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PL by lanyuehua




 739 E. Dunlap' Phoenix, Arizona

   Phone: (602) 861-1379
        Complete Catering Services

             Specializing In:

   Wedding Receptions - Special Events

  Office & Corporate Parties - Barbeques

                                             ...        -=-


            1m Ill""". L"["CTnU ICC
                                            DAD'S CATERING SERVICE
BREAKFAST / BRt:NCH                                   COLD BUFFET

A:VIERICAN FAVORITE                                 MEXICAN FIESTA

ITALIAN CUISINE                                  HOT OFF THE GRILL

ELEGANT DINNER                                    PRIME RIB DINNER
HORS D'OEUVRES                                   DESSERTS & CAKES

APPETIZERS                                                  RE'iTALS
                     TERMS                                              OTHER SERVICE
  •	 Price subject to      ~ales       tax & gratuity            •	 Complete Rental Servil'C

  •	 Special Orders Paid in Advance                              •	 Complete Bar Sen ice

  •	   Non-Refund~lble   Down Payment Re­                        •	   Cu~tomized   t\.lenu on Request
       quired B:.J}ance Due Prior to E\ent
                                                                 •	 Special Event Pricing
  •	 American Express· .vlaster Card· \,'lSA
     • Discover - Accepted Prior to Event                        •	 Served & Banquet Dinners .A.vailable

                                           DAD'S CATERING SERVICE
He az Dad\;,  Catcring take pride in our clean, prompT, alld personal sefl'ice. lVe belie.. . '£' a !!lea!
should be sClTt'd HOT wizen ordered HOT and COLD \i'hen ordered COLD. n,'() a/51) oJler
ptl"sOIlO/ized help i/1 planning YOllr lI/el111 so rllar yOlf call enjoy YOllr part)'.
ALL BUFFETS INCLUDE: ServiccH"Ore, plates, napkins, (CUPS and ice included in be\'eragt
:;[ario!l) huffet tables. hl~ffet tableclmhs. buffet skirring, service help, de/h'el)', ."el-lip and pick up.
For an care ring under 50 people there lI'ill he all additiol/al charge for .\ervice help (lnd delii'ery.
Also [here is an additional c!ll/rgejor O\'en/III£' (!ver 4/zours.
We put our persona! guoronfee r4 sati.sIaction 0/1 t/ze quality ofour foods. exnprionol service
& creath'e presenrmiull. prr~fessionafism. and courtesy. Thunk you/or our considerarion.
Timothy Ferman
Linda Ek
&	 Staff'

TERMS & SERVICE                                                 DAD'S CATERING SERVICE
                  I'lf " " " '. I..   "I" WIU Jet
BREAKFAST/BRUNCH                                                                      COLD BUFFET

 AMERICAN FAVORITE                                                               MEXICAN FIESTA

 ITALIAN CUISINE                                                            HOT OFF THE GRILL
ELEGANT DINNER                                                               PRIME RIB DINNER
HORS D'OEUVRES                                                              DESSERTS & CAKES

APPETIZERS                                                                                     RENTALS
                                          BREAKFAST / BRUNCH

     C()lIl1tr~   Breakfast                                                                                         Celebration
       S' IUllihiui E'...-'c;l
 8(,".(111 II" SOI!\ur..:e OJ HOIII

                                   Omeler Srlllioll
    HlIdl   Hnnt'/i PmU!oe,\
                                                                                 Baked Hom
       HisCi/lfl- (\:   Gnrl'Y                                                                        Cheese Blim: \\"/Fruir TiJppil1g,
                                                   ,Hilli Bacon & Er.:g QI/iche
            Fresh Frllir                                                                               Assorred - Alini Cro;ssunr,

                                                   Bocol1 or SO/fwge or Ham
       510.95 pCI' person                                     French Toasr
                                                                                                            ;V1/!ffin, Dmlish,

                                                               Fresh FruiT                                  Ragel' & Bread\

                                                                                                              Fresh Fruit

          Continental                                     $10.95     /)er ])(:r,ViII
                                                                                                           S16.95 per person

