Peel In Opposition by ert554898


									Peel in opposition 1830-1841
Tory Party Splits!
         • Row over Catholic
           Emancipation split the
           Tory Party
         • Wellington resigned
           and Grey took office
         • Reform Act campaign
           lasted for 2 years
         • Whigs won in 1832
       The Tory Party in 1832
• The Ultras remained
  bitterly opposed to
• Although they
  supported the Reform
  Bill they were
  normally against
• In 1832 the Tories
  won only 175 seats
          Peel’s ‘100 Days’
• Lord Melbourne became PM in 1834
• William IV sacked him & Peel became PM
• At Tamworth Peel set out his blueprint for
  the Conservative Party
• His message was to ‘reform to preserve’
• His short term in office raised both his
  profile and that of the party
Aimed to appeal           Accepted passage of
to new electorate         Reform Act as
                          ’irrevocable settlement’

                                         careful review
                        The              of all
                      Tamworth           institutions

 Rejected Reform Act if       Promised correction
 it meant rejecting           of ‘proved abuses and
 ancient rights               the redress of real
         Peel’s ‘100 Days’
• Allowed Royal Commission on Municipal
  Corporations to continue
• Set up the Ecclesiastical Commission to
  allow Church of England to reform itself
• Peel recognised as major national figure
• 1835 elections saw increase in
  Conservative support to 273
           Party Organisation
• Large element of success ascribed to
• Committee set up to co-ordinate party’s electoral
• Chief whips appointed
• Election in 1837 saw more Con gains
• Between 1835-40 nearly 60 Whigs ‘crossed the
• Peel resisted opportunity to turn Whigs out
           1841 Elections
• 1839 Whig government resigned & Peel
  called to form govt
• Bedchamber Crisis prevented this
• Whig govts continued to face problems
• Finally Peel defeated Whigs & forced
  general election
• Result: Whigs 291, Conservatives 367

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