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At  Peak  Investment  Advisors,  Inc.  your  success  is  our  motivation.    Our  thorough  approach  to 
understanding  our  clients  situation  as  well  as  their  goals  and  objectives  allows  us  to  put  our 
clients in the best situation to succeed.  Allowing our clients to understand and achieve their 
investment goals. 

Peak  Investment  Advisors,  Inc.  is  an  independent  advisor.    As  independent  advisors  we  can 
search the entire marketplace and  work with any company and their products.  This allows us 
greater flexibility to offer our clients the best possible investment options 

With our team of experienced professionals and advisors we can provide a greater benefit to 
our clients.  Aside from investment advisory and management services provided through Peak 
Investment  Advisors,  Inc.  we  are  also  able  to  offer  insurance,  estate,  retirement  and 
comprehensive  financial  planning  as  well  as  tax  preparation,  all  under  one  roof  through  our 
alliance with Peak Insurance & Benefit Services, LLC and DeLeon & Stang CPA’s and Advisors. 

We  look  forward  to  having  the  opportunity  to  discuss  with  you  how  we  can  help  you  work 
towards your investment goals and objectives.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate 
to contact us. 


Peak Investment Advisor, Inc. Team 

Daniel Falk‐Investment Advisor Representative             

Sean Falk‐Investment Advisor Representative               

Allen Deleon‐Investment Advisor Representative            

Rich Stang‐Investment Advisor Representative              

Brett Friedman‐Investment Advisor Representative          

Abby Hunt‐Metzbower‐Executive Administrative Assistant 
        The greatest
        can be
        with the
        right team.

          t Peak Investment Advisors, Inc. we real-           Peak Investment Advisors, Inc. team can assist you in
          ize that facing your financial issues can           the following areas:
          often be an overwhelming task. Whether
          positioned for steady growth, caught in             •   Investment advisory and management services*
the midst of economic change or searching for guid-           •   Retirement Planning**
ance, we can help.                                            •   Estate planning**
                                                              •   Financial Reviews**
Our first priority has always been to provide our cli-        •   Consulting Services**
ents with the best service possible. Our team mem-            •   Business Valuation**
bers take a personal interest in each client                  •   Insurance Planning***
relationship we build. We grow by forming long-
lasting relationships with our clients — and for that         *   Services provided by Peak Investment Advisors, Inc.
reason, we never lose track of our core mission to            ** Services provided by DeLeon & Stang, CPAs & Advisors
help our clients improve their individual financial           *** Services provided by Peak Insurance & Benefit
position and increase their personal net worth. The               Services, LLC

                                                         To learn more about how you can take advantage of
                                                         our financial services please call us at 240-361-2700
Daniel G. Falk, CPA                                               Designations
Since	1975	when	he	started	his	own	CPA	firm,	clients	              •	Certified	Public	Accountant
have	benefited	from	Dan’s	knowledge	and	experience	
in	providing	accounting,	tax	and	consulting	services	for	         Memberships
businesses	and	individuals.	For	more	than	25	years	he	has	          •	American	Institute	of	Certified	Public	
also	offered	his	clients	investment	management	services,	as	          Accountants	(AICPA)
well	as	financial,	estate	and	retirement	planning.                  •	Maryland	Association	of	Certified	Public	
                                                                      Accountants	(MACPA)
In	addition	to	piloting	his	own	CPA	firm	for	more	than	             •	Maryland	Society	of	Accountants
three	decades,	Dan’s	background	includes	years	of	service	
in	multiple	posts	as	CFO	at	several	privately	owned	              Education
corporations	and	publicly	traded	corporations.	His	private	        •	George	Washington	University
industry	experience	includes	manufacturing,	government	               •	MCS	and	BCS,	Accounting
contracting,	construction	job	costing,	proprietary	schools,	
rental	property,	franchising	and	insurance	companies.	In	
addition,	he	has	worked	with	national	associations	and	
national	accrediting	commissions.
Dan’s	greatest	strength	is	in	his	ability	to	look	at	
investment	strategies	critically.	He	believes	in	an	
investment	approach	that	considers	all	factors	in	portfolio	
management.	He	works	with	every	client	to	construct	a	
financial	plan	that	includes	an	analysis	of	the	client’s	total	
financial	picture.	He	offers	open	communication	and	
consistent	and	thorough	insight	throughout	the	year.
                                                           •	Certified	Public	Accountant,	Maryland,	
                                                             Washington	D.C.,	Virginia	and	New	York
                                                           •	Personal	Financial	Specialist	(PFS)

