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Siemens Competition Description The Siemens Competition is


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									 Siemens Competition Description: The Siemens Competition is open to high school students in the
United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Wake and Midway Islands, and
the Marianas. Students are encouraged to do research in math, science, or technology; giving young
scientists the opportunity to present their research to leading scientists in their field. Three Hundred
projects are recognized as Semifinalists. Regional Finalists are awarded a trip to compete at one of six
regional competitions. At the regional event, after presenting a poster, giving an oral presentation, and
participating in a question and answer session, the student or team of students will qualify for $1000 to
$3000 scholarship. National Finalists qualify for $10,000 to $100,000 scholarship. Individuals submitting
projects must be seniors at the time of the deadline; team applicants made up of two or three students
may be freshman, sophomores, juniors, or seniors.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.siemens-foundation.org/en/competition.htm

Discus Awards College Scholarship Description: The Discus Awards College Scholarship is available
to high school students planning to attend college. You must choose three areas from the categories on
the Web site and provide evidence of your excellence in each, then post the information on the Web site.
You must be nominated to qualify for this award. Self-nominations are also accepted.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.discusawards.com/scholarship-info

State Farm Youth Advisory Board Scholarship Description: The State Farm Youth Advisory Board
Scholarship is available to students between the ages of 17 and 20 in the U.S. and Canada who are
passionate about service-learning. You must be selected as a youth advisory board member and sit on
the board for one year to be eligible for this award. The board is given responsibility over the resources of
five million dollars to grant signature service-learning projects that seek to solve important domestic
issues. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://statefarmyab.com/apply/

Step Up to Bullying Scholarship Description: The Step Up to Bullying Scholarship is available to
students who are U.S. citizens and no more than 25 years of age. You must submit a short essay on the
sponsor's webpage detailing what you're doing to step up to bullying in your school or community to
qualify for this award. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

Senior Rubincam Youth Award Description: The Senior Rubincam Youth Award is available to students
in grades 10 to 12, or between the ages of 16 and 18. To be considered, you must submit a single - line
genealogy in a biographical format for five generations. Submissions should demonstrate understanding
of various original and derivative source records. It should apply critical analysis and intellectual skills in
compiling the family genealogy. Events should be placed in historical and genealogical context.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

Introducing GlobalSolutions.org Contest Description: The "Introducing GlobalSolutions.org" Contest is
open to all students worldwide. To enter, you must submit an original, 30 to 45 second video that will help
new visitors to GlobalSolutions.org learn about the site and what it can do.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://globalsolutions.org/multimedia

KFC Colonel's Scholars Description: The KFC Colonel's Scholars Program® is looking for high school
seniors with entrepreneurial drive, strong perseverance, demonstrated financial need, and who want to
pursue a college education at an accredited public institution in the state they reside.
The KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program is about you, your dreams and aspirations, and the perseverance
to succeed. This program is offered to high school seniors planning to attend a public in-state college or
university. Students who meet the criteria may apply online to become a KFC’s Colonel’s Scholar.
Students selected for this scholarship are eligible to receive up to $20,000 to complete a bachelor’s
degree program.
Colonel Harland Sanders has become a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit. In keeping with the Charity's
commitment to young people and family values, the KFC Colonel's Scholars program will honor
graduating seniors who share that spirit and need help affording college.
Applicant must be:
- Graduating from high school this academic year
- Maintaining a high school cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
- Planning to attend a public, in-state college or university
- Pursuing a bachelor's degree
- A U.S. citizen or permanent resident
- Demonstrate financial need
Applications are only available online. For additional scholarship information, or to apply, visit the KFC
Scholars website.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.kfcscholars.org/

Anne Frank Outstanding Scholarship Award Description: In honor of the anniversary of Anne
Frank's birthday on June 12, the Anne Frank Center USA celebrates with the annual Spirit of Anne Frank
Awards for citizens, educators and a scholarship student.
Scholarship applicants must be graduating high school seniors who are community leaders and have
been accepted to a four-year-college. Applicants are required to write a 1,000-word essay describing
contributions they have made to their community and how their goals are inspired by Anne Frank. The
essay should relate a single personal experience that demonstrates a commitment to social justice. We
strongly recommend that applicants read “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” and include in their
essay how themes from the diary relate to their own life experience.
Applicants are also required to provide two letters of recommendation on letterhead from supporting
sponsors who are personally familiar with the applicant's contributions but are not parents or family
members. All application materials must be postmarked by January 31; the winner will be announced on
March 28.Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

