The Town by lanyuehua


									Jack Richards                                                                                11/1/10

SUPA English                                                                                  Benton

                                        The Town

        The trailer sets the stage by casting a darker, more mysterious mood with a metallic

Warner Bros symbol. Following this symbol is one of those long casted noises like a boom that

fades out. One thing about movie trailers is you can usually tell the genre of the film that is

about to be presented to you just from the first ten seconds, or opening scene such as the one I

just described. This trailer was a little different though. One might have thought it would be a

horror or scary movie right off the bat, but as the trailer progresses you see it is more focused

around crime and some romance intertwined. The next scene you see is a figure in all black, or

what seems to be a black robe covering their entire body, getting out of a van and smashing a

police officer in the face with the butt of his rifle. This opening scene can say a lot about the

movies focus and what they’re trying to portray. The all black figure shows a sense of power,

and the police officer getting hit in the face with such violence shows the lack of power that will

probably be seen throughout the movie by the police. This provokes the first sense of powerful

city crime in the movie, but it’s a smart and organized crime, the kind that police officers fear the


        Then the trailer introduces the girl. Her name was Ms. Casey and the trailer informs the

viewer that she works at the bank, and she was abducted by the bank robbers, but never hurt.

She looks like classy middle class woman. Her job implies that she is smart and good with

people, and she’s pretty. This introduces the second plot twisted throughout the movie. You
know that she will fall into some sort of romance but you’re not quite sure yet. Ms. Casey

informs the interrogating officer that they were all men, and they were all wearing scary outfits.

The next scene shows her crying due to some residual effects of the kidnapping. This is when

the two lives or plots come together. In a nail salon she is still experiencing some of these

effects and Ben Affleck seems to take a liking to her, and asks to buy her a drink and comfort

her. He captures her using humor, saying “I like to have a good cry at the nail salon,” which she

responded to with a giggle and a smile. This is how the trailer ensures the viewer they will hit it

off and there will be romance between the two.

       The next scene shows once again the bank robbers, this time wearing nun masks and

outfits in a car. One of the nuns makes eye contact with a boy on the side of the road and the

gaze at each other for quite some time. This part in the trailer ensures it’s viewers that this crime

isn’t necessarily malevolent, nor is it heinous. This scene shows the viewer that the masked men

are in it for the money, but somewhat value their community and regret the negative effects of

their job. Shortly after this scene you see a door opening and yet another female character is

introduced. She appears to have tattoos, dangling jewelry, and almost a less classy look to her,

yet she is still pretty. Now there are two females, and one male introduced in the story. If the

viewer makes the link, they all must be somehow connected. Maybe it is a double romance,

maybe she is a sister or a sibling of Affleck.

               The following scene gets away from the women for a bit and focuses on now

Affleck to let the viewer learn a little more about him and the character he plays named Doug.

Affleck appears physically and mentally strong, and the viewer is told his father is in prison. It

shows a couple scenes about the father and Affleck talking in prison. This scene shows that

Affleck may have had a rough childhood, or maybe his parents were around much. His mother
is never mentioned and leaves the viewer in somewhat of a mystery to what Doug’s life is really

like. The following scene show Affleck in a car with his friend and they have a series of serious

and angry looks. Then the following statistic is told. “There are three hundred bank robberies in

Boston every year; most of these professionals live in a one square mile neighborhood called

Charlestown.” Regardless how accurate this is, this quote goes to show how Charlestown is

dense with crime and is probably a targeted neighborhood by the police. The following scene

gets back to the relationship between Doug and Ms. Casey where Doug seems to be lying to Ms.

Casey about the whereabouts of his parents and what has really happened to them. He seems to

be living a lie. Then another scene is shown where Doug and his friend seem to be arguing

when the friend shouts “You grew up right here, the same rules that I did,” and leaves the viewer

under the impression that Doug is having trouble focusing between his friends, his women, and

his job which is unfolded the next scene. Doug even says “The fact that anything might happen

to her, I’ma kill both of ya.”

       The next scene is where the whole movie comes together for the viewer. It involves

some of the major players. The camera is focused on one of the masked figures in the back of

the van sitting with a blindfolded Ms. Casey. The masked figure takes of his blindfold and you

see Doug’s face.

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