drudge Mrs. Ann K. Scott In Memory of James E. DuBois Janine and Paul Janssen In Memory of Phyllis Maude Dunlap Mr. John Abernethy Mr. Daniel W. Allin Nancy and Robert Clements Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Doonan Indiana Trust & Investment Management Co. Wade, Gale, Ryann, Morgan, and Taylor Leslie Joyce and Mark Linnett MADFATS Tennis Group Riley High School Mr. and Mrs. James G. Shafer Mrs. Adoria W. Sharp Lynda and Chuck Simon Ms. Barbara K. Warner In Memory of Carol Ann Dynes Mrs. Barbara M. Botka In Memory of Ronald T. Eakins Mr. Joseph A. DeCola In Memory of Joseph Everett Easterday Nancy and Homer Kovacs In Memory of Mary E. Eby Anna Belle and John Eby In Memory of Sandra L. Eby Ms. Diane K. Monhaut In Memory of Chester (Nubs) L. Edison Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Cain The Timothy Cain Family Mr. Joseph A. DeCola Jinger and Ronald George Stan Johnson and Sona Camp Mr. Ray Smith, Jr. Deb and Roger Wolfe In Memory of Florence Eisenberg Dr. Michael N. Bucci In Memory of June Ellinger Mrs. Betty L. Baker Gail and Charles Lawrence North Liberty VFW Post 1954 Mr. R. Scott Shriver Town of Argos Mrs. Adele Weller Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Weller In Memory of Francis (Frank) M. Erdelyi Mr. and Mrs. David Ballweg Donna and Duce Erdelyi Mrs. Linda A. Erdelyi Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yancik In Memory of Gertrude (Trudy) Erhardt Nancy and Michael Bajdek Mr. and Mrs. James N. Bickett Mrs. Rose W. Bujeker Ms. Dolores Ciesielski Edward J. White, Inc. Toni and Charles Fenner Alene and Ernie Fink Ms. Elaine Freymuth Cookie and Mike Fritz Ms. Patty Graveel Luci and Jim Jordan Mrs. Henrietta Jurgonski K & K Motor Sports

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Lambert Cathy and Steve Lutes Nancy and Mike Nowak Pat and Bob Paturalski Jackie and Jack Reynolds The Geraldine Rothballer Family SBC Telecom Pioneers Pam Shankle and Coen Lytle Sharon and Ray Smith Mr. Casimier V. Sochocki Ms. Angela Stajkowski Amy Stajkowski Mrs. Genevieve J. Thieren Mrs. Dorothy S. Weesner In Memory of Rose C. Ermeti SBC Telecom Pioneers In Memory of Wilma (Willie) P. Erwin Becky and John Erwin Ms. Ruth Erwin In Memory of Donald Gene Everingham David, Lisa, Cole, and Jeremy Burns Dr. and Mrs. O. Michael Colvin Mr. and Mrs. Don Garman Keyline Sales, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Logan Jody and Dave Mishler Ms. Christobel Rosezelle Mrs. Donabel Schiltz Debra and James Smith In Memory of Bernice H. Ewald Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Arelt, Sr In Memory of Floyd M. Ewing Lori and Patrick Ewing In Memory of Phyllis Farrar Ms. Patricia Mortakis In Memory of DeLetta (Dee Dee) F. Fautz Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Baumgartner Ms. Cindy Streich In Memory of George H. Fay Cynthia and Robert Cavinder Ted Javory and Easy Lift Spring Ms. Beverly M. Shanholt Ms. Joann Sierman In Memory of Zella Josephine Feather-Graves Donna and Ronald Hough Evie and Mort Selz The Richard Spaulding Family In Memory of Fred E. Feldbauer Nancy and Duane Bevis Mrs. Emily M. Conway Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Corwin Kris and Justin Gaff Ms. Alyce R. Judson In Memory of Robert E. Felden Mrs. Elizabeth J. Felden In Memory of Mary L. Ferrel Geneta and Wendy Bucher Cardiology Associates, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Hatch Mr. Ralph R. Klopfenstein Ms. Denise McClure Florrie and Ronald Nelson Vicky and John Nietch Mrs. Diana Sumption


In Memory of Ruth Ferris Tami and Mark Cox In Memory of Loretta Fershin Matilda and Fred Fershin In Memory of John R. Figlio Ms. Rosanne Castro Pam and Jim Eikenberry Mr. David Figlio Mrs. Grace M. Figlio Melba Figlio Deb and Matt Lease Gloria and John Novak Libera and Joseph Orth Ms. Elsie Roma Peggy and Paul Wagoner and Family Connie and Charles Walters In Memory of Kerry E. Finch Friends of Kerry Finch In Memory of Florence (Florie) F. Fischgrund Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Bamber Mr. and Mrs. Sperry E. Darden Mrs. Joyce L. Fragomeni Shirley and Keith Hamilton Reggie and Judd Lowenhar Majority Builders, Inc. Pat and Tom Murray Ms. Corinne A. Patton Studebaker National Museum, Inc. Mrs. Marie Weiss Mr. and Mrs. William A. Welsheimer, Sr In Memory of Eleanor (Jean) L. Fish Ms. Dolores J. Park Nancy and Kevin Park Theresa and Henry Stypczynski Ms. Renee Trybus In Memory of Homer (Gene) E. Fisher Mickey Hutchison and Family Michael and Mark Johnson Terri and Milan Vuchenich Carol and Fred Wright In Memory of Joan M. Fisher Mr. James E. Fisher Mrs. Susan Roscher In Memory of Joseph R. Fitt Mrs. Joan E. Fitt In Memory of Clare Fitzmaurice Mrs. Georgina Fitzmaurice In Memory of Maxine Vera Flack Ms. Marjorie A. Dunfee In Memory of Barbara E. Foley Mrs. Rose Marie Kinnaman In Memory of Helen Elizabeth Frame Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Cudahy In Memory of Eugene Franco Tama and Richard Milanese In Memory of James Edward Frank Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Frank In Memory of Stanley A. Fras Pam and Jerry Bella Krista and Todd Bert Mrs. Rose Fras Botsford Nancy and Rich Brubaker

Maureen and Chuck Bybee Mrs. Eleanor D’Haenens Marcia and Tony Dosmann Dot and Chuck Dosmann Laurie and Marshall Dye Ms. Margaret Gerstbauer Mr. and Mrs. DeFoe L. Greenawalt Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Groth Mr. Walter B. Hodapp Mrs. Annette Linson Mrs. Elsie Maggioli Mr. Robert T. Meixel Anne and Megan Micinski The Office of Elkhart Vocational Rehabilitation Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Schwob Mary Lee and Cy Speybroeck Mrs. Joyce Stebbins Helen and Thomas Trippel Mr. and Mrs. C. VanDenAbeele Mrs. Mary L. Velleman Anne and Richard Watson Ms. Angela Weber JoAnn and Tom Youngman In Memory of Virginia Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Duane T. Roach In Memory of Janie J. Freese Marilyn and Jim Lantz Ms. Eleanor L. Moore Ms. Dorothy Smart In Memory of Lillian W. Freevol Jane and Fred Kanouse In Memory of Rose Emma Friday Citigroup Development Center Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. McGath In Memory of Clifton G. Frye Mary Ann and Timothy Abeska Deborah and Jeffry Beardsley Mr. Philip B. Filipek Ms. Marjorie A. Holihan Ginger and Brian Lake Resolute Natural Resources Mr. Eric H. J. Stahlhut In Memory of Stephen J. Fuchs Mr. and Mrs. Morton S. Fuchs In Memory of Phyllis Jean Fuelling Mary and Dick McDonough In Memory of Ann Funk Ann and Roy Williams In Memory of Mildred L. Fusick Kathy Sedenik In Memory of Oral L. Fye Deb and Tim Taylor In Memory of Roland E. Fye Doris and Louis Koloszar In Memory of Ralphael (Ralph) A. Galasso Mr. Richard J. Frankel, Jr In Memory of Marian Garrett Mr. Charles R. Garrett In Memory of Michael W. Gartee Kay and Terry Beyer In Memory of Erma Rose Gassensmith Kathy and Charlie Bakos

Wilma and Gene Barnes Andrea and Jeff Butler Ms. Elizabeth A. Carey Connie and Steve Clauson Mary Dunbar Bev and Larry Edler Barbara and Don Erickson Mrs. Joyce L. Fragomeni Mary Claire and Skip Gassensmith Marka and Jack Jackson Marilyn and Randy Klawiter Mr. Stephen Kosanovich Mrs. Catherine M. Koscielski Mrs. Dagmar Lewis Mrs. Linda L. Lizzi Ms. Anna Marie Nemeth Ms. Pamela K. Pawlowski Mrs. Marion Sharpe Karin, Michael, Anne, and Ruth Slowey Mary and Richard Sparling St. Joe Valley Athletic Officials Association JoAnne and John Szabo Laura and David Toth Stephanie and Ryan Tragesser Ms. Sharon Urso and Ms. Pam Caraher Nellie and Warren Wong In Memory of Donald A. Genereux Ann and Jerry Broderick Chris and Roy Cripe Debra and Tom Deane Carol and Jack Freshour Mr. Gary D. Keaffaber The Marguerite Nommay Family Ms. Jeannie Rinehart Ms. Sandra Tahara Mr. Jerry Trolz Ms. Cindi Zimmerman In Memory of Robert F. Gerhold Mr. Daniel W. Allin Barb and Jerry Badur Mrs. Josephine M. Bamber Kathy and Tom Bogucki Kimberly and Terrence Coleman Mrs. Carolyn Coplen Ethel and Walter Coplen Mrs. Harriet Flowers Mrs. Irene C. Forbes Irma and Bob Fox Barbara and Stephen Fredman Bill, Mike, Karen, and Pat Gallagher Ms. Janice Gerhold Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gerhold Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Grimm Mr. Michael J. Henthorn Mr. James W. Kalsow Elizabeth and John Marroni Ms. Denise McClure Elizabeth and Charles McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Miller Frances and Wayne Newport Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Papandria Mr. George Papandria Jennifer and David Petsche Emily and Clark Reiter Laurie and Kevin Reiter Peggy and Pat Richards Doretta and Kevin Sigg Mr. Donald Sniegowski Faye and Arthur Snowden The Spencer/Frizzell Family Colleen and Noel Swanson The Beeson St Bar University of Notre Dame - English Department Louise and Ed Wasowski Ms. Phyllis E. Wendland

Helen and George Zagrzejewski In Memory of Mary J. Getz The Harold Berger Family Ms. Maralee S. Crandon Ms. Mary Helen Dewey Debbie and Ken Ewing Glenwyn and Donald Fields Joyce and Mark Funderburg The Kurtz Family Evelyn and Jim Landon Patty Moore Ms. Kathryn Paschall Dr. and Mrs. Francis M. Sellers Karl Veevaete and Claude Pierce Norma and Roland Wardlow In Memory of Alice (Betsy) June Gilbert Mrs. Rosemarie L. Hickey In Memory of James E. Gilchrist Ms. Charlotte A. Ames Ms. Carolyn S. Baker Crystal and Norman Clear Mrs. Patricia Csiszar Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Garner Nellie and Bob Kaufman Ms. Denise L. Potter Mrs. Rebecca Wayman Terry and Dale Wert In Memory of Sue Ellen Gill Mrs. Betty Strang In Memory of Michael Glad Mrs. Theresa Glad In Memory of Mary Glisinski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Glisinski In Memory of Hubert N. Goodin Mrs. Betty Goodin In Memory of Clyde D. Goodrich Betty and Thomas McKinney In Memory of Melvin (Jim) Goshorn Carol and Mike Barcza In Memory of Anna Graney Ms. Denise E. Morton In Memory of William Graney Ms. Denise E. Morton In Memory of Betty Lou Gray Sandra and Fred Slamin In Memory of Caroline Green Adrian Mark West Support Team In Memory of John A. Greenlee St Joseph County Police Air Posse In Memory of Sally Anne Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Smith In Memory of Margaret F. Griman 1st Source Bank and Employees 1st Source Bank Operation Center and Employees Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Andert Arline and Leonard Crothers Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ferraro Mr. Thomas R. Goepfrich and Family Ms. Jane Goldsberry


Charlotte and Gerald Kajzer Liberty Mutual Employees—Pat Bailey, Ingrid Benion, Connie James, Rosalie Kaiser, Deanna Kinyon, Karen Olando, Jeanne Rappelli, Christy Reeves, Kim Swaim, Judy Zehender Rose and Rick Lord Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Reiner Shirley and Ron Reiner Mrs. Joan E. Rothballer Janet and George Rumpf Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Ryan, Jr Julie and Ken Sellers Ms. Cindy Streich Dottie and Augie VanParis The Wynn-Condon Family In Memory of David A. Groff Mr. Duane Arnold Ms. Ronda Bilancio Michele and Joe Bleich Ann and Charles Cari Dan, Linda, and Chris Phil and Scott Dygert Juanita and Milton Eash Employees of Martin’s Supermarket Debra and Robert Gifford Mrs. Marsha K. Groff Ms. Evelyn LeMunyon Ms. Betty Mann Ms. Kathleen C. McMahon Elida and Larry Morr Mrs. Doris Pittman Oakes and Family Ms. Margaret O’Donovan Margie and Mike Petersen Kim and Gary Price Denene and Wes Prugh Dorothy and Larry Prugh Mr. Dwayne R. Rosenberry Barb and Mike Rosenberry Mr. Gary J. Schenck Dianna and Joe Stump Linda and Randy Templeton Georgia and Rick VanGilder In Memory of Lawrence (Larry) Gromski Joan and Dick Rosback In Memory of Arnold Gubi Ina and Irving Rosenberg In Memory of David Gubi National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 330 Ina and Irving Rosenberg Alice and Dave Toth Audrey and Daniel Wesolowski In Memory of Richard D. Guin Mrs. Corrine O. Fohrer The Ralph Fouts Family Kathryn and Timothy Jaworski Mildred and Jim Kollar Carla and David Motts Mrs. Phyllis J. Motts Ms. Georgina H. Voll In Memory of Ethel E. Haab Christine A. Nafe In Memory of Eldon H. Haden Ms. Constance J. Butler In Memory of Charles I. Haenes Kristy Botich In Memory of Mary Lou Hafner Mr. Roy L. Hafner