Website http://www.annefrank.com/fileadmin/safa/categories.html#apply

FIRE's "Freedom in Academia" Essay Contest Description: The FIRE's "Freedom in Academia" Essay
Contest is open to high school seniors graduating in the spring of 2012. To enter, you must watch two
short videos and write a 800- to 1000-word essay in response to the videos, which revolve around free
speech and freedom of expression.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://thefire.org/takeaction/students/essaycontest

"Your Point of View" Contest Description: The "Your Point of View" Contest is open to students
between the ages of 14 and 19. To enter, you must submit an essay that illustrates changes that you
believe your high school needs. The top ideas and stories will be asked to be part of a feature length
documentary and the top 3 submissions will also receive funds towards their education.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.energizestudents.org/Speak-Your-

Letters About Literature Description: Letters About Literature is a national reading/writing contest
sponsored by the Center for the Book in the US Library of Congress in partnership with Target Stores.
The contest is open to US students in grades 4-12. Entries consist of a personal letter to an author, living
or dead, from any genre, explaining how the author's work changed the student's way of thinking about
the world or themselves. There are three competition levels: grades 4-6 (100-250 words), grades 7-8
(250-500 words), and grades 9-12 (500-750 words). Two winners are selected from each level and
awarded a $500 gift card from Target. The contest opens in September and the deadline is December 1
(postmark). State winners are announced in March and national winners in April. For more information,
send email to programdirector@lettersaboutliterature.org Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship Description: The Elks National
Foundation will award 500 four-year scholarships to the highest-rated applicants in the 2010 competition.
Ranging from $1,000 per year to $15,000 per year, Most Valuable Student scholarships are for students
pursuing a four-year degree, on a full-time basis (minimum of 12 semester hours), in a U.S. American
college or university.
• Any high school senior who is a citizen of the United States is eligible to apply.
• Applicants need not be related to a member of the Elks.
• College students are not eligible to apply.
• Applicants must be citizens of the United States on the date their applications are signed; resident alien
status does not qualify.
• Male and female students compete separately.
Applicants will be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.elks.org/enf/scholars/

Do Something Healthy Schools Scholarships Description: Tell us how you're making your school
healthier by December 31st and you (and four of your friends!) could win a $1,000 scholarship.
Not sure what to do? Here a few projects you could try:
- Get the Junior Class (or your entire school!) to give up soda for one week
- Collect healthy recipes and give them out for free to classmates, friends and family members
- Start a "drink a glass of water a day" pledge and get your entire school to sign up
- Whatever YOU want to do to make your school healthier!
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.dosomething.org/

Independence Day Essay Contest Description: This contest is open to U.S citizens of all national
backgrounds that are currently studying in the United States or in an American military school out of the
country. Eligible contestants must be high school (grades 9 through 12) students in a public, private,
alternative, parochial school, or a home study program. Previous scholarship recipients are not eligible.
Recent high school graduates are eligible to participate as long as the deadline of the current contest falls
within 12 months after graduation.
How to Enter:
- Write a 1,500 word essay and focus clearly on the current theme, "What the Star Spangled Banner
Really Means to Me" - Entries must be submitted electronically either through the website or e-mailed
directly to scholarship@JoeFoss.com by July 3rd at 11:59 p.m. MST.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.joefoss.com/

Bridgestone Safety Scholars Video Contest Description: The Safety Scholars Video Contest is open to
students aged 16 to 21 in the U.S. and Canada who are enrolled as full - time students in an accredited
secondary, college level, or trade school. You must submit an original 25 or 55 second video on one or
more issues or topics relating to automobile safety. The video should convey effective ways to improve
driver safety for drivers ages 16 through 21.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.safetyscholarsvideo.com/

