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					-ed / -ing adjectives
Many English adjectives of emotion/feeling are formed from the -ed / -ing
forms of verbs:
verb -ed   -ing noun
You ____ me!     I'm _____! How _____! What _____!
amaze      amazed      amazing     amazement
amuse      amused      amusing     amusement
astound    astounded astounding astonishment
bewitch    bewitched bewitching bewitchment
captivate captivated captivating         a captivation
challenge challenged challenging         a challenge
charm      charmed     charming    charm
comfort    comforted comforting comfort
concern    concerned concerning concern
convince   convinced convincing conviction
encourage encouraged encouraging         encouragement
enchant    enchanted enchanting enchantment
energize   energized energizing energy
entertain entertained        entertaining      entertainment
enthrall   enthralled enthralling        enthrallment
excite     excited     exciting    excitement
exhaust    exhausted exhausting exhaustion
fascinate fascinated fascinating         fascination
flatter    flattered flattering flattery
fulfill    fulfilled fulfilling fulfillment
gratify    gratified gratifying gratification
gratify    gratified gratifying gratification
humiliate humiliated humiliating         humiliation
interest   interested interesting        interest
intrigue   intrigued intriguing intrigue
move moved       moving
please     pleased     pleasing (pleasant)     a pleasure
relax      relaxed     relaxing    relaxation
relieve    relieved    relieving a relief
satisfy    satisfied satisfying satisfaction
soothe     soothed     soothing
surprise   surprised surprising a surprise
tempt      tempted     tempting    temptation
touch      touched     touching
thrill     thrilled    thrilling a thrill
titilate   titilated titilating titilation
verb -ed   -ing noun
You ____ me!     I'm _____! How _____! What _____!
aggravate aggravated aggravating         aggravation
alarm      alarmed     alarming    alarm
annoy      annoyed     annoying    annoyance
bewilder   bewildered bewildering        bewilderment
bore bored       boring      boredom
confound   confounded confounding
confuse    confused    confusing confusion
depress    depressed depressing depression
devastate devastated devastating         devastation
disappoint    disappointed      disappointing     disappointment
discourage    discouraged       discouraging      discouragement
disgust       disgusted disgusting disgust
dishearten    disheartened      disheartening     disheartenment
dismay        dismayed    dismaying dismay
displease     displeased displeasing        displeasure
distress      distressed distressing        distress
disturb       disturbed disturbing disturbance
embarrass     embarrassed       embarrassing      embarrassment
exasperate    exasperated       exasperating      exasperation
fatigue       fatigued    fatiguing fatigue
frighten      frightened frightening        fright
frustrate     frustrated frustrating        frustration
horrify       horrified horrifying horror
insult        insulted    insulting an insult
irritate      irritated irritating irritation
mortify       mortified mortifying mortification
mystify       mystified mystifying mystification
overwhelm     overwhelmed       overwhelming      overwhelmingness
perplex       perplexed perplexing perplexity
perturb       perturbed perturbing perturbation
puzzle        puzzled     puzzling    puzzlement
shock         shocked     shocking    a shock
sicken        sickened    sickening sickness
terrify       terrified terrifying terror
threaten      threatened threatening        a threat
tire tired          tiring      tiredness
trouble       troubled    troubling trouble
unnerve       unnerved    unnerving
unsettle      unsettled unsettling unsettledness
upset         upset       upsetting
vex   vexed   (vext)      vexing      vexation

Let me know if you can think of any more!

(Thanks to Vince Marx for some of these...)

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