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									 Modern home design can be bland, boring
and boxy. We have lost the character of the
 Georgian and Victorian homes and are left
with a period of building new homes that I'm
   sure will be no more thrilling than those
bland boxes of the 70s. We are really letting
   ourselves down with this bland design,
 modern equipotential and materials should
     allow us to easily recreate the great
  architecture or yester year. The entrance
hall of any house needs to shout quality, Its
  the first area that guests see, but all too
    often we use it as a dumping ground,
     somewhere for hats and coats and
somewhere to pile our shoes. What a waste
  of space, we live in small modern homes
and often overlook this area and don't even
 call it a room sometimes.A recent trend in
interior design is modern flocked wallpaper,
 wood flooring and a striped carpet runner
  that flows easily up the stairs. The current
      trend is to use strong candy colours,
 deckchair stripes. Many of the large carpet
   manufacturers are moving away from the
   recent trend of beige neutral carpets and
     are again favouring patterns. The stair
runners need to be fixed for safety reasons,
but the addition of some quality stair rods as
     an accessory really improve the visual
 appearance and make it a luxurious way to
  get to bed and the envy of all your friends
 and family.Simply put the key to a magical
   stair case is use a neutral colour such as
   natural calico. White skirting boards and
 doors and other woodwork. rich real wood
  flooring downstairs. Striped carpet runner
      and carpet to the stairs and landing.
     Accessorise with stair rods, matching
 switches and plug sockets and a wonderful
   chandelier and you have created a room
  that is somewhere to be proud of and that
      you will enjoy for years to come!! the
    biggest key of all is not to scrimp on the
  finish. if your unhappy with anything, then
      do it again or get it done againI have
   renovated and rejuvinated lots of houses
over the past 10 years. This experience has
    led me to the conclusion that character
    sells. There used to be a time when we
    would try and make everything a blank
  canvas. these days are over, what people
   are really looking for is a lifestyle. Even
   modern home builders decorate a show
    house with the modern interior design
 features that we lust after. One of the best
 places to get a great idea about home and
interior design is by visiting show homes for
 the various building companies. These are
easily recreated and are basically designed
by top professionals in the design field. You
   basically get than interior design service
 and advice for your own modern home for

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