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									Mission Statement

       The company’s overall mission is to ensure that each customer is treated respectfully and

as if they were the last. They will make sure that all athletes are important to the company. Also

that the company carries out the brand name by always producing innovative ways for customer

satisfaction. All will be to provide sufficient goodwill to the community. Taking pride in giving

back to the community will be an ongoing tradition. Each product and service will be designed to

make each customer gain an advantage over their competition.
Organizational Objectives

       The first objective of the company is that all customer needs are satisfied when waking

into the store. The second company objective is that every single order of business will be done

in an ethical and proficient fashion. The third objective is the company will continue to produce

innovative products for complete customer satisfaction. Lastly the company will give back to the

community through promotions and sponsorship.
Action Plan

       Customer needs is important information to the company. In order to carry out an action

plan based around this idea there needs to be an efficient strategy. A strategy that is going to be

used to complete data analysis is to have an in- house marketing research department. When a

customer enters the store and makes a purchase the items bought will be recorded in the in house

data mining software. Data mining will record customer’s purchases and group them in

relationships. For instance if multiple shoppers buy Nike baseball gloves, and the same

customers are coming back for repairs, the company will think of innovative ways to place items

and services to be more convenient. The information of the customer needs help increase

customer satisfaction.

       Another way the company will implement the gathering of information is by having a

call-in survey system. When a customer purchases a product they will get a receipt with a

number to call. The number will be a survey and if the customer completes it they will receive a

discount on their next purchase. This will give customers an incentive to complete the survey

which will provide valuable information to the company.

       Every order of business will be done in an ethical and legal action. This will be

monitored by having an in-house lawyer making sure that all negotiations and other relations are

done in the right way. Also the lawyer is in charge of looking over important documents to make

sure there are not any illegal actions. Each employee will be accountable for having good ethics,

and abiding by the rules explained and laid out in employee handbook, and employees that don’t

obey will be terminated immediately.
       Innovative products and services will be a constant theme for the company. It is vital for

the company to keep the customer happy and a way by ensuring they are is ongoing innovative

products. A strategy used is having team constantly conducting marketing research to determine

the products people are looking for. They will be in charge of seeing what’s out there for new

needs of the customer. For instance the company offers on-call repair service for athletic teams,

who have a contract with the company. If there is a need to have customer service reps that can

walk you through the process instead of waiting to come out the company can see if it will

increase gross profit. The marketing research team is in charge of finding out ways to gain

competitive advantage.

       Another way the company is continuing to create innovative products and services is by

customer involvement. Any customer can write up a proposal for new products and services and

send it in to the company. They can do this by either sending it into the company store or filling

out the application and submitting suggestions on the website. If the company likes the product

or service, there will be a follow up call for a meeting to discuss why they enjoyed the product or

service. If the customer’s idea is used they will gain a percentage of the revenue form the product

or service. This helps gain a competitive advantage and also makes customers feel even more

appreciated and involved.

       Making sure that the services to the customers are always proficient is very important to

the company. When the customer is out in the field or working in the store it’s the company

image they are showing. In order to maintain good service in the field there will be a bumper

sticker that says “how good is my driving” logo and number on all vans. This allows the

customer to be able to call in and say how they feel. Also after a visit to a customer they are
given a card that asks them to rate the employee’s performance during the sale. The information

is taken down and used for employee and company reviews.

       A way to monitor the services in the store is by having a “leave a comment box” for

customers. The box will be located where the customer leaves the store so they can judge their

experience on their entirety of their visit. This will give the customer a chance to list all

complaints as well as rate the service of the employees working. This information will also be

taken down and used for employee and company reviews during quarterly meetings.

       Giving back to the community is very important to the company. The company will

sponsor multiple non -profit organizations. For example, providing money to a event or charity

that will use the company logo. One non-Profit organization the company will sponsor is the

Special Olympics. It is a great organization to sponsor because they are athletes that can use the

extra help from the company. Every sport will have a team coached by an employee that works

at the company. This is a good way to get products that the company sells out in the community.

For example the company will give each softball teams free gloves and bats with the company

logo on it. It’s a win- win situation the company gets their image and social responsibility out to

the public and the athletes get help in competing.

