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                               Work At Home Mastermind

                       TABLE OF CONTENTS

INTRODUCTION ............................................................
  What Is An Internet Business? ................................................... 4
  The Nature of the Internet is Information .................................... 6
  The Best Model for an Internet Business and Why......................... 9
  The Ideal Format To Use and Why: Blogs ...................................10

HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ........................................
  Various Internet Business Models includes: .................................11
  Proven Ways To Profit Online ....................................................13
    Affiliate Marketing.................................................................13
    Information Products.............................................................14
    Online Businesses or Biz Opps ................................................16
    Network Marketing................................................................17

  What is a Domain name and how do you register one?.................19
   What Is A Domain Name? ......................................................20
   Why Do I Need To Register My Domain? ..................................20
   How to Register A Domain Name?...........................................20
  What Are the Best Registrars to Register With? ...........................22
   Best Rated Domain Registrars ................................................22
  What is Web Hosting and the Services They Offer? ......................24
   What is Web Hosting?............................................................24
   Where Do I host My Website?.................................................24
   The Best Rated Web Hosting Companies ..................................25
  What is an Autoresponder? .......................................................26
   Types of Auto Responders......................................................26
   Why Do I Need An Autoresponder? .........................................27
   Top Two Autoresponder Companies.........................................27
  How to Setup a Blog?...............................................................28
   Getting Started With Blogger..................................................29
   Getting Started With WordPress..............................................29
   Getting Started With Moveable Type .......................................30
  How to Manage Your Blog? .......................................................31
   Create a Schedule.................................................................31
   Figure Out Your Priorities .......................................................31
   Posting Frequently ................................................................32
   Dealing with Spammers .........................................................32
   Practice Makes Perfect...........................................................32

                               Work At Home Mastermind
   Utilize the Extra Tools............................................................33
   Outsourcing .........................................................................33
  Blogger versus WordPress .......................................................33
   Round 1: Setup ....................................................................34
   Round 2: Templates ..............................................................34
   Round 3: Usability ................................................................35
   Round 4: Features ................................................................35

PRODUCT RESEARCH ....................................................
  How to Find the Right Affiliate Products to Promote......................37
    Discovering Your Niche ..........................................................37
    Research, Research, Research! ...............................................38
    What Is In Demand? .............................................................38
    Where Do You Rank?.............................................................38
    Take a Test Drive..................................................................39
  Find Relevant Affiliate Products to Solve Problems .......................39
    Dealing with the Competition .................................................40
    Dealing with Scams...............................................................41
    Do the Research ...................................................................41
    Build a Keyword List for Your Products/Market..........................42
    Tips for Building a Successful Keyword List ..............................43

Build Your Blog.............................................................
  How to Build Your Blog .............................................................45
  Add in relevant keyword rich content to blog...............................47
  Review and Presell affiliate products. Stagger content and

DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG ....................................
  Paid and Free Methods Drive Traffic To Your Blog ........................52
    Free Signatures on Forums and Emails ....................................52
    Submit Articles to Directories .................................................53
    Using Google’s Adwords.........................................................53
  BLOG LIST BUILDING AND BACKEND PROFITS............................54
    Blog List Building And Backend Profits .....................................54
  RINSE AND REPEAT TO GROW THE BUSINESS ............................57
  DUPLICATE SYSTEM IN OTHER MARKETS ...................................58

                           Work At Home Mastermind


       What Is An Internet Business?
       The Nature of the Internet: Information
       The Best Model for an Internet Business
       The Ideal Format To Use and Why: Blogs

What Is An Internet Business?

Nowadays, people are always griping about their jobs. They feel
unappreciated, unsure about their job security and obsolete. They
never know when they might be laid off and/or replaced. There are
oodles of workers who live in fear of getting booted out for simple
reasons like coming back from lunch late or having to stay home with
a sick child.

This has led to more and more people looking to sure up their incomes
in less conventional fashions. It has led many to start their own home
business, and the Internet is their platform of choice.

In a world where corporate downsizing is now common, many feel that
salvation lies in starting an Internet Business. Some say, just in case,
and others feel that they’ve had enough of living on the whims of
others including bosses, managers and supervisors who tell them
when to go to lunch and when they can go home.

Surf the web sometime and you’ll see just how many individuals have
started their own Internet business. Seriously, cyberspace is loaded
with them. All it takes is an idea, and human beings are chocked full of
really good ideas to common problems. There are websites where a

                          Work At Home Mastermind
housewife is making a great living selling custom knife set. She was
basically a working mom who had to come home for her sick child.
With no college degree, she decided to start her own at-home Internet
business selling something she just happened to know a lot about -
custom cutlery.

She started this business with less than $100, and looked at it as a
way to bring in extra money. After a year, it turned into something
huge, and now her husband works with her and it’s their only source
of income. You have to admit; that’s pretty darn sweet. And it all
started with her passion for kitchen cutlery, and the knowledge she
had picked up over time.

Many times people think that Internet businesses are some big
conglomerate, but in actuality, the Internet is the great leveler. It
allows stay-at-home moms and average people to be able to start with
little to no money and work their way up to compete with the mega
corporations. When you think about it, on the Net no one knows
whether you’re a large company or some guy in his basement with an
Internet connection.

In fact, it doesn’t matter. What does count is whether you can
answer a person’s need and answer a question with a product
that solves a problem. That’s it, and with that, the Internet has
become a boon in a time of strife for all those who are willing to learn
and grow.

You too can begin an Internet business if you really want it. A close
friend of mine started her business by making custom children’s
clothing. She uses her sewing talents and creativity to make an honest

                           Work At Home Mastermind
living. Now she just has to keep up with the various orders. The
bottom line to all of this is that you can never get CANNED from your
own business, and your success is completely dependent upon your
ingenuity and your ability to create and market a product that people

Remember the guys who made a million dollars by cutting off the pant
legs, tying a string around the tops and making crazy looking hats?

How about the Pet Rock that made a fortune or the She-Bang guy
video that changed the life of an average citizen. You might have that
one million dollar business idea that will support you for a lifetime.

This e-book shows you how to take your ideas and turn them into a
viable business that will get you noticed in the marketplace. The rest is
up to you.

The Nature of the Internet is Information

Information is what drives the web. More accurately, the search for
information is what drives the web. When you start surfing the
Internet, querying search engines and looking at various websites, you
usually have a question.

Think about it. When you go to a search engine like Google and type in
a search term, you are actually asking the Internet search engine a
question. For instance, when you type in something like “How to get
rid of acne” or “acne cure” or “get rid of acne”, you are actually asking
the question: How do I get rid of acne, right?

                           Work At Home Mastermind
This is the usual application of search engine queries, and we do it all
the time. The search engine results called SERPs answer that question
by giving us a list of websites that have information relevant to
answering your query.

When you think about it like that, you will quickly realize that the basic
reason the Internet thrives and grows is to answer questions put to it
by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

In the answers to questions lies business, product sales, fortunes
made and the opportunity to answer and supply information about a
topic. It could be anything; however, the process remains the same.

In order to start an Internet business, you must think this way and as
a result, your idea will be the answer to a question put forth by many.