                                                                                        Choice of 2 Beverages
       ASSOrTed Danish
                         All bl(j)CI\ include. Scnlc('l1({re. plll/C.I,
                                                                                                          Add 52.50 per person
    Bedery Fresh llll(f(ins
                    i!(/pf.:.11I5. bUlk! whles. IfI~flcr whlcclorlrs.
                                                                                                          Coffee, Orange Juice
      Frllit (seasonal)
                                   Spn'!c( help. ddilery                       Grapeji'uit JlIh'e, Tomato Juice
     S7. Y5 per per.\on                                     Ii'Wp.   i/nd {konllp.                         Apple Juice, Sodas
                                                                                                              Bottled H'arer

                                                      COLD BUFFET

     Meat Tray                           Cheese Tray
                               Special Tray

     Choice of 3                         Choice of 3
                             Choice of 2
                             Choice of 1

    Roasl BCli
                            PnJ\'o!onc                           Carden Salad
                      Fresh Vegetable II'/dip

  Breast (!l' Tllrkey
                       Fresh Fruit (seasonal)

                           l'v[oc{/ ro 11 i                 Fres11 Baked Cookies

    Baked Hom

                                                                                                                         Sheet Cake

                              Alllerican                           Cole SlaH'

                                                                                                                    Lertllce & TOlllatoes

   Cotto Salallli
                              A1uen.\iter                           Pasta


    Tlina Salad
                                                                 Three Bean

   Chicken Salad
                                                               Chips & Dip

             Beverages Choice of 2                                                          Senu! \j"irh As.soned Rolls

                  Add 52.50       rer person                                               S/2.95j)(!f person

          Iced Tea                          Plinch                           Each hot hon d'oel/I'eres - add S3.00 perpersoll.

           Coffee                        Lemonade                              All buftet, Include: Sen icc'\\ arc. pLilc·,. n;lpkim. bLlfkt
           Socias                       Bottled YVmN                     tables. huffet t<lhlc~·h'th,. Sen ice help. delIH'I":. ~ctup. :mu clC'dl1up.
                    Jncludc\: (((/', "lid Ice

BREAKFAST/BRUNCH                                                                                                  COLD BUFFET

AMERICAN FAVORITE                                                                                          MEXICAN FIESTA

ITALIAN CUISINE                                                                                     HOT OFF THE GRILL

ELEGANT DINNER                                                                                        PRIME RIB DINNER
HORS D'OEUVRES                                                                                      DESSERTS & CAKES

        Entree                               Vegetable                                       Potato                                 Salad

      Choice of 1                            Choice of 1                                   Choice of 1                            Choice of 1

 1l1arinated BreO,1,1 (~f               Gla:ed CarrOTs                                     Mashed                                Gurden Salad
 Chicken with Choice                      Baked Beans                                    Baked Potato                               POTato
        of SUI/t'e                       e(Jrn .lVledley                                 Twice Baked                              A/aearO/li
Chicken Cordol1 Blett,                Broccoli )\",'Chec'if'                                 Augrafin                             Cole ShIH'
     Baked Ham,                   (Grecll Beans -A/mol/dine J
Roast Breast of Turkey,                                                                         }(lms                                Pas/(/
                                            Iwlian Blend                             Seasoned Dressing                              Caesar
 Cornish Game Hell.';,
                                          p(!OS    & Carrots                               Rice
 Roast Beef in All .IllS
                                                                                                                              Beverage Station
                                                                                                                                 ChQice of Z
                       Additiollol $4.00 fur Second EI1[r(-'e                                                             Add 52.)0 per person
                  Served H'ith CondimClIt Tray - Rolls & Burter                                                                !ced Tea, CO}jee
         520.95 per penon BL(ffet • 524.95 per person Buffet witli china                                                      Plinch. Lcmonade
                     528.95 per person SiT Down H'irh china                                                                         Sodas
                       All hutkE, include SCnil'eWJfc. pime" napkins. buffd labl,'" bLlffel tahlec'leths.                       Bottled lVater
                                               Scn i~'t' help. dcli\'cn.   ~elUr.   :,nJ cleanup.
 ------~--                   ­