In Memory of William L. Haggard Donna, Spencer, and Delaney Kash Ms. Marie Kash Mr. Steve Kash Marilyn, Allen, and Scott Rakestraw Ms. Beverley F. Riley Brenda Vickers and Ruth Peek In Memory of Dale E. Hahn Blair Hills Greenfield Farms Neighbors Ms. Frances Buysse Ms. Sharon Gregor In Memory of Mickey M. Halsey Mr. Edward Clark Victoria and Tim Wright In Memory of Patricia Ann Hand Karen and Terry Andrews Nancy and Richard Birk Jaclyn and Steve Birk Ms. Karen Carich Carol and Noble Carpenter Sue and Dick Conrad Ms. Suzanne Conrad Ms. Mary M. DeHaven Rachael and Robert DeHaven Linda and Dave Detwiler Jackie and Keith Dougherty Jill Ervin and the Class of 1965 Carole and Michael Fariss Mrs. Connie Fink Shari and Tim Fink Patricia and Clyde George Nancy and John Glon Carol and Chuck Grimm Patricia and LeRoy Hagenbuch The Bill Hand Family Gloria and Ron Howard and Family Ms. Marcella Lineberry McCormick Creek Community Neighbors McCormick Motors Inc. Ms. Sherry Maggard Mr. Mark S. Mikel Kathy and Denny Miller Karen and Brad Monts and Family Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Moore Carla and Brad Newcomer Susie and Dick Pletcher Kay and Tom Robb Sandra and Wayne Scheumann Carol and Bob Schmeltz Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Seward Debbie, Brian, and Michael Shearer Brenna and Sam Sheets Ms. Tammy Shepherd Ms. Zeda Shepherd Mr. Kevin Sherk Stonebridge Mortgage Group Mrs. Betty Strang Danette and Josh Swank Cindi and Harold Umbaugh Volvo Logistics North America Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William N. Wilson Deborah and Bob Wise In Memory of Marjorie (Marge) V. Harbin The Esther Browning Family Jill and Walter Cole Mrs. Marilyn Lutz Susan L. Penn and Family—Sueann, Samantha, Ann, Rick, and Stephen In Memory of Marilyn M. Hardisty Sally, Kate, Erin, and Rick Martin Ms. Sena L. Ruszkowski Sheila and Gary Sauder

In Memory of Gerald (Jerry) C. Harmacinski Esther and Tom Hock Ms. Nancy L. McCartney In Memory of Paul O. Hass Mrs. Enas L. Hass In Memory of Thomas Havens Mrs. Lorraine C. Havens In Memory of Joan Shanafelt Hawbaker The Honorable William T. Means In Memory of Edith Grace Hawley Lorna and Julius Demaegd Ms. Selma R. Feicke The Richard Koehn Family In Memory of Howard H. Hawley Janet and Mark Bellman Ms. Heather Breeding Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Breeding Mr. and Mrs. Steve Breeding Mr. David Chart Mr. John H. Clark Mrs. Barbara A. Craft Mrs. Gale S. Craft Ms. Zana M. Hall Judy and Kendall Hartzell Ms. Jackie Hedges Sherry and Gary Hendricks Jerry, Anita, Tom, Deb, Derek, Emily, Sarah, Scott, Amanda, and Carrie Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Keller Ms. Adaline L. Kucera The Ralph Lamborn Family Mrs. Helen E. Masterson Mr. Don A. McClure Sabrina and Kent Rex Ms. Mary Rex Ruth and Dick Roush Mrs. Jana L. Schlosser Erma R. Slonaker and Heiser Reunion Van Gilder Funeral Home Kay and Herschel Yockey In Memory of James G. Hays Lori and David Fairchild In Memory of Betty J. Heckaman Geyer Construction Co. In Memory of Tom J. Heeter Anna and Bob Armstrong Ashley F Ward Inc Dick Badry Ms. Julia W. Best Ms. Carol S. Billiter Nancy and Al Brasseur Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Childress The Sharon Chism Family Phyllis and Dave Dygert Barbara Eberhart The Merlin Gorsline Family Mr. Terry E. Grass Mrs. Sharon E. Gregor Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Groth Diane L. Hahn Mrs. Patricia Heeter Hemmerlein Photography Jamie and Jeff Hemmerlein Mr. and Mrs. John Hillsman Judy and Ken Holderman Reverend and Mrs. Kenneth D. Mangelsdorf Ms. Angela S. Miller Ms. Georgene S. Nelson Stephanie and Ralph Parchment

Stacey and Terry Rodino Carolyn and John Ronchetti Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Rozanski Ms. Suzanne Takach Tenna and Michael Walenga Diane and Tom Watson Dr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Wilson Pamela A.Yorke and Family Julie and Art Zielinski Mrs. Judith L. Zielinski In Memory of Annabelle Heflick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Booher Mrs. Dottie A. Heflick Ms. Patsy J. Lester Mrs. Mary E. Stoneburner In Memory of Ted Z. Held Mrs. Cecilia Held In Memory of Ardith (Art) G. Heller Mrs. Susan E. Coney Mrs. Virginia B. Heller In Memory of Frances L. Hendrickson Mr. H. Jackson Fassnacht In Memory of Judith Ann Hennings Robin and Scott Stump In Memory of Leopold Herbst Dee and Al Perkins In Memory of Peggy L. Hertel Mr. Lynn P. Byam In Memory of Stanley M. Hes Mrs. Adeline H. Hes In Memory of Robert A. Hesch Mrs. Helen D. Hesch In Memory of Sharon Heyvaert Mr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Dale In Memory of Dorothy Hibscher Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Wharton The Nadolny Families In Memory of Charles (Chuck) A. Hibschman Ms. Linda K. Bert Mrs. Paige M. Gaideski Kimberly and Tyler Glynn Mrs. Juanita R. Hibschman Ms. Connie M. McPhail In Memory of Rosemary J. Hickey Mr. Jack Hickey In Memory of Virginia (Ginny Belle) Belle Hickey Ms. Linda Campbell-Davis Donna and Tracy Faudree Judy and Ray Freed Mrs. Frances M. Gilroy The Children of Jerry Hickey Mrs. Patsy Leyes Ms. Jacqueline S. Meyers Marcie and Glenn Nunemaker Ms. Jane P. Philips RSM McGladrey, Inc. In Memory of Lucille M. Hight Lois Jean and Virgil Voreis


In Memory of Vera Hilton Polly and Bob Green Linda and Bill Green The Fred Henderson Family Ms. Martha L. Jones Purchasing Services of the City of Aurora CO In Memory of Irene Mary Hintz Doris and Louis Koloszar In Memory of Bernard (Bob) F. Hiss Mrs. Anne K. Rettig In Memory of Richard E. Hoag Mrs. Charlene Hutti In Memory of Maurice (Maury) J. Hoban, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Jagla In Memory of Serena (Polly) Pauline Hoff Ruth and Jerry Goeller Ms. Judith A. Henthorn Ms. Susan A. Howard Mr. Larry W. Kreigh Ms. Kathy Lee Patti and Mike McKeough Mrs. Vera M. McKeough Ms. Catherine L. Myers The Lorraine Riley Family In Memory of Bernice Hoffman Mr. Thomas Hoffman In Memory of Steven John Holcak, Jr Ms. Sally Brown Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Downey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murphy Nooter Corporation The Joseph Opferman Family Prairie Vista School Dianne and Norm Stangland In Memory of Mildred (Millie) E. Holland Mr. Walter R. Holland In Memory of Roger Hoof Donna and Kevin Chaney Patty and Harold Geyer The Gilmer Family Mr. David K. Hathaway Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Howell Karen and Richard Warner In Memory of David E. Horton Dr. and Mrs. Henry C. Arndt The Michael Bloczynski Family Ms. Cheryl A. Bowker Susan and Chuck Hahm Mr. Reideth Horner Ms. Beverly J. Kagel Chet Kaminski and Dorothy Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Melton Old Mill Civic Association Inc Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pressnell Mrs. Nancy E. Ritchie Marti Smith and Ron Calvert Louise and R. C. Wakefield Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wheeler Vicki and Ken Wheeler Janet and Mark Williams In Memory of Alex J. Horvath Carol and Lee Andreae Mrs. Judith Borkowski Brad’s Pro Shop Mr. and Mrs. Vern Buss Mrs. Alice S. Bystry

Ms. Judy K. Dominy Ms. Christine Frankiewicz Mr. James Frankiewicz Adeline and George Horvath Ms. Marge Horvath Mr. William E. Horvath Ms. Theresa Kalicki Mary and Dan Kocsis Mr. Don Kosinski Henrietta and John Kosinski The Ron Matthys Family Peg and John McAllister Andrea and Jerry Miller Luella and Bill Moore Eileen and Pat Mulroy Mrs. Kathe Nichols Karen and Paul Niezgodzki Mrs. Susan M. Platz Sharon and Ray Smith Irene and Julius Szalay Ms. Dorothy Van Pelt Dimitra and William Yarbrough Mr. Warren E. Young Mr. Terry Zmyslo Mr. and Mrs. Ted Zmyslo Diane and Tom Zmyslo In Memory of Elmer Horvath Mr. Richard J. Allin Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Arneson Janice and Leon Dean Mr. and Mrs. David M. Klein Reverend and Mrs. Loren J. VanOort Barbara and Patrick Wolf In Memory of Louis (Loy) A. Horvath Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Ruszkowski In Memory of Patrick J. Houk Mr. Gary D. Thomas In Memory of Kenneth H. Hubler Mrs. Marie V. Hubler In Memory of Margaret Hudak Maggie and Bill Muempfer In Memory of Everett L. Huff Mrs. Martha A. Monhaut In Memory of Georgia Faye Huffman Elizabeth and Bob Campeau Lesa and Cas Sikora In Memory of Bernard W. Hughes Ms. Elsie H. Good In Memory of Paula J. Huhnke Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Huhnke In Memory of Sheryl Ann Hummel June and Paul Gaume In Memory of Lucille P. Humphries Mr. Paul S. Humphries In Memory of Lileen (Lil) J. Hunt Mr. Paul Hunt In Memory of Carmy L. Hurtle Mrs. Nancy J. Hurtle In Memory of Francis Hutton Phyllis and Pete Westfall In Memory of Phyllis J. Huys Kathy Sedenik

In Memory of William (Bill) G. Ikins Ms. Ann Korb Ms. Georgina H. Voll Virginia and William Voll In Memory of James Edward Irwin Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Collins In Memory of Walter (Fred) Jackmovich, Sr Betty and Tom Butti Ms. Barbara A. Friedman Mary and Willie Moreno In Memory of Harold (Tom) Thomas Jackson Mr. and Mrs. James S. Jackson In Memory of Marion (Jake) L. Jackson Dick Badry Ms. Mary Jo Campbell Mrs. Judy Cantwell Mrs. Suzan M. Cox Cressy & Everett Realtors, Inc. Mr. John E. Dragovich Edith and Gerald Ervin Mrs. Ruth Ann Gates Ms. Shari Gruber Marlene and Paul Guard Mrs. Ione M. Humes Ms. Judith Kline Ms. Margaret M. Kline Ms. Maureen Kline Phyllis and Earl Kubale Laurie and Kurt LaDow Margaret and Jerry Marley Norrine and Art McCune Metropolitan Title Co. Milber Makris Plousadis & Seiden, LLP Employees—Chris Albanese, Gwen Anzelone, Tricia Campbell, Joseph Cambareri, Chris Cartier, Lorin Donnelly, Gail Elia, Lisa Franzino, Elizabeth Goode, Virginia Green, John Grisafi, Mike Heran, Kerri Hoffman, Tom Kukowski, Richard Lilling, Ellen McCarthy, Mike Mascola, Lynne Messer, Anne Miressi, Jodi Nyear, Dora Ramirez, Elizabeth Roberts, Frank Simone, Monica Wassell Ms. Jeannette Moeller Debbie and Chuck Nyers Mrs. Margaret D. Pankow Kathy and Thomas Platt Ms. Sally A. Potts Mr. John R. Robinson Cmdr. James F. Roth Mr. Fredric N. Schlemmer Mr. Jay E. Senff Ms. Judy C. Stearns Susan and Michael Stromberg Ms. Connie R. Tooley Nancy and Maurice Whiteman Mr. Robert H. Whitmer In Memory of Matthew Scott Jackson Mr. and Mrs. John L. Harness In Memory of Edward J. Jagla Mr. and Mrs. Brent E. Jagla Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Jagla In Memory of Jacqueline Wilma Jambor Ms. Suzi Klimek Team Stryker Sports, Inc In Memory of Irene F. Janiszewski Dawn and Bradley Auten Dolly and Bud Cartwright Jeanne Cytacki Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dangelo Mrs. Dolly Fischer