Most people go into business to make money. Having a clear picture of
what product or service they are going to present to via the Internet is
necessary in order to be successful. Having a business model plays a
critical role in achieving that goal. The type of environment in which a
firm operates as well as the type of changes that it faces also play
important roles.

The Internet stands to establish new game strategies for businesses as
it renders existing bricks-and-mortar strategies obsolete while creating
opportunities for wealth creation via the web. In order for people to
take advantage of all that the Internet entails involves conceiving and
executing a good Internet business model.

                           Work At Home Mastermind
Such a model must have not only the right components, but also the
right linkages between them and its environment. It also must have
the degree of resilience and flexibility to take advantage of change.

In this e-book, you will find all of these factors and options that will
allow you to go from Internet business “newbie” to a level where you
can conduct business effectively via the Internet.

Before going any further, you will need a brief introduction to the
history and terminology of the Internet along with the key segments of
the Internet industry. The terms “Internet”, the “web” and the “World
Wide Web”, are often used interchangeably, are not the same.

The Internet is a vast system of computers that are connected by
high-speed communications lines which can understand the IP/TCP
protocols. The WWW is linked content that is accessible through the
Internet, written in HTML and viewed through a browser. In addition to
the WWW protocol (http), there are four applications that operate on
the Internet which are e-mail (electronic mail), discussion
lists/newsgroups, FTP (file transfer protocol), and remote login

Companies in the Internet infrastructure are found in 1 of 11 market
categories, or profit sites, grouped into three segments: users,
suppliers and communications service providers.. Users are sub-
divided into content aggregators or information servers, e-commerce
companies, brokers/agents, service providers and market-makers.

                            Work At Home Mastermind
Suppliers can be divided into content creators, software suppliers, and
hardware suppliers. Communications service providers are divided into
backbone operators, ISPs/OSPs, and Last Mile providers.

Now that you know all of this, don’t panic. You won’t need to know a
lot more than what each of these terminologies refer to, not how they
work or how you can get them to work for you. You will be dealing
primarily in the browser interaction and FTP categories.

These sound hard, but if you can program your digital recorder, you’ll
be able to work on the web easily. Even if you can’t program your
recorder, with a little study, you’ll be able to get a website up and
running pretty easily. Everything today has been streamlined with
results being the priority and not programming acumen.

The Best Model for an Internet Business and Why:

Off all of the business models presented one of the most popular and
considered the best business models is the information-based model.
While we go over all four categories that sell well via the Internet, you
will notice that one of best, fastest growing models involves the
dissemination of information via audio, video and written mediums.

The popular form is all digital with no physical products to store, ship
or keep track of.

The digital product has an infinite shelf life, can be downloaded at the
convenience of the buyer and never needs service. It is universal and
easy to set up and maintain. All you need is a website, an idea and the
ability to produce or hire someone to produce the product for you.

                           Work At Home Mastermind
Through affiliate marketing, creating the product is not even
necessary; the only thing an affiliate needs is knowledge of internet
marketing which is for sale and freely supplied all over the Internet.

The Ideal Format To Use and Why: Blogs

Blogs are the new website of choice on the Internet. It used to be, you
would set up a static website. Static websites displays the same
information for all users with no interaction or dynamic change
happening on the page. The page is usually an .html or .txt page that
remains the same until the entire site is updated. Static sites are
considered Web 1.0 and are difficult to manage when sites get large
and are equally difficult to keep up to date.

They are, however, cache friendly and are quick and easy to put
together. Most people have moved on to the dynamic, blog pages
which can be updated all day long.

The index or sitemap for the site updates automatically as information
is added to the site, and with some blog platforms like Wordpress and
Blogger, notifies the search engines and many Web 2.0 sites that
something has changed. Because of this, blog platforms have become
the ideal and most popular format for website to be built on.

                           Work At Home Mastermind


      Various Internet Business Models
      eCommerce models which include:
      Business-to-Business
      Business-to-Consumer
      Consumer-to-Consumer
      Consumer-to-Business
      Intermediary Models
      Community based models
      Content and information providers
      Proven Ways To Profit Online Even If You're A Total
       Internet Newcomer
      Affiliate Marketing
      Information Products
      Business Opportunities or Biz Opps
      Network Marketing

Various Internet Business Models includes:

eCommerce is what drives the product (both digital and non-digital)
and service markets on the Internet. If you have a product to sell, you
can get a lot more traction by setting up a store on the Internet and
taking orders via your website and delivering it to the customer who
may be miles away.

This can be set up for you to sell products and services:

                        Work At Home Mastermind
Business to business where your products and services are only
    relevant and for sale to other businesses

Business to consumer where your business sells products or
    services to the consumer at large who in this instance can be
    down the street or on the other side of the world,

Consumer to consumer via large auction sites where you
    advertise as a non-incorporated, non-business entity and start
    cleaning out your garage and listing things for sale to other

Intermediary models: There are what is called Intermediary
    models which are affiliate programs where other vendors pay
    you a commission to sell their products and services.

Community-based models are where you are part of a large
    community of like-minded individuals and your business or
    niche is only focused on that particular group of people. It is
    pretty much closed to all those outside of the community and
    networking takes place within that group of people. Local
    Chamber of Commerce or business networking groups fall into
    this category.

Content and information providers include writers, webmasters
    and everyone else providing answers to questions via websites,
    blogs and large community forums like Yahoo Answers,
    About.com and Wikipedia.

This is where you go to for answers to specific questions you may
have on X, Y or Z. You can wind up a customer if your question is
answered with the need to buy a product or service to solve your

                            Work At Home Mastermind
  dilemma. More and more these types of websites are popping up
  and this kind of business is generating a great deal of money for
  the site owners.

Proven Ways To Profit Online Even If You're A Total Internet

There are four main areas, which people tend to gravitate to when
trying to make money.

      Affiliate Marketing: There are lots of different programs that
          fall into this category.

      Selling information products with Master Resale Rights (MMR)
          or Private Label Rights (PLR)

      Online Businesses which are automated. They are popular
          because you supposedly don't have to do much besides
          marketing. This proves to be the hardest part of making a
          success with the business.

      Network Marketing or MLM

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell is that you are marketing for other
people. You are given a link and it goes to the website of the vendor.
When they go there and buy, you are given a commission. The typical
commission runs between 30 and 75% with 50% being the average

                           Work At Home Mastermind
The key to being successful in affiliate marketing is to drive the right
or targeted traffic to those pages in order to get high conversions.

There are no webpage skills required, and you are provided everything
to make money in a few minutes. Anybody who buys through your
links will get you commissions. Everything is set up for you with
affiliate marketing. You simply need to remember to keep your traffic

In order to excel at affiliate marketing, you will want to add other
methods besides straight through marketing and driving traffic straight
to the offer. This is where most people start when working online.

Information Products

People are always looking for information. It doesn't matter in what
form the information comes: audio, video, articles, e-books and the
like. If you can provide information products through affiliate links, or
you can set up your own pages with turnkey information products, you
can make either commission with the former or all of the money with
the latter.