                                                 MEXICAN FIESTA

     Entree                           Entree                          Fiesta                          Dessert                  Beverage Station
    Choice of 1                     Choice of 1                     Includes:                       Choice of I                   Choice of 2
                                                                                                                              Add $2.50 /)('r penon
Cheese Enchiladas                 Red Chile Burros         Rice        Fresh Fruit

                                                                                                                                Iced Tea. C(~/fee

 Beef Enchiladas                 Green Chife Burros       Beans         Cookics
                                      Tamales        Chips & Salsa      Bi'(}\l'!1ies                                         PUlIch. Lemonude
Chicken Enchilados
                                     Taco Salad    Lettuce & Tomatuc 5                                                               Sodus
 Taco or Tostada.'!-
                                                                                                                                 Bottled lVurer

                                         *chicken or hnf. add S4.00 per person
                     S18. 95 per person BuJlet • 522.95 per rason B/~flet \t'ith Chind
                                  $26.95 per person Sit Dc)\1'!1 H'ith China
                                      Additional Entree - add 54.0n per person

                            All t-llikh includl': 'ier\'ice\\im:. plates. napkilh. buffd tal'I,,"~. buffet   t~tblec1()(h~

                                                 Sen ice help. Lkliyer J ..'Ctllp. and Ck'lI1Up.

AMERICAN FAVORITE                                                                                            MEXICAN FIESTA

 ITALIAN CUISINE                                                                                      HOT OFF THE GRILL
ELEGANT DINNER                                                                                         PRIME RIB DINNER
                                                            ITALIAl'I CUISINE

             Entree                                      Pasta                                                        Vegetable                               Salad
       Choice of I                                  Choice of I                                                      Choice of 1                           Choice of 1
 Chickcn POrllligiw/(/                             Angel Hair                                                 International Blend
                       Curucn ,S'alad

Si 1(1 .t:he{ti lj-/ .l le(/rholh             1\'/TolI/ato & Basil
                                    Green Bean.s Almondille                          Fruit (seaso/lol j

             Luso?IIC                                 Fettlfcini                                         Broccoli lv/Cheese                                   Ca('sar

  (Aft'ut. \ ('.!::,'!ariol/ )                  It-A.lfredo Sallee                                                 G/a:.ed Carm(,')                           Pasta

     Bllkt'd Chit'kell                           Boked Ziti                                                        Peas & Carmts

 (,)'01/1'   Crc({/II SU[(l'Ci             SjJoglu·/{j II' /vjar;nara

       . .'V/(! ,-;arell17 j

                                                 BOII'Tic Pdsta

  Sou.'i'Oge & Peppers                                                                                                                                Beverage Station

                                                 \,./C,.eOlIl SOllee

                                                                                                                                                         Choice of 2

                                              Add S~.()()j(),. S((olld f;lIlree                                                                       Add 52,50 per person
                                            Serw:d "lvitil Garlic Bre-od or Rolls                                                                      Teed Tea. C ottee
                                                                                                                                                      PlInch, LemOlwde
                  S20,95 per person Bl!ffet· 524.95 per persul/ H/!tfer lI'it// Cllillo
                                       528.95 per person Sit Dmrn ll'ilh China                                                                              Sodas
                                                                                                                                                        Buttled H'ater
                          '" II huffd\ i IlL' luck' St'1'\ icc\\ ,me _plate,. napki Ih. buit~t t;ll'ks.                    hln;.,) Ll bk.: h)lh~
                                                        SLn iLc htlp_ Jc I i\ ('r:-. 'elUp. :\l1d " k~lJ111I_'

                                                       HOT QFF THE GRILL
                                 :VIeats                                                                               Vegetable                               Salad
                            Choice of 1                                                                              Choice of2                             Choice of 2
 ]3 /h. HilIlihulsas & HOI Dogs S11.95 per per.ioll                                                          Baked BemIs

     Brun\/I/"S! \1 Sduerkraw SlO.CJ5 per penon                                                             Corn on the Cob

     Bar-B-QI/c Beefon Bli/l SlO.CJ5 pa P('(\{III                                                          RUllch Style Beans
                              Cole Slent·

