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									           Republic of Moldova: general presentation

• Geographical position:
  South-Eastern Europe            Moldova

• Territory:
• 33,8 thousand км2
  (situated between the Danube,
  Prut and Nistru rivers)

• Neighbours:
  Romania (in the West)
  Ukraine (in the North, East
  and South)
                 General legal framework in line with the
                 European principles of data protection

1. Government Decision on on the approval of the
   Requirements for the assurance of personal data
   security at their processing within the information
   systems of personal data
2. Law on Personal Data Protection no.133 from 08 July
   2011, entered into effect on April 14, 2012
3. Law Nr. 182-XVI of 10.07.2008 regarding the approval of
   the Statute, structure, staff-limit and financial
   arrangements of the National Center for Personal Data
4. Law Nr. 208 of 21.10.2011 on amending and completing
   some legislative acts ( to come into force at 16.06.2012)
         Comparative analysis of sectorial legislation covered:

1. processing of personal data stored into the state
   information resources, including for police activity
2. processing of personal data of minors in health-care
In most cases, the breach of law is related to:
• • un-lawful processing of special categories of personal data
   • non-compliance with rules on confidentiality of privacy ,
   stipulated in the Criminal Procedure Code
   • un-lawful processing of personal data of employees
   • the processing of personal data in the period of election
   • the processing of personal data, stored in the Real Estate
    Council of Europe framework and Moldova

• Moldova ratified the Convention for the
  protection of individuals with regard to
  automatic processing of personal data
  (Strasbourg, 28.01.1981 - ETS 108)

• On 1st January, 2012 the Additional Protocol
  to the Convention no 108 has entered into
  the effect
Controls conducted in the personal data processing field

          Controls performed :

           2009-     8
           2010-     20
           2011-     46

Decision of suspending operations
     of personal data protection

           2009 -     3
           2010 -     7
           2011 -     3
       Approval of bills with reference to section aimed at the
                 protection of personal data

• Given the fact that the Centre is the
  public authority vested with            control
  functions in the processing of personal data
  field, and in accordance with the provisions of
  Law      on     normative    acts    of    the
  Government and of other central and
  local public administration authorities, Law
  on acts, and the Government Decision on
  the harmonization of Moldovan legislation
  with the EU law, in 2011 was approved 36
       Promoting data protection field nation-wide

• “Do You know what happens with your personal data?”
  the slogan of the advertising campaign of personal data
  protection, started on 02.04.2011

• National Conference entitled “Public information -
  aspects of media co-operation with law enforcement
  bodies in the context of constitutional law”, held under
  the aegis of the Constitutional Court

• National workshop “Personal data protection in the
  Republic of Moldova”, with 40 guests, including
  representatives of governmental institutions, NGOs,
  private sector, etc.
              International Co-operation

- The Republic of Moldova’s European course, in the context of
  the developing of democratic reforms,           especially the
  implementation     of National      Programme         for  the
  implementation of the Action Plan: the European Union -
  Republic of Moldova on visa liberalization, has prompted
  considerable the Center's international activity.
- Center annually receives assistance and expertise offered
  by foreign authorities to harmonize national legislation with
  European standards but also in taking over the best
  practices in the personal data protection field. Is to be
  mentioned that during the study visits offered by TAIEX
  have been established co-operation relations and direct
                         MIAPAC Project-
             EU support to the Government of Moldova

 December 13, 2011 the new co-operation project European Union-
Republic of Moldova “Support to the Government of the Republic of
Moldova in the field of anti-corruption, reform of the Ministry of
Internal Affairs, including the police and personal data protection
Beneficiary Institutions:
 1. National Center for Personal Data Protection
 2. Ministry of Internal Affairs
 3. Centre for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption
Implementing project team:
Association of International Co-operation of Germany GIZ GmbH
KPMG Romania
representatives of other national and international data protection
authorities (Germany, Hungary, Estonia)
       Dialogue on visa liberalization with EU

Second Progress Report, issued on February 9, 2012
by the EC, stated the following:

„ Very good progress has been made towards consolidation of
  the legislative and institutional framework on data protection.
  (…) Further efforts are ongoing in order to consolidate the
  legal framework fully by aligning other legislation and
  Government decrees with the new “Law on Data
  Protection” (…). The National Centre for Personal Data
  Protection (data protection supervisory authority) began its
  operations in mid-2009 on the basis of the Law on Data
  Protection of 2007. The Centre is an institution under
  Parliament and is impartial and independent from any
  other governmental or administrative bodies”.
               THANK YOU !

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