Master Resale Rights Products

Master resale rights means you get a package in a zip or compressed
folder. It comes with images, your website setup and an index.html
and thankyou.html page. You need to be able to know a little HTML
and be able to work through notepad to tailor it with your information.
You then upload it with a server or host via FTP, and then your sales
pages are live on the web. With Master Resale Rights, you control how

                            Work At Home Mastermind
much you sell the package for. Be sure and read the rights file
provided with every Master Resale Rights package so that you know
how you can sell it.

There is always a file that tells you what you can do with the product.
It will break down like this:

   It will tell you if you can sell it at a certain price

   Whether you can add it to a membership site

   If you can give it away,

   If you can take it apart and use it as articles.

The benefits of having an Information Product business is that there is
no inventory to buy or store because the products are digital and
stored on your computer or on a website for downloading. After the
customer buys your digital information product, you can redirect them
to a page to download the digital product.

Information is bought and sold all of the time, and with Master Resale
rights products, you get to keep 100% of the money. You can also
control how it's distributed. You can also build a list with the products.
As you market to your list, you will find that people will buy from you
again after buying from you the first time.

Once you figure out what the market is buying (ie. your list), you can
then find other products and market to them for continuous income.
People are always looking for information.

                           Work At Home Mastermind

Online Businesses or Biz Opps

These online business are replicated flashy websites with claims of
exorbitant wealth without doing too much, you have probably
stumbled across a biz opp. Their pitch is usually little work for a lot of
income. It's possible in Internet Marketing and quite doable. These
types of businesses are very flashy, and can be good, but you need to
know that these still take a lot of work to get them going. This is
usually in the marketing area.

These biz opps usually fall into three main areas: Travel, Information
products with MMR & PLR rights, and education and training. While the
overall pitch will be how easy it is to make a lot of money, the overall
pitch is to sell the business opportunity itself. When you go into this
kind of business, make sure you look at the products first. You should
be able to use the products that the business provides as well as sell
them, because that's where you will make money on a consistent

You need to be careful, because most biz opps are focused on selling
the business to people not the products and services of the company.
Biz opps want you to believe that you will make the most money by
building a huge team. This may be true, but what they don’t tell you is
that can take years. If you join and need to make immediate money,
you need to look at the viability of the products and services, not the
biz opp itself.

It all comes down to marketing, and if you can sell the products, you
can still make a good amount of money. You simply need to know
what the deal is beyond the hype.

                           Work At Home Mastermind

Network Marketing

Network Marketing has gotten a bad rap. It's also known as MLM and
because of the company, Amway, it has a credibility problem. Most
MLM or network marketing companies are offline companies that have
come online. When you sign up, you are a distributor and through you,
the product is sold.

For the business opportunities that are usually successful, they must
have a good product to sell and not just the biz opp portion of it.
Usually focused on the health or service-related end, this is long-term,
slow growth business model.

In order to be successful, you need to love the product your selling
and know that no matter what the sales hype says, it takes a couple
years to reach a certain point, and that, in the meantime, you are
selling physical products.

These are not quick hit, fast influx of cash type businesses. You need
to sell the product first, and the business opportunity portion should be
an add-on or a "oh, by the way" portion of an MLM business. Long
term residual income is the overall goal of the business. So, you
shouldn't be dependent on your downline, which can grow and
contract as people come and go.

Network marketing comes with confusing compensation plans where
you need large numbers of people are needed to become distributors
in order to depend on the downline. This takes a lot of time, and the
big money will come in years of work, not months or days.

                           Work At Home Mastermind
Again, you can only build a large customer base from which to pull
distributors, and the only way to get customers is if you can speak
honestly about the benefits of the products and services you're selling.

Pick one or a combination of these four types of businesses to build
your business base. These different avenues or products and services
can be incorporated into your overall marketing plan.

For instance, your list make come from an MLM customer buying base
and you may find an online digital product that is in line with your list
which you can sell to them as an addition to what they've already

                          Work At Home Mastermind


      Domain name
      What Are the Best Registrars to Register With and What
       Services Do They Offer?
      Hosting
      Autoresponder - ck done
      How to setup a blog
      How to manage your blog
      Blogger versus WordPress
      Setting up opt-in form to your blog

What is a Domain name and how do you register one?

Millions of people all over the world are using the Internet on a daily
basis, with more businesses and individuals creating and posting their
own websites on the Internet than ever before.

If you are new to the worldwide web’s capabilities there is the first
initial step you will take before posting your newly created web page.
In order to have a website found on the Internet you will need to
choose and register a domain name for your website.

                          Work At Home Mastermind

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is the base name in which you will choose for your
website, an example would be “nameofyourbuiness.com”. Try not to
mistake it for the URL which I http://www.nameofyourbusiness.com.

Your domain name is actually inside the URL, not the actual URL.
When choosing a domain name it is best to go with something simple
and effective.   You will want to use your company name, if it has
already been chosen try a different ending such as, .org or .net. Avoid
using diluted names like “my-website-company-name.com”.           Some
people may forget the dashes and then they never find you.

Why Do I Need To Register My Domain?

You will need to register your domain name for the same reason as
registering your actual company name with the state, so no one else
can steal the domain name and then there are two sites with the same
domain, which will not work.

The use of having a website on the internet is as if we all lived on the
same exact street, how would the post office know which house to go
tot if we all had the same address?

How to Register A Domain Name?

Nine times out of ten when you sign up for a hosting account, which is
what you will need to park your website on the web, they will offer the
ability to register a domain name for one year.

                           Work At Home Mastermind
The typical fee for registering a domain name for one year will range
from roughly $10 to $40 depending on the name and where you
decide to purchase it.    You will need to choose a registrar to go
through a few popular ones are listed below:

Godaddy.com is the largest domain registrar to date.      They offer a
variety of domain endings to choose from like .com, .us, .biz, .info,
.net, .org, .ws, .name, .tv, .co.uk, .me.uk and .org.uk. Their price is
around $10 a year.

Dotster.com offers domains ending in .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us,
.ca, .tv, .name, .cc, .de, .sr, .md, .co.uk, .us.com.       There basic
registration price is about $16 per year.

Moniker.com offers new .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us and .info domains at
around $10 right now as a sale price, others are a higher cost.

Register.com offers domains ending in .com, .org, .net, .info, .mobi,
.biz, .us, .co.uk, and many others.     The average cost per year to
register the domain is $6 to $10 depending on the ending.

The bottom line is simple the Internet has rules much like anything
else and you will need to follow the very simple procedures.

First, you will need to find an available domain that effectively and
powerfully conveys your company, most likely the company name.
Next you will need to register the domain by paying a fee and then the
domain will be yours for the time the fee covers.

                           Work At Home Mastermind
What Are the Best Registrars to Register With and What
Services Do They Offer?

When dealing with the creation and posting of your website on the
worldwide web, you will soon see there are a few things involved. One
of the most important steps you will need to take when deciding to
enter the world of websites is to find and register a domain name.

The domain name will be the name in which you choose to have for
your website, an example would be myname.com.             And it is best to
keep in mind that you will need to put serious thought into the domain
name itself and pick a company to register it for you.

