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									If you use your computer daily, it is impossible that you have never
received any computer problem, at least you might get system error like
sxstrace.exe error. When you see it at first sight, you may be at a loss
toward it. When it occurs continually, you will lose patience with it. Be
relaxed! Here, I would like to tell you what it really is and give you
some suggestions on fixing it.

What is sxstrace.exe?

Sxstrace.exe is a critical windows process utilized by many applications
of Windows operating systems. It is an important process that executes
dll files and locates their libraries into windows system's memory. And
this process helps your computer to run properly and smoothly. However,
it is easy to cause error due to various reasons. Because of its
significance, you should try to fix it as soon as possible once you
experience this error message.

What are the negative consequences caused by it?

? Network connection failure without notification

? Blue Screen of Death errors

? Program uninstall/install failure

? Extremely Slow PC performance

? Countless sxstrace.exe error message pop-ups

? Fail to access to critical files

? Window operating system cannot load itself

? Difficulty in running the Window Operating System

What are the causes of it?

This error   can be attributed to a number of factors. But you just need to
make clear   of the root causes, so that you can fix it effectively. In
most case,   damaged or corrupt registry and malicious program can be
considered   as the main causes. Why? I would tell you in detail as

1.Damaged or corrupt registry. It is a truth that your Window registry
plays an essential role to your system, for it keeps all the
applications, settings and information that the computer requires to run.
However, although it deals greatly with your system, it is easily
affected by the problems like installation of faulty program inside your
computer. When your registry becomes damaged or corrupt, it will lead dll
and exe files into damage or corrupt, that is the possible reason for the
error message on your screen.

2.Malicious program. It is believed that malware or spyware can ruin your
computer by running the malicious programs. When the malicious program
exists in your system, it prevents your applications running properly,
and changes your programs and replaces your exe and dll files. Hence, the
sxstrace.exe error is likely to result from the malicious program.

How to fix it?

There are various methods of fixing it, you can choose the safe ones that
will not bring any harm to your computer. Here are some methods you can

Method one: Restore the file with the installation CD

Step one: Insert the installation CD

Step two: Click "start", and then "run"

Step three: Type expand CD Drive: i386rundll32.ex_c:windowssystem32

Step four: Press "enter" on your keyboard

Step Five: Reboot your computer

Method two: Scan malicious program. If you keep starting up your anti-
virus software all the time, you may consider trying to find whether your
software is out-of-date, if so, you should download a new version of
anti-virus software from the safe website.

Method three: Repair your Window registry. You should download a well-
reputed registry cleaning tool from the trusted website, like, and keep it onto your computer, then you can run
it in order to scan through your computer, after that, you click "Star to
clean", all the problems can be resolved in minutes!

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