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Via First Class Mail and Electronic Filing

September 19, 2011

Ms. Kimberley J. Santopietro
Executive Secretary
Public Utility Regulatory Authority
10 Franklin Square
New Britain, Connecticut 06051

Re: Digital Network Enhancements, Programming Changes and Channel

Dear Ms. Santopietro:

I am writing on behalf of Comcast/Branford (“Comcast”) to inform the Public Utility
Regulatory Authority (the “Authority”) of service enhancements and channel
conversions more fully described below.

On August 18, 2011, Comcast informed the Authority that on September 20, 2011 the
following channels would begin to be transmitted in digital-only format. The new
date for the channel conversion is September 27, 2011.

     Network              Channel #             Network              Channel #
       TNT                   35              Food Network               49
      Versus                 37                   TLC                   50
      AMC                    38              Travel Channel             51
     Lifetime                39                  SyFy                   52
 Cartoon Network             43                    E!                   55
  Animal Planet              44                 MSNBC                   63
      HGTV                   48
Kimberley J. Santopietro
September 19, 2011
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Please feel free to contact either David Bogan (860-275-8262) or the undersigned
should you have any questions.

Very truly yours,

Lauren Vinokur

cc:    State Rep. Vicki Nardello, Chairperson – Joint Standing Committee on
       Energy and Technology
       State Sen. John Fonfara, Chairperson – Joint Standing Committee on Energy
       and Technology
       Mark Minnoti, Chairperson – Branford Area Cable TV Advisory Council
       John Bairos, Comcast

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