Mr. Don Grantham Mrs. Florence E. Gromski Vicki and Terry Jones Mr. Ben Kasznia Ms. Vicky Kasznia Vicki and Douglas King Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kulwicki Mrs. Evalyn L. Liszewski Rita and Roman Lovisa Mr. Russ Mattei Mr. and Mrs. Sal Niedbalski Esther and James Niespodziany Judy and Philip Schafer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Schroeder Cynthia and Fred Scott Mrs. Juanita Searfoss The Edwin Trzaskowski Family In Memory of Thomas H. Janszen Ms. Anne Marie Janszen In Memory of Kathryn M. Jaskowiak Mr. and Mrs. John A. Callan Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Koczan Mrs. Carmella M. Laderer Ms. Anna Marie Nemeth Mrs. Victoria S. Stender Mrs. Alexander Ziolkowski In Memory of Betty J. Jones Ms. Martha L. Jones In Memory of Mary Jane Jones Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ziolkowski In Memory of Thomas W. Jors Sport Graphics In Memory of Cora Jovanich Blue Heron at Blackthorn Barbara Brown and Pearl Rightley Jane and Fred Kanouse Kathy and Mike Krueger Mrs. Helen R. Lambick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nyari Pat and Ron Szymanski Ms. Mary C. Thallemer In Memory of Ernest A. Joy Sharon Rajski, Renee, Keith, Ken, and Sydney In Memory of Walter S. Jurkiewicz Mrs. Margaret Jurkiewicz In Memory of Marcia Jurtin Ms. Kandy Kobar In Memory of Elvira Kajzer Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Lehman In Memory of Bert Kaplan Mr. Scott Mainwaring Ms. Martha L. Merritt Mr. Alven M. Neiman In Memory of Alfred G. Kazmierczak Mrs. Gertrude Ewald Ms. Wanita Lentz Mrs. Louise V. Piotrowski Mr. James Ryback The Genevieve Zielinski Family In Memory of Joe Kelly, Jr Lori and Chuck Kelly


In Memory of Ruby F. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Banks Mrs. Martha L. Brown Ms. Barbara J. Cole Ms. Mary V. Miller Ms. Aileen S. Stutts In Memory of Linda S. Kempf Ms. Susan H. Ollan Anita and Bobby Risner In Memory of Mary T. Kenna Mary and David Harman Mary Ann and Skeeter Siade Jerri and Don Stante Pat and Steve Vargo In Memory of Hope E. Kennedy Mr. Byron Kennedy In Memory of Patricia Ann Keusch Marge and Bob Fisher Linda and Ronald Nalepinski In Memory of Delmar E. Kiefer Jeri and Duwaine Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Eversole Mrs. Julia F. Faulkner First Federal Savings Bank Carol and Kurt Hofbauer Mel and Tom Huff Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lacher Deb and Rick Leiter Mrs. Jane MacDonald Mrs. Barbara E. Muncy Alice and David Ruff Mel and Dave Schutz Marsha and Randy Sime Ms. Gloria Steffan Robin and John Stewart Kerri and Gene Tillman In Memory of Mary A. King Mr. Jack M. Piechowicz In Memory of Richard J. King Mr. Jack M. Piechowicz In Memory of Thomas Richard Kinnucan, Sr Cargill, Inc. Gibson Insurance Group Texas Holdem Group Nancy and Michael White In Memory of Joyce Elaine Kirkum Dawn Ballard Ms. Theresa Barnett Debbie and Michael Carson Mrs. Joan Elum Employees of AT&T Nortel NSAC Penitence Gutierrez Mrs. Eugene M. Kelly, Jr The Joseph Molnar Family Ms. Sandra E. Neilson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Petkovich Mrs. Margaret Prentkowski Teddi and Dave Tepe Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Tepe Ms. Mary Alice Wolff Ms. Karen A. Woods In Memory of Paul Grafton Kiser Cindi and Patrick Nash In Memory of Genevieve (Jean) B. Klemczewski Mr. and Mrs. Don Bella Mr. Timothy J. Hojnacki

Doris and Louis Koloszar Judith and Stephen Ludwig Martha and Roger Oltmanns In Memory of Richard J. Klemczewski, Sr Judith and Stephen Ludwig In Memory of Imogene (Em) Margaret Klockow Donna and Blackie Grauel SBC Telecom Pioneers Somers Square East Homeowners Association Dottie and Augie VanParis In Memory of Nancy C. Knepp Ms. Anissa Beldon Nancy and Duane Bevis Ms. Wanda E. Butler Tracy and David Case Mr. and Mrs. James F. Huys Ms. Barbara A. Lewandowski Terri and Joe Mihelic Ms. Annette Miller Mr. Rich Thornton In Memory of Susan I. Knepper Sharon and Don Balka Ms. Mary M. Corban Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Eastwood Mrs. Carol Heinke Ms. Missy Holland Cindy and Willie Johnson Dee and Gerald Kiefer Ms. Barbara Knepper Mr. John Knepper The Richard Knepper Family Mr. Ronald Knepper Ms. Dixie Knoblock Kristine and Dean Krecik Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lindvall, Jr Mr. Robert Shearin Cindy and Terry Spitler Mrs. Mary I. Spitler Bev and Rick Sprague Mrs. Betty Strang Lylah and Rob Swathwood Kim Swihart and AJ Loretta and Lee Thomas Linda and Paul Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Van Vactor Portia and Barry Wampler In Memory of Arthur L. Kohler Mr. and Mrs. Herb Avery Ms. Geneve Beehler Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bonne Betty and Jack Guthrie Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Janiszewski Doris and Wayne Schroeder Linda and Ronald Van Tornhout Ms. Zelda Wildenauer Mrs. Mary Ellen Zeiger In Memory of William (Bill) J. Konter, II Mr. and Mrs. William J. Konter In Memory of Natalie Kopinski Ms. Diane Barry Bonnie and Leonard Borlik Ms. Patty Carroll Mrs. Elsie L. Claeys Jeanne Cytacki Mrs. Betty DeBruyne Muriel and Steven DeCloedt Ms. Beatrice Ferman Marlene and Leo Gembarowski Mr. Mark L. Gembarowski Mrs. Dorothy A. Jeske

Linda and Tony Kacenjar Mrs. Florence J. Kolber Mrs. Leona A. Kolber Mr. Ben L. Kopinski Michelle, Kelly, Tricia, Mary Jo, and Paul Krizman Ms. Barbara J. Krizman-Canarecci Mrs. Helen J. Kuzmits Ms. Janis L. Leach The Lear Family Ms. Barbara Lyons Pam and Bill Lyons Jenn and Brad Lyons Ms. Natalie Lyons Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McClung Ms. Mary Niezgodski Brenda and Ronald Rittenhouse Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rospopo Geri and Ken Slack Judy and John Szucs and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Modest S. Torzewski Mr. Florian Tyl Eloise and Bob Waggoner Jennie and Don Waggoner Peggy Yuhas In Memory of John Koski Mrs. Carolyn R. Tesmer In Memory of Ruth M. Koski Mrs. Carolyn R. Tesmer In Memory of Rudy Kovach Deena and Leroy Dipert In Memory of George P. Kovatch Mrs. Elizabeth A. Kovatch In Memory of Joseph E. Kovatch Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Kovatch Marcella Kovatch and Chris Kovatch Perry In Memory of Florence (Flory) A. Kowalewski Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Joers Ms. Beth J. Johnson Mr. Ervin A. Kominkiewicz Mr. Raymond R. Kowalewski Janet, Amanda, and Tom Kowalewski Pat and Bill Michalak Gladys and John Miller Ms. Lynne Mohler-Musgrave Ms. Ethel Pishnoff Ms. Margaret Rodick In Memory of Antoinette Krempetz Nancy and Robert Bartels Employees of Martin’s Supermarket #19 In Memory of Wayne J. Krepel Cynthia and Timm Barnbrook Betty and Paul Bowers Barbara and William Carlson Mr. Charles R. DuVall Pat and Carl Enyart Cynthia and David Fisher Lucille and William Gering Kelly and Robert Gonderman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Harriman Theresa and John Hemphill Ms. Deb Kilgore Doris and Merle Kilgore Ms. Linda K. Koloszar Ms. Ann Korb Mrs. Gloria G. Lacy Kathy and Al Large Ms. Ellen L. Maher Ms. Patricia L. Migas Mr. Alexander S. Morey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Morrison Jackie and George Newport Dolores (Toodie) E. Nistler Dr. and Mrs. J. Vincent Peterson Michele and John Russo The Barbara Schmidtendorff Family Karen and Mike Scott Mr. and Mrs. Burton C. Stafford Janice and Neil Stanton Gwen, John, and Gus Swanda The Bill Thompson Family Mrs. Phyllis Wallace Marcia and Don Wiseman In Memory of Donald Kreskai Joan Kreskai Laurie and Hardus Veen In Memory of Lois J. Kring Mrs. Helen M. Bradford In Memory of Lieselotti J. Kronberger Donna and Terry Cline Ms. Katherine A. Lodyga Mrs. Theresa R. Lodyga In Memory of Irene M. Kruyer Ms. Sena L. Ruszkowski In Memory of Joseph F. Kruyer Ms. Carolyn Knoll In Memory of Clement Kubiak Cheryl and Vince Micucci In Memory of David S. Kubiak Deena and Leroy Dipert In Memory of Marjorie M. Kuboske Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Spencer In Memory of Kenneth (Clem) Clement Kuespert Mrs. Elfrieda A. Kuespert In Memory of Loretta K. Kukla Mrs. Elsie Cohn Mrs. Lucille Gromek Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dean Hough Mr. and Mrs. Terry Hough Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kukla Kim Linnetty Mrs. Irene Mentag Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Pejza Florence and Robert Ryll Ms. Eleanor Staszewski Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stoynoff and Cheri Mrs. Evelyn Strozewski Mrs. Virginia Strozewski Mrs. Loretta Zygulski In Memory of Douglas M. Kull Mrs. Marie V. Hubler In Memory of John H. Kuzbay Mrs. Carol J. Kuzbay In Memory of Ronald Eugene Kyle Mr. Bill Bailey Pat and Daniel Meller In Memory of Fred E. Labis Howard Park Senior Citizens Euchre Club Mrs. Phyllis B. Rozanski Mr. Thomas B. Was Waterford at Edison Lakes Bonnie and Fred Wyant


In Memory of Lee Roy LaDow Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Baumgartner Kathleen and Jeffrey Cameron Ms. Loralee Courtney Betty and Dee DeGroff Mrs. June I. Garrow Mr. Charles N. Guy, Jr Ms. Frances Kuhl Sang and Chris Kyle Kerry Kyle Sharon and Robert Kyle Brothers and Sisters of Robert Kyle Stephanie and David LaDow Mrs. Helen L. LaDow Jessica and Steven Longabaugh Daniel and Karen Manier Karen and Larry Mowery Ms. Mary E. Nicholson Barbara and Dennis Norkus Tenants of Mary Phillips Apartments In Memory of Melba Elise Laird Gini and Gene Bamber In Memory of Dolores Jean Lambert Ms. Deidre A. Crail Ms. Paula D. Davis Ms. Deana Murray Mary and Jim Rasp The Thomas Reasoner Family Jesse and Marion Scott Mr. and Mrs. Dean Slayton St. Joseph County Auditors and Staff Mrs. Vicki Uitdenhowen Marie and Jim Work In Memory of Vena Lambka Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Wilson In Memory of Don Lancaster Cindi and Patrick Nash In Memory of Emalena P. Land CompuTrain In Memory of Dixie L. Lea Shirley and Dallas Bennett Mrs. Lois E. Fuchs Marka and Jack Jackson Mrs. Sandra Miller Mrs. Carolyn Shidaker In Memory of Phyllis J. Leatherman Andrea Bednarek and Rex Van Gundy Dr. and Mrs. G. Richard Green Mrs. Lois Groszek Ms. Carol J. Hogan The Humane Society Mr. Jack Leatherman Judith and Dennis Leatherman Ms. Peggy J. Warner In Memory of Lois Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Hurt In Memory of Marion L. Lentine Shirley and Charles Eaton In Memory of Henry Lentz Jenny Greenlee In Memory of Nina (Clare) Clara Lesniak SBC Telecom Pioneers In Memory of Evelyn Leszczynski Mr. Gerald S. Leszczynski

In Memory of Mary B. Lisowski Dan Craft and Marilyn Craft In Memory of Robert E. Lister Ms. Barbara J. Long In Memory of Harry J. Lodyga, Jr. Ms. Katherine A. Lodyga In Memory of Robert A. Lodyga Ms. Katherine A. Lodyga In Memory of Carl J. Lohman Ms. Patricia A. Atchinson Mrs. Jean Borneman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chakan Jan and Mike Hunting Mr. and Mrs. Burton L. Johnston Nancy and Mark Lohman Ms. Mary E. Lohman Margie and Dennis Pollpeter Mary Lou and Ralph Pollpeter Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Putnam Joanne and Harold Rose Mary Lou and Bob Stackhouse Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Weaver Sue and Charles Woodward In Memory of Greg Longpre Mrs. Mary Ann Jones In Memory of Loved Ones Hampshire Herb Garden In Memory of Pearl Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Maxson In Memory of Dawn Lucio Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Burget In Memory of Arnold (Arnie) F. Ludwig Kellie, Judi, and Dave Hanson In Memory of Orson (Bud) L. Ludwig Mr. Leonard R. Michiels, Sr In Memory of Patricia A. Lundy Vicki and Ken Wheeler In Memory of Cleophas (Cleo) Angela MacDonell Ms. Corinne A. Patton In Memory of James J. Mack Phyllis and Mike Dillon In Memory of Philip J. Magaldi, Sr Teresa and David Bailey Kay and Marion Brown Mary Carlo and Tracy Arbaush Christian Tabernacle Daycare Staff Crystal and Norman Clear Debra and James Denny Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Ehlers Rhonda and Derek Hummel Mr. Jack E. Hummel Arlene and Robert Kaehr Mr. Frank M. Laskowski Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Macri Betty and John Marroni Ms. Evelyn Meller Alice and David Michaud The Mark R. Regina Family Ms. Ruth Rinker In Memory of Laura Magnuson Mr. Carl J. Magnuson