AFA Teens Video Competition Description: As more and more families across America are affected by
Alzheimer’s disease, many teenagers as well are becoming aware of this heartbreaking brain disease—
from personal experiences in their own families, watching friends and neighbors or involvement in
community service. Recognizing this, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA), a national nonprofit
organization, has created a division specifically for teens, AFA Teens. Its goals include raising awareness
among teenagers and the general public about Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias; providing
education, counseling and support to young family members; enabling teens to share feelings with other
teens and experts; and referring teens and their family members to supportive services.
In a further effort to provide an outlet for teenagers to think creatively about Alzheimer’s disease and to
engage the younger generation in this cause, AFA is pleased to offer the AFA Teens Video Competition
for teens ages 13-19. AFA will award $500 to the grand-prize winner and $250 to the first runner-up.
Students are required to submit an autobiography and create an artistic or documentary (non-fiction)
video of two minutes or less that conveys s moment in relation to Alzheimer’s disease when you learned
something about your understanding of the disease, learned something about caregiving, or decided to
become a community volunteer/activist.
AFA will award $500 to the grand-prize winner and $250 to the first runner-up. The deadline for
applications is December 1. On February 1, AFA will notify the grand-prize winner and runner-up.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Websitehttp://www.afateens.org/
24Seven $1,000 “Fuel Your Dreams” Scholarship Description: Everyone has a dream, something they
really want to accomplish. Reaching your goals and living your dreams requires energy, focus, and
determination. For that reason, 24Seven Energy is here to fuel your dreams with our fruit energy and our
$1,000 Scholarship. To apply, simply fill out the form at the URL listed above. In 250 words or less,
explain how $1,000 will help you accomplish your dream. *As an added bonus, you will be eligible to win
an iPad 2; just for taking the time to write down your dream.To be eligible, you must be a current 9-12th
grade high school student, or a current college student (including graduate students and adults), or
currently enrolled in or planning to enroll in continuing education. You must also be a legal resident of the
U.S. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://24sevenenergy.com/scholarship/

Create Real Impact Contest Description: The Create Real Impact Contest is open to full - time high
school and college students between the ages of 15 and 22. To enter, you must submit a piece of art,
music, creative writing, video, or a phone application that addresses the problem of distracted and
reckless driving. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

CollegeTalk Scholarship Description: The CollegeTalk Scholarship is available to students ages 16 and
older. To be considered, you must, in 600 words or less, tell who you want as your president from 2012 to
2016. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://collegeinquirer.com/scholarship/

LiveCitizen Scholarship Competition Description: The LiveCitizen Scholarship Competition is open to
students, ages 16 and older, who are enrolled or plan to enroll in an accredited post - secondary
institution of higher learning. To be considered, you must submit a one to two minute video and a 200 -
300 - word essay answering the question "Who was the best president ever, and why?" Once the video
and essay are uploaded, the videos will be voted on. The top five most voted videos will then be sent to
LiveCitizen staff to decide a winner. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

Charles Schwab Foundation Scholarship Description: The Charles Schwab Foundation Scholarship is
available to students who participate in the National Financial Capability Challenge. Twenty students will
be selected by lottery from among the top 10 percent highest-scoring students nationally. In addition, five
$1,000 scholarships will go to students who score in the top 10 percent among all participating students
who attend low-income public schools. A grant of $1,000 will also go to each of the schools that produce
the winning students in recognition of the important role schools play in financial education!
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

Beans For Brains Description: The Beans for Brains scholarship is a merit-based scholarship open to all
students attending an accredited institution in the coming fall. Applicants must know how to knit or
crochet, must provide an original pattern or a photo of a recent project, and must be ok with us publishing
their photo in future media ventures. We heartily encourage our customers attending school, or their
children/grandchildren to apply. The scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional
school students in any course of study. (Ok, we know it's just a drop in the bucket to you doctors-to-be,
but every little bit helps, right?!)
For the coming award year, there are five $3,000 scholarships up for grabs, one of which is guaranteed to
go to a Reno/Tahoe local (the other 4 awards will be distributed evenly among the 4 U.S. Regions).
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.jimmybeanswool.com/scholarshipHome.asp

Why is Abstinence Before Marriage The Best Choice For Teens Today Description: Open to current
high school students in the United States of America $3,500 in Cash Scholarships
Why Is Abstinence Before Marriage The Best Choice For Teens Today?”
Written Essay Contest
- 1st Place $1000
- 2nd Place $ 500
- 3rd Place $ 250
Must be typed and between 1000 and 1500 words. Format in MS Word 2007 or later. And Multimedia
Essay Contest
PowerPoint, Video, or Music Video
- 1st Place $1000
- 2nd Place $ 500
- 3rd Place $ 250
Format in MS PowerPoint 2007 or later; must include 10 to 25 pictures and be between 4 and 7 minutes
in length. Videos are to be between 4 and 7 minutes in length, and Music Videos are to be between 2 and
4 minutes in length.
$3,500 in Cash Scholarships
"Why Is Abstinence Before Marriage The Best Choice For Teens Today?”
Entries accepted until April 15th. The applicant must attend high school and complete original work
answering the question: "Why is abstinence before marriage the best choice for teens today?" To enter,
submit your work to Life Choices following the guidelines listed, with a cover page including: title, name,
address, phone number, e-mail address, school, and person who assigned the essay. If you choose to e-
mail instead of mail your entry, insert your work into the e-mail and not as an attachment. Attachments will
not be opened. Multimedia entries need to mail a hard copy to Life Choices . Postmark shall be before
April 15th. Eligible entries will be judged anonymously for award by the Life Choices Essay Committee.
Winning students must agree to allow their finished work to be used by Life Choices for publicity.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.lifechoicespoway.org/

