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									Oxford University
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                    FOCUS report to the HEPCCC

                          November 2001

                           Paul Jeffreys

                                 1           HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                    FOCUS Presentation to HEPCCC
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • FOCUS comparison with 2000
  • Membership

  • Review of topics in 2001
  • Overview of themes and review process in FOCUS

  • FOCUS - past
           – Position of FOCUS
           – Mandate
  • FOCUS – future
           – Mandate
           – ToR

  • Conclusions

                                  2                  HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                    FOCUS -- comparison with 2000
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • LHC Computing Infrastructure established
  • Chairman and secretary got into their stride!
           – Still learning
           – Still trying to get the right balance
  • As with 2000, superb support
           – Marco and Monique Budel
  • As with 2000, very positive relationship with IT

  • FOCUS obliged to face changing nature of IT at CERN

  • Term of office completed for Chair and Secretary!!

                                             3           HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                                         FOCUS Membership
Oxford University
e-Science Centre
                                                             •   Experimental Representatives
  •      Directors                                                – Jaques Boucrot                ALEPH/OPERA
          – Hans Falk Hoffmann                                    – Marco Cattaneo (sec) LHCb
          – Jurgen May                                            – Maria Kienzle                 L3
                                                                  – Begigno Gobbo                 COMPASS
          – Roger Cashmore-attendance                             – Ryszard Gokieli               DELPHI
  •      IT Representatives                                       – Alan Grant             NOMAD/HARP
           –        Jaques Altabar                                – Paul Jeffreys (chair)
           –        Pal Anderssen                                 – Vincenzo Innocente CMS
                                                                  – Livio Mapelli                 ATLAS
           –        Manuel Delfino
                                                                  – Norman McCubbin               ATLAS
           –        Frederic Hemmer                               – Helge Meinhard                CHORUS
           –        David Jacobs                                  – Alan Norton                   NA48
           –        Juergen Knobloch                              – Stephen O’Neale               OPAL
           –        Miguel Marquina                               – Martti Pimia                  CMS
           –        Les Robertson                                 – Florence Ranjard              ALEPH
                                                                  – Karel Safarik                 ALICE
           –        Jamie Shiers
                                                                  – Andres Sandoval               NA49
           –        Alan Silverman (Desk Top Forum)               – Pierre Vande Vyvre ALICE
           –        Wolfgang Von Ruden                       •   Other
  •      IT Members with Experimental Contact                     – Michael Ernst (DESY)          External
           –        David Asbury             ATLAS                – Francois Etienne              External
                                                                  – Wolfgang Lerche               Theory
           –        Tony Cass                         LHCb
                                                                  – Mirco Mazzucato               LCB
           –        Fabrizio Gagliardo       CMS                  – Enzo Valente                  External
           –        Harry Renshall           ALICE                – Ioana Videau                  EP Div./deputy

                                                             4                               HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                             Membership Summary
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

     • Directors                                     • Total
              – 2+1                                     – 42 (of which ~25 attend any
     • IT                                                 given meeting)
              – 11                                   • Non-CERN resident
     • IT with experimental contact                     – 9 (7 in 2000)
              – 4
     • Experimental Representatives
              – 18, of which five non-resident       • SUMMARY
                at CERN                                 – Good wide coverage
     • Other                                            – More non-residents
              – 6 - of which four non-resident          – 4 new faces
                at CERN

                                                 5                        HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                    Review of topics considered in 2001
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Categorise topics:
           – Policy to be derived or required
           – Review
           – Informational
              • Also .. Update on IT activities (not included below)

  • and:
                    • IT - led
                    • User (FOCUS) led

           – Some items not uniquely defined, indeed migrate from one category
             to another...

                                            6                      HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                    FOCUS Topics 2001 - Policy
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Impact of LHC Computing Review and FOCUS ToR
           Continuing from 2000…
           Conclusion of LHC Computing Review   Bethke        May
           Re-definition of role of FOCUS       Hoffmann      June
           Proposed new FOCUS ToR               Chair et al   Nov
           Confirmation of new ToR              Committee     Dec

  Return to this later..