       Another way the company will create strong give back scenarios to the community is by

having each employee give twenty hours a year for community service. This will be paid hours

for the employee given the employee shows record of what they completed. Also after five years

working in the company the employee is eligible for a one month sabbatical. The company

stresses that it’s important not only to give back to society but to also spend time with their


       Nike Corporation located in Oregon has a mission statement that represent what there all

about. Nike is a superior company that has its niche in athletic gear and spreads its business all

over the world. Their mission statement is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete

in the world. “If you have a body you’re an athlete.”(Bill Bowerman) Nike also has a vision

statement that goes along with their mission statement. “To carry on his legacy of innovative

thinking, whether to develop products that help athletes of every level of ability reach their

potential or to create business opportunities that set Nike apart from the competition and provide

value for our shareholders.” The vision statement emulates the mission in how Nike is going to

carry out Bill Bowermans thinking. Nike has a strong competitive advantage in their products

and services. Also Nike has interest in making their shareholders happy.

Distinctive competencies

       Distinctive competencies are hard to come by and the best companies have created

unique and profound competencies. Nike is known for being a corporation with a strong

competitive advantage base solely on their brand. One of their distinctive competency they have

created is their growth in there global footwear. Nike has taken the leap into manufacturing and

selling shoes on a global scale. Unlike most companies their footwear target has no boundaries

and Nike is able to sell endless amount of footwear to all types of athletes.

       Another distinctive competency is that Nike is associated with the National Football

League (NFL) by providing Nike sponsor ships. The NFL is a league that grosses a large amount

of profit and viewed by billions of people all across the world. Since Nike is a lead sponsor of

the NFL they will add to their brand recognition and reach a vast amount of their target on one
day. Nike will also have their brand in the NFL athletic gear that will be distributed to millions

of people a year.

Trends and conditions

       A trend that is happening in the marketplace is that there are more and more inventions to

make athletes more comfortable when they play. For example an up and coming trend in the

market place is the brand Under Armor and its gear. The gear helps cool down athletes as well as

heat them up in cold and hot conditions. There are also new helmets for increased protection

during physical activities. Nike has been doing its part to keep up with the trend by

implementing its unique style of heating and cooling gear. Even with the economy heading in a

downward spiral, this allows for Nike to gain some market potential.

Organizational objectives

       Nike is has many objectives they would like to achieve in the future. One is innovating

footwear too rid any athletic injury. Nike is also developing shoes that increase the level of

comfort. Nike has developed a sports watch with Tom Tom with an added in gps. Nike is also

looking to become a partner and owner of Under Armor a sports clothing company that is very

popular in thermal sportswear.

Strategic Business Unit

       Nike has athletic casual and leisure footwear, athletic and general clothing, athletic gear

from baseball to soccer. Nike has team logos and design along with equipment for athletic

activities. Nike has eye ware and many electronic accessories.

Boston consulting group matrix
       Nike is lucky that most of their products are stars on the Boston Consulting Group Index.

First is the athletic footwear of Nike is one of the best in the world. They rank among the top in

every athletic footwear category. Another star product Nike has is there athletic gear, many

teams and organizations are using Nike gear. Things such as teams having Nike bags to pack

their game materials and the gear they pack in their bags. Nike also problem child in the mix it’s

a electronic device that goes into the bottom of a running shoes and controls music how fast you

run and more. The product is linked with apple IPod and can be looked at on the computer.

Technology is advancing what companies are creating and Nike has developed a new product to

put them on the map.

Organizational strategy for growth

       Nike sells to all athletes around the world in stores or through the internet. Their brand

image is one of the most popular and they are the leader in there market. Also Nike has found

ways to link their brand with other companies to make other existing brands stronger. For

example Umbro and Chuck Taylor have joined Nike in efforts to restore large profit margins.

This creates a new and unique market penetration, allowing for a strong competitive advantage.

       Nikes’ market development is on a new level when developing products and services at a

rapid pace. They are a large corporation with many customers that they must please daily. So it is

a useful tool when a company can keep making options for its customer. For example, Nike has

opened a new sportswear retail store in New York City, New York. Nike is creating an

overwhelming option of products to customers in a populated area. Also going with Umbro, Nike

has completed the merger creating a larger amount of soccer products to customers at a global

perspective. Nike has also joined with Bauer and penetrated the Hockey market. They were able
to create many products from goalie pads, sticks, and clothing and bring those products under

two companies. This normally is a tough task to complete because of increasing competition.