Humane Planet Multimedia Contest Description: Access your creativity. Make real change for animals.
Innovate to create a more humane planet.
- The competition is open to participants aged 14 to 18 located anywhere on the planet!
- The competition is multifaceted. Participants may submit:
- A short film
- A public service announcement (PSA)
- Both a short film and PSA
We are seeking unique perspectives and innovative solutions to the critical animal welfare issues of
today. A VIP panel of judges will review all entries, and the winners will be announced on or by June 1st.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Websitehttp://www.paloaltohumane.org/

National Civil War Student Challenge Description: The National Civil War Student Challenge is open to
high school students between the ages of 13 and 19. To enter, you must take an online trivia test on the
events leading up to, during, and the repercussions of the Civil War. The online challenge will consist of
50 difficult, multiple - choice questions. The top 30 scorers will be invited to take the 90 - minute final
exam at their local high school or library. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

Google Global Science Fair 2011 Description: The Google Global Science Fair 2011 is open to students
between the ages of 13 and 18. You, or your team of two or three, must create either a two-minute video
or 20-slide presentation giving an overview of your project and embed it on the Summary page of your
project submission. You may submit projects in any one of the following categories: Computer Science
Math, Earth Environmental Sciences, Behavioral Social Sciences, Flora Fauna, Energy Space, Inventions
Innovation, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Food Science or Electricity Electronics. A video or presentation
is required to enter. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Award Description: The Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship
Program, sponsored by Deloitte and the Thrive Foundation for Youth, honors ethical student-athletes who
have a positive impact on three levels: Personal Mastery: Making oneself better Leadership: Making
one’s teammates better Honoring the Game: Making the game better Nominees will be assessed on the
basis of how closely they exemplify the Triple-Impact Competitor Principles. Two boys and two girls in
each region (outlined below) will receive a $1000 TIC Scholarship. High school juniors (class of 2011)
from the following metro areas, defined by county below, are eligible to apply for the scholarship:
Chicago: Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, Will Counties
Houston: Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, Waller Counties
New York City: Kings, Bronx, Nassau, New York, Putnam, Queens, Richmond, Rockland, Suffolk,
Westchester, Bergen, Hudson, Passaic Counties San Francisco / Sacramento: Alameda, Contra Costa,
Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Yolo
Washington DC: District of Columbia, Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Stafford,
City of Alexandria, City of Fairfax, City of Manassas, Montgomery, Prince George's, Frederick, Calvert,
Charles Counties Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Websitehttp://www.positivecoach.org/

Get Green Video Contest Description: The Get Green Video Contest is available to U.S. high school
students between the ages of 14 and 19. To enter, you must submit a 30 - 120 second video that shows
how your everyday actions impact the ocean. The first place winner will receive $500 cash and a
Samsung Galaxy Tab; second place, a Samsung HD Camcorder; and third place, a Samsung Pocket
Camcorder. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://planet-connect.org/2011getgreen

2011 EngineerGirl! Essay Contest - 9th-12th Grades Description: The 2011 EngineerGirl! Essay
Contest is available to boys and girls in 9th-12th grade. In no more than 1500 words, describe an item
that is used for disaster relief. Explain how it works. Point out key elements of the design and why it was
designed that way. Describe how different types of engineers (e.g. civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.) might
have contributed to the final design of this product. Discuss the constraints designers faced in the
creation of this product and potential changes/improvements needed if it were used in a different disaster
relief Scenario. Be sure to include your references. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

DNA Day Essay Contest Description: The DNA Day Essay Contest is available to students in grades 9-
12. Students must compose an essay of no more than 700 words that examine, question, and reflect on
the important concepts of genetics. Essays are expected to contain substantive, well-reasoned
arguments indicative of a depth of understanding of the concepts related to the essay questions.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website http://www.ashg.org/education/dnadaycontest.shtml

