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you list the items in bullet format, and begin your points with a power or

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									Copyright (c) 2011 Dan Kelly
Perhaps you've heard that a well-written resume is the one that gets you
the interview Is there a way for you to build a resume for it manager in
such a way that employers will take notice and respond? Processing your
professional experiences, educational accomplishments, and the many
qualifications that you have accumulated over the years, can be
intimidating The goal of every sentence and piece of information you put
down in your resume for it manager resume is to convince the employer
that you are the best person for the job Perhaps the most engaging way
this occurs is with power and action words Verbs or keywords for resume
for it manager that add strength and reinforcement to your job
qualifications and current responsibilities are call Action words
Sometimes you will hear these words referred to as Power words
 There are a couple of possibilities that occur once you submit a resume
to the potential employer First, it is likely that your resume for it manager
will be stored in a computer program by the employer This allows the
employer to quickly search for the specific terms they need for the job
The resume that gets pulled for the further evaluation, is the resume that
contains the keywords the employer is looking for Secondly, the resume
is looked at manually by the hiring manager or by the HR department In
both cases they are looking for certain words for resume for it manager
that demonstrate qualification
 Clearly this is the reason why it is critical to having words that get
attention and distinguish you from the rest of the stack When you put
your employment history in your resume for it manager make sure that
you list the items in bullet format, and begin your points with a power or
action word By starting your statements with these actions words, you
display your commitment to action and results This can provide a
difference between you and the other applicants for the same job I will
send you a huge list of these action words for free Here are a few
examples: => Managed => Facilitated => Budgeted This
obviously is just a few action word examples
 Many internet websites will provide you with lists of action words and
phrases It is important when you research the action words to use, use
the terms that are relavent to resume for it manager and your career field
Don't copy other people's resumes, but you can look at them and get
ideas and action words that others use Pay attention to how other people
list their job responsibilities Make it your own, because your resume for it
manager experience is unique to you A primary goal of every resume is
to have you stand out in a stack of others so you get the interview call
 Don't copy what others have put or you will just look like "one of them" It
is ok to use some words more than once for resume for it manager, but
do not get in that habit It shows are real lack of creativity As you review
your past responsibilities and roles, for the projects that were similar,
describe some of the detail of each role to avoid repitition For example, if
you were a project manager on one assignment and on a different
assignment you were more involved as a test designer, you should
distinguish between the two roles Each of these roles should be started
with a separate bullet point, using an appropriate action word
 Considering the value of each word you decide to use in your resume for
it manager resume is critical to the overall presentation of yourself Be
careful not to change what you actually accomplished all in the name of
being unique or trying to add variety to your resume Job Descriptions of
resume for it manager are a wealth of information when it comes to
finding keywords Don't forget to use them Any time you can describe
your skills and abilities using the action words that are spelled out in the
job description, you will give yourself a significant advantage By using
the words that the your potential employer uses in the job description,
you are given a template of how to customize your resume for it manager
 Most importantly, make sure the you are consistent across your resume
customizations so that your job responsibilities are accurate between the
two variations Ultimately you want to get the job you want A winning
resume is the first step To help you out, I have a huge list of action
words that I am giving away for Free! Just enter your name and email
address and I'll send it to you

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