Best Rated Domain Registrars

GoDaddy.com is the world’s largest and best registrar on the web
today. They offer a wide range of domain services, as well as hosting
and SSL Services.     Some of the domain services they offer include
domain renewals, registrations, private registrations, backorders, bulk
pricing, and international domain names.             They offer domain
extensions such as .com, .net, .info, .org, .asia, .in, .ws, .ag, .at, .be,
.cc, .cn, .de, .eu, .fm, .gs, .jobs, .jp, .ms, .nu, .nz, .tc, .tv, .tw, .uk,
and .vg.

NameCheap.com is known as one of the best registrars available. They
have domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz,
.co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .mobi, .me, .ca, .cn, .cc, .tv, .bz, .nu, .ws,
.com.cn, .net.cn, .org.cn, .de, and .in. They offer domain registration,
domain transfers, free emails, and free URL forwarding.

                           Work At Home Mastermind
1&1 offers great perks when you join their 1&1 domain accounts,
making it one of the best registrars in many reviews. Their benefits
include private registration, emails, email aliases, domain forwarding,
URL masking, and DNS management. Their domain extensions include
.com, .net, .org, .info, .name, .biz, .us, .ws, .mobi, .cc, and .tv.

Register.com is also a highly rated registrar for domain registration.
The extensions they offer are .com, .net, .biz, .org, .us, .cn, .com.cn,
.net.cn, .org.cn, .mobi, .info, .co.uk, .tv, .ws, .ca, .eu, .cc, .jp, .de,
.co.nz, .net.nz, .org.nz, .tw, .com.tw, and .org.tw. They also offer
domain services such as renewal, transfers, website forwarding, and
bulk orders. They offer a money back guarantee, 24 hour support,
and a starter web page when you purchase domain registration.

Dotster.com is another registrar many people use to register their
domain names.      The extensiosn offered are .com, .net, .org, .info,
.mobi, .biz, .us, .ca, .name, .co.uk, and .tv.

They also offer services like domain transfers, domain renewals,
emails, whois, domain sync, and DNS management. Domains are free
with hosting at certain times when specials are running.

When picking your domain be sure to choose one that will be effective
and easy to find. If you can’t find the domain name of your choice, try
a different extension to see if you can find the one of your choice.

Choosing the best registrar to register you domains is pretty easy, just
look at the price and benefits to see which one will fit your needs.
Always avoid any registrars that you feel are scammers and make sure
the one you choose has a guarantee and good feedback history.

                           Work At Home Mastermind
What is Web Hosting and the Services They Offer?

The internet is littered with websites ranging from A to Z. But where
do these sites come from? How are they on the web? These are all
questions for a newbie looking to create and post a website on the
internet for the world to see. Well the magic answer is web hosting?

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service provided by many companies that allows your
website to be parked on the web. You will need hosting for any person
to view your website at any time, not to mention a domain name as
well. Owning a website is much like owning a house or business. The
domain name is the address, and the hosting is the lot or property the
building (website) is placed on.

Where Do I host My Website?

The answer to this question is merely based on preference.        It is
always best to go with a web hosting company that has great features,
prices, and reliability. There are free hosting companies, but they are
not as good as fee based companies. So if you plan to have a website
that needs to be seen 24/7, your best bet is to go with a fee based
web hosting company that fits your needs.

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The Best Rated Web Hosting Companies and
the Services They Offer

Godaddy.com has a wide range of services along with web hosting,
that is why they are the largest and best rated company on the web.
They have packages ranging from economy to unlimited, as well as all
three on a specified payment plan. Package benefits include email,
MSQL databases, emails, and much more.

Yahoo.com is a highly known email service, but they also offer web
hosting. The benefits of using this web hosting company is unlimited
emails, free setup, 30 day money back guarantee, unlimited domains,
one domain free for life and much more for $8 to $13 per month based
on the package you choose.

FatCow.com is one of the best rated web hosting companies in many
reviews.   They offer a free domain name for life, which helps to
eliminate constant renewals every year.

Some great benefits you get are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email
accounts, unlimited domains hosted on one account, and free setup.
They offer MYSQL for databases, a site builder, and many other great
features for $48.00 per year.

JustHost.com has many great features as a web hosting company,
including a free domain name for life. You will also get free setup, 30
day money back guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited
domains under one account. There prices range anywhere from $5 to
$8 per month; depending on the package you choose to get.

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It is easy to see that there is a wide variety of hosting companies to
choose from, each fitting the needs of different people. Web hosting is
a fact of life on the web and while using a free service is cheaper, it is
not the best option for those looking for reliability.

Another great thing is many of these sites offer referral and reseller
programs for those interested in making the money to pay for the
hosting. The number one thing to remember is to shop around for the
best web hosting company that fits your needs.

What is an Autoresponder, the two top companies and their

If you have ever filled out anything on the worldwide web you would
have been contacted by an autoresponder.                 Autoresponders are
programs that send automatic emails to a person after they have filled
out a form online. For example when you sign up for a website, there
is usually a confirmation email sent to you. That is the work of the

Types of Auto Responders

There are two different types of autoresponders; standard or
advanced. The standard is basic and is great for thank you emails.
The advanced are more in depth with capabilities of scheduling
unlimited automated emails. This is especially great for newsletters or
promotional coupons.

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Why Do I Need An Autoresponder?

Autoresponders are one of the greatest technological advances for
many businesses. If you have an average of 100 orders a day, do you
really want to spend the time sending a thank you email to each
customer? Probably not! Any website that actively responds to their
visitors will benefit extremely from an autoresponder, by saving
valuable time and stress.

Top Two Autoresponder Companies

Aweber is one of the top rated autoresponders on the worldwide web.
One of the best features of using Aweber as your autoresponder is the
fact that it is one of the most powerful email marketing tools to date.

Using Aweber as your autoresponder will allow you to send an
unlimited amount of emails to your website’s visitors with a click of the
button. You will also be able to create your own newsletters or choose
from over 103 premade templates to send immediately or schedule for
a later date and time. You will also be able to split test different
messages to see which ones are the most effective.         Aweber also
allows you to view and analyze clicks in your emails.

Aweber also allows you to create the opt-in forms and pages without
HTML knowledge. You can place it on your site or in a popup. You can
also have your subscribers sent to a certain page on your site after
they fill out the form. They also have an easy to use autoresponder
management system to manage your email marketing campaigns.

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Getaresponse is another autoresponder that has made it on many top
lists across the Internet.     Getaresponse prides itself on having
unlimited features like unlimited messages, message length, follow-up
autoresponders, broadcasts, and more. They also have advanced
feature to enhance the personalization of your messages.

You will also be able to view statistics with their tracking tools that
track clicks, sales, visitors, and more. You will also be able to manage
multiple lists at a time, as well as being able to block certain email
addresses to reduce spam. They also have a feature where you can
create an “unblockable pop-up” , as well as eliminate robots from
signing up your forms.

Autoresponders are a great technological asset for many companies
and should be an accessory of all businesses. With the time you will
save from having to deal with emails you will be able to focus on
making money. Try out Aweber or Getaresponse to benefit from the
many features of having an autoresponder today.

How to Setup a Blog?