Playing with Purpose Scholarship Description: The Playing with Purpose Scholarship is available to
high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who play at least one sanctioned high school sport at the
varsity level. You must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and be a committed follower of Christ to be eligible for
this award. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

Olive Garden's Pasta Tales Essay Contest Description: The Olive Garden's Pasta Tales Essay Contest
is open to first through 12th grade students in the U.S. and Canada. To enter, you must describe, in 50 to
250 words, "How furthering your education beyond high school will help make your dreams come true."
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

Prom Guide Scholarship for Creative 2011 Graduates Description: The Prom Guide Scholarship for
Creative 2011 Graduates is available to graduating high school seniors. To be considered, you must
submit a short YouTube video that explains the benefits of using the PG Card. The title of your video
must include the word "prom." Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

Microsoft University Scholarship Program for the 2011-2012 School Year Description: Microsoft
College scholarships are designed to encourage students to pursue studies in computer science and
related technical disciplines. Students will be awarded scholarships in recognition of their passion for
software, academic excellence, and ability to make a difference in the software industry.
Microsoft is excited to be offering scholarships for the coming academic year. Applications must be
postmarked by February 1st.
At Microsoft, we want to encourage students from groups currently under-represented in the field of
computer science to pursue technical degrees. While all candidates who meet the criteria for eligibility
described below may apply, a large majority of our scholarships will be awarded to female students,
under-represented minority students or students with disabilities. Minority applicants must be a member of
one of the following groups under-represented in the software field: African American, Hispanic or Native
American. Microsoft will review all applications and select final candidates on the basis of eligibility,
quality of application, displayed interest in the software industry, commitment to leadership and financial
need. We will target announcing scholarship recipients by March 18th.
Scholarships are awarded, full or partial amounts, to recipients for the coming academic year. Full tuition
scholarships will cover tuition for the coming academic year as posted by the financial aid office at your
college or university. Microsoft will make payments to the designated school, and they’re not transferable
to other academic institutions. Funds are to be used for tuition only and may not be used for other costs
on the recipient's bursar bill. All recipients of the scholarship will be required to apply for, and complete if
offered, a salaried summer internship of 12 weeks or more at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond,
Washington. Microsoft reserves the right not to offer a position to the scholarship winner if an appropriate
match cannot be found.
Students must be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at a 4-year college or university in the United
States, Canada, or Mexico at the time the application is submitted. Students must be enrolled full-time
and making satisfactory progress toward an undergraduate degree in computer science, computer
engineering, or a related technical discipline, such as math or physics, with a demonstrated interest in
computer science. The student must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average out of a possible 4.0, or
a 4.0 cumulative grade point average out of a possible 5.0.
A completed application includes five items: your résumé, transcript, essay questions, letter of referral,
and confirmation of your online application to the Microsoft Summer Internship program. All items must be
mailed to the address below and postmarked by February 1st to receive full consideration. An application
is considered ineligible if all parts are not received. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all
pieces are received by Microsoft by the deadline.
1. Résumé - Enclose a copy of your résumé that includes your e-mail address, campus address and
phone number, student ID number, permanent address and phone number, major and expected
graduation date.
2. Transcript - Enclose a copy of your current academic transcript.
3. Essay Questions - Use one page to answer all four of the following essay questions (not one page per
• Describe how you demonstrate your passion for technology outside the classroom.
• Describe the toughest technical problem you've worked on, how you addressed the problem, your role in
reaching the outcome, if it was
team-based, and the final outcome.
• Describe a situation which demonstrates initiative and your willingness to go above and beyond.
• Describe how you are currently funding your college education.
4. Letter of referral - Enclose a letter of referral from a faculty member or an academic advisor who knows
your work.
5. Confirmation of Online Application to the Microsoft Internship Program - Apply online at
http://www.microsoft.com/university for a summer internship and print out a confirmation page showing
you have done so. This printed confirmation must be included in your mailed application materials.
6. Gender/Ethnicity/Disability (optional) - Please note your gender, ethnicity or disability on the page with
your essay questions if you would like that information to be considered with your application.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Description: The Leaders and Achievers Scholarship is open to full
- time high school seniors attending a high school in a community served by Comcast. You must have a
minimum 2.8 GPA, demonstrate a strong commitment to community service, and display leadership
abilities in school activities or work experience to be considered for this award.
 Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website
ScholarGamers.com Scholarship Description: The ScholarGamers.com Scholarship is available to
middle or high school students. You must be between the ages of 13 and 19 and have not yet graduated
from high school and be a legal resident of the US or Puerto Rico to be eligible for this contest. To enter,
you must sign up at ScholarGamers.com. After signing up, you may participate in a number of games.
Students who place the highest after a cumulative 45 day period are then invited to Disney s BoardWalk
Resort to compete head - to - head for scholarships. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

