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					DELL                                                                  QUOTATION
                                                  QUOTE #: 619268500
                                                Customer #: 18762954
                                                 Contract #: WN88ABZ
                               CustomerAgreement #: 70256-WSCA/NASPO
                                             Quote Date: 4/24/12
Date: 4/24/12 7:23:26 AM                 Customer Name: EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP B O E

         TOTAL QUOTE AMOUNT:              $798.40
               Product Subtotal:          $798.40
                           Tax:             $0.00
            Shipping & Handling:            $0.00
               Shipping Method:           Ground                 Total Number of System Groups:                           1

GROUP: 1        QUANTITY: 1                 SYSTEM PRICE: $798.40                             GROUP TOTAL: $798.40

Base Unit:                    Vostro 3450 Laptop (225-0731)
                              2nd generation Intel Core i5-2430M processor 2.40 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.00 GHz
                              Vostro (317-7623)
Memory:                       4GB,1333MHZ,DDR3,1X4G 1 DIMM Vostro (317-6515)
Keyboard:                     Keyboard with Gesture Touchpad, English Vostro (331-1740)
Keyboard:                     English Documentation, Technical sheet, Vostro (331-1741)
Video Card:                   AMD Radeon HD 6630M (128-bit) 1GB Graphic Vostro (318-0548)
Hard Drive:                   320GB 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive (342-4561)
Hard Drive Controller:        Dell,Software DPR,Finger Print Reader,5.X,Factory Installed Vostro (421-4784)
Hard Drive Controller:        Dell,Palmrest,with Finger Print Reader, 3450 Vostro (331-1888)
Floppy Disk Drive:            14.0 inch High Definition LED Display (1366 x 768) with anti-glare Vostro (320-2177)
Operating System:             Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Service Pack 1,English Vostro (421-6053)
Operating System:             Genuine Windows 7 Label, Latitude, Vostro and Mobile Precision Notebooks (330-6322)
Operating System:             Dell Support Center Software 3.0 (421-4735)
Operating System:             Windows Live Wave 4 Vostro (421-4746)
Operating System:             Dell Resource DVD, Vostro (331-1883)
Operating System:             SKYPE VOIP Software Application Vostro (421-4768)
Operating System:             Dell Digital Delivery Client (421-4047)
Operating System:             Dell Back-up and Recovery Manager for Win7, MUI,Service Pack 1,Vostro (421-6195)
Mouse:                        Dell,Adapter,AC,DLTA,90W,3P,ARM,WW Vostro (331-1800)
Mouse:                        Dell,Cord,Power,125V,1M,C5,US,Vostro (331-1801)
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive:      8X DVD+/-RW with double-layer DVD+/-R write capability, Data Only Vostro (318-0656)
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive:      Cyberlink PDVD 9.5, Vostro (421-5105)
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive:      Roxio Creator Starter,Factory Installed, Vostro (421-4728)
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive:      Roxio Creator Starter Kit,Vostro (421-4597)
Sound Card:                   Dell Webcam Central for Integrated HD Webcam, Vostro (421-4739)
Processor Cable:              Dell,Card,Network,1030,Vostro (430-4058)
Processor Cable:              Dell,SRV,Software,1030,WLAN/BT,3450 Vostro (421-4788)
Cable:                        Aberdeen Silver WIFI Vostro (318-0549)
Bundled Software:             No Productivity Software Vostro (421-9888)
Controller Option:            Bottom Base for DVD+/RW Vostro (331-2033)
Factory Installed Software:   No Security,Winery, Vostro (421-2283)
Feature                       6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery, for Vostro (312-1195)
Service:                      Basic Support: Next Business Day Parts and Labor Onsite Response 2 Year Extended (938-9932)
Service:                      Basic Support: Next Business Day Parts and Labor Onsite Response Initial Year (953-0790)
Service:                      Dell Hardware Limited Warranty Plus Onsite Service Extended Year(s) (935-3238)
Service:                      Dell Hardware Limited Warranty Plus Onsite Service Initial Year (929-7437)
Service:                      Warranty Support,2 Year Extended (982-9072)
Service:                      Warranty Support,Initial Year (983-3920)
                              Cancel Re-Enter (464-7380)

             SALES REP:     dan myers                                             PHONE:         888-977-3355
           Email Address:                              Phone Ext:       7250403

Please review this quote carefully. If complete and accurate, you may place your order online at (use quote number above). POs and payments should be made to
Dell Marketing L.P.

If you do not have a separate agreement with Dell that applies to your order, please refer to as follows:

If purchasing for your internal use, your order will be subject to Dell's Terms and Conditions of
Sale-Direct including Dell's U.S. Return Policy, at If purchasing
for resale, your order will be subject to Dell's Terms and Condition of Sale for Persons or Entities
Purchasing to Resell, and other terms of Dell's PartnerDirect program at
If your order includes services, visit for service descriptions
and terms.

Quote information is valid for U.S. customers and U.S. addresses only, and is subject to change.
Sales tax on products shipped is based on "Ship To" address, and for downloads is based on
"Bill To" address. Please indicate any tax-exempt status on your PO, and fax your exemption
certificate, with seller listed as Dell Marketing L.P, to Dell's Tax Department at 800-433-9023.
Please include your Customer Number.

For certain products shipped to end-users in California, a State Environmental Fee will be applied.
For Asset Recovery/Recycling Services, visit

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