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					                  Time Warner Inc.'s Worldwide Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies List

AC Holdings, Inc.                                        Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Cable News International, Inc.                           Turner Classic Movies, Inc.
Cable News Network, Inc.                                 Turner Digital Basketball Services, Inc.
Cartoon Interactive Group, Inc.                          Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc.
Cartoon Network Enterprises, Inc.                        Turner Network Sales, Inc.
Cartoon Network Studios, Inc.                            Turner Network Television, Inc.
CNN America, Inc.                                        Turner Private Networks, Inc.
CNN Interactive Group, Inc.                              Turner Properties, Inc.
CNN Newsource Sales, Inc.                                Turner Retail Company
CNN Productions, Inc.                                    Turner Security, Inc.
Columbia Tri-Star Warner Filmes de Portugal LDA          Turner Services, Inc.
(Portugal)                                               Turner Sports Interactive, Inc.
Courtroom Television Network, LLC                        Turner Sports International Enterprises, Inc.
DC Comics                                                Turner Sports, Inc.
E.C. Publications Inc. (d/b/a DC Entertainment)          Turner Studios, Inc.
European Magazines Limited (UK)                          Warner Bros. (Transatlantic) Inc. City of Dover
Evarn Limited (UK)                                       (Delaware, USA) Branch of Zurich (Switzerland)
Filmbank Distributors Ltd (UK)                           Warner Bros. Entertainment Danmark ApS (Denmark)
HBO International (Europe) Limited                       Warner Bros. Entertainment España S.L. (Spain)
Home Box Office, Inc.                                    Warner Bros. Entertainment Finland Oy (Finland)
International News Ad Sales, Inc.                        Warner Bros. Entertainment France S.A.S (France)
IPC Media Limited (UK)                                   Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH (Germany)Warner
Laugh Out Loud, Inc.                                     Bros. Entertainment Italia S.p.A (Italy)
Link House Magazines Limited (UK)                        Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (USA)
Media Networks, Inc.                                     Warner Bros. Entertainment Limited Liability
New Line Productions, Inc.                               Company (Russia)
QSP, Inc.                                                Warner Bros. Entertainment Nederland B.V.
Rocksteady Studios Limited (UK)                          (Netherlands & Belgium)
Synapse Group, Inc.                                      Warner Bros. Entertainment Norge AS (Norway)
TBS Funding Corp. (limited)                              Warner Bros. Entertainment Polska Sp. z.o.o. (Poland)
The Cartoon Network, Inc.                                Warner Bros. Entertainment s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
TI Media Solutions Inc.                                  Warner Bros. Entertainment Sverige AB (Sweden)
Time Asia Hong Kong Ltd (registered in Hong Kong)        Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited (UK)
Time Consumer Marketing, Inc.                            Warner Bros. Film Ve vides Sanayi Ticaret A.S.
Time Customer Service, Inc.                              (Turkey)
Time Inc.                                                Warner Bros. International Television Italia S.r.L
Time Inc. Lifestyle Group                                (Italy)
Time Magazines Europe Ltd (registered in the UK)         Warner Bros. Pictures GMBH (Austria)
Time Singapore Pte Ltd (registered in Singapore)         WB (Africa) Pty Ltd (South Africa)
Time Warner Inc.                                         Warner Home Video Israel Ltd (Israel)
Time Warner Limited                                      WCI Global Business Services Inc. (d/b/a
Time/Warner Retail Sales & Marketing Inc.                employeeConnection)
TNT Originals, Inc.
TT Animation Limited (UK)
TT Games Ltd (UK)
Turner Broadcasting Sales, Inc.
Turner Broadcasting System International, Inc.
Turner Broadcasting System Latin America, Inc.

       Updated on 10/12/2010

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