Im in Charge of Celebrations by dfhdhdhdhjr


									I’m in Charge of
   By: Byrd Baylor
How do you know the poet
is not lonely?
• A. She has friends with her.

• B. She is friends with the land and

• C. She goes home often.

• D. She talks to animals.
What is the setting of the
• A. forest

• B. beach

• C. desert

• D. house
 The genre of this selection
  is most like__________.
• A. historical fiction

• B. narrative poem

• C. Expository nonfiction

• D. fantasy
How does the poet keep
track of her celebrations?
• A. She video tapes them.

• B. She takes pictures.

• C. She remembers them.

• D. She writes them in a notebook.
What is a dust devil made
• A. wind

• B. vacuum cleaner

• C. water

• D. storm
What type of events does
the poet celebrate?
• A. holidays on the calendar

• B. birthdays

• C. seasons

• D. natural events
Why does the poet’s heart
• A. she is excited

• B. she is frightened

• C. she is having a heart attack

• D. she sees a snake
When does the poet
celebrate New Year’s?
• A. January 1st

• B. early fall

• C. when winter turns to spring

• D. in the summer
What does the poet see staring
at the triple rainbow?
• A. coyote

• B. scorpion

• C. snake

• D. jackrabbit
What does a fireball look
• A. a long red blazing trail across the

• B. a burning ball of red fire

• C. a twinkling star

• D. a swirl of dust
Which is not a way the dust
devil moves?
• A. Swirling

• B. Swaying

• C. Dancing

• D. Swinging
What happens when the
girls see the dirt devils?
• A. they turn around and around
  watching them

• B. they run and hide

• C. they scream

• D. they sit and watch
What happens when the poet
looks into the eyes of the coyote?

• A. She will never feel quite the same.

• B. The coyote runs away.

• C. The poet pets the coyote.

• D. The poet cries.
Casey is ________ about
the shoes she wears.
• A. admiring

• B. signal

• C. choosy

• D. tracks
The traffic ________ was
not working after the storm.
• A. tracks

• B. signal

• C. average

• D. celebrations
 Linda followed the squirrel
 ________ into the forest.
• A. celebrations

• B. choosy

• C. average

• D. tracks
The wedding __________ was
over at 11:00.
• A. signal

• B. tracks

• C. admiring

• D. celebration
Mike was __________ Jeff’s
new sports car.
• A. admiring

• B. tracks

• C. average

• D. signal
An antonym for special is
• A. tracks

• B. average

• C. signal

• D. celebrations

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