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Central America and the Caribbean


									Central America and the
    Chapter 10, Section 2
•   Isthmus
•   Cultural hearth
•   United Provinces of Central America
•   Panama Canal
•   Calypso
•   Reggae
•   Informal economy
            Human Perspective
• A man, a plan, a canal,
     Native and Colonial America
• The Maya
• Spanish control
• Independence
• United Provinces of
  Central America
• Separation
Native and Colonial Caribbean
               •   Indians
               •   Spanish arrival
               •   Sugar and slaves
               •   Rebellion and
               Cultural Blends
• Blends
• Spanish and Native in
  Central America
• Other European and
  African in Caribbean

                           How does Central
                           American Culture
                           differ from
                           Caribbean Culture?
     Economics: Job and People
                             •   A “developing” region
                             •   Caribbean cash crops
                             •   Chiquita, Dole and MJB
                             •   Panama Canal
                             •   Rural Central America
                             •   Crowded Islands

What product do you consume that come
from this region?
Popular Culture, Tourism, and Jobs
• Music
  – Calypso
  – Reggae
  – Afro-cuban
• Tourism
• Informal Economy

      Can you list other musical styles or artists
      from Central America and the Caribbean?
4. Which of these was not a colonial power in
  the region?
  a. the United Kingdom
  b. France
  c. Germany
  d. the Netherlands
5. A man, a plan, a canal…
  a. Colombia!
  b. Nicaragua!
  c. Panama!
  d. Viva Mexico!
6. Which of these kinds f music is not identified
  with the Caribbean?
  a. Polka
  b. Reggae
  c. Salsa
  d. Calypso

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