Oh, the Places You'll Go! Scholarship Description: The Oh, the Places You'll Go! Scholarship is
available to graduating high school seniors. To be considered, you must write a letter to a person you
know who needs inspiration in his or her life. You must apply the themes of the book Oh, the Places You
ll Go! to you letter. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Website

Ford Motor Company Fund's Heart Behind the Oval Description:What Are The Rules?
Ford Blue Oval Scholars “Heart Behind the Oval” scholarship contest is open to all U.S. college students
enrolled by September 30. High school seniors who are accepted to an accredited college or university
and enrolled by September 30 are eligible.No purchase necessary. Participants must be legal residents of
the United States and/or the District of Columbia. One entry per person. Employees of Ford Motor
Company (sponsor), CCO Communications, Inc. d.b.a. PCGCampbell (administrator), their subsidiaries,
affiliates, and immediate family members are not eligible for the contest. No purchase necessary. Void
where prohibited. A check will be awarded to each scholarship winner payable directly to the educational
institution to be used for tuition in the upcoming academic year. Proof of enrollment must be provided
prior to the start of the upcoming academic school year. The scholarship funds must be transferred no
later than October 29.How Do I Enter? Eligible participants must provide an essay demonstrating what
their heart is behind to make a difference in their communities. Ten semi-finalists will be selected and
given an ULTRA HD FLIP Cam to produce a 3-minute video illustrating their community involvement.
Scholarship winners will be selected based on the video submissions. Ford Motor Company will be
accepting written essay entries online or by mail starting on March 15 and ending on April 9. Written
essays can be entered online at the Ford Blue Oval Scholars website (fordscholars.org), or by mailing
written essays to Ford Blue Oval Scholars Contest Headquarters, 3200 Greenfield Rd., Ste. 280,
Dearborn, MI 48120. Submitting an entry constitutes agreeing to the terms of these Official Rules and all
decisions of Ford Motor Company and/or its designee, which are final and binding in all respects. Ford
Motor Company is not responsible for incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete entry information or for entries
which are garbled, damaged, incompletely received, otherwise defective or lost due to any reason, all of
which will be voided. Participants assume all risk of lost, late, misdirected, incomplete or ineligible entries.
Once submitted, all essays and semi-finalist videos become the sole property of Ford Motor Company
and can/will be used to promote company programs and services without further compensation or
permission. Essays and videos will not be returned. All semi-finalist videos including student’s name and
school will be posted for public viewing/voting on the Ford Blue Oval Scholars website, fordscholars.org
and/or Ford Motor Company’s social media pages What Are The Essay Requirements?
All applicants must complete the contest registration form including: applicant’s full name, age, primary
phone number, address, e-mail address, high school/college/university name and expected graduation
date. Online submission process and essay requirements: Complete the online contest application at
fordscholars.org. All submissions must be in English. Essay must be a minimum of 1,000 characters and
not exceed 2,000 character limit. Your essay has been successfully uploaded when you receive
confirmation on the website. Mail-in submission process and essay requirements: Print and complete the
contest application from fordscholars.org. Include a copy of your contest application in your essay
submission envelope. All submissions must be in English. Essay must be typed and cannot exceed
2,000-character limit. Please include your last name in the bottom right hand corner of each page.
Page formatting should be double spaced with a 12-point LEGIBLE font. Essays should be double
spaced on 8-1/2 x 11-unlined white paper. Mail essay and contest application to Ford Blue Oval Scholars
Contest Headquarters, 3200 Greenfield Rd., Ste. 280, Dearborn, MI 48120.
Submissions must be postmarked by April 9 and received by April 13. What Are The Video
Requirements? FOR SEMI-FINALISTS ONLY Only the 10 selected semi-finalists will provide a video
submission. Videos must demonstrate your written essay / what your heart is behind and how are you
making a difference in your community. The deadline to submit video entries is 5:00 PM EST on May 6.
Videos must be e-mailed to FordBlueOvalScholars@pcgcampbell.com.
Videos may not exceed 3-minutes in length and must be produced from the ULTRA FLIP Cam provided.
Once submitted, an entry cannot be deleted, canceled or modified. Language in the video must be
primarily English. Videos must be tasteful. Language will be evaluated by Ford Motor Company based on
context and societal acceptability. Content must be intended for a family audience and must, in the sole
and unfettered discretion of Ford Motor Company, be suitable for a general audience. The submission
can and will be disqualified if:Video contains any nudity or sexually explicit content. Depicts violence or
cruelty. Attacks or disparages or presents in any false light any individual or group of people.
Video must not contain any commercial content that promotes any product or service other than Ford
Motor Company. Video must not contain any trademarks, copyrighted works or other intellectual property
(other than as owned by contestant). Any element(s) appearing in a video, including without limitation
stills, clip art, supers, music (lyrics and/or melody) or other materials must be the contestant’s own original
work, created and performed by the contestant, or be in the public domain. Use of any copyrighted
elements or other materials that are not the contestant’s own original work, or not in the public domain,
may result in disqualification. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to reject and disqualify any video
entry that it deems, in its sole discretion, to violate any of these content related requirements. If the
content of the video does not meet the requirements Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

