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									   Believe it or not the futon cover for your
    futon bed is one of the most essential
 elements for your bed. Though its function
 for many is primarily decorative this is also
  the fabric that protects the mattress from
  dirt and other materials that may degrade
      the material of your futon mattress.
 There are a few things you need to consider or note when looking for a futon
mattress cover The first thing on the list should be accurate measurements of
your futon mattress You need to not only know the size but also the thickness
of your mattress as they do vary If you do not take the time to get the correct
sizing information before you order you could be facing disaster (especially if
your covers are custom made)
 You should also pay close attention to the fabric and design This is especially
true depending on the location within your house You do not have to spend a
fortune in order to buy a futon cover that is appropriate for public areas within
your home The general price range for futon covers is between $30 and $150
 It helps if you establish the budget you are comfortable with and shop
according to your budget requirements rather than getting your heart set on a
cover that is out of your price range It is also a great idea to have your futon
cover fitted with zippers in order to make removal of the cover for the purpose
of cleaning Types of Futon Covers Print These covers are completely
covered in print, which is a good idea if you would like the option to flip your
mattress occasionally
  Printed Top or Inlay This cover is typically one print on top with a
coordinating solid on the 'flip side' This could be flipped if you were desperate
to hide a stain before company arrives or even if your prefer the solid side for a
change of pace Solid Back or Inlay
 With this futon cover, the major difference is the solid fabric remains on top
while the print shows everywhere else Window Pane or Window Panel This
type of futon cover has print on the top that doesn't cover the entire tip The
back and edges of this cover are solid colors
 End Cap This differs from the window pane futon cover only in that it has print
that wraps around the all the way around the edges, top, back, and front of the
futon cover A-frames or Love Seat
These covers are customizable and are only limited by your imagination You
will need to identify the specific print before ordering

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