allergies by ghulamnabi2022


The word allergy comes from two Greek words. Allos means
“other”and ergon means “work”. An allergy changes how the
body works or reacts to certain substance.
To understand allergy, its help to know about the immune
system, which protect the body from illness and disease.
                During an allergic reaction, many thing can
happen. The eyes may water or turn red, and the nose might
run. The mouth and throat could itch. Breathing may be more
difficult, and some people wheeze and sneeze. Sometimes, a
rash, a stomachache, or itchy red bumps called hives appear.
Allergy usually happens minutes after the allergy causing
substance touches or enter the body.
Hundred of substance can make people with allergies feel
uncomfortable or sick. These substance are called allergens.
They sometimes are called allergy triggers because they
stimulate an allergic reaction. Allergy triggers very from person
to person. Many plants foods or animals are or contain
                         Allergies can be controlled or even
cured with proper treatment people with allergiesvcan be as
active as they like.
                            Avoiding allergy triggers is the most
basic way to control allergies. Hay fever is one of the most
common kind of allergies. Symptoms of hay fever includes.
   Sneezing Runny or clogged nose couching Itchy eyes, nose
and throat, waltery eyes red swollen gas.
Avoid the thing that cause your symptoms.
*Use medicine *get allergy shots allergy shots contains small
amount of what you are allergic to at first shots may be given
eney week to lesson your symptoms.

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