Freedom of speech has taken on a whole new meaning with the use of
blogs. Blogs have become extremely popular because they are free
and easy to use. If you are one of the millions who want to spread the
word through a blog you have come to the right place to get started.

It is actually quite simple in some cases, and can be difficult with some
blogging programs.

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Getting Started With Blogger

Setting up a blog through Blogger is a really simple, Blogger is a
blogging program created by Google. It is free to use and simple to
get started. You will need to sign up with a free account to even use
the program. Blogger is hosted through Google and allows you to use
a sub-domain, for example name.blogspot.com.

After you sign up you will go through the process of choosing the
design template. Next you will go ahead with adding content through
their user-friendly control panel and viola you have a blog.

Getting Started With WordPress

Setting up a blog through WordPress is much different than a regular
blogging site. You will again need to sign up for a free account.

Wordpress has two options, one is much like Blogger and the second is
to download and host on your own site. To host it on your own site
you will need to download the zip file provided by Wordpress.

You will need to unzip the file and open WP-Config-Sample.PHP and
input the user information for your MYSQL on your hosting server and
save as WP-Config.PHP. Then you will use an FTP server to upload the
contents of the zip file to your root folder in your hosting account.
After you have transferred the files you will go to your website (i.e.
http://www.name.com/wp-admin/install.php) and walk through the
install process.

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One you have installed your WordPress blog to your site you will then
go to http://www.name.com/wp-login.php to login to the control
panel. The control panel will be used to choose a design template and
posting content.

Getting Started With Moveable Type

Setting up a blog through Moveable Type is close to the same as
WordPress when dealing with installation, and is also free to sign up.

You will need to download the zip file and unzip it. You will then need
to FTP the files to your server and then you will need to “chmod”
them. This just means you will need to change the property attributes
to work on this program, you will need to read the “read me” file to
see the chmod changes needed. You will then need to install by going
to your homepage and going through the installation process. Then
you will log in and get started adding content and choosing the design.

Many of the different hosting companies available offer a quick and
easy installation process for adding a blog to your site. Godaddy.com
is a great hosting site that does this in less than 5 minutes with no
configurations on your end, making it amazingly easy to setup a blog
for those less technical users. Search the web to see which blogging
program you like the best and get started.

Another great idea is to use a different template than the default,
which are available for purchase or free all throughout the web.

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How to Manage Your Blog?

Managing a blog is more than just posting a few times and then that is
it.   For those who want to use a blog as an information portal,
managing a blog is a process that takes time, patience, and actual
work. There are things you will need to do to get your blog “on the
map” and maintain a constant and frequent visitor flow.

Here are some vital tips to help you learn how to manage your blog
and get closer to becoming an icon in the blogging world.

Create a Schedule

In order to effectively manage your blog you will need to create a
realistic schedule for the time you will apply to the process. It is
extremely important that it is truly “realistic” so that you do not over
or underestimate and lose faith in managing your blog. Try to start
small and then gradually increase the amount of time you will put to
managing your blog.

Figure Out Your Priorities

This is best determined after you figure out what you will use your
blog for. If it is a company blog or a blog used to sell or promote
things, then you will need to create a priority list to manage your blog

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Posting Frequently

When you manage your blog you will want to learn about posting
frequently as the posts are the heart and soul of the whole blog.

Try to post daily or every other day to ensure that your readers are
getting the most up to date information possible. Readers visit certain
blogs frequently because they are full of new and updated
information. Try creating a list of topics to update frequently and write
about each one daily. Some bloggers keep a notebook with them at
all times because inspiration can hit at the strangest times.

Dealing with Spammers

Unfortunately, the blogging world has the same problems with
spammers as any other part of the Internet. Many blogging systems
are integrating widgets such as Akismet to block spammers and save
you the time it takes going through all that nasty spam.

Practice Makes Perfect

The long told phrase “practice makes perfect” is just as true for
managing a blog. It takes a lot of time to learn an effective routine
and it is important to truly try before giving up, although you should
never give up. Practice also helps you to create posts much quicker
and making the time it takes to manage a blog significantly shorter.

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Utilize the Extra Tools

Blogging programs offer those extra tools for a reason, to make
managing your blog much easier. You will find a wealth of useful tools
in your control panel, such as RSS Feed tools, spammer protection,
analytics, and much more. Look into these and see what you think
might help you manage your blog more effectively.


If you find that managing your blog has become to0 much for you, you
do have the option of outsourcing.      There are many sites that help
connect you with bloggers and blog managers looking for work. This
will cost you more, but will be worth it in the end if your blog is
making you money.

Managing a blog is not as easy as it looks, but if you utilize these tips
you will soon see it can be less chaotic and more effective.
Continuously check your blogging programs forums and blogs to see
who is using what techniques and what technologies are making it
easier for you to manage your blog.

Blogger versus WordPress

Bloggers all over the world have their opinions about the blogging
programs they use. Two highly used blogging programs are Blogger
and WordPress, both of which have their own features and downfalls.

But there has been a wide range of debates to see who would win in
the fight of Blogger vs. WordPress. There are many things to consider

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when comparing these two blogging programs, such as setup,
templates, usability, and features. Let’s get started!

Round 1: Setup

In the Blogger vs. WordPress debate the setup between the two
programs is drastically different. Blogger’s setup is quite simple and
only requires you to sign up for a free account and pick a blog theme
and name.

WordPress’s setup can be much more difficult than Blogger’s.
WordPress requires you to sign up, download, configure files, FTP
transfer to server, then install.   For those who are unfamiliar with
server technology will find it extremely hard to setup WordPress, thus
Blogger wins this round.

Round 2: Templates

Every blogging program has basic templates to choose from when
creating a blog.    WordPress comes equipped with 2 themes when
installing it onto the server, however there is an abundant amount of
free and fee based themes available on the web.

Blogger has 12 templates to choose from in the base process of
getting started, again there are those who offer free and fee based
templates for blogger. For the sake of simplicity, Blogger wins this
round due to having more templates on the base site.

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Round 3: Usability

In the Blogger vs. WordPress debate the usability between the two is
also quite different.   Many say Blogger is better than WordPress when
it comes to usability, and vice versa.    So let’s look at the basics.
Blogger has three basic sections; postings, settings, and layouts.

It is simple and effective, but a little difficult to understand and
organize. WordPress has a uniquely integrated control panel that has
a separate place for posting blog posts and web pages. There is also a
place to edit both for newbies and advanced webmasters.           Not to
mention organization is simple and effective. Thus, WordPress wins
this round.

Round 4: Features

Both Blogger and WordPress have many options and extra features to
choose from. Both of these programs offer widget and commenting
capabilities. Blogger has the option to have Multilanguage blogs,
multiple blogs on one account, and group blogging.

However, WordPress has many features that are less limited than
Blogger’s, a favorite being the ability to archive and organize the way
you want.     It also has better text formatting options and accurate
coding for a crisp, professional looking blog. Let’s face it professional
is the best option, so WordPress wins this round.

The debate of Blogger vs. WordPress has come to a tie, thus proving
the long known truth that it is based on experience and personal
preference.    The information in this article will bring you one step

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closer to choosing which blogging program is best for you in your
situation. If you want an easy and effective way to just write what
you want, Blogger is for you.

