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                            Spcial Lecture (W409): Professional Ethics Education

                            H. Tarleton, "Developing an Interface for Science and Ethics"

              12:00                                                 Registration opens
              12:45-13:00                                     Opening Address (W409): Nitta
                          Keynote Lecture 1 (W409) : R. Chadwick, "What is ‘Applied’ in Applied Ethics?"
              13:00-14:30 Chair: Nitta
              14:30-14:45                                                  Break
                          Session 1-a (W409): Global         Session 1-b (W201): Life &     Session 1-c (W202): Metaethics I
                          Ethics                             Bioethics                      Chair: Yamada
                          Chair: Majima                      Chair: Kurata
                          1. Vong, "Lifeboats and            1. Spielman, "Gametes as       1. Killmister, "Grounding Human
 21st (Fri)

                          Lotteries"                         Ordinary Tissues for           Rights"
              14:45-16:15                                    Transplant"
                          2. Ikeda, "Distributive Justice in 2. Mathews, "Sokushinbutsu : 2. Roser, "A Small Number with a
                          a Global Village"                  Esoteric Buddhism and the      Big Impact: The Discounting
                                                             Ethics of Altruistic Suicide"  Debate"
                          3. Campbell, "Questioning          3. Bhattacharya, "Killing -    3. Honda, "Artifacts as Landmark
                          Cosmopolitan Justice"              Oneself and the Other"         Commodity"
              16:15-16:30                                             Break
                          Keynote Lecture 2 (W409) : A. Kasher, "Combatant's Life: A Plea for a Major Change"
              16:30-18:00 Chair: Majima
              18:00-20:00                                        Reception (W410)

                         Session 2-a (W409):              Session 2-b (W201): Ethics,     Session 2-c (W202): Business
                         Environmental Ethics             Religion & Education            Ethics
                         Chair: Ishihara                  Chair: Muramatsu                Chair: Kashiwaba
                         1. Prattico, "The Global Warming 1. Ueno, "Professional Ethics 1. Masubuchi, "Reference or
                         Debate and Transnational         Education for School Teachers Construction? : An Attempt to
                         Obligations"                     Based on Case Methods in        Revise Integrative Social
                                                          Japan"                          Contracts Theory"
                          2. Huang, "The Role of          2. Kuriyama, "What is the       2. Celebi, "Re-examination of the
                          Environmental Aesthetics in the 'Root' of the Objective         Relationship between PR and
                          Environmental Ethics"           Reporting?"                     Marketing"
              10:30-10:40                                               Break
                          Keynote Lecture 3 (W409): S. Lee, "An Idea of Green Thinking: From Confucian Legacy to Global
              10:40-12:10 Warming"
                          Chair: Kurata
              12:10-13:10                                                Lunch
                          Keynote Lecture 4 (W409): M. Seigel, "Holistic Solutions vs. Pragmatic Steps: Towards Defining the
              13:10-14:40 Parameters for Change"
                          Chair: Majima
              14:40-14:50                                                Break
                          Session 3-a (W409): Mini Symposium                Session 3-b (W201): Neuroethics
 22nd (Sat)

                          "Environmental Pragmatism"                        Chair: Majima
                          Chair: Morioka
                          1. Light, "Methodological Pragmatism, Pluralism, 1. Gilbert, "Neuroethics: Should We Rethink Free
              14:50-16:20 and Environmental Ethics"                         Will and Criminal Responsibility?"
                          2. Yoshinaga, "From Environmantal Ethics to       2. Chou, "From Genetic Enhancement to Neuro
                          Public Philosophy of Environmental                Enhancement"
                          Conservation"                                     3. Ishihara, "Ethical Basis of Cognitive Liberty"
              16:20-16:30                                                 Break
                         Session 4-a (W409): Mini          Session 4-b (W201):             Session 4-c (W202): Ethics &
                         Symposium "Environmental          Metaethics II                   Political Philosophy
                         Pragmatism"                       Chair: Iseda                    Chair: Kashiwaba
                         Chair: Morioka
                         1. Fukunaga, "Beyond a            1. Fileva, "Vice's Non-         1. Munn, "Drawing External
                         Philosophy for the Preservation   Innocent Victims"               Boundaries for Democratic
             16:30-18:00 or Restoration of Nature"                                         States"
                         2. Kurata, "Environmental         2. Vincent, "Taking             2. van Hooft, "Political
                         Pragmatism and Democracy"         Responsibility for Voluntary    Patriotism"
                                                           3. Murakami, "A Narrative       3. Yokota, "The Social Meaning
                                                           Approach to Moral               of Consensus Conference"
             18:00-20:00                                          Banquet (Enreiso)

                           Session 5-a (W409): Good Life   Session 5-b (W201):            Session 5-c (W202): Research &
                           Chair: Kurata                   Bioethics II                   Professional Ethics
                                                           Chair: Morioka                 Chair: Matsuo
                         1. Suzuki, "A Defense of          1. Wong, "Benefit Sharing in   1. Higashijima, "Heterogeneity
                         Response-Dependent Account        Biobanking"                    among Life Science
                         of Well-being"                                                   Researchers"
                         2. Coeckelbergh, "Robots,        2. Kober, "On the Relative      2. Sars, "Ought an Environmental
23rd (Sun)

                         Elderly Care, and Capabilities" Repugnance of Kidney             Engeneer Adopt an
                                                          Markets"                        Environmental Ethic?"
                         3. Iseda, "Why Do Japanese not 3. Chung, "Listen to My Heart: 3. Tarleton, "Developing an
                         Take Animal Rights Seriously?" Paternalism vs. Patient           Interface for Science and Ethics"
             10:30-10:45                                               Break
                         Keynote Lecture 5 (W409): A. Light, "How to Start a Culture War: The Emerging American
             10:45-12:15 Experience with Nanotechnology"
                         Chair: Matsuo
             12:15-12:30                                   Closing Remarks (W409): Nitta

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