C-SPAN StudentCam 2011 Description: C-SPAN would like to share with you the launching of our
StudentCam competition. StudentCam is our annual national video documentary competition for middle
and high school students, grades 6-12.
This year’s theme is "Washington, DC – Through My Lens." Tell us about an issue, event or topic that
helped you better understand the role of the federal government in your life or community. Students are
asked to select a topic and create a 5- to 8-minute documentary that presents multiple views and includes
C-SPAN video. We are awarding a total of $50,000 in prizes. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

Coca-Cola Scholars Program Description: The Coca-Cola Scholars Program is open to high school
seniors who plan to pursue a degree at an accredited post - secondary institution in the U.S. You must
have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be eligible for this award. Additionally, you must be one of the following: US
citizen; US national; US permanent resident; temporary resident (in a legalization program); refugee;
asylee; Cuban-Haitian entrant; or humanitarian parolee. Home-schooled students may also apply.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Websitehttps://www.coca-

DoSomething.org s Healthy Schools Challenge Award Amount$1,000 Deadline Date
Dec 01. Description: Nearly 1 in 3 young Americans is overweight or obese, and with obesity-related
illness ranking as one of the top killers of Americans today this is a serious problem. Do Something about
it and join DoSomething.org s Healthy Schools Challenge. Register and start a healthy living
campaign/program at your school- report your results for a chance to win a party for your school, a
$1,000 scholarship for yourself and $1,000 scholarships for up to 4 friends that help you! Applicable
Majors: All Fields of Study Websitehttp://www.dosomething.org/healthy-schools

Apprentice Ecologist Initiative Scholarship Award Amount$500 Deadline Date Dec 31.
Description: The Apprentice Ecologist Initiative Scholarship is open to young people interested in
protecting wildlife and the environment. The initiative seeks to elevate young people into leadership roles
by engaging them in environmental cleanup projects, empower volunteers to rebuild the environmental
and social well- being of our communities, and improve local living conditions for both citizens and
wildlife. A $500 scholarship will be awarded annually to the author of the top Apprentice Ecologist essay.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study
My College Scholarship Award Amount$1,500 Deadline Date Varies Description: Applicant must be a
student over the age of 16 who is planning on attending a previously unattended college or university.
Scholarships are awarded through random drawing. Award must be used within five years of winning.
Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Websitehttp://www.mycollegescholarship.com/

Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Competition Award Amount$15,000 Deadline Date
Dec 01. Description: The Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Competition is open to high
school seniors who are U.S. citizens residing within the jurisdiction of a local Elks Lodge. Your selection
for this award is based on scholarship, leadership and financial need. To be considered, you must plan on
pursuing a four-year degree on a full-time basis (minimum of 12 semester hours) at an American college
or university. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Websitehttp://www.elks.org/enf/scholars/mvs.Cfm

Standout Student Scholarship Award Amount $500. Deadline Date Oct 31. Description: The Standout
Student Scholarship is available to high school students who plan to enroll full - time at a four - year
college. To be considered, you must submit a maximum 300 - word essay describing a special skill,
talent, or interest that helps you standout from your peers. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required. The recipient
of this award will also receive a free college admissions consultation with author and College Peas
creator, Mike Moyer. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study Websitehttp://www.collegepeas.com/money/.

