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					                                      YEAR 2 FOOD & NUTRITION MODULE
                                         PROGRAMME OUTLINE 2011

                                                     RGS Vision
                       To aspire, strive and dare to be active creators of a better age for all.
                                                     RGS Mission
    Nurturing the high ability girl to be a leader who will realise her talents in service of nation and community.
                                                     RGS Values
                                People centred, Principled, Professional, Passionate
                                                      RGS Goals
    Developing fine character, Developing Well-being, Nurturing the Intellect, Firing the Imagination (Person,
                                              Thinker, Leader & Pioneer)

                                            Aesthetics Department Vision
   To aspire, strive and dare to be insightful young ladies whose creative energies will actively contribute and
                                    transform the home and society for the better.
                                                  Aesthetics Mission
 To nurture young ladies with sensitivity to the aesthetics, equipped with life skills which will enable them to lead
                                          meaningful lives and serve society.
                                                   Aesthetics Goals
To develop literacy and skills in visual arts and design, music and movement, and culinary art in our young ladies.
              To foster a passion for the aesthetics as well as the spirit of innovation and enterprise.
                         To enable our students to use aesthetics as medium of expression.
                                   To nurture gracious and cultured young ladies.
                                 To empower them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Lesson Breakdown :
     7 core lessons
     2-3 filler lessons
     1 session Western Dining Etiquette workshop (outside curriculum/post exam activity)

Change : Manipulate different food elements to create quality food products in an efficient manner, that appeal
           to different special needs and culture.
System  : Acquiring knowledge, skills and processes that enable a person to make informed choices for self,
           family and community.

     Empowering the student to link theory with practice in making informed choices as an individual
     Practise social etiquette in social settings/entertaining
     Integration of the 5 areas in the Aesthetics Dept (D & T/Art; Music& Dance; Needlework, Poise &
        Confidence; Food and Nutrition) through the Aesthetics Class Project

Line, Colour, Texture, Balance, Space

Direction, Colour, Form, Texture, Process, Balance

Students will be equipped with the capacity to manipulate different food elements to create quality food products
that nourish the individual and appeal to the different senses.

Punctuality, Respect, Responsibility, Consideration, Integrity

Note : Students are to bring their F&N file, apron, tea towel, dishcloth and containers for every lesson.
                                                                                                                             Year 2

Lessons   Concepts                                      Topics                          Demo/Practical/Activities              Remarks

                                     1. Macro-concept : System - Direction        Essential Question                          2 plastic food
                                        Team work in the kitchen (pair)          In this present & modern time, is            containers
                                        Tasks carried out by individuals have    learning to cook essential?
                                          impact on the final product
                                     2. Housekeeping                                  Prepare a nutritious breakfast.
                                       Code of Conduct
                                       Kitchen Evacuation Procedure              a) Chicken Macaroni Soup
                                       Familiarization of the Kitchen            b) Papaya Boat
             System - Direction

                                       Kitchen Safety                            c) Hot Milo
                                       Hygiene in the Kitchen
                                       Kitchen Linen                             Written Work
                                       Basic Kitchen Equipment                   Pre-Lesson Knowledge Test
  1                                  3. Why do we cook food?
                                        Reasons for cooking food
                                        Methods of cooking in general
                                        Importance of food presentation
                                     4. Meta Language
                                        Linen
                                        Cutlery
                                        Crockery
                                        Equipment
                                        Utensils
                                        Cube
                                        Slice
                                        Seasoning

                                     1. Macro-concept : Change – Colour/Form      Essential Questions                          4 plastic
                                        Carbohydrates change colour and form     1. Are carbohydrates responsible              food
                                          when exposed to heat                        for all overweight problems?              containers
                                     2. National Education                        2. Is Chicken Rice our national
                                        Role of Chicken Rice                         dish?
                                        Ethnic history to the dish
             Change - colour, form

                                     3. Nutrient : Carbohydrate                        Prepare a healthy and balanced
                                        Function                                      lunch for yourself.
                                        Sources of Food
                                        RDDA for Carbohydrate/energy             a)   Chicken-Flavoured Rice
                                     4. Effects of Heat on Food – Carbohydrates   b)   Grilled Chicken Drumlets
  2                                     Moist Heat - Gelatinisation
                                        Dry Heat - Dextrinisation
                                                                                  c)   Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables
                                                                                  d)   Konnyaku Fruit Jelly
                                     5. Investigative Work
                                        To find out how moist heat (boiling)     Written Work
                                          affects carbohydrate (rice)             IW1 Worksheet – Effects of Moist
                                     6. Methods of Cooking                           Heat on Carbohydrates
                                        Toasting
                                        Grilling
                                     7. Meta Language
                                        Marinate
                                        Gelatinization
                                        Dextrinisation