                                          7                    HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                    FOCUS Topics 2001 - Policy
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Public Platforms/RISC                     • Storage
    Decommissioning                               Continuing from 2000…
           Continuing from 2000…                  Castor Update          IT       Apr
           RISC UNIX decomm        IT     Dec     Castor User Experience User     Nov
           User view decomm        User   Dec     Castor Migration       IT       Nov
           Supported platforms     IT     Dec     Castor Charging policy IT       Nov
           SUNDEV user requ.       User   Dec
           LEP exptal requ.        User   May
                                              •   Windows 2000
           Future LEP support      IT     May
                                                  Status                 IT       Dec
           LEP migration LINUX     User   May
                                                  Status                 IT       Dec
           LINUX service defn.     IT     Jun
           SUNDEV user f.b         User   Nov
                                              •   Common Login/Password
           SUNDEV IT plans          IT    Nov
                                                  CLASP overview/prop.   IT       May
           Review compilers        IT     Dec

                                              8                      HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                    FOCUS Topics 2001 - Review
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Reports from running expts
           CHORUS                User   Jun       • File Sharing
           NA48                  User   Nov          User Requirements      User     Jun
           NA49                  User   Nov          Web standards          IT       Jun
           HARP                  User   Nov
           COMPASS               User   Nov       • Cocotime
                                                     Allocations            User     Dec
  • Security                                         Allocations            User     Dec
           Update                IT     *

  • External Network Services
           Review                IT     Dec

  • CVS
           Expert requirements   User   May

                                              9                      HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                    FOCUS Topics 2001 - Informational
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

            • Data Grid Project
                    Overview of WP4   IT     Jun
                    Overview of WP8   User   Jun

            • Computing at DESY
                    Review            User   Dec

                                             10    HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                     Overview of topics in 2001
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Approximate split:-
           – 60% (60% in 2000) Policy
              • Dominated by determination of platform policy and storage
           – 30% (25%) Review --> Policy
              • Dominated by storage issues
           – 10% (15%) Informational

                                          11                    HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                    Review of main policy themes
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Addressing key future ‘Services’
           – Main policy themes this year:
              • Public platforms, RISC decommissioning, LINUX service,
              • Storage
           – Both were started in 2000
           – Both needed many iterations

  • Real advantages of FOCUS
           – Very wide user base represented
           – Forum for services to be discussed by Users and IT

            FOCUS plays important role in facilitating iterative evaluation and
            development, recording steps in the process, and making decisions

                                            12                    HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                        FOCUS -tricky to make process work well
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Model of operation (taken from last year’s talk)
     – Ideally:
                    • Well researched topic, users consulted, groundwork done
                    • Active user participation in process (sometimes through Work
                      Groups), preferably individual taking ownership of issue, reviewing,
                      working with members of IT
                    • Then … brought before the FOCUS committee
                        – Users feel correctly represented
                        – Solution presented which they can buy into
                        – IT department - part of the plans
                        – Request being made to IT viable, and costed
                        – Directors can go away
                            • Understanding and appreciating issue!
                            • Resource implications well defined
                            • Able to convince directorate that correct decision
           – Hard to realize in practice, challenge is to ensure rewarding
             meeting for all attendees
           – Often process has to be iterative
                                                     13                            HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                        FOCUS project life-cycle
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Identify issue to be addressed (generally by IT – sometimes by users)
           – Present the issue to FOCUS
              • Often the general future direction is known, but there are too many
                uncertainties to make a decision, and furthermore a certain amount of
                ‘negotiation’ and adjustment is needed

           – Commission User review of issue
              • (The most difficult aspect of the whole exercise is to find a User(s) who
                will represent the whole community)
           – Ask IT to present technical possibilities and recommendations
              • May require waiting for new technologies to develop
           – FOCUS listens to Users and IT proposals and draws conclusions
           – Iterate!

           – FOCUS draws to conclusion, and oversees the implementation
           – FOCUS monitors progress in implementation, (and finally its termination!)