If you prefer a professional looking website with a blog, WordPress is
the way to go.

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   How to find the right affiliate products to promote

   Find relevant affiliate products to solve problems

   Build a keyword list for your products/market

How to Find the Right Affiliate Products to Promote

Affiliate marketing has become a great way for people to make money
on the internet. But many people are asking, “How do I find the right
affiliate products to promote?”

Well it is not extremely easy, but it is not impossible either. It is a
process that involves thought and research, as well as safety
precautions. Here are a few tips for people wanting to delve into
affiliate marketing to find the right affiliate products to promote.

Discovering Your Niche

First and foremost you will need to decide what your niche is going to
be. A niche is a specific genre of products you choose to promote,
such as crafts, clothes, or food.

This is an extremely vital important step to finding the right affiliate
product to promote. Many people are turned off by a site that sells
everything, so you need to decide what your niche will be to narrow
the scope and offer a specific variety of products.

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Research, Research, Research!

It is said three times because it is vital for any affiliate marketer to do
the proper research to make the right decisions when choosing an
affiliate product to promote. There are thousands of companies that
offer affiliate programs, but some may not be in your best interest.

You will want to research as many companies with your niche as
possible to see which ones fit your needs and which do not.      You want
to choose the companies that offer the highest commission rates, the
best guarantees, and also have proven payment histories.

Be very careful when choosing an affiliate program, and look up their
history with the Better Business Bureau to avoid as much risk as
possible.   Many companies love to scam new affiliate marketers by
charging them for lists of companies, who then do the same thing.

What Is In Demand?

Supply and demand is not just a part of the corporate business world.
It is a part of all commerce including ecommerce.         Look at what is
popular, many sites offer “top” lists to help decide which products in
your niche you will promote. The best affiliate to promote products
will be closer to the top of these lists. The higher the demand, the
higher the profitability will be.

Where Do You Rank?

Do an analysis to see how well you are doing compared to your
competition. You will find the right affiliate products to promote by

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looking at what they are not offering. If they offer product “a” and
people are looking for products “a” and “b” you will do better by
offering both.

Take a Test Drive

One way to find the right affiliate product to promote is by trying it out
yourself.   You don’t want to sell a product that isn’t worth selling
because you will end up losing time and money. This is also a good
way to keep your product list full of only the best product for your

Affiliate marketing can be a dog eat dog world, but if you follow these
tips you will find it much easier to be successful. The key is to do the
research and avoid scams as often as possible. You will also want to
stay up to date on the hot products to keep you customers coming
back for more.

Find Relevant Affiliate Products to Solve Problems

Affiliate marketing has become very popular for many internet users
looking to make money through sales.            Many get into affiliate
marketing to help solve the problems of everyday consumers, whether
it is relationship issues or a dirty carpet.

Unfortunately it is not as easy to get started as it used to be. The
competition is tough, the risk of being scammed is much higher, and
finding the right product can be difficult for some affiliate marketers.

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This is why we have created a short guide to help you find relevant
affiliate products to solve problems.

Affiliate marketers all over the world are making a lot of money by
selling products. How? Well they are gearing their affiliate product
choices towards those that solve problems.

The fact of commerce is that consumers make a purchase on
something to solve a problem. They buy gas to fill their tank, thus
solving the problem of having an empty tank.             So as an affiliate
marketer you will want to find relevant affiliate products to solve
problems the consumer may have.

Dealing with the Competition

A great way to find relevant affiliate products to solve problems is to
look at the competition. Look for any products they don’t offer their
customers or products that are better.

For example, your target market is based on chocolate lovers, but you
have some who suffer from diabetes. The problem is that they cannot
eat the chocolate provided by your competitors due to the

Here is where you become the knight in shining armor; you will want
to provide a product that is safe for diabetics. This will allow you to
solve their problem and make the sales your competitors won’t.

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Dealing with Scams

Scammers can inhibit your chance of finding relevant affiliate products
to solve problems. That is why you will want to research any products
you intend on selling, and also try them to ensure they actually solve
the problem intended. If you try software that is meant to clean your
computer and it in fact causes more problems, you will not want to
promote that product.

Do the Research

Doing the proper research will significantly boost your ability to find
relevant affiliate product to solve problems. If you research what the
problems your target market has, you will then be able to provide
them with the perfect product that will help them.

Keyword research will actually help this significantly. Keywords like
“clogged drain”, “dry skin”, or “wrinkles” all tell you that these people
need something to help them like drain cleaner, lotion, or anti-aging
skin cream.   Another form of research to try is reading discussion
boards and forums. People all over the web use these types of sites to
post their questions for finding certain products. Another thing to do
is research the product feedback and reviews to see what is the best
and what is not worth selling.

If you plan on becoming an affiliate marketer you will need to find
relevant affiliate products to solve problems. Great ways to find
relevant affiliate product to solve problems is by analyzing your
competition, eliminating scams,, and doing research. You will soon

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see that by focusing on solving the problems of your customers you
will get more sales and have repeat purchases.

Build a Keyword List for Your Products/Market

Keywords are extremely critical when it comes to marketing your
product or service to your target audience. The way the Internet works
is, a consumer searches for a product, the products that are of the
highest relevance to that search pop up, and the consumer buys the
product. It may sound easy, but the truth is there is a little bit more
to it than that.   After you have established what your product or
service is, you need to start the process of building a keyword list so
they can be found.

Keywords are the search terms your target audience will use in order
to find your product.

For example, if you are in the niche of selling hair products, you will
need to do the necessary research to find keywords. You will want to
look for the ones that are used in your niche. Here is an example:

   10,000 people enter the search term “biodegradable shampoo”

   1,000 people will enter the search term “shampoo”

You want to establish as many keywords as possible for your list. This
will help you target your product to more than one particular
audience. For example if you use “biodegradable shampoo” you will
target eco-friendly hair product users, and if you just “shampoo” you
will find a much broader target audience.

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Tips for Building a Successful Keyword List

There are quite a few ways to build a keyword list that will be effective
in marketing your product or service.

Add narrow and broad keyword terms. This is useful because it will
target multiple groups and specific, while the specific ones tend to
make the purchase more frequently. For example, “shampoo” is broad
and “Herbal Essences Shampoo” is narrowed down.

Alternating the keywords will also help, so try to include as many
variations as possible. For example, “fruity shampoo”, “shampoo that
is fruity”, or “fruity smelling shampoos” are just a few ways to
alternate the words fruity and shampoo. Another example would be
“shampoo”, “shampoos”, or “shampooing”.

Use more than one language. When you build your keyword list, use
as many languages as needed, focusing on the countries you sell to.
Remember that in America there are many different languages used
on a daily basis.

Add misspelled versions of the keywords to your search. Many people
on the internet may not know how to spell a certain brand name or are
too busy and miss a letter. Either way you will be able to show up on
the search engines if you include misspelled variations of your

Add the benefits or features as keyword. Many people may not know
what type of product they are looking for, only what outcome they
want. Adding the benefits or features as keywords will enhance the

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chance of that user finding your product. For example, “shiny hair”,
“smooth hair”, or “silky hair” are three different outcomes they want
from their hair care product.

