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                                                            67F Career Path

Rank     Duty Title        Location                   Principal Duties & Responsibilities
                                      Responsible for the Optometry AOC, 67F00, to include providing
                                                                                                                     RMC Chief, Optometry
       Chief, Army     Falls Church, guidance on all vision care issues at OTSG, MEDCOM, and throughout
COL                                                                                                                  Chief Optometry,
       Optometry, OTSG Virginia      the Army. Provides guidance to all Army optometrists and consults
                                                                                                                     MEDDAC/Health Clinic
                                     with PERSCOM on assignment issues for Army Optometry.

       Chief, Optometry,                 Provides management and guidance to all Optometry Officers in the
                                                                                                                     Chief, Optometry,
COL    Regional Medical RMCs            Region. Advises the Chief of Army Optometry on personnel assets and
                                                                                                                     MEDDAC/Health Clinic
       Commands                         optometry issues in their area of operations.
       Research           Walter Reed
       Optometrist,       Army Medical Responsible for all vision care research related to the Refractive Surgery    Chief, Optometry,
COL    Walter Reed        Center,      Center at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC.                    MEDDAC/Health Clinic
       Institute of       Washington,
       Research           DC
                                       Senior planners and administrators responsible for all training, budget,
                          Aberdeen     personnel, and equipment management activities for the Vision
       Vision Readiness                                                                                              Chief, Optometry,
LTC                       Proving      Readiness Programs worldwide. Requires advanced operations and
       Team, CHPPM                                                                                                   MEDDAC/Health Clinic
                          Ground, MD systems analysis and research abilities to oversee and support the
                                       Army Vision Readiness Program.

                                        Serves as primary staff officer for all vision related aviation medicine
                                        issues at the US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory. This position
                                        is vital to the aviation community. Research is accomplished to              Chief, Optometry,
LTC    Research Lab,      Fort Rucker
                                        improve protective mask fit and function, optical devices for all aircraft   MEDDAC/Health Clinic
                                        types, and on emerging refractive surgery techniques. Night vision
                                        requirements are also a major area of vision research.

       Chief, Eye        Fort Sam       Responsible for training Army Eye Specialists, 91BP3, in all facets of       Chief, Optometry,
       Specialist Course Houston, TX    vision care for utilization in Optometry and Ophthalmology Clinics.          MEDDAC/Health Clinic

       Chief, Optical
                          Pirmasens,    Directs and oversees the management and production of military               Chief, Optometry,
MAJ    Fabrication
                          Germany       eyewear.                                                                     MEDDAC/Health Clinic
       HQ, AAFES,
                          Dallas, TX    Directs and oversees the management of Optical Concessions for the           Chief, Optometry,
MAJ    Europe and
                          Europe        AAFES system throughout the world.                                           MEDDAC/Health Clinic
       AAFES Main

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