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Winter Camp
NGO Details
                             NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME

                     AID India

 Eureka Child Foundation, under the aegis of AID
 India, has a pan-TN presence in more than 1000

          will conduct an Educational Audit
 Volunteers
 Camp. Groups of 4 will be assigned to each village.

 Thequestionnaire and other activities will all be
 given and explained by AID India.

 Duration:   5-6 days.
                             NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME


 Pudiyador    is an NGO based in Besant Nagar

 They hold classes for children from the nearby
 fishermen communities as a supplement to their
 school curriculum.

 We will be teaching Maths, Science, and English to
 classes 5th and 6th.

 Duration:   5 days.
                              NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME

Vidyarambham Charitable Trust
          organization conducting educational
 Charitable
 and awareness activities across TN.

 Work in the southern district of Nagapattinam and
 Tirunelveli, teaching in Government schools.

 Volunteerswould be teaching English, Science and
 Maths to high school students.

 Camp     will span a week

 Tamil   speaking volunteers preferred.
                              NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME

                  Orange Leaf
 NGO   based in Hyderabad, started recently by
  college students.

   has 3 wings: Animal Welfare, Environment, and
 It

 They   teach orphaned high school students.

 Duration:   7-10 days.

 Recommended       for: Hyd./A.P. based vols.
                            NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME

 Itstands for Madras Society for Protection of
 They teach orphaned and abandoned children,
  and have classes from 1st to 10th.
 We will be teaching science and math to 6th,7th and
 Be prepared for showing a lot of experiments,
  videos, etc.
 Duration: 7 days.
 Knowledge of Tamil is preferable, but not necessary.
                            NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME

               Vr1 Trust (1/2)
 VR1- We Are One - is a Charitable Trust
 empowering youth and children with more than
 one lakh supporters from more than 1000 institutions
 across the nation.

 Volunteers will be helping VR1 with content
 development, preparing models used for
 developing various skills in children. They may also
 visit VR1 Schools established for orphans to teach

      of conduction of the camp is Vijayawada,
 Place
 Andhra Pradesh.
                                NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME

                  Vr1 Trust (2/2)
 There   are no special skills required.

 Food    and accommodation will be provided to all
    volunteers                                    .

   Accommodation will be provided to male students

 VR1   will be providing authorized certificates (with
    hologram) to all volunteers with description of their
                            NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME

           Avanti Fellows (1/2)
 Avanti helps bridge the educational divide
 between by finding the brightest students in India
 from low-income homes and giving them access to
 the training and mentorship they need to succeed.

 Each student will be paired with a current student
 at the IITs and will be part of a closely monitored
 and high-touch mentorship program that includes
 face-to-face meetings, doubt solving sessions and
                                NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME

             Avanti Fellows (2/2)
 Volunteers would be involved in mentoring/tutoring
  kids at Jawahar Navodya Vidyalaya at Puducherry.

 Theywill also be involved in preparing course
  material for engineering examinations and publicity
  campaign for selecting the brightest minds of the

 All   volunteers are free to apply.
                          NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
                  ~William James

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