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					                             Social Media
                               and the

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Why business are we in?
    How we sell real estate is different
    Today most people use internet for real estate
     marketing purposes
    The real estate marketing industry has changed
     due to online communication, more
     independent agents, more intellectual
     customers, virtual tours, mobile application,
     online shopping and many more factors.
Thursday November 18, 2010
In US 75 % people uses internet for real estate services that

means 3 out of 4 people.
   90% of home buyers search home in Google search engine,
First time home buyers are the fastest growing group on
social media
   94% of 24-44 yrs old use the internet to search for homes,
86% of home buyers used a real estate agent to purchase
their home.
In 2009 only 33% of Realtors surveyed reporting using Social

Media but in 2010 it increased to 84%.
   Real estate marketing is a more competitive job than ever
Thursday November 18, 2010
    What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)‫‏‬
          SMM is media designed to be disseminated through
           social interaction, created using highly accessible
           and scalable publishing techniques.
          SMM has established itself as the pre-eminent focal
           point for social interaction using web-based
           technologies, with people generating their own
           content, social commentary and opinions reaching
           a wide audience through friends, recommendations
           and same interest groups.
          #1 activity on the Internet, surpassed pornography
Thursday November 18, 2010
    Who is using Social Media Marketing?
          96% (2010) of Generation Y (mid 1970s - 2000) will
           be at least one (1) social network
          14% of people based upon advertisements,
           however 78% buy based upon peer

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Benefits of Social Media Marketing
          Visibility & Brand Building
                The more traffic your website can continually obtain, you
                 will soon earn a higher ranking among the search
                 engines. Helping your business to achieve a high ranking
                 with the search engines can give your website much
                 better visibility and online exposure, and keep the new
                 customers coming.

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Benefits of Social Media Marketing
          Customer Promotions, Service & Feedback
                Once you have built up a reputation with a few good
                 SMM campaigns, it is easy to continue to send messages
                 to your loyal customers. You can announce new
                 products, promotions and special offers, sales, contests,
                 etc. It is advisable not to overdo this as people will
                 become immune to it, but every now and then an
                 interesting new campaign such as this will build interest
                 and bring you business.

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Benefits of Social Media Marketing
          Lead Generation& Core Supporters
                Through social media you can quickly build a network of
                 core supporters, which is essential for any up and coming
                 business to keep growing and expanding. It is that group
                 of loyal followers that will keep bringing your company
                 business and referring it to others if they are pleased with
                 what they are finding.

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Benefits of Social Media Marketing
          Economical‫“‏&‏‬Green”
                There are many different advertising campaigns you
                 could opt to make use of to grow your business.
                 However, marketing via social media is the most cost
                 efficient and eco-friendly method possible. Here you do
                 not have mounds of cost associated with paper, ink, and

Thursday November 18, 2010
    5 Reasons why you must use SMM
      1)Reach new clients and get new leads
      2)Protect and grow your brand and name
      3)Grow you Sphere of Influence
      4)Generate more sales
      5)Create Customer loyalty

Thursday November 18, 2010
    But why should a Realtor use SMM
       1)It is SO much easier to engage prospective clients
         online rather than cold-calling.
       2)Social networking sites the most powerful tool you
         can ask for to achieve maximum exposure
       3)Reduced Expenses = Greater Return on your

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Do's and Dont's
          DO - think about what you are going to post on your
           profile before you actually post it.
          DO - set your profile so only your friends can view it
          DO - remember everybody is listening

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Do's and Dont's
          DON'T - post any photos of you in compromising
           positions ethically, morally, legally etc.
          DON'T - cyber bully by making inflammatory
           remarks against a person or a group
          DON'T - add anyone you do not know as a friend
          DON'T - add your personal information on
          DON'T – use a name (handle) that is offensive,
           pejorative or controversial
Thursday November 18, 2010
    LIFT
          LinkedIN = networking group on steroids
          Internet Blogging = become the expert
          Facebook = become friendly
          Twitter = Nightly news sound bite

Thursday November 18, 2010
    LinkedIn
          Building your profile
                Creating a professional profile
                Managing your professional network
                Career history
                Managing your profile
                Managing status updates

Thursday November 18, 2010
    LinkedIn
          LinkedIn recommendations
                Getting recommended
                     ask/answer questions
                Recommending colleagues

Thursday November 18, 2010
    LinkedIn
          LinkedIn groups
                Creating a group
                Branding your group
                Group posts

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Internet Blogging
          14% of people based upon advertisements while
           78% buy based upon peer recommendation
          Two types
             video

          Same/Different‫‏‬then‫‏‬your‫‏‬website,‫“‏‬cross-
          “Sell‫‏‬without‫‏‬selling”

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Facebook
          Facebook pages and fans
                Creating a Facebook profile
                Creating a Facebook page
                Designing and branding your Facebook page
                     Create Groups
                     Suggest your database become fans
                     Create a SOLD page
                     Loyalty Perks
                     Suggested Ancillary professionals (monetize)‫‏‬

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Facebook
          Best practices and common mistakes
          Getting fans
          Vanity URLs
          Be professional
          No‫“‏‬hard‫‏‬sell”‫‏‬be‫‏‬yourself

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Facebook
          Hosting your own Facebook events
                Managing your event
                Customizing your event

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Facebook
          Introduction to Facebook advertising
                Creating ads
                Creating a target profile
                Advertising maintenance

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Facebook
          Facebook applications
                Application introduction
                Using pre-built applications

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Twitter
          Twitter introduction and overview
                What is it and who is using it?
                     1382% Growth rate of twitter Jan 09 – Feb 09
                     3,000,000 tweets per day
                Creating a twitter ID

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Twitter
         Interacting with others on Twitter
                Following
                Sending @replies
                Sending direct messages
                Using the #tag
                Un-following and blocking users
                Verified accounts

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Twitter
         Creating a tweet (Micro blog)‫‏‬
                Writing within the 140 characters
                Creating engaging and interesting tweets
                Linking to other sites
                Re-tweeting

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Twitter
          Using Twitter to help build your brand
                Branding your twitter page
                Customizing your twitter account

Thursday November 18, 2010
    Social media is not about being everywhere all
     NOT Social media
    Social media should be targeted and strategic
     directly to get the maximum return on effort
    Social requires more than just setting up
     accounts, to get results you must interact and

Thursday November 18, 2010

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