                                                           •	American	Institute	of	Certified	Public	Accountants	
                                                               •	Council	Member
                                                           •	Maryland	Association	of	Certified	Public	
Allen P. DeLeon, CPA, PFS                                    Accountants	(MACPA)
                                                               •	Board	Member	
Al	has	spent	his	entire	career	in	the	tax	an	
                                                               •	Legislative	Executive	Committee	–	Chair	
financial	services	field.	Al	has	worked	with	a	
                                                           •	District	of	Columbia	Institute	of	Certified	Public	
number	of	clients	to	help	them	develop	and	
                                                             Accountants	(DCICPA)
work	toward	their	financial	goals. He	focuses	on	
                                                           •	Association	of	Certified	Fraud	Examiners	(ACFE)
working	with	clients	to	define	what	“success”	
                                                           •	American	Society	of	Association	Executives	(ASAE)
means	to	them	and	offers	guidance	to	help	them	
                                                           •	Metropolitan	Area	Credit	Union	Management	
improve	their	financial	well-being. He	has	over	
                                                             Association	(MACUMA)
30	years’	experience	in	the	accounting	profession,	
                                                           •	Maryland	&	District	of	Columbia	Credit	Union	
encompassing	25	years	in	public	accounting. In	
                                                             Association	(MDDCCUA)
addition,	he	worked	for	6	years	in	private	industry	
                                                           •	Maryland	Association	of	Nonprofits	(MANO)
as	the	controller	and	CFO	for	not-for-profit	
                                                           •	Financial	Executive	Institute	(FEI)
organizations.	Al’s	experience	in	private	industry	
                                                           •	Ethics	Resource	Center	(ERC)
and	public	accounting	gives	him	invaluable	
                                                               •	Board	Member	
insight	into	helping	his	clients	incorporate	tax	
                                                           •	Gaithersburg-Germantown	Chamber	of	Commerce
strategies	into	their	investment	portfolios	as	well	as	
                                                               •	Board	of	Directors	–	Chairman
anticipate	issues	and	leverage	opportunities	at	the	
                                                               •	Financial	Committee	–	Member
most	appropriate	time.	
                                                               •	Legislative	Committee	–	Member
Al	holds	a	securities	license	and	is	a	licensed	               •	Golf	Committee	–	Member
insurance	agent	in	Maryland.	Al	also	provides	
accounting,	tax,	audit	and	advisory	services	for	         Education
both	businesses	and	individuals	through	the	               •	Hofstra	University	School	of	Business	
affiliation	with	DeLeon	&	Stang.                              •	BBS,	Accounting,	with	honors
Richard C. Stang, CPA/ABV, PFS                      Designations:
                                                           Certified Public Accountant
As an advisor, Rich specializes in estate                  Certified Estate Administrator
planning, investment management and insurance              AICPA Accredited in Business
advisory services for the firm’s clients. To him,           Valuation
he has succeeded only when he has helped a
client achieve their definition of success.         Memberships:
                                                       American Institute of Certified
During his 20 plus years of experience, Rich has        Public Accountants (AICPA)
provided financial guidance for both individuals       Maryland Association of Certified
and businesses. His understanding of the                Public Accountants (MACPA)
business side of an entrepreneur’s success make        Washington Metropolitan Chapter
him an ideal advisor for                                of Community Associations
business leaders who are transitioning their            Institute (WMCCAI)
business legacy to retirement or working to            Corporate Volunteer Council of
preserve family assets.                                 Montgomery County (CVC)
                                                       Montgomery County Community
Rich holds a securities license and is a licensed       Council
insurance agent in Maryland and Virginia. Rich         Maryland Task Force for Common
also provides accounting, tax, audit and advisory       Ownership Communities
services for both businesses and individuals
through the affiliation with DeLeon & Stang.        Education:
                                                       Frostburg State University
                                                             o BBS, Accounting
Sean E. Falk                                                               Designations
Sean	E.	Falk	has	been	helping	clients	manage	their	wealth	for	more	         •	Series	65	Licensed
than	13	years.	Throughout	his	career,	he	has	worked	with	both	              •	Life,	Health,	Property	and	Casualty	
individual	investors	and	organizations,	helping	them	plan	for	–	and	          Insurance	Licensed
achieve	–	their	individual	financial	goals.	Prior	to	that,	Sean	started	
his	career	in	the	insurance	industry	with	John	Hancock.	Sean	finds	        Education
it	very	gratifying	to	continue	working	with	clients	to	help	them	           •	Towson	University
understand	and	obtain	their	insurance	needs.                                   •	Bachelor	of	Science

