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									                          ACTION PROJECT SUGGESTION FORM


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Steering Committee member(s) consulted:

This project relates to (select one):
                        Effective Communications
                        Institutional Decision-Making
                        Employee Recognition, Work Load, and Reward
                        Interventions to Improve Students’ Performance

This project relates to one of the following Strategic Priorities (select one):
                       Quality: to achieve excellence in teaching, learning, and the services we
                       Accessibility: to provide learning opportunities and supportive services
                       that meets the needs of our diverse population.
                       Affordability: to offer opportunities to those of all economic levels to
                       pursue their educational goals and personal enrichment.
                       Innovation: to collaborate with stakeholders to anticipate their needs
                       and pioneer creative and effective solutions.
                       Accountability: to promote a service‐oriented and ethical culture of
                       fiscal, social, professional, and individual responsibility.

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Brief Description:

Data supporting the need for the Action Project: (Attach data)
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Expected Outcome:

Departments/Areas Affected:

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