                                                                                                        Mrs S Raihana Abbas
                                                                                                                                     Year 2
Lessons   Concepts                                  Topics                              Demo/Practical/Activities                Remarks

                                 1. Macro-concept : Change – Texture/Form         Essential Question                            3 suitable
                                    Proteins change texture and form when        Is a high protein diet (Atkins Diet, for       food
                                      exposed to heat                             example) good for those watching               containers
                                 2. Nutrients : Protein & Vitamins                their diets?                                  PT is to be
                                    Function                                                                                    carried out
                                    Sources of Food                                  Prepare a nutritious baked food           over 4
                                    RDDA for protein and vitamins                     item and a dessert for a                  weeks ie. to
                                 3. Effects of Heat on Food – Proteins                 teenager and her brother.                 be
                                    Coagulation                                                                                 completed
          Texture, form

                                 4. Investigative Work                            a)   Pizza                                     and
                                    To find out how heat affects cheese
            Change –

                                                                                  b)   Minestone Soup                            submitted
                                 5. Performance Task                              c)   Fruit Salad                               by end of
  3                                 Blog 3-day personal diet
                                    Analyse using nutritional tools
                                                                                                                                 lesson 7.
                                                                                  Written Work
                                    Blog product – a healthy one-dish meal       i.    IW2 Worksheet – Effect of Heat
                                 6. Methods of Cooking                                  on Proteins
                                    Baking                                       ii.   PT Worksheet
                                 7. Meta Language
                                    Pre-Heat
                                    Prove
                                    Bake ‘Blind’
                                    Dough
                                    Prick
                                    Chill
                                    Coagulation

                                 1. Macro-concept : Change – Texture              Essential Question                            1 air-tight
                                    Fats change colour and form when             Can cutting down of fats alone reduce          plastic food
                                      exposed to heat                             heart-related diseases?                        container
                                 2. Nutrient : Fat                                                                              1 plastic
                                    Function                                         Prepare nutritious and healthy            food
                                    Sources of Food                                   tea snacks by modifying a                 container
                                    Types of fat – saturated/polyunsaturated          recipe.
                                    BMI - Body Mass Index
              Change - Texture

                                 3. Effects of Heat on Food – Fats                a)   Small Cup Cakes (creamed
                                    Breaking down of fats (temperature)               butter cake)
                                 4. Investigative Work                            b)   Nestum & Chocolate Chip
                                    To find out how the use of fats affect the        Cookies
  4                                   texture of cakes by comparing a cake        c)   Small Cup Cakes (Teacher will
                                      using different quantities of fat.               demo cake with only half the fat
                                 5. Performance Task                                   for investigative work activity)
                                    Personal Consultation, Q & A
                                 6. Meta Language                                 Written Work
                                    Sieving Flour                                i.    IW3 Worksheet – Fats in Cakes
                                    Incorporating Air                            ii.   Mid-Module Reflections
                                    Creaming
                                    Folding-in Flour
                                    Curdling
                                    Modify
                                    Grease

                                                                                                                  Mrs S Raihana Abbas
                                                                                                                                      Year 2

Lessons   Concepts                                    Topics                                Demo/Practical/Activities             Remarks

                                  1. Macro-concept : System – Balance               Essential Questions                           3 plastic
                                     Importance of achieving balance in our        1. What is healthy weight?                     food
                                       diet.                                        2. Is good BMI sufficient to indicate          containers
                                  2. Nutrient : Minerals                                that one is healthy?
                                     Function
                                     Sources of Food                                       Prepare a western meal (non
                                     RDDA for Minerals                                      local) using healthier cooking
                                  3. Diet-Related Diseases – Causes &                        methods.
                                     Prevention (Sources of Food)
               System - Balance

                                     Heart disease                                 a)      Spaghetti Bolognese
                                     Obesity                                       b)      Chicken Kebabs
                                     Diabetes                                      c)      Eve’s Pudding
  5                                  Colon Cancer
                                     Constipation
                                     Hypertension
                                     Anaemia
                                     Osteoporosis
                                     Bulimia
                                     Anorexia Nervosa
                                  4. Performance Task
                                     Updates
                                     Q&A
                                  5. Meta Language
                                     Glycemic Index
                                     Trans fat

                                  1. Macro-concept : System - Balance               Essential Question                            1 plastic
                                     Importance of striking a balance when         Should we avoid processed foods in             food
                                       using fresh ingredients and processed        our diet?                                      containers
                                  2. Processed Foods                                       Prepare afternoon snacks by
                                     Principles behind processed foods                     combining processed food with
            System – Balance