However, Bauer is a strong brand in the Hockey industry, and Nike is strong in the athletic

industry. The customer trust was there from the start. Image and branding is very important to

Nike this is why they have some of the most loyal customers in their industry.

       Nike has created new products for existing market in the sporting field. They have

created Nike* a joint product with IPod that keeps track of miles and more. Nike* is a small chip

that goes in your running shoe that has the compartment for the device. An added feature is you

can put music on it and have wireless head phones while you run. This is new for Nike they have

entered the technology field and joined it with sports and athletics.

       Market share

       Nike has seen an increase in many categories, but has seen a decrease in cash from 2009

to 2011. Although Nike has seen a sales increase from 2009(19billion) to 2011(20 billion).Nike

is a company that constantly is making an sales increase even in the economic condition that

North America is in. Nike has gone global which helps with the constant increase in sales over

the years.

Elements of a marketing strategy

       Nikes target market is all customers who live an athletic lifestyle and are interested in

sports and fitness. Nike targets mostly athletic footwear and athletic accessories buyers. Ages

Nike specifically targets are from early teens to mid forties. This does not limit Nike as they

typically target all ages in the athlete field. Nike customers under the Vals 2 model would fall

under the Achievers category because they are motivated by achievement. “Just do it” is Nike
slogan which emulates a certain athlete. Achievement is determines success in sports because of

the media perceptions. Customers buy the certain running shoes because they feel they can

achieve their goal by using the shoe that a famous athlete used. Also Nike customers would be

placed in the believer’s category because Nike is a familiar product trusted in the world and they

can relate with that. Nike has some of the most loyal customers in the sport field making them a

very strong brand that see profit increases every year. Nike customers are very unique because

all the different styles of products make every customers purchase different. They are willing to

purchase expensive products because; there trust with company they choose is important to them.

Nike Prices there product at many different levels because they customers they attract. They are

also loyal because Nike has increased sales during economic hardship that very few companies

can acknowledge. Nike customers are also very divers because there global market and all the

mergers and contracts with different sports all over.

Elements of market planning

       Opportunities for Nike are large because they are a national corporation that is worth a lot

and adding loyal customers makes them unstoppable. Nike has the option to expand the global

portfolio and gain $27Billion dollars in revenue globally by 2015. Nike is looking to use

companies such as Cole Hann to achieve their goal. Another opportunity is too expand their e-

Retail. Nike would like to gain more online shoppers as well as make it easier to shop online.

       Nikes threats toward them are increase counterfeit products being sold. Nike has to find

away to keep making their customers choose the real product appose to the fake ones. Intense

competition is on the rise in the industry Nike is in. Private label companies are on the rise, but
Nike will continue to keep their product distinct so it sells even through the emergent


Environmental Analysis

       The company overall issue is how to use the environmental factors and contribute them to

the success of the company’s emergence in the sporting field. The economy has a high impact on

the company internally and externally because the stage the economy is in. The internal factors

are high gas prices due to the robust economy will affect the service provided. An external factor

is increase in youth sports and development leagues. There is a social factor that will affect the

company throughout their business. A social factor is there are more test for steroids in sports

and higher regulation. There are also technological factors that will affect the company’s

business. The emergence of mobile applications and web browser has increased into a fast pace

society. Each factor can be strategized into a beneficial marketing plan. Each environmental

factor can be used to gain more potential consumers to the company’s target market. The

company doesn’t have control over the factor but the strategic plan can be controlled and

ultimately benefit the company’s success.

       An economic factor the company will have to deal with is externally. This meaning it will

be with -in the company. The factor internally is the increased in high gasoline prices. The

service the company will provide involves with a lot of travel. The service is on call maintenance

to fix and repair sports products and facilities.

       A way the company can use the internal economic factor to gain a competitive advantage

is by promoting the high gasoline price. The company will produce a strategy to inform the

consumers that they should save their money on gas and call the company’s employees to come
out and fix their problem on the spot. When the strategy is completed the company will see gain

in profit because of the demand for the service provided.

       Another type of factor is an external social factor. This is a factor that is outside the

company, but can be used to gain a competitive advantage. An external factor that will be used

in the benefit of the company is an increase in youth sports and development leagues. In today’s

society there are more teams for youth and adults. There are also more emerging sports than ever

before. For example lacrosse has twice the amount of participants then ten years ago.