In Memory of Constance J. Maher Ms. Molly Maher In Memory of Margaret (Marge) Mary Majer Anjon, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David E. Baim The Brad Beutter Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Chapman Ms. Mary Ann Couture Ms. Margaret E. Denman Susan and Jeffrey Dierbeck Ms. Mikayla Kauffman Janice and John Knapik Greta and Jay Lewis and Family Dr. Madeline R. and Dr. Mark G. Lewis Lowell Wood Homeowners Association Ms. Tomi L. Mason Mr. John Migas Ms. Patricia L. Migas Mrs. Zenobia Migas Donna and Bill Niemann Ms. Nancy A. Philabaum Ms. Tonia Tombaugh Katy and Mike Williams and Megan Bonner Mr. Stanley J. Woltman In Memory of Katherine Malsam Mr. and Mrs. Anthony N. Michel In Memory of Raymond Dean Manchester Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Will Erwin Vickey and Larry Mahler Mrs. Gweneth E. Manchester Ms. Martha L. Peacock Carol and Paul Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fred Smous Ms. Sally A. Smous In Memory of Louise E. Mangus The Mary Klingerman Family In Memory of Frank J. Manijak Marge and Bob Agostino Mr. Pat S. Brekus Mrs. Rose M. Brzezinski Ann and Rich Dietl Mr. Victor Drabecki Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Hadary Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Held Joe and Deanna Kambol Ms. Sally A. Karczewski and Daughters Mr. Richard Kasznia Judy and Jerry Kazmierczak Ms. Jill Keller Ms. Eleanor M. Kolacz Mary Lou and Richard Kuczmanski Ms. Lisbeth S. Lannuier Ms. Katherine A. Lodyga Mrs. Theresa R. Lodyga Rita and Roman Lovisa Mr. Rocco J. Lupresto, Sr Linda and Robert Maciejewski Mr. Mike Manijak Mrs. Theresa Manijak Mr. Dan Marroni Elizabeth and John Marroni Mr. John N. Marroni, Jr Ms. Barbara E. Matuszak Susan and Barry Phillips Barb and Don Pierson Candi and Jerry Rodino Linda and Larry Rodino Sandy and Louie Rodino Mr. Larry Sopczynski Ms. Kim Springer Sandy and Mike Stansfield

Judith A. Sulok University of Notre Dame Ms. Diane J. Wagner Louise and Ed Wasowski In Memory of Shirley Manna Gary A. Horvath and Byra R. Warner In Memory of Bonnie Marchand Lori, Jon, Glenda and James Marchand In Memory of Don Marchand Lori, Jon, Glenda and James Marchand In Memory of Leon O. Marchand Lynn, Marilyn, Rosemary and Gene Marchand Lori, Jon, Glenda and James Marchand In Memory of Rosina (Rose) Marchand Lori, Jon, Glenda and James Marchand In Memory of Ann M. Marchi Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Fershin In Memory of Leslie B. Marjason, Jr Mrs. Susan Brodhead Mr. Warren C. Chism Mr. Roderick K. Liechty Bonnie and Roger Neal Liselotte and Karl Weber In Memory of Isabelle Markey Kay and Roy Ellgass In Memory of Raymond Martin Kathryn Massey In Memory of Patricia (Pat) J. Masten Mr. and Mrs. Noble Seidner In Memory of Charles M. Maternowski Ms. Michalen Maternowski In Memory of Billie J. Mathias Mrs. Maxine M. Fisher In Memory of Earl Mathias Mrs. Maxine M. Fisher In Memory of Nellie Mathias Mrs. Maxine M. Fisher In Memory of Robert P. Mathias Mrs. Maxine M. Fisher In Memory of William S. Mathias Mrs. Maxine M. Fisher In Memory of Gerald (Jerry) L. Maurer Shirley and Charles Eaton Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Walker In Memory of Andrew John Abraham Maute Mrs. Rosalie Carr In Memory of Edward J. McCann Jean and Darrel Charles Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Kruggel The John Martell Family Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCann Mary Kay and Howard Snider Merinell and Frank Thomas Trans Tech Electric Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Urbanski


In Memory of Jacqueline Marie McCarter Denise and Stephen Arnson Joan and Charles Bailey Mr. David J. Biscan Ms. Frances Dolgos Ms. Michelle Edwards Karen and Gary Johnson Ms. Kathryn M. Jones Alyce and Frank Murray Irene and Lee Murray Joy and Mike Murray and Family Carolyn, Pat, Bridgett, and Jess Murray Lee Murray Gertrude and Mary Niedbalski Tammy Pulluaim Ms. Deborah Putnam Mrs. Mary A. Sobieralski Ms. J. Sterrett Mr. Stephen Sterrett In Memory of Theresa Rose McCarthy Mr. Robin Greif In Memory of Clyde C. McCollough Judith and Edward Keil In Memory of David M. McCormack Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Robison, Sr In Memory of Larry McCoy Cynthia and John Schuler Al-Anon Wholy Family In Memory of Earl F. McCrum Ms. Pauline McCrum In Memory of Carolyn F. McCuen Mr. and Mrs. Burton L. Johnston In Memory of Gerald D. McDaniel Mary and Greg Albright Shirley and Dallas Bennett Lee Bennett Mrs. Glenice J. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bennett Karen and Robert Bennett Ms. Carol E. Bragg Beverly and Howard Calmus Lee Ann and Gary Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. DeMaegd Debra and Kenneth Hannah Mrs. Mary Henderson Kaser & Maeyens, Inc. Valerie and Bill Kennedy Ms. Brenda K. King Susan and Robert LeVeque Mrs. Anna M. McDaniel Helen and Larry Merkel Linda and Jeffrey Myers Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson Inc Ms. Judy Powell River City Harley-Davidson Carol and Dave Schroeder Ms. Linda Lee Singleton South Bend Harley Owners Group Ms. Joan Storey Mr. and Mrs. Terry V. Sulich Ms. Mildred J. Umsted Peggy and Bob VanDePutte Lori and Neal Wallace Wendy and Jeffrey Yoder Kathleen and Ronald Zaffrann In Memory of Larry McDougal Ann and Joe Schopmeyer

In Memory of Charles P. McEndarfer Mrs. Mary J. Batdorf Shirley and John Hardman Mrs. Helen A. McDonald In Memory of Virginia B. McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Grosvenor Greta and Larry Landis Mr. and Mrs. Rick J. Zimmerman In Memory of Charles E. McGinnis Mr. Richard Banacka Ms. Winnie Banacka Ms. Helen Harrison Mr. Aaron McGinnis Mr. Robert D. Peiffer Virginia and Darrell Zellers In Memory of Richard V. McGlothlen Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bevilhymer Mrs. Joyleen Chelminiak Deanne and Denny Foldesi, Brian, Libby, Lisa Mrs. Ethel L. Goodrich Mr. Wayne Irvine Mary and Paul Muldoon Ms. Molly Plumbeck Mrs. Helen S. Retek Colleen and Noel Swanson Mrs. Erika L. Trowbridge Helen and Dick Verhoestra Ms. Jeane Yeager In Memory of Alice Bernice McGowan Chris and Randy Nafe and Family Rita M. Schmitt Somers Square East Homeowners Association In Memory of Frank C. McNaughton Ms. Jeanne Frederickson Manufacturing Technology, Inc. Mrs. Helen A. Manuszak Ms. Sharon A. Moo-Smith Mrs. Mary E. Stanfield Ms. Beverly VanHarlingen In Memory of Margaret (Maggie) M. Meehan Ms. Sharon L. Carver Vicki and Ed Kurzhal Mrs. Jacqueline M. Veith In Memory of Marie C. Meilner Mr. Roy J. Meilner In Memory of Amelia (Millie) Mervilde Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc. In Memory of Ray Messner Mr. and Mrs. Keith Weesner In Memory of Robert Wayne Metzler Ms. Debra L. Brown Mr. Peter J. Timpe Valpo Substation S/C Center Ms. Marilyn J. Wise In Memory of Charles A. Meuninck, Jr Sara and Arthur Niedbalski In Memory of Dorothy M. Meyerhoefer Jack and Shirley Coquillard In Memory of Theodore (Ted) F. Meyers Rosemary and Joe Nyerges In Memory of Louis (Turf) Meykel Jill and Richard Drerup Carol and Doug Eyster

Mrs. Lorraine J. Hecklinski Ms. Joyce E. Huff Ms. Kay Ivankovig Louise and Jody Koselak Mr. Louis W. Krueper, Sr Mr. Michael S. Miles Ms. Kate Murphy Ms. Aurelia Nowacki Ms. Dorothy Nurkowski Ms. Amber A. O’Rourke Ms. Carmen Piasecki Plaza Styling Dorothy and Edgar Powers Kim Powers and Gene Cavich Ms. Charlotte Rifenberg Ruth and Phil Ross Ms. Sena L. Ruszkowski Deb and Tim Taylor Mrs. Virginia Toth Ms. Mary Jane Turnock Jan and Tim Turnock Judith and Jerry Watts Irene and Chet Wlodarski In Memory of Robert Michiels Mr. Leonard R. Michiels, Sr In Memory of Leonard J. Micinski 4 West Mishawaka Rehabilitation Center Ms. Ethel E. Adamo Patricia and Timothy Bender Jeanne and Leon Bendit Mr. and Mrs. John D. Brady Barbara and Brent Brown Judith and Thomas Burmeister Kathy and Steve Bussmann Web and Joan Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Francis Christ Rosemary and Don Clifford Mrs. Ruth E. Dolde Marcia and Tony Dosmann Elsie and Robert Doyle Mrs. Lorraine Gleixner Mr. Larry R. Grajczyk Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gruber, Jr Mr. Gregory Hall Mr. Clarence E. Johnson Karen and Orrin Kinney Ms. Judy Kriston Mrs. Annette Linson Ms. Jean Mabry Mr. and Mrs. Winfield A. MacDonald Marian High School Mrs. Bernadette Micinski Antoinette, Russ, Bobbie, Casey, and Scott Micinski Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller Maggie and Bill Muempfer Cindi and Patrick Nash Ms. Mary C. Niedbalski Mrs. Sophia S. Niezgodski Beverly and Jerry Otolski Jan and Armand Paluzzi Mary Lou and Ted Pankiewicz Mr. Robert J. Peeples Ms. Janet Reed Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Schneider Diane and Ron Seely Cathy and Thomas Szajko Ms. Dorothy Termont Ms. Mary Ann Vanderwall Mrs. Alice M. VanPoppel Barbara and Larry Varda Diane Veldman and Family Ms. Angela Weber Joan and Jack Weil Mr. and Mrs. Mike Zaccaro

In Memory of Naomi Maxine Mick Nancy and Wilber Boren In Memory of Sylvester A. Mielcarek Mrs. Irene H. Mielcarek In Memory of Edward (Eddie) H. Milleman Barbara and Donald Mullen In Memory of Carolyn O. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ward Wireman In Memory of Freida Miller Marvin Miller Joy and Richard Finkenbine In Memory of Irene V. Miller Mrs. Florence B. Bajdek Carol and Michael Barcza In Memory of John W. Miller Beth and Jim LaFree Mr. and Mrs. Ward Wireman In Memory of Kenneth L. Miller Karen and Bruce Cernak In Memory of Marshall Miller Joy and Richard Finkenbine In Memory of Pauline F. Miller Ms. Carol L. Case Mr. Wilbur J. Dornsife Patti Stoner In Memory of Robert E. Miller American Millwork Corp In Memory of Marcella (Marcy) Million Mrs. Kathryn S. Colten Ear Nose and Throat of Michiana PC Ms. Jeanne B. King Rachel Hoskins Lorber and John J. Lorber Ms. Mary Ann Rayl Ms. Ann L. Schwarz Marty and Guy St. John Ms. Sara Witt In Memory of Donald E. Milslagle Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Milslagle In Memory of Ruth A. Mitchell Betty and Wayne Bielejewski Mr. and Mrs. Blume Ms. Linda Camoriano Joyce and Jim Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Ron Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jasinski Ms. Dorothy M. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. George Pappas Ms. Sandy Peek Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Darrin Tolleson Sarah and Chris Weddige Ms. Sandra L. Weinkauf Ms. Beth Whiteford Laura and Randy Whiteford Mr. and Mrs. Tim Yoder In Memory of Irene M. Monhaut Mr. and Mrs. Richard Monhaut In Memory of Ralph R. Monhaut Mr. and Mrs. Richard Monhaut In Memory of Ruth K. Monhaut Mr. and Mrs. Richard Monhaut


