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Nevada DECA Board of Advisors Minutes 5-14-08


									                             Nevada DECA, Inc.
                          Board of Advisors Meeting

DATES:       May 14, 2008               PLACE:      Nevada Dept. of Education
             3:pm to 4:pm                           Large Conference Room
                                                    Las Vegas, Nevada

The Nevada DECA Board of Advisors is composed of one advisor per active Nevada
DECA chapter in good standing. The Board of Advisors serves as a perpetual committee
of the Board of Trustees, elects two of its own advisors to a one year seat on the
Trustees, and advises the Nevada Department of Education, Nevada DECA Board of
Trustees, and Nevada DECA Staff on program enhancements and implementation that
advance services and opportunities for chapters and members.

Board of Advisors Members in Attendance

Brycen Woodley, State Advisor
Ryan Underwood, Executive Director
Melissa Scott, State Chair
Janice Routsong, CCSD
Ashleigh Sprague, State Officer
Josh Campa, State Officer

Geoff DeMaio, Advanced Technologies Academy
Karin Jones, Area Technical Trade Center
Michelle Dodds, Bonanza High School
Michael Haney, Boulder City High School
Ann Marie Skrzekut, Canyon Springs High School
Jason Christensen, Cimarron High School
Alan Watts, Dayton High School
Brock Taylor, Del Sol High School
Perry Annett, Eldorado High School
Linda Morse, Elko High School
Mike Hunton, Elko High School
Eric Antila, Foothill High School
Brenda Rowles, Green Valley High School
Richard Edler, Las Vegas High School
Tristan Hays, Legacy High School
Sondra Goodwyn, Mojave High School

Nevada DECA, Inc. Board of Advisors Minutes                                     Page 1
Denise Tighe, Northwest Career & Technical Academy
Doris Bess, Palo Verde High School
Steven Fletcher, Rancho High School
Rick Walley, Rancho High School
Lori Jackson, Spring Valley High School
Don Shumaker, Spring Valley High School
Kevin Raiford, Western High School

The Nevada DECA, Inc. Board of Advisors meeting was called to order by State Chair
Melissa Scott at 3:02 p.m.


Board of Trustees Vote
Don Shumaker & Perry Annett are the Board of Advisor representatives to the Board of
Trustees. Perry presented the report of the accomplishments from the Board of
Trustees Meeting held this morning. Perry highlighted the key accomplishments from
the meeting and gave a brief review of each.

ICDC Report
Brycen Woodley gave a brief overview of the accomplish


Advisor Board of Trustees Positions
Perry was nominated prior to the State Conference. The Board of Trustees indicated
that his nomination should be considered and voted on independently for one of the
positions. A vote by show of hands was taken and the vote was unanimous.

The floor was then opened for nominations for advisors to fill the other advisor position
on the board of trustees. Tristan Hays, Karin Jones, and Eric Antila were all nominated
from the floor. Tristan Hays and Karin Jones each gave a statement in favor of their
election. Eric Antila subsequently withdrew his nomination.

A vote by secret ballot was held. Karin Jones was elected to fill the second seat for the
coming year.

The newly elected representatives to the Board of Trustees will begin their service at
the September Board of Trustees Meeting.

Nevada DECA, Inc. Board of Advisors Minutes                                       Page 2

CCSD Update
Jan Routsong reported on the final balance of the CCSD District Competition. Advisors
were asked how they would like the balance liquidated and distributed back to the
chapters. Advisors voted to have the balance divided by the number of students who
attended the conference and the money sent back to the chapters based on the
number of students who attended. To receive the rebate advisors must submit the
request to Vicki Miller at Northwest Career & Technical Academy in writing. Vicki will
process the payments and send them back to chapters.

Advisor Academy
Melissa discussed the plans for the advisor academy. Nevada DECA will again hold an
advisor academy at the start of the 2008-09 school year. Advisors will receive
information via email regarding further details. Melissa requested advisor thoughts on
integrating with other states and the general consensus was that this was a good idea.

Fall Leadership Events
Brycen Woodley gave an update on plans and preparations for the Fall Leadership
Extravaganza. The Las Vegas event is currently scheduled for October 30 and plans are
underway for events in Reno and Elko.

SCDC 2009 Update
Brycen Woodley reported on current plans and preparations for next years State
Conference. The Cashman Center is not available next year and the state is looking
into alternative locations to hold the event. The state is also look at extending the
State Competition to a two day event to better accommodate all of the competitive
events and avoid holding the awards session so late in the day.

Chapter Awards Program/Scrapbook
Perry Annett discussed the Chapter Awards Program and Scrapbook entries. He
requested that they be put on display at State after they are judged so other chapters
can see them. He also requested that chapters be encouraged to closely adhere to the
guidelines for the events.

Winners List
Perry Annett discussed a mix up that occurred at SCDC with the results in the written
events. He recommended that we create winners lists for the written events to avoid
the confusion that occurred this year.

Sweepstakes Award
Don Shumaker discussed the need to update the sweepstakes award to include the new
online events like SMG, VBC, etc. Don Shumaker, Perry Annett, and Tristan Hays have
been asked to serve as a committee to review the current sweepstakes award

Nevada DECA, Inc. Board of Advisors Minutes                                    Page 3
guidelines and submit recommendations for changes to integrate the new events. Don
Shumaker will chair the committee.

Brycen Woodley gave an update on current plans and preparations for these three
conferences. WROTC will be held this summer in Reno and chapter officer teams are
invited to attend. WRLC will be held in Phoenix and Nevada DECA will travel via charter
bus to attend which should reduce costs for chapters. ICDC will be held in Anaheim
next year and Nevada DECA will also travel by bus to attend which should again result
in cost savings.

Albertson’s Community Partnership
Melissa Scott discussed the Albertson’s community partnership and how chapters can
get involved in helping to raise funds for Nevada DECA by having students/parents
submit their Albertson’s Card number and contributing their points to Nevada DECA.
She also discussed the possibility of fundraising through the Orleans arena.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:27pm

Nevada DECA, Inc. Board of Advisors Minutes                                     Page 4

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