       A way the company will take the external economic factor and turn it beneficial is by

offering a vast amount of team contracts and products. The company will perform a strategy to

make the company diverse to all the customers. The customers will not be limited to certain

products since different sports are being played every year there will always be a market for the

products and services.

       There will also be social environmental factor the company will take into consideration

and turn it beneficial. The social factor is the emergence of steroid use in sports. This is the

unfair competitive advantage athlete’s gain by taking an illegal drug.

       The company will take the social environmental factor and make a strategy to alter

athlete’s perception of competitive advantage. The strategy will emphasis the diverse products

and services to the target market. Also since there is a large amount of new steroid users there

will be a large amount of potential customers looking for a way to gain an advantage in a smarter

and healthier way.

       Another type of environmental factor is technological. One technological factor that will

benefit the company the most is the emergence of mobile applications and web browser. These
new technological features will improve the company’s business drastically. More consumers in

today’s society have acquired the advance technology the mobile phone provides. Now it’s rare

for someone to purchase a mobile phone and have it not required to have a data plan. This will

change the way the company works with ads and promotions. The social media applications will

ensure a competitive advantage.

       The company will benefit by using the social factor, by acquiring their own application

system. The system will provide another service to the customer. They will be able to get updates

via mobile phone through the company application as well as coupons. The consumer will be

able to log onto the website via mobile phone and put in orders for products or maintenance

visits. They will get a fast response from an employee of the company. The application and web

browser access will help gain a competitive advantage.

Target Market Analysis

       The company has chosen to enter the sport market that complements all products and

services. The company’s market selection consisted of many variables and interest points that

included the strengths of the company. The market complements the sports theme and allows for

the maximum amount of gross profit achievable. The target market of the company is the people

in the age range of eighteen to forty four years of age that live in the Boston, Massachusetts area

the total population of the ages selected is 325,501. The target market is strong in innovators

including 12.5% innovators and 18.5% achievers. The innovators will easily adapt to the up and

coming business, products, and services. The achievers will also want the new products too help

them gain success in their life.
       The market that the company has chosen innovators and achievers.12.5% of the

population consist of innovators, and 18.5% are achievers making the market potential high. The

people in Boston, Massachusetts are business people who are fast moving and demand to get the

newest and best product or service. They are also people who like new innovative products. The

products and services the company produces is the newest and next best thing. The company is

implying that time and accuracy in the athletic department is necessary. This fits well with the

people within the target market.

       Each segment is allocated into different age groups and by their buying habits and

tendencies. The first age group in Boston, Massachusetts is eighteen to twenty five make around

fifteen thousand to seventy-five thousand.

       The next segment for the company is ages from twenty five to thirty four. The consumers

in this segment make from fifty thousand too one hundred and twenty five thousand.

       The third segment is consumers of the age of thirty five too forty four. The people in this

segment make fifty to one hundred fifty thousand.

       The fourth segment is consumers of the age of forty five to fifty four. This age group

makes seventy five thousand to two hundred thousand.

       In the target market for the company the interesting occupations that associate with the

products and services are instillation; repair, sports and media, personal care service. The

education levels of the Boston Massachusetts area significant. With the contract levels and new

innovative products person with a higher education would benefit more. There are 97,728 with

high school diploma, 103,450 with a Bachelors, and 54,640 with a Masters. Household income

is a big part of the area the company is choosing. There are 39,203 household making 50,000 to
74,999 in Boston. There are also 29,873 households making 75,000 to 99,999. In Boston there

are 21,046 households making 100,000 to 14,999. Then there is 14,243 households making

125,000 to 149,000. Lastly there is 15,190 households in the target area making 150,000 to

199,999. In the Boston, Massachusetts area there are 300,307 males and 323,526 females.

        The competitive industry of the company is athletic gear and appeal. The industry

consisting of companies that produce a service and provide a product to its customers throughout

their target market. An major competitor in the Boston Mass. area is NIKE.

        Innovators are people who are characterized by being successful and sophisticated in

their life. They are take-charge people with high self-esteem. Their purchasing habits will tend to

reflect their image. They purchase on thought and ideas more often than the average customer.

These characteristics are important to the selling methods of the company’s product because they

know how a customer will buy their products or services. Another characteristic in the target

market is achievers; they are motivated by desire and achievement when they make purchases.