       Bar-B-Qae PilI/cd P,'r, Oil Bilil ) 10. 95                                                        Assorted Chips & Dips                                 Pa.'lta
  Bar-B-Qllc Chicken & Rihs ::'JfJ.lI5 rer jlenm/                                                                                                           Three Bean

       Steak Fr.Y (choice) S20.Y5 per /,CI",\(I/I                                                                                                             Gorden

       Bar-B-QI/e Chicken S1l.Y." ptT p('I"-\(11/

                                                                                                                                                       Beverage Station

             Special                               Sen'ed \rirh Condiment Troy - Assorted Buns                                                            Choice of 2

       Choice of 1                                  Orhcr Bel'ero.'?c" Anliloble Upon Rl?qllest                                                       Add $2.50 pCI' PCI"jOIl
                                                                                                                                                        !ced Tea, Co!tee

Fresh Baked Cookies                                --\ II huff,;-!> Jn~ lUck, Sen in'll ,\1\'. )llate,. napkins. blind tabk '_
                                                      bllff,;-Il"hledoths, Sen in' help. deli1el·y-. setlJp. and ckanup.                               PUI/ch, Lelllnnodc

     Sheer Cuke


        Pie                                                                  H"""",,,,, '[,','"   c_,_._, "" '"

                                                       ,.",', •. "-,-",,,   ",01,"  ,"".." "-c'·-,  eo,,'
                                                        ,'.,..-, "I. , " ,I" __ ."I,U ,,-.,', "d, ' L1"', ,   " ".,' ,""
                                                                                                                                 ,,,,,,,',, ',,"1.'
                                                                                                                                                         Bottled \Y(lrer

ITALIAN CUISINE                                                                                                                        HOT OFF THE GRILL

                              ELEGANT DINNER

      Dwire of)
 Chicken R(lltlade H'/Red
                                                            Cboice of )
                            Choice of 1
                                               Choke of I

    Bell Pepper Sauce

    Chicken Marcella
                 Green Bean Almondine
                            Gardcn S%r!

   Caribbean Chicken
                     Vegetable A1edle.Y

  Sowhl1'estern Chicken
                   Gla::.ed Carrots

     Beef Stroganoff
                     Sugar Snap Peas
                    .Hwularil1 Orange

Seasoned Pork Loin Roust
                 Broccoli l1'/Chcese

  Cal'l't'd Baron of Beef
                  Corn O'Brien
       lv/heel Green Salad

   Grilled Filet Mignon
                   Peas & Carrols
                         Rice Pilaf
   S{ul\l'bern \l'a/1Iut Salad

      (Market Price)
                                                        Buttered Egg Noodles

SH'liidjish (Market Price)
                                                                                             Beverage Station

                                                                                                         Choice of 2

      (Market Price j
                                                                                                Add 52.50 per pcr.\OfI
                                  Additional Elltrt'-c - odd 54.00 per person
                                          Iced Tca, Coffee
                                 Serred with Condiment Tray - Rolls & Butter
                                           PlIIlCh, LClI/(J/lode
                                                526.95 per person Buffet                                                         Sodas

                                               S30.95 per perSO/1 Sit DO\l'!1                                                 Botrled n'mtT

                                                                                                                          h,',III!ln: Cu,'!:, <il1d h,
                   Include,: Chilld. ,iller. linen n:lpkilh. chamiMgnc t:!<h'"'' col!.'" CLl!,_'. ila~~,>. ~cn il1(.'
                   T.1blc'. 'IT\ 1n_~ ub!cc]oth,_ '':I"\"I ng 'k in ing. ~'c'ntcrpiece, \LT\ in- h" Ip. 'l~tur S ~'kcUlLIl"

                                             PRIME RIB DINNER

                                     £easoned Prime Rib With Au J.JJ.5:


                                                                                                                            or Salad

     Choice of)
                                             Choice of 1
                                                  Choice of)

Green Bean AIl/1ondinc
                                                  Cardell Salad

