Globalizing the Printed Word, From Germany to Ogden by ljeffersen


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									Globalizing the Printed Word, from Germany to Ogden

                                                               The original printing press was an
                                                               astounding invention for its time. Originally
                                                               created in 1440, the press can be
                                                               considered one of the greatest
                                                               technological advances in history.

                                                               It allowed people to share knowledge with
                                                               each other. And it all started with Johannes

Johannes Gutenberg’s Influence
Gutenberg gave us the tools to come out of the Dark Ages. He created a printing press and thereby
began to spread literacy and knowledge across the world.

The printing press duplicated books infinitely faster than people could copy them by hand. He made the
most spiritual, theoretical and scientific knowledge around easily accessible to the middle and lower
classes of men.

All the people had to do was learn to read to open up a whole new world. Spreading knowledge is the
best way to educate the nation and improve upon ideas.

Common people reading about and improving upon new ideas fueled the beginning of the Industrial
Revolution. Ideas began floating around everywhere.

The Printing Press and the Bible
The common man starting visiting his brother to discuss the intricacies of the most complex scientific
formula, or asking a preacher about the meaning of certain doctrine. Gutenberg’s first project was to
print large orders of bibles and distribute them amongst the masses.

Up to this point, if you weren’t a leader of the Catholic Church, it was heresy to translate the bible for
the masses. People were put on trial for attempting such a feat.

With the invention of the printing press however, the means to print a translated bible became easily
available. Martin Luther did just that when he began questioning the Catholic Church.

By his influence, the bible was translated into everyday German, causing people to question the
established order of things. Eventually enough people broke off to start a church, and the Protestant
Reformation was born.
Over the past 600 years, knowledge was
continually passed down through books from
father to son, family to organization, and
generation to generation until now. Today we
have access to millions of books containing the
writings of great minds like Pluto, Martin Luther
and John Locke.

These writings are readily made available to
people all over the world, including in places
like Ogden, UT. Thanks to modern practices,
the time in which it takes to print a book today
equates to a matter of minutes, as opposed to
the months or years it used to take to copy a
single book by hand.

The printing press started the revolution that would eventually bring us our modern day Laser Jet and
Cannon printers. If not for it, we would likely be stuck in the Dark Ages.

There would be no way to learn, or improve upon good ideas. Thanks to Gutenberg, knowledge is
readily available at every corner on the street.

Gutenberg’s belief in spreading knowledge is continued today. The Gutenberg Project is built off of this

The people there make available every public domain book in existence, for free. They make public
knowledge available to anyone who wants it.

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