Achievers have goal-oriented lifestyles and a deep commitment to career and family as they live

their life. These characteristics are represented by their social life.

        Competitive brand to the company is New Balance shoes, and they are located on 20

Guest Street in Boston Massachusetts. They sell athletic gear as well as other athletic

accessories. They are well known throughout the community and will be tough to compete

against. Another competitive brand is a sporting goods industry because, they will sell easy to

reach products that can be picked up and used conveniently. City Golf LLC is located on 38

Bromfield Street Boston Massachusetts and offers sporting goods to their customers. This will be

tough to compete against because the loyalty to the brand is already there. Lastly a competition
to the company is Perfect Curve Inc. located on 200 Lincoln Street Boston Massachusetts. They

sell and manufacture sporting goods making it that much easier to get to the customer. They take

out the middle man and sell directly to the customer. That type of industry will create difficulties

to get around. It will be important to create a strong brand and image to gain a competitive

advantage. Hobbies and interests in the Boston Massachusetts is they like to spend time outside

recreationally and they like to shop at retail store.

Distribution Analysis

        The building is a free standing structure that is shaped like a dome giving the feeling like

a stadium would. This will draw in the crowd of customers from all around. Since the company

will need space for service cars and expansion the free standing space is necessary. The company

is located in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts producing a large amount of potential customers.

This makes it easier to locate in an area that has enough room for a large building and parking

lot. The reach of the company’s customers will be larger in a suburb of a city rather then in a

small town. The atmosphere of having another stadium structure will draw customers from all

around the Boston area. Also in the Boston area there are many team and athletes that will

support the company and help increase its popularity.

        The location will make it easier for the service employees to reach many customers in a

single day. They will have many teams under contract in a given location because the amount of

teams in the Boston area. Teams in the area are professional, AAU, high school, semi pro, and

more. The Business will flourish with the transit lines making it easier for customers to reach the

business. The transit will allow customers in the city of Boston an advantage when coming to
the store because they are a train stop away from vast amount of products that will give them a

competitive advantage.

       When the customer first enters the store they will walk through door way into a wall

mural that shows professional and non-professional athletes using the equipment the company

sells. It will be about a twenty foot hallway filled with dramatic photos that will draw the

customer in. There will be a greeter the end of the hallway telling the customer the deals of the

day and also asking them if they need any assistance in the store. They will make sure the

customer feels as comfortable as possible when purchasing products or services. Then the

customer will be directed to the location of the store they need to go. The sections will be set up

into sports. For instance one location will be for football and another for soccer. The locations of

the products will be in the design of the playing surface the sport is played on. For example the

Football gear and equipment will be placed on an area that looks like a football field. The

sections are located in the middle of the store with rubber walkways leading the in and out of

locations. The sections will expand out and stop before they reach the ends of the store.

       The entire general store will be turf making it easy to create this atmosphere. Then in the

back there will be setup rooms will turf, synthetic ice, and grass to allow customers to test the

gear before they purchase. They inside of the store will give another sport feel to it because on

the back right wall there are offices shaped like a giant press box. This is where teams and

customers can negotiate contracts and offers.

       The cash out register located on the back left will be shaped like trainer tables also giving

the sports feel to the customer. The bathrooms are located to the right of the checkout tables, and

they look like locker rooms labeled men’s locker room and female locker room. The strategy of
the store layout is to put the customer in the mood as if they were in the game giving them a

more comfortable purchase. There will be old audio clips from historic athletic events over the

PA system as the customer is shopping giving the added thrill for the sport they are shopping for.

Product/Pricing Analysis

       The overall pricing objective of All Star advantage is based on the products and services

sold within the store. The position the store will be taking is a Sales Based objective plan. This

means the products and services sold in All Star Advantage will build strong market share and

sales volume because the uniqueness and variety. All Star Advantage will use penetration pricing

to achieve high sale levels. This objective will involve elastic demand products.

       Elastic demand products and services will be sold to the customers of All Star

Advantage. There will be small changes to the product line, but when they are the will be very

sufficient value to the customers. The products and services will be a need to purchase from the

customers. For example a customer wants soccer shin pads when coming into the store. They

will need them to play soccer because regulations making it a needed purchase. This makes the

product sold at All Star Advantage Elastic. The strategy of penetration pricing will be used to

generate strong sales profit for All Star Advantage. There is no brand loyalty to the products sold

in All State Advantage because all the variety of product brands in the store. There are always

large changes in quantity demand but lower changes in price demand because of the products

and services being elastic.