You may also want to try using the problem as a keyword as well. For
example, “damaged hair”, “dry scalp”, split ends” are all reasons
people want to switch shampoos.

Building a vast and effective keyword list takes time, but can be done
and will be worth it. The more keywords you find and apply to your
product the better chance that it will be found and purchased. If you
do the research and follow these tips you will begin to build your
keyword list to promote your products.

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Build Your Blog

How to Build Your Blog

Before you start on your blog, there are a few key items you need to
remember in order to have a successful blog that people will want to
read. If you stick with these items, you will be almost guaranteed a
quality blog that will get you a good amount of traffic on to your site.

The first thing to keep in mind is how many other blogs are on the
internet that are of a topic that you want to have a blog on.     You may
want to do a web search and see just how many blogs there are on the
topic you have chosen. If you do not see many blogs on your topic,
you will probably have a good chance at getting a good amount of hits
to your blog.

If you search and find a good amount of blogs on your topic, you will
probably want to change your topic as the odds are not many people
will visit your blog if they are already reading some one else’s on the
same topic.     If you find no blogs on your topic when search for it,
there is a great chance you will have a niche in the market that only
you will enjoy and all blog traffic will be directed to your blog alone.

Once you have chosen your topic, you may want to visit some blog
marketing web sites where you can get downloads that you can offer
those who visit your site. There are many types of free items you can
get for your blog. One popular free item are smiley software packages

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that can be downloaded and people can add them to their instant
messenger or email. Most people have a fascination with these little
picture files and love adding them to their collections. You could also
add free online games.

There are many types of games that you can add to your blog for
download. You may also be able to make extra money by adding free
ware to your blog visitors that the promoters of these types of
software will pay you for each time some one downloads them.

When you start getting a lot of hits on your blog, you can also sell
advertising space to make even more money.                This can be very
profitable for those who choose to do online blog marketing.

It is very important that you keep your blog content completely
original. You will lose credibility if you are just copying and pasting
content from another blog or resource. By keeping your blog original,
you will be assured that people will return to read your blog again as
they will be certain of your sincerity and originality.

You will also be able to get more advertisers on an original blog.
There is also a chance you could get in to some trouble if you are
plagiarizing another person’s blog content. So by keeping your blog
original, you will be assured at a successful and legal blog that could
potentially earn you extra income.

If you have a long blog post you want to make, you could split it up
into three or four sections and then your readers will want to come
back to see what the next installments will tell them. You could leave

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them hanging with a cliff hanger type ending that will make them want
to come back to see what you will be writing on next.

Alternatively, if your blog is a “how to” or instructional blog, you could
post one step at a time. Doing this will nearly force your readers to
come back to get further instruction from your blog. One note here
though, do not take too much time between sets of instructions as
your readers may become frustrated if they have to wait too long for
the next step to be posted.

You want to keep them interested but if you take too long, they may
simply become bored.

Add in relevant keyword rich content to blog

When you start up your blog, you will want to make sure you get a lot
of hits when people search your topics. One way to make sure this
happens it to use relevant key words that can be searched from any
search engine and will allow your blog to be found when this search
takes place.

There are many ways you can make sure that your blog has the
content and key word search ability that will put your blog at the top
of the search engine results list.

Using key words that are relevant to your topic is probably one of the
most important aspects in determining the success of your blog. It is
important to make sure that you are searchable through any search
engine so that those interested in your topic can find you. Because
most people will search for blogs using different key words, it is

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imperative that you include as many key words or phrases that will
garner the most hits no matter the key words or phrases searched.

One great way to do this is to get some of your friends or colleagues
together and sit down and just say the first words that come to mind
when you are thinking of your blog topic.       This type of session will
allow you plenty of ideas and you can then dismiss the key words that
do not make sense as you may get some that are really not as
relevant as they may have seemed at first.

This is an easy way to get as many key words as possible that will
enable search engines and those searching your topic to find you. You
will also be able to get many differing opinions of key words that you
may not have thought to be relevant.

The downside to this method is trying to get the list of words into
workable sentences and it can be time consuming going through each
word a second time to confirm its relativity.

If you do not have the time for a session as described above, you can
purchase or search for key word tools online that will do the searching
for you. You will need to have a great grasp on your topic so that
when you search for your key words or phrases, you will get the most
relative key words for your topic.

This will save you a lot of time and if you decide to update your blog, it
will be easy to search for more relevant key words or phrases. Some
of these programs may cost you a small investment, but they will
enable you a fast search of key words and phrases you can access and
use quickly.

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Another great way to search out key words and phrases is to type
them yourself in to a search engine and see what types of blogs your
search produces.    If there is a relevance that goes with your topic
when you search, you know that you are on the right track. This can
be time consuming and often hit and miss, but you will be able to get
a few key words and phrases this way.

If you are writing a blog on a topic that is not familiar, this method
may not yield the results you are looking for.

One of the most important things to remember is that in the beginning
it may be a bit hit and miss. You may need to change your key words
or phrases from time to time if you are not getting the hits to your
blog as you feel you should be.     This can be the biggest clue as to
whether your key words or phrases are bringing traffic to your blog.
Most web sites that post blogs will have a counter for you to see how
many hits your blog is getting during a certain time frame.

By keeping your eye on this counter, you will be able to see when your
key words are bringing traffic to your blog. You can then work on your
key words or phrases to get the most relevant key words and phrases
for your topic.

Review and Presell affiliate products. Stagger content and

If you are looking to build a marketing blog or web site in order to
make money, you may want to consider becoming an affiliate who
sells other peoples products for them. This is a great way to generate
income for stay at home workers or those who would like to earn extra

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income without having to invest a lot of capital in order to do this.
This is probably one of the easiest ways to increase your income with
very little effort on your part.

There are a few tips that will help you to add traffic to your web site or
blog that will enable you to be more successful as a affiliate for other
products on the web. There are many types of items you can become
affiliated to. Some may be software that is down loaded directly from
your web site or blog and other items may need to be shipped from
the manufacturer you are an affiliate of.

The first thing you need to do before you begin the pre sell process of
products on your web site or blog is to find a product that is in great
demand. You can do this by searching the affiliate programs online. If
the product you are going to pre sell is a popular item, you will have
more success at getting a good amount of traffic that is willing to
purchase this product from your web site or blog.

You will also want to make sure the product is one you are familiar
with as you will not be able to sell a product you do not truly believe
in. Many have a tendency to just grab any product that they think will
make money on their web site or blog. By doing the research first and
believing in the product, you will have more success in getting the
product on your pre sell list and you will generate more income this

It is important to also add products that are not too expensive as
people will be more likely to purchase products that are less
expensive.    You will generate more income from a good amount of
small sales than you would with one large sale.           This is a common

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mistake that is made by many affiliates.       They assume because a
product is a high-end item or software that they are going to make
more money than they would with a less expensive item or software.

The opposite is actually true. While you may have one or two sales a
month with an expensive item, the odds are you will be able to sell
more of a less expensive item or software over the long run.

