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									       Cosmetic Legislation at a Glance

Cosmetic products are defined as products that are exclusively or mainly intended to externally on the
body of man or in his mouth for cleaning, protecting, maintaining a good state, to perfume, to the change
in the appearance or used to be, the to affect body odor. As cosmetic products, are substances or
preparations of substances that are intended to influence the body shapes.

                                   They are subject to EU-wide since 1976 of uniform legislation, the
                                   Cosmetics Directive. There are in addition to the definition, the safety
                                   requirements, labeling requirements regulated. In the annexes there are
                                   substance lists of banned and restricted substances authorized and
                                   positive lists of preservatives, UV filters and dyes. In Germany are subject
                                   to the cosmetic Cosmetics Regulation and the parent Food, Commodities
                                   and Feed Code (LFGB). There are also provisions to protect consumers
                                   against deception are regulated.

Anyone who uses a cosmetic product has to can be sure that it achieves the effect that is offered. The
cosmetic industry is responsible for ensuring that consumer expectations are met on the products. This
includes protection against misleading or untrue statements. Only when a promised effect can be proven
scientifically, it must be recruited.

It is also important to note that all the products that are referred to as cosmetic products fall under this
definition, regardless of sale or distribution, ie This definition applies equally to the cosmetics from the
supermarket, the drug store, the pharmacy, the direct sales or the Internet.

Repeatedly spoken in relation to cosmetic products cosmeceuticals. This is a conception of art that is
obviously intended to summarize the terms "cosmetics" and "pharmaceuticals". There is such a product
category in the legislation but it is not because the legislature clearly draws the line between cosmetic and
medicinal products. But the fact is that knowledge of skin and hair gets bigger and our increasing
knowledge covers more and more cosmetic products on a bioactive effect.

Thus, even well-known standard cosmetics to cosmeceuticals, although it still meets the full definition of
cosmetic products. Because there is no law against that cosmetic products may have physiological effects,
so long as the predominant purpose of cosmetic nature, is not the physiological effects occur and no
significant non-tolerable effects.

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