In Memory of John W. Montgomery Rosemarie and Leonard Buszkiewicz Kate and Sean Coleman Mr. and Mrs. W. Joseph Doran Betty and Gene Goddard Reverend S. Cyril Hurnyak and Family—Cleo, Rachel, and Lydia Ms. Jean G. Kopec Mr. Theodore Poledor Staff of the U.S. Probation Office for the Northern District of Indiana, Hammond Division Mr. Arthur S. Warner In Memory of Floyd F. Moon Ms. Melinda A. Moon In Memory of William L. Mooneyham Andy and Duke Jones Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Smith In Memory of Janice E. Moore Ms. Phyllis E. Wendland In Memory of Ted L. Moore, Sr Ms. Phyllis E. Wendland In Memory of Elizabeth Moran Ms. Betty Moran In Memory of George (Pete) R. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Homer L. Culp In Memory of Frances Lucille Morris Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barenie Ms. Patricia Mortakis In Memory of Joshua Ming Lee Morris Ms. Rosanne H. Morris In Memory of Donald G. Morrow Ms. Anna M. Gade In Memory of Ida Morton Ms. Denise E. Morton In Memory of Ardis Moyer Mrs. Mary Moyer In Memory of Dennis (Denny) Moyer Mrs. Mary Moyer In Memory of Leo Moyer Mrs. Mary Moyer In Memory of Peg Moyer Mrs. Mary Moyer In Memory of Gertrude Muckenfuss Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Stout In Memory of Phyllis Marie Mure Mr. Harold E. Addington Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Baim Mr. Lynn P. Byam Mr. Leonard R. Michiels, Sr Mrs. Mary Jo Tompos In Memory of Harold (Boze) R. Mutti Ms. Candace A. Chalifoux Mr. and Mrs. Millard E. Clauss Ms. Caroline L. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Jason Farrer Ms. Kimberly Fox Mrs. Susan Fox Carolyn and Louis Frick Irene and Glenn Hunt Mr. John Kime

Pam and Jerry Meister, Brad, Mindi, Travis, Jenna, and Keri Ms. Sandy Muffley Ms. Amber Reed Evelyn and William Salyer Joellen Schurr and Gene Geyer Mrs. Betsey Schutz Jamie Soule Thelma and Richard Mardell and Earl Wiggins Mr. and Mrs. Ed Zimmerman In Memory of Joann Myers Ms. Shirley M. Cox In Memory of Richard O. Myers, Sr Mr. Grant T. Clarke Mr. Daniel S. Niedbalski Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wilson In Memory of Betty Nagle Ms. Cheryl L. Nelson In Memory of Robert M. Nagle Ms. Cheryl L. Nelson In Memory of Steven C. Nahrwold Serim Research Corp In Memory of Donald L. Nance Kimberly and David Ingle Susan and Gregory Jones Ms. Heather Morris Nappanee Volunteer Fire Department In Memory of Joseph (Pep) T. Nate Mrs. Vivian D. Benjamin In Memory of Jean Nathan Mrs. Eleanor A. Wolff In Memory of Charles M. Neer, Sr Mrs. Dorothy Neer In Memory of Robert (Bob) Neeser Mr. and Mrs. Jon T. VanEssen In Memory of Alice Clare Neff Ms. Betty Nagel In Memory of Anton C. Negri, III Mrs. Mary A. Sobieralski In Memory of Janice Niedbalski Ms. Mary C. Trenerry In Memory of Irene Niedosik Mr. John J. Niedosik In Memory of Max J. Niemasik Stella, Bernice, and Jim Niemasik In Memory of Yeavon H. Nifong Theresa and Mike Baker Mary and Dick McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wisler In Memory of Frieda L. Noens Mrs. Sandra Garland In Memory of Jerome (Jerry) Noens Mrs. Sandra Garland In Memory of John Jakob Nosko Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Abbate

In Memory of Frances I. Nowicki Ms. Eilene R. Snyder Mrs. Jacquelyn Swats In Memory of Robert O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. David D. Berkey In Memory of Pauline O’Bryan Mr. Melvin A. O’Bryan In Memory of Janet Oler Connie and Norman Baloun Ms. Cari Baloun Marilyn and Joseph DeSimone Mitzi Goethals Mr. Ned V. Schimizzi Mrs. Carolyn R. Tesmer Ms. Frances A. Thoman In Memory of Raymond Opaczewski Mrs. Bernice Opaczewski In Memory of Rosemary Jean Osborn Mrs. Martha A. Schaefer In Memory of Lessie Outland Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mellish In Memory of Ida Mae Overmyer American Legion Post 27, Ladies Auxiliary In Memory of Bonnie Lee Overton Mr. and Mrs. William L. Lawson In Memory of Michael Gordon Owens Bonnie and Joe Allen Catherine and Ralph Beam Elizabeth and Kurt Bullard Lisa and John Capes Jackie and Bill Clindaniel Mr. David Darling Pam and Dan Darling Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Freeby, Sr Friday Emmaus Reunion Group Betty and Walt Gildner Jean and Norman Heminger Ms. Margaret R. Hughes Ms. Betty G. Kaehr Ms. Phyllis Kauffman Michiana Christian Montessori School Inc Ms. Gladys I. Owens Terry and Dale Pace Ms. Barbara Stanley Joan and Dick Torok Dr. and Mrs. Charles O. Williams Mrs. Marilynn J. Wilson Ms. Diane R. Young In Memory of Anthony J. Paczkowski Midland Engineering Company In Memory of Ernest S. Pajakowski Ms. Kay Ivankovig In Memory of Henry E. Panis, Jr Ms. Marcia A. Edgar In Memory of James E. Patnaude American Legion Post #363 Anonymous Mrs. M. Claire Bandy Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lenox In Memory of Howard A. Paulsen Mrs. Elfrieda A. Kuespert

In Memory of Robert (Bob) J. Pawlak Barbara and Don Horvath National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 330 In Memory of Margaret (Margo) N. Pearman Ms. Mildred K. Bettcher Ms. Edythe M. Burket Ms. A. Crosbie Nancy and Jerry Eakle Elcona Country Club Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Haffner Ms. Margaret R. Hughes Nancy and John Hutchings Diane and John Martin The David Nankivell Family Rachelle and Thad Naquin Mrs. Susan B. Perron Polly Riblet Sandy and Bob Richardson Ms. Lucille B. Shaum-Hartman Ms. Joan R. Shoff Ms. Frances L. Stock Mrs. Marjorie M. Swift Ms. Nancy S. White In Memory of June Kathryn Peat 1st Source Bank and Employees Barnes & Thornburg LLP Nancy and Gregg Fore Mr. and Mrs. Van E. Gates Mrs. Arlene M. Hart The Hines Family Mrs. Christine A. Longenbaugh Caryl, Amy, and Tom Moon Carol and Thomas Pawlak Sandy and Bob Richardson Sig and Cliff Ryan Ms. M. Jane Sieg Kathy and Bob Wall Ms. Marilyn A. Williams In Memory of Edward (Eddie) S. Peczkowski Ms. Stephanie Teusch In Memory of William G. Penrod Diana and Richard DeCloedt In Memory of Clarence (Pete) D. Peters Bayer Federal Credit Union - Corporate Office Ms. Cherie L. Goins Deb and Luke Smith In Memory of Rayder Lincoln Peterson, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Nowak Ms. Geraldine L. Ritchhart In Memory of Fannie E. Pettit Ms. Susan Arneaud Joan and Bill Arrowsmith Mrs. Nora Bentz Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Bollero Ms. Phyllis M. Butler Ms. Mary Jo Campbell Jackie and Bill Clindaniel Crowe Chizek and Company LLC Jackie and Keith Dougherty Lois and Thomas Dusthimer Elcona Country Club Mrs. Sara Elkin Dianne and Don Frandsen Mrs. Ruth M. Gattman Mrs. June N. Gaume Barbara and Stanley Glanders Charlene and Jerry Hay Pam and Jim Hays Michele and Larry Holloway The Thomas Jellison Family


Kathe and Rik Kain Janet and Gale Merrick Motor Carrier Services LLC Judy and Britt Murphey Jean and Clifford Murray Rachelle and Thad Naquin Helen and Nancy Paoletti Karen and Dave Pfister Ms. Sheila Poyser Barbara and Don Ross Mrs. Norma J. Seefeldt The Bill Seefeldt Family Jane and John Sotebeer Mr. Carl W. Steede Carol and David Steede Mr. William D. Stopczynski Ms. Rachel Wain Mr. and Mrs. R. Dewey Welch Margi and Robert Woods Yoder Oil Co., Inc. Brett, Gerry, and Kent Yoder In Memory of Vernon E. Phillips Mrs. Ardith Eby Mr. Lennie Evans Florence, Terri, Iden, Lisa, and Loren Richards Dolores and A.G. Bill Romeu Pat and Bob Sloan Mrs. Shirley A. Wallace In Memory of Gertrude M. Pinter SBC Telecom Pioneers In Memory of Vicki Platz Ms. Maryanne T. Bergh In Memory of Edward Francis Polizzotto Ms. Sue A. Clark Shannon and John Hahn Mrs. Dolores Hawkins In Memory of Ross Portolese Mr. and Mrs. Dan Heslin In Memory of Kevin Michael Powers Ms. Nancy S. Filley In Memory of Fayma I. Pownall Sandra and Al Geist Mrs. Judy L. Harness Jane and Roger Leland Dr. and Mrs. William M. Record In Memory of Virginia Priestley The Ray Caston Family Cindy and Donald Ullery Ms. Florence M. Ullery In Memory of Thelma L. Pruitt Mr. Warden D. Harms Allison and James Nagle In Memory of Casimir Przybylinski Mrs. Helen Przybylinski In Memory of John Frank Puchala Mrs. Sally Puchala In Memory of Charles Gordon Quaco, Jr Mrs. Peg Spromberg In Memory of Emma S. Ramer Mrs. Esther R. Eye Harper Industries

In Memory of Vicky Allyn Randolph Mr. Frank W. Johnson and Ms. Jacqueline S. Badics CoWorker of Cheryl Marshall Mr. Leland M. Holston South Bend Medical Foundation In Memory of Frederick W. Rapp, Jr Mr. Terry H. Clark Easy Heat, Inc Mr. George H. Elenbaas Mr. Gordon N. Gerson Mr. and Mrs. David C. Henry Arletah and Ray Hochstetler Pat and Dick Huizenga Pam and Scott Mills Mr. Edward P. O’Neill Lynne and Haluk Sasmazer Mr. and Mrs. Noble Seidner Peg and Manly Thornton Mr. Chuck Thornton Ann and Ed Vahala Ms. Carol A. Voegeli Jane and Dave Whiteman The Dorothy Wozniak Family In Memory of Ralph Raven Federal Mogul South Bend, Inc. In Memory of Donald Reed, Jr Brycedowney LLC In Memory of Landon Joel Reese Ms. Arlene Cohee In Memory of V. Faye Rhodes Lynne and Jim Avrett Lisa and Michael Dobson Linda and Raymond Minne Rita M. Schmitt In Memory of Elaine Rice Mrs. Dorothy J. Beck Mrs. Nelsie D. Grissom Ms. Jean G. Kopec Mrs. Betty Stuart Ms. Norma M. Thennis Mrs. Ruth M. Wade In Memory of Jay C. Rice Howard Park Senior Citizens Euchre Club In Memory of Frances Virginia Richards Mrs. Mary A. Birdzell Mrs. Louetta Hollister Ms. Nancy Richards Mrs. Margaret Van Paris In Memory of Henrietta I. Richardson Mrs. Mary T. Goepfrich Mr. and Mrs. William Kopanski In Memory of Florence Rickard University of Notre Dame In Memory of Mickey J. Riley Mr. and Mrs. Edgar J. Baert Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Bickel Sally and Joseph Casey Ms. Becky Cuzick Ms. Joyce Ellinger Lori and Patrick Ewing Leona Fleming and Jan Schymanski The Foley Family Friends at Chippewa Station Judy and Edward Hardy Mr. James Hartz

Annette and Bob Heminger Mr. and Mrs. Julius A. Horvath The Margarita Humphrey Family Marsha, Alex, and Rodney Humphrey Mrs. Ruth Ann Humphrey Kimberly and Randal Kalman The Retek Family The Lorraine Riley Family The Schreiber Family Patricia and Dan Thompson Ms. Barbara Was Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wegner Mr. Joe Wieligman Ms. Janet Williams In Memory of Elizabeth (Bettie) E. Risser Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Borrelli In Memory of John (Jay) Risser Mrs. Joyce Stebbins In Memory of Patricia J. Robertson Mrs. Marie V. Hubler In Memory of Carl (Hap) E. Rocole Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Banicki Linda and Bill Lampos Ms. Sibyl G. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Rocole Ms. Dora E. Rogers RSM McGladrey, Inc. Mrs. Lettie Lou Shelley Staff of Michigan City Public Library June and Mark Stroud Betty Ann and Micheal Toth In Memory of Donald Rose Ms. Rosanne H. Morris In Memory of Robert Ruff Mr. Lester Berger In Memory of Thomas James Ruthsatz Carol and Bruce Chamberlin In Memory of Michael M. Rutkowski Charlotte and Douglas Defebaugh In Memory of Lisa A. Rutledge Ms. Mary Ellen Brown Jeanette and Harold Cherry Ms. Jan Crawford Dr. and Mrs. George A. Horvath Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Severeid Ms. Evelyn Sturn In Memory of Katherine (Kathy) Ann Ryno The William Lang Family In Memory of Emery James Sabados Ms. Irene T. Egry Mr. and Mrs. John Hess Mr. Rey C. Nied Pone Express Bar In Memory of Robert (Bob) D. Sabaj Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Botka In Memory of Thaddeus (Thad) S. Sabaj Marjorie and Henry Martin In Memory of Marie Sanders Sharon and Scott Beisel Mrs. Lorraine L. Brusky Deb and Norm Buckman Clay Senior Card Club Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Coddens