Alert Scholarship Award Amount $500. Deadline Date Varies. Description: The Alert Scholarship is
available to high school seniors who have a minimum 2.5 GPA and plan to attend college after
graduation. You must submit an essay between 650-800 words about a personal encounter you or
someone you know has had with drug and/or alcohol abuse, how it was dealt with, and, in your opinion,
what was right or wrong about the way the incident or problem was handled. Applicable Majors: All Fields
of Study.Website http://www.alertmagazine.org/scholarship.php.

Dell Scholars Program Award Amount $20,000 Deadline Date Jan 15. Description: The Dell Scholars
Program enables more under-served students with financial need to achieve their greatest potential
through higher education. The Dell Scholars Program is offered to those high school students
participating in an approved AVID program. The funding for each Dell Scholar is substantial: $20,000.
The value of these 250 scholarships equals $5 million. MSDF believes that funding a significant
percentage of their college expenses will enable these students to focus on their college studies and
complete their bachelor program. Dell Scholars are students who demonstrate their desire and ability to
overcome barriers and to achieve their goals. Your application will be evaluated on your:Individual
determination to succeed Future goals and plans to achieve them Ability to communicate the hardships
you have overcome or currently face Self motivation in completing challenging coursework Demonstrated
need for financial assistanceTo be eligible to apply for the Dell Scholars Program scholarship, you must
meet the below listed criteria: Graduating from an accredited high school this academic year
*Earning a minimum of a 2.4 GPA Demonstrated need for financial assistance
*Participating in a MSDF approved college readiness program for a minimum of two years
*Planning to enter a bachelor's degree program at an accredited higher education institution in the fall
directly after your graduation from high school.
*U.S. citizenship or permanent residency Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Four Year Award For Seniors Award Amount $20,000
Deadline Date Oct 31. Description: The Coca-Cola Scholars Program scholarship is an achievement-
based scholarship awarded to 250 high school seniors each year. Fifty of these are four-year, $20,000
scholarships ($5,000 per year for four years), while 200 are designated as four-year, $10,000
scholarships ($2,500 per year for four years). The scholarships must be used at an accredited U.S.
college or university. A joint effort of Coca-Cola Bottlers and The Coca-Cola Company, the Coca-Cola
Scholars Foundation administers the largest business-supported Scholarship Program of its kind. The
Program signifies the same commitment to leadership and excellence that enables Coca-Cola to maintain
international preeminence year after year in the beverage industry. This unique Program was conceived
by Coca-Cola Bottlers in 1986 as a means of making an enduring contribution to our nation's future.
Selection is based on a balanced consideration of leadership, character, achievement, and commitment,
both inside and outside of the classroom. Coca-Cola Scholars are characterized by their ability,
perseverance, determination, and motivation to serve and succeed in all endeavors. They are a diverse
group of individuals, representing every ethnic group and all 50 states. In order to be eligible for a Coca-
Cola Scholarship, a student must be:
- a CURRENT high school or home-school senior anticipating graduation from a school or program in
the United States during the academic year in which application is made;
- a U.S. Citizen; U.S. National; U.S. Permanent Resident; Temporary Resident (legalization program);
Refugee; Asylee; Cuban-Haitian Entrant; or Humanitarian Parolee;
- planning to pursue a degree at an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution;
- carrying a minimum 3.00 GPA at the end of your junior year of high school
Applicants may NOT be:
children or grandchildren of employees, officers, or owners of Coca-Cola bottling companies, The Coca-
Cola Company or any other bottler or Company divisions or subsidiaries
High school seniors can apply online through our website between August 1 and October 31 of
his/her senior year.
All online applications must be received by the deadline of October 31st of the applicant's senior year of
high school. Up to 2,000 Semifinalists, dispersed proportionately across the nation, are selected. Only
semifinalists are notified of their selection by mail and email. Semifinalists return supporting application
documents to the Foundation by January 15th. An independent selection panel then determines the 250
Finalists. At the expense of the Foundation, the 250 Finalists attend a Scholars Weekend in Atlanta in the
Spring. The National Selection Committee, which is composed of leaders in business, education,
government and the arts, interviews and evaluates each candidate. The top 50 Finalists, designated
National Scholars, receive awards valued at $20,000. The remaining 200 Finalists are designated
Regional Scholars and receive awards valued at $10,000. Coca-Cola Scholars share a special
"something else," giving back in unselfish ways, embodying service over self and already making a
difference in society. By supporting these students Coca-Cola, too, is giving back to the communities that
have supported it for more than 100 years. The Foundation intends for the term "Coca-Cola Scholar" to
be synonymous with leadership and excellence. Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

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