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									   Do you have a favorite decorative print or
design which you would like to duplicate onto a
quilt? Try these various methods of tracing and
transferring designs. They are very easy to do.
Are you ready for some new challenges or do you have a problem finding
a design that you like, or do you need a little something more in your
quilting? Why not transfer a design? Transferring can be done with:
Natural tracing paper or tissue paper Temporary tracing paper
Refrigerator paper or waxed butcher paper Graph paper Stencils Light
box or other light source Iron on How to transfer quilt designs with natural
tracing paper or tissue paper: Select your design from any source Place
tracing paper or tissue paper on top of design Mark with pencil, marking
pen, fabric marking pen or chalk pen Place tracing paper on quilt fabric
top and transfer design Retrace design with marking pen or tool and it
will reprint onto fabric Sometimes you may need to darken the markings
Stitch your marked design Natural tracing paper has been available
since 1909 or about two hundred years It is made into a translucent
cellulose fiber which comes from plants
 It is used in quilting and embroidery because of its transparency and
working ease Natural tracing paper or tissue paper is uncoated Another
method is to place your traced design onto your quilting fabric, secure
both with your embroidery hoop and do free hand stitching, basting or
machine stitching Remove paper by gently tearing away from stitching
If you prefer, some printers will allow you to copy the design directly to
the tracing paper As each copy machine may be a bit different be
cautious with this method You are probably familiar with wax coated
tracing paper This paper is available in different colors and the imprinting
of the design onto the fabric is done with a tracing wheel I recommend
that you test a fabric sample to be sure the waxed coloring will not be
 Depending on the type of fabric I have had some bad experiences
There is a new product which is used in the same manner and its benefits
are the markings will disappear as they are not permanent Quilting
paper or vellum is also available It is made with plasticized cotton This
product is good for continuous free motion machine stitching Freezer
paper is very popular or some people use butcher paper These papers
have a waxy side which is placed on the fabric The plain side of the
paper takes the design
 Press the waxy side of the paper with a dry iron onto the fabric Quilters
who do paper piecing quilting enjoy the adhesive benefit Stitch with small
stitches over your design as the tighter stitching allows ease in removing
paper Graph paper is used for precision designs Use a light box or
other light source for clarity Stencils which are made from plastic are
very easy to trace Quilting stencils are marked with the sewing lines
which are easily marked with your water soluble marking pen or chalk
pen A new product contained in an aerosol container permits you to
spray your stencil
 After you spray it remove the stencil and the design remains until
washday That is easy and tremendous time saver for the more complex
and ornate designs There are many methods as to how to transfer quilt
designs These methods are fast and easy Start today making quilts Go
to the hobbies section of Infotrish at  Review Quilting Gems Do download your free
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