       The profit goals of All State Advantage are that the company makes 15%. The break

even analysis will be used in order to track the number of goods sold over the price. The

breakeven point will be the amount of products and services sold that reaches the total cost of the
products or services. Everything after the breakeven point will be direct profit for the company.

If products stay on the self for longer than there expected life they will be marked down below

their value. This will create a discounted section in the store. The price floor is the highest

markup of the product and services sold at All State Advantage. The highest percentage will be

55% markup for select products and services.

       Competitors price will be the price the store will emulate and benchmark form other

sporting goods and services stores in the Boston area. A company that All State Advantage will

emulate is Nike. All State will base its products around the prices within Nike. The reason is

because the high online and in store sales they consume. Another reason is because most of the

products within All State Advantage will be Nike based.

       All Star Advantage offers a large variety of products to its customers. The variety of the

products the company sells will create a strong competitive advantage. The product categories

that All Star Advantage sells are consumer products as well as business products. All Star

Advantage will mostly use convenience products as well as specialty products when dealing

with consumer products. There is some business products because of contracts made with teams

and organizations.

       The product line and mix of the company makes it very unique to any other company

that is competing against All Star advantage. The product mix within the company is sporting

goods and services. The lines that All Star Advantage carries are: Footwear, Accessories,

Equipment, Maintenance, Gear, Clothing, and Contracts. There are items within the lines of the

product. Footwear consists of: Men's and Women's running shoes, cross training, basketball,

casual, hockey skates, lacrosse cleats, soccer cleats, and football cleats. Then there is Women's

softball cleats, and Men's baseball cleats. When dealing with Accessories: Men's and Women's
watches, socks, sweat bands, athletic tape, mouth guards, water coolers/bottles, and Weighted

Bands. There is also a large variety of accessories for all sports carried by All Star Advantage.

There is equipment that is sold to the all customers. The equipment carried is as follows for all

sports: goals (nets), cross training equipment, weights, cones, and all products

that go along with the desired sport. Unlike any other sporting store in the area All Star

Advantage offers maintenance products in a retail store. The products in the store are: field

markers, seed plows, turf maintenance tools, dirt for fields, baseball/softball Field Tools, Spray

Paint, field paint, and electrical tools/products. There is also Gear sold within the store. The gear

can either be pre ordered for customizing or general purchase at the store. All Star Advantage

carries gear for every sport sold in the store. For example All Star Advantage carries shoulder

pads and helmet for football players. The company also sells clothing to its customers in the

store. Clothing in All Star Advantage: Shirts, long sleeve, sweaters, Thermal shits/shorts, polo's,

jeans, track pants, shorts (all sports), Spandex shorts/shirts, generic socks, and hats. There are

also contracts that are made in All Star Advantage the generally consists of: Sponsorships, gear

contracts, equipment contracts, field maintenance contracts,

and other contracts that can be possible.

       The wheel of retailing shows companies within the same mix and ones that are better

performing than others. When dealing with All Star Advantage the product lines, items, and mix

of products put the company in a unique position on the wheel. Since the variety and depth of the

products and services the company is on the high end of the wheel. All Star Advantage sells

inexpensive everyday products and services to the public. The company also carries thought

process buying products and services. When dealing with the low-end it would be a competing

company. Examples of the competing companies in the low-end are Finishline, Olympia Sports,
and Sports authority. They are at the low-end because they are generic. An example of a mid-

point company that competes with All Star Advantage is Pure Hockey because they are involved

in the sporting good field. They are in the mid-point because they sell specialize products.

Selling specialty products makes them unique but takes away from the variety. All Star

Advantage is at the high-end

because the company specializes in every major sport.