  Vegetable Medley
                                       Garlic ['I/lashed

   Gla:ed CarrNs

   Sligar Snap Pea"
                                         A1andorin Oral!~e

  Broccoli lv/Cheese

     Corn O'Brien
                                            AIixed Green Solod

    Peas & CarrOls
                                            Rice Pilaj
                                      Strawberry lVlllmtf Solad

                                                    BuTtered Egg NOr)dle5;

                                                                                                                       Beverage Station
                                                      Choice 01'2
                 Additional Entree add $..1.00 per person
                                                           Add S2.50 per persun
               Sen'ed wirh Condimcnt Truy - Rolls & BlIrter
                                                           Jeed Tea, C(:flee
                         S28.95 per person Bn}fet
                                                                    P/lJ1ch, Lemonade
                       532.95 per person Sir f)cnrn
                                                                                                                          Bottled 1rmcr
                                                 HQRS D'QEUVRES
                                                            Choice of 3 HOT
                Stredish Aleatbal/...·                                                                 Choice of J COLD
                    Spril1!( RolL,                                                                 Frc:,!, \'c;;ewb/cs            It   dip
                 Italian Meat Balls                                                                  Fresh Fruit Truy
              Sweet & SOllr A1eat Balls                                                      .Assorted Chene & Crot'f.:en
               BBQ Cocktail Smokies                                                       . Hinimll!"e Crois.luJI{ SU/ldlticllcS
                   Bl(flalo ll'illgS                                                                  De,"fled D,.!,({s      c.

                  ;Hinioflfre Quiche	                                                              Sflinach DiJ) \\'Brcilds
                  i\1iniarure Tamales                                                                       ?oww,)'ulw/
                         Rw/wki                                                                               lole SImI"
                Satay Bee/or Chicken                                                                        PuSfO 50ltid
                  Cocktail BlflTitos                                                                     ;'0({curolli SoloJ
                   Chicken Tenders                                                                     ,""Jilliu{lfre PasTries
                 Stl~ffed lwushroo/lls                                                                       Mudslide
                      Potato Skin.')"                                                                      Stut/ed Ccieri
                  Jalapeno Papper,,,                                                                       Chips & Dips

                                    SClemg£' 5;lm/ol! -Add 52.50 per perSO!1
3 HOT (\: 3 Cold - 516.':15 per penoll - Buffet )fy/C  •  4 Hot & -1 Cold - 518.95 per penO/1 - Buffet style
                                           Additionol $-J.iJO pCI' person/or china.

                        ,:",11 11Uff..;t, Illdu(le. )<.'1"1 1e','I\ ~ll,'. plclte',- 1l8pkill~, bufiCll"bk" huffet tahlecloth"
                                                    "n', i,','I\'I". ,'-"11'.,'1'1', 'd\lr ,lpd ,:1l"'lnllp

                                                DESSERT & CAKES
                                                  Wl'ddillg Cakes

                                       Large assorrmenr otfl({\'or.r" & fillings

                                                 52.95 pCI' pe}'son

                                  lnclzujes: Cake CUllin,g, Coke Plates & Forks

             Chpco!urc Rum                                                                                              Le/1/ol/ Slrau'herrl

      C!loco/mc S,ralt'hern                                                                                         Lell/OI/ Strwlbc/T\' RUlli

  Chocolute ,)'trull'bel"lT Rum	                                                                                           Lell10ll Chiffoll

           ;\'Iarb/e Bm'arian                                                                                           Val/ii/a Sf/wl'ber,.-\"

       Chocolate Raspherry	                               Other Des.len.i
                                                                                                                    Vanilla Str(lll'!Jal'\' RuJ.II
 C/wco/me Ra.\jJbel"l-Y Brandy	                        Ami/able ['pOll reqlle,it
                                                                                                                \ (/Ili//a S/(({It'bal'\' ,-\IIIUl"u'//l
 C!J(yo!ate Creme de A-femhe                                  Fruil Pies
                                                                                                                       \(1I1i/l" Rn,I/'!Jary
          ("!/Oco!afe ;\-/olls::,e                            Brol.t'nies
                                                                                                                  \ (mil/II Ra,'phcrl".Y Brune/y
          Chm'o/ute RanallO                                    Cookies
                                                                                                                         \(lIIillu PlilUI/lj)!C
          Gerflwl1 C/u)('u/are                              Sheet Cakes
                                                                                                                    \ (nlil/[/ Pill(,iI!)jJ/c RUlli
               mack Fore.lf	                               i\1ini Pastries
                                                                                                                  \ [I/Iil/o Peaches & Crca/ll
    1I.i'l1. Bonano Srr(,l1'l'berrr                         Cheesecake
                                                                                                                    \ {mil/a Pear-ll Anwrello

