NPHC Chapters Advisor Meeting

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					                                     NPHC Chapters Advisor Meeting
                                           October 7, 2010

   I.     Welcome-Point of Prides:Present: AKA, APA,KAPsi,DST,PBS
   II.    NPHC Advising Tips-Article See Attached
   III.   Intake Update and Feedback-
              Marsh-continuing to increase visibility with great programs on campus; but NPHC members
          getting burned out and will let them be student first and have chapters do their own programs and
          have NPHC support those
   IV.    Diversity and NPHC Initiatives
          Marsh-Great conversations with NPHC members and TJ Fielder NPHC Pres has one on ones with
          council members and presidents
   V.     Hot Topic Discussion:
          Need to communicate as advisors the importance of academics and intentional and purposeful
          Would like to collaborate within NPHC to hold an Interest Forum to present expectations and
          requirements of joining and being a member of each NPHC organization
          Presidents will meet with Advisors to discuss this and NPHC fraternities will also collaborate on
          programming efforts (Domestic Violence Program w/Care)

   VI.    Upcoming Calendar Dates/ Notes:
             See Below
             See Attached Contact Info of NPHC Advisors:

                             Office of Greek Life Fall 2010 Important Dates
10    Sorority Recruitment Registration Deadline
14    Current Greek Students Move-In
15-18 Pi Chi Training
16    Sorority Recruitment Meeting (Advisors, Recruitment Chairs, Presidents)
18    Sorority Recruitment Move-In for PNM’s
20    Sorority Recruitment Convocation @ 7:30p.m., Carolina First Arena
21-23 Sorority Recruitment Rounds 1-3
24    Cougar Carnival @ 7:00p.m. , Stern Gardens
25    IFC Recruitment Convocation @ 8:00p.m., Carolina First Arena
26    Miseducation of The Black Greek XPERIENCE! Campus Presentation
      Sorority Recruitment House Tours
27    Sorority Recruitment Preference Round
      NPHC Open House @ 7:00p.m., NPHC House
28    Sorority Bid Day
      IFC Recruitment Open House
      NPHC Meet the Greeks @ 2:00-5:00p.m., Stern Gardens
4     IFC Bid Day @ 10:00a.m., Carolina First Arena
11    Student Organization Summit @ 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m., Physicians & Stern
20-22 National Hazing Prevention Week
21    Bystander Intervention Training with Dr. Alan Berkowitz
11-12 Fall Break
11-15 Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week
14    Risk Management Workshop @ 5:00p.m.
      New Member Speaker @ 7:00p.m.
19    Greek Emerging Leaders Program begins (Tuesdays @ 4:30 through November 23)
23    Fall Leadership Conference
2    Pep Supper
19   Roster Updates & Greek Report Data Due
4    Dark Period Begins at Midnight
7-9     Greek Leadership Institute
   Grade-Release Forms for New Members must be turned in within 14 days of bid acceptance.
   Event Forms- Turned in 14 days prior to event, unless it’s a mixer, needs to be turned in 7 days in advance.
   Officer Contact Information- Need the names, email address, and phone numbers for all new officers within two weeks of
     your officer elections.
           For complete and updated calendar information please visit our website and refer to our community calendar.
                                         Facebook Fan Page: College of Charleston Greek Life
                                                       Twitter: @cofcgreeklife

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