1.Footwear 2. Accessories 3. Equipment 4. Maintenance 5.Gear 6.Clothing 7.Contracts


Running shoes
Cross training
Hockey skates

Athletic tape
Mouth guards
Water coolers/Bottles
Weighted bands

Cross training equipment
Sport equipment

Field Markers
Seed plows
Turf maintenance
Baseball/softball field tools
Spray paint
Field paint
Electrical tools

Gear is sold for all sports ranging from shoulder pads to shin guards

Long sleeve
Track pants
Generic socks

Field maintenance

Advertising/Public Relations

All Star Advantage

Ryan McDermott

October 31, 2011

RE: April 15th 2012 grand Opening

                               “The experience that everyone needs”

       All-Star Advantage will be is located in the suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. All-Star

Advantage has a vast amount of athletic gear and apparel that will give each buyer the

competitive advantage they are looking for. The store will have areas to test the new products

they buy with turf, grass, and synthetic ice at the customer’s disposal. The overall atmosphere

will have the customer in complete awe from the building structure to the interior. The exterior is

shaped like a dome for the look off a stadium, and the interior takes the effect of every sports

theme in a distinct area. All-Star Advantage also has contracts with teams and leagues. The

company offers an on call service for immediate service. All-Star Advantage is also invested in

the Special Olympics with every employee to participate as a coach or helper.

       The grand opening of the company will be April 15th 2012 which will fall on a Sunday.

All-Star Advantage will have all its products and services on display. The opening will come at a

time where baseball and spring sports will be back in session and the buzz around Boston will be
extravagant. All-Star Advantage will have 98.5 the sports hub a local radio station at the

opening. They will be giving out promotions and signing as well as air the opening details in full.

All-Star Advantage will have sport games for kids and adults with giveaways for the store and

other athletic events. Also there will be different types of discounts and coupons for people who

walk through the store.

       The ad will have a brand Logo in the right corner. The logo will consist of the acronym

of the company and a collage of sport equipment behind it. The ad also has a picture of a family

where the mother and father are pointing too different sections and there are five kids with

different sports representing them. This shows the diversity of the store. The father is also

wearing a coach shirt walking towards a business manager looking to get a contract for team

jerseys. There is a large amount of bright colors in the ad drawing the audience of the ad right in.

There is no border on the ad the picture bleeds of the page representing there is much more in the

store too see. The headline of the ad read "Everything you need at one place!" The appeal is too

all athletes of all ages because the diverse amount of products that the company sells. The

execution style used is slice of life because it depicts an everyday scenario.

       The medias the company will use is The CBS radio station WBZ- 98.5 the Sports

Hub, and the Boston Globe. The medias will be a good way to reach the Greater Boston

Area before the grand opening. The total cost of the grand opening and events will

approximately be five thousand dollars for the company. All Star Advantage will also be

using the radio station to run ads in a four week time period. The weeks will be alternating

until the grand opening takes place at All Star Advantage. In the four week set the company

will run a sixty second commercial twice a day. All Star Advantage will run one commercial

in the morning and one in the evening to hit the high listeners and the evening listeners. This
is to get a substantial amount of listeners, but equal out the cost. The cost of a mourning

advertisement will be four hundred sixty five dollars and an evening one will cost one

hundred and thirty six dollars. 98.5 The Sports Hub is a new station and the reach and

frequency was unreachable.

           The company will also out two paper ads in the Boston Globe the Sunday before the

grand opening and the day of the grand opening. The Sunday before the grand opening there

will be a full page advertisement in the Boston globe totaling ten thousand seven hundred

eighty dollars. Then there will be an insert the day of the grand opening with promotions and

coupons. The total price will be one hundred dollars and fifty three cents per forty pages.

The reach of the Boston Globe is one million seventy five thousand people. The frequency is

7 days a week 38,723.53

           The total cost of the marketing calendar is thirty eight thousand seven hundred twenty

three dollars and fifty three cents. The cost of the grand opening is six thousand dollars. The

cost of the medias will be twenty seven thousand seven hundred sixty three dollars and fifty

three cents. The cost of the non- media activities will be four thousand nine hundred and sixty


Growth/Contingency Planning

           All Star Advantage will go through a growth plan in the preceding months. The direction

the company is taking is to go into is product development. All Star Advantage would will take

the conventional sold sport products and add on to its already unique line. The company will

continue to create the advantage of coming to the store. For example All Star Advantage will
begin to sell officials gear and databases for organizations to keep statistical data. These new

products will be the beginning of adding on to the competitive advantage of the company

       The section that should be re written is the grand opening section (public relations). The

reason is the section needs to be more straight too point and direct to the public. Also there could

be more excitement involving the events within the grand opening. The public relations piece

needs to put more efficacies on the radio station being there by elaborating on the activities the

station will be doing.

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