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									Commerce PNT Challenges &

National Space-Based PNT Advisory Board
             March 29, 2007

      Ed Morris, Director
      Office of Space Commercialization
      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
      U.S. Department of Commerce

• Commerce involvement in GPS

• U.S. Space-Based PNT Policy

• Challenges and Opportunities

• Expectations for the Advisory Board

           Commerce Involvement in GPS
User                               Manager
• NOAA: Vessel navigation,         • Member of National Space-Based
  fisheries enforcement, remote      PNT Executive Committee
  sensing, GIS, surveying,           (EXCOM) & Host of Coordination
  weather forecasting, satellite     Office
  operations                       • Ensure free trade for PNT
• NIST: Timing, construction &       goods/services
  robotics                         • Co-manage spectrum (w/ FCC)
• Census: Locate homes, plot       • Set export guidelines for equipment
  population trends
Provider/Developer                 Promoter
                                   • Represent commercial users &
• National Continuously
                                      industry in USG decision making &
   Operating Reference Station
                                      and international negotiations
   (CORS) network
                                   • Advances commercial GPS interests
• Atmospheric models                  at public and international
• Clock technology                    meetings
                                   • Conduct GPS economic studies       3
          U.S. Space-Based PNT Policy

• Provide civil GPS and augmentations free of
  direct user fees on a continuous, worldwide
• Provide open, free access to information
  needed to use civil GPS and augmentations
• Improve performance of GPS and
• Seek to ensure that international space-based PNT
  systems are interoperable with civil GPS and
  augmentations or, at a minimum, are compatible

Policy stability and transparency improve
  industry confidence and investment                  4
           Challenges & Opportunities

• GPS Modernization
  – L2C and the estimation of benefits
• Expanding number of satellite navigation
  systems and service providers
  – Compatibility and Interoperability
  – Compatible trade and commercial use principles
  – U.S.- EU working group on trade & civil applications

Free access to civil GNSS signals and design
  information from multiple systems will
 create opportunity for industry and users
    Expectations for the Advisory Board

• Bring user and manufacturer perspectives into
  Departmental and EXCOM deliberations

• Recommend establishing a subcommittee with
  additional industry expertise to focus exclusively
  on commercial issues

 Commerce looks forward to working with
 the Advisory Board on commercial issues
        Contact Information

      Office of Space Commercialization
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
         U.S. Department of Commerce
        6818 Herbert C. Hoover Building
            Washington, D.C. 20230
                 (202) 482-6125

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