Playground_Estimate_and_Plan by lanyuehua


									                       Playground estimate and Plan
                                  Prepared for Review by Mara Goldberg

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Table of contents----------------------------------------------------------1

Plan A and B Estimates--------------------------------------------------2

Surfacing -------------------------------------------------------------------3

Shade structure ------------------------------------------------------------4

Activity structures---------------------------------------------------------5

Chalkboard -----------------------------------------------------------------6

Paint for the wooden fence ----------------------------------------------7

Miscellaneous options--------------------------------------------------- 8

Actions up to this point and planned future activities -------------9
Plan A

This plan is a dream plan, it incorporates all the elements we wanted to see included, and all of
the materials are professional grade, and intended for playgrounds.

         Rubber Mulch safety surfacing                approximate estimate $2,195 (Dyna Play Estimate )

       Planter bench shade structure                approximate estimate $1018 1(Lowes without tax no

       1 chalkboard                                 approximate estimate $96 (Lowes without tax no

         1 Little Tykes four seater teeter           approximate estimate $818 plus installation

         Paint for wooden fence                      approximate estimate $35 (plus paintbrushes ect)

         Painting Accessories                                 approximate estimate $25

         Unexpected expenses and complications                 approximate estimate $200

         Total estimate for plan A $4,387

Plan B
This plan is the more realistic one. It would allow for much less involved installation and has a
considerably lower cost. However it does have some significant drawbacks particularly in the
area of effort required to maintain this plan.

Sod                                               approximate estimate 270$ (Home Depot)
Chalkboard                                        approximate estimate $96 (Lowes without tax)
Offset Umbrella Or Pergola                        approximate estimate $200 or $500 (K Mart)
Little Tykes Swing along Castle                     approximate estimate $105 (Toys R Us)
Paint for wooden fence                             approximate estimate $35
Painting Accessories                                 approximate estimate $25
Unexpected expenses and complications                 approximate estimate $200
Total Estimate for Plan B $931 or $1,231

1 With tax from Lowes the chalkboard and planter bench together are approximately $1212.41, Lowes may be willing to
reduce their price by approximately 10% bringing it to around $1002 for both sets of materials. Some adjustments to the
shade structure also need to be made to fit our space which might further reduce the price.

Option A

Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing

       Approximate estimated cost: $2,195.00

       Advantages include:

                  low maintenance

              Excellent safety for small children

              Porous surface allows for drainage

              May be available in different colors

       Disadvantages include:


              Unsecured loose fill material which may clog drainage or be thrown by children

              May become hot in sun

              Does not secure down the surface like grass would and therefore leaves the
              underlying surface susceptible to erosion over time

Option B

Sod (grass)

Estimated cost:



       Eliminates ongoing drainage issues


       Can become muddy

       Requires mowing

       May need treatment to reduce pests

Option A

Planter bench shade structure (modified to fit )

        Approximate estimated cost: $1018


               Provides seating for parents supervising small children

               Adds shade to space

               May function as a sort of outdoor play house

               Beautifies the area


               Wood even if treated will eventually deteriorate

               Chemicals used to treat wood may not be advantageous around small children.

               Slatted roof may not provide as much shade as other forms of shade structure.

Option B

Offset Umbrella or Pergola

Estimated cost $200 or $500 respectively



        Easy assembly

        Provides a more solid shade


        Less stable more susceptible to wind and rain damage

        Less durable may last only a few years.
Activity Equipment

1 Four Seater Teeter

Approximate Estimated cost: $818 plus installation


              Entertains up to four children simultaneously
              Movement is soothing for children
              Concreted in and therefore very stable
              Requires safety surfacing
              May not fit within the available space
              Would be concreted in and therefore immobile

Little Tykes Swing and Slide Castle
Approximate cost $103

       Provides motion which is soothing for children
       Promotes active play
       Is under 4 feet in height which removes the requirement for safety surfacing
       Is not a commercial product which means it has fewer use zone restrictions.
       Not a commercial grade product.
       Not concreted in so children may move it.
       Not as durable as a commercial grade product.
Chalkboard (concreted into ground see appendix)

       Approximate estimated cost $96


               Gives kids an artistic outlet

               Encourages creative play

              Creates a space which could be used in other ways for instance as an outdoor
       classroom for presentations

               Takes up minimal space for the amount of fun provided

               Fits into the play patterns already seen with kids here

               Discourages chalking on inappropriate surfaces


               Wood even if treated will eventually deteriorate

               Chemicals used to treat wood may not be advantageous around small children.

              Is currently planned to go in the rear near a building exit and may need to be
planned elsewhere.
Colored Painted wooden fence

Estimated cost: $60


       Adds color to the yard

       Creates an inviting space



       Requires additional time

       May be messy or require close supervision of volunteers

       Requires upkeep

       Upkeep more expensive than for plain white fence.
Miscellaneous options and components:

      Shaped chalkboards to be attached to the plastic fence

      A mural created by either staff or volunteers (a farm theme was suggested)

      Paint station

      Activity panels

      A weather station

      Play house

      Some kind of dog house or dog area

      Four Square

      Painted on hopscotch or other games on concrete area.

Actions Up to This Point

Original plan was conceived by Ratasha and Rebecca

Original drawing was made by Ratasha of both the project and a potential mural

Wall was white-washed and old play structure was removed

Webinar on safety surfacing was attended

Kaboom sight created to co-ordinate efforts

Volunteers found and service day scheduled for the first Saturday in August

Volunteers found to assist with prep on the last Sunday in July

Approached Lowes regarding estimate and possible lowering of price

A full color rendering of plan A was made and posted on Kaboom.

Estimates of cost for rubber safety surfacing were solicited

Pricing trips were made to determine cost for other items

Discussions regarding the Payton Play it Forward grant and applying for funding took place.

Discussions regarding a possible corporate donation took place.

To be completed

Choices need to be made between plans A and B

Estimate sent to possible corporate sponsor

Grant Application completed

Sources of donations need to be received and coordinated

Volunteer’s need to be coordinated

Supplies need to be purchased

Logistical support obtained regarding construction, drainage and other specialized tasks.

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