Mrs. Violet DeVolder F.W. Crichfield Elementary School The Larry Fishburn Family The Steve Fishburn Family The Catherine Guidi Family Ms. Henrietta S. Hancock Ms. Rebecca Lanning Ms. Susan Loughridge Nancy and Jim Michalski Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Purdue Patty and Ken Rose Carol and Dave Schroeder Lona and Larry Tobey Ollie and Dick Wisner In Memory of Margaret A. Sapp Mrs. Betty B. Boggs Marion I. Bourdon Mr. William A. Kidder North Liberty VFW Post 1954 In Memory of Mary A. Sappington Ms. Sharon M. Clark Ms. Pat Deafenbaugh and Family Mr. George V. Isley In Memory of Stuart E. Sarasin Mr. Jefferson W. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Joers In Memory of Floyd R. Sauer Mrs. Nancy L. Lute In Memory of Steve Savely Ms. Marilyn Savely In Memory of Louis F. Schaefer, Jr Ms. Pamela J. Mabry Mrs. Martha A. Schaefer In Memory of Harold Schafer Mrs. Rachel Schafer In Memory of Ida A. Schaus Sally and Roger Hamburg In Memory of William Scherb Bev and Ron Hanson In Memory of John D. Scheu Mr. Morris Pollard In Memory of L. (Fred) Frederick Schleiger Cheryl and Vince Micucci In Memory of Rita Mary Schmitt Mrs. Vivian D. Benjamin Ms. Marla M. Beyer Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Brennan Ms. Nancy Darnell Mrs. Joyce L. Fragomeni Dad Kenaga and the Kids Dick Paull Joan and Dick Rosback Mr. and Mrs. William A. Welsheimer, Sr In Memory of Richard Schnakenberg Ms. Sarah L. Walmer In Memory of Wanda Romaine Schrock Marjorie and Dick Dickerhoof Ms. Dawn Faught Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Hershberger Lorraine Hite and Family Ms. Noralee Housman Mr. Walter C. Leazenby Sandy and Kenny Lingofelter


Melonie and Dave Mohr Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Page Louise and Bud Rieth Marge and Jake Schrock Mr. John Schrock Ms. Dolores A. Shrock Mr. and Mrs. John R. Vessely Norma and Donna Vogel In Memory of Jerry W. Schroder Marion and Jim Aldrich Sueann P. Barnes and Family Mr. Huey Betzer Nancy and Rick Bishop Dolores and Anthony Catanzarite Sue and Steve Cox Samantha Creakbaum and Family Shirley and Chuck Davidson Beth and Jeff Davis Annie and Tom DeBaets Ruth and Randy DeVreese Loretta and Terry Fournier Carol and Ed Gill Betty and Gene Goddard The Robert A. Hesch Family Maxine and Samuel Hockstra Anne and Jay Holm Ellen and Jerry Hummel John Young Middle School Peggy and Charles Mahank Cindi and Patrick Nash Kathy and Pete Nowacki Jan and Greg Parman Mr. Rick Penn Mr. Stephen Penn and Family Mrs. Susan L. Penn Sandy Pfeifer and John Pawlowski Annette and Fred Raider Ms. Lorie Rauch Carolyn and Pasquale Rulli Nancy and Joe Sabbe Cheryl and Norm Sanders Emily and Joseph Saracino Ms. Debbie Spainhower-Jackey Mr. Bruce Squadroni Ms. Elaine K. Stoner Ms. Carolyn J. Urban Mrs. Judith L. Zielinski In Memory of Gladys T. Schum Mr. Jack Aaker Lynne and Jim Avrett Fred Binder Betty Christman Mr. Bill Coryn Mildred and Bob Craig Mr. Robert E. Dunbar, Sr Judy and Mike Graf Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gurson Mr. Richard Herr Lois and Michael Lasater Mr. Kent L. Martindale Sharon and Patrick McManus Ms. Norma R. McManus Mr. John Miller Mr. Joe Roman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Sellberg Mrs. Adoria W. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Brent L. Sheppard Mr. David Tarwacki Mr. George V. Timlin Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Varga In Memory of Joyce Schuster Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Jagla

In Memory of Barbara Nell Scott Dr. Leslie M. Bodnar Mrs. Mary Ann Jones In Memory of Michael M. Scott Ms. Donnabelle L. Anderson Class of 1960 Doris and Neil Cripe Wanda and Cleon Felton Diane and Doug Fraser Phyllis and Phil Grove Joanie and Tom Gunterman Mrs. Grace Heckaman Pat and Art Hiester Bethel, Kenny, Maureen, and Ted Huber Mr. and Mrs. Evan Huff Mrs. Wanda Lattimer Ms. Carol A. Leyden Ms. Sandy Manooses Mr. Terry Matzat Mrs. Sandie L. Milleman Jennifer and Will Miller Mrs. Becky L. Penn Shirley and Jim Pomeroy Martha and Bill Reese Mrs. Betsey Schutz The Jay Stebbins Family Lu and Bill Town Ms. Mary E. Troxel Mr. Merlin Troxel Ms. Sheri Troxel In Memory of Vernon R. Scott Mrs. Jean S. Scott In Memory of Clifford L. Searfoss Ms. Cindy Streich Mr. and Mrs. Herb Streich In Memory of Goldie Sellers Ms. Cheryl Bivens Linda and Lynn Bradley Ms. Patricia A. Donat The Homer Schenk Family Faye and Raymond Schenk Dona and Kenneth Timpe In Memory of Caroline (Jean) M. Senger Mr. Mark E. McKeiver Ella May and Richard Overmyer Lucille and Paul Rupert Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Senger In Memory of James Serrille Mr. and Mrs. E. Ronald Mudwilder In Memory of Don K. Shaffer Bonnie and Dannie Barrett Muriel and Garland Carothers The Jerry Shaffer Family Ms. Demaris S. Torres Ms. Pauline J. Witmer In Memory of Zelda Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Goloubow In Memory of Alice Sheldon Ms. Doris S. Risler In Memory of Audrey M. Sheldon Peggy and Dan Kleimola In Memory of Charles (Fred) Fredrick Sheneman Mr. and Mrs. David E. Barnhart

In Memory of Owen J. Shingledecker Kim and Tom Farris Ms. Cathy Trewhella In Memory of Jerry Wade Shirley The Jim Haller Family In Memory of Leon R. Shreve Ms. Joanne Clipp In Memory of Paul R. Siddall The Children of Paul Siddall In Memory of Frank J. Sidorowicz Mrs. Elizabeth M. Basham Ms. Imogene E. Burton Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy M. Bytner Ms. Lora L. Dailey Ms. Anne M. Jordanich Paula and Gary Leslie Mrs. Harriet Loughlin Mr. and Mrs. Monte Marbach Midland Engineering Company Mr. and Mrs. William E. Niezgodski Mr. and Mrs. Hanrik Rzepka Mr. Paul A. Sidorowicz Janet and Tom Turnock In Memory of Helen Irene Siler Mrs. Sharon L. Austin Charlotte and James DeBroka Patsy and Delbert Peck Mrs. Jennie L. Penrose In Memory of James Silliman Pat and Jim Taylor University of Notre Dame - College of Engineering In Memory of Madelyon (Maddy) K. Sills Judith and Wayne Allsop Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Batcho Bayer HealthCare - Diabetes Care Division Sue, Dan, and Chet Brechner Vangie and Dave Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Dwight D. Handschu Marti and Tom Hertel Joyce and John Holmes Mr. Donald W. Keeler Gloria and Kevin Krull Patty and Jim McConnell Gail and Richard McKee Tama and Richard Milanese Mr. and Mrs. Kent Miller Mary and Dan Myers Mrs. Dorothy A. Nemeth Rosemary and Joe Nyerges Peggy and Tom Potratz Amy and Joe Turnock Ms. Paulette E. VanOoteghem Sarah and Jeremiah Wean Mrs. Carol L. Weber Carey and David Young In Memory of Agatha Horvath Silver Mrs. Mary Jane Erler In Memory of Paul P. Sinka Mrs. Alice M. Toth In Memory of Dolores J. Siwek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Iwaszewski In Memory of Debbie Skene Janet and Mitchell Heppenheimer

In Memory of John A. Slabaugh The Catherine Guidi Family Mrs. Cheryl Guidi Ms. Dorothy Guidi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guidi Mr. and Mrs. Brett Jones and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Dan Perry and Son Mr. and Mrs. Cecil D. Perry Mr. Mik Perry In Memory of Louise Slabaugh Ms. Linda Bleich Mrs. Cheryl S. Farmer Indiana State Association of Health Underwriters KL Benefits Ms. Patricia L. McKeel Sagamore Health Network Inc Ms. Janet Lee Soos Ms. Patti Thielking The Wonnell and Cutter Families In Memory of Erma R. Slonaker Mr. and Mrs. James M. Adair Sue and David Holt Ms. Anne M. Hyduk Ms. Barbara Manning Mr. Dale L. Neidlinger Ms. Edith Price Gornet and Oliver Shufflebotham Ms. Florence Stedry Cindy and Robert Wheeler Ruth and Jim Wright In Memory of Joseph Smet Mary Jane and Jerry Klaybor In Memory of Joseph J. Smiecinski The Mary Lou Glon Family Lois and Chuck Niemier Carolyn and Marty Paluszewski Cheryl and Gregory Pope and Family Ms. Ann M. Sobczak Mrs. Patricia A. Sobczak The Stenke Family Mr. Stanley J. Woltman In Memory of Franey Melissa Smith Ms. Ruth Anderson In Memory of Helen Smith Ms. Julie R. Rodgers In Memory of Jeri Lee Smith Cynthia and Brian Lane In Memory of Mildred Ruth Smith Mrs. Bessie Lindsey Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Klingerman In Memory of Richard E. Smith Ms. Julie R. Rodgers In Memory of Ann Snyder Ms. Sharyn M. Snyder In Memory of Leo J. Sobieralski, Sr Catherine and John Dietrich JoAnn and Mike Jones Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kandzierski Mary Beth Lucas Mrs. Kathleen D. Matuszak Pat and Rich Rozmarynowski Mrs. Robert VanWanzeele and Family Kim and Jess Williams In Memory of Willadene (Willie) M. Sossoman Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Glen Akin


In Memory of Ronald C. Spitler Mrs. Mary I. Spitler In Memory of Jack A. Spriggs Ms. Bernadine Barker Dr. Robert W. Clausen Ms. Bonnie Daker Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Hoggard Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kaufman Mr. Joseph M. Krol Mrs. Norma Krol Marjorie and Henry Martin The Dean Morehouse Family Mr. William Morehouse Mr. Todd Plonski Mr. Gregory D. Simpson Ms. Alwilda Vance Reverend and Mrs. Loren J. VanOort In Memory of Leonard J. Staldine Ms. Marilyn Savely In Memory of Marilyn Staldine Ms. Marilyn Savely In Memory of Mary Alice Stanley Ms. Kathlyn K. Morehouse In Memory of Richard Stanley Mrs. Joan Stanley In Memory of John (Jack) Martin Stenger Dr. Leslie M. Bodnar Trust Ginny and Lee Fagen Ms. Evelyn A. Rosenstein Stephen R. Phelps, MD In Memory of Arthur (Allen) Stewart Mr. Lester Berger In Memory of John (Scotty) W. Stewart Mrs. Isobel Adamson Betty and Joe Speece Ms. Margaret A. Strobl In Memory of Irma A. Stoffelen Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Selby In Memory of Donald Stouder Ms. Alice I. Hartman In Memory of Joseph S. Stouder Pat and Mark Bure Mr. David Clement Angela and Jeffrey Clement Marie Ernst, Jeanne and Richard Mrs. Connie Fink Mrs. Connie Flory Mrs. Karen Graverson Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hardy Mrs. Susan J. Hathaway John Carolyn and Kent Koontz Ms. Patsy Lees Mr. Mike McGowen Nancy and Ron Martz Ms. Charlotte E. Michael Mr. and Mrs. Earl Michael Mr. Fred Michael Mrs. Betsey Schutz Dorothy and Bill Sherk Mrs. Cherie Teghtmeyer Kaylon and Scott Wise Inez and Tim Witmer