Sean	has	always	enjoyed	the	relationships	that	go	along	with	
working	in	a	small	money	management	firm	where	he	can	focus	on	
the	needs	and	objectives	of	each	individual	client.
Sean	looks	at	financial	markets	critically,	and	believes	in	a	top	down	
investment	approach	where	demographic,	societal,	and	economic	
trends	are	key	factors	in	portfolio	management.	His	work	for	a	
client	goes	well	beyond	the	prudent	investment	of	assets	entrusted	
to	his	care.	He	works	with	clients	to	formulate	an	overall	plan	that	
includes	an	analysis	of	a	client’s	complete	financial	picture.
From	the	technology	crash	in	2000,	to	the	recent	volatility	of	
the	last	few	years,	Sean	has	proven	to	his	clients	the	value	in	this	
Sean	also	provides	accounting	and	tax	services	for	both	individuals	
and	businesses	through	the	affiliation	with	DeLeon	&	Stang.	He	
also	is	licensed	to	provide	insurance	services	for	Life,	Health,	Long	
Term	Care,	Fixed	Annuities	and	Group	Benefits	as	an	agent/broker.
Brett A. Friedman, CFP®                                     Designations:
                                                                Certified Financial Planner®
Brett began his career at a large brokerage firm. After
learning about the business he began to question the        Memberships:
numerous conflicts of interest between the                     Financial Planning Association
company/advisor and the client that arise in an                 (FPA)
atmosphere at a large brokerage firm. In 2005 he               National Association of
made a move to the independent advisor side to not              Personal Financial Advisors
only get rid of the conflicts of interest but give him          (NAPFA)
more flexibility to offer the client the best investment       Maryland Association of
options possible. As a Certified Financial Planner®             Certified Public Accountants
(CFP®) on the team, Brett is involved in assisting              (MACPA)
clients with comprehensive planning solutions which
integrate lifetime planning objectives. His work            Education:
includes advanced planning for retirement assets and
                                                               Towson University
stock options, estate planning, income tax planning
                                                                     o BS, Finance
and insurance planning.

Brett’s experience has taught him the importance of
understanding each client’s unique goals. His calm
and clarity are a comfort to the clients he serves, as he
helps them steer the course toward their financial

Brett holds a securities license and is a licensed
insurance agent in Maryland, Virginia and
Washington, D.C. Brett also provides accounting and
advisory services for both businesses and individuals
through the affiliation with DeLeon & Stang.
Here it is: your guide to what’s going on in the business and financial communities. We believe staying on
top of what’s going on in the business and financial communities helps us to form your investment decision
process and strategies. We would like the opportunity to know more about you. Please contact us to set up a
complimentary introductory meeting where we can learn about your financial situation as well as introduce
ourselves and explain the tools we use to design investment strategies based on your individual needs and

In appreciation for setting up this meeting, one-year, free subscription to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance maga-
zine will be coming to you courtesy of Peak Financial Advisors, Inc.

About Peak Investment Advisors, Inc.                       At Peak Investment Advisors, Inc., our first prior-
The alliance of DeLeon & Stang and Peak                    ity is to provide the best service possible to our
Investment Advisors, Inc. will offer value-added           clients. We feel confident we will fulfill this objec-
service for our clients. The Peak Investment               tive. Having DeLeon & Stang and Peak Investment
Advisors, Inc. team combines the accounting, tax,          Advisors, Inc. under one roof provides us with a
and financial consulting experience of five                clear understanding of each of our client’ unique
professionals to provide a comprehensive service           situation. With this knowledge, we are able to as-
to individuals looking to plan for their retirement        sist out clients with their tough, complex financial
years and set up a sound investment plan. Our              issues and plan for their investment future well into
team can assist your with the following:                   retirement.

•   Investment advisory and management services*           For more information about Peak Investment
•   Retirement Planning**                                  Advisors, Inc., please call us at 240-361-2700 or
•   Estate planning**                                      visit
•   Financial Reviews**
                                                            *   Services provided by Peak Investment Advisors, Inc.
•   Consulting Services**                                   ** Services provided by DeLeon & Stang, CPAs & Advisors
•   Business Valuation**                                    *** Services provided by Peak Insurance & Benefit
•   Insurance Planning***                                       Services, LLC

                                                                          100 Lakeforest Blvd., Suite 650
                                                                          Gaithersburg, MD 20877

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