You can increase your blog or web sites hits by adding reviews that
you have written for your affiliate’s products. These reviews should be
original content and should describe the product in full and should also
allow the consumer the opportunity to purchase these products from
your web site.

If you have taken the time to find a product or products you believe in
and are familiar with, you will be more successful in writing articles
that will genuinely sell the products in question.        You can send out
these reviews to your email list as well as posting them on your web
site or blog to generate more interest in your product or software you
are offering and are affiliated to.

If you are sending out emails to your group of subscribers, you do not
always want to send out promotions for free items each time you send
an email. Your group will get so used to the free items that they will
not want to purchase the items from you as the alternative.

If you stagger your promotional emails, you will have more success
with your pre sell items as your email group will visit your site or blog
to purchase these items as well as taking advantage of the free
promotions you are offering as well.

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Paid and Free Methods Drive Traffic To Your Blog

If you have a web site or a blog and you are not getting the hits you
feel your content deserves, you will need to take advantage of ways to
drive traffic to your web site or blog in order to be successful.

There are many methods available on the Internet that will help your
blog or web site to generate more traffic and thereby make your blog
or web site more successful. This is especially true for those who are
using affiliate marketing to generate income from their blogs.

Free Signatures on Forums and Emails

If you belong to any public forums, you will be allowed a signature that
is free for you to post. This signature will be seen any time post a
topic or reply to an existing topic. You can put a link that will access
your blog or web page directly at any time. Since public forums tend
to generate a lot of traffic, it only makes sense to take advantage of
this handy tool to generate traffic to your site.

You can also add a small note telling the people on your forum what
your link is to and what they will find there in order to get interested
parties to your web site or blog.

Most email accounts also allow you a signature at the end of your
message. Instead of putting the standard information such as your
name and contact information, you can add your blog or web site links

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as well, this will get more people to see your links on a daily basis.
Since we all send out many emails in a week, and many who have a
blog or web site are sending out more than the average person, you
will get your links viewed by all the people in your contact list.

This is step many do not consider when trying to generate traffic to
their web sites or blogs.

Submit Articles to Directories

You will want to write original content articles that you can submit to
directories that speak on the topic of your blog or the items offered on
your web site. You can use the information box to include a link to
your web site and blog and that will direct traffic directly to you.

You will want to make sure that your article uses common key words
and phrases that will be searched by clientele that are interested in
your blog topic or web site.

When potential customers or clientele do a web related search, your
article will appear. They can then simply click the link you provide to
access your web page.          Keep your articles current, original and
interesting so that your potential new customers will be interested in
reading what you are writing.

Using Google’s Adwords

If you do not have a Google account, you will want to set one up first
and foremost. This is not a free service, but is not one of the more
costly methods for generating traffic to your website either. You will

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pay a small fee to create and set up your account. This is typically in
the five to ten dollar range so it is affordable to most that are getting
started with their blog or web site even if they have not generated a
lot of income yet.

You will then decide what payment type you would like to incorporate.
The two means of payment are pay per click and site target. Pay per
click is exactly what it implies, you will pay for each click that is made
on your link or banner and directs people to your site. This is also
generally a small amount and will not break you if you are not
generating a lot of income at first.

The other method is site target and with this plan, you will be charged
every time your web site generates a thousand views. Keep in mind
you will be charged for a thousand views whether or not your site is
actually clicked on.


Blog List Building And Backend Profits

If you are a blog owner and would like to increase your income, you
may not be aware of the need for back end profits and building a blog
list to help build up your sales. If you are just interested in starting a
blog, this information will benefit you as well.

When you are selling items or software online, you will typically not
make much money or generate much income on your first few sales as
this income typically goes to the start up costs associated with starting

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a blog or web site. It is the sales after, or the back end sales that will
generate more profit for your blog or web site.

Because of the cost of marketing will and can exceed the initial
payments made to you, you will not start to make any profits on your
first few orders. Most people will not purchase high price items from
you until they are sure you are reputable and that you deliver your
goods in a timely manner and that these goods are of a high quality
and as you describe them.

You will be getting small dollar sales that will not cover your marketing
costs at first. This the most important time for a start up blog or web
site as you will want to make sure that you keep your clientele happy
and coming back to your blog or web site to purchase your more high
end products or services.

Once you have established yourself as a trustworthy seller, people will
be more inclined to purchase higher end products from you as they will
not be concerned about losing any money by using your blog or web
site.   Trust in imperative in any online or brick and mortar-type
company and this is even more so when you are running a blog
marketing company.

Once your few initial sales have taken place, the rest of your income
can be considered back end as they will generate the most profit from
your blog or web site.

It can be frustrating getting over the initial hump that will take you
from breaking even to getting to the point where your main profit is

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from back end sales. You must keep at it and not get discouraged, as
it will happen over time if you have gained the trust of your clientele.

Once you have gained your clientele or customers trust, you can offer
them an upgrade to their existing account that will offer them certain
perks that they would not normally receive as a regular customer.
This can be in the way of a membership that will cost them an annual
charge but will afford them discounts on current products, or you can
offer high end products that are not offered to the general public.

Once you begin selling, you will want to build an email list of your
current customers and make sure to keep them up to date on your
current items for sale or any promotions you may be running. You can
begin to build an email list from friends and family.

If you belong to a public forum, you can add these contacts to your
email list as they may be interested in your products and services and
it may not be prudent for you to advertise directly on your forum as
many do not allow for free advertising.

Once you begin to get a clientele base directly from your blog or web
site, you want to keep contact with these customers so that you will
remain on their mind and they will be more likely to return to your site
and purchase more products from you.

When you are sending out promotional emails with free items, do not
send too many of these types out in succession. You should instead
stagger these emails with sales emails so that your customers on your
email list do not always expect to get free items all the time. This will
cut down on your back end sales to a great degree. By offering sale

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items with your promotions, you will be more likely to generate sales
along with your free or sale items.


Once you have the basics of setting up your blog, finding a niche
market and learning to get article and blog post ideas, you will be
ready to monetize your site and start some income flowing.

Adding affiliate products and services that are relevant to your niche,
putting up some contextual advertising like Google Adsense or Yahoo
Publisher will allow your visitors choices between what they want to
buy and use to solve the problem. It’s just a matter of finding the right
products to match your website.

Some good affiliate programs to start with include:

Clickbank – This is the easiest and most popular digital products
affiliate program out there.

PayDotCom.com – another digital product affiliate site that is
growing in popularity.

Amazon.com – You can find books and audio relevant to almost any
niche you’d care to set up. Amazon is one of the largest affiliate
programs on the web with a wide assortment of products to choose

Commission Junction – Another biggie. This one has a ton of affiliate
programs for some of the major brands.

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These are just four, but there are many more out there that offer a
wide variety of products and services that will help you make money
from your website in addition to any products or services you are
offering personally.


Once you have one website and sales system set up, it is very easy to
duplicate the same thing in other markets. So, you might start out
selling custom crafted sewing creations or custom cutlery; however,
anything that you are passionate about is something you can build a
site and a thriving growing business around.

Curiosity and creativity are your best allies in the pursuit of new
markets to approach. Don’t be afraid to experiment. This e-book has
just scratched the surface of what you can do on the Internet.

To your success!


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