In Memory of Amanda Stout Betty Kincaid Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Stout In Memory of Elmer E. Stout Judi and BobWatkins In Memory of Raymond V. Stout Mr. Roy G. Stout In Memory of Carol T. Strang Connie and Charles Miller Sue and Richard Wagoner In Memory of John Wesley Strayer, MD Andy and Duke Jones In Memory of Herbert Streich Ms. Cindy Streich In Memory of Marjory Streich Ms. Cindy Streich In Memory of Keith F. Strickland Jean and John Moore In Memory of Jack Henry Strope Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Strope In Memory of Patricia (Patty) Stutzman Lois and Herbert Baker Ms. Ann Burnett Claudia and Rick Button Mrs. Glenn (Jean) Clauss Peggy and Tom Condon Elizabeth and Jon Huffman Mr. James E. Kruyer, Sr Kay and Tom Langdon Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Morrison, II New Attitude Hair Salon North Central Indiana Association of Realtors Inc Plymouth Country Club Marita and Greg Powell Red Hat Rockettes Chapter 10119 Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Rettinger and Family Sandy and Al Rovenstine Ms. Beverly K. Serf Ms. Betty I. Sparks Damaris and Roger Story Ms. Gladys M. Stutzman Mrs. Margret Stutzman Betty and William Stutzman Ms. Barbara Swift Vivian and Fred Vetor Dena and Larry Wattenbarger Jane and Rex White Shirley and Dan Whitmire Mr. and Mrs. Lyle L. Witham In Memory of Orvis E. Sullivan Mrs. Patsy M. Schlemmer In Memory of Merle Summers Mrs. Alice M. Toth Normain Homemakers Club In Memory of Pearl I. Swanson Bonnie and Gary Bultsma The Hilma Ender Family Doris and Blaine Gamble Pamela and Jay Gerecke Esther and Marvin Harrington Karen and Fred Hickok The Dick Hickok Family Constance and Victor Keigley Mrs. Norma Leidy Ms. Mary Margaret Marker Mr. and Mrs. Adrian J. Nugteren

Carol and George Olson Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Piechocki Vera and Richard Potter Ms. Mary T. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Romig Shirley and William Smith Mrs. Louise Szczypiorski Janet and Ted Tappan Lynn and Paul Tobolski In Memory of Robert G. Swanson The Diane Gadacz-Leyshon Family In Memory of Maureen Dianne Syson Mr. James Basil Cindy and Bob Crothers First Church of God Kathryn and Chuck Haynes Ms. Oma Haynes Diana and Michael Malone Mr. and Mrs. James C. Mould Mr. James D. Root Mr. and Mrs. George G. Thomas Mr. Collin K. Wentz In Memory of Andrew (Andy) Szalay Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Walker In Memory of Joseph W. Szekendi Ms. Mary Casper In Memory of Helen M. Szymkowiak Catherine L. Heston In Memory of Herman Lee Taber Ms. Connie L. Taber In Memory of Jacqueline J. Tafelski American Legion Auxiliary Post 357 Edna and Carl Berger Ms. Judy Bushkill Mr. Paul Duda, II Mrs. Donna R. Jane The Susan Jozwiak Family Mr. and Mrs. Marion E. Makowski Ms. Dorothy Medich Ms. Margaret A. Strobl Bonnie and Ron Tafelski Mrs. Alice M. Toth Mrs. Helen Voynovich In Memory of Edna Taylor Mrs. Barbara T. Szabo In Memory of Mason E. Tedder Somers Square East Homeowners Association In Memory of Melvin W. Tener 1st Source Bank Operation Center and Employees Mr. Lester Berger Joanie and Tom Gunterman Betty and Greg Scheetz Peggy and Rex Voorheis In Memory of Edwin (Bud) A. Tesmer Mrs. Carolyn R. Tesmer In Memory of Members of the Thomas Glendon Millea Family Ms. Dorothy I. Millea In Memory of Dorothy B. Thornburg Mrs. Betty Thornburg

In Memory of Jerry R. Tingle Ms. Brenda K. Braeckelaere Pat and Gary Clevenger MDK Corporation Mr. Fred McMillen Mary and Leo McMillen Mr. Ray McMillen Ms. Lois J. Pittsley Mrs. Joyce M. Chamberlin Williams In Memory of Andrew A. Tompos Mr. Daniel W. Allin Lillian and Bill Baloun Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bikowski Kristy and Walter Botich Mr. and Mrs. Bob Budzius Barbara and Wayne Chevrie Edward J. White, Inc. Ms. Agnes A. Elli Rick Ellis and Steve Gerquez Christine and Sal Gerschoffer German Club Ladies Auxiliary Ms. Anne M. Jordanich Mr. Ralph R. Klopfenstein Doris and Louis Koloszar Veta and John Kowalski Tania and Nick Linarello Ms. Anna Marie Nemeth Mr. and Mrs. John S. Orisich Jean and Max Plumhoff Alice and George Preissing Ms. Nancy M. Roney Sacred Heart Hungarian Cemetery Corporation Ms. Caroline S. Smorin Ms. Carol A. Sullivan Mr. David M. Tompos Ms. Marcia M. Toth Mrs. Helen Voynovich Ms. Marilyn J. Zemlyak In Memory of Victoria (Vicki) Tompos Beverly, Gary, and Kyle Benson In Memory of Grace (Casey) Nina Tooper Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Hecht In Memory of Joseph Michael Toth Ms. Aurelia Nowacki In Memory of Elaine Trenkner Mrs. Jane E. Trenkner In Memory of Dallas D. Troyer Mrs. Berneta I. Troyer In Memory of Zellard (Zip) Isaac True Dr. and Mrs. John Bermen Gloria and Leonard Marrow Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Metz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Metz Evelyn and Alvin True Ms. Betty J. True Ms. Nina L. True In Memory of Charles R. Truex Mrs. Fern E. Dunning In Memory of Delmar E. Tucker Berkley Square Association, Inc. Sue, Joe, and Greg Chambers In Memory of Sharon S. Tucker Bill’s Heating Inc Ms. Ruth Miller In Memory of Ward B. Ulrich Mrs. Margaret L. Ulrich


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Mr. Donald Sargent Ms. Nancy M. Shaffer In Memory of Rene VanOverberghe Ms. Kathleen VanOverberghe Mrs. Veronica VanOverberghe In Memory of Catherine M. VanTilburg Ms. Patricia K. Johnson Beverly and Richard Johnson In Memory of Carol Vaughn The John Collmer Family Vincent DeVito The Kulczar Family Ms. Lucy A. Wilson In Memory of Alfred (Butch) C. Verbeke BK Bowlers Wednesday Group Julie and Keith Bodle Becky and Richard Bonne Mr. and Mrs. James Brambert Andrea and Jeff Butler Mary Ann and Jerry Cavanah Elizabeth and Joseph Chamberlin Deborah Czazasty and Megan Verbeke Mr. and Mrs. Theophil DHoore Christine, Jerome, Terry and Teri DHoore Neva and Darwin Dunning Mr. James D. Eddy Bev and Larry Edler Lois and Julius Farkas Ms. Yvonne F. Feller Anne and Henrietta Fox Ms. Clara A. Gardini Mrs. Virginia Geyer Betty and Gene Goddard Mrs. Evelyn Grilli Gloria and Bud Henke Lois and Austin Hostetler Ms. Lucy Kaplachinski Margie and Jim Kish Carol and Mick Lannoo Mrs. Elsie Maggioli Susan and Michael Manuszak Ms. Rachel Miller Mrs. Susan Penrod-Rodts Vickie and Paul Ransberger Retired Secretaries of SCM Ms. Maryanne Ritenour Pat and Bob Sloan Tara and Fred Snyder Lynn and Ken Sobecki and Family Ginny and Bob Spencer Pat and Russ Thielking Mr. and Mrs. C. VanDenAbeele Mr. and Mrs. Albert I. VanHoecke Mrs. Anna C. VanPoelvoorde Mrs. Alice M. VanPoppel Lori and Barry Vanslager Mrs. Mary Varga Flora Vernasco and Buffy Nemeth Alice and Dado Vernasco Diane and Tom Watson Mr. Ralph Whitbeck Mrs. Elsie Wozniak and Larry Paulette and Nick Zimmer In Memory of Albert F. Verduin Mr. and Mrs. Bill Spees In Memory of Marcel (Mike) A. Verspelt Ms. Goldie E. Goetz Ms. Elaine Holowatuk In Memory of Carl F. Villwock Mrs. Catherine M. Villwock

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In Memory of Larry G. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fodrocy, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fodrocy Mr. and Mrs. Brad Fuelling Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gamble Mr. and Mrs. Bob Severeid Ms. Karen E. Weaver Mr. Kenneth D. Weaver Angie and Rob Weaver In Memory of Jack E. Weber Mrs. Thelma M. Weber In Memory of Lois Jean Weidner Joan and Ed Hardig Geraldine (Smith) and Leo Levesque Ajean and Bud Treat Bonnie and Jim Yeazel In Memory of Jayhu (Jay) J. Weiler Mrs. Ruth C. Arrowsmith Nancy and Rick Bishop Ms. Jacki Booz Renee and Si Brazy Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Butler Joan and Dave Collins Mr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Janowiak Cathy and Mike Janowiak Mr. Richard C. Janowiak The Leonard F. Johns Family Marcia and Joe Kelly Lucille and Charles Miller Onalee and Jim Mochel Dorothy and Michael Reed Jo Ann and Bruce Stanley Tatay Well Drilling Mrs. Joyce Underly Pamela and Stephen VanHoecke Mrs. Dorothy E. Wozny In Memory of Ernest Weissert Mrs. Joan L. Weissert In Memory of Marian Welter Mrs. Patricia J. Spitaels In Memory of Robert Albert Welty, Sr Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Welty, Jr In Memory of Margaret E. Wenzel BT Collins Reserve Center Ms. Donna J. Hughes Keyline Sales, Inc. Ms. Theresa Rey Ms. Brenda L. Tudor In Memory of Ronnie Lee West Mr. and Mrs. Ross S. Stanton In Memory of Karen White Ms. Ruth Anderson Debra and Michael Flowers The Susan Jozwiak Family Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. King Mr. Armando J. Mariottini Donna and Pat Marks Pat’s Auto Tech & Radiator Service Inc Kathy and Dennis Perkins Shirley and Donald Perkins Shelly and Don Perkins Ms. Sue Robertson Mr. Robert White Tammi and Roy White In Memory of Lorraine J. White Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Ziemba


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Ms. Ethel Pishnoff Ms. Patricia S. Stachowiak Ms. Irene Stackowicz Mr. and Mrs. Modest S. Torzewski Mr. John T. Zima In Memory of Marian Zitta Pamela and Steven Subka In Memory of Harry Zorniger Ms. Linda S. Warner In Memory of Anna M. Zurat Ms. Karen J. Hirsh

The following tributes represent corrections to the In Memory and In Honor listings since the last BEACON. We apologize for the initial errors. In Memory of Arnold D. Altman Ms. Corky Patton In Memory of Palmyra Harriet Botka Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bilinski Mr. Clifford E. Holderbaum In Memory of Jerry D. Greenlee The Class of 1951 Mrs. Nancy J. Bannon The Dennis Beville Family Mrs. Hilda Bowman Sue and Tom Breeden Velma and Lyman Butler Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Calhoun Cathy and Dave Carpenter Pat and Jack Carpenter Doris and Jerry Carpenter Jim Carpenter Mrs. Phyllis J. Cartwright Betty, John, Andy, and Rex Castleman Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. Chase Ms. Dorothy B. Conger Mr. and Mrs. William T. Cook Culver Educational Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Day Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Demont Marsha and Samantha Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Billy L. Ellinger Mary Anne and Karl Emmons, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Futter Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gibbons Mrs. Laverne M. Greenlee Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Greenlee Mr. and Mrs. Tom Greenlee Mr. and Mrs. William B. Greenlee Mr. and Mrs. Terry C. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Bryan K. Hogue Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Holloway Mr. and Mrs. D. Eugene Hutchison Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jeffirs Mrs. Nancy O. Jones Mr. Robert E. Jones The Duke Kuskye Family Mr. Ralph Lamborn Mindy and Bill Langdon Mr. and Mrs. Tom Langdon Jennifer and Ed Leary Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mackey Marshall County Motors (The Richard Morris Family) Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. McKee Ms. Barbara A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Morrison, II


Mrs. Mary K. Neu Mrs. Lissa M. Newton Oliver Ford Lincoln Mercury Mr. and Mrs. Larry Puskas Dr. and Mrs. William M. Record Opal and George Rohr Mrs. Martha A. Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Scheetz Mrs. Jean L. Schricker Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Smith Karen and Bruce Snyder

Mr. and Mrs. Guilford W. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Stockberger LuluBelle and Bill Town Marian and Donald Davis VFW Post #1162 Joyce and Jim Wenino Ms. Patricia A. Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Clark Winrotte Mr. and Mrs. Dave Winrotte Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. James Yeazel Mrs. Norma J. Young In Memory of Harry J. Lodyga, Jr. Ms. Katherine A. Lodyga Mrs. Theresa R. Lodyga Mr. Keith Logan In Memory of Cora Jovanich Ms. Kathy Krueger Ms. Helen Lambick

In Honor
In Honor of Casimir Bogunia Ms. Monica S. Bogunia In Honor of William M. Callaghan Mr. Thomas Callaghan In Honor of Allison & Jefferson Clay Mrs. Laurie M. LaDow In Celebration of the 44th Wedding Anniversary of Phyllis & Mike Dillon Jean and David Bondi Dr. Richard Bondi, PhD Phyllis and Jack Davis Delores and Ronald Farkas Ms. Sue Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hayes Kathy and Mike Krueger Mrs. Helen R. Lambick Ines and Kevin O’Connor Ms. Elaine Stephenson Joan and Kathleen Sullivan Ms. Marjorie A. Virgil In Honor of Kathy Frey Anonymous Ms. Rene L. Mesaros In Celebration of the retirement of Joyce Gearhart Mrs. Janet B. Berman In Honor of Rica Harcz Michele and Joe Bleich In Honor of Hospice Volunteers & Staff Ms. Victoria Blough In Celebration of the 40th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Akos Kovach Ms. Carolee Holderbaum In Honor of Sarah (Liz) Elizabeth Lamon Bonnie L. Chiszar Billie and David Dunlap In Celebration of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Barbara and Don Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Delbert L. Niehaus Mr. and Mrs. Robert Niehaus Mr. and Mrs. Tim Roethemeier Mr. and Mrs. James Sturgeon Mr. and Mrs. Darwin K. Taylor In Celebration of the Marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Pontius Ms. Evelyn J. Wagner In Honor of Debbie Proctor Michele and Joe Bleich In Celebration of the Birthdays of Pinky & Buddy Raab Reggie and Judd Lowenhar In Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Oliver (Rocky) Rockwell Tuesday Morning Ladies – CHAPC Volunteers In Honor of Laurel Salazar Mel and Dave Schutz In Celebration of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Patricia & Robert Schultheis Ms. Patricia S. Stachowiak In Honor of Kenneth Stopczynski Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Stopczynski In Celebration of the Marriage of Joyce & Robert Williams and in Gratitude to their Family and Friends Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Williams In Celebration of the 90th Birthday of Louis Ziker Elaine and George Bankoff Linda and Kenneth Sumner Shy and Bob Taub In Honor of Anthony Zitta Pamela and Steven Subka

