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Facebook Fan Page Money Guide


This is a guide on the topic as atated in the title.

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									by Mike Lynch

Introduction ................................................................................... 3

Why the facebook fan page maketing. .......................................... 3

How To Create A Successful Fan Page ......................................... 4

Conclusion .................................................................................... 7

There're many beginners who just start doing the online marketing.I have been
there too,don't have money,don't have experience,don't know how to make it
work.Just as what most newbies are doing I also used to do SEO stuff to drive
traffic to my website and hope to rank on the first page of Google. But
unfortunately it didn't work for me eventually.I wasted much time on it. So now
I'll introduce you today's hottest market.Yep,that's the facebook fan page

Why the facebook fan page maketing.

Facebook is absolutely the most popular social network on the internet now.It
has more than 500 million registered users and 80% of them are active
users.As there is people there is way to make money from them,No mention
there're tons of users out there so you can make a huge amount of money
from facebook if you know how to make it.Since facebook has lunched its fan
pages it created a big change on how to make money from the social
networks.If you can do it well with the fan page is even better than doing SEO
to promote your website.The rage of the Facebook fan page has cought on
recently.It's so awesom and effective and more and more people come to the
facebook fan page marketing.Don't miss the chance to make thousands of
bucks everyday without spending even one buck.
The facebook fan page can be a really gold mine monetization.When you have
a huge fan base on your fan page you will see what I'm talking about.And Here
I'll show you the method I'm using to gain tons of "fans" to my fan pages.Let's
How To Create A Successful Fan Page

Creating a fan page is very easy,log in your facebook accout and create a fan
page.That's it,very easy!Cause all things are preset for you all you have to do
is just set up a fan page and promote it among your friends and gain fans or
followers to your page.Now I'll show you step by step how to create a fan page.

1.Go to and click “Create Page” in the upper right
hand corner.

2 The next screen asks you to select a category from the following list.Select
one category and continue.

   Local Business or Place

   Company, Organization or Institution

   Brand or Product

   Artist, Band or Public Figure


   Cause or Community
3.Upload an Image for your fan page.After uploading a Image just click the

4.Now you're in the your fan page and you can post updates and invite
friends.But I won't invite friends before I get a impresive page.
5. In the first two or three days you need write something fitting your page.I
highly recommend you upload more than 20 videos and articles in the
following 3 days and then you can make more friends and ask them to join you

Now you have created a new fan page,but how to make it successful.I think
the most important thing is give the people what they might need.You know
most people come to facebook to see something fun.So you have to create a
fan page which is about something fun like game,video,fun picture etc....

Now I'll give you some examples in how to make a successful fan page.Let's
see now I'm planning to create a fan page about Tara.So why do people need
the tara thing,because they have wishes.We all know that everybody have
wishes.But does everyone want to join the tara fan page?Absolutely No!So
what kind of people will be likely join my fan page if I ask them in?In my
opinion,people who have wishes but can't make it by doing it will probable join
my fan page to see if the Tara thing can help them.So the only way to achieve
their goals is by wishing it,they can't do anything about it.For example,Getting
taller? Getting married?.....Also,women will be more likely believe in the Tara
thing than men.So now our job is to find these people and make friends with
them and ask them to join our page.For the people who want to get taller I
might find girls below 165cm and age 16-25.And for the people who want to
get maried I will find the women age above 30 but still single.

I will create a girl facebook account and put a beautiful girl wearing a wedding
dress picture,and then set up a fan page.In the following days I will make about
50 friends everyday and post an article or video everyday in the fan page.
Create another account and do the same things to ask friends to the same fan
page.I usually use 5 account to gather friends to one fan page.You will be
doing the same thing in the following month.If you work hard and after a month
you will probable have more than 5 fan pages and get thousands of traffic
everyday.Now you got the traffic you can do anything you want.


As I promised now you have a method how to get thousands traffic with the
facebook fan page.Of course,you need to more things about creating a
successful fan page like fanpage template or some tools will help you to save
more time and gain many fans more quickly.However,this is a greate method
what I'm currently using to gain fans.It's very easy,fast and requires a very low
initial investment.

Now it's your time,I've showed you the method I'm currently using and it's up to
you now.You need take action now and implement this method.Probably in two
or three weeks you will get thousands of fans.Remember,no taking action is
the main factor stops beginners from making money online.I really it doesn't
stop you.

To Your Success
Mike Lynch

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