                                               14                       HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                       FOCUS-centric view … pre-LHC
Oxford University
e-Science Centre


                                                Report upwards
                                                Receive advice

                    Desktop     Cross-                           Swap agenda
                                                FOCUS                            EP Forum
                    Forum     secretaries                           items

                              Report to Focus

                        Cocotime                                           LCB

                                                     15                        HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                            FOCUS – Previous Mandate
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  From last year’s talk…
  • FOCUS is an acronym for Forum On Computing: Users and
  • Taken from Minutes of 1st FOCUS Meeting (14 Mar. ‘96), which in
    turn was quoted from DG’s letter to Manuel Delfino, Feb. 6,
     – “FOCUS will confront the needs of the CERN experiments and the
       present and planned evolution of CERN computing services with a
                    time window extending roughly two years into the future.”
  • The Minutes added:-
           – “The mandate will be implemented by enhancing the communication
             between ‘consumers’ and ‘service providers’ of CERN computing in
             order to arrive at clear definitions of needs and of services.

  Minutes addition stresses the ‘service’ aspect
                                                  16                    HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                    Attempts made to improve process
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Intentions, not always practice!

           – Always have 4 agendas ahead (differing degrees of detail)
           – Have at least three weeks notice of full agenda before a meeting,
             and as many talks available in advance of the meeting as possible

                                           17                     HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                              FOCUS from 2002
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • The FOCUS Project life-cycle described earlier has been applied to
    itself ---to explore and develop a revised FOCUS remit!
  • Process started last year (as reported to HEPCCC)
  • 4 bites at the cherry this year
  • Conclusions
           – Important role that FOCUS plays, as borne out through activities in 2001, is
             “overseeing” services provided by IT for experiments
               • Conception of project/service
               • Establishing User requirements
               • Agreeing definition of service after suitable investigation
               • Developing project to point of offering a service
               • Implementation of service
               • Operating service
               • … and finally, concluding the service
  • Future FOCUS operation:-
           – Reduced scope
           – Reduction in membership
           – Reconsider role and operation of the committee at the end of 2002

                                               18                       HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                    FOCUS Mandate version 2.2
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Draft text, as under discussion by Committee…
  • “Background:
           – FOCUS’s mandate is changed following the formation of the LHC
             Computing Grid Project Structure.

           – Working assumptions made to determine the revised mandate:
              a. FOCUS’s main role is to look at the implementation, defining,
                running, and ultimately phasing out of services;
              b. As previously, it is primarily concerned with IT services run on
                the CERN site;
              c. COCOTIME maintains control over resources;
              d. HEPCCC retains responsibility for providing ‘a forum in which the
                Directors responsible for Computing at the major European
                Institutes … are able to discuss the organisation, co-ordination
                and optimisation of computing in terms both of money and

                                            19                    HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
                          FOCUS ToR version 2.2
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • Draft text, as under discussion by Committee…
           1. FOCUS will normally meet four times a year as a forum for bringing
              together CERN IT providers and users to define and oversee:- the
              commissioning, operation, prioritisation and decommissioning of services; the
              services concerned are primarily those on the CERN site;
           2. it facilitates the agreement of clear definitions of service requirement and
              provision, and monitors quality of delivery;
           3. FOCUS concentrates on generic IT activities which have wider relevance
              than the LHC experiments alone, relate to non-LHC experiments, or
              disseminate developments from the LHC experiments to other areas;
           4. FOCUS reports to the Research Sector Management, and in particular to
              the Director for Technology Transfer and Scientific Computing;
           5. FOCUS plans and operates across a medium range timescale, typically two
           6. its mandate and ToR will be reconsidered at the end of 2002.”

                                                20                       HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001
Oxford University
e-Science Centre

  • FOCUS has been a useful forum, good progress made in 2001,
    policy established, and recorded
           – The themes covered in 2001, as summarised here, show the strong
             emphasis on overseeing services
  • FOCUS will need to evolve to fit around the new LHC Structure
           – This will lead to reduced scope and reduced membership
  • The draft new ToR specify the new emphases for FOCUS
           – It will concentrate on overseeing generic services, supplied by IT for
             the experiments
  • Wide representation will continue to be important
  • There is strong and wide support for FOCUS continuing in this
  • Its mandate and ToR will be reviewed at the end of 2002
  • Greatest urgency now…
           – New chair-person and secretary need to be found quickly!

                                            21                     HEPCCC 16 Nov. 2001

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