New Medical Director, Coordinator Join Center for Hospice in Elkhart
The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Thomas M. Kolakovich, MD, as assistant medical director of the Elkhart office, and the promotion of Bobbi Plew, RN to patient care coordinator of that office. Kolakovich joins the Elkhart office, now in its sixth year, because of significant growth in the number of patients receiving care annually. With 28 years as a board certified family practice physician and 16 years as a board certified geriatrician, Kolakovich has been part of the Elkhart community since 1983. In addition to his private practice, Kolakovich has served as the medical director for Eastlake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and the Transitional Care Unit at Elkhart General Hospital, and currently chairs the ethics committee at the hospital. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Indiana University School of Medicine, Kolakovich completed his family practice residency at Naval Regional Medical Center, Charleston, South Carolina. Plew, previously a staff nurse with the agency, is a graduate of the Parkview Methodist School of Nursing. She has 18 years of nursing experience, with 12 years in nursing management. Prior to working with The Center for Hospice, Plew held positions with Elkhart General Hospital and Eastlake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Bobbi Plew, RN

Thomas M. Kolakovich, MD 22

High spirits. Smiling faces. Sunshine and laughter.
That’s how CHAPC would describe October 8th as nearly 500 walkers gathered to raise money during our annual Walk For Hospice. Walking in South Bend, Plymouth and Elkhart, these dedicated individuals raised $99,006.55 to help us provide services to patients and their families regardless of their ability to pay. Assisting these walkers was more than 40 area businesses, who underwrote the cost of this event. CHAPC thanks all the walkers and our benefactors.

Walk for Hospice


the day in photos

Walkers finish the day by enjoying some musical entertainment.

The Old Country Buffet Bee warms up walkers with a quick game of soccer.

Walkers begin the day by registering to walk.

Walkers take advantage of the sunshine to keep their summer tans while Walking for Hospice.


Thanks to Our Donors and Sponsors
Walk Benefactors Bare Impressions, Inc GMI Group, Plymouth Michiana Hematology-Oncology, PC Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Inc. The Foundation of Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center WTRC NewsRadio 1340 Walk Patrons Gerig Surgical Associates, PC Hospice Pharmacia Martin’s Supermarket, Inc. Water/Snack Stop South Bend Laven Insurance Agency Robert Bosch Corporation Fifth Third Bank Plymouth Farmers Insurance/Ballog Insurance Agency Plymouth Rotary Club Elkhart Collins & Company Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc. Welch Packaging Group, Inc. Route Card Sponsors South Bend Allied Physicians of Michiana, LLC Cassady, Neeser & Brasseur Holy Cross Village at Notre Dame, Inc. Northern Indiana Interim Healthcare Phase Two Architects, LLC Press Ganey Associates, Inc. Red Hen Turf Farm Southfield Village, Inc. Plymouth Johnson-Danielson Funeral Home Elkhart Yoder Oil Co., Inc. Memory Wall Sponsors South Bend Big C Lumber The Tire Rack Welsheimer Funeral Home Plymouth Edward Jones/Angie Stults Precision Painting, Inc. RBC Precision Products Elkhart Barnes & Thornburg LLP Geocel Corporation Thank you to the following for donating food and water: Aim Water Bosch Bullard Farms Claeys Candy Clark Foodservice Coca Cola Plymouth Culligan Water South Bend Dairy Queen Bremen DQ Chill and Grill Plymouth Family Express Hawkins Water Tech Kroger Elkhart Kroger Plymouth Martin’s Supermarket McDonald’s LaPaz McDonald’s Plymouth Overmyer Water Pepsi Cola South Bend Pure Fact Water Stanz Foodservice Subway Elkhart The Tom Haluda Family TreeMendus Fruit Farms Walkerton Little League

Thank you to the hundreds of area businesses that donated prizes for the walkers, the volunteers that helped to organize and run the event. And, thank you to the thousands of community supporters that gave so generously to our walkers. Mark your calendars for October 14, 2007.

Community Corner
The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care is grateful for the generosity of the many community groups that support its mission through their independent fundraising efforts, grantsmanship and donations. Although we cannot recognize every effort, we are pleased to take this opportunity to recognize the following and to thank all those in the community that support our agency. • The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care received $506.00 from the Information Services staff of Trinity Health in South Bend. The money was collected from the company’s ‘Jeans Dollars’ Program in which staff members each contribute $1.00 per day or $15.00 per month for the opportunity to wear jeans to work. The money is then donated to a local charity. • Mrs. Marion Bates donated several handmade patient gowns, blankets, catheter covers, adult bibs, and draw sheets for Hospice patients. • Beverly Riley donated $100.00 in proceeds from her book, “A Promise to Mama.” • The Bremen Conservation Club collected and donated $500.00 from its annual spring fishing derby. • The Linus Project gave 40 blankets and Patricia and Tim McBride donated their time and use of their horses for Camp Evergreen, CHAPC’s summer bereavement camp for children ages 6 and older. • The ladies of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church contributed proceeds from their spring rummage sale, along with matching funds from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, for a total donation of $1,500. • The Tem-Pace Benevolence Team of Niles, Michigan donated $250.00 to CHAPC. • Best Buy contributed $1,000.00 as part of its TagTeam Award Program, recognizing the volunteer efforts of employee, Edward Pawlowski. • St. Peter Lutheran Church of Mishawaka donated $371.25 through its Mission Outreach Fund. • The Riders of Kawasaki (ROK) Club at Frazier Motorsports donated $1,612 in proceeds from conducting 50/50 raffles, collecting fees from non-club members during rides, and raffling a bike. • The 331 Inn in Mishawaka conducted a hot dog sale at their Summer/Fall Cookout and donated the proceeds to CHAPC. • Larry Cook and American Electronic Components donated $1,145 in proceeds from a Charity Softball game at Coveleski Stadium. • City Wide Liquor held a customer raffle in which $100.00 in proceeds were given to CHAPC. • The Student Council of Hums School in Mishawaka donated $300. • Sisters of St. Francis Health Services contributed $250.00 to CHAPC.

Due to Internal Revenue Service tax regulations, we may only issue written documentation for donations made payable to and/or processed directly by The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. Donations made and/or processed via a third party may not be eligible for a charitable tax deduction. If you have any questions regarding charitable contributions, contact Vonda Marrow, director of development, at (574) 243-3119 or, or visit the IRS website at

The Helping Hands Society
To continue to improve the quality of living by providing services to our patients regardless of one’s ability to pay, CHAPC created the Helping Hands Society. Gifts to this society are directed to our endowment or capital replacement fund. The minimum gift is $1,000 and renewable annually. We are grateful that the following individuals who are members: Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery A. Bickel The Cressy Foundation Pat and Art Decio Catherine and John Hiler In Memory of Charles Hinds Dr. and Mrs. John Jenkins Ms. Barbara C. Lobdell Mr. and Mrs Judd Lowenhar Mrs. Evelyne M. Major (deceased) Ms. Vonda J. Marrow Mr. Mark M Murray Alex, Helen and Jack Niedbalski Memorial Trust Attorney and Mrs. H. Theodore Noell Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Press Mr. George A. Resnik, Sr. Mr. and Mrs Irving Rosenberg Mr. Joseph V. Simeri Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Slamkowski Mr. E. Berry Smith in memory of Mary T. Smith Roberta and Tom Spencer in memory of Genevieve and William Reynolds Mr. Alonzo Stivers Miss Georgina H. Voll Barbara K. Warner

If you are interested in joining, please contact Vonda J. Marrow, Director of Development at (574)243-3119 or Any individual who joins or renews membership in the Society before December 31, 2006 will receive a copy of The Hole in Me Since the Day you Died: Using Art as a Way of Expressing Grief.

Grief Support
The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. offers a variety of bereavement programs to educate and support people experiencing grief following the loss of someone through death. Bereavement programs are available at no charge to anyone in the agency’s service area. For more information, please call the office nearest to you. We offer individual and family counseling for all ages as well as the following services:

Children’s and Teens’ Services
Children’s Grief Support Group: A time-limited group providing education and emotional support to children dealing with the death of a loved one. Teens’ Grief Support Groups are held at area schools. Camp Evergreen: An annual weekend camp for teens ages 13 – 17 and an annual day camp for youth ages 6 – 12. Teens’ Grief Support Groups are held at area schools.

Grief Support for Adults
Basic Grief Education: A two hour session held once a month offering basic education about the grief process. Rebuilding Our Lives: A once a month support group for those that are past the first year of grief. Living with Loss Group: A time-limited group offered during the day and evening providing education and emotional support. Good Grief Guys: A monthly group for men dealing with the death of a spouse. Young Widows and Widowers Support Group: A monthly group providing education and support for active adults who have recently lost a spouse. Memorial Services: Services of remembrance for all in our bereavement programs are held in May and December.

After Images Art Counseling Program
Provides a unique opportunity for individuals to explore grief issues through a creative, expressive counseling experience.

Volunteer Trainings Scheduled
The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. invites interested individuals to attend one of the upcoming patient care volunteer trainings. The trainings will focus on the hospice philosophy, communication skills, spirituality, family dynamics, patient care, bereavement, and much more. Following training, volunteers will assist patients and families with respite, transportation, laundry, errands, and companionship in their homes, in Hospice House, the agency’s inpatient unit, or in nursing homes.
South Bend: February 6, 8, and 13 – 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please contact Jackie. Phone: (574) 243-3100 / (800) 413-9083. Elkhart: February 10 and 24 – 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please contact Nancy. Phone: (574) 264-3321 / (866) 264-3321. Plymouth: February 20, 21 and 22 – 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please contact Ellen. Phone: (574) 935-4511 / (800) 774-2784.

Specialty Grief Groups
Grieving Parents Support Group: A time-limited group providing education and emotional support to parents dealing with the death of a child of any age. Daughters Remembering: A weekend retreat with facilitated group sharing and time for individual reflection to provide a supportive environment for women whose mothers have died. The After Suicide Support Group: A monthly support group for those who are grieving the death of a friend or relative from suicide. Special Event Calendar: A calendar published quarterly that lists any special events we are offering.

And the Award Goes to…
Mary Jane Stanley will receive the 2007 Helping Hands Award at The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care’s annual dinner on May 2, 2007. This annual award is given to an individual, couple, or family who has exhibited exceptional generosity, possesses a history of outstanding community achievements, or who, through direct financial support or by motivating others to give, has demonstrated civic and charitable stewardship to improve the quality of living in the communities served by CHAPC. The evening will be a “Celebration of Community,” recognizing both Mary Jane’s contributions and the many charitable programs provided in our community. Proceeds from the evening will help CHAPC provide care to uninsured patients in our South Bend Hospice House and in our Elkhart Hospice House, which is coming soon. 27

Year-end Giving: Good News from Washington
As 2006 draws to a close, The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care knows that it is a time to express thanks for blessings received and to plan for the future. CHAPC encourages each of you to review your will and charitable giving. In doing this, consider the good news from Washington. Congress enacted legislation as part of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 that offers charitably inclined individuals the opportunity to make gifts from IRAs and exclude the gift amount from gross income. This act permits an individuals aged 70 ½ or older to make a charitable gift from their IRA on a tax-free basis. These gifts, not to exceed $100,000 per year for 2006 and 2007, can be made from a traditional or Roth IRA. These gifts must be distributed directly to a charity (like CHAPC) through the plan administrator. Additionally, a donor’s spouse, also 70 ½ or older with an IRA, can also contribute the same amounts. The donor is not entitled to a charitable deduction for this gift, nor is the gift subject to income tax, like a withdrawal would be. Taking advantage of this opportunity will allow you to reduce your taxable income and assist CHAPC to provide service regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Moreover, did you know that contributing stock that is sold at a gain or loss may have tax benefits for you? If you give to CHAPC long-term appreciated stock, you can have two-fold savings: first, the avoidance of capital gains tax, and second, a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the gift. Please remember that the stock should not be sold before it is given to CHAPC to receive this benefit. But, what happens if you have sold the stock and you did so at a loss? Give the sale proceeds from the stock to CHAPC. This enables you to take a capital loss on the tax return and a charitable deduction for the cash contribution. While Hospice is happy to provide you with this general information about year-end giving, please remember that this article is general in nature and that your personal financial situation may differ from the information given. You should contact your professional advisors before making a yearend gift. Should you or your professional advisors have questions, please feel free to contact Vonda J. Marrow, Director of Development at (574) 243-3119 or By establishing a year-end giving plan today, you can express your thanks for your blessings and help the charities you love.

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