 hili, Rlln({/Ul Sfrml'herr\" RUIl1                                                                            \ (milia Pc(/ch Grand .Humier

                                                            ff)/'IJtJ/J Rill:n/lt-'IT\'
                                     APPETIZERS BY THE TRAY
                                                           Order by the Tray
                                                                  .        .
               BenTO!.:,/' Bar
               (50do\ - }lIilt',1 - \\IUer.\ - 1U1SI .. ,                                                                  S3.50 /'/'
               Bn.Yet! Lunches w'\o(/a or I\'aler                                                          , ,                   $V.50
               BBQ COI/.:lOil :;;II/okies......................                                                           .. .. S-l."'.OO
               .!ul!lho Shrillip Ct1d.raif (\eosonal)                                                                   SJ.75 t'uch
               . i Ieol Bo/ls .. ,... ,... ,.......    ,... ,... " .. ,..               " .. " , , ,...                  ... . ~55.00
               Hllfjdlr, Ij'ing) .                                                                                              '<~(j(ifl
               ,Hiniatllre Quiche..                                                                                      " .. )r'l.';; /.'"
               3 Foot Submorine Sandll'ich..                       ..                  ,..........                           ..S~5JI(1
               Large Assorted Me(/fs...                                 .                           ,                 ,         S65.00
               Stu/led /'vtIl.I/iro()}IIS                                                                                    ..55SJ)(}
               Dniled Eggs .. ,................                                                                      . ,.. S-l-O.OO
               Assorted Cheese & Crackers..                                                                        .            S50.00
               AIini CroissollT Sandll·iches                               "....................                      ..        S65.00
               Fresh Fruit (scowl/ali                   " .. , , , ,,,., .. , ,                       ,...............        ,S50.0()
               Fresh Vegetables wDijl..                                                                  .                      S45.00
               CII~)s&D~'s.                                             .                             ,        , ,..         ,.S.?5.00
               Miniature Burritos .. ,                      ,             , " .. "                                              S50,O()
               Chicken Tenders .. ,....             ..                                                                          5"65.00
               .!rl!apeiJo Pop/,e!"\..                                                        .                             ".S50,OO
               RIIII/llkl..                   .,                   , ,                          , ,...                       ..505.00
               Potm() S~il1\                                                                      .. "                          550.00
                Cold Sulud.\                                                                                     ,,,            S.:t5.0()
               S/,il1oclr Di/) II/fir Breads                           ..                                   "                   S-l5.nO
                 Sjnill!! Rol!l                                                                                                ,S65.IJ()
               /\,Jwlslide               ,     ,                                                                               S5(I.tJO

               :hjil/'iL'd ,00lilli Pasfries Tra.!                                                              ,              S55.()()

               S()dus - .luices - Haten, Ice                  n'a or Lemol/ade                                             SJ .O{) eu
               Sparklillg Cider                                                                                     ... S3.5iJ Il0tl/e
                                             Trays Scrn' /\ppro.rinwtel.. . . 25              !O   35 jJt'(-'p!c

                                                       REl\TAL ITEMS


      Tablc'                                                                                                                       Arch 43" \Fide
R(i,I,'(/!!t   r   rdi'i.~   \                                                                                                      .Arch 55" x 7'
                                                                   Dinner,,'art                                                         Canopies
                                                                    Glaso,ware                                                 Cuest Book Stand
                                                                                                                              ""!ora! Decoraliol1s
                                                                                                                                      Cakf! Knif~'
      Chair,                                                 Beverage Service                                                        Cake Sen-a
   SUlIIsonirc                                                     Porrable Bar                                                     DUlIce Floor

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