                                       (prevention and forestalling of food                 fresh ingredients.
                                     Intelligent use of processed foods            a)      Tuna Quiche
                                     Storage of processed foods                    b)      Steamed Chocolate Pudding
  6                                  Reading and understanding food labels
                                       and food additives
                                                                                            (Custard Sauce : Optional)

                                  3. Investigative Work                             Teacher will bake blind pastries made
                                     To find out if there is a difference in the   from scratch and frozen pastry.
                                       taste/texture/result when short crust        Students will later sample and record
                                       pastry is made from scratch and when a       their feedback in a worksheet.
                                       frozen, ready-made one is used.
                                  4. Methods of Cooking                             Written Work
                                     Steaming                                      IW4 Worksheet – Processed Food
                                  5. Meta Language                                  (Short Crust Pastry)
                                     Pastry making (short crust pastry)

                                                                                                                    Mrs S Raihana Abbas
                                                                                                                                                           Year 2
Lessons   Concepts                                                      Topics                                  Demo/Practical/Activities              Remarks

             Inter-Connectedness - Integration
                                                      1. Macro-concept : Inter-Connectedness -        Essential Questions                             3 plastic
                                                         Integration                                  1. Why are organic foods gaining                 food
                                                        Ability to collaboration different units         popularity?                                  containers
                                                           within the department towards ACP          2. Are organic foods really good for
                                                     2. National Education                                health?
                                                        Ethnic background to curry
                                                        Different ethnic versions of the curry                 Prepare a balanced Malay set
                                                        Role of Roti Jala in Malay culture                      meal using fresh foods.
  7                                                  3. Organic Foods
                                                        Definition                                        a)     Roti Jala
                                                        Its popularity                                    b)     Chicken Curry
                                                        Pros & Cons                                       c)     Low-Fat Bubor Cha-Cha
                                                     4. Meta Language
                                                        Batter Making                                Submission
                                                     5. ACP – Update                                  Performance Task
                                                        All subgroups to report on their progress.

                                                     1. Macro-concept : System - Balance              Essential Question                              1 plastic
                                                        A need to ensure a balanced meal despite     Is vegetarian diet a healthier diet?             food
                                  System - Balance

                                                         special dietary needs.                                                                        container
                                                     2. Meal Planning – Cooking Different Needs I               Prepare one-dish meals
                                                        Vegetarian                                              suitable for lacto-vegetarians.
                                                     3. Meta Language
  8                                                     Lacto                                        a)        Mee Siam
                                                        Strict/Vegan                                 b)        Fruit Custard Tartlets

                                                                                                      Written Work
                                                                                                       i.   Post-Lesson Knowledge Test
                                                                                                       ii. End-Module Reflections

                                                     1. Macro-concept : System - Balance              Essential Questions                             3 food
                                                        A need to ensure a balanced meal despite     1. Should the elderly receive less               containers
                                                         special dietary needs.                           nutrients than a child?
                                                     2. Meal Planning – Cooking Different Needs
                                  System - Balance

                                                                                                      2. Should expectant mothers eat for
                                                     II                                                   two?
                                                        Convalescent/Invalid
                                                        Elderly                                                Prepare a nutritious afternoon
  9                                                     Child                                                   snack suitable for an expectant
                                                        Expectant Mother                                        mother.
                                                     3. Methods of Cooking
                                                        Simmering                                     a)         Cheesy Chicken Casserole
                                                     4. Meta Language                                            (Expectant Mother)
                                                        Convalescent                                  b)        Steamed Tofu
                                                        Invalid                                                 (Elderly/Invalid/Convalescent)
                                                                                                       c)        Apple Crumble (Child)

                                                     1. Macro-concept : System - Direction            Essential Question                              4 plastic
                                                        Procedural recourse for unhappy              Are customers always right?                      food
             System - Direction

                                                          consumers                                                                                    containers
                                                     2. Consumers’ Rights & Responsibilities                    Prepare a variety of dishes          1 drink
                                                        Functions of CASE                                       suitable for a light party.           tumbler
                                                        Seeking redress                                                                              party ware
 10                                                  3. Cooking for a Party
                                                        Theme, Menu, Guest List
                                                                                                      Group A                                          eg. plastic
                                                                                                       a) Tuna Melts                                   cutlery,
                                                     4. Methods of Cooking                             b) Fried Bee Hoon                               serviettes
                                                        Stir Frying                                   c) Fruit Punch
                                                     5. Meta Language                                 Group B
                                                        Hostessing Skills                             a) Mini Sandwiches
                                                                                                       b) Chicken Salad

                                                                